Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

4.4 (1.4K)
261.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Teresa Dymek
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

4.44 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
2 months ago, jdjjeejekejjssjsj
Please read
Great game BUT it was some flaws that NEED to be fixed and number 1. Hit boxes on the ground. I love how the tanks fight each other or shoot at passing convoys or trains but the fact they can’t move is somewhat annoying also if the train or convoy is just slightly elevated they can’t be hit by the tanks which is dumb in my opinion. It would be epic to see tanks fighting and trying to flank each other or see them pursuing a convoy or train. Number 2. WHY ARE THE EPIC PlANES NOT IN EDITOR!? I want to have a bunch F-84s go toe to toe with the enemy or have a squadron of the fridging German UFOs 🛸 like WHY! WHY! Can’t I have that 🥲 I want to pursue a bunch Pe-7s (sorry if that’s wrongly spelled) with my German ufos! Anyway number 3. Why do the AI fighters not attack other fighter planes? If there is one bomber that is the only thing they go after and even if it leaves or is shot down they just do nothing but spin until they are killed! It makes way too easy to kill if 1 bomber is around! Well those are my only problems and if it’s a small crew behind this that’s ok but please try to update this game when you get the time and sorry 😞 if I am sending this while you are busy updating so if you are here are my ideas 💡 and great job 👏 keep up the good work now I’m off to pursue some ishaks with UFO! 🛸 have a good day and hopefully life
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11 months ago, Luciest Duck
Some changes but great game
I love the game. I have it on my iPad and iPhone. The graphics are great and the I think these guys did a good job making the game. There are just a few small problems I’ve noticed while playing. 1) the first thing I noticed is that the computers don’t shoot you at all. This is very disappointing because I was looking for action. If it’s just you shooting, that gets lame. 2) I also noticed the enemies you fight depend on the country you choose to fly as. For example, if you choose America, you only fight Japs, which is weird cuz this is supposed to be ww2 not The Revenge Of Pearl Harbor (cool game idea btw). 3) I really think it would be cool if you took off from a carrier or a base along with landing. 4) You guys need more maps. It does get boring playing on the same maps all the time. 5) I really wish you guys would let us purchase at most maybe 3-5 of a single plane. I think it would make the game a little more realistic. Other than that, I like how to game is easy to pick up and it’s quite addicting. One of the best games on my devices.
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3 years ago, Vonvon7269
Ok let me start by saying I rarely do reviews but I feel obligated too for this one. I’m VERY picky when it comes to war games like this I came across this one by accident and decided to give it a shot and it’s now one of my all time absolute FAVORITES it’s everything I look for in dogfighting war game it’s simple controls reasonable difficulties it’s so good I downloaded the WWI version of it and the new spacecraft one they have they’re AMAZING bravo to the devs they didn’t go overboard with complexity which I love they didn’t make it stupid expensive it’s a simple yet phenomenal game in a perfect world every developer would make games like this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED For world war game lovers. They’ve got my favorite classic plane the Mustang! Now I would like if they had like a story campaign cuz the two game modes is what makes it even better you can do simple relax gaming where you just upgrade ur planes and go on missions or do the full version where u manage your base assign and train pilots and it’s a bit more involved but still not overly complex! I’m sad it took me so long to find this game. Now every game has its downsides there are some control issues from time to time and again a story line would b great but beyond that the pros immensely outweigh the cons in this game again BRAVO DEVS VERY WELL DONE!
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3 years ago, B17G pilot
Great game! (A few problems)
First of all I would like to address the game’s pay to win methods, now don’t get me wrong this is a unique and fun game since you take the role of a commander of an airfield and take you’re pilots into combat! (As well as the WW1 version) now despite it being “pay to win” you don’t need to make many purchases, something like 4.99 might get you all set, but it’s annoying for those who can’t or are not allowed to pay for this since they aren’t as privileged. I recommend you download right now if you like WW2, but if you want great fighters or bombers, or want to buff up you’re base, then you will need to wait some time or pay so you can cover repair costs, medical costs, and buying new pilots. The final 2 problems is that the button to either continue the mission or abort while you still have achieved the main objectives sometimes messed you up after you clearly clicked one or the other, and the next is that-well gunners that are not manned by you have a tendency to aim terribly or have the effectiveness of a potato gun. Hope you fix these problems, and to those who are wondering about this game, go right ahead if you feel like this is fine for you!
