Watercolor Effect Art Filters

Photo & Video
4.6 (8.8K)
86 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watercolor Effect Art Filters

4.58 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
7 years ago, Grocery Dad
One of the best!
The iTunes Store is now flooded with filter apps that mimic illustrative and graphic style (I should know, I own most of them). This is one of the best. It has a nice selection of color and black & white filters. And it's fast! Finally, it doesn't choke on big iPhoto cloud libraries like Vinci does. The only feature I would add, is the ability to hide the palettes after you run a filter to see what your final work looks like before you decide to save it. Otherwise, this is a must app to have!
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7 years ago, Bobbo924
What Does "All" mean anywy?
When the free version is downloaded, you get about 15 effects with maybe 4 of them locked. On selecting one of these, you see a screen inviting you to spend $2.99 (most reasonable) to remove the watermark and have a total of "30+ effects and filters." So I bit, and what I got was just the four filters unlocked, total of 15 just as before. Dunno where the 30+ comes from, but I can't find them. Also, I made the purchase on the iPad. When I tried to unlock the iPhone it looked as though I would have to pay again. Now, this could be due to Apple's somewhat odd bahavior where you have to agree to buy before you see a notice that you've already paid for it. But there is, in this spare user interface, no restore purchases button. Fortunately cheap, a couple of useful filters, but just so-so. Haven't seen the ads yet.
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6 years ago, R.Madison
This app is a trap
When I started using the app, I saw all these effects. They didn't look locked so I click on one and sure enough, they say either unlock by leaving a review. I clicked on another one and it says unlock by paying a certain amount. A friend told me once that there is no such thing as a free lunch. It's like you get the basics for free but the nicer effects cost money. I suppose they see it this way: you get a free app, what more do you expect. Another thing is, I want an app that has oil painting effect. I guess this as close to that as I like. Nice effects, just not many choices without paying for anything.
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5 years ago, Carknoll
Why only low res option to save?
I’ve tried many apps and this is my favorite. My frustration is not being able to save my final file in the same full resolution that I stated with. My goal is to take pictures, apply these filters then print on canvas in large sizes. With the compression, the final quality is poor for anything other than just having fun playing with photos. Is there an option I’m missing to retain my image resolution size? This is my reason for four stars and not five. Please allow full resolution in my final save. Thank you!!
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6 years ago, jethnswtf
App Not working.
I originally liked this app however while using it the past few days it all the sudden stopped doing anything.I can upload a photo but then my only options are to download the photo or x out of it, It does not give me the options to apply the filters. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded, I have restored my original purchase, and I have even deleted and re-signed up for the app trial period with subsequent purchase. I hate to write a bad review, because I feel like this is just a glitch, but there is no way for me too email or contact someone from the app in order to figure out why this issue is occurring. Very disappointed and hope this problem is rectified soon.
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6 years ago, ladyfriess
Simple & Quick
Compared to other apps like this, I have found that this is one is most definitely both easy to use and rather quick. Most importantly, I believe that this app gets the job done - converting photos to have that beautiful paint like feel...oh and also there is an option to edit a bit more (or less) to your liking without having to waste too time, energy or money.
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3 years ago, PhelineCat
Oh! How I hate thee!
Yes, I despise you all, subscription apps. We used to try FREE for some days or some number of uses and then we could purchase, or not. IIRC, there were levels of purchase and extras. (never look for cancellation information in the app; it's in the app store where your charges, etc are) Isn't it amusing to imagine every lousy app developer thinks they're worth $30/yr but then charge $4/wk x 52 weeks instead? Even Google does that. ——————————- (Review from Dog knows when. I'm not keeping this around anymore) Don't know if it works well or not; just succumbing to the trade of a review for a filter. Generally I make a change if the app doesn't live up to my expectations. We'll see how it goes.
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6 years ago, reluctant writer
Really fun photo tool!!!
Wow this app is awesome! Having so much fun playing around with photo ideas. Working on illustration ideas for a book!!! This is very helpful even though not all the liters are available in the free version. Still worth it and super easy to use. I will probably get some of the filters as I work on a few projects,
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5 years ago, RedshiftRadio
Interesting but not necessary.
I use Pixlr, Canva, and even HPSmart editing options a thousand times a day for both hobby and production work because of their quick and dirty methods that are easy to mess with and produce relatively admissible results. This is just a selection of filters with a constant watermark and toolbar blocking half the product image. It’s not worth it. Yeah it’s free, but it constantly reminds you that it’s free by asking you to pay for a few filters out of a selection that showed so little variation that they might as well have been on a brushstrokes hue slider. Either pass or don’t expect much.
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7 years ago, Groovyhead
So far, pretty fun
Problem is that I paid to unlock "all" filters, and STILL am getting ads saying , "get 5 more filters if you_____ (in this case it was to leave a review)." I have a feeling there are still more bothersome ads coming. Having paid $2.99 to supposedly give me "everything," this is very irritating. Have the meanings of the words "all" and "everything" changed? Other than this cheap trick, the app is fun, and produces some intriguing results.
