Webroot Mobile Security

3.1 (145)
20.9 MB
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Current version
Webroot Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Webroot Mobile Security

3.1 out of 5
145 Ratings
12 years ago, Geo1783
it works!
But, the procedure to get it operable is uncanny, slightly ajar. I've got the full applicationon my PC where it is very easy to use. On my iPad II, it uses a blanked-out browser and the 'favorite' pages are gone - forcing you to start listing all of those websites. So, that's what I did. Takes more time, but it DID NOT crash, freeze up, or otherwise fail. Does it work, i.e. stop malware and all the rest? Don't really know and I'm no tester. I do know I feel protected on my PC, however. HINT: go to Webroot webste FIRST. Then follow the diections.
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3 years ago, Wolfgang Treehouser
Favorite Gripe
I won't debate Webroot's security claims for its Mobile Security browser. I'm not sufficiently geeky for that. Apparently, what I have downloaded is a Google Chrome browser with at least one modification, that being, it is claimed, the ability to integrate with the Safari browser and somehow enhance that browser's security. My complaint is with something that wasn't modified. Webroot's browser comes with some some preloaded favorites--bookmarks on the home screen--that are easily removed. Fine. Here's the problem: You can't put your own bookmarks there; no, you have to make sure a tab is open, click on the three little dots, and select 'Bookmarks' from the menu (by the way, if you can't find various things, it might be because the menu scrolls, so some of it is hidden, by default). In my case, if I can't make Startpage the default search engine, then I like to have it on the browser home screen. Now, Webroot's browser does have the option of choosing Duck Duck Go, which I did, but I've read that Startpage not only has Duck Duck Go's privacy advantages, it's a much greener choice, because the hardware that provides it uses much less energy than Duck Duck Go's. Too bad I can neither access it though the address/search bar nor via a home screen favorite.
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2 months ago, Sammycat2005
App not working
I purchased a Webroot subscription yesterday and installed it on my computers. Those worked perfectly. However, I bought extra device slots for my iOS devices. I tried to register my license key and email to create a new account through the Webroot app, but the registration window closed and I got a pop-up telling me that the authorization failed because there’s data missing. Then I tried to use my old Webroot account. This account is linked to an old email that I wanted to get rid of, but I couldn’t because this Webroot account is the last thing that’s keeping me from doing so. It gave me the same exact pop-up. (This app was from the Apple App Store) Is this kind of thing happening right now because I live in the US? What data is it talking about and when will the app be fixed?
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4 years ago, momoftwo98
Best antivirus, Works on safari, I have used for 15 years
For those of you who didn’t read the instructions, IPhones go to settings, safari, content blocker, turn on Webroot for safari. For my personal and business high end PC’s, MacBook Pro, and iPhones, 15 years of using Webroot. Never have had a virus, ransomware or hacker on my equipment. Using this app and the WiFi security on my family’s IPhone XR’s. I purchased 3 years of Webroot service because they have always protected my equipment, identity and have exceeded my expectations.
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4 months ago, jlinx2000
Webroot extension started redirecting most pages to invalid URL
In the last few days Webroot’s safari extension started to auto-redirect valid web pages to some undefined link of the same domain 5 to 15 seconds after the valid page is loaded successfully Safari. I had to disable all Safari extensions and content blockers then enable them only one at a time to see which one may be causing problem. I was expecting one of the ad blocking extension to be the problem but the culprit turned out to be Webroot extension. Since Malwarebytes’ content blocker works better and Webroot Extension doesn’t seem to do anything useful, webroot app has been uninstalled from my ipad.
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6 months ago, Shishkypoo
So not let me log in on iPhone
Works ok in McBook but on iPhone appears an error telling me that my email, my phone or my password is not correct. But all are correct and can log in at my McBook perfectly. For what I read on other reviews, this issue has been there for more than 6 years and Webroot has not do anything about it. I am disappointed bc I bought the package that supposedly include protection on mobile devices and this is not happening! I called support and the system crashed
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1 year ago, Rooting Out!
: \ I got cheated and I was told I wasn’t the only one having these issues
This will be THE LAST TIME I buy and use Webroot! Have been a user since you all have been up but now I can’t get support for a 2 year 6 device purchase that is HARD TO PUT ON DEVICES NOW! You all have changed so much that you’ve locked the user’s out! When I try io get help from you all you pass the buck over to the place where I purchased it from and I’m tired of the back and forth visits!! So I’m done…
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2 years ago, Kungpaodad
Can’t connect to server
The WebRoot product worked fine for quite a while. Then it started frequently asking me to sign in again, about once a week, before I could use it. Now it says only that Safari cannot get a connection to the server. It’s been that way for over a week so the product is no longer usable.
