Watermark Photo: Add Signature

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4.6 (31K)
283.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ezyabsorb PTE LTD
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Watermark Photo: Add Signature

4.61 out of 5
31K Ratings
7 months ago, Hello45637897654
Watermark Creations
This is was just something I wasn’t expecting to actually see the benefits of until I wasn’t playing around with it to create a watermark for my daughter’s artwork that she’s working on and I realized how important this actually is for not only her but for myself and the pricing for it alone is unbeatable compared to a lot of art created apps that require some type of weekly/monthly subscription fee that are usually pretty ridiculous to the point I would never use them but I will definitely be paying into this app permanently for my entire family as we are a family who creates art on multiple type of content as well as physical art work like furniture and homes as we are builders , im the line of real estate whom does everything in house ourselves and this will definitely save us from potentially getting scammers stealing our creations. So thank you for an amazing beneficial service that we can use across the board as entrepreneurs. Great work to the app creators.
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6 years ago, NetworkMarketingProfessional
Unable to use saved watermark
I actually paid money for this app to unlock is full abilities... I've tried to use this app multiple times, surrendering frustrated every time. I have created a watermark... It took me forever because the app kept saying options weren't actually accessible.. After numerous restarts and battling the multiple function/technical issues (such as the keyboard continually refusing to go down so I could select other editing options for the watermark, the app refusing to let me edit the watermark text I've already input etc.), I finally completed a watermark to my satisfaction. I saved it and boom, done. I go to test it out on a photo, and come to find out that I have to create this same watermark every single time I want to it put on a photo.... Honest opinion? You have got to be kidding me... Why would anyone want to go through this exhausting process more than once?! This app is completely beta. It can't even complete the most basic of tasks. Being able to use saved watermarks should be one of the essential functions of this app. Make this possible, have a user manual and question /answer database for users, and make it a possibility for users to contact the app developer, and people will start improving your scores. Until then, Facebook will keep its one star tend up and people will continue to feel gyped...
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4 years ago, McFavoreto
It’s a good app, BUT...
I am very frustrated with the app, I have recommended it to all my friends who have company and like to post the pictures just like me, I have had the app for almost a year, I always loved this app, before I could use the same logo first image in all, having only to adjust to the right place, today I have to add the logo in each photo because if you do not delete and post the logo again, it goes back to the same position as the first photo. And now after 5 days of trying to save the projects, always when I go to save the app it turns off and I lose all the projects that most of the time it takes me 1-2 hours to finish. Very frustrated. I have everything update.
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5 years ago, CoyaDavis
I’m very frustrated with this app. I paid the YEARLY fee and their watermark is still at the bottom even though I paid to remove it. Quite annoying VERY upset. As a business owner this is unacceptable!!! Who the heck do I contact for this? UPDATE: they responded to me on Facebook and still have NOT fixed my app WHATSOEVER. Didn’t ask for personal information or anything . Just asked for a couple of screenshots and that’s it ... not to mention that was 2 weeks ago that they did ... and still NOTHING!!!! HIGHKEY FRUSTRATED. Y’all took my $39!
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1 year ago, Fototico
Comical how much the subscription is
This app is a clear illustration to what is wrong with developers now days. According to the developer, they have over 97,000 satisfy customers. If half of those claimed "satisfy customers" subscribe to their annual plan, that would equal 3,783,000 dollars per month year. For a simple app that is not hard to design and maintain. That is greed at it's best. The prices many apps want for their subscription is ridiculous. Unless you really use the app a lot, like you have a business, 58 bucks per year is a rip off. They can keep their app. As of me, there are other apps that are really good with no annual subscription. Just a one time fee to unlock features. You know, the good o' honest way of making money from an app. I only wish that Apple gave people the option to exclude monthly or annual subscription based apps when doing searches in the App Store. Such a filter is long overdue.
