2.6 (34)
116.7 MB
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Current version
Newark Public Radio
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for WBGO.org

2.56 out of 5
34 Ratings
2 months ago, Frowning listener
Very finicky. It was to be powered by AirKast. Couldn’t pull station up on phone and tried to delete and replace, for some reason can’t recapture app on phone. Station and music is great. I’ve been a supporter and helping to increase listeners but this has been a bad experience. Hopefully you guys can rectify from your end.
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1 year ago, Nightstick23c
Jazz Is My Life!
I usually live streamed via the web and lately encountered some transmissions issues (which they admitted to). So I tried the app on my phone and listened to jazz all night without any problems here in Manila. Just downloaded the app to my iPad. I was very happy! Three months later the app is suddenly shutting off after 2 minutes. I’ve reloaded the app on both my iPhone and iPad but it doesn’t help. I’m changing the rating from 5 stars to 1 in hopes that it might get better. Now I’m frustrated and not happy at all.
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2 years ago, AnonymousNYCLES
October 2022 version is surly
After working through the new interface of this app, I started listening as I usually do - while reading emails & scrolling websites - when the sound stopped. After I found that I had not accidentally turned it off, I discovered that this app will not connect to WBGO if I go to any browser. The app transmits what WBGO is broadcasting when I read my emails, but stops when I go to any browser. I deleted the app.
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2 years ago, Memphian FromNY
Terrible “Update”
The new app seems more interested in everything but the smooth continuous play of the on air content. I’ve been using the app since it was introduced several years ago and a listener since WBGO was “born”. Emphasis now seems to be on push content and things like social media. Partnership with Airkast is wrong move. I’ve gone back to listening via my browser on iPhone and iPad. Can we get a rollback?
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11 months ago, WVN
Very Buggy!
This new app that WBGO has to stream their station is very buggy and constantly crashes. Why changed from the old one is beyond me. it was easier and nicer to use, and I don’t remember it ever crashing. WBGO, a little help, please?
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1 year ago, shop partners
Airkast App is Awful
The switch to the Airkast app has been terrible. The volume level between dj talk and a song is very inconsistent. Sometimes soft than to loud. The app stops and starts often. The page navigation is not intuitive. I have reinstalled the app a few times with no changes. I have been a longtime online listening member and Airkast is a step backwards. Please rethink a new app.
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2 years ago, SpinX3
Starting and stopping songs with this app with my AirPods
For some reason, I can’t start or stop this app with my AirPods. It also doesn’t work when connected to a docking station in my mind in a face to the Apple Store and stop feature is not there.
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9 years ago, BrooklynDad
Needs Improvement
I m a WBGO-FM monthly supporter and I love listening to the station. However this app does not fill that need because it will cut out after 10 minutes and not attempt to reconnect. Would much appreciate an update of this app to fix the technical glitches as well as improvements such as playlist, record jacket notes etc. so the app enhances the experience of listening to this great radio station.
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2 years ago, S@NYC
October 2022 upgrade functions poorly
Easier to listen via the web browser. This new version is clunky, impossible to navigate and won’t work in landscape mode on the iPad. I deleted the app after much frustration. The prior version was simple and effective.
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4 months ago, RichJoshua
This is my go- to station to stream. Excellent job on the app and website. Beautifully executed.
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1 year ago, Elmo Lincoln
NO to Airkast
Clicked on the app and was greeted by a long screed in tiny print from something called Airkast. The only thing I could make out on my phone screen was the part that read something like “agree to this or else”. I don’t agree. NO to Airkast.
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2 years ago, YogawithSam
Not agreeing to Airkast
Recently became a sustaining member. Not happy with this new Airkast partnership. Loved the old app especially the sleep option. Hope I can find that option when playing thru the website. Please get rid of Airkast.