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4 years ago, Greal906$
Great game but...
You really need more maps and just different setups of enemies, after you play this for a few days you start to see that the missions are the same layouts of enemies and the same landscapes over and over, gets kinda dull. Once you build up to a large amount of planes it gets to be a bit easy and it’d be nice to see the missions get increasingly harder and larger as far as enemies. The American missions are always in the pacific which is lame cuz it’d be nice to have some against nazis I mean it is WW11, it’s super fun and the gameplay is great. I love building up the base and customizing the planes but one other thing that was disappointing is that you had to pay for the upgraded color customization feature but there’s very limited choices and actually quite lacking. This was upsetting because in the WW1 version of this game the color customization was included and gave a lot more options as well so wasn’t happy I had to pay for something that wasn’t even as good as the previous version.
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6 years ago, Sky4ce1
There’s some potential
The game is fun and challenging but it’s not a work of art like The Pirate:Caribbean hunt was. The biggest things that takes away from the gameplay is the unrealistic auto aim and how certain units like bomber’s back gunners and AA gun’s are op while fighters are underpowered. Creating a more realistic aiming system like that of War Wings will make the gameplay feel more realistic. Bomber’s gunners should cover more area while their accuracy should be decreased. This will make fighting bombers more fair and the same should go for AA in terms of range and accuracy. I do agree with the game’s mechanic for punishing players who lazily fly directly behind bomber formations however. Contrary, fighter aircraft are underpowered with the inability to fight the player. Fixing these will make the gameplay a lot more realistic. A final idea is to add an open world mode or a “patrol mode” that will give the player the ability to freely fight random generated enemies such as scouts, bigger fighter patrols, and every once in a while a squadron.
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4 years ago, Emperor Toaster
Probably the best mobile game ever
I LOVE this game. The controls all feel fantastic for the most part (more on that later). My main issue is the amount of content. There is a lot, considering the community missions, but they all end up very limited and similar. I wish there was a way to decide which planes spawn as enemies, mainly just because I planned to make an entirely jet battle in one of my campaigns. My second problem is the controls. They normally work perfectly, but sometimes when I hit a button (normally the boost) the joystick will turn towards wherever the button is instead of actually doing what I’m trying to do, resulting in my plane continually turning. Dropping bombs rapidly is also hard to do. Many times it will drop the first bomb only. And yes, I’m nitpicking with that one, but that’s because there is literally no other problems. Every aspect of the game is either perfect or so close to perfect it basically is perfect.
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4 years ago, LG Golden on fortnite
Hi this is an amazing game, I just think that its kinda plain and boring once you understand the game and everything, but its still fun, Some things i think you guys (developers)can add are new missions like Destroy the enemy fleet, Something else i think that should be added is the amount of planes you have, Im not that happy that there is only 1 Dauntless and thats my favorite plane, the movie Midway is a good example i wish you were able to control a squadron of dauntless bombers being escorted or something. I also think there should be a feature of where you are able to land your plane on a carrier or an airfield. If you developers have not seen the movie Midway (2019) I highly recommend you do so you can get more ideas or inspiration 💙 the for reading this 🍝🍜
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3 years ago, benji7650
Awesome but
Are usually don’t trust these kind of games because they always ask for your money to get new planes or anything like that I mean yes there is a premium but at least there’s no battle pass it’s really good game good graphics but there’s one thing when you are playing it is the tendency for bombers to be a little hard but what I mean by that is if you try to approach them immediately shoot you for bullets even if you get under the bombers otherwise the fighters are easy machines good I love that you can either choose just to collect plane and fight or make your own base then expand your rain now here’s one suggestion you don’t have to do this suggestion i’m in the game if you want countries like Italy China ( for allies) and Australia
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3 years ago, 7475746352443658707835
Great game needs some work tho
This is a great game but it needs like a difficulty system because right now the only thing that will kill you is either AA vehicles or tail turrets on bombers and those can be easily avoided or you can just upgrade your armor and they barely tickle you, and hardcore mode is basically unplayable unless your using a controller, so i think that you should add a difficulty system that makes the ai progressively more intelligent and maybe unlocks better planes for the enemy, and could you also add an option to unlock the pitch and turn yaw to roll (even though it kinda already is) and also in hardcore mode you could make the focus button a zoom button. Also Japan needs more planes. ps why does no one know what a cloud save is.