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6 years ago, Gt50021
Doesn't work
No matter what picture I upload, upon selecting which effect type to add to the picture the status bar stops at about 20% and never goes any further leaving me to have to force close the app and start over again with the same result of nothing
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6 years ago, Med School Asst.
This is a fantastic app for those of us who have art in the brain and the heart hit it doesn’t translate to our fingertips! Change any photo into a work of art. Change the intensity of colors by sliding the bar at the bottom of the pictures. Can’t say enough about this app. Highly recommend!!
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6 years ago, Clumsy cook
No working
I love this app add paid more for additional features but it is not working at all right now. Every time I open the app it gives me an option to Import or use camera and then the next screen has a slider bar, “X” and download button and no filters. I tried uninstalling and reinstalled it but same issue.
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7 years ago, dayweeks
Smooth use, fun and aesthetically pleasing. Lots of great art images at the click of a button. Amaze your friends and thrill your family with art so good they'll think you have a master's degree in fine art. Don't miss the chance to spend hours and hours of delightful escape into the world of art! What a joy.
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7 years ago, Prof Shafer
I guess I was lied to
Yes, some of these filters are pretty good. Yes, the app is pretty fast. However, the output is extremely low res. But, the worst thing is that I paid the $2.99 to unlock the removal of the watermark and to open the "30+ filters". Now the watermark is gone, but there's not one single filter to be found beyond the 15 that it started with. How the hell can this app sell me something and then not provide what it promised? What is my recourse? How do I get my money back? What will apple do about this? I'd love to see the publisher of this app respond.
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6 years ago, Chicagogirl312
Excellent! (Was excellent, update)
UPDATE: Was excellent. I don't mind paying subscription prices. But when your update merely says "bug fixes" when the update was really about transitioning to a subscription based app, I'm irritated. Irritated by the lack of full disclosure. Deleting. ################################### Pretty darn cool. Limited choices, but still nice!
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6 years ago, Watercolorlocal
great Stuff
Loads and renders quickly, many more style options than I expected. Exports easily to Photoshop Elements to polish up to match my style. Overall, Very Satisfied. Wish there were options to tweekavailable styles, hue, value, color ways, and faster, and more export alternative destinations.
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6 years ago, Joyful Heart Artist
Great for landscapes, flowers
I tried the app for the female portrait. One filter worked pretty good. In my opinion not every filter can turn female portrait into something beautiful. But some of them definitely may be used. I tried for free. Don’t have all filters yet. Inspired! Interested!
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5 years ago, starmrc
1 star App!
It’s an app that costs $4 a month. It has 15 filters that change photos into art like images however the results are not high quality and look cheap. The worst part of the app is the time it takes to apply each look to your photo I’ve waited 5 minutes most take about 1 minute but it’s a long wait to apply a filter. The BEST part is they offer a 3 day free trial. I have canceled and deleted. I wish it was what I hoped for. ** I bought an app for 5$ called artista Impresso **
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6 years ago, badgerink
I paid the $2.99 supposed to get 30 filters. I didn’t. Just the original 15. I was ask to give a rating for an additional 4 filters. I didn’t get those either. It did remove the watermark but that’s all it did. Defiantly got ripped off.
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7 years ago, iconmommy
Not much different then other apps
There are some cool features to turn your photo into more abstract pictures but I didn't find anything different than other apps like this except that you had the ability to increase or decrease the effect gradually. I'd like to see it do layers of monochromatic colors that has the option of choosing how many layers.
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6 years ago, Banana_9000
Hi there is it going on with the girls for a few hours and then will you guys have time for dinner tonight if I have a C C was the last chance to be there to talk about the kids I was thinking of you about the same time for you and you can I talk to you and you talk about me you about it and I have a C for a while and you have time.
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6 years ago, AAhggggggggg
This is great!
This is great! More like awesome well basically it takes any photo you have and put it in oil pastel or several others one she doesn’t work the other will this is why I think this is great and no this is not a school report.
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6 years ago, RalphSarah
Easy to use.
This app is been fun and easy to use, and has generated better quality water color looking images that and more expensive apps I have used in the past.
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6 years ago, steel Magnolia in MS
Love This App for photos
I have been using this app for several weeks now and have been impressed with its ease of use and the result of the art it produces. Can’t recommend it enough and plan to keep using it.
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6 years ago, Artsy Person
Unique Look
This is a very interesting concept and has great filters. I haven’t used it for long so I am still discovering features. The only downside is that I can’t see the edited picture very well.
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6 years ago, hmm??!??
I’m required to leave a review before using the filter. The app description sounded interesting. I really have no idea if it is any good because I Haven’t used it yet. Seems a little preposterous to review an app before testing it!
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6 years ago, Georgiadoglove
Some good filters
I’ve tried many of these types of apps now and I do like the filters in this one. It has an opacity control which is indispensable for this type of app. I would love to see more filters and an eraser tool would be great! Overall nice app with a clean simple UI.
