Watch Faces by MobyFox

4.7 (11.2K)
50.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mobyfox Studios
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watch Faces by MobyFox

4.74 out of 5
11.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Kissamew
Awesome for Fan Fanatics!
I have not had my Apple Watch for very long, but finding Moby Fox watch bands and MobyFace has been so cool to bring my collecting to a renewed level. Yes, I do wear my watch bands. Not that anyone really notices because I work with only a few people, but I notice every time I look at my watch and get that little thrill of enjoyment of movies and series that I enjoyed watching. I know my daughters will someday find I have a collection and say “It doesn’t surprise me…”, even if they are caught off guard. Younger people aren’t the only fans out there. Personally I think Moby Fox has something that makes a great gift, if you can find out what someone likes or has liked, (and thinks they outgrew it). 🙂 Besides, who wouldn’t think it was cool to have your grandchild’s friends say “Your Gramma wears a Darth Vader watch?!” 😎 or gush “Hello Kitty?!”. 🥰 Yep, I’m that Gramma…
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2 years ago, xray sm
So dissatisfied and disappointed
I have had this app for over a year now and I did love it. I had bought a watch band and I got the associated watch faces which I was able to download as pictures to my iPhone photos gallery so I could them put them as multiple photos on my watch. Every time I looked at my watch, I could see a different picture. Loved that! So, I just recently purchased another watch band. I got the watch faces in the app but now, MobyFace has decided to take away the option to download the watch faces as a photo. And now you cannot place them all together in one “photo gallery” so that the pictures change on their own when you raise or lower your wrist. When I reached out to their support team, they said you can just download one at a time and when you want to see another picture, just edit your watch face which requires a few steps. While I can do that and it’s not hard to do, it just seems stupid to do so when, before, I could download them all and have them in one place so they change on their own. That was the one thing I loved! I am so disappointed that they took this option away. I have no idea why; probably their greed. I will never buy one of their watch bands again. They have taken away part of the fun of using the band.
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3 months ago, dd doodle
Beautifully done!!! Can I have the all on my watch like the photo? I’m 81 and I love all the Harry Potter characters on my watch. Makes me young. I have the music. When I am with the young adults the love my ringtone there are many deep messages in HRry’s life that young people can translate into there own life experience as well has deeply redact, delving int the complicated aspect of lif. Ought to be a must read in H S. Thanks for these beautiful renditions of characters. How about creating the next generation. Thanks for the invitation to give feedback and share my thought I’m
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7 months ago, a1000smiles
Drained battery
After last update from Apple and decided to have moby face app on at all times , basically my watch die. Took it to Apple store and they could not charger it even there. It was send out for repair. Arrived to Apple repairs and they said they could not replicate the issue. mmmm My apple watch did not charge at all after the update and moby app for more than 5 days. My apple watch is on its way back to my without no problem found?????? . I want to see how that start working suddenly. It may me think that they found a way to work the system without registering the problem. My warranty expires at the end of this year and worry it will give me problems after that. Be alert and report any problems after apple watch update so they can fix the problem and avoid more headaches.
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1 year ago, kfriga
Will not work
I bought a really cute band for my daughters watch and it came with free watch faces to match the band however, the faces will not automatically upload to her watch. I reached out to customer support and they offered help but didn’t answer my question. I’ve googled my question and watched multiple videos to try and get a face from her free Stitch collection onto her watch. The all keeps telling me I can message the face to my watch, but there is no option to message anything to the watch from my phone/from the app. Cool concept, but it won’t work. Edit: you keep giving me the same response and not answering my question. I’m explaining why your answer isn’t working and you keep giving me the same answer.
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8 months ago, BrownBear324
Causing rapid power drain since 10.1 update
Per Apple Communities, many are experiencing rapid power drain since the 10.1. update to the Apple Watch. One posting suggested deleting the MobyFace app and all other 3rd party apps. After resetting my Apple Watch to factory defaults, I followed the posting and deleted MobyFace and all non-Apple apps and no more rapid power drain. Decided to add back 3rd party apps including MobyFace. Within 10 mins, I already had a power drain of 10%. So I deleted MobyFace again and waited 20 mins. After the 20 mins passed, my battery percentage had not moved. Even as I type this, i just checked my battery percentage again and it has not changed since deleting MobyFace. PLEASE UPDATE & FIX THE MOBYFACE APP TO WORK WITH SOFTWARE UPDATE 10.1. & HIGHER.