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12 months ago, JK pro kid
It’s good but a few suggestions…(please read)
It’s a very fun game to play in your free time. You can buy new airplanes what are bigger, stronger, more armored and faster. The thing is that it’s very plain sometimes because I feel like they’re only 4-5 maps and almost no detail in the map. You also can’t do any loops with the airplanes or can’t do any flips and etc. I would also recommend more realistic land graphics, plane graphics and much more. It also has a lot of stuff that cost money what sometimes get very annoying like the Swiss bank. Please change this and make an update where everything improves that would be highly appreciated! It would also be nice if B-29 would have one nuke what you can use just each 10-15 minutes. That would be awesome! (Sorry that this was so long)
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3 years ago, aye remy
Hey I’m a big fan I have played the game for about two years now but we need more new planes if all history air craft is added and I mean all prototypes and various variants of each type of aircraft that’s specifically equipped to that type of mission goal like more but reasonable among of 100lb bombs for the ones that attack more tanks and AA small aircraft and bombers included but change it up with more 500lb bombs and each with different amounts of Machine guns that are more powerful then the normal 50cal shells more like 30mm cannons like on others and be able to pick either bombs or a torpedo or two. But being able to pick different styles of weapon selections for each plan would be AWESOME KEEP UO THE GREAT WORK!
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4 years ago, By popularmmos
It has a lot of potential but has some problems
So first I want to start of by saying this is 1 of the best plane game I’ve played except for War Wings it has good graphic can I request like we can fly in formations like the Vic formation etc. but the planes stay in formation when you fly but there is a button to talk to your formation like “Break formation” or “Into formation” etc. and they do the designated command. But 1 problem is when you start with more then 5 planes you need to restart the mission to get the correct numbers of planes. Another problem is that when you chose the Japanese the torpedos are the same speed as the other torpedos which they were not so could you make Japanese torpedos faster. Well thank you for reading and keep making updates!
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3 years ago, An player of the game
Bad plane accuracy
This game is great but there’s only 3 things bothering me, The E-4 and the G-6 got their skins mixed up as the E-4 has useless guns on the wing and the G-6 fires out of nothing on its wing, please switch this up as it is really bothering me, a history fan, and it may be bothering to others that notice this error. Another problem is that the B-17’s tail gun is on the window or windshield of the plane and not on the turret or bump on the end, but I don’t see a problem on fixing that error, as you guys put the guns on the B-29’s turret position. My last complaint is that you guys should really make the B-29 a circle shape and not a side ways oval, please fix my complaints as these are very bothering to a player like me.
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4 years ago, David1211!
I’m am very impressed buy this guy like very! And it’s free it’s just amazing! But some things need to be fixed. First the balloons when you destroy them they fall and disappear through the ground LOL. You should make it we’re they fall and hit the ground and there should be like wreckage left. Also add aircraft carriers to missions I haven’t seen them lately. One last thing MORE planes! Really 8 or 10 isn’t enough after 3 weeks of playing add more planes especially bombers they are lots of fun! Anyway this game is out of this world and 100% recommend and really hope you Dev take my recommendations please and “Tank you” lol ok anyway thanks.
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4 years ago, Lu1s54u
This is good!