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6 years ago, WrappingGoddess53279
Wow this app got worse - DO NOT BOTHER
I had it last year and loved it the FREE version. I just reinstalled it to label a few pics and they want $7.99 per WEEK? In what world would you pay that kind of money to put basic font on your pics. Not only that you can't do anything with the free version. The Dev team clearly did not figure out a way to make money off the application from back end use - instead they are pushing all costs to the end user - you. Do not waste an ounce of money on this app. I'm sure there are a number of free ones out there wherein the developer figured out how to charge advertisers - you can easily write on pics for free in Snapchat and your regular photo albums, so while this app was slightly more inconvenient but had more free fonts - with the cost they just made them self completely obsolete to all users. Deleting the app for good and moving forward.
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5 years ago, Jessica Sacco
Crashes every single time
Worked great for the first day, was able to watermark about 20 of my photos, went to go use it today, 2 days later and I can’t get passed the “import from projects” page, as soon as I click my logo watermark image, the app shuts right down. It’s updated, my phone is updated, I’ve closed out the app completely, deleted it, re installed it, restarted my phone, all to no avail. Also, a little confusing in the beginning where it tells you “import an image”. Am I importing my image or my logo watermark stamp image? Then finally figured it out that the logo was to be “imported from projects”. Either I’m doing it wrong or there has to be an easier way cause the process is tirelessly repetitive and annoying considering the batch option didn’t work properly for me either. Useless at this point so cancelled my subscription.
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3 years ago, hayn808hunnie
Easy to use, but...
Love how easy it was to create my watermark. In just a few easy steps. Just uploaded my picture and made it opaque. Done✅. Selected all the photos I want watermarked with my logo. Centered it in first photo. Was automatically done on all photos after that. Super super easy. The only problem I have is. It won’t save any changes I do to my photos in my albums. Huge bummer since it’s product photos. I need to cross off items that I don’t have and I won’t be able to do that because of the photo from this app with the watermark. Please fix that. I’ve tried resetting my phone. Same problem. Other than that. Really good. Can also watermark videos.
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2 years ago, MightyWingsFan
It’s a good app…when it works. If you try to watermark too many photos at once it crashes…so you spend 20 mins adjusting the watermark and then it crashes and you have to start over. It also started only importing my watermark on the first photo when I’m trying to watermark multiple photos so I have to import my watermark every photo which defeats the purpose of the “add watermark to multiple photos” feature. It crashes too much and has wasted so much time. I really regret buying the one year subscription as I’m now looking into another app that doesn’t have so many bugs as I don’t have time to keep trying again when it crashes.
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2 weeks ago, Ahaahanab
Been using this app for well over a year because it’s simple and effective aside from the fact that after watermarking about 4 or 5 full length videos, it will no longer export them to your camera roll. To alleviate this, I simply uninstall the app and reinstall it. Today I have done so to find that now they give you no option to remove their brand watermark from your media, even with a paid subscription. I am honestly sick of these apps and companies doing everything in their power to bleed us dry of every last cent, only for them to then find another way to garnish as much money and exposure as possible, at the consumer’s expense. My recommendation is to use Splice or Filmmaker Pro. Happy Memorial Day!
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3 years ago, tellison4
Dont waste your time
I’ve spent hours trying to give this app a chance. Nothing saves properly, once you pick and choose a font it’s doesn’t save the font name when you click on the text, when you edit there’s this strange rectangular box to the right of screen that is permanently stuck there partially blocking your design. Trying to add your watermark to multiple pics is a nightmare. It doesn’t save any of the group pic watermarks. After editing multiple pics with my watermark, I hit the little ✔️ top right corner to save, it SAID “saved” but of course “THAT was determined to be a lie!”And to think they’re trying to charge money for this crap? I’ll put my dollars in something more efficient and actually works!
