3.1 (8)
108.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ebner Media Group GmbH & Co. KG
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for WatchTime

3.13 out of 5
8 Ratings
11 years ago, Paulie-99
Great content, but the magazine app needs work
Watchtime magazine has always been one of my favorite watch magazines and its articles are always top notch. The usability of the app though needs work and optimizing the magazine for the iPad should be top priority for the developer Awesome customer service though.
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3 years ago, Big Bruce Fan & Son
Maybe the worst app ever
I love the magazine, but the app is terrible. It is just static PDFs of the issues and not optimized for mobile. Makes reading impossible and the app virtually useless. Maybe WatchTime needs to realize that it is 2021.
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5 years ago, I can't find a good nickname!
Not Getting the latest issue
I subscribed to the Digital version in November and as I January 12th I have received another issue
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11 years ago, Pete13763
Much Better, almost 100%
I purchased the WatchTime all access bundle for $49 .95. It directed me to this app for reading the magazines and newsletters on my iPad. I had some difficulty getting started with the app but the current version has fixed the problems. It's a good app for viewing the magazines and newsletters. The one point of inconsistency is that the ad for the All Access bundle says that you get access to all their archives. That is not true. I tried to access the 2012 Buyers Guide and one other magazine that was apparently considered "special" and those publications had additional charges ($15 or so). If you do not buy their all access bundle, and only wanted to purchase one or two of their publications through the in app process, I suspect it would work fine and you would be happy.
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11 years ago, Chainringtattoo
Don't Buy In-App Purchases!!!
This app has a lot of promise. Too bad it absolutely does not work. I bought a 6 month subscription which at this point is useless. The app almost never recognizes that you have an internet connection, even when you have a very strong connection. I've downloaded the same magazines three times already but have no idea where they go. Yesterday i wanted to read one on a plane but it wasn't there and course I didn't have an internet connection to download it. I've been trying all day to download my magazines AGAIN. The sorry app says I don't have an internet connection yet the Speedtest app shows I'm getting 15mb down/3mb up. The app also crashes constantly. I like the idea of reading magazines on my iPad but this app is absolute POS. Don't waste your time.
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11 years ago, StevieC54
Well, It's Touted As Free
I've been subscribing to WatchTime for several years npow and it is quite dissapointing that while the app is free, to get content to go with thatg app there is a fee. For instance, why would I want to buy the current Omega Speedmaster Special when I already bought all the content as it all appeared in print? Now I realize that the primary readers of WatchTime are gazillionaires with 6 and 7 figures of disposable income who don't mind spending $35 on a glass of champaign at the polo matches so what is $2.99 for an electronic edition of what they already bought but really WatchTime, what about the rest of us who aren't as fortunate and have keep an eye on expenses? We're the lower half of your subscribers and I suppose we're feeling a bit decieved by claiming the app is free. Typically idiotic board room decission that fails the test of logic. Electronic version are supposed to bhe an incentive to get people to subscribe, not an income generator. The income comes from subscriptions. Oh well. Looks like I'm not the only one dissapointed.
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11 years ago, Quimpert
Very disappointed with customer service
I have a print subscription. The iPad edition is touted as being free print subscribers. I followed the instructions on their support page. But surprise, it cost me $2.99 because they forgot to mention special editions were extra. But there was no notice on the icon that it was a special edition. Got a polite drop dead message in two correspondences with the help desk. I realize $2.99 is a rounding error given the price of the goods we're reading about. But their response and lack of a tangible something are not what I expect.
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13 years ago, RT from Santa Monica
A Lot of Nerve
As along time subscriber to Watch Time, I downloaded this app to my newly purchased iPad2 in the hope of reading the magazine on it as I do with Vanity Fair and The New Yorker which I also subscribe to. Then I learned that Watch Time's publishers expect me to pay even more for this privilege than I'm already paying for the magazine that comes to my house each month! What nerve. I've immediately deleted the app and will be firing of a nasty email to them about this.
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13 years ago, Netminder1ca
Even though I get the magazine, I love iPad version
With the extra content and links, to me, it is worth the $8 even if it takes a few minutes to load (on a wireless connection).
