Watch Faces by Facer

4.7 (51.4K)
195.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Little Labs, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watch Faces by Facer

4.68 out of 5
51.4K Ratings
3 years ago, FishyFlake
Buggy but much to like
This app has a lot of fun faces to add to your Apple Watch. I question why I would want to pay $60 a year for watch faces, so the premium tier is not for me. My biggest complaint is that the app itself is very buggy. Half the Explore menu often goes blank, meaning you can’t get to the rest of the categories. Trying to favorite a face sometimes means it goes into a loop. You have to force-close and reopen the app to restore it, and that sometimes has to be done more than once. But the most irritating thing is that when you choose a face to favorite it, you’re dragged all the way back to the top of that menu when you come out again. Please, programmers, add in some stability! I gave up on looking at the categories out of frustration. I will enjoy the few faces I did manage to choose before I gave up.
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2 years ago, FLTF2022
Don’t waste you money!!!
I had high hopes for this app because, finding a decent watch face app for apple that is worth the money is impossible! I heard about Facer and gave it it try… When it was cheaper, now it’s just like the other outrageous apps that rip you off!!! I am upset I spent even a dime on this app because all it has done is frustrate and disappoint me!! I have an apple series 7 and have never in the entire time I have had this horrible app been able to actually use any of the few watch faces I wanted! When I download the watch face to my watch, it will display only the time and leave blank boxes with nothing in them but the word Facer inside! And if by some strange miracle I am able to get one to work, it’s one that is crappy and unappealing and the watch face may show up but it never displays the correct time or date EVER! And you cannot do anything to even try to update it or change it! Sometimes it’s in a different language altogether!! If I could give this app a negative number I would! Even one star is not deserving, I have ripped off too much money for this horrible rip off app!!! So do yourself a huge favor and get anything but this app!! You will have to pay $60 a year to get cheated and scammed out of your money.. I have tried to contact someone to get some help many many times! And I have not had a single response!
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2 years ago, EricJason
Just ok
I’ve had this app for quite a while now & it seems that with every update it gets a little worse. Most of the time the complications do not show up so you have to click on each complication & make sure the facer app is open so the complication can refresh. It only works 1/2 the time. The subscription price is too high for what they offer. You can build your own watch faces but only from the original platforms & designs that iwatch offers already. So someone creates a watch face & gives it to facer, for free, & then facer turns around & charges us for that very same face. I was even a Beta tester for facer & still there was only a small handful of designs that I could build off of. If your not on wifi forget about most of the complications working so basically your left with 1/2 a watch face that just won’t refresh. They’ve had the same free watch faces since I 1st joined this app & more & more of the watch faces are ending up under the premium side everyday. It’s not a bad app. It’s not a great app but I’d say it’s better than a majority of the watch face rip off apps that are available.
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6 months ago, neva.dee
Watch faces stop syncing
I was so excited to get this app on my phone and be able to see my steps on my watch face. I downloaded the first watch face and was very pleased with it. The next morning I noticed that the date had not changed, and the steps were from the previous day. I removed the watch face, then reinstalled it. Same thing happened again. Then I thought to delete the app from my phone and reinstall it. This time it actually worked for two days. I saw a note from the designer saying to email him if there were any problems, which I did. He replied to my email about four days later saying that I had to contact Facer to resolve the problem and sent me a link. By this time, I had tried a few other faces from different designers. On several the information would not even sync at all. So the watch face would appear on my watch, with no information at all. It has been over 48 hours since I submitted the form to Facer for a resolution. I have received no reply other than the automatic response that my message was received. I have contacted Apple to request a refund of the subscription I have paid.
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2 years ago, Southwest Johnny
Lots of fun faces
Easy to use and tons of free faces of every kind to choose from. I change my face frequently simply because I can. My only complaint is when you select a face it takes up to an hour to show up on your watch. Not sure why. I’m seeing lots of bad reviews on here all claiming this app has a lot of bugs but it seems as if that’s mostly the Apple Watch users. I have a Fossil watch and have no bugs at all. Another thing is it makes no sense to pay for the premium version when the free version has hundreds, or maybe even thousands of faces of every possible kind. Don’t waste your money on it.
