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InstantBits Inc
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Web Video Cast | Browser to TV

4.83 out of 5
62.3K Ratings
10 months ago, Mockedarche
Subtitles broken
Everything about this app is pretty dang good. You can either airplay, use dlna, or cast to the receiver app if you have one installed on the tv. Airplay works quite good but limited to 1080p 60. Using the dlna can work much higher but it depends on your tvs capabilities of what files and performance. But you can if it exists download the app on your tv and connect the phone to that app. Then I haven’t had any issue with ANY video playing. I can change audio track and overall it’s really good. Only issue is that subtitles don’t work correctly at all. A file I know has subtitles ingrained doesn’t show any subtitles. Meaning I can’t watch any anime unless it’s dubbed. Additionally the apps find subtitles online functionality doesn’t work correct even though I’m looking for one punch man s1 e1 I get stranger things. Put simply what works it’s really really good. No clutter and the best app out of many I’ve tried. Once or if subtitles get fixed I’ll change to 5 stars and like buy any pro or whatever as it’s the only app that works correctly (minus subs). Update 5 stars Subtitles still aren’t perfect but honestly. This app is the best on the store. They deserve the 5 especially since they don’t have a subscription but just a flat fee. Big fan of the app and like I said it’s jus the best at what it does.
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8 months ago, Ant Thomas
Hello. I have been using this Web Casting App for about going on two years now. I must say, I love it. Now, like any other App, you may have to delete it and restore it, all of the built up that needs to be deleted, that’s fine. The issue I am having is I deleted the App from the TV, I deleted and reinstalled the App from my iPhone. If the websites have ads, they want you to unblock it. There’s a lot of delays with whatever you are trying to cast before, during and after. It will just freeze period. I deleted the App from my TV again and my iPhone and reinstalled in both areas. I would watch something, it worked well at the beginning, then again the freezing. I would press the fast forward, and again, it freezes. I got so annoyed today because this has never happened. I will try it again. When will there be some update in the his App? I will have to look for something else until the update are completed.
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3 years ago, Maxillion545
Best screen casting *app* for iOS to Roku
So I recently have been looking for an app that can screencast videos (which were unavailable on any of the streaming apps available on Roku) from my iPhone 12 to my Roku Express. I honestly have to say that this is the best app out there for iOS to Roku. I can’t get regular AirPlay to work, but they have an app on Roku OS that works smoothly, plus it has an ad blocker on every website FOR FREE! So if you only want to use AirPlay on Roku, I’m not sure this app is the best option; but if you download this app on both your iPhone and your Roku, I fully believe it’s one of the best ones out there— I definitely haven’t found a better one.
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7 days ago, Construct
Switch it on, Switch it off
Something changes in this every so often and it works better or worse depending on what’s being fiddled with under the hood. It was working well for a while but now again catches on little bits of video delivered by the m3u8 playlists. I have no way of knowing what is wrong with the video file or the player, but sometimes a video goes through just fine if the TV and iPhon apps are restarted, and some times the same bit of video always catches. Some revisions seem immune to this problem, but again, I have no idea what is changed between these fully and partially functioning versions. Also, the subtitle timing adjustment feature is ridiculously broken and this would be obvious if anybody tested it. It used to work just fine but now both buttons just rewinds subtitles.
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1 month ago, Arashknc
Thank you so much for asking to tell you exactly where I have sent the order number so basically you can only fit 500 words into every review that’s why I had to go ahead and use my iPhone to add to my review so I do appreciate it. Go ahead and check the last email that was sent to me by your company and see what it says and if you have any other questions feel free to reach out because I can go ahead and add more to this but if it reaches over 500 words, then I have no choice but to open another device and another 1 star review, just to give you heads up, so let’s please stay as honest as possible here because you screwed up way too many times and you keep digging yourself more into more Doodoo. by the way, I have participated in the community in Gmail that what kind of a screwup you people are and see what would they recommendation would be so keep on going and I’ll be more than happy to keep on going with you.
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9 months ago, _DeeDub_
Great App!!
I've been using this app for a couple of years now and it has always worked great. It has fast connection speed and if you're on a good website you should have no problem with buffering and loading times. If you're looking to cast to a roku, this app is also available on the roku store and they pair very nicely. However, I will say that this app does feature a lot of ads, but I personally don't really mind too much. Overall, this is a great app and I would suggest to anyone who wants to cast to a smart tv, roku, or any other cast supporting device.