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1 year ago, Erndizzle
App works fine except with portrait videos
I use this app to watermark my drone pics and videos. Everything works great until you try putting a watermark on a portrait video. It loads it upside down so placing the watermark takes me 5-8 tries every time. Because I’m guessing where it’s going to land on the video once I press save. I’ve sent the makers of this app emails and at first they had me erase and then re download the app which fixed. Until the next update then it started back up. Ever since then I’ve erased and re downloaded it and nothing seems to fix the problem. 2 stars until that’s fixed. But if it works fine this is a 5 star app
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6 years ago, MyStatusLive
You guys once Again did a upgrade to force custom to pay monthly to use this app. Not even considering customers that paid for this app way back. This is the 2nd upgrade that has false information. The app is not getting better, it’s beyond BAD NOW😡. You have no information about the upgrade NO info and the reason why you are charging customers more money. And what I read if customers want there money back we’ll have to send Apple a email Wow talk about very bad ownership😡 Talk about being money hungry. Hopefully new & old customers see how grimy you guys are & no one going forward buys your products.... DON LLUCCI aka MyStatusLive. I’ll make sure to tell all my followers not to purchase your products!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Alicia9443
Was a great app
It was a great app until a couple of months ago. I created my watermark and saved it, everything was fine but recently anytime I try to upload my watermark it now has a white square background to it. I’m having to use a separate background remover, save it, upload it and place it on my photos and when I close the app and add my watermark again it reverts back to the white background. Very tedious having to do all these extra steps when it was working fine before.
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3 years ago, MysticNiteYT
Watermarking the watermark
The app is good with making the watermark itself. It’s decent at any beginners to use it efficiently without to much struggle. Yet there is some major reasons why I deleted this app. One reason being that they use their own watermark on the same photo your going to watermark, nobody in the right mind wants to pay for a app just for using watermarks to throw in with their photos when honestly I can do it for free on other apps except I’d be every singular photo and not at 5 at a time. Also trying to control the size and moving around the signature is difficult and takes a lot of tries to even get ahold of it.
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6 years ago, Kjn0625
Predatory Pricing
There’s a 3-day free trial which automatically renews at the weekly plan of $7.99. There’s also the option for a monthly subscription at $4.99 which is never mentioned when trashing about the free trial and pricing that I could find. So, the weekly price is more than a full month and that’s the auto renew default?! This app is not worth either price but they seem to be taking advantage of the fact that people inevitably forget to cancel until they’re billed the first time. Hey, if you’re only going to get money once from people, make it the higher amount, I guess...work on providing a quality, intuitive, easy to use application and retain subscribers instead of tricking us into paying $3 more for less time.
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1 year ago, Marstenpup
Watermark multiple images is broken
I love the app for individual watermarking of images, but if you import a stack and click YES to watermark all images at the same place, all the watermarks after your first image are INVISIBLE. That’s right, you will not be able to see them at all, and moving the opacity slider does nothing. The only way around this is tell the app to change the COLOR of the watermark, but if you have a specific design this will destroy it, as any borders or details are erased. In other words it is useless for watermarking multiple images at once, which means I have to find another solution. I hope they fix the broken functionality for batch watermarks.
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4 years ago, LuvPinkSugar
Very Disappointed
I used to love this app. I downloaded it after I had some issues with people stealing my daughters photos on Instagram. I downloaded this app and added a custom watermark to every photo and video I uploaded. Unfortunately, the app stopped allowing me to watermark her videos. When I import a video, all I get is a black box where the video preview should be. I’m disappointed because I was a loyal subscriber and even recommended the app to other moms who had run into the same issues I had with my child’s photo being stolen. I can’t even get in touch with anyone to express my concern or get a fix for it. I will be ending my subscription and deleting the app.
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11 months ago, WitchToker
Worth it to me, new annoying things
Two things that bug me include: 1. the pop ups when you open multiple photos - 2 in a row that you can’t do away with (as far as I know) 2. I can’t scroll through the fonts, they glitch so I have to tap through until I get to the one I want which is super far “down” (This is new) There may be shortcuts I don’t know about and other than these, it does its job & purchasing a lifetime membership is way more efficient to me
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3 years ago, :(((((((((((:(((((((
Requires patience and coddling
I can typically get what I need out of this app, but it glitches a lot, often crashing and deleting IP projects. Deleting my own projects as I finish them seems to help, but the app is set up in a way that makes this time consuming, especially between the crashes. The “watermark multiple photos” feature is basically a joke, since you have to go in and fix most every one. I made the mistake once of trusting this feature, and my photos all came out with the watermark half way cut off the side. Is it worth $3.99/week? Not sure yet.