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6 years ago, Divineearth
Some of the best watercolor effects I’ve seen
Been through a lot of apps, and this one has some of the best effects I’ve seen for a reasonable price. I don’t like the forced review to get more filters after I already paid for the premium pack to unlock everything
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6 years ago, Kapok1
Very Nice
So far, this is the only app I’ve tried that has been able to distinguish the color of the background (black) from the color of my Great Dane (black). Can’t wait to try the other effects.
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6 years ago, HectorFunes
I know nothing about art but this certainly has some unique ways to change photos that I already love into something even more special.
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6 years ago, yumna~
The app had an amazing choice of filters. I would recommend! One problem for me is that there is a watermark and you have to buy some of the filters. But otherwise, great app!!
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7 years ago, Techno-nut
Low res output makes this a non-starter for me
I start with 20mp images, and after this app has its way with it, I end up with a beautifully rendered, 1.0mp image unsuitable for printing. If you are looking to "artify" your images for social media, email, web posting, etc., this is your app. It really does a nice job, relatively fast on current hardware (iPad Pro), producing a variety of effects. For printing, you'll need to look elsewhere as this one doesn't make the grade.
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6 years ago, cescruggs
Pretty cool
This has some unique filters that I like but I really hate how all the choices are in a tool bar right across the middle of your picture so you can’t see the whole effect. The toolbar often covers the focal point and you can only see the final result once you download it or share it on insta or Facebook.
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6 years ago, Kl curry
Quit working after I paid for full version
Worked great the first few times I used it and even paid to unlock all filters. Now when I go in I don’t get ANY filters and it only has the x button and download button but neither of them work. Just a slider bar that does absolutely nothing. I went to app support only to be directed to Facebook. Not even their app page just Facebook in general. WHAT A SCAM!!!!!
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6 years ago, kkkkkkkkkoooouyy
Does nothing
I downloaded the app and played around with it. I decided to purchase the no watermark and more filters. Now the app does nothing. I get a pink line with s white dot. You can move the dot back and forth but there is no change in the picture. No filter options. Very disappointed. I deleted app and redownloaded it. Still same result.
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6 years ago, jfphototaker
Easy to use
This program is easy to use and has a variety of options for creating various effects.
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6 years ago, eeeeeeernesto
How does this work?
I don’t want to say the app is outright broken, but I’ve been fiddling around for about 5 minuets straight and NOTHING is happening. I either take or import a photo then I just get one screen with the “gutsy painter” text and the slider thing. There’s just one thing, the photo isn’t changed at all. Sorry but if THIS is how the app functions then it deserves nothing more than a one star review for this one star garbage.
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6 years ago, fritotx
LOVE this app
I’ve been trying all the digital painting apps I can download and this one provides fast, and more subtle effects than most of them. more powerful than Photoshop for this objective.
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6 years ago, Thompso4
Unique art transformation
Just started playing with this app, but am really liking some of the unique filters that allow me to create art from my photos!
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6 years ago, DB 109
So many options & easy to use
In a short amount of time & without or with painting experience you can create a wonderful painterly version of photo.
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6 years ago, Honeyweiss1172
Fun app
This is a fun app, but the number of in-app purchases make it one where the free version is annoying (because every other thing you click on is an upgrade). Nevertheless, there are some fun effects that made it worthwhile to me.
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6 years ago, sweetcrumbs
Wow...first time ever using this app...I'm a home baker and I am interested in using the watercolor image to place onto my iced cookies. I hope it comes out good...so far it's looking great...baking day in a few weeks so I hoe it prints out great...thanks for the free app...
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6 years ago, caepony
Need more time to experiment
I just downloaded the app, but in order to open more aspects I need to leave feedback. So I’m doing that,but I don’t really have anything to say because I haven’t had enough time to play around with it.
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6 years ago, rvtruss
Love this app!!
Amazing!! It really does transform pictures into beautiful watercolors. This was has so many filters for a small fee and it’s definitely worth it. So glad I downloaded this app!
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6 years ago, Extreme Gun
Very fun and user friendly app
I love this app. Takes my normal everyday photos and adds a cool twist & takes my high end photos to a completely new level!!
Show more
6 years ago, dreagonlady
Too soon
Free styles are to be unlocked if you review after just three attempts. How can I give this a better score when I don’t see the possibilities yet?
Show more
3 years ago, Stepher54
Pricey and fair product
The huge watermark is really off putting on the free version which I like to use for a while to decide if an app is something I want to pay for. And 3.99 a week is way too much for this.
Show more
6 years ago, gorliq
I like this app!
It’s very easy to use and there are many filters available. Also they ask to leave a review to unlock more filters so here I go )
Show more
6 years ago, Freakingannoyed876543
Pop your pics
Tried to leave a review ten times and every nickname was taken so it deleted what I wrote. Had to leave a review to unlock filters. I would have written a much better review if I hadn't been coerced.
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