This game is, honestly, better then the online version if I say so. One thing you could put on there is that all the planes, including the new ones you added should be free to get by earning gold. Also, maybe throw in something where you could be a ground vehicle or Anti-Aircraft station. One more thing is to put actual sites from different countries you’re flying to so it would feel like you are actually at the real life place. One little thing more is that you should make a Star Wars based game of this where all Star ships are free and the ground vehicles like speeders, AT-ST’s, AT-AT’S, and all that jazz. Please get back to me if you have a Facebook account, or email me. Thanks!
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2 years ago, TANKRANGER2233
A favorite of mine
Well done! I think that this games is great. I like how easy to learn it is and the amazing plane models. I also enjoy building campaigns on the mission creator function to play historical battles. I think that you guys could improve your game in a few ways. First, I would love to see the TBF Avenger(an American torpedo bomber) in the game as a non premium aircraft. I think you guys could add the P-82 and A-26 Invader as premium aircraft to offset the introduction of the TBF. In a similar vein to the TBF, I would also enjoy flying a JU-88 or one of its variants. I would preferably want to see a C-4 model in game as another heavy fighter/bomber for Germany.
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4 years ago, EdBagriel
Not the original
This game is pretty good, but I was in love with original. The first one certainly was a simpler game, but I preferred that. The simple 4v4 matches were so much fun. Playing against other players and being apart of a community was awesome. Inviting people to join games and being invited to others was awesome. Fighting with and against people from around the world was really cool. I like the idea of introducing the new hangar system, but the controls changed for the worst. Before I felt like there was more finesse to flying. The simple joy stick controls allowed me to do more interesting maneuvers and the auto aim system makes me feel like I’m not really doing anything. Basically give us back the original. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and you had something great.
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5 years ago, One tankless boi
I like it, but it’s kinda repetitive
The game and concepts are fun and I enjoy blowing wave after wave of enemies out of the sky, but after awhile the missions all seem the same. It’s kinda irritating that you can’t field multiple of the same plane but that’s a minor thing. Larger and harder enemy squads would fix the repetitive aspects of the game. Also I think it would be great to add a p-38 to the American side and the Ohka suicide plane for the Japanese. The Ohka I think could work as sort of like a torpedo, were you drop it and can control its flight movements. All in all I think the game is solid
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4 years ago, Wa L. Nut
I have had this game since January and it has been a great time waster (in a good way). Only a couple things to request. Can you add planes like the P-38 Lightning please? Also once you get all the American planes (not including premium planes), all the upgrades, and all the achievements can there be a special where you drop the atomic bombs? I think that would be a great way to celebrate the end of a campaign. Another thing. Can you make a city map or like a harbor? Also quick correction. Not all of the barrage balloons caught fire. German and Russian balloons did but the allies used helium. Thanks for your time and the great game.
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3 years ago, ywhsnnsbsbsbsbsbsnsns
A amazing game but has a few bugs
Love the game, and when I found it, it was my favorite war game ever! (Note I like war machines and there were some problems) There should be more maps and other things, bomber back gunners some how shoot through the plane so could you put a limit some that a back gunner on a Stuka can’t shoot down through the plane and the automatic sight doesn’t feel like a cheat. Also more versions of explosions or say you kill the pilot of shoot of a wing. But most of all I love the game
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5 years ago, fornite needs to change now
I love this game but I think something’s missing
I love this game and I love how historically accurate it is with the planes and I love to carpet bomb train and anti aircraft but one thing I wish was in the game is first person I think it would be awesome to add a first person feature because I would possibly make the hardcore missions a lot easier and just image bombing something in first person because with the bomber they have a bombing sight and imagine looking through one to bomb a building ah it would just be awesome to shot a plane down in first person
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9 months ago, mrempoweru
inspiration in the game!!!!!
i know SO much about ww2 airplanes, and some people say i know too much lol 😂! i have a lot of progress on this game. I LOVE AMERICA! GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸!! if you think i'm i democrat i'm not! i'm 8! ANYWAYS... there is a lot of new planes, and i didn't know about them! also i usually just play Gunship sequel: ww2, so i know EVERY PLANE ON THAT FREAKING GAME. ( sorry 😞 ) uh... i was wondering if you could add more planes soon in the next update? ty for it! and soon make that there's another nation in the game too. Thirdday14, in and out!
