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12 months ago
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User Reviews for WatchMeGrow

2.3 out of 5
30 Ratings
2 years ago, gsnd dkaiy
Not good!
I have to use this app to see my son at daycare during the day, but it constantly freezes, goes dark, or skips into different viewing sessions, so I never truly get 6 viewing sessions because of all of the freezing and black outs. It’s just a bad app and poor quality. I wish the daycare would go with something different 🙄
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1 year ago, peymanlavin
Many breaks and need to sign in again
The video breaks many times and you have to log in again and again to continue watching. I keep getting message of session ended and login again which is annoying.
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1 year ago, acaringmom
The school gets to choose how you view your child
It’s called “live stream” but it’s not true. You’re only allowed to watch you’re child for limited time. And they give that option for the school to choose when that in fact should be the parent’s decision. We are your customers and the ones downloading the app. So the decision should be ours. Something should be done about this !!
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12 months ago, a frustrated parent2
App does not work
I’ve been trying to open my app to view my sons cameras at school and it just buffers, I’ve never even seen what the app looks like beyond the W that shows when opening! 😑😑😑 I’ve tried deleting it off my phone and download again but still have the same issue! Very frustrating!! The app shouldn’t exist if it is not optimized for mobile use!
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4 months ago, mayaheartsjax
My review!!
I couldn’t check on my kid and I was VERY upset with this app… I had to log in many times
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2 years ago, Ash__Rae
Portal Glitches Constantly
Required 15 minute logins should be from last active time not 15 minutes from last login. Then, when you get kicked out and need to log back in you do so only to receive a “we’re sorry we still show you are signed into a previous session” error.
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9 months ago, JT25845
I use this app to check in on my daughter at preschool. It never works and always says "All possible media sources have failed." It very frustrating because being able to check on my daughter at school is one of the reasons we picked the school that we picked. This app needs to be fixed.
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12 months ago, No more att
Can’t access login screen
My father-in-law downloaded the app yesterday after the app updated, and he is unable to get to the login screen edges does a white screen and a circle of death. Absent deleted and reinstalled multiple times with 6 to 12 hours in between logins.
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10 months ago, G Nursery
I get 7-3minute sessions a day and when I log in to watch my kid for a few seconds and come back a couple hours later it says a session has been used. It’s frustrating cuz I only get so much time already to check on my toddler while in daycare.
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3 months ago, mDawg513
It’s horrible
I always log on and see a blank screen or a loading screen . The pictures never appear like they’re supposed to . They need something else
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12 months ago, steve_m99
Spinning wheel of death
Nothing loads but the buffering wheel. I contacted the company and they literally just sent back an email saying they know that it happens. And that was it. The website is fine. But the app is terrible.
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5 months ago, r10e
Lousy and stupid expensive app
Crummy app. “No internet connection” every other time I load the app. Must crash twice an hour. And they’re jacking up prices. Avoid.
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10 months ago, quick1234
Session issues
We appreciate the utility of this app but the amount it times out your session or does not detect network and requires a restart makes it maddening.
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2 years ago, WriteReviews737
Horrendous app, camera quality and stream
The worst app I have ever used. The camera quality is abysmal. The app allots timed sessions to prevent ongoing monitoring. Cannot use, cannot see, did I mention horrendous app? Horrendous.
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5 years ago, AUnBHam
Has potential but too many bugs.
Overall, the app offers a quality video feed with a user friendly interface. However, it has some bugs that are quite annoying. At times the feed would freeze or go away and did not come back unless I shut down the app which forced another login. The there were times when I an alert saying the feed is not available or there is some type of error. I can’t recover the page so I have to shut down the app and go through the login process again. After a few times I was greeted with an alert that says I have exceeded my daily log in limit and have to try again tomorrow. While the service has potential, it’s more of a hassle than the system my daycare just replaced.
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2 years ago, Eugeneall
Account Disabled
My wife accidentally took a screenshot, and now the account is disabled, what a stupid app. Do you know how easily you can accidentally take a screenshot.