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1 year ago, GDD9000
READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!Can’t tell if this is just spam or a scam
To be blunt this app masquerades as a watch face app when it’s really just a tool to collect emails addresses to sell to spammer/scammers. I can’t directly call this a scam app because it does provide new watch faces. However, the faces are buggy, take a while to appear and are often non-responsive when you try to interact with them. The reason I want to call this a scam and will call it spam is because within 24 hours of downloading and registering the app I started receiving an average of 45 spam emails a day. I hadn’t received more than three a day in the last three years, until this app was installed on my iPhone. Pretty easy to find a correlation between the two events. This as well as a weird email from Facer I got after I deleted the app are some glaring red flags. The fact that they make you pay to use the app in addition to selling your information to spammers/scammers pushes this into the near criminal company.
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2 months ago, FootLoops
Large amount of really genuine Faces, poor GUI
You’ll find some of the nicest Faces available in Facer. The biggest issue is that you’ll need a Series 7 or above to use about 70% of them, since the Developers here seemingly only make Faces for their own Watch and don’t think about others. My biggest gripes with Facer: there is no way to sort Faces by compatibility with your particular Device, so you’ll see every Face regardless if it works for you Device or not. Lastly, browsing for new Faces is pretty stupid. You find a Face you like and let’s say you change your mind and want to keep searching further. If you go back to the previous page, it will not go back to the previous page, but to the main home screen. The App itself needs serious attention in search and device compatibility. It would make searching easier.
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2 years ago, Niladri Roy
Subscription model makes no sense.
I like the functionality and I have been a Facer user before they introduced the very misguided subscription model for Premium. Hey, I might like a Premium face so much that I’m ok paying $10 for it, but why would I sign up for $4.99 a month if I am not the type who gets their kicks out of frequently changing their watchface? The app and collection deserve much better than a one star rating; the business model deserves negative 5 for customer unfriendliness.
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11 months ago, West hill 46
Nice app
Tons and tons of faces .. really nice ones , free and paid .. I never paid so those ones might work better .. my review is on free version … but the free ones are not worth it . I just deleted app after having for a year or so . Cause free faces although really really nice visually ,, dont work half the time .. I will look at my watch ,, and the date hasn’t changed in 3 days ,, or my steps will be off ,, the weather will be completely wrong ,, other then the time none of the other instruments work on the faces .. sometimes I would shut watch off turn back on then everything would work for a couple days or so , but like clock work (lol ! the irony) everything would quit working besides time again ..
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6 months ago, TheWanderer1049
Let Us Pay For Individual Faces ONE TIME
This app is cool, I just got it after they dropped the fallout wallpapers bc I’ve always wanted a working Pipboy one. Only to find out that it’s a premium watch face, and if you cancel your subscription - once the subscription is up, you lose access to the watch face? Come on. I get that y’all have to make money, but allow people to buy watch faces individually and let them keep them regardless of if they have premium or not. $40 A YEAR for a watch face is ridiculous. No one has that kind of money, especially these days. $40 for the watch face itself to actually keep? Okay you got me. Seriously. Please make this an option. You’ll probably get WAY more money this way.
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3 weeks ago, Magnus Dibblius
Great faces. Buggy app
Found some neat faces, a lot better than the ones in the Apple Watch App. However it is a pain to find faces compatible with older watches. I have a 2nd Gen. SE and it’s hard to find compatible faces for it. There are no options to search by device or software compatibility. The search page is also buggy. If you click on a face to find more info on it then swipe left to right to go back, the search page refreshes and takes you back to the top. You have to scroll all the way back down the page to get to where you were. I’d like to see more search keywords/options and better feeling UI in order to rate higher.
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9 months ago, Redd1011
Major issues
I feel like this app has a lot to offer but because it’s so buggy, it needs a lot of work. First off, trying to search through the explore page does not give me what I’m looking for. If I type in a search, I get nothing relative to what I’m searching for. Second, while searching, the pages tend to go blank. In order to find anything close to what I’m looking for, I have to click on a face that I’ve favorited and hope it has a tag I can click to find more of what I want. I’m not able to click on users I follow to see what faces have been added recently. I can’t imagine paying $60 for this. Right now, I wouldn’t even pay $6. There’s too much work that needs to be done and not one issue has been resolved.