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4 years ago, idk what me name should be
This game is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍
I think it is a little easy but it is a great game I love the graphics and planes. I also love you can add defenses to your base. I think destroying bombers is pretty easy if you upgrade your plane and get underneath the bomber where there guns can’t hit you. I think the plane prices could be a little lower but eh, whatever. I love how training pilot’s doesn’t use any gold and you can get rewards by watching adds ( for me anyways). I think destroying fighters is waaaaaaaaaaaay to easy but destroying bombers? I think the hp is perfect. Overall great game.
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1 year ago, GameRecuew
This is a masterpiece but these changes could make it better
So this game is great, truly a piece of art but the developers could better improve the graphics of the terrain. Secondly the developers should add it so that whenever you shoot down a plane it makes a realistic plane going down like you guys did with the German Stuka airplane. Lastly something I personally and a lot of people would love is a first person mode like you guys did with VR. Lastly you guys should make more bomber planes.
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5 years ago, Runwad
This update took all my planes way
So I was playing the game like I always do and I saw a new update. I did the update then I saw that every single plane, token, money was gone. I had this game for 6 months and all that hard work that I spend my time on is all gone. This was one of my favorite games of all times but that update ruined it all. I would have gave this game 5 stars but now it only get 1 star. This game is still fun to play but beware of the update it may just take all of your hard work away
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5 years ago, Puglifelemon
Mission editor is ok
I am currently making a series called War on the pacific in the mission editor, in the final part of the series, I wanted to add the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, I wanted to add one town AA defense cause only one bomb dropped in each city, the problem was that I needed to add 14 more enemies to the levels, I did not want to add 14 more, but I did, adding in 9 more AA guns and 10 trucks, but still did not let me make the levels. Also, I wanted to add a bombing squadron with B-25 Mitchell’s and a fighter squadron with F4U Corsairs, but it gave me A-20 havocs and F4F wildcats. Can make the editor more customizable?
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2 years ago, jeremaih123345
I have a few issues, one there needs to be a greater task limit and a greater plane limit, two there needs to be a way to add multiple structures such as fuel refinery, town aa defense, bunker line defense, etc in one mission without it not showing it’s not available, and third there needs to be more tasks like trenches, landing crafts, etc as well as jet planes. I do enjoy urges game but these issues fix could help make it even more enjoyable
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4 years ago, the squigg
I am satisfied
This is honestly like no other playing game that I have played. I love the squadron mechanic and that you can control different planes and not just one. The only thing you need to do is put up some ads. I like it and honestly it’s a great game. I have not tried the online version yet. But I have tried the World War I version and honestly I was also satisfied. Both of them are great games. All you need is some ads and this game will be a great success for your company.
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2 years ago, ripoffinvestigator
Good game but needs to change
Here’s the problem, when you die, the mission fails, which in real life, would not happen, instead of the game ending right there, have the player select a new plane from the menu, and have them promote the plane to leader. And, have there be collisions with aircraft, like when you accidentally crash into a bomber, collide with an ally, or any other situation that you may think. Plus add more aircraft pls. And if possible, add Italy as a nation because Italy took part in WW2.
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3 years ago, noob\pro
Good game but bad controls
The game itself is good, nostalgic graphics, decent gameplay, and overall just good. The main problem I have is controls, if you use the joystick, it is very hard to also click other buttons and you can only drag it on some places on the screen. If you try the device tracking, it just feels kind of bad though it helps to change the sensitivity. I will probably try the steam version which may be better.