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4 years ago, EmericanJon
Worked great at first...
easily the best free app to allow what iphone should already allow through chrome web browser at the very least.. but we aren't going to get into that. after about a month of pretty uninterrupted casting from my iphone XR and now all of the sudden it rarely works and i end up switching to a streaming app and not watching what i wanted to. not sure if there was a bug or something that recently screwed things up but my problem lies with streaming movies off of a webpage that i have no issue with on my airplay with apple tv however this app doesn't seem to be able to handle its job recently. please fix! i will update my review upon noticeable changes.
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9 months ago, GADSavage
No longer an issue
It’s been working fine for a while just had remembered to update my review. Old review Not sure why but when I'm playing videos something's it'll stop showing the video and only have the audio playing. It will rever back to the standard "Welcome to Web Video Caster" screensaver and only has the audio playing until it cuts out. Never happened before and I was using this app for months with no issues. Now I can't get through a single show without having to exit out of the app on the tv or relaunch the video.
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3 years ago, visa check card
I thought it wasn’t going to work
No issue of the app it’s self but it has ad blockers and the website I use uses pop up ads to make there money otherwise you have to pay a premium price for the site to watch anime however this app does have it where you can turn it off so far so good try it you can use it without the subscription witch is a one time payment of 3.99 probably plus tax but that’s it no monthly payments or you can use like I am without payment it still works good you just miss out some of the stuff not sure what all you get because you get a lot for free
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4 years ago, ANickNameNoOneElseHas!
I just went through several apps to cast web videos to Roku. I run my own web server with my own personal site loaded with tons of private movies and shows. Not one app would play any of them. Until this one. Oddly it does show errors on my iPad saying they failed to play but then they play anyway! 🤪 Well, that was the only fail on all the others I tried and since this one succeeded, I bought the license. If you run your own personal website and want to cast your videos to your (Roku) or other device, I highly recommend this app! TEN stars!!!!
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4 years ago, baded71
I was searching for a Chromecast app for my iPhone, and I get sick of garbage apps I get. Until I used this app, and boy oh boy the time I see it has popup block I said oh okay thats good, but when I saw the subtitle section it blow my mind. I immediately pay not just for premium but to support these developers (which I’m too😂). Also not to forget the glorious one time purchase and not get too far like other apps that require subscription for nothing, it’s just an app not a service. You’ve done excellent job you guys hope the best for you.
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3 years ago, WVC en un
My service calls
For no reason I started to have problems linking my TVs( LGTV and AppleTV ) to my iPhone. It was a random situation. Decided to call on WVC customer services. I received my response almost immediately. The customer service people were just amazing in their handling of my problems.. After few back and forth idea exchanges they traced the possible problem to my VPN. Few changes to the settings And It was all fixed and running again. Excellent job done to WVC customer service members. Thank you for the assistance
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4 years ago, tokedog
Came close but just another generic webcasting ap.
Pop up ads are persistent and if you ignore them or cancel viewing them eventually the whole app delays and then freezes. Gotta make sure those D-List game ads get viewed though right. Wouldn’t want to miss those. I mean isn’t that’s why we wanted a web casting app? So we could be forced to watch all the ads. And if that’s not annoying enough then let’s make sure to reset your whole TV after every 5 or 6 videos you watch. I wasted more time on dealing with the bad then enjoying any type of benefit this ad was supposed to produce. Stop making free garbage in-app purchase apps like everyone else. Make something you can be proud of and something you would use yourself
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2 years ago, You Better Call Tyrone
Excellent App a Godsend
With this app every video on every site is able to be casted to my Tv. Whether it be nfl football or sermons available on certain sites. Almost anything you can think of is able to be from this browser Simply casted onto any casting device in my home. I’m very happy and pleased with this app. It’s my go to when I run into any video that doesn’t automatically provide the casting symbol like Netflix and Disney plus. Do yourself a favor pay the small one time fee
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3 years ago, DMacLean15
After searching extensively for an app that allows you to cast what you want to watch directly from your mobile device to your smart tv, I finally found one that works well and doesn’t require a fee to use. The number of features is great and there are help options available for you every step of the way. I also like how the premium ad free version is optional and not mandatory. This app is nothing short of amazing. In a field filled with subpar apps, this one stands out in spades. This is the real deal for casting.