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1 month ago, These all cost premium
You really need to add more stuff that doesn’t cost money
I was looking for a fallout themed watch face to find the only four there and they all cost premium everything else is good just take my request into consideration I know there are a lot of other people who are fine with the app but the majority of people who download this app just got a watch that was probably not that expensive I got mine on sale at an Apple Store and it’s pretty good but I can’t find any faces that take my specific version so that adds another things but as I’ve said the app it self is really well made but this is just a request that I’m asking
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3 years ago, Setsoru727
No value w/o subscription, horrible interface
When the app first came out, it was decent. I would rate it as 3 stars originally. Now that they have acquired a large catalog of user created faces they can sell, every interesting or cool watch face is now a “premium” face you must have a monthly subscription to download. Remember, this is a collection of watch faces other people designed, and have given freely to this company. The other major issue I have with this app, is when you tap on a watch face thumbnail to see it in detail, when you exit you’re back at the top of the list. You may have been on watch face #85, but now you’re back at watch face #1 and I have to scroll all the way back down – every single time. That’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Jake0421
Great app but needs help with browsing
When you scroll down a bit and choose a watch to add, after it takes you all the back to the top. It’s super Frustrating as you have to scroll down again where you left off. It’s annoying because there are so many choices and you scroll down a lot so when it takes you at the top again you have to start again. It does not save your last spot. Please fix!!! Also when you have the premium and you download premium face watch and you unsubscribe the complications will not update. It becomes useless unless you sign up again.
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1 year ago, Cw05
I don’t usually type reviews, but I am just infuriated with this company! I downloaded the app a couple of years ago and it was so buggy I just deleted it. Now, I download the app thinking I would get a few free faces to see if the program works better before signing up for premium. Well this company doesn’t even give a free trial! After you put in all your info for them to collect and sell, you can’t get past the first screen without obligating yourself to paying $15! Are you serious? Pay before you try on a product that has known issues? This is a horrible business plan and just pure greed, so forget it. Not today. I’ll just see if I can find the developers on my own. Very disappointing.
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4 years ago, MiamiLawMiami
Updated Review
I’m happy to restore my original thoughts about this app. I had som connectivity issues that I couldn’t resolve, but upon being alerted, the developer reached out and everything has been resolved perfectly. The app itself is great because you can easily change the watch face at your leisure and you have thousands of selections. So I am happy to restore a five star rating.
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1 year ago, Jaguar187
Kinda cool to start with a Major Limitation
I wanted to expand my options for faces on my apple watch, and settled on this app. Unsurprisingly the “cool” faces were all premium so I signed up for the subscription. Initially I was happy till I realized something, the info and in the panels doesn't update unless you open the facer app on your phone. I hadn't noticed this when the displays were tiny, but I finally got a face with the step “counter” prominently filling the middle of the watch, and the number didn't change. I opened the app and it jumped from 276 (where it had been for hours) to 3000+. And then stayed there till I opened the app again later. That seems to defeat the point of having the info displayed. If I'm happy with a static number, I could take a screenshot of my activity app summary page and use that as a watch wallpaper . Having said that, there are some cool designs, and it loaded onto the watch very easily. But I've cancelled my subscription .
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4 months ago, Seth BB45
Was working great
I have had this app for almost a year and a half and it was working great. Until recently now I can’t sign into my subscription which is current through my Apple ID. I have checked my settings and it’s says it is active but when I sign in I get taken right to the payment area. What do they want me to pay more than I already have? Then l looked for a contact button or link or anything that I could use to ask someone to what is happening and there was none. So I guess if I give it a low rating someone may actually tell me what the heck is going on.
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2 years ago, GOATlady!
Good but little choice
Now I don’t usually like to pay for things in a app but this was ridiculous. The app only had one free watch face you could customize. And you could only put one thing on the little bubble. And I don’t know about y’all but I think they should give us more to choose from. Because I think it is a little ridiculous to only put one choice and have to buy the rest for like 4 bucks. I know I don’t want to do that. There is a lot of good things about the app too though they offer lots of things other than your watch face. I really think they should give more choice for free watch faces or maybe I missed it but at least tell you before you download it.
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2 weeks ago, 青牛绿窝
Doesn’t work the way you think
While this app undoubtedly has some really nice watch faces and designs, it doesn’t work the way you expect. The faces doesn’t automatically update and sync like the default Apple faces, it’s not real time. You have to tap on the face and manually update/refresh it or else all the gadget info will still be stuck at the last refresh which is kind of pointless. And all the premium faces (which is like 99% of the app) requires a monthly subscription. I like the designs but there’s no way I’m paying for something that I have to manually refresh every time to get the latest info.