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4 months ago, Gatferr
Problems with Safari
I use webroot on all of my devices and laptop but recently it has started redirecting web pages n my iPad to error 404. With help from Apple rep we found it to be the webroot extension in the safari settings. I turned that off and the problem went away. Webroot needs to fix this.
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10 months ago, Robertttffguuj
Bout ready to cancel for good!
Had webroot for years on computers, just figured let’s put on mobile. Easy download, could not even get into it! Kept saying invalid user or password, and it wasn’t, tried to call and went no where with a bot! Sent an email saying if this is the level of service for a security company! Maybe time to change!
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2 years ago, jkrieger52
Can’t start on my iPad
I just installed Web Root on out PCS; no problem. Tried to install on my iPad and I get a blank screen that says, “Information has not been verified yet.” When I bit “Go” at the bottom I get a window that says Safari cannot establish a secre connection to the web site. I am Now totally exposed to the outside world and kind of upset about it.
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11 months ago, Sfyhygug
My browser and all my bookmarked pages are gone
Today with no warning this app turned into Webroot security instead of Webroot browser. All of my bookmarked pages are just gone. There doesn’t seem to be a way to revert it either. This is a nightmare all the recipes I’ve saved over the years everything just gone.
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6 months ago, SUPASHADY13
Doesn’t work on IPhone?
I can’t use it on my IPhone? It’s keeps telling me email and password are wrong. I’ve wasted a lot of time changing it but see here in the comments that it’s a problem with your app! Please fix this. I normally love your service.
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5 months ago, vgopalas
Can’t login
The software works fine on my windows computer but on my mobile phone (iOS) it keeps giving me error messages though the login credentials are the same in both cases!!
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11 months ago, KOSTRAL
Don’t bother after the update
I use to love using the browser for Webroot, but they recently did an update and you can no longer use the browser. Only scan your phone and check WiFi security. Just don’t waist your time and money on this.
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10 months ago, Tarboy9
They removed the browser
This app used to have a decent secure browser, but for some reason they decided to remove it, and now the app is basically useless
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4 weeks ago, Detroit Daisy
Can’t login
I thought I’d try it and lo and behold I experienced the same issue as many and can’t login. I’m not going to spend any time trying to figure it out, it’s just a big disservice.
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9 months ago, 1969wild
Bellow/hellow how can I put product key. When I haven’t purchase it. You did even set a free trail before the product key am sorry say this FIxxxxc Ittyt
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2 years ago, MikeInGV
Crashes Every Times On iPad
I set my mom up with Webroot on her PC. But on her iPad it will not work at all. Running the latest version of Apple software. It crashes as soon as you launch it.
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2 years ago, sunburn back
Tried to login can’t do so
I can’t login to this account so now I want a full refund. It was easy to install at one time , but now impossible for me to do so. So I asking for full refund!!’
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3 years ago, DLF43675346874
Login problems
The Webroot app will not allow me to enter my email address, so I cannot log in and use it. I can log into my account using a laptop computer, so I know the account works.
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10 months ago, stktder1
Too complicated to download onto your cell phone
I have been trying for an hour now to download the app onto my cell. I’m sorry now I purchased Webroot.
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10 months ago, Vigga256
Where’s the browser ??
I’ve used Webroot for awhile and recently renewed and now it’s trash. All it does is scan There is no browser. All saved tabs…gone.
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1 year ago, ChristyViolet26
This app keeps crashing after I downloaded twice. Please do not get Webroot next time. I wish I never bothered with this, period. I’m so done with this!
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2 years ago, Harley<3Lakers666
Worst app ever
Can’t login or reach any customer support. The phone number just takes you to ads for other products. Total scam!!!!
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3 years ago, memesirhe
Can’t open on iPhone
My log in works on my laptop but I am in a vicious loop on my iPhone. I’m told to reset password and log in. Then I’m told my password is no good. Ugh!
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4 months ago, ronsfsd
Safari 404 errors
Had to remove app to use Safari
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2 years ago, Mrsbcook
Bad for iPhone
Keeps saying my account is invalid. Didn’t have an issue on my computer.