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3 years ago, Chapped78
No issues here, app works fine for my wife and I
I will admit when I saw that this is the app that our daycare uses, I was super skeptical because of all the low ratings. However after using the app for almost two months I can safely say that this app works fine. Sure it doesn’t have the greatest interface but for what it does, it does it well. My wife and I have had zero issues with this app. We both have iPhone 11 Pros. The only thing that is a little annoying is sometime when you go to view a feed, it will say that your session timed out but all you have to do is click the link and you’re right back in the feed. There was even an issue with one of the cameras in our child’s room, the camera was zoomed in and not aimed correctly. The lady I spoke with on the phone was super nice and was here in the states, no annoying overseas call centers. They came out and replaced all three cameras in my child’s room and fixed the angles as well. Overall, my wife and I are totally satisfied with the service and the app.
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7 years ago, Beginner Cannondale owner
Great app and even better customer service
Needed to email them on the morning that my daughter started pre-school after the old credentials we had from over a year ago for my older child were not sufficient, (by the way a great security feature so if your child leaves the school you lose access). Emailed their customer service at 9:00am and got a response in a matter of minutes, after they took the effort to call my daughters pre-school and variety that I should be given a new access to the cameras. If only all app developers were so efficient and profession...Thank you for understanding how important it is for parents of infants to "stay tuned" to their kids rooms cameras when they experience their first days w/o their family
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5 years ago, Me33333meeeerrr
Good idea
This app leaves a lot to be desired. The camera is not of very high resolution sometimes clothing is the best way to figure out if it's your kid. Also as many reviews here have echoed it frequently logs you off or the video freezes. I don't mind the logging back in as much but they put a limit on your number of logins. I fail to follow the logic here; if we have a set amount of viewable minutes why is there also a number of log in restriction? I'm not talking about an idle time out either literally I'll watch for a few min and it will just give a generic error and make me log in again. Need some better QA/testing developers. Just read the last updated release version was 10 Months ago.... Really? Did all the devs quit?
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2 years ago, Jkjerz
Just okay
I love that I can see my child at school however the quality and refresh rate is terrible. The fact that I get logged off every 15 minutes is also annoying. I am constantly getting logged off and having trouble going back into the camera, as the app takes a while to refresh back to the camera screen so there is a big viewing lapse. As of right now, there is a system error E1004 so there are lots of bugs that need to get worked out. Constantly getting a message as soon as the website or app is opened or refreshed “all possible media sources have failed.” Incredibly frustrating.
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3 years ago, RDarlington1025
Good picture but terrible app service
Love this concept and it’s one of the reasons we chose our daycare. However, the app itself is pretty irritating. If you have a video feed up and then go to another app and then come back to this one, the feed stops, all cameras disappear, and you have to shut down the app and log back in. Sometimes you have to do it several times and other times you get an error message that all media sources have failed. It’s super annoying, and definitely needs to be fixed.
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8 years ago, Iphoneplayer1111
Please fix
Hi, I had enrolled my child in a school that uses this company and I had used the web app to login before until I found your phone app. At first I had trouble logging in until I realize that upon signing up for an account the first letter of the account is automatically capitalize, the same thing goes when logging into the Web app, but this function does not exist on the phone app, if you don't notice this you might no be unable to login using the phone app unless you used a capitalize first letter on purpose upon signing up. This needs to be consistent or get ride of that function all together.
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5 years ago, Demsbitchh
This app is very annoying to use. It freezes constantly! When I went to look at my daughter, if forced me to log in after just two minutes. In reality with the load time was only 30 seconds, which was crazy! My logins were all used up just by me trying to get in. The app needs a lot of improvements: One being just allowing for parents to remain logged in for constant easier access. Two allowing for parents to see zooms better would be great, right now I can’t tell any facial expressions that my daughter makes which isn’t a bad thing but it’s not a great thing either. Important to get improvements done we live in a time period where it seems doable lol!
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3 years ago, JMSmith 0319
Constant Glitching
I appreciate this app, but less than a week in I am experiencing glitching issues. When I click on my son’s daycare camera, I will get a message saying that someone else is watching - the only other person who has access is my husband and he has told me that he is not watching the camera. Then I will get a message saying ‘could not find credentials’. My son’s daycare has done everything they could do on their end, there definitely needs to be an update for bug fixes.
