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User Reviews for WatchRecon

3.96 out of 5
47 Ratings
7 years ago, Mayo of Aggramar
Just needs slightly better filtering options
I've used WR for years via the web, and having an app for it is great, I just wish it had more filtering options like the website.
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9 years ago, iPhone user 112358
This app is terrible. I've had it a week and it's already cost me thousands of dollars in watches I probably would not have found had I not had this app. The developer did an amazing job, seriously. Really well done and slick the way that the photos, location, make and model and price are parsed out. I never review apps but I just had to review this one to provide feedback to the developer. To make this app even better, a couple things. 1) have the option to parse the text from the sales post into the quick view screen as this often includes descriptive details. I would rather not have to load up the full view of the webpage with all the ads and stuff every time I want more information on a sale. 2) add ability for more quick search/alerts. 3) push badge and banner notifications instead of having to load the app to see notifications. 4) if possible be able to load the full size images so again, I don't need to open the full view to zoom in and see more detail. 5) index sales posts from further back in time. Right now it appears to only go back to January or early February. Often need to search further back to look for rarer items or to price compare a sales price. I would gladly pay $2-5 for this app if even half of these recommendations were implemented. Great job!
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4 years ago, Kinnebrew
Not great
The app provides a basic snapshot of watches, but you usually need to visit the actual website where the watch is listed to see pertinent information, and that is where this app fails. Rather than just linking you to the site, the app seems to be doing something in the middle because loading any outside webpage in “Full View” from the app causes a LONG pause or a crash before you actually get to the page where the watch is listed. It’s very noticeable and not something you would experience if you just clicked a normal link to a website. Something needs to be fixed here.
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9 years ago, MonFusil
Crazy well-done!
I've used the browser version since its inception, and just downloaded this, and I am impressed. It's every bit as simple and intuitive as the website, and adds something with the alert feature. Very clean, simple, no bull. Excellent job.
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5 years ago, Get a life please
Hands down the best app for private sale finds
Stop searching through forums for deals. This gives you everything in one app with alerts. It’s fantastic. Just wish you could make more saved results.
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9 years ago, -J-a-x-
Great app for buying watches
This app is a bit specialized so obviously it's not for everyone, but if you buy/sell/trade watches from people in online forums, this will change your life. Very well executed and fictions perfectly. Thanks for making this free (I'd pay for this).
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5 years ago, aberrios
The app is very basic, it works but needs an overdue update
Discovered some filtering for the app but it needs more like in the website!! Please add Better search filters and multiple filter capabilities! I started using chrome on phone for the website as it gives me better searches. :/
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8 years ago, Music4allmankind
Great app, useful
This is a great app. This is an app I use every day and it works every time. I just can't say enough about this app. It works perfectly as designed, if every app was this useful it would be amazing.
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4 years ago, ryankee
Only missing one thing
I use the desktop version of this app all the time and have email notifications. The only drawback with this app is that you can’t connect to your online account. I would have to resign up for all my alerts.
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7 years ago, billchouca
Excellent app! One feature left...
Excellent app! Just as good as the website version. Last feature for feature parity... give us a way to set price range for searches!
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9 years ago, Moe's Corner
Amazing time saver!
This is amazing, seriously has saved me hours of surfing and looking for watches on my favorite sites. Well done and thank you for making this free. Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, Edeag3
Best watch buying app ever
The app is an excellent resource for watch collectors. It works smoothly, I’ve never had a crash, and it searches all the major forums for private listings.
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8 years ago, Dx315
Watch Recon Second To None
Watch Recon is a fantastic app. It keeps me from having to search multiple websites each day to find the watches I want.
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10 years ago, Jhbemmer
I like the app if it didn't crash every so often, wish this would get fixed, used on original iPad. update, I am thinking this was made for iPhone, now we need a iPad version. also please increase amount of watched watches, how can someone narrow it down to 5? It's barbaric i tell you! Update 2 The app still crashes ever once in while, Used on ipad air. 7.4.
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5 years ago, odogiv
App crashes
This app is great but has started crashing almost every time I look at a full listing. Would love to see it updated and get back to a 5 star app.