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6 months ago, Hcoon8984
No support
I had loved this app, initially. There are great watch faces and a lot of modular type faces which I prefer. There are usually free options for just about any style you would want on premium but I usually pay for premium for the extra choices. Regardless, I subscribed to premium without being logged into the app and now I cannot access any premium content. I’ve reached out to support multiple times since the 21st to have the problem corrected but have not received anything more than a single response. I am willing to change my review if support is willing to reach out and actually correct the issue.
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2 years ago, JollyJoseph
Cool app, but not worth the price.
The app is nice, but I always remember that I choose a single watch face and use it just about forever. Using this app would make me pay $4.99 per month just for using one watch face that was created by another user. That’s $60 per year. For any subscription I always look at what I get for the cost and compare that to how much I get from and pay for Office 365 for 6 people. Why would I pay $60 per year for this? I do not understand. It’s pretty ridiculous. Since every app developer now wants a monthly fee, we’d end up paying the cost of an expensive car note monthly just for apps.
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2 years ago, RennSportler
This App is scum.
TL:DR Even the vanilla Apple Watch app is a better choice, this app is scum. I can’t believe this app is being promoted on the App Store. First of all its so called “create your own” feature is 5$ to gain access and it’s just a remapped version of the standard Apple Watch app. What a ripoff. Secondly the majority of watch faces you can access, without the premium account, are broken and don’t function. As for the premium account, it’s whatever; if you want to subscribe to the service it’s your choice. I don’t believe this app or it’s services are worthy, a paid for third party app that can’t function at a basic level is hilarious. Even when those basic functions are remapped Apple API.
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3 months ago, Despicable hero
All the cool faces are not compatible with the Apple Watch SE ver. 2
So I downloaded the app and browsed through the options and I liked what I saw so I went premium. Big mistake. As it turns out, all the cool themed faces are incompatible with my watch. I wouldn’t be as upset if when I chose my device on the app that they filter out all the ones “ version 7 and above” so I couldn’t be tempted by the newer version faces. Instead, I’m stuck with basic faces that aren’t to my tasting. Developers please fix that issue, as it really isn’t fair to look at faces you can’t use.
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2 years ago, 5280boy
Please fix bugs!
While I enjoy the large selection of Watch faces and the build your own feature, after scrolling through hundreds of watch faces and clicking into one to add to my watch, the app does not pick back up where you left off when you click the back arrow. It makes you scroll through the entire list again and you have to find where you left off. Filters are not the best and there is a lack of tagging to allow for better searching functionality. As others have stated, once you scroll a bit, the page goes blank and you have to wait several seconds or scroll up and down to get more watch faces to load. I also think the pricing is way too high and the free watch faces are mostly meh. I’m on a brand new series 7 Apple Watch and some of the animated watch faces run the animation once and then stop instead of looping.
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3 years ago, Samy J.
Pretty dope watch faces but..
I really like this app and the faces that are available. I actually just found out about it and have had my watch for year now lol. I would have given the app 5 stars but I don’t like having to go all the way back through all the faces when I find one I want to get. I just wanna continue looking through the faces, not have to scroll back through them all. Overall it’s a decent app and helps to give your watch a little extra dope factor.
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5 months ago, jdowdizzle
Not Worth Purchasing….
The only good thing about this app is you have a lot of nicely designed watch faces to choose from. But they don’t actually work, half the time the data doesn’t sync and none of the complications actually work, as in if you tap on one of them they will not open the corresponding application. I purchased the premium version and was very disappointed to learn the complications don’t work as they should. I even reached out to support and they apologized but said as of right now they don’t work….how are you selling a app that doesn’t even fully function? I would honestly rather just get a refund.
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2 months ago, MoneyMan214
Apple Watch SE
Almost every face will not work in my SE because it requires 7 & up. I cannot search for faces that are specific to my watch or even my size screen. It has my watch linked and still gives me faces I can’t use. Currently app is useless to me without spending hours looking at every watch face for the one I can use. Integrate a search system cause this is ridiculous. ALSO I don’t want your generic response for apologizing and asking me to email you. Make it personal at least like Jesus every reply is a copy paste and makes you seem so corporate and too big.
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2 months ago, ColeB117
Premium Upselling
It has a lot of great watch faces, and I like that they have actual brand sponsorships. However, I just got very burned by the premium sub. I wanted to try the Fallout watch face, but of course that’s premium only. Okay no big deal, I’ll do a month to see how it is because it isn’t that much. So after subscribing and being charged, I’m told my watch is too old. The SE is not that old. There’s no reason not to support it. If you’re going to charge up to $60 per year (a ridiculous price), the least you can do is guarantee long term support for Apple Watches that are literally still supported by Apple themselves.
