WDAMAGE: Car crash Engine

4.3 (13.3K)
1709.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dmitry Antipov
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WDAMAGE: Car crash Engine

4.29 out of 5
13.3K Ratings
2 years ago, gabe kuik
Suggestions to make the game better
The game is really great and all I think it really is kind of realistic but maybe one thing you could do is make it to where we can build our own cars and maps and more items for maps and a lot of things to build cars fix the crashing and add multiplayer and also maybe a little more like realistic crash physics and like more maps, humor, realistic type cars maybe you make like Sim maybe part of the game or you can like get out and interact with all the panels and switch cameras like inside view and first person would make the game way more realistic and make sure I can like interact with a lot of things and also, I really do suggest that you do make it to where we can build our own cars and if you do do all this and could you please put in multiplayer and with chat, I will officially give you a five star rating and if you do do this thank you.
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5 years ago, j@cks0n G.
Great game, but a few problems
I absolutely love this game. It’s pretty realistic for the most part. I also love the slo-motion button. However, there is one thing that I really dislike. The number one thing that I absolutely HATE is when you are in the air and you push one of the turn buttons, the car rotates in the air. This is really aggravating and it makes the game more unrealistic. Also, usually when I apply a different paint from the default paint and choose a map, the paint doesn’t change and stays at the default paint. Lastly, I have a few suggestions. I think there should be a traffic mode. I guess sort of to the bots in the crash map, but since they are programmed to attack you, I think there should be an attack mode and traffic mode. I also think that there should be a repair button, where while in game, you can push a repair button and the car repairs and goes back to normal after being crashed, instead of having to push the restart button and going through the ad. All in all, I think that this game has some great potential and it’s a very fun game, but there are a few things that could be changed. P.S. WHEN IS MULTIPLAYER COMING!!! Me and my friend have been waiting for multiplayer for a while now (shout out to myboiryan) however when you put multiplayer in DO NOT PUT IN CHAT!!!
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4 years ago, reddragonslayer
Great game but requesting changes
Hey you guys actually listened to my and other players requests for a traffic mode, and I’m not saying it’s bad or anything but... it needs fixing. I’m sure you guys will make more traffic maps but befor you do you need to fix the current one. I think you guys should make it so that you can also damage the civil cars, it would make it more realistic that them just stopping and you getting damaged. Also for the racing maps you should add the option to add bots to race with. That would make the racing maps way more fun. Also it would be nice if you could add an option for turning on/off turning in the air. That would be nice. I only like to use it to turn back over when I’m upside down, so you guys can probably make a button to turn back over. Ok 2 more things. You should add a heist mode where you could run from cops. That would be EPIC. And then the crash physics are improving every update and I love that, but they definitely still need improvements. There are still time where I crash into something and am totally fine. Overall it’s a great improving game and you should not stop updating and making it better cause this is one of my favorite game to play. There is a reason I’m still giving 5⭐️
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1 year ago, Zachary Heyl
Great game, Please Read this
If you are looking for an awesome car crashing game, we’ll you found it. This game is so cool with lots of cars and maps. The crashing is so realistic. There is ads but not like spamming ads it’s like when you choose a car and select a map it plays a 5-30 second ad. Please don’t let this not want you to play the game. It is fun. Also, developers and game creators I want to say something to you. You have done an amazing job on this game. I hate what the haters say. I know you guys work hard for this game. Thanks for the new car last update which was the car I asked for, the Jeep Wrangler. Just want to say thanks. I do have suggestions like a police mode and have the city traffic turn right in the right turn lane instead of the lane they stay in. I know that is hard because it might be hard to program the traffic to change lanes. I have tried my own game and it is very hard. The game is so awesome, keep up the good work and shun the haters. Please add my suggestions and others’ suggestions too. I love all the work you do and just want you to keep it up. It must have took a long time to get this game to what it is now. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day. 👍😃
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1 year ago, martinez cesar urbina
Very good game.