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4 years ago, grieverhart
Great app
Off all the streaming apps I came across this was by far the most reliable and easiest to use. Apps works greet with most websites, haven’t found any issues yet. Sometimes the link does break away but I cannot determine if it’s by the app or the website/link itself. More than likely it’s the websites especially live events wish usually Get blocked or need some sort of refresh every 30 min or so. Bought the app due to its reliability and the companion app for Roku tv is great as well
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3 months ago, Dell2023
Videos wont play in Shuffle mode on Playlist
I have been using Web video cast the past couple of years and other than a few buffering issues I haven’t really had any issues with it. But recently I purchased a premium subscription and I put a few videos I have on my phone and made a playlist and tried to play the videos on the playlist in shuffle mode but when I cast from my phone to my Tv none of the videos will play in shuffle mode only regular mode. It doesn’t matter how I do nothing seems to work. I was going to ask for a refund on my subscription but I don’t see an option for it so I guess I’m screwed.
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2 years ago, HappyFri13
Such a great tool
Thanks to this app and some handy streaming websites, I can watch pretty much anything I want on my tv. I think my favorite feature by far is the popup blocker. With some streaming websites (think 123movies), every time you click a new obnoxious popup comes up. Not with this app! It’ll block the new pages and popups so you just click a couple times instead of closing out of a new window every 2 seconds. Would genuinely highly recommend.
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11 months ago, Jaiie C.
I used to love this app! I have a site where I watch all my shows but the ads are ridiculous and this app blocks the ads from popping up so frequently and I can watch my show on my big screen. However for the past few months anytime I cast to my tv I get an error message. It's pretty annoying and even if the video does start on my tv after a minute or two a message pops up on my tv that says unexpected error. And yes I've tried on different TVs. Too bad because the app is actually really awesome especially since my shows come on the sites that generate their money from the insane amount of ads.
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4 months ago, Star Crystal Gem
Ngl, this is actually a really good app 😭
I was expecting this to be really difficult and a hassle to use/ not helpful at all (no offense, it was my past experience with other apps) but this app ACTUALLY gets the job done and it’s SOO EASY TO USEE. Once it connects to your TV you can turn your phone off and enjoy the movie/show or whatever your watching without even worrying about the TV disconnecting from your phone. 10/10 would def recommend getting this app
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2 years ago, Cruiseman Jim from MO
I love this app
I have had trouble getting a reliable cast to my TV using Air Play or mirror casting. This app solved the problem! I now have a completely reliable connection from my iPhone to my TV. I did have a little trouble getting some links to work correctly and somebody at their end worked patiently with me exchanging multiple emails until it was solved. Thank you! Did I mention the app is free? I was happy to make the small donation they asked for. It’s well worth it.
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2 years ago, Lando 🖕
Files / Zip Photos
Would be nice to switch from files like in the pictures or a slideshow manner for the files more or less. Instead of having to choose which file to cast individually, it would be easier to switch between files in a folder using the forward & backward key like if I was casting a photo. So I could switch between files to cast or slideshow files. Overall great app though! Recommend y’all adjust this tho pls!!
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4 years ago, amicarjose9
IPTV List does not work!!
I currently have an IPTV service, but because Roku TV does not support any IPTV applications I had to use this app from my phone to cast my IPTV list to my Roku TV. It was working fine the first two days of using this app, but it completely stopped working after. I tried uninstalling and installing the app again, but it still stopped working in the third day. It says that I have to make sure the video plays inside the browser, but I cannot access my IPTV from the browser, I can only access my IPTV list if I am using an application like this one. I stopped using the app because of this. Please resolve this issue since this app is the only way to cast my IPTV list on my Roku TV.
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5 years ago, Roy677
works every time on the first attempt
Love this app I actually use it with a certain video streaming app on my fire tablet to stream on to my Roku tv. I have tried other casting apps but this is the one that contently works all the time on the first attempt. And then I come in here to see the reviews on it and I am so very impressed on how the developers comment back trying to help anyone that is slightly dissatisfied. Love the APP love the support you give your users keep up the wonderful work your doing
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4 years ago, SlyCoops
This app is near perfect the problem I have is the app needs to run smoother for example when when I start a video i have to fast forward the video just to get the video to start playing. Another problem is I try to switch to a different video while one is currently playing this seems to throw the app out of whack. There’s is a video that should have no problem working that continues to give an error without reason if they can fix a few bugs then this is definitely a must have
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11 months ago, hahshnsshHs
Ads are getting too much and too long
I was happy to find this app since it connects my phone and the tv quickly. However, the app adds more and longer ads every time you refresh a new video. And it’s hard to find that ❌button to delete it. They made that icon extremely hard to find and click. If you click it somewhere else, the app immediately takes you to App Store to purchase that stupid game or external website. It got too much in the end I decided not to use it anymore.