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1 month ago, Mr. Hammersticks
Malfunctions and greedy subscription
First and foremost, a subscription model is horrible for this app for both users and developers. You could be making much more money by selling individual faces instead of slowly leeching off people who would support your app. Second, it can’t even get the weather correct. It’s been saying 85F for days and doesn’t even come close to matching what’s on my phone. I used to recommend this app to people before it became a greedy slow bleed of a customer’s wallet. Now I advocate against it to anyone who would ask.
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10 months ago, Dresden_01
Gone downhill
I had this app previously with my Galaxy 4 and it worked amazingly well. Now with my series 3 Apple Watch, it forces me to have to download a completely SEPARATE app to get the faces to look as they are on here. I still have my premium access (shockingly enough) but that apparently doesn’t mean a THING anymore. This is beyond ridiculous and far more complicated than I recall it being. I doubt I will be changing my review any time soon until this (what has to be) glitch is resolved. I am highly disappointed and dissatisfied with this as I loved what this app once offered. Now it’s a complete waste to me.
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2 years ago, Tripp's Dad
Does not work with OS 8.7 (19U66)
This app will not upload watch faces to my SE Apple watch, that is running watchOS 8.7 (19U66). When I try to download any watch face, or create new watch face from scratch. Even the simplest watch face. I get this error message. “This watch face is not available with your version watchOS.” This makes the app completely non-functional. Hopefully, this will be fixed with an update. Update: It now uploads after latest watchOS and Facer updates.
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2 years ago, dan7693
Nice but useless
I found some pretty decent watch faces on here I would save them to my watch and maybe 2 out of the 10 or so worked fine. What’s with the 3 day trial a week would be a lot better that way people would have time to look around then after finding out if I want it for a year you gotta pay $60, I would understand paying that amount if any of them would even work I think I was to generous with two stars I got rid of the app and asked apple for a refund fix this up and people would want it but bye
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3 years ago, Jojnebdujndnd
i paid for premium and the app won’t even work
i paid for the premium as the designs in this app are INCREDIBLE. i want one so bad, the app keeps on wanting me to RE purchase premium in order to put the faces on my watch. when I switch over to the “profile” tab to restore my purchases, by the time i am back at the face that i want to download that app is telling me to start a free trial again. not to mention it won’t find my watch and there is zero section for help or advice on how to do so. someone from this app please reach out to me. so close, such an amazing concept but the app is litterally not working.
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3 years ago, set fire to everything
Almost great.
When scrolling through several pages of watch faces, you select the one you like and go to look at it… when hitting the back arrow or swiping back it takes you to the very top of the page losing your spot. This is extremely frustrating if you’re several pages down and notates careless design. It doesn’t make me stay on your app longer, I turn it off and don’t search any farther down the page. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Anatigger
Room for improvement
Ok first as someone who has bad knees I find it really hard to walk 10,000 steps per day but every watch face is set to that goal with no way to adjust it. Also it’s infuriating that every time I go and click on a watch face to get a better look when I go back to continue browsing I get thrown back to the top of the list and not where I left off. It really upsets me to leave this review because other than these two things I adore this app and would give it 5 stars if they fixed theses.
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6 months ago, Strangerthancats
expect a subscription paywall
Only downloaded this for the Fallout watch faces, turns out you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to use them. I'd have paid a one time fee to always be able to use that one face, but a recurring subscription to hold access? No way. I expect it's the same for other licensed faces, so just be aware. The short time I was on the app it was lagging pretty badly so I'm not sure how well it would handle actual use beyond browsing.
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1 week ago, b_dub_
Premium User
I like the modular watch faces as that allows me to see many items at once…steps…weather…etc. unfortunately, the faces stop working after a few days. Today is 4 June and the last time it worked was 30 May. Seems like a big disconnect for me. I have attempted to reinstall the app, restart phone and everything and nothing is working. Sad when I paid for premium to get all the faces that give me mod options.
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2 months ago, CitizenSnipz
Faces don’t update data
The complications don’t update the data (steps, weather, etc). I’ve tried everything, I’m always checking to see if there are updates for my phone or watch and I’ve set every imaginable setting to avoid this. I’m pretty tech savvy so if I can’t do it, it’s really frustrating or impossible for someone who’s not. The only solution I’ve found is to restart my watch daily and even then it might stop updating in the middle of the day. Clearly not worth downloading, certainly not worth paying for. 0/5 stars would not recommend.