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2 years ago, BlueThunderCat
Login Doesn’t Work; Customer Service Nonexistent
I can’t access the watch faces that I should get with the band that I purchased because this app cannot log me in to my Apple account. It just spins and spins when attempting to log in. (I know it’s not my login that’s faulty because I successfully use it daily on other apps and services.) I’ve tried all basic troubleshooting methods without success and sent a message to customer service several days ago, including a follow up message two days later, and have received no response to either message. I’m tempted to just return the watch band on principle and buy from another company who will actually provide access to the products it promises, and who care enough to respond to customer service requests.
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2 years ago, d2bdifferent
Great App. Easy to use.
I got this app because I wanted some Apple Watch faces that weren’t included in the standard options. I wasn’t holding out much hope but this app had what I was looking for and more. I purchased the package I wanted which came with several different face options. It was easy to customize the face with the info I wanted and it looks great on my watch. The prices for the different packages was very reasonable. I highly recommend this app for anyone who is looking for more customization of their watch.
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2 years ago, HellsQueen21
So excited
I was soooo looking for this kinda of style for my watch since I’m not really into the one I had originally. So when I found this band, I was so excited to get it because ONE: I LOVE HARRY POTTER, and TWO: I LOVE SLYTHERIN. This band fit my watch perfectly on the first try and I couldn’t be more pleased. And all the mobyfox faces that come with it, is so beautifully and I’m so excited to try them all the times. They make the others too, so if your a griffindor, or hufflepuff, or even a ravenclaw you can find bands in your colors. Great band
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2 months ago, Vegasbaby98
Time can be so stylish!!
I’ve been a fan of MobyFox since they first started. My first purchase was the Star Wars Storm Trooper strap and since then, my boyfriend and I have accumulated over 30 different designs between us. So many favorites, so hard to choose which one to wear each day. Plus, I love love love the variety of watch faces and am super excited about the new subscription plan - definitely a MUST!! My daughter and some of my friends have started collecting them too! Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, WendiLeeKb
Favorite Christmas gift
I received my Pixar Disney watch band by Moby Fox for Christmas today! I LOVE it! And I love the app which allows me to enjoy so many fun watch faces! This Grandma loves having all the fun stuff too and sharing in the fun with my grands! We all absolutely LOVE Toy Story and this was such a great gift with so many choices. Thanks for such a great product! I have only had it for a few hours but highly recommend so far!
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4 years ago, 3-/-3
Tbh, Absolutely amazing app!!
I was just looking through dozens of apps to find cool watch faces and all of them wanted membership fees with little to no free selections, but this app has a LOT of FREE selections compared to any other Watch face app I’ve seen, I actually found out about your store through the app, and I think y’all have great choices for bands and everything!! I might make a selection soon. Keep up the good work! 💯😊
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9 months ago, Dark Red Killian
Great app and bands!
I love the bands that I have as well as the watch faces. I don’t mind spending the $2 for faces I enjoy. One improvement to the app that would make me rate this 5 stars would be giving the ability to mix watch faces between collections. If I could choose 1-2 of my favorite watch faces from each collection I own, rather than be locked down to only faces within a collection, that would be awesome!
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3 years ago, Rashad Haughton
…i NEVER knew that you guy’s existed until today & shame on me for not discovering you guy’s sooner🤦🏽‍♂️😆😀❗️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ your store❗️ Fell in love the first 5 minutes of browsing through your inventory and finding the 👌🏽😁PERFECT watch band!!! i will DEFINITELY WITHOUT A DOUBT tell my friends & family about you guy’s 🤗❗️ Thanks for the awesome selection & affordable and reasonable prices 😁❗️ YOU. GUY’S. ROCK. 🤩 🤩🤩
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4 years ago, Heriegel
Something fishy going on.
