WBLS 107.5FM

4.7 (438)
29.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
HOT 97
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WBLS 107.5FM

4.68 out of 5
438 Ratings
5 months ago, Iczion
I enjoy listening to WBLS on my phone, but for some reason the last couple of days it won’t pull up it’s been going off for about a week now really what’s wrong but other than that I really enjoyed it
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7 years ago, SleepyDeenie
Why so many commercials
I make sure to start up the app at 6 am to catch The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Right after his morning motivation monologue it goes to commercial for the next 20-30 minutes unless I remember to refresh the app to find the connection to the morning show. When I do get to tune in the crew is going to commercials. This is a problem especially when I want to hear the news with Ms Ann. She start going in on the most important issues in our country and guess what COMMERCIALS. Even with my location on to get better reception or a better connection I have endless, repeated commercials ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
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5 months ago, Alwaysme131
Not playing
I listen to WBLS every morning on my phone on my way to work and for the last week its not playing smh one deleated and re downloaded and it’s still not working
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5 years ago, Wandafu1
Thank you for sharing this beautiful music and great talented DJ staff. I have been a listener since preteens. Now in my early seventies l still enjoy listening and can bring it with me anywhere. Keep it up, this station and music are winners!
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5 months ago, Coco Bevy
App issues
Something is happening with the WBLS app. It doesn’t connect anymore. If you go to app support you can Live Listen. But, I can’t get it to working even after deleting and reinstalling. Please send help!
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6 years ago, 9045672
WBLS is the best station on the radio it’s very informative and directed towards the black community and the world. The Steve Harvey in the morning is very good and a blessing with the word of the day. Saturday night with Red Alert and Bent Rock and the lineup that follows is official!!! Keep it up!! and be blessed.
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4 years ago, lexinc
BLS App is the best Music App! I’m based in VA but I always have my BLS on at home or in the car using my iPhone and will enjoy it all day! Best Music APP! When is it going Global so I can travel with it also? ;)
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5 months ago, PicaBica
App is no longer working
I love listening to WBLS in my phone. The app stopped working and I have removed and downloaded it twice and it still does not work. What’s going on?
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5 months ago, Pam 022
WBLS app
I have been listening to WBLS for several months on the app, however all of a sudden the app doesn’t respond to my commands. I can no longer play music. I tried deleting the app and installing it but nothing.
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7 years ago, ZësT
Steve Harvey Morning Show/Lenny Green!
I can listen to this station all day long and never grow tired! The reception is crisp and I even blue tooth my phone to my car stereo.
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5 years ago, Megzodlex
Happy listener
I’m a “growing up in Tneck NJ listening to Frankie Crocker and Moody’s Mood in the 70’s” BLS listener... LOVE y’all... all the way from Nashville TN! Thanks for still being the station I Still now can choose ❤️
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5 months ago, 72rocker
Can’t pull
Can’t pull show on my I phone. One week now.
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4 months ago, wntrchild
Used to love the app but every since it was so called fixed, haven’t been able to use it. Cuts out the service is spotty at best, sound quality is terrible,. Please fix this, it’s the only station I listen to.
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4 years ago, Kbj2955
Great R & B Station
It is a pleasure to be able to listen to WBLS from anywhere! The variety of DJs and music is great! Keep up the fantastic work!
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5 months ago, AreDee24
What’s going on?
Why does the Hot 97 app work fine but the WBLS App is total trash??? It’s been glitchy for the past couple of weeks and it’s not even working right now.
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5 months ago, Jay NYC-ATL
Something wrong
App is not working
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5 years ago, W908527
The one flaw that makes it annoying
The streaming will suddenly drop in mid stream and then take up to a minute to come back up.
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4 years ago, Trini4th
Work Out
This is my workout app until the Gym re-opens. They play WBLS when I'm there .
