Watch Ya Mouth Mouthguard game

4.5 (652)
14.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Peter Denbigh
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watch Ya Mouth Mouthguard game

4.54 out of 5
652 Ratings
7 years ago, Jake17thecoolteen
Seek bad
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2 years ago, Sarahcervantes_
App Does Not Work!
I just bought the Watch Ya Mouth After Dark and. I saw that I could download the app to get more cards and categories, however. When I downloaded it. When I click on “Play” nothing shows up on the screen. Not even when I click on “Mix Phrase Packs” nothing shows up. It’s blank like there isn’t any packs on the screen. I was really looking forward to these new categories. So it was disappointing when I couldn’t use the app. I think the app needs to be updated but it says it hasn’t been updated in 4 years.
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1 year ago, noobslobbin
Sad Christmas:(
Hi tried to play this with my family after we finished the game on CHRISTMAS EVE. We are sobbing for we cannot access the cards on the app. This is absolutely ridiculous with an app for a 4.6 rating…. I expect this issues to be resolved ASAP so christmas morning can be saved. Thank you for ruining christmas.
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7 months ago, Darwork
No cards in the app
We are having the same problem as the previous reviews. Why not take the app down of you're not going to make it work?
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2 years ago, nhamner3
Doesn’t work, completely unusable
Hasn’t been updated in years and no longer displays any cards or packs or anything. It is unusable.
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1 year ago, LKACRNA
App does not work
App won't work on iPhone 11. When you try to download a pack, the screen is basically empty- nothing to choose
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2 years ago, M3rma1d_K
Sad babysitter
The decks wouldn’t appear no matter how many times I closed the app, refreshed, and started over. Fix the bugs!!
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3 years ago, Jwbrown1
Doesn’t work
Emailed tech support a few times over the past few months. I have not had any replies from them.
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7 years ago, Gaetano pinello
Good game but is it kind of kid appropriate
Some of them had adult words but great app totally get it
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1 year ago, Girdomie
Not working
Sad to see it not working nothing shows up
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7 months ago, Boots00007
Doesn’t work
App is blank. Don’t waste your time.
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4 years ago, sgw997GB
It doesn’t work we tried to get a pack and there was nothing 😈😈😈‼️‼️‼️‼️
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3 years ago, Sweetytee
Doesn’t Work
There are no cards
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4 years ago, Wildone4life202
Nothing in app
Downloaded and there is no game packs or anything in the app so it’s useless. Super disappointed.
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3 years ago, dixon234
No content
There’s no packs to pick from
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3 years ago, JasmineV2012
Crap app
Doesn’t show any is empty
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3 years ago, Wcvann
Doesn’t Work
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7 years ago, ραιgє
It is a lot better than the cards. The cards were not making sense but the app was awesome and so convenient.
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8 years ago, Carrtrouble612
Great time, laughed our butts off. Could be less repetitive, for almost $5 for expansion packs I expected less repetition of phrases. Also, would be super hilarious if you had the option to record people or if it snapped pictures that you could save, similar to what the game "Heads Up!" does.
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7 years ago, BadJuan
Be prepared to pee
And slobber....things we left behind when we got older? But no, it's all back. Buy some adult diapers and play the game!!! Love this!
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7 years ago, lmcrano
Good app, But purchases won't download!
Paid $4.99 for the expansion pack and it won't load! Pretty well ruined our game plans! I hit the purchase again and it says it's already been purchased and will restore the purchase, but nothing happens! Get your bugs worked out before you take people's money!
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8 years ago, Chewbaka70
Combine cards
It would be nice to combine all expansion packs when playing so there is not so many repeats!
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7 years ago, silane
Works good so far!
Just got the app but seems to work fine
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7 years ago, Zgorf3
Hilarious...most I've laughed in a long time.
This is a must buy family game.
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7 years ago, Christy Waz
Funniest game ever!!!!
You will laugh and cry for hours with friends. Stupidest yet funniest game I have played in a while.
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7 years ago, That one cool chick
Best game ever!
I ordered the game and all of the adult expansion packs. I love that there's an app now!!!
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7 years ago, Camjabl
Fun to play
It's very convenient and you don't have to worry about losing cards.
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7 years ago, jbemdoc
Hilarious Game!!
Had so much fun playing this silly game.
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7 years ago, Cblax331
App doesn't work
I have tried re-downloading this app but there are no buttons to buy extra packs. Just a link to go buy the game...please fix
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7 years ago, randy_______
Iss gange is hunnn!!
Have a napkin ready :D
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8 years ago, mike2311
Keeps crashing when attempting to purchase a pack on iPhone 6s with IOS 10.
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8 years ago, Hjhzhbfc cdvbsjhdhdfg
Repeat phrases
When I pay for an app, especially a total of $12-$18 for various "packs," I don't expect to get the same phrases over and over the first time I ever play the game. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
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7 years ago, HollyMKoshler
This app is just ok. Phrases repeat. Also, pricey to keep buying expansion packs.
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7 years ago, D-rockXJ
Can't stop laughing.
Just buy the extra mouth pieces off of Amazon and download this. Keeps your score and works great. Family loves it.
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8 years ago, Mo Mo Cow
Not on IPad
This Dosen't work on my iPad Air 2 I'm so upset please fix it now!😡😡😡
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3 years ago, WetPaperBag
Where are the packs?
Just bought the game. Ooh, more online so scanned the QR code. Open up the app, and it’s empty. LITERALLY empty, no cards/packs/anything. Where’s the content?
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7 years ago, Jamiepayne
Fun game! 👍🏻
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8 years ago, Joyfulfamilyhomestead
So Much fun
We bought mouth pieces from Amazon and downloaded this free app. It's hilarious! The only thing is , playing it twice , phrases are getting redundant so we will likely get an expansion pack. But it's hilarious.
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