If I could leave 0 stars I would. I downloaded the app to check it out and instantly you asked me to sign in with my Apple ID with a little annotation at the bottom telling me that Apple’s new app security requires people to sign in with their Apple ID and that’s false. I have many apps that I download and I’m able to use without signing in with my Apple ID or any kind of account. I have not even ever made an account with your company or service before so really there’s nothing to sign into. You just want permission to access my Apple ID. Something fishy is going on here and I will not use this app.
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3 years ago, Badasabrickhouse
Lacks customization
Love the Star Wars watch faces. There is only 3 watch functions displayed and you can’t add more. Also out of the 3 only 2 of them are customizable. There’s plenty of room so why not give the option to have more. I like the time the date and the timer available on the watch face. I also would like the weather, calendar and at least one other. I think at least 6 items displayed is not to much to ask. It needs more options in order for a good rating.
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4 years ago, Meercat02
Best of them all, seriously
Five stars ⭐️ all the way for this one, I’m really regretting blowing wasted money on the other watch face type apps over the past couple years when I could of had the best of all of them together combined and then some, mostly for free! Oh and the freakin fact that the still pictures turn live action on the faces kicks ma massive A**!
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1 year ago, Kilted_Kowboy
I love these watch straps I have a thick wrist I’m 6’ 260 lbs . I bought a 41mm watch and Every brand of strap I used including The one that came with the Apple Watch would fall off on its own ,was too tight on my wrist or not fit at all. Then I seen the sale on Mobyfox. In good faith I purchased 3 bands She Hulk Ghost Spider Dr. Strange. They all fit better than all of the other brands I bought. I will never use another company. The service was swift and 💯% why was promised and that means a lot to me. Plus…Plus…They give you a huge selection of free and matching watch faces as well!… Best company that does what they do in my opinion!
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3 years ago, Magicmann1717
Great App just a little disappointed
I downloaded the app because I found the Harry Potter wrist bands specifically the charms smart watch band. When I bought the band there is wording on the bottom of the page that says to get the faces you can download the app, I did it but none of the faces that are on the watches on the webpage are on the app just scenes from the movies. Maybe I am doing something wrong and if I am please let me know what I have to do correctly to get those faces, I was really hoping to get the charms face to match the band and the deathly hallows face that matches the band as well. Please let me know if I am not looking correctly or if it is not there currently that you would be adding it to the app. Thank you, Alberto
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8 months ago, Jmg1674
DO NOT USE with WatchOS 10.1!!!
This app was killing my battery on my watch. It would take 10+ hours to charge, after a 3 day period where it wouldn’t charge and if it did would drain in 2 hours or less. I unpaired, repaired, restarted watch and phone, deleted all third party apps and other users advice led me to delete this app. Now that I have deleted MobyFace from my phone, my battery life has gone back to normal. I hope the app gets fixed because I love the watch faces to match my bands. It was great until watchOS 10.1
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5 years ago, Long Live Sci-Fi
Firstly, this is my first ever review on the store because I believe these developers deserve this. I ordered the PAC-Man wrist for my Apple Watch and loved the quality of the product. Right after I received and began using it, I ordered the Galaga and Van Gogh versions as well. Wallpapers are awesome as well and totally unique. Hope you guys can produce more themes and bands soon. Well played 👌
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8 months ago, BeaBeautiful
Motion free faces don’t work
I bought a watch band to get some cool free watch faces but the ones with motion don’t work. Update - After turning off always on display they worked but I har tu uninstall the app because after the update to watchOS 10.1 my watch was getting really hot when charging and even on my wrist and the battery was draining really fast ( it wouldn’t lest more than 3 hours even off my wrist).
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1 year ago, Kenshap
What is going on here? I have multiple watch bands and many of your watch faces. Ever since you restricted downloads, you have severely limited the benefits of your watchfaces by limiting the amount you can use. Apple allows 24 and you only allow 10. FIX THIS ASAP. ALSO, I can’t mix these watch faces onto my watch….re-enable downloads, this will not effect your licensing and will fix all of these problems and challenges. Add a disclaimer before people download and put the onus on them. Easy fix.
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4 years ago, Jordand423
Awesome company
Helped me out when I needed and what above and beyond to help me track my order and made sure I got the watch faces I wanted for my watch. Cannot recommend those company or its products enough to anyone. Amazing company and very friendly staff and awesome products!