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4 years ago, Billy drako
Logo issues
When I first started using this app a couple years ago I love it I was able to upload a image then import my logo and boom picture perfect. Now every time I try to import my logo to to a photo it adds a white background to my logo which is then blocking out the whole picture. I went through great depths trying to get it back to its original use even went on photoshop to make sure there was no background on my logo. Any solutions do you know why that could be or how I could fix it ? Please and thank you
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7 years ago, MemphisMechanic
Easy to get trapped with the keyboard visible but no way to click OK or SHARE or anything else when using a text watermark, if you click a button or two in the wrong order. There’s no way in IOS11 to adjust the opacity of a text watermark - the keyboard pops up in front of those setting the instant you click “TEXT” to begin it, and you can never get back to them. Lots of controls at the bottom that permanently are trapped behind the keyboard when using text watermarks, which is all I want the app for. Workflow... needs work.
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4 years ago, brunettehalfpint
Cannot add watermark to photos already edited in gallery.
This is BEYOND frustrating. The entire point of having this app is so I can add my logo to my photos. But when it reverts to the original image when I’m trying to add the logo and the image needs to be rotated, that’s a problem. Also, I get that using the free version you have to deal with the app’s watermark placed on your photos, and I was cool with that when it was a small indiscreet logo in the corner. But now it’s a huge full color logo in the corner of the picture, which is the first thing you see. I would pay full price for the app if it was a one time price, not $40/year or $4/week.
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3 years ago, Dwyer Decor
Not happy with paid version
I’ve been using this app for a few years. It was free and I never had any issues with it. I uninstalled momentarily to fix do a reset on my phone. When I re-downloaded the app, I could t use it without paying for it. So I caved and paid for it, as I need this app for my business. Since buying the paid version, every time I try to put a watermark on a photo of mine, I get an error message that’s says it cannot communicate with the helper server. WHAT IS THIS???? FIX IT PLEASE!!! I can’t do any work on this paid app and am about to ask for a refund on my year subscription as it’s not working or saving photos.
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11 months ago, Pensacola Jack
Issues fixed
I was having a problem when I created my Watermark signatures. After I created it, it would not save it and wanted me to purchase the application which I had already done. Reached out to tech-support, and they were very helpful and got everything up and running and I am a happy camper.
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3 months ago, M. Fuller @ CSP
I have to “Restore Purchase” before EVERY USE!
Was a great app about a year or so ago. I simply opened and used as necessary. Approximately a year ago, an update occurred that caused me to be required to “restore” purchases before every use. Afterwards the app works fine but if I don’t do this step I’m back to using the trial version which is limited. It would be nice if I got what I paid for. An app that I could just open and use without a bunch of unnecessary steps. I liked it initially, now im at the point that as soon as I find a replacement for this app, I’ll immediately switch.
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4 years ago, gsxrtink
Can’t Even use what I’m paying For
I’m very frustrated with this app. When it actually works, I enjoy it. However, it will only ever allow me to watermark about 5 photos at a time in a bunch, otherwise the app times out and closes out on itself. So I’m stuck practically doing one photo at a time anyway. The new thing is that it will now not allow me to select a previously designed watermark and add it to a photo whatsoever. As soon as I get to the screen to select my watermark, the app times out and disappears. I then have to restart, go back in, and it just keeps timing out. I can’t even use it and I’m paying for it.
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4 years ago, mamaBBbb4
Loved this app but ..
I pay for the subscription & spend most of my time fighting the app because it kicks me out... took me about 50 tries just to get my watermark to upload correctly... was working great, now it moves my watermark on my pictures as its saving from where I had them & take a good 100 tries just to get to watermark a picture due to it kicking me out nonstop. Would love to have these issues corrected or I'll have to find a different watermark app, I'm wasting money for nothing right now...
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4 weeks ago, Acire01
Working fine until recent update
I went to open the app to watermark a pic and noticed that when I go to add a text watermark the app glitches on me and won’t allow me to progress past typing the text. I saw it was updated yesterday. Hmm well I’m hoping another update will be pushed through soon! I use this for my small business pics and am losing sales opportunities. Please fix! Normally I have all great things to say!