I definitely love this game, it is very realistic, the graphics are super good and resemble the ones in the photos, something that I would love and something that would give the game a very, very good touch, is that they added bots, I know there are bots , but those bots are programmed to attack you and now, it would be great if they added bots to the highways, since they look very lonely, it would also be very good if they fixed a bug that when the car is in the air, and you touch it button to move the wheels, the car makes fast and crazy turns, that takes away from the game a bit realistic, it would also be nice if they improved the quality of the crashes a little more, I'm not complaining about how they are, they are very good and realistic I really love them, but it wouldn't be bad if they improved it a little more, I hope that with future updates it will become similar to BeangDrive, please, if one day it crosses your mind to abandon the game , don't do it, it's a really great game, few are the people who come to create such good games like this, magnificent work. Well, that's as far as it goes, thanks for reading my comment, we wait patiently for new updates.
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3 years ago, I want to be pilot
It’s the best the pictures are just like the real game the guy who said his phone crashes is because it’s full of garbage and his phone is garbage so it does not crash oh developer there is a glitch where you can move to the car you want and pick the map and you do not have to watch a ad for the car if it’s not unlocked and you just get it and you can use it i each the ad because this game is amassing I’ve have looked all over the App Store and I find your game I get it the crash graphics are being drive like I love it there is also this other glitch we’re if you tip over and you holed the move left or right button it makes you go flying I ment spin really fast that way if you have a nother phone or laptop get your game and tip over with every other car except the from 4000 car try the suv and tip it over and hit the turn left or right button and that’s the glitch I also do not care about the ads you don’t have to touch how many ads there are you worked really hard on the crash graphics and I love his game get it it is the best game ever now I’m going to play it
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2 years ago, you're mom's dad's mom'
Good game
Pretty cool game I really love how realistic it is and the great selection of cars it has those are some of the pros but here are a few cons When you select a new paint half of the time it doe’s save and another thing they did just fix is the pink some of the things used to be pink like car mirrors windows building idk what was happening but I’m glad that’s gone another thing that is kinda a problem is some of the cars Turing radius like for some of the sports cars it barely turns but overall game is fun to play when you have no internet it’s a good game to play also some requests maybe add multiplayer so friends can join and maybe an interior camera because some of the cars have nice insides I would love to see that in the future also one last thing add more trucks I know there is already one but I want more like whit the sports can you don’t just have one you have many well I’d have to say this game gets 5 out of 0 macaronis great game just love to see some improvements
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2 months ago, gikhtiurhfukhrutd
This game is recommended for many people.
I played VazCrashTest, and I like this game very more. Let's go over the pros, cons and suggestions. First, the game is very well with many realistic destruction details and realistic shades. This game is amazing and it has some features that makes you turn in the air. This may be a bug but I like it because it allows me to flip over the car if I want to. The game has many maps and even has a cheap premium. Let's go over the cons. Though there are not many problems with the game. I would love the destruction to be a tiny bit better, it will be perfect. Also, the cars in the big city don't take damage. Suggestions: First, make it so that way the map textures are much better to match the car realism. Another thing is to make the maps feel more free and have no borders until a diameter of about 250 miles. Another thing people love it's more physics, such as different POVS and dummies in the car. Another great thing is accessibility, such as having a certain amount of ads to be watched until you can play the premium maps, more people will love to try these maps and you are still getting profit. Overall, the game is amazing and is totally recommend for new comers. It has a beautiful asset and is keenly built by this developer. I hope there will be more people to join this game. well, good luck developing you game and I wish you and awesome toying around with it!
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2 years ago, Lucasaviz
this game is highly the game for users who like destruction, I want to tell the community about a Deformation update so the cat actually crumble in a crash. For the most part in some things I don’t like is when the car doesn’t crumble of the shape of the wall or corner it crashed on, also the cars in the game should all be equal but should have different mass depending on the look and type. This game is one of the top crashing apps here and want you to make it the best one for mobile, and don’t forget about an audio update. The awesome update was fine where you can build your own map it’s interesting, but also put more features like recover you vehicle on the same spot or teleport, and flip your car. These vehicles should have realistic engine sounds, and an engine inside of it instead of a picture. Keep up the good work and make this game the next generation of crashing on mobile
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3 years ago, blehhhh3
Just OK (if you want ads blasted in your face 24/7)
As soon as I launched this game, it asked me if I wanted for the game to track ads because I turned it on in my settings, and I did because it said it wouldn’t deliver useless ads (they weren’t all that useless though) and then I had to agree to tracked ads again, which I did. So when I got in the (quite subpar) menu, pretty much any interaction resulted in an ad that I had to watch. This would slightly anger me even if I asked it to not track for ads, but I did, and I know they make substantially more. Anyway, crash physics are OK for a mobile game (even if a little unrealistic at times) and graphics and maps are OK for a mobile game. But please, if I’m going to turn on ad tracking, tone down the ads, just to 1 before I start a map. I understand things have been rough with Apple disabling ad tracking by default on all phones, but every single time I reload my car, I get dumb ad with literal stolen gameplay footage to advertise their stupid car game. Thanks for making a great game, man.