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7 years ago, DivaEva11212
Looped Commercials
This app needs an update. I try to listen in the mornings but I am usually unable to hear the actual radio show and instead listen to 45 minutes of the same 3-4 commercials. I'm sure that I can't be the only one experiencing this issue.
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7 years ago, Its's Great!
Really needs to be updated.
App needs to be retweeted. Does not show the song history or what is currently playing. Please update soon.
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5 months ago, Lilareese
107.5 Wbls fm radio
For over a week now I haven’t been able to access or play this radio station on my iPhone,and I don’t know why when I have been for well over a year in the past..What’s going on now??
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5 years ago, Spcl"K"
Only way to drive to work.....
Is with the Steve Harvey Morning Show! Nephew’s pranks are off the chain! Thanks morning crew.
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5 months ago, Not@mmmmmmmmmm
App keep crashing
App was good before the last update. Now it keep crashing & the app closes as soon as you start it. Need a new bug fix or update because this app does not work at all
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4 years ago, Ms Pookie
Native NY’er that no longer lives in NY but so glad I can still listen. Keep up the good work... Love the music..
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5 months ago, LadyK0176
I love the app also, but for the last could days it will not play. The app is frozen. Won’t open up. What’s going on? It’s not my phone.
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7 years ago, Prettacat
Long Island
I love you station!!!
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2 years ago, Jenksch
App Bugs?
Your app used to work when you changed screens - now it just turns off. Not cool. Tried downloading anew- the same thing happens. What has changed? Please fix this.
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2 years ago, GailHunter
Too many commercials before music
Too many commercials. I literally just finished listening to 21 commercials before music!! Huge turn-off
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5 months ago, Cutmaster Cliff
Not working
I love this app, but this new update has left this app unusable. So, whatever bugs that were fixed have created new ones…
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6 years ago, Souppie922
The best station!!
There’s no greater joy than hearing the WBLS app in Andalucia Spain (Cadiz) with the help of VPN. I’ll welcome commercials any day to hear what’s happening back in NYC! Peace and blessings.
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5 months ago, Concepts13001
App no longer loads
For a week now, the app no longer loads and eventually quits. I hope they fix the bug.
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5 months ago, Nakiyoskye
App No longer works
Said it was updated to fix bugs. Doesn’t work at all now
Show more
5 months ago, CMSLWC
No music.
The app stopped working two weeks ago. Apparently the update was not a fix.
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7 years ago, Commercial loop
Commercial loop
Commercials commercials I get caught in the morning dose commercial and it keeps looping over and over again
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5 months ago, Lovely day.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to listen to the station; WBLS 107.5 fm New York. This problem has been continuous for several weeks.
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6 years ago, Dorie c
Love this radio station been listen to this station Since Frankie Cocker and ken Webb was Dj’s
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5 months ago, xavier with star sans's
App has not been working for couple days now
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5 months ago, ask ddttghh uh khgf
Trouble loading
For about a week i have been unable to use the app .. please advise
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5 months ago, Nickname4!
App stopped working
The app no longer works on my iPhone or any iPhone I downloaded it too
Show more
4 years ago, LHinton
The only radio station I listen to...the best
Show more
7 years ago, bman50856
Needs work
Will work for a good time then drop!
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6 years ago, crooms
Dope App
The app keeps me close to my Jersey roots
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5 months ago, Hadiyah4
App Not Working
The app hasn’t been working for about a week now. What’s going on ??
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6 years ago, ELLEN41970
I love ❤️ listening to WBLS
Show more
7 years ago, King Say
The stream cuts off every minute. This is the worst app. Please fix it.
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7 years ago, Joba245
Best station to jam on
Show more
Love WBLS - The Best Station There Is - #djkoolredalert
Show more
5 months ago, NishaMorone
App glitching
WBLs App is glitching right now and, yall need to fix this ASAP
Show more
4 years ago, SYLVIA BAKER
Show more
5 months ago, 2Annoyed2
Not working
WBLS App is not working!
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