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7 years ago, Isabella.64
Login was a pain
Second review: The feed will stay on. I don't have to put the login information in there every time I look at the camera. So happy about the change. Definitely encourages me to watch more often. Thank you! First review: They need to add either "Touch ID" (finger print) or remember login information. I mean, putting your login information every single time gets old fast.
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4 years ago, NexxGenMedia
Just a bad app all around
Pros + can check in on my daughter while at work Cons - design is simple to use but very basic and feels iPhone 4 era - When my wife so happens to be on it errors you out, logs you out and forces you to close the app and relaunch. - will error and log you out for no reason, forcing relaunch. Happens daily - screen recording and screenshots now prohibited. Are you kidding? Forget “privacy of other kids” for a second. I had a kid physically abusing other children including my daughter. Good thing I recorded it because the director didn’t believe me. Because I had this the child was removed. I’m really p’d off you’re catering to the minority who want this feature. Or the devs are only assuming. - camera quality is crap
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3 years ago, eckzow
Works just fine
I was initially put off by the reviews, but I think mostly they must be a combination of: - schools with poor Internet uplink, - people who aren’t particularly good with phones Our school has an ‘unlimited sessions‘ policy but we still have to click a button every minute or so, which is weird. Sometimes things get “stuck” — it will start stealing, and then glitch back to a previous frame. That said, we’ve had zero issues that haven’t been resolved by a force-close-restart. Most days, with a free moment between meetings, I can click through, watch my daughter for a moment, smile, and get back on with my day.
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2 years ago, inmomjeans
Grateful but Needs Continual Updates
I’m just grateful I have the opportunity to see my child at her daycare. However, to the devs, please keep up with the iOS updates. It’s a pain for how often they perform updates, but us users also have to go through this also. I’ve had to delete and download this app every time there’s a major update. I pay my daycare provider to use this software. I feel it’s in your best interest to also provide users the buggy updates as well.
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6 years ago, Gamespppp
Lacks Features
The app is simple to use, but lacks a few key features. For example, you can’t choose the timeframe to watch like you can on the website. This is the best feature on the website. Also, if you visit the app multiple times a day, the login times out which is fine except there’s a pop up every time that says “login error please log in again later”
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11 years ago, Elexsis
I have a 2 year old daughter in a preschool with your system in place. I wouldn't feel anywhere near as secure as I do sending her away from me which out this product. I love being able to watch her interact with teachers & children. I would like an app specifically for the iPad. The screen which enlarged to fit the iPad is blurry and not the best image.
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11 years ago, Skalb3
Current version
Just downloaded the new app. This is so much better than logging on through the website. Quick and easy and remembers my login and password. Easy for relatives to use and they don't have to ask for/remember the login each time.
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3 years ago, Thaq2k12
Too restrictive
I wish our day care stopped using this app. If you take a screenshot your account is locked and you have to wait awhile for your daycare to open a ticket for them and for them to unlock it. If you view the video about three times you’ll get locked out for the day because you “watched it too many times”. This app is just horrible and if I find a provider that used another app where I can watch my child as I please I’d pick them.
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2 years ago, Siuli326
Video feed frozen for over a week
Child’s daycare classroom camera has been frozen for a week and a half and still not fixed. Periodically works for a short period of time and then freezes again. Very frustrating. There’s a note on the feed saying technicians are working on the issue. They should at least provide an estimate of when this will be corrected. Going nearly two week with this issue is unacceptable.
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7 years ago, Cuban Loca
I love this feature BUT
This is such a wonderful feature to have, for a parent like me who is so worried about the well being of my child. The only down fall is audio is not available!!! I would like to hear what's going on and what's said to my child as well. I hope audio becomes available!!! As soon as possible 🤞🏾!!
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10 years ago, mommoyof4
Good app
I love the app. It is easy to check in on my kids anytime and from anywhere, but I loved the "call my center" feature. It was nice to have as a just in case I didn't have a card on me or in case of emergency another person would be able to call if they did not know the name/location of the center.