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3 years ago, tipping problim
Good game but could use some Provement
Can you make it to unlock a car you need to watch one ad please and also when you put the color when you put the two bottom color and the top colors it stays on the car when you enter the game. And can you add multiplayer please and also to add friends to please can you also add cops on the game and more city maps and other maps and can you let the players make there own custom maps and can t ok add people driving the car and walking on the sidewalks can you also add it to where you can open doors and the hoad and the trunks of the car to open and can you add gas stations and if you run out of gas and there is no gas station around a tow truck will come and tow you to a gas station or fill you up and also tow your car away if it is broken or you get arrested and can you guys add houses that t out buy or rent and can park cars and can you guys add electric cars
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6 years ago, WolfeyPlayz73
Potential BeamNGDrive for mobile!
This game is great and very good, the crashes are satisfying as well as cool! The only things I have wrong with this that doesn’t change my review rating is... 1. When I’m going 100mph at a wall, I expect a very good and deadly crash, but most of the time, the car is fine, not even a dent, adding physics that are more realistic would be nice 2. Having to restart the map every time to fix your car is very tedious and annoying, having a button to fix it without restarting every time would be nice 3. A couple of different camera settings that would let you looks around without having to press that annoying camera button that takes forever to pan around, Ex. First person camera, free looking camera (a camera that you can look around with while driving), a freeze frame that lets you freeze and go around freely, looking at all of the damage you have caused to your poor car
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10 months ago, Jacob steve martinez
I have NEVER seen a better mobile car crash game better than this but it’s just this game does not have that good of physics all I ask is for it to be more realistic like if you actually going 300mph you have a REALLY bad accident like your whole car turns into a pancake type accident or if you get air and turn and hit a light pole on the side of you car your car goes in the direction of where you were driving because of the jolt basically make them game more realistic NOT in graphics (optional) but in how the car actually works when it crashes because if I’m going 300mph in the game and hit a pole or wall my car does not really like crumble just like in real like but ends up just bouncing? Please maybe make a mode where like there’s AI cars you can crash into and stuff you know? But over alll best crash game EVER your in your PRIME.
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3 months ago, That_Dude_Gio2290
Needs first person and some changes
This game really good and all but there is a changes that need to be done. First, you need to make the pause and camera button more bright. Whenever I’m playing the game and I want to get another car, I could barely see the buttons and I’m trying to see where the buttons are. Two, there needs to be first person. The car physics in this game are really good and all but I wished there was a first person mode to make things more realistic. Three, needs to be a restart button. When my car is totaled and I want to restart, I have to go to the settings and restart and watch adds. I also wished there was a restart button to easily just restart. Anyways this game is really fun and realistic enough. I like the cars and the maps and yeah, that’s all I have to say
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11 months ago, Mee5264
The most extreme game ever
I LOVE this game , and I’ve had it for a long time. I mostly play the Arena, since I love the smash and crash action. And my favorite car is the one that’s like a hovercraft. I have all the cars, and like that you only have to watch an ad to unlock some. But I’ve noticed a few problems, too. For example, say you’re upside down. You can flip right side up by pressing the turn button. But if you keep pressing it and don’t stop, your car basically turns into a tornado. Second, there’s the paint issue. Once, I painted all my cars green ( that’s my favorite color) but when I went back the next day, they were back to the default colors. However, these problems are no match for how good the game is. I actually have fun with the first issue. This is a five star game, and I’d like more of these games!
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3 years ago, Waggie doggie!
To the devs: It’s honestly painful at this point...
