Watch Faces Albums

4.7 (30.8K)
95.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
怡飞 王
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watch Faces Albums

4.69 out of 5
30.8K Ratings
2 months ago, Alice8053
Watch Face
It’s actually pretty cool🙂. What I would like to see is a section just for always on display(aod) animated loop or even real time images. It’s not something that I have seen yet. And Apple Watches and others have always on display options in settings. It would draw in more users to your app I would think 🙂. A free widget section would also be cool😊. As for a watch face i would like to see. How about an animated fireplace🙂. They are cozy and for some a way to relax and let stress go🙂. Thank you for this app guys and thank you for updating it as often as you do and for asking us what we would like to see☺️.
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1 year ago, verxaloll
I like this app, but…
I like this app but all the good watch faces (the cute ones) you have to pay premium for but for me, I just make a random one my watch face then I go to my Apple Watch app and I customize and make my own picture my Apple Watch face and I just deleted the one I chose before, yes it’s a lot of work also because I always make alot of wallpapers since I can’t choose one but it’s worth it because my Apple Watch be looking so cute. But I like this app they just need to add a feature that you could watch ads too instead of only paying for premium so people could get cute watch faces. Only bad thing abt this app is the paying for good watch faces part so that’s why I gave it a 4 star but other than that I totally recommend this app if you wanna make your own watch faces you will love this app too
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12 months ago, Alura Skyhaven
Watch Face
I am giving this app 5 stars because I think they do have quite a bit of different options to choose from. There is a few I really like but none that just jumps out and smacks me. You know when you are looking for the perfect item, you spot it, get that slap and it’s THE ONE you want and don’t need to look any further. That’s what I’m looking for. Just don’t see any of those. So I would like some more variety and colorful options.
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11 months ago, Barely there3
Happy Watchface
Just purchased my new Apple Watch and wanted a unique dial/face that expressed me. These watch faces are stylish, full of character, shows unique interests, and easy to modify (color, shape, verbiage etc). Thank you for all the time you put into giving phone/watch users these really special dial/face designs. I’m always being asked where did you find that watch face? Your app makes me the “go to” girl! Love your app!!!
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1 year ago, Lisgaski
Loving my new watch face I found
Just purchased my Apple Watch and wasn’t happy with the choice of watch faces Apple provided. Attempted a couple of watch face app but they wanted $ a month. Lucky I found this app that offers free watch faces. I was able to find several faces I liked for free. The one I choose fits me perfectly and now I’m really happy with my Apple Watch because I found the face that makes it more me.
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6 months ago, S coming
Fun and Versatile
The variety of watch faces offered through this app is amazing. I love the ability to express my mood, emotions and thoughts by way of my watch face. I also love the ability to celebrate seasons and events with a watch face. My friends compliment me often on my watch faces and regularly play close attention to the frequent updates and changes.
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5 years ago, Hungergames mockingjay
Great I watch pictures but it would be even more amazing if you add pictures from movies to put as the main photo on apple watches like fast and furious hobbit Spider-Man venom lord of the rings terminator black panther aqua man or Batman even Django and pictures for new releases movies as they come out that way all of us could use those as our main photos including the ones you have given us already
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3 years ago, okihotboy
I’ve had a pretty good month with this app
My dad had let me have some money and I used it to get the gold premium version and it allows me full access to every part of the app . Good app over all . No hate . 10 out of the I think beside they don’t really have more of the resent rappers on there say as Kevin Gates,Eminem , pop smoke , juice , and many other are not to be seen on the app yet.
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2 years ago, Misty B Joy
Watch face
I like all the choices for the watch faces. But I do not like the fact that my watch seems to randomly change faces while I’m working. I have my favorite while I’m working to keep track of the weather and the time. And for some reason it likes to give me the stock market which I have absolutely no interest in. Very unhappy with that. Because I have difficulty getting my favorite one back once it is showing me the stocks!
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3 years ago, Kitty lover rbc 4
-Two faced-
-Very nice tons of cute/cool screens for it. It’s just most of the good ones are premium and a lot of people don’t want to pay for it. My friends don’t have premium,(neither do I) they like a lot of the premium ones. But they just don’t want to pay a fee for them. If you don’t want to pay for them just screenshot the one you want and set it as your wallpaper, you just go to Apple Watch and go to your photos and use it. $NO FEES THIS WAY$
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2 years ago, Snack wagon
Watch Face
Amazing app to create everything and anything for your Apple Watch. People ask me how I made such creative art for my phone and I tell them to download this program and see how artistic they can be. I’ve used this from my Apple Watch 3 up to my newly purchased 7. Absolutely love it because of the results
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don’t waste your time
almost all of the GOOD faces require you to have premium access also i’ll be honest i don’t trust this app with my data...something about it is extremely shady, and i hope i don’t have problems with my watch and my personal security now that i have this software on my devices UPDATE: so this developer just recommends that disgruntled downloaders download more sketchy software even though you’re not happy with the first one you download??? that’s whack. if i already don’t trust the developer, why would i go download more of their software? something doesn’t seem right. STEER CLEAR!!