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5 years ago, lfletch88
Logging in is ancient
Love the idea of getting to watch my kids at daycare and the cameras work nice and very clear but having to log in EVERY TIME is so annoying! I understand the security behind it but especially on the iPhone most apps have the option for a passcode or facial recognition and this app needs that! I have so many passwords to remember, this makes it difficult for this busy working mom to log on with quick ease.
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5 years ago, cyncynk
Constantly keeps logging me out
It’s very annoying to constantly have to keep logging in. Sometimes I can go 10 mins viewing the camera with no problems, other times it logs off within seconds of logging in. The worse part is when it erases the saved user ID and password and I have to keep on inputting them. Camera quality could also be better.
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7 years ago, AlansoftBR
App closes every 30 seconds
I am not sure what you have broken, but what was once a perfect app is now pretty much useless. Even after removing the app twice and reinstalling, it still has the same issue. Also, it doesn't allow me to zoom anymore, stops my music even though there are no audio from the cameras. You need some serious QA before releasing new versions. Please fix these issues asap.
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3 years ago, thoroughly.. dissapointed
Doesn’t work consistently
It’s a good app when it works. But most of the time my child’s classroom won’t show up so I can’t see the video. It’s just a blank screen. The only way to fix it has been to delete and reinstall. But that only fixes it the next time I open the app. After that it stops working again.
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5 years ago, dohertke
Crashes take way too long to fix ...
The App is great in that it does what it is supposed to do most of the time, but when the App goes down it is never fixed quickly - it seems to take several days. Not great when you’re catering to parents trying to watch their babies at school, and paying for it.
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2 years ago, mmeerrccii
So far not good I need to suggest another app for the daycare..It’s the only reason I use it and it’s awful!!!! A forced download of garbage…Hopefully there will be a better app will be formulated or the daycare gets a better spp because this one I will be complaining about for sure…I don’t like to have to keep a garbage app and waste of space on my phone…and when it comes to ensuring my child’s safety this app isn’t it AT ALL..
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7 years ago, B3tt1B00p
Great, but...
I received a notification from the center, saying they're having troubles with the cameras and someone is working on it...that was 4 days ago...why paying so much money if I no longer have access due to some technical issue...other than that it's a great app
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11 years ago, 6visix
Best app ever
I absolutely love this app I feel much more safe and comfortable knowing my child is under Surveillance while in daycare. I find myself logging on 12 times a day watching my princess learning and playing. Video quality isn't perfect but I can clearly see what my baby is doing at all times.
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7 years ago, Brandx86
Last update made the login information disappear. I liked being able to log in with the scan of my finger on my iPhone. Now I have to log in each time as there is usually some sort of error and doesn't stay logged in for very long.
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4 years ago, nickelazul
What happened to orientation change?
A month or so ago the app stopped auto orienting the view. I used to be able to turn my phone and make the view larger, can’t do that anymore so view is very small and nearly worthless.
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4 years ago, Abwallace23
Latest update messed up app
App worked fine until recent update. Now I get an error everytime I try to view it... Ugh! Please fix!! UPDATE: reached out to me @ trouble shooted the problem. Made some changes & it seems to be working fine now.
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2 years ago, TX-NY-BX
Ease of mind
I’m love this app. I get to see my child from time to time engaging in activities and socializing with his classmates. Haven’t experienced an issue with the quality.
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7 years ago, Jo moms
Removed ability to zoom
Would be 5 stars but the recent update removed the ability to zoom.
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7 years ago, J Wells
They need to go back to the previous version where you're able to zoom-in. Also, the previous version saved your login information but now you have to re-enter every single time. Once fixed, I would give 5 stars.
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2 years ago, NegatoryBatman
Not worth it
The only reason I have it is because my daycare uses it. If I had a choice, this wouldn’t be it. I have to constantly shut down or even delete the app completely and reinstall for it to work properly. It’s always buffering, the picture isn’t clear, and the service is overall unsatisfactory.
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