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13 years ago, MikeD8080
Awesome Application
The only thing better then the WatchTime magazine, is the Timezone iPad version. Being able to greatly magnify the beautiful movements makes it worth the price. I also love the video's of some of the watches. Check it out...I just downloaded the August 2011 for free.
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11 years ago, iinsic
A pick-pocket app
I subscribed to this magazine, receiving my receipt through the App Store for the six-month charge. I did not want the automatic renewal, but the publishers set it up that way anyway (one wonders how much money they make from readers who can't unsubscribe or are unaware they're being billed automatically). Unfortunately, subscribing apparently does not entitle one to read the publication. Every time I attempt to do so, I am asked to purchase the magazine ... AGAIN! I hate sleazy deals like this where you are treated like a bumpkin who enjoys being robbed. I don't like having my pocket picked, and no magazine is nice enough to justify such unsavory treatment. There should be some way to award "minus" stars. Anyway, you have been warned.
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14 years ago, sm8770
Love it
My first review after downloading hundreds of apps. Just want to let others know that I had absolutely no problems downloading the April and June 2010 issues, and they are a pleasure to read on the iPad. I highly encourage others to give this app a try--I very much want the magazine to continue to produce this beautiful magazine. And, yes, it is worth the $8 to me per magazine! And, no, no relation to the magazine or it's staff.
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12 years ago, JetJaguar623
Cool app
Love that you can get the issues for free now if you subscribe to the actual magazine. Had some problems, but their website has a pretty good support section. Uninstalling and reinstalling it helped , actually.
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14 years ago, D_Chicago
Cheaper to buy at Book Stores
It's a no-brainer to provide an app for a magazine - it looks great and the added interactivity in articles and ads is great....BUT, why would I pay newsstand price when I can go to Borders and get the hard copy cheaper....and why no subscription models? Just stupid.
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11 years ago, myveryhumbleopnion
does not work
Received multiple "invalid input" messages in attempting to log in. Invalid input? I am increasingly frustrated at magazines that cannot create a working app. I may consider not renewing my print subscription over this after being a subscriber for many years. Deleted app and will not bother attempting again until I see a 4+ average. This shouldn't be rocket science.
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12 years ago, Kooper17
One of my favorite magazines! Cant wait for the next edition. Problem is: lately it wont even START! It says theres a new mag and I cant download it! Please fix this urgent bug.
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13 years ago, Tasty Danish
Give me a cheap subscription option
Why is there not a subscription option? Watchtime, people expect to pay less for an e version than they would at a news stand. That is just the way it is. Get with the times...
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12 years ago, Carpediem DJG
App will not run!
I'm an all access subscriber, and have NO ACCESS because the app won't run! I've written to customer support three times, with nothing but an auto-reply (ironically tellong me how important my business is). I'm running an OS greater than they require, yet the app crashes at the main page. This is by far my most expensive magazine subscription, and I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!
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12 years ago, TheBl4zingNinja
No Internet connection
The latest magazine downloads only partially and than the message appears - no Internet connection.
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12 years ago, lynx1011
So disappointed....
WatchTime finally decided to give print subscribers access to the iPad version for no additional cost. Problem is, the app won't even start. I can't get past the WatchTime splash screen without it completely crashing. I even tried rebooting, but no lucky with this app Maybe someday I will get to read WatchTime on my iPad.
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13 years ago, amgshaffer
Is not available to print subscribers
This app is really of little use to anyone except those who want to buy an issue at a time. And, why aren't print subscribers able to down load WT as part of their subscription?
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10 years ago, Lucky Luke 212
Terrible app
The most expensive app I have yet to purchase only to Find it will not let me access any issues of what I paid for. Every time I want to view the magazine , it wants to make me repurchase it and pay again. Very aggravating app don't bother!
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11 years ago, Mark Peterson
Very disappointed
With all the hype about all access, this app took forever to accept a partial of my subscription number but then still will not provide any access without me purchasing the issue. What a waste of time
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11 years ago, MJCarvajal
Very, very poor customer service
My subscription is active and the new issues cannot be downloaded, you have to pay them and customer service does not answer the e-mails.