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12 months ago, HVD89
Great App
Purchased this app and have been using it for over a year or so but recently no matter what I do, some streaming sites display “Disable AdBlock (AdBlock Detected) and even with all turned off in settings, I cannot get the issue to go away. I.E, StreamSB has a wide variety of gaming streams that were working find 6 months ago but now the error persists no matter what I do.. hopefully this can be fixed soon. In all this is a fantastic app and definitely worth the purchase with ad removal.
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3 years ago, Jackylmc
Please keep this free !!!
I tried several apps for casting china online streaming video to my Chromecast. This app work amazing which also has a feature to restore and play back last seen to exact minute. Also provide suggested solutions if the video couldn’t stream (although most of the time the solutions doesn’t work on china web videos) Love it but hope it keep it free or don’t suddenly disappear on App Store (which competitors did)
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3 years ago, Garryinmaine
Great investment
Web video caster has enabled me to get rid of basically all the monthly pay apps. The price for the premium version is definitely worthwhile, you won’t regret it! The provided browser is awesome. It blocks out all those annoying and embarrassing ads that pop up out of nowhere. The bookmark feature allows to quickly access my favorite news and movie sites. Very happy with web video caster!
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2 months ago, Someone that exists
Very good, slight issue with subtitle timing.
There’s not much to say other than that it works pretty flawlessly. The only issue I have is that subtitle iming seems to be broken- trying to adjust the subtitles seems to always result in subtitles being moved to happen earlier at the same rate, regardless of if you select a different time or try to move them later in the video. It just forces me to watch dubbed shows though, which I don’t entirely mind. Still, it’d be great if this was fixed.
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2 years ago, Kenny Walton
Fantastic app for casting to all types of devices
I use this app to cast movies and anime from free websites. I’ve been using it years now. It is absolutely fantastic. I happily paid the $2 fee to remove ads and the built in pop up blocker is amazing. Being able to save bookmarks is great for easily accessing my favorite shows. Multiple tabs makes it easy to save my spot on certain episodes. Highly recommend, no complaints!
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5 years ago, directbmx
Flawless connection. Works great.
Hi. Thanks for your app. I bought the premium version for ios. The roku app itself can use a recently viewed video list and possibly the phone can be eliminated when watching repeat live streams. Example would be KTLA 5 news live. And once I load the video I can watch it next time I open the roku app because there is a recent video list. Thanks for your time. I finally found something useful for my apple product to do. Rick
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4 years ago, lovley princess
Great app to use but.....
I was happy watching shows I like to watch like BL shows on my tv and I use the same website link for all of them but recently I can’t load the show to my tv don’t know if it’s a bug or not but the website was working perfectly fine and I was enjoying watching those shows now I can’t this is a great and easy app to use but I can’t enjoy watching my BL shows because it wont load to my tv please fix this problem 🙄
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3 years ago, NoCashAllSmash
1st Review I’ve ever written!
Never felt the need to take the time out of my day to review an app, but good Lord this app changed my life it works so smooth, it blocks all the pop-ups and is honestly just as fast of a browser as Google Chrome. So I have no complaints, this app is perfect. Doesn’t want you to pay for anything or try to charge you for anything, no gimmicks it just works simple as that! Thank you developers!!
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4 years ago, 0311BAM
Not impressed
So many issues...trying to watch News channels via this app is tricky at best. It constantly needs refreshed every half hour or hour...the images are crappy...probably due to my phone not being able to project 1080p to the screen. The app doesn’t always recognize my Roku Ultra...like this morning...so no news for me....when it’s been working just fine for the past week! Errrr!! I wish it was an easy process, but hopefully over time it will be as fluid as the other apps on my Roku...cause this app feels like the trailer trash of tv apps...cause it acts like it. It wants to play with the big boys, but it can’t, disappointedly!
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5 months ago, Reviewer7303
“Could not connect your phone”
Tired of seeing this show up when i want to watch something. Same internet connection on both devices, both up to date, both have worked before previous times. When i try to connect my phone to the tv (ive tried it on Roku and recently on new LG tv) i get that pop up saying that they cant connect; But there doesnt seem to be any specific reasoning behind the troubleshooting issues. Would be useful if they added something to help that
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1 year ago, Leonardo the real one
Best casting app
I just love how the video video quality is in this app while watching any video/ movie. Another great thing that I also love about this app is that they don’t have to make you pay just for watching videos on any device unlike other apps that charge you money just to enjoy your favorite videos/movies with the amazing quality. I’d give this app a 5/5 star rating!