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2 years ago, Ms.Reluctant Tweeter
Bad Privacy Policy
The privacy terms of the new app are unacceptable. Also, privacy is managed by AirKast, NOT Newark Public Radio, which is listed as the developer. Very misleading. I love wbgo but deleted the app and hope the station will reconsider its vendor. I see I’m not the only one.
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2 years ago, DonaldLosAngeles
Invasion of privacy/waiving your rights
During a time when invasion of privacy has become of great importance, the new included 22 page AirKast terms and user agreement for the WBGO app, casts user privacy to the wind. Users in California are expected to WAIVE their rights. WBGO needs to reevaluate their partnership with AirKast. I feel using this app will seriously invade my privacy. There are several other apps a party can use to access online radio stations.
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2 years ago, Bugs 001
Read their new privacy policy, it's almost Orwellian
They made a deal with the devil. Their new privacy policy seems to say that they own all the info on your connecting computer. Bye bye WBGO. It was great while it lasted.
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10 months ago, Landscape pls
Auto rotate
Please make this app able to render in landscape mode for those devoted listeners with iPads docked at their desks. Thank you
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2 years ago, NNJRob
New App October 2022
How do we access the HD-2 stream from the app? And what’s with this overly long lack of privacy notice?
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2 years ago, muchekangelo
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7 years ago, molefi
Slowly fading away
I listen to WBGO on my iPad or iPod. Recently the station stays connected for only five to ten minutes. I live in the Jazz limited state of North Carolina and had a break through when I discovered the great apps. Either technology has passed you by or for whatever reason, my pleasure is short lived. I hope this is just a glitch, but so far it's been about three months. If it can be fixed, kudos, if not kudos! Somebody cares @ WBGO, this app is my go to now. I moved to South Carolina and the station gets better with time
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5 years ago, LunarModule1
Great new interface
Finally! It just plays when I click the app icon, no more looking for another button, no more deciding on the live broadcast or a (fantastic) program from the vault. Do poke around on the site, there is a whole universe of impeccable reporting, reviews and programming that keep this timeless music in rhythm with your heart. Thank you to the management for understanding that I just can’t wait to hear my BGO. Great improvement on the app of the greatest radio station in the world.
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6 years ago, @SongDuck
Love WBGO. Love Real JAZZ.
I’m a long-time listener & supporter. I’m also a songwriter and jazz musician. WBGO is the last of local jazz broadcasts in the NYC area. I used to listen to WBGO on radio, until we moved out of NYC to Long Island. Right on the edge of broadcast coverage. Getting a decent signal is hit or miss. So glad I found the app. I can listen to live broadcasts clearly, from anywhere! The app also has many of their shows on-demand. If you like jazz, you need this app!
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3 years ago, Soul de Lune
Jazz Organ etc...
I love WBJO. Been listening for 20 years. I happen to a Hammond lover. And a lot is played on the station. Good sound . I hope one of the programmer is reading this as I would love to hear a tune from our latest album with “Soul de Lune” being played. Or “Generations” by Melvin Sparks, Don Williams, Joe Hrbeck and Jeff Soulman Brown. Will find under Jeff’s name. A tune called “cousin Larry” written by Jeff for Larry Young. Just keep playing the music that the world loves .
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5 years ago, Explorationsofa
LOVE WBGO, but app has a couple glitches
Man I LOVE LOVE everything about WBGO and it’s fantastic they have an app now where I can listen to them wherever I go. But this review is just on the actual app. Why is it that whenever I’m listening to an on demand program on the app (Jazz Night in America, interviews of artists who come in, etc) the stream STOPS playing and then I have to re-open the app and listen from the beginning? This is super annoying. But anyway WBGO rules, best Jazz station ever.
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2 years ago, Daddy_Dee
21st Century tech
I’ve listened to this station since I was a teenager in NYC and my home stereo is only tuned to it but I don’t play it often since everything is now digital. But I finally loaded the app on my phone and I play it on the go even more now. I just love having it on my phone now and I can Bluetooth it on my speakers outside.