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1 year ago, Aluraye
I love this app.
This app is great for content creators. i myself have a lot of people impersonating me on social media, a lot of people have found my original posts thanks to this app. definitely worth the money. it’s also super easy to watermark 20 photos at once!! save your time if you have the cash💕
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1 year ago, SeanCMac
Keeps Crashing
You start to watermark multiple photos and it crashes. But not until you have set the watermark position where you want it on every photo and as you keep swiping through them crashes. Long video you want watermarked? Good luck. It’ll take 5-10 attempts, crashing each time and making you start all over. It’s great especially after paying $40 for an annual subscription.
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4 years ago, rhonnac
Great but...
The app was very easy to figure out as far as creating a logo and placing it on a picture. I have only used it today so I’m worried about running into the same issues other reviewers have complained it. Biggest problem is their lack of customer support. It is nowhere to be found. I used the “ancient ruins” font and it cuts of the top and bottom of the “C” in my last name. Love the font but can’t even use the logo I created until I figure out how to correct this. Right now I’m on a free trial but will not continue if I can’t get this corrected.
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5 years ago, jonathanportm
I was enjoying this app...
I WAS enjoying this app until I had to hit restore on my device and now it is glitching left and right. The previous watermark I had been using without any problems now resets to the middle of my screen and I can’t change the positioning of it when I was able to before! I tried to create a new watermark but again, it defaults the watermark to the middle of the screen and I can’t move it to where I would like to...very frustrating especially since I am now paying monthly for this app...
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2 years ago, gradleys
Impressed with the functions
More impressed with the functions than I thought. One thing that’s annoying is the extra editing functions when editing the font and size kinda impede on the image as I’m working on it and don’t go away unless I click out of editing. Otherwise, the fonts are sick and the app is easy to use. You get 5 free ones.
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3 weeks ago, Kitty Cat Chris
Change in purchase?
I use this app at least once every month and have for many years since I purchased it. Last year something changed where I had to click the option to “restore purchase” every single time I opened the app. Now yet another change has happened during an app update and when I click “restore purchase” it says it can’t find a subscription to restore. I purchased this as a one time fee at the time and now I need to pay a subscription fee? No thank you.
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1 year ago, Angielee78
Would be worth 5 stars
Here recently I have to keep going back and “renewing” my subscription or have to watch a million ads just to apply the logo I made to my project. I paid for a year subscription and yet it keeps suggesting me to purchase the subscription in order to apply the logo. Need to fix this bug and then it will be worth 5 stars.
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1 year ago, DPyledriver
Just what I needed
Quite a bit of my photos on social media are being used by other people so I’ve had to start using a watermark. I’ve tried a bunch of them and this one is the best! I really like that the app saves your watermarks so you can use them again.
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6 years ago, sammytx99
Charged when not subscribed
I was charged weekly for 5 weeks when I was not subscribed. Every time I opened the app after the trial period it asked me to reinstate my purchase in order to use it, therefore I assumed I was successfully unsubscribed. Well I was not and only looked recently to see I have been being charged for the last 5 weeks and never used the app, nor did was I able to use it during that time because it continued to ask me to reinstate purchase in order to use. Apple support with not refund and there must be some sort of glitch in the app. RIP OFF!
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1 year ago, maccubillos
First time I’ve ever been made to watch ads despite having a subscription
I paid the 50 bucks so I wouldn’t have to sit through ads. But 3 weeks in, I’m forced to watch ads to unlock the app. Was put off enough to cancel. But no way to refund. Disappointed.
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6 years ago, KrystalKayS
Why did it change?
This app was working great for me then all of a sudden it didn’t allow for adding a saved watermark? It always had the option before and now it’s just gone. Really pointless if you have a saved watermark already and want to continue using the same one.
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2 years ago, Jknight34
Good app but was charged
I used this app because it was free. I only used it one time.. just recently seen a charge on my account for $3.99 I want money refunded back over to my account! I didn’t even sign up for a subscription but received an email that Apple charged me $3.99 for an app that I only used one time! That app has been removed from my device weeks ago but I’m being charged for something I didn’t sign up for.. I don’t know how you all got my information to take money from me but that’s not cool!