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11 months ago, Indigo Skii
Where’s the browser!?
Where’s the Webroot browser!? All my tabs just vanished! What’s happening!?
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2 years ago, RJR$22
Downloaded Webroot and got Google Browser
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1 year ago, 3846294
Not working
This app has lots of problems!
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2 years ago, Melvin_S
Can not login on ipad
I can login on my laptop and my galaxy phone but not on my iPad.
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6 months ago, Nickeh40000
Can’t even login. Blank screen
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8 months ago, rod.musselman
DELETED the app!
Thanks 🙏 for the reminder…. 🥹
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9 years ago, Iam1ru123
I have liked them for my laptops
But holy cow!!! My iPhone!!?!! Forget about it!! I don't know how they can be such a wreck with this when they are relatively efficient, and I have felt very protected on my laptops and desktops for a couple of years now. It's crazy! Even the phone app is a mess to try and figure out how to add a phone to your account. I'm quitting until they make the obvious needed changes. The other reviews I read are an indication that this nightmare will only continue if I could ever actually get my phone added to my account anyway. I wasted enough time just trying to do that. Jeeez Webroot. Don't even offer a service that is such a mess until you get it right man, you're gonna screw up the polished reputation you spent a good deal of time creating with computers. Don't add phones and iPads until you're ready. I'm now so frustrated I feel like k don't want to renew with you which is coming up shortly, and until now I often recommended you!
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6 years ago, Aapl6506
I have a subscription for computers. My expectation was to cover two computers, two and iPads, and one phone. When I went to their website for instructions, they said to download this app. Unfortunately, it does not work with Safari or other browsers to protect my phone. It is a separate browser that attempts to be more secure. That may work OK, but is not what I signed up for. Also, the instructions did not make that clear, so I was trying to get it to work with my phone and had to call support for an explanation. Apparently, you can use the app for free, so I have no need for any more than two subscriptions. I will see if I can get my subscription reduced. Yes I wanted to use their browser, I did not see any ability to transfer my bookmarks, so I would have to start all over with those. Not acceptable.
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12 years ago, lindy0116
Works great
A very quick and clean browser. I haven't experienced any crashing issues as mentioned by other users - those look to be older version comments. I've used Webroot for years on my pc's and am glad to see an offering by them on my iPad. It took a minute to figure out the navigation thru multiple windows but once I did really liked the quick switching and ability to see my other tabs.
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7 years ago, Connie Glave
Works well for me
It installed fine on both my iPhone and my iPad. I have Webroot on my desktop and was glad to have a product to use when I am at a WiFi hotspot. You don't have to buy Webroot or have a Webroot account to use this app. You would only need a password if you want to use the Webroot Backup and Sync for IOS app too, which I didn't, so not being able to sign in was not an issue for me. The first day I chose the wrong link while tapping the small type on my phone. I got a warning about the site, so it did work.
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6 years ago, bench1960
At least it’s free
Purchased secure anywhere to work primarily as a second to the free antivirus available from provider using Firefox. Have had for about 6 years. Last year they couldn’t keep up with changes to Firefox and now the password manager will not work with it. Their solution... use another platform. Better to get another antivirus program. Now the app doesn’t really work on Apple products as admired by Josh. Nice guy though. But doesn’t help the problem. They should have a warning. Finally, about 2 weeks ago I was having issue with the mobile version. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but when it came up it was the Google sign on. The app shows up on my phone and the password manager “seems” to work but I constantly get a huge error message that starts: “Results not properly formatted JASON:”. Then a crap load of hypertext. No idea if it’s working properly or if it just doesn’t work at all on I phone. But hey. It’s free.
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10 years ago, Not a good service
Not as good as trendmicro
So I just bought an iPad and the salesman said that webroot was the best. I purchased it, as he seemed to think it was better than trendmicro. I have had a MacBook for two years now and trendmicro has been awesome protection and minimal hassle. I tried for two weeks to make webroot work. It would not even let me set up an account or send a confirmation email. So I gave up and looked up trendmicro in the app store. I was able to download and renew my subscription in less than ten minutes. Trendmicro protects IPad from malicious apps,websites, and even problems on Facebook. If you want good protection go with trendmicro. It is the best!