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5 years ago, EyeKnit4U
Great Jazz access
I left New York City in 2006. Have not found a local Jazz station since. Was visiting relatives in New Jersey in my car and was thrilled to find the station for the week and was ecstatic that I could take your music home with me! The app is a Dream come true. I live in a tiny house (364 sq ft) in southern South Carolina reception even for any music is hit or miss but now I have joy in my life again! Thanks!
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5 years ago, Sky Blue G
I was looking for great Jazz radio to stream and I love this channel.
I alternate between KMHD from Oregon where I used to live and my new, more local WBGO. My reception in Westchester County is scratchy over the fm airwaves, but I love to stream from my iPhone and ipad while I sleep and drive. Great content, love this station but still familiarizing myself with the programming as I’m a new listener. Plan to also listen to WBGO while at the office. Great App too.
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8 years ago, Biz Mark
Finally an update!!
I live and breathe WBGO and have been limping along with the app for years. Thrilled that they've finally updated it. The multitasking compatibility alone is worth 5 stars. Other features are great too. I've always had issues with the feed dropping intermittently (some days constantly, others not at all) - hoping too this update may help that. I LOVE WBGO!!!
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4 years ago, nikkhakee
Works anywhere without any problems
I must say, I am surprised at how good the wbgo app works and how well it is organized. It is obvious great care and thought has been taken on the design of the app opening page. Schedules, recent programming, archives, relevant news, all there and easy to find. Technically, I use it with zero glitches as I travel be it California or Florida.
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2 years ago, Kktid
A truly must•have app!
I first listened to WBGO when i came across it while on a drive from central NJ to Boston area, on the near-NYC portion of the trip. What a godsend! That was some 15 years ago; while my life has certainly changed in that time, i'm Very Happy to once again have WBGO to listen to, particularly without the 5 hour drive ;-)
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14 years ago, Obdictum
Listener Appreciation
If this app - which is downloading as I type this - even comes CLOSE to functioning, I will be a very happy camper. Happy enough, in fact, that I will finally let my conscience win and make the telephone call to re-join the station by making a modest donation. I guess this is more a review of WBGO than this app in particular - but jazz stations don't get much better.
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14 years ago, _ahab_
Thank You!!
Great app. Beyond the obvious benefit of being able to listen to fantastic programming through a simple an intuitive interface, background streaming is a big plus. The alarm clock function is pure genious. Please donate and don't let this premier jazz station go the way of so many others. Long live WBGO!
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8 years ago, Woodsidegirl
Jazz class is on session
I'm soooo very thankful for this app. My workplace has blocked ALL music sites. At last I can listen while I work! I've been listening to WBGO for over 20 years. I appreciate being a member of this fine institution. The app has been a Godsend for me. If you like jazz, or want to learn about jazz. This station is indispensable. Thanks!
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5 years ago, alpineinc
Best way to enjoy the best jazz station in the country!
This app is a dream come true for those of us often fighting to get a clear signal for BGO even in NJ. Seamless, stutter-free, and the added bonus of the great 2nd station, the online HD “The Jazz Bee” with new/emerging artists, so double the music pleasure (I switch back and forth all the time). Don’t hesitate, download it now!
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8 years ago, arswaim
A great way too listen on the road
I love this app when I'm traveling, especially the alarm function. My only criticism is that with a poor cellular data connection the alarm sometimes fails to go off. With a WiFi or good cellular signal I've never had any problems, however.
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7 years ago, Awsguy
Great app, great "radio"
WBGO is one of the top jazz stations in the world. Personally, I've been listening to Rhythm Review since long before there were smartphones or even a Worldwide Web. Now that I live far far away from the NYC metro area, this app makes it possible to listen to BGO and its archives every Saturday morning. Thank you.