This game actually used to be halfway decent. But now It is really just getting worse and worse. I appreciate the updates for adding new cars and new worlds BUT there are a couple of big problems: even though the cars look really nice there are three main things that are really quite trash about this game: First. The physics are horrible just absolute trash. When I am doing anything the car will just randomly bug out and not dent at all and so many other painful things. Second: most of the worlds are trash. They are either completely bugged out or there are many problems so it isn’t even fun to drive in them. Third. The camera angles are horrible. Especially for bigger cars, you literally can’t see where you are going half the time so also not fun to drive anymore. So overall this game has potential and the car models are great but everything else is basically garbage. Please fix the game 🙏🙏
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5 years ago, Cornfl@kes
Nice game, few problems
Ok, so I just want to point out right away that this is a pretty good game. The destruction is nice, and I like the maps. Though there are a few problems in this game. First, and the thing I want to happen the most, is that I wish there was a traffic mode, that way it doesn’t look like the whole place is deserted. I like the car physics, but on the fancy white car, the things on the sides of the engine , when they break off, you don’t see what’s inside the car, you see the outside world. That’s weird. Also, when you crash, can you make sure that where you crashed is a dent. Also, I wish you could paint the colors of the car, different colors. I hope you can fix my problems with this game, hopefully. Thanks, and just one more time, this is an awesome game! Keep it up!
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10 months ago, CardCrane
Ai Update needed
So this game has great crash physics, and a lot of great maps, however this game lacks bots/ai in maps. Sure you can play large city which has traffic or a derby arena which has pretty good ai but this game would be great if it had more. #1. More of the city maps need traffic. #2. There are police in the city map large city but they don’t chase you if you speed or ram them. I think the police should turn on there lights and sirens and pursue you the way the ai in the derby maps do. That would make exciting police chases. You should also be able to get busted. #3. The racing maps should have race ai the go around the track without (usually) crashing. That would give you something to do on race map. #4. This isn’t really an ai thing but fix the glitch that occurs when your car gets air and then if you steer the car it does crazy barrel rolls. #5 There should be ai in the pinko looking map and the cargo crate falling map that will fall down with you and crash. I think if those update were added this game would be the best mobile competitor to the Pc game Beamng drive. DEVELOPERS READ THIS: If all of the changes above are added I will promise to buy the lifetime vip gamepass. Thanks! -CardCrane
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4 years ago, The Parent Warner
It’s ok, but the ADS!
I like the game but every 5 seconds there would be an ad and some of them I can X out on. It is ridiculous on how many ads there are. I hate it! When I am customizing my car right before I could play there is an ad! It is very aggravating and I hate that about this game!!! I deleted this game because it got on my very last nerve like the ads are insane!!!!!!! The graphics and stuff is pretty good and realistic and I like the slow mo and stuff just way to many ads. If these people can get half the ads out and all of the one you can’t X out on, out then and only then will I play this game again. Until then I will never play it. So if you have no patience and can’t deal with like NUMEROUS ads don’t play this game because you might break you phone. It is literally constant and every time you do a action an ad will pop up! So note to developers fix the ads that you can’t X out on and just STOP THE ADS IT IS OVERWHELMING!
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2 years ago, RayJayNay
Here’s a tip with the ads.
Just so you know, great game! I searched BeamNG Drive, thinking it was on mobile, but I was wrong. 😂 I just found this game and was like “Close enough!” But here’s a tip with the ads. One of the main reasons this app got a 4.2 out of 5 star rating is because all the ads. I was annoyed at first, but then found something to make sure you NEVER get ads! Just turn on airplane mode. It’s that easy! It will turn off WiFi. Since this game goes without WiFi, that means that it works with airplane mode on. And you can’t get ads with airplane mode on! Because if you turn on airplane mode.. yes, you were right. It turns off WiFi. And without WiFi, you can’t get ads! (I just realized that instead of WiFi, it should be internet, or maybe I’m wrong. Sorry!)
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4 years ago, Tokyokid47
Great Game overall, but one minor setback
Guy... great work here! This is the perfect crashing car game I’ve been looking for! The damage is great. It’s fun and easy to control. It’s everything I could have asked for in a game. I don’t even mind the ads. You guys deserve to be supported! But there is one issue that is not that big of a deal but just a nitpick I have. The color changing for the cars doesn’t work all the time. I don’t know if this is just my experience, but whenever I try to change my car color and load my car into a game, it doesn’t have the color I changed it too. Just the default color. Please fix this! I know it’s not that big of a deal but it would be nice if you fixed this. Hope you see this, and nice game overall.