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2 months ago, Ryek77
Yet Another, Subscription Plan
Was a quick uninstall after seeing the subscription model plan. Everyone everywhere wants subscriptions and no longer can you just buy what you want. This isn’t sustainable. I’d pay $5-10 for a premium watch face. I don't change them enough to make a subscription make sense. I don’t see a reason to not have two types of pay offerings (aside from the hope people forget to cancel their sub renews). One type for those that want to buy a face and one type for those that want to do the subscription.
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5 months ago, G IS L
I like the app but I don’t like when you click on a design to get it after it’s downloaded to your watch and you go back to keep looking it takes you all the way back to the top. I just wish it would take you back to where you left off. Other than that it’s great!
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6 months ago, embartol2819
I downloaded this and paid for the premium because I wanted all the cool faces. It worked awesome with the first face I downloaded, which was premium. The face updated like it was supposed to for two days then just stopped updating my steps, battery life, and even the Christmas countdown that came with the face. Now I can’t get any of the faces to work on my watch. I’m very unhappy that I paid for premium and now the premium faces don’t even work.
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3 years ago, mugbeater
Potential to be the top!
This app is excellent and has so many options. But aside from that, I had purchased the premium subscription, yet the faces still didn't sync, and it did not update whatsoever. I paid for the subscription, yet when I download the one I want, it says that I am on trial, so I click on it, but it tells me Im already a premium subscriber. I tried sticking around and messed with it here and there, but no change. Sad that I loved so many of the designs, and they were all fantastic, but man, it's misleading.
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3 months ago, Yisharjal
Poor syncing and privacy issues
It was bad enough that the watch faces couldn’t keep my complications (weather, date, and most importantly, battery charge) updated. I haven’t actually used a Facer watch face in months because of it, but I figured that I’d keep the app in case it got fixed. Now suddenly Facer wants access to my steps data from my Health app? Did it not have it before? Why does it need it now? Whatever the case, hard pass. Deleting this app. I can’t recommend that you try it, but if you do, at least don’t pay money for it.
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3 years ago, CNUalumCaptainforlife
Logging me out
It is good while it works…. But while I’m in the app it keeps logging me out. I’ll be scrolling through looking at the faces having already logged in and choose one only to be told I need to sign up for premium or log in AGAIN. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. fix that. I should only have to log in once and not have to log in again. It’s really getting on my last nerve. Because I actually love all the options but it’s turning me off from the app slowly.
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6 months ago, Kaliadder
Used to be my watch-face app
Well, this USED to a great app. Not sure what happened on the last update, but now when I click on ANY watch face to view it, app crashes. Time to find a new app. This is a real shame because I had curated a wonderful list of favorite watches that I rather loved. The search function was mega-buggy and near-useless. Also, recent reviews have me VERY concerned. The app had PLENTY of free watches. There was even a list of Top Free watches in there. However, based on recent reviews I’m wondering if that may have changed. Again, truly a shame.
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2 years ago, bobobobobonob
So far not the best
Okay so I downloaded the app and I was looking at all of the reviews I saw they were mostly ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I downloaded. When I go into the app it said “error losing watch faces please check your internet connection and try again.” So I check my internet connection and it was at full. I exited the app tuned my phone off deleted the tab everything even changed my Wi-Fi, and it still said that!!!! If I figure it out I will let y’all know. Thanks for your time. Reviewsartandchocolate
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3 years ago, The pink wolf
Great app!
This app is great!!! It has a lot of cool watvc faces and I think it has very very very high potential! ❤️👍😊 But there’s just one problem. I’m really into a show called stranger things (sure you’ve heard of it) it’s about the girl with the mind powers and the monster takes the boy. Anyway,Facer does not have many stranger things watch faces. It has a few,but I would like some more! Thank u! Sobie
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1 year ago, TheHuffs
Best faces have a tendency not to update
I REALLY wanted to give a higher review. I do think this is one of the best apps for watch faces. However, many of the coolest faces do not update appropriately. Note: I have an iWatch Series 7. I have followed all of the recommendations shown in their FAQs trying to get the problematic complications to update and still no joy. Give them a try but, if you have a problem with a complication, leave a review on the face page so that the developer is made aware and then remove the face. Better software testing would probably answer many of these issues. Seriously, if all of the faces worked, I would become a premium member for life. But for now, I’m just continuously disappointed, so I’ll just accept the free faces.
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