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7 years ago, CityGirl61
So Much Better
I love listening to WBGO and this app is so much better now. There's no more dropping out and freezing. It comes in clear and beautiful whether I'm listening on my phone or my desktop. Thank you so much for making it better. Definitely 5 stars!
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5 years ago, Felis Concoulor
I’m in Los Angeles and WBGO, the App and the sound quality has been superb so far. The programming has been excellent with already noticeable differences from KKJZ here in L.A. I’ve only been a new WBGO member for two days and so far I’m very impressed! Thanks to you folks for what you are doing to help keep Jazz alive! Stephen J. Jacobs 2nd generation Jazz Musician
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2 years ago, rcour65
Love this station!!
WBGO was one of many things I missed about my 13 years in NYC. Now, with the app, I don’t have to miss it any longer. Loads of features & everything functions perfectly.
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8 years ago, Eileenknits
Doesn't get better than this!
When I lived in NYC I was a frequent listener to WBGO. I was sad that I couldn't pick it up from my home in the suburbs. I am thrilled that this excellent app makes listening to one of my favorite stations possible again. Thank you!
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7 years ago, steamboat disco stu
The whole thing?
Love the music especially the variety, Saturday soul, and no commercials. But being able to scroll through the archives would be SO welcome. Sometimes I'm not able to listen to the entire show in one sitting and it would be great to pick up where I left off.
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2 years ago, dandylion29
I found this radio station during Covid and it really soothed and uplifted my spirit, when I needed it most. I love it and listen to it daily. It has rekindled my love of Jazz in all its forms. I call it WBGO go because I following this station where ever I go!!!
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2 years ago, Kat-tee
Cuts off sometimes…
I love WBGO and love the app. However over the past year, I’ve noticed that the app will just turn off. This does not happen with other radio station apps so assuming it’s not a Wi-Fi or device issue. Nevertheless, I am and will remain a devoted listener.
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5 years ago, sarandipihty
love listening in car in NYC area now I can take it everywhere
Really glad i’m no longer geographically limited in getting my jazz / news fix. I keep it on almost all day. Love everything about this station.
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3 years ago, CharLovesMusic
Great! My go to station
WBGO has been my go to station for the past 10 years! I’m grateful and happy and proud that they have this app. My only thing is improve is being able to see the song title and artist name in real time. But I’ll still be here. Thanks WBGO!
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8 years ago, BillyLord
Couldn't be easier
I used to listen to WBGO through the NPR music app. The new WBGO app makes it easier - 1 click and you'll be tapped into the world's best jazz station. The play list and cover art help open your eyes and ears to new artists as well as classics rediscovered.
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5 years ago, miyataguy
Better than it used to be
Kudos to bgo for continually improving general performance of the app. It used to crash a lot on my iphone but now se's to be pretty stable. Could load faster and maybe a sleep timer, but truthfully, I'm just grateful to be able to get bgo at all now that I don't live in NYC. Long live wbgo!
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4 years ago, Obctdoc
Jazz Lover’s App
If you love jazz and want to have more info than simply the name of the tune this app keeps you connected with all things Jazz in US and the world. Truly recommend it. This channel survives because of us, dedicated listeners and public funding so enjoy.
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6 years ago, 99uniform
Terrific JAZZ programming
Been a WBGO listener since before “internet” or “app” was a household word. maybe late 70’s, early 80’s when i lived in NYC. Now in almost complete JAZZ exile about mid-state eastern NY, still got my LPs. It is/was refreshing to find this app to reconnect. BTW, WBGO streaming feed is also available on the NPR News app.
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14 years ago, Thaloniousp
About time
It is downloading as we speak but this what the iPhone has been missing. We hbe other great Radio apps but this is designed for the Jazz lover in all of us. Can't wait to get to it! =]
Show more
5 years ago, UES Jazz
One of the Great Jazz Stations
Been a listener and supporter for 30 years . The app like most music apps has it’s moments of rebufferiing but works most of the time - lots of info to be had while listening which enhances the apps benefits
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