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4 years ago, Kaveman2010
Good pics, false statement
The album sets are nice. I particularly like some of the dynamic sets. However, I downloaded this app based on the statement in the description that says, “Most of the watch faces are free, but some albums need “Watch Face Premium Membership” to access.” The only “free” pics are in the single album in “Today Free” section, and that is updated “almost every 3 days” (a quote from within the app). Every other album requires membership. So, exactly how is it possible that most watch faces are free when you need a membership to access nearly all of the albums? I think I’ll pass on this one.
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12 months ago, EM6253527289963
Great App!
The watch faces on this app look great! Many lovely options. The variety of looks give my watch a fun appearance. There are a number of free options that change occasionally giving you the chance to add new watch faces every few days. I highly recommend this app!
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8 months ago, Jannyfannyoday
Love these free faces!!!
These free watch faces enhance my iwatch and make it my personal choice for my eclectic taste. I love the new free faces each week and add them to use as it fits my mood on a given week. Thanks for your choices that enrich my timekeeping ability and make me smile as I use them,each day!
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1 year ago, Adam40B
🫶🏻my Apple Watch
Oh me oh my! My dreams have come true! I can’t believe how many times I had to refer to my watch for every day tasks. It is a challenge to keep up with it’s daily activities. This watch is becoming my new workout buddy.
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2 years ago, corgeh🐶
Disappointed and not worth it 😕
I am really disappointed with this app because I hoped that I would be able to get a wide selection of wallpapers but that was not the case. Instead when I first opened the app on my iPhone only the first row of wallpapers for my Apple Watch were actually free, the rest of the wallpapers were premium so I might as well just take my own pics. I would not recommend this app unless you are willing to spend money.
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4 years ago, jud,,
Watch Wallpaper
Really nice well designs and uniquely designed my favorite is the rose 🌹 although I lost it with the lasted watch update I am hoping to be able to find it and download again. Any way thanks for your watch wallpaper designs. And good luck in your endeavors.
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4 years ago, SimpleJack10
Am I missing something?
Ok so as far as I can tell this app is nothing more than preset background pictures for your watch, nothing you couldn’t do yourself with a photo. Also the app is free however if you actually want to use one of the very simple and dull faces they offer you have to upgrade to premium which is of course a monthly recurring charge. Please if I am simply missing something or not navigating the app to its full extent inform me. If not this app is a joke and I’ll just keep looking.
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7 months ago, Carolann1944
Watch Faces
For those of us living on Social Security I would like to see some free faces I can’t afford to buy everything, I can’t believe Apple is so hard up everything has to cost. Thank you
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6 months ago, nikkinikkitimboohsolimbo
Love it
There are a large number of watch faces and variety is excellent. Want to: support your team, you can do that. Get a laugh, yup got it. Holidays, yes they’re there. Art, autos, animals, got them to. Just one more reason to love your Apple Watch!
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2 years ago, Blahschoolsucksdah
Free? Misleading.
Don’t make an app free to download with in app purchases if you download the app and all of the wallpapers cost money. People in the US have a hard time feeding themselves. With no $1 menu anymore, do you really think you should charge $7 or whatever for WATCH or PHONE wallpapers? Even if I had the money, I’m not going to pay for one app that’s materialism on top of materialism. I hope you’re making money. I’m sure the price will rise next year.
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1 year ago, pattiqt143
Patti is Back
I had to come back and Make sure I had added my 5 Stars sorry if I didn’t and if I did well I’m giving u guys 5 more I have ADHA severely so if I overlooked I’m truly sorry You wonder ppl have a Blessed day Patti
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2 years ago, eestelle1959
Exceptional fun
I have so much fun with my updates choosing just what I want to choose. It works really well. There is so much more when you subscribe, but they don’t skimp on the free offers.
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1 year ago, barelystable
Exactly what I wanted for half the cost of the other apps
$9.99 for a year and the abilities to use specific brand for back ground it was exactly what I was looking for.
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2 years ago, 47songs
No response from owner for help.
I paid for the premium app. It worked fine for a while. Now I cannot get anything to work. Two emails - a week apart - sent about the problem. No response. When I go to search there are no categories. Just the search bar. I can only scroll down to see about 10 rows of faces. I’ll change my review if I get a response. But as is, it stands.
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4 years ago, @WL90
Quick and easy
Lots of options of watch faces for my series 1! Quick and easy download,I definitely recommend this to others! #lovemy@applewatch
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1 year ago, Lara the Fake Name
The app provides dozens of great watch faces you can use. I would recommend this to another person.