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4 years ago, melijow
Not good
I downloaded this because it appeared to be compatible with my iPhone. However it connected to a tablet on the other side of the house (that not one uses) while I was trying to connect through the iPhone the app was on... now I only see information for anroid. It looks like I’m in google when I open the app. In that case why need an app? We could just log in through safari. I’m not sure if we root is working out for my Apple needs. My Mac computer has been scanned three times yet my account said I had no devices when I logged in with this app? and I paid for the webroot for Mac. Wtheck?!
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11 years ago, PW in Atlanta
Still needs work
This app has some nice features, but they don't all work. I found this browser to be very fast in loading pages, (much faster than Safari,) but the tabs don't work, and the browser hangs frequently. At one point, I had to uninstall and reinstall the software to clear the hang. I'm using the latest iOS on an iPad 4. If the bugs get fixed, I think the browser would be a "5" because of its speed alone.
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5 years ago, Lwc1973
Trusted sites
Be mindful if your iPad or iPhone crashes all the time. Somehow a website added itself to my trusted site list and I was unaware. I am really unsure of the damage or what they had control of like my camera or microphone. There was one added to my iPad and another to my iPhone. Two different web sites.. Please watch that and uninstall and reinstall to get rid of the scammers. I don’t trust this all the time but I don’t trust safari either.
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9 years ago, Boosterhymen
Crashes quite a bit.
I love all we root products and have been using them for a few years with pretty good success, but this browser crashes consistently whenever I try to use the keyboard. I.e. Searches, typing web addresses etc. please fix this we root team. There's nothing more frustrating than having the app crash while I'm typing! Both iPad and iPhone use.
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5 years ago, dixianna
NOT worth it.
I purchased a new Ipad and this Webroot was offered as a freebie for a couple of months, so I accepted it. I can’t see how it works as an antivirus. All I can make out of it is that it’s a browser, and there is no protection unless you use that browser only. I don't want to use that browser. I have used Safari for ten years and my ipad is set up for that. I have Webroot on my laptop and it works well there, (no special browser to use). This version is totally useless. I will NOT continue it after my trial is up. I do NOT recommend.
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9 years ago, DIY Islander
Slow, then frenetic & frustrating
I installed this on (my iPad2, iOS 8.1.3) on a recommendation from "Kim Komando, Your Digital Goddess". Fifteen minutes later, I found that the complaints about it crashing when filling in forms etc. seems to be corrected. However, when I wrote my password and other items, the page quickly scrolled to the bottom, and I couldn't see what I hade written. It will do this every time. Facebook works very slow. Only loading a half dozen stories/posts per minute, I'd guess. While writing this review, the text box is hidden behind the keyboard, and will not allow me to scroll it up. I solved that by hitting enter a bunch of times, so I could follow what I was typing. As far as security goes, it may possibly be a good program, but I'll never know. That is, I won't be using it with these awful traits.
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11 years ago, Scuba4fun
Disappointed - Slow & constantly resets
It sounded good when I downloaded it. I replaced Safari with it on my iPhone5. Not only is the browser slower, the response time is, too. When trying to select areas in the browser, it's slow response caused it to select an area on a page I didn't intend to. About every 3rd or 4th page, it resets and forces you to log back in. I deleted it & reinstated Safari in < 1 day. As another reviewer indicated, of course it's secure - it won't let you stay logged in long enough not to be.
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5 years ago, Restinsuredllcaz
How can I leave anything else?
If I continuously get a log in fail, the app is a useless fail for my iPhone. I see responses from developer. Address this before we purchase your product and the relative importance. When you initially buy the product for your PC, they add a $9.99 Webroot Internet Security Complete Software Installation CD. It’s your responsibility to remove the check if you don’t want it. In addition, you’re automatically set up for auto renew. These guys are weasels. I’ll go back to Kaspersky after my year is up.
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6 years ago, philshere
I have had Webroot for 3 years and it works great on my iMac, iPhone, and iPad. I don’t know what these other people are complaining about? They must not have downloaded it properly. I followed the instructions and didn’t have any problems. They might wanna go back and read the instructions again and see if it’ll work for them.
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7 years ago, JimC187
Waste of time
I have been trying to use this app now for several months. But unfortunately, it's always the same result. I logon, try to do something, it boots me out, and then I have to log on again, and the whole process repeats, over and over. It does link to my web root account, but I've never been able to get the password manager to work properly with this app. I've wasted hours trying to make this thing work. Finally just deleted it off the phone. What a waste.
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