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1 year ago, Jadarenee9
When it works it works well
This app has been great! It works well, but there are times when I go to cast to my TV, it’s not shown as an option. I will restart the app, turn my tv on and off, and it still won’t show as a device I can cast to. There’s no rhyme or reason as to when it does that, even if I’ve just used the app earlier. I put in the IP address of my Roku and it still doesn’t show up. But when I am able to connect it works well!
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1 year ago, Leatherneck3112
Scam alert!
SCAM ALERT!! I downloaded and installed this app and when I tried to cast a web browser to my tv I was required to create a login profile which included a credit card number. The website promised no fees would be charged, however within 1 minute I got a scam alert message from my financial institution and two charges were made to my CC. This resulted in my card being automatically cancelled and a new one sent out. This app should be removed from the App Store and the development company permanently banned. Use at your own risk. From here on out any app made by this company will never be downloaded by me ever again.
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2 years ago, luke hvr
Hands down the best.
Wow. Was streaming from just the bowser and it was always a hit or miss. This simplifies everything to stream to a smart tv. I’m using a Vizio and was having constant issues with connecting until I got this app. Allows everything I’ve ever needed and even blocks pop ups. Hands down the best experience ever. Would totally recommend supporting the developers for this amazing app.
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2 years ago, asdfghjxccv
Really easy casting
Went through a lot of the other chromecasting apps and this one was by far the best. Easiest interface and plays instantly. On other apps i struggled getting the right videos to play sometimes. Not only is their free option good but it does better than apps I even paid for. Great app! Dont skip this download, this has everything you need.
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2 years ago, thatsauntsassyroyou
It’s ok now
I love the app but don’t like it much now because they took the search out and now you have to go through every movie or tv show just to find the one that you want to watch. Also yet adds that pop hop every time you try to find what you want to watch. I like that you can pair this up to your tv but I wish that they would go back to how it was
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2 years ago, nasa03
You’ll never look for another chromecast/casting app
This app has everything: subtitles, speed controls, ad blocking. I never once have any connection problems or drop offs. It has opensubtitle search for TV shows. I never pay for addons but I paid for the adblocker. I never even write reviews, but this makes watching media not on any streaming sites way easier.
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11 months ago, 6geni
Screen mirroring compatible with any device
I’ve been using this app for years and it never fails to amaze me. It allows me to screen share from chrome cast and roku which makes it too easy with just a few clicks. It’s fast and hopefully this app never gets discontinued or delete from the appstore like other screen-sharing applications have
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2 years ago, jenEbean111
I can’t imagine that there’s a better casting app out there than this one. I’ve been using this app to cast from a certain website known for a ridiculous amount of ads constantly interrupting the videos. Casting from this app, I haven’t had a single ad interrupt my videos. It’s amazing! And for a one time price of $3.99, it’s a steal. Try it. You won’t be sorry. A+++
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4 months ago, Alfredo lack
The most favorite app I’ve ever had so versatile
I’ve been using this app for years, however I got a new phone and the videos never load in browser it’s just black. It’s a iPhone 12 Pro I’m sure it’ll be resolved soon though after this review is found the developer is awesome! Not a big problem because it still works on my wife’s iPhone 15
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2 years ago, Noro420
Works great for website streaming
I needed to cast workout videos on my TV that weren’t supported by Chromecast or had an app so I downloaded a couple of Chromecast streaming apps similar to this one, but they always failed when it came to casting website URLs. This is the only app that I had success with. Happy with it. I also like they have a one-time purchase to remove ads.
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3 years ago, noremac7891
Best casting for Roku
I was honestly surprised how well it casted to my Roku. I’ve used these in the past, and all of them had some form of buffer issues and stutter. This one had none of that. It also just casts the videos in the web page and not the whole page. Extremely convenient and easy to use. 10 out of 10. I’ll probably buy pro.
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3 years ago, Ayesceva
100% recommend
So for starters I would like to say that if you have a Roku tv or a tv in which you can airplay with, it works the best 100% even though you don’t have a tv in which doesn’t have the Roku but can airplay. it works with the tv even though it doesn’t have the app there. Although I do have a few problems here and there all I need to is refresh the app again and it works.
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6 months ago, Zach J425
Having Issues
When I initially downloaded this to stream through my Roku it worked perfectly with no issue. As of lately it can connect to my device and start loading my movie or video but it never finishes the load and stops on the phone side of things and I’ve tried finding solutions by switching mobile devices, Rokus, and streaming sites with no success. When working this app is the best I just wish it’d be more reliable.
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