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1 year ago, lourdesanne
I ordered the yellow submarine. The design is great however the strap is too long for me. I have small wrist. I purchased it thinking I can also change the watch face with the same design as well. I was disappointed to find out that this design is not available even if it said on the box that it is.
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2 years ago, rtrkdr
Watch Faces Won’t Load
I bought watch faces 3 days ago. Also, bought a strap. I can’t get any of the watch faces to load. I tried restarting my phone, deleting and reinstalling app. Every time I try and load, I get a message that I am not connected to the internet. Which is not the case. I emailed for support 3 days ago and still have heard nothing back. I emailed a few hours and no reply to that email as well. Looks like a good product / just can’t get it to work. Frustrating!
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2 years ago, Tonesam
Rotating album of watch faces
Can no longer create albums that automatically scroll through watch faces since moving to the “set as watch face” in the app. Before when you could “create watch face” it enabled you to create albums on the Apple Watch and they auto switch. At least put both options instead of removing.
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2 years ago, ToonAurora
Great watches and watch faces
These are great watches and they have a lot of great watch faces some are free and some you have to pay for. I wish you could have more selections on what it can display on the watch. I would love one more icon or spot to add to my display. Other than that there are so many choices to pick from.
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7 months ago, Rainbow Cookieees
Beautiful 😍
Love these watch faces but there needs to be more choices , such as Aladdin , Lion King Hello kitty , and Snow White watch faces packs in 3D for our watches Update It a good app , but it taking a long time for the Disney Watch Faces to use and get notifications Please I been waiting to use the Disney watch faces for a very long time but it not available yet
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2 years ago, Clockwork Shiranui
Removed the ability to slideshow
Would definitely rate 5/5, but having removed the ability of saving the wallpapers to put as a rotating gallery(Wrist up and wrist down changes the wallpaper) and instead made them tied to ONE wallpaper at a time, pretty much kills the app abit. It seems redundant to remove the ability of saving them due to licensing, while the QR codes can be shared and anyone can have them as they're not one-time use. Additionally I’ve begun to notice a slight decline in the quality of the wallpapers, as they used to be clear, crisp and mostly original with some being animated. But now some are now pixelated, there aren’t anymore motion wallpapers, and most of the wallpapers are just screenshots of stock images.
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4 years ago, Seasoned Pablo
Good things
My friend has this and she loves it. So I downloaded it. But when opening the app it just times out. The orange dot just keeps going in a circle. I’m not sure if there is a bug with iOS 13.4.1 that keeps it from opening. But if you know how to fix it let me know.
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8 months ago, The T-Man 131902
Great product, questionable customer service.
I purchased the Chip n’ Dale rescue rangers watch band, it was such a throwback to my childhood I could not wait to get it. It was a bit of an issue to get the watch faces, the directions Mobyfox gave were not helpful. The customer service was more rude than helpful. The bands are great and I highly recommend them! I can’t wait to get more!
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11 months ago, Multipass!
Good Quality
The watch band is of a sturdy quality. Wish there was a more variety of watch faces. Overall I liked the quality, the timeliness of delivery as well as the option for both small and big Apple Watches that came in the box. Highly recommend!
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7 months ago, Michael Campolo
It will kill your Apple Watch battery!
Had this app on my phone for the past 2 years. After 10.1 update, this app killed my fully charged battery in 2 hours. Uninstalled this app and the watch is fine now. hopefully they’ll be a fix for this, otherwise, it’s a useless app. Got a reply from the developer that said it was Apple’s fault because of the 10.1 upgrade, but when I uninstalled the developer’s app the watch was fine.
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1 year ago, giop698654
Cheap product
I had purchased the superman band and have only worn it three days. One of the parts had broken off, and there’s no use and even wearing my watch because I’m scared it will come undone. I paid a lot of money for a watch band that doesn’t even work. Customer service will not respond; I am a little frustrated. I had to give it one star, but I wouldn’t have even given that, but I was forced to. I will not buy the product again.