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8 years ago, Creeed
There's nothing else out there quite like it. Anybody who is into collecting watches should have this.
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9 years ago, Zundfolge
Watch Recon is absolutely indispensable. My daily, go-to app for watch shopping.
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4 years ago, Shobi7985
Need price function
Basic search by price function is missing?
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2 years ago, atebit
Should be like version 0.2
Very rudimentary search, returns wide results based on search parameters, then apparently no way to delete any of the returned results.
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4 years ago, Ipadie
No. Never. Don’t. This app is great if you want terrible results. It has a tiny fraction of results compared to a side by side search on eBay. Probably better results if you tried using a phone book to look for Watches.
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6 years ago, Q4242
Love the app but it consistently crashes when viewing a full listing from watchuseek on iPhone X.
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5 years ago, No_Sympathy
Keeps crashing
App keeps crashing when I try to view any of the postings in full view. Might as well go to the website
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6 years ago, iHave iPhone
What did we do before watch recon?
Fantastic app I use every day to browse and enjoy. Thanks for the amazing app and ad free experience. Edit: one star. Epilepsy warning. Fix the white flash.
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6 years ago, Thicthvg
Downloaded the app to look at watches and couldn’t even load the first home screen... doesn’t work!
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7 years ago, Babaraul
Filter like the website needed
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8 years ago, AsleepT
Not connecting
All I get is the "spinning wheel" and then a connection timed out error with this app...?
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9 years ago, Ffej4292003
This is great!
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11 years ago, Haifidelity
Love the website and the app is great too.
I use the website all the time and this mimics all the features of the website. Would have loved to give 5 stars if the alerts integrated with the notification center.
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9 years ago, VanguardETF
Fantastic app, even better than the site
This app is so well executed. You can set up alerts for watches you're interested in as well as the normal functions of the website.
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9 years ago, BranDizzie
Great app
This app does what we all want, let's us shop for watches while we poop. A few features I'd love: have the ability to mark a listing as 'not interested' so we don't see it on our alerts anymore, and the ability to zoom on photos.
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10 years ago, James55336
Glad I finally downloaded app
Have been checking site on mobile for awhile. Didn't realize app would be so well done. Very smooth & intuitive.
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10 years ago, Grimee
Awesome and addictive
The app, which is an extension of the website, is simply amazing. I honestly spend way too much time browsing than I probably should, but this app makes it so easy.
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11 years ago, koffee66
Excellent version of the site
The app is fast and fluid, searches are quick, the image previews load almost instantly and the developer is super responsive on their Facebook page. Great for horology enthusiasts!
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11 years ago, akasnowmaaan
Excellent, great iOS interpretation
It's a very well done version of the site. Fast, excellent way to preview all the pictures before going to the full listing, and the alerts are a welcome feature.
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10 years ago, CrunchyWalnut
Awesome app
This is just as good if not better then the website. Great if your looking for a used watch.
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10 years ago, Rodrigo Mariano
So much easier than having to use my mac all the time.
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11 years ago, Alvie Singer
A great app
Constantly being improved and built by a real enthusiast. Plus recommendations are requested.
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10 years ago, D Diver
Love it
I love this app, would love to see: 1. iCloud sync between devices for search alerts. 2. Bookmarks 3. Drill down by state
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11 years ago, gfrench5144
The perfect app for your watch obsession
Thanks for making it free
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11 years ago, Palumbofam
Works great!!! On it all day!
This is a great app for the watch enthusiast. Everything all in one place! Recommended Improvements: Notification center integration Price sort on the main search page
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10 years ago, doctapeppa
Filter by price?
Why did you guys remove the ability to filter by price? Way to take out one of the best features of this app.
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11 years ago, thheath
Loved the app until...
Until it froze up; even restarting the iPad doesn't help. HELP!
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10 years ago, ChgoMike
Good aggregator
Feed the addiction.
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11 years ago, BorisK123456
Watch Recon
Sweeeeeet Resource !!!
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11 years ago, adbitan
Perfect app
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11 years ago, thatguy05001
The Best
Watchrecon is amazing.
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