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11 years ago, A long time ham
6 months, sorta
Bought a 6 month subscription. Sure looked like access to at least all releases for 6 months. Then a Rolex reissue come out and, nope, my sub lets me see the first 6-8 pages and an opportunity to buy the issue.
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14 years ago, Pres. P
Why charge a subscriber?
The magazine is wonderful and I enjoy it, but I cannot believe they want to charge me for both the print edition and the electronic version. The electronic version should be free for current subscribers...go figure.
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13 years ago, Max Cherry 11
I am already a paper subscriber, I want free access through my current subscription or subscription pricing in app. This price is ridiculous.
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12 years ago, JED_POLAND
What is wrong with this app?
Once it was running but now it would not even start! I paid for a past issue and I can not see now - so I want my money back!
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12 years ago, AllHere
I cannot believe it!!!!
No access to hard copy subscribers?!!! Are you kidding me??!! I won't sink another penny on Watchtime. How about we swallow some greed and rethink your strategy for loyal hard copy magazine subscribers? My loyalty is out the door!
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12 years ago, Blair Wheatley
Why won't this app work?
I have a paid subscription yet like everyone else I can't get this app to even start? Is Watchtime not even reading these comments? Lol
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8 years ago, F,fmggmgmgm
Worst App I have ever used
If negative stars were available, I would click on -10. Please accept the 1 star as a nega I've number. This app, as Watchtime is a ripoff and should be reported to the BBB.
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9 years ago, Tangier11
Way Cheaper Online !
And online you can buy a Lifetime Subscription, not these exorbitant charges for a single issue. Save your $$$.
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11 years ago, nidalrahal
great mag, poor service
I called customer support, disappointing. Did not know what they even offer. Just lost another customer.
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14 years ago, liparus
It won't even download
So much money and after not downloading it crashes...........
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11 years ago, B2DAX
Does not work
Followed instructions to load the magazines keep getting invalid input, or error while activating.
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12 years ago, Tablemanners
A joke and waste of time,
Forget this app....nothing free in here!!...gotta buy the magazine to read the articles...don't waste your 'time'...
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12 years ago, WilliamBaskerville39
Doesn't Work!
Says an active Internet connection is required, then just sits there.
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13 years ago, VegOna
Too expensive for being digital!!!!
It's a great magazine, but an absolute rip off
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8 years ago, Glock58742
Worst App Ever
This app is the worst ever. Customer support does not know what their doing. Passwords don't work. I could go on and on but not woth the time.
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14 years ago, dexoticaqua
Couldn't Delete this fast enough
Wow....$8.00 a magazine.....I don't think so:-( To much money for me.
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12 years ago, JessicaFirst
Worst App Ever
I'm a long time subscriber to the magazine, however this app won't even start on the iPad!
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12 years ago, DanJr1986
Are you kidding me??
No free digital subscription for hard copy subscribers?
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12 years ago, Mwm64
Crap don't waste your time
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11 years ago, zak98
app does not work??
see above
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14 years ago, Maninwag
Waste of $$
This is the worst app PERIOD. I subscribe to the paper version of WT and thought this would be a good way to go, but the app is slow to download and read and load and everything else. I read lots of magazines on my iPad, but I will never buy another month of Watch Time.
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11 years ago, Satchi H
Misleading purchase
I received the August 2013 print subscription at home with a detailed insert page of how to obtain all access on the iPad. Following the instructions, I was duped into paying for the most recent offering prior to being able to enter my subscription code! Disingenuous and deceitful !
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11 years ago, Tech??
As for the magazine ,it's a beautiful layout . As for digital ? If your going to charge $ 50.00 on sale for an annual subscription ,it should work better than this POS app you have here. Also if I subscribe to an all access package ,which I do . For an obscene fee as far as mags go . Do you really need to gouge us for extra on the special edition copy's too. I know I have it in print but being hit up for $15 bucks for just one digi copy seems pretty bad. Oh we'll maybe you can use the extra dollars to have a developer put together a decent app. Overall for a high class rag ,you show no class at all.
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12 years ago, hiruko27
Lost $19.99
I paid a subscription and the app won't let me read but two magazines only. Shame...
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