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3 years ago, ###*****#*
Needs improvement
The game wants you to give your info and I don’t want to to save my progress and I hate how some of the planes are realistic like the b-29 bomber it should carry 120,000 pounds of bombs and have a lot more health because in WW2 the b-29 was the most armored and heaviest bomber in WW2 mak8ng it the worlds strongest and toughest plane in WW2 which I would like them to and more bombs and make it bigger so it’s more realistic also if they could they should add stuckas because stuckas were very very bad planes in WW2.
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3 years ago, Gecko342
Needs more stuff I think!
This game is really good but it really needs some more stuff you left out a couple of things to you left out France 🇫🇷 and you left out a couple of American planes you left out the TMB-1 Avenger don’t forget to add torpedo for it ;) you left out The P-47 Thunderbolt and you left out the C-47 Skytrain. So please please add these left out sinks you left out in the best game you’ve ever made in the next update you have for the game. Ok bye.
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5 years ago, mrtrexman
Can you add a plane to USA
I know you have been working hard on this game I love it I have had it 1 year now my other I pad didn’t charge not that I’m blaming the game I mean I games 24,7 on it but can you nead to get more than 1 of the same air plan like 2 of one plane or more and can you add a couple plans to the U.S.S. campaign there are less than all plans but 1 plane you nead in the Uss campaign is the a p 40 also known as the p40 Warhawk please am I asking for to much. I LOVE this game so much.
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4 years ago, kikkdkjrjrjr
Good game
This is one of my favorite games I have on my iPad you should just make it so the daily reward is bigger and you can sell planes you should make that happen it would make the game 10 times better and makes not as much stuff cost money like $1.99. And I really think that you should make more games like this where are you shooting down planes because me and my brother like that a lot. Thank you for creating this game. And can you make it so they’re more planes.
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5 years ago, OofHeSurrendered
I recommend one more nation for the game
There should be one more nation into the game the allies already have 4 while the axis have 2 you should start making Italian planes and making the Italians a playable nation the only countrys they can go against is USA or Great Britain if you can not make Italy then you should make China as a playable nation to go against the Japanese . here’s a idea try to make a way so the naval ships fight against naval ships this would make the battles look intense and giveing it more detail
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3 years ago, Dranamama
Me 262 and landings please!
Okay, so I love this game, but I have a few suggestions. First off, why so much Japan fighting? I really want a challenge, like a German me 262 jet fighter (don’t worry, that was in World War Two.) Also, add more planes and missions. Last thing, please make carrier and air base landings to like refuel and stuff because I kinda want to see how great that experience could be, with a great creator like this one. Overall amazing game.
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3 months ago, Your average plane lover
Needs more planes and more stuff!
This game is great but it needs more stuff and can you make it so that you can be a AA gun or anything that is powerful like a tank or aa vehicle and the decals need to be more realistic and more like war thunder decals so what I want is better decals and I want to put decals on any part of the plane so yeah if this actually happens I will download it on all of my iPads and rate it 5 star Bye and I hope it happens
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4 years ago, Afnan Kabir
One of the greatest offline game ever!
Thank you HNG for making this beautiful game!! The game is easy to play and doesn’t take too long to master. But that doesn’t push me away from playing. There is a huge selection of planes from different countries with their real and valid historical information. The graphics are awesome. It’s the main reason I like this game. The missions are not that hard or easy but are pretty fun. And with the mission editor, I can make a campaign of my own! In offline!! However, it’d be more nicer if there were more maps in the missions. But that isn’t a issue for me cause I can make my own custom map in the mission editor. So if anyone is looking for an offline WW2 plane game then you should definitely download this!
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4 years ago, IvyOak1710
It gets old after awhile...
It’s not a bad game. But when you’ve bought enough planes & attained the highest levels ( which doesn’t take long) it loses its appeal. Choosing pilots for your planes is nearly impossible. You can’t determine if a pilot is already manning a plane. So sometimes you select a pilot, only to discover you took him from another plane. Also, there needs to be an easier way to get gold (other than buying them). I had tens of thousands of silver and thousands of barrels of oil, but no gold. Maybe exchange silver for gold?