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3 years ago, RodneyWright
Great to horrible
I've had this app for a couple years. I enjoyed it so much, plus it was so easy to attach one to my photos. So I started making a new watermark for each photo.(I've posted hundreds to Facebook. Mainly wild birds). However, as of recently the app won't let me do anything except watch the little circle thing that spins around and around and around and around and never stops. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it 3 times to no avail.
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4 years ago, Krystle Shawntelle
The new update RUINED the App COMPLETELY!
I’ve used this app for years for professional purposes and have enjoyed it with no issue! More recently, I have grown frustrated with the new update. Whatever was done needs to be reversed. We were once able to watermark 200 pictures at a time, now it’s barely 10 at a time before it crashes AND moves your watermark somewhere it was not placed! This is horrible! Before this, I would have rated this app a 4.5 stars, but now, I don’t even wanted to keep my subscription if the problem is not fixed this week!
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4 years ago, XTRNichols
So sad
So sad these guys can’t update an application with out totally messing it up. I was barely okay with having to restoring the subscription every other time which has been an on going issue. THEN, there’s a glitch almost every update. This latest update strips away all your edits like you’re going to use their edit functions. Unfortunately their edit functions are inadequate. This update renders the application useless to me. Guess it’s time to dump this crap and look for one which can do a consistent good job. Sign me out as irritated beyond belief.
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5 years ago, Alfonzo McGeegerson III
Certain buttons don’t work, not calibrated correctly. It’s not sleek or sensible to use. Moving the watermark to the bottom right hand corner of the screen (where it always goes...) is a joke. They have a tool bar for adjusting the positioning of the text that covers up the actual text when you try to put it in the corner. You can’t even see where you’re putting it. What an oversight; uninstall into the next.
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2 years ago, Krich760
Great App for photographers
This app is great and easy to use and you were able to watermark multiple pictures on the fly especially if you were trying to get these pictures out quickly this is a very big help.
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6 years ago, jmftaekwondo
Seemed good, missing features
I found the app to be decent but missing common features, like controlling the opacity of the logo as you apply it...because we all know every photo is different in this nature. Also the importing options were lacking with being able to edit the logo to create a custom watermark. There's little ability to stack logos to create a watermark. Overall it works for the options it has.
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6 years ago, NicoleOrganizes
Don’t waster your time or money
I thought this app was amazing when I first got it. I did the 7 day trial and it worked exactly the way it should. Then they charged me for my year subscription and it all went bad. I started getting their watermark on my photos as well as my own. The app told me to that I needed to purchase a subscription to get rid of it. Then I couldn't even add a watermark on a photo. It immediately went to the page where it wants you to pay. I reached out to this company multiple times over the last 2 weeks. Which the only ways I could find to contact them was by Facebook. They never responded. I ended up messaging Apple to get my money back. Watermark Pro still have not contacted me. I will update you if they ever do. Don’t get this app! I ended up using Canva to place my watermark. It works just as good and it’s free!
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5 years ago, mrwarrenpeace
Very basic & exactly 100 Fonts (unlike as advertised)
First of all this is extremely basic to be charging a monthly fee. & second, you advertise 300+ fonts but upon “counting” because it took me by surprise as to how quickly I scrolled through them, I found that you only offer “exactly” 100 fonts (all of which are basic). Don’t lie to consumers just to gain a fee. Be upfront & you’ll be respected more by them. I immediately unsubscribed, as I do not like false advertising & shady business practices. “& that is also why you received 1 star from this review!”
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5 years ago, Easy to pick up
$40 gone / unresponsive customer service
As the title states the app just took my money without even providing any service that they stated it would. Paid for annual service to be able to watermark multiple photos but unfortunately the app keeps prompting me to pay again. I had no problems with that until I tried contacting customer service. Which they just left me on seen twice with no response. Like seriously? Two full weeks I’ve been patient. No response, do yourself a favor and dont download this app.
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