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6 years ago, What pls help
Amazing but needs things
Hello. Before I begin please add boats and planes and some old fashion cars like ones with fins. Also make the cars have more soft body physics and change maybe some car models a little so you don’t get copyrighted. I have played this game and I honestly think it is amazing with the graphics, cars, and crash physics. But, I have found some things I want to be done, first of all most of the maps look okay (the newest three ones look amazing though) buttery need some work and re-texturing. Also some maps in the newest update are not able to preform well or at all. Also please add other vehicles such as planes and boats. Also please add more features like multiplayer. Over all the game is awesome and deserves more popularity. Those are just some things that might fix the game up.
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3 months ago, Connor Jandreau
Please read this
I love the game so much and it is so satisfying to watch the cars crash and it is just like the picture so yes it is definitely worth downloading and sure there are a lot of ads but it’s only $2 to get rid of then the game is ten stars but the only bad parts are that I wish that the cops would chase you if you hit someone or if you hit them and they would hit you until you can’t drive then you reset and play again and I wish the maps were bigger and that there were more maps and car. But my biggest wish of all is that I WISH THAT YOU CAN PlAY ONLINE OR LOCAL because I really want to play with my friends and my sister and we all have it and want to play online or local with each other.
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1 year ago, By jamon
This is best and realistic app ever!
Everytime I tried to download something different apps that are realistic, it's actually not realistic from other apps pretend that are realistic, I tried to find for years on last realistic is this. Actually I'm very curious to download this app but actually the cars seemed realistic! And I realized this on is the last realistic game ever been happy on mobile! And I choose something different maps and I tried to crash the car and it went WOW! THIS IS REALISTIC! I hope the future updates could look like in real life but there is a thing that makes a worst realistic part is that when your car is air and I rotate and make the car crazy and I was very crazy to try rotate cars to make realistic crash.
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5 years ago, Slay446
Random stuff
Ok so i love this game and it could be really great except certain things. Ok first the nitro doesn’t work if it does it only boosts you like 1mph a second. Second when the car crashes the mechanics for the car crash effects is basically just the car stretching I found that out cause it glitched and stretched so far out it was unreal and I couldn’t move. Third is that when you play on maps with ramps and you crash on them you go through them and get stuck I fell through the map where you fall and it looks like a jungle map 2 or 3 I believe. Lastly sometimes the cars don’t break or anything I try so hard but sometimes I’ll go over 100mph and hit a wall and it does nothing I know it’s a phone game but if you take your time with this it will be one of the best games on the store I’ll give 5 if you can fix most of these problems. Mainly the boost and wreck mechanics
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3 years ago, das.swanfish
Used to love it, 6 months into having it though…
I’ve downloaded this on several phones over the course of time. Loved it, up until a few months ago. The lagginess and glitches are minimal and therefore I can deal with them. However, when you click the “unlock” button next to either a vehicle or a map, it shows you an entire 30-45 second ad with no option to close out of it until it’s over. This used to mean that in return for watching the ad, you would unlock said vehicle or map. Now it just locks you into an ad, you exit out of it 30-45 seconds later, and it doesn’t ever unlock. Heck, I’d pay a couple bucks to unlock all maps/cars like I’ve seen in some apps. This just is a downfall I’ve found and it’s finally big enough for me to consider deleting the app if it doesn’t get fixed.
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4 years ago, KingJohnTheMemeLord
To Many Ads
So I was really enjoying the game for a couple months now whenever I wanna destroy vehicles but Ever since you added Ads I legit can’t even unlock the cars you put in the game. Everytime I hit the unlock button for a car it gives me an ad not only that but when the ad finishes I still can’t unlock it so I tried unlocking it once more and AGAIN I get an ad and now I can’t use any of the cars you intended to put in the game but that’s not the worst part Any button you press whether it’s to change a map , Leave the game, Or change your vehicle I get a Stupid Ad. I wouldn’t be writing a review if I didn’t care but I see a lot of potential in the game you created but please for the love of god Can you Cut down on the ads ? I would of given 5 stars but this is a problem that needs to be addressed so I’m sorry but I had to delete the game cause of that.