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4 years ago, ieax
In the end i would’ve liked it if you could play online. An online feature would be amazing as players could have more fun and experience while playing the game. The campaign or “missions” are very repetitive I would like to see a mission when you defend the bomber planes or maybe a first person shooter mission to destroy aa guns so the planes (you take control of after the FPS part) can eliminate enemy bombers or dog fighters. Just a recommendation for a better level and more fun playing the game. Besides all that a solid 3 out of 5. Sorry 😐
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3 years ago, Froglicking
I think its a great game, and i have a few ideas if you have the time. 1. Multiple of the same plane. This would make the game so much more interesting to me, since i could fly in a squadron of the same plane. It would also allow planes such as the zero to be less terrible, since they would be mass produceable. 2. Put artillery on the boats. This one is self explanatory, but it would allow for you to focus on the sky during naval battles 3. Armor on enemies. It always feels weird when i sink a destroyer using a machinegun, and armor would solve that Again, these are just ideas, and the game is fine as is, but i think they would add a new level of depth to it.
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3 years ago, Kenaxel
Ok gameplay and ads
Remember when you used to be able to play mobile games without a ton of ads? I guess those days are gone. They won’t even let you get through the tutorial of this game without making you watch ads. Seriously…the tutorial? I’m trying to figure out the controls and you want me to look at ads in order to keep playing? No thanks. It could be a game that gets really cool, but I’ll never know. Uninstalling this steaming pile to go play games that don’t force ads.
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11 months ago, Scotty Baby 929
Best Choice
This game has great air to air, strategy in missions and is the best I’ve played so far. It also seems to have capacity to handle those who are good at this sort of gaming and can match up to top level player. Great job to the developers. I’ve played for free and it is everything and more than one could ever hope for. This is the best!!!
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3 months ago, srozenberg
Super fun but hard.
Let me start off by saying that this game is super fun and you guys definitely got some stuff right, although I do request there would be a game difficulty mode in the game where you decide whether or not you would have to pay for repairs. Also I would like it if you can decide what historic battle you would want to fight in.
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2 years ago, Imaginetho
Absolutely Amazing
This game may have its flaws, yes. And what some people are saying is true. But if you put that aside and look at the game itself. It is probably one of the most detailed, well made, and overall best Dogfighting game for mobile. The ability to pull a game like this out of my pocket is wonderful to me. The WWI Era sister-game is also phenomenal. Excellent job
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3 months ago, BubbaJames731
A really fun realistic game, but let’s add on!
The game is very realistic and fun and simple to play. Unlike War Thunder and other plane games, it’s a lot easier to play. But I’d like to see some adjustments. You could perhaps add the French and Italian army into the game. And you could remove the Italian Macchi MC202 Folgore to the Italian side, and not the German. And maybe add some more planes to all sides.
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11 months ago, bv0101010101001010101
Not happy
I was havin so much fun, enough fun to be playing for like 4 hours straight. Nearly leveled the base up to max, unlocked soooo many planes and unlocked alot of achievements. I was they put a message when you start to create an account. Apparently if you dont they dont save absolutely any progress. It doesnt tell you anything. I closed the game cause it started bugging out on the audio. Logged back in and boom everything was lost. Super duper upset. Upset to the point of the point where everytime i see the app it leaves a distasteful taste in my mouth. Horrible
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11 months ago, Shankteen
Amazing, but simplistic
This game is awesome, easy to play, and enjoyable. It is easy, as you rarely actually get shot down, and the foes are repetitive. There are only 5 players (US, UK, USSR, Germany, Japan) but you can do a lot with that. There are also few ads and you can skip them entirely by going on airplane mode. I do recommend this game, as it is fun.
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4 years ago, brbebbrbrbrbr
This game is good but there are a few things that I wanna say you forgot the b24 p47 and please make if you do put the b24 in the game with more harder and make it that if you plane is damaged too much then they catch on fire and make it were you can do different perspective like the turrets make them so that you can switch the view into what the gunners seeing but great game
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