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2 years ago, Wybler
Five Pinocchio’s false advertising
On the box in which my watch band came the advertisement said watch faces included I eagerly downloaded the app only to find the Star Wars faces cost 😡 not free. There are some watch backgrounds for free but you have to pay for Star Wars.
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2 years ago, KatieB.0622
I love this app the prices are very reasonable for a bundle. I just wish there could be more options like Disney, Deadpool and not just the comic book style both would a great option, and pride options. But over all I do enjoy the app
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1 year ago, Disturbedfranktank
Great product, terrible app!
I recently got a Star Wars watch band for my Apple Watch. While the band was fantastic the app isn’t cooperating with my watch! The only thing that pulls up on my watch is the logo of Mobyfox and when I pull the app up on my phone to try to set the watch face, it says it’s not connected to the internet (when my phone and watch are both connected to Wi-Fi) hopefully it can be fixed! Other than that, the Watch band is fantastic!
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4 years ago, REDSUN84
Extremely excited that I found this app. I’ve only tried 1 watch face but I’m excited that it was not any subscription fee and there were many free ones to choose from. This one is a keeper so far.
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10 months ago, cglitz
Got it to work
One set of directions said to open app on watch, that wanted me to set goals for an activity. Opened app through watch app on iPhone and it worked great so I changed my rating.
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5 years ago, Nicky Chaps
I really like this app! I was happy that you were going to be adding Pac-Man to this but came to be disappointed to see that it’s only for the watch and not the face itself. I was so looking forward to putting the face on my watch, but oh well I guess not.
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2 years ago, Ehenrie
Security Risk
Ask me to sign up for a Mobifox account to access your app, sure. Ask me to give you my Apple creds to use your app, you have to be kidding, what a joke. Update from dev response: asking for my age is not the same thing as asking for my Apple creds. Not the same thing at all. One gives you may age which I am fine with, the other gives you access to my Apple account. Your response is even more suspect.
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3 years ago, Rkeith301
Pretty cool
I just installed this around 15 minutes ago and I really like it! However, it has far too many in-app purchases. Could you at least make 1 of each category free? Overall, this is a very fascinating and helpful app. Good job, Mobyface!
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1 year ago, bboopgirl45
The Little Mermaid Ursula watch band
I just received this watch band for my Mother’s Day gift from my son! I absolutely love it! Ursula is my favorite Disney character! This is my first Moby Fox watch and I will definitely be getting another soon!
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8 months ago, mark_g05
Draining battery
After updating my Apple Watch SE to 10.1, this app was causing its battery to drain ridiculously fast. Otherwise I enjoyed to selection of watch faces and will download again if you fix the battery drain issue.
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1 year ago, Faded4lyfe
Bad customer service
The watch faces are great and the designs are awesome but one of bands broke after about a month and I emailed them to see if I can get a replacement and never got an answer back. I sent a follow up email and still no response. Their warranty claims not replaced if through normal wear and tear but come on a month of wearing the band and their customer service doesn’t care now I have a useless band just sitting there.
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2 years ago, Dirtywooky
Buyer Beware (App Only Review)
Do not buy faces through the application because this company will lose the rights and you will lose the faces you spent money on. Only use the faces that come with the watch bands you buy so you’re not out extra money.
Show more
4 years ago, Alligel
Excellent support!
Update...developer contacted me immediately and resolved the issue. Make sure icloud drive is turned on! Was great until it stopping working. Now it suddenly says "can't find icloud account" and will not open
Show more
1 year ago, RoccoPic
Moving Wallpapers Don’t Work
The dynamic watch faces only work the first time you open them. After that, the watch face is blank every time I raise my wrist. I have to swipe to a different watch face multiple times just to get a still version of the image to appear. The still images can be found on Google images and freely applied via Apple’s “photos” watch face. Not worth the money.
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3 years ago, L7t@
I bought a Sanrio watch band and the box offered me new Hello Kitty watch faces but, it doesn’t say I have to PAY on top of what I already pay for the band. I don’t like to be surprised like this. If you will say “with exclusive Hello Kittty watch faces for an extra charge” is okay because I’m aware of it. I’m in love with the product but I feel assaulted for the unexpected charge. Actually, the box said “free watch faces”, I hope you can refund me, please
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