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3 years ago, Paradox_whoa
Big fan, may have found a bug though
I’ve been playing this for about 2 months, constantly updating yada yada, but I’ve noticed a little glitch, some of the cars (mainly some of the supercars) don’t even take damage, this may only be on certain maps, but sometimes it ruins the fun, also, for some reason, on the map that has the traffic driving around, the wheels of the traffic have no texture. If we can get a major damage update next, to where all cars have their own hitbox and damage model? And maybe not make all the suvs/trucks not be slammed on the ground? If all these are fixed it’s gonna be perfect in my eyes, though I may be asking for a lot I’ll be playing this for a long time, that’s for sure though :)
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6 years ago, questions and review
When is the online and derby coming
From 1-10 it would be a 10 just because the crash Physics are great and also because the developers are always fixing bugs making the game better with every update but I’m really just waiting for the online matches and the maps they release so I can try out the new things and also just a question in online will you be able to make your own maps and be able to play other peoples maps if not then there is a idea for you (one thing you have to fix and that is when I hit a wall really fast or on to anything it doesn’t crush the car the first time so I have to do it all I’ve again so I can see the crash)
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3 years ago, j4j5 😑
Cool game few things to say though
First of all this game has really good stuff like city’s and race tracks and other stuff, but when I see a car that I wanna unlock with an add, I unlock it, and it stays locked. another thing is a few of the maps are glitched to the point we’re it doesn’t have anything but a purple road, the suggestions 1.please add an engine model 2.please add a bugatti veyron Thanks for reading :) Edit: I also for got to mention the adds please reduce them to like 1 add after every 2-3 resets Edit: after downloading the game AGAIN I cant get any cars! So now I’m stuck with the starter cars because it won’t let me unlock the cars, please fix this!
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3 years ago, kid897120
Best car crash game out there!
I was going to get this or this Chain car game trash. But this game is the best car game out there and the new updates that come out very often makes the game much more enjoyable and challenging with the new maps the devs know how to keep it real, but it dose have a few bugs here and there and ads, after every time you restart the map but if your such a baby about ads just turn off your WiFi and did I mention that you don’t need WiFi to play? But they do update the cars and map but a new game mode would be great and friends? It would blow up so much more. Anyways really really good game would recommend
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5 years ago, Hello Person03
Still My Preferred Car App, But It’s Now Unplayable
This app is still my preferred app, however it’s now become unplayable on my phone. Whenever I try and open the app, after about 10-20 seconds it crashes onto my home screen. Every. Time. This has only been an issue since the latest update (that added the van). I’d really like this fixed if possible as this app is one I really enjoy. Another issue I have which isn’t major is the lack of unique car sounds and the lower quality of the car designing for the recently added cars. For instance, the cars original to the game had unique sounds for each car and also the exhaust backfire was actually located at the exhausts. This isn’t the same for the newer cars with the same engine sounds and randomly placed backfires. These aren’t major issues but it would be appreciated if they were fixed!!!
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3 years ago, boring khaled
Require’s adjustment for the physic’s
The game is extremely entertaining however the crash physic’s require adjustment as the result of crashing into a wall is odd and similar to a cartoon and not real life due to the result’s of said crash the vehicle’s would mainly either be strangely dented and deformed from the middle of the vehicle’s or stretched and clipping through the hood and tire’s of the vehicle’s which eradicate’s the perception of simulating reality as I assume is the intent of the game.I believe to adjust and understand the physic’s of crashing vehicle’s you should watch and attempt to decently mimic the result’s of vehicle speed crash examination’s to accumulate more sophistication’s for the soft body physic’s.
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Just today there has been a new update, and I must say the new graphics engine (I think) is looking really good. The cars look better than before, and they are much shinier! The car shadows are a little wonky, but are otherwise fine. The damage model did get a little weird, parts of the parts will kind-of disappear, at times giving a beautiful view of the suspension(The only car this happened with was the Aston, which is the only one I tried, and it only happened when it landed on its roof). Overall I’m really excited for what the future will bring for this game, especially for the map editor( it was unusable for me prior to this update, as the UI would be half off the screen(I use an iPhone SE), so that bit does need adjusting (if you aren’t already aware). Great job! Review 1: I love this game. I would suggest a challenge series to keep people engaged in the game for longer. A cockpit camera would be nice, too. Could you also add different control layouts and such? That would be great.
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2 years ago, MixCFalconXtreme
Amazing Game, But Questions
Amazing game, yes. But my questions are: 1. Can you add 4 Tesla’s? It would be awesome. The Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X. Next, can you fix the part where you click the turn button and the car DOESN’T rotate? Please fix that. I highly recommend adding the 4 Tesla’s, but I agree with j@cks0n G. Please fix the car when it’s in air, please make it to the point where it doesn’t rotate while clicking a turn button. Now, can you add like cars that are popular, like BMW iX. But the thing is, you really need to change the part where if you click the turn button, the car doesn’t rotate. But it does look more fun.