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12 months ago, SunshineDaze69
Complete trash and scam
This is one of those garbage apps that won't even let you use the app until you sign up for their monthly or annual subscription. Not even a trial option. Instant delete, negative review. And will never be returning to this app. Everyone should STAY AWAY. If you want something legit. Use Clockology. They offer thousands of faces free. Some these guys charge for even 😆
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2 years ago, Rivermeadow
Don't buy this app
Everything on this app requires premium. There are literally 5 watch faces that are free and hundreds of premium watch faces. I'm not going to spend money on a stupid picture for my watch. I could literally go on Pinterest and download a picture myself for FREE. Totally a waste of time downloading this.
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5 years ago, #EASY MONEY🤑🤑🤑
Not really worth it
I've tried different brands and mine are working great. I've tried this one which is my least favorite as of now. You have to pay to get any watch faces. Theres only like 2 that are free. It's nothing special either, just a picture that u can find on google, screenshot, and add as a watch face. Don't waste your time on this app.
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1 year ago, sussy white
Watch face
This app is amazing it has a lot of nice free wallpapers and a lot of different interesting ones also I definitely recommend
Show more
4 years ago, dhjdjdjeh
Cancel trial
So I canceled my free trial and it’s still active. It ends tomorrow and I tried to end it a few days ago so is active until tomorrow even though I canceled it. Otherwise it’s great I just need confirmation
Show more
5 years ago, Sstr3ss
More variety of faces please!
The rotation of the faces are great. Any chance Pokémon, Metal bands, or horror-themed faces, such as the Exorcist or The Shining can be an option? Also, it’d be great to have a limited-time live face if possible. Looking forward to the new faces!
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7 months ago, Kathyloves2shop
Nice free faces
Wish there could be more Christmas ones but I enjoy the ones that you do have. Thank you so much.
Show more
5 years ago,
Do not judge this app by the rating
The first time I tried to download an album I got the following message: “To download this album you need a premium subscription. However you can unlock it if you give us a 5 star rating” !!!! This is absurd and should be illegal! It takes away the value of the rating system. Apps like this will not have me as a costumer.... please consider doing the same
Show more
4 months ago, valanwes
Awesome faces
I love being able to change my watch face everyday and cordinate with my outfits. 2 thumbs up!!!
Show more
1 year ago, Drew Stroud
I hate this app
You have to pay for everything and the ui is terrible
Show more
2 years ago, Mac Daddy1
Apple Watch faces
I like the fact that I can change the face as often as. I wish too. Very versatile.
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3 months ago, Don Moe money mack
Good app
Great stuff it let you be creative with style and make it fun to still have it’s fun and great keep it up
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2 years ago, Abby cyr
Apple Watch face not happy 😕
I wasn’t really happy with it I don’t think it included with the Apple Watch se 2, I found a way to create my own Watch face I am not happy with this app and it got ads too I wish all the apps don’t have ads
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4 months ago, SoloHobo
Just a bunch of pictures with the default digital time!
There are like two or three they want you to subscribe to use that are actually nice. The rest are all just various different pictures as the background for the regular default digital time display build in to the watch.
Show more
4 months ago, Daboi9999
Good but…
This app is very nice and i like it but all the decent watch faces are only for 5.00$ a year. Now don’t get me wrong, those wallpapers are pretty good but pls just make all of them free.
Show more
4 months ago, DrSetve
Don’t waste your money!
$5.99 for a very limited number of faces. I expected the Rolex, Omega, and IWC faces to actually show analog movements instead it’s just a digital readout with pictures of each watch dial. Very disappointing, but that’s just my opinion. What did I expect for $5.99?
Show more
4 years ago, Jan-NewMac
App freeze
Was going to download this app, however, I found that I had to pay for the app. I tried to exit, however it froze my watch ap and I had to remove it and reinstall. I then had to reinstall everything previously loaded on my watch ap. It hijacked my watch ap on my iPhone trying to MAKE me buy their ap!!!!!! Do not download this ap!
Show more
3 years ago, mucbre
Neat new Watch Faces!!
So cool! I was just looking and feel in love with so many different watch faces! Thank you & very much appreciate them!
Show more
4 years ago, VERogers
Great watch face app!
I really love this app! So many beautiful and different watch faces to choose from. If you love brands, you will love this app!
Show more
3 years ago, dougiemfhoppa
Easy as 1,2, Free
Love all the options Black Mamba The GOAT. So many to choose from for not that much thank you for being so cheap.
Show more
5 months ago, JJBA and DS fan
It’s okay
This is the first watch face app I’ve use and it’s not that bad but there aren’t enough free options and I don’t feel like paying for a watch face. A lot of them are just Ai generated anyway
Show more
4 years ago, TheSveiksDragon
Waste of Time
Everything in the app costs money, except for a few watch faces that are complete crap. I may be okay with the app if it was a one time payment, but you have to pay by the month or year. That is asking far too much for a handful of watch faces (most aren’t even that good, there are only a couple that are halfway decent).
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