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3 years ago, foxyispro552
Ok, this game is awesome and I’ve been all over it now because THERES A BUGATTI IN GAME NOW. Coming to thought of cool things to add, I have a few suggestions. Dev team, if your reading this, take notes: 1. Add an online mode so players can PvP and race with not only AI, but with real people. 2. Add a way to record things so if something gut bustingly funny happens then you can record it and save it to the library 3. Add some new customization options other than colors (spoilers, body kits, etc.) This would make cars stand out way better. 4. Take away some ads. The game has so many ads I literally turn off WiFi just to play it XD. Maybe just back it down with a bit, not saying to take me away, just take a few away. 5. NEW CARS!!! I feel like you guys have some new car ideas and I have a few for you guys. Mainly add some Ferrari’s and the new SSC Tuatara (nickname could be Whiplash). I hope that some of these ideas get noticed and you consider adding them. If not, that’s totally fine, for they are just suggestions.
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6 years ago, Yo177
This game is really good
I love how the game is turning out, but I have some requests. In the city map, I would like to Spohn in different types of traffic vehicles that could go around the city, because right now, the city is empty. Sometimes it gets really boring. If you add that one thing, that would be awesome. I would find myself being in the city map more than I usually am right now. Also, we could use a little more variety of bot types in the arena. It would make the battles little more immersive, because there’s more types of cars fighting against you. Also, the other cars seem to go after me, but don’t go after each other when having a lot more than one. Other than those reasons, the game is really great. Other than that, thanks for making a great game!
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5 years ago, famerzboy
Love this game
Honestly This game is great but I’m not just gonna hype this game as the best game ever, those beamng drive craving people, this is your game it’s realistic at times and people expecting a 20/10 game for iOS are dumb because it’s an iOS game not a pc with tons data basing crap in it, so if your reading this like I do cause I care about the quality of my games then you should download this game and play it and if it’s not your type thats 100% ok. Just saying it’s a great game that I’ve had for a long time( if your sick of ads turn off cellular data or play it without WiFi and you never get ads trust me) anyway if you have read all the way down here then hi 👁👄👁 🦵🏿🦵🏿
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3 years ago, Guitar915
Fun, but had to uninstall
Why I uninstalled: Ads. Okay this is a free game, so I wanna go easy on the developer but you’ve gotta be making some money on this game with all the ads right? Like I truly don’t think I’ve ever downloaded an app with so many ads, and no option to pay to remove them. I would pay $5, maybe even $10, to remove the ads but this game is unplayable to me with all the interruptions. Aside from ads.. What I like: Graphics Visually, the game is great! Good details, scenery. Obviously you can tell it’s not real, but it still is visually appealing. What I don’t like: Mechanics and no sound. Driving is fine, but when I hit a wall and bounce off the ground, if I press the right or left turn button in the air, the car spins like a skateboard doing a kickflip, and literally starts flying as if the physics engine just broke! It’s insane and no car would do that either. And no sound?! With all the ads aren’t you making some money?? At least enough to do some sound design? 😂 I’m not mad either, it’s honestly funny/perplexing cause it feels like you’re missing a good opportunity here!
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4 years ago, Nightviper4
Love this game but want a few changes
I love this game but I think you should add better or more realistic engine sounds to give you the experience or a real car. Also I think there should be a mode we’re you can run from cops or spawn cops in a map. Another thing is I think the civilian cars should act and look more realistic and should get damage as well as you. Also you should put in a new drag racing map we’re you can race other cars. And I think you should be able to upgrade your cars to. All in all I love this game and can you please make some of these changes.
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2 years ago, Chiapasboy
Amazing game for Boredom!
The game is great and I love the variety of cars and colors for them. I love the slow-mo camera and camera angles. The fact that you can go open world and do all types of stunts and driving is really great. Only problem I have is that after the updates, the game doesn’t let you change the color of your car as when you enter in-game, the color resets. The crashes are not as realistic anymore, and some of the maps are glitchy and not rendered in correctly which leads you to be stuck falling. But other than that, the game is flawless!
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3 years ago, car extrem
Add more to the game and more better improvement,s
Hey I really love y’all’s game and I love y’alls crash physics as well but there’s some things I want y’all to add and make y’all’s game more better is to make y’all’s crash physics kind more like Bmg drive and I want y’all guys to add parts fall off under the cars and trucks and make the headlights fall off and break and in the camera mode y’all need to add the interior mode as well and add more cars and truck and add a simi truck as well also a big thing add night mode and that’s it keep up the good work and make it a little bit like bmg drive good luck.
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2 years ago, DankDoodles56
I love this game, but the ads.
when the game was relatively new, i bought an option to remove ads and it really let me enjoy the game. recently i have been getting ads again, not the tolerable ads that only pop up every 5 minutes, but every time you click something, it’ll give you an ad. the developers have also removed the remove ads option and restore purchases button as well. overall i absolutely love this game, its really fun and has re-playable value, i just wish they would add back a payable ad removal option.
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10 months ago, CR££P
This game is good
This game is good but I think I can speak for everyone when I say there can be improvements the can DRASTICALLY change this game, like crashes with other cars in arena doesn’t observe very well, and the cars bounce off each other, and the fact you can spin in air, isn’t really needed, there can really just be a button that flips/resets the car. And this is very optional but the sounds do get kinda repetitive with all the cars sharing one sound just in different tones, and yea that’s kinda it, keep up the good work. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Spare_Cardboard0238
Good game, but just too many ads
First of all, let me say, this game is nice, I’ll play it for maybe an hour then stop, but there are just too many ads. I mean, really? Do you think we need an ad thrown in our face every 2 seconds? When I load in a map, there’s an ad, quit the map or refresh, there’s an ad. Heck, I can’t even play the game correctly without having an ad in my face advertising some game or institute or something. Also, a few ideas. 1: traffic, every map looks like a ghost town. 2: Races, I feel like you should get an option on race, road, off-road, or stunt maps to race with A.I. or other players that have the option on. Thank you for your time, I hope you agree with me.
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9 months ago, ObsessiveBritFan
Pretty good game but it takes a long time for new cars
Well it’s good it takes a long time but don’tFeel bad it’s a good game I have never hadA realistic car crash game like this what wasI talking about aLittle earlier ago oh yes it was about it takes a long time for a new car to come but I’m having fun with the game it’s better than my other crash games it’s good that’s why I put five stars because it’sA good game keep making these games their cool games🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 but one thing it crashes every ad I think you need to update it and pls remove the ads
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3 years ago, SteelGhost82
Great game but there is a problem that really needs to be fixed like ASAP!
So there is a bunch of cars and maps but then I get bored of using the same cars and maps all the time and then when I click the unlock button for either a car or a map it puts you in a like 20 second ad then when the ad is over it never unlocked the map. So basically your just watching an ad for no reason this really needs to be fixed ASAP! But other then that the game is great if this problem gets fixed it will get 5 stars.
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4 months ago, Car engine lover
I’ve played a lot of car games for a while and then best thing you could add is more cars and a steering wheel to controls the car would be better instead of the two buttons it makes it more realistic. You should add a camera mode were you see the interior the cars you should add are LaFerrari Mercedes Maybach S class BMW I7 BMW I8 the Bugatti Bolide Apollo automobil and. A BMW M8 that would bring more people to the game and i play this game a lot so id love to see new hyp0er cars. And maybe you could add a F1 car just maybe
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4 years ago, phejdiz
To many ads
Theres to many ads, even if you didn’t pay to get rid of ads it’s still to many I can’t even respond my car without a ad about a dying website appear. But the Physics are ok except when you hit something really hard at a big speed your car just does a small little bounce then land 🧐 and the graphics, you can have them all the way up and the games not nearly as good as the pictures they show you and the wreaked car the show you in the app right before you get it ARE LIES, and you have to watch more ads to get a car smaller then a small truck don’t buy it because it’s a trap, a big one to CORONA VIRUS 😷🤢🤮🤮
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2 years ago, robloziscool
GOOD GAME! But needs more things
I been playing this game for about 1 or 2 years I have lost count. But I love how the physics are but it need a few this make sure when you crash into a car in the city’s make the bot stop and when you crash into the police car make it like chase you and when you crash into bot car like make it damage and kinda like add some more cars into the other maps and when you lose a tire it change tires so make it the same tire that’s all I got bye!
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