WebWatcher Parent App

1.8 (66)
5.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Awareness Technologies, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for WebWatcher Parent App

1.76 out of 5
66 Ratings
6 years ago, Alkaabi's
Huge limitations
You are limited to getting only available icloud info once a day, so if your child writes messages and deletes them before the icloud backup, then you still won’t see the full picture. Plus, you probably will have to subscribe to additional icloud storage on a monthly basis just to have enough space to actually do a backup. Multiple steps just to get the device recognized, and having to turn off the 2 step verification, plus the monthly icloud storage coming from the target phones itunes account, this really isn’t as stealth and informative as it is made out to be. Plus, even if you request a refund within the 3 days they say you have to request, they will string you along and never ever refund your money. This has been money thrown down the drain as far as I’m concerned.
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2 years ago, shan2184
If I could give no stars I would!! Very misleading
Buyer beware!!! Even though it says you “can use with this device” you may not be able to. Website gives very conflicting information. You need to download certificate on MacBook or PC. I paid for a year and went to access certificate and couldn’t. Contacted help immediately and they informed me it wouldn’t work for me. I requested a refund since it says “risk free” and was directed to fill out a refund request which I did. My request was denied because there is “nothing wrong with the software.” I explained the website said it would work with my device, “risk free” and I never even opened the certificate. Needless to say after a lot of back and forth they still refused a refund. Total scam!!!!
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2 years ago, monica analysis
This app is amazing especially the 24hr live chat. Your not speaking to a robot your speaking to actual people who walk you through and fix whatever issue you are having the updates are pretty much live and I must say it’s worth the $ spent! They deliver in what they say which is not like most apps out there which I have tried And wasted time and money on.
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3 years ago, maddys1980
No app use
Today I signed up for the free trial and started the upload process on my daughters phone. After I downloaded the app to my phone it wouldn’t let me sign in. The person on the chat stated that the app was being worked on and can’t be used and they have advised all customers to use the web login from their phone. When asked if it was going to alert me when any of my parameters were attempted to be violated and he said no that I would have to routinely check the web log on. That’s not what is advertised on their website. False advertising.
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3 years ago, Ginacg19
Terrible App and BEWARE!
I purchased this app to monitor my child’s phone activity. You have to plug the device into a computer and use the IMazing software to track the activity. You cannot do anything via this app and it only shows you 7 days of activity once the IMazing software has been updated. You might as well just use IMazing alone. Also BEWARE they do not offer refunds and when I went cancel my subscription it was impossible. There was no direct option on their website to cancel. I contacted support and they insisted my subscription was an Apple in app purchase. I contacted Apple directly and they confirmed it was not. The charge was hitting my credit card directly from WebWatcher. Their live chats get you nowhere and everything needs to be done via email ticket support of which I still have not been successful!
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9 months ago, DisgustedByTechnology!
Deserves no Stars- Beware!
This app is not what it seems and it is impossible to get a refund! I downloaded and paid for a year to find out the software is not compatible with my phone/computer! I filled out the refund request and met with a person online and they denied my request because it is not their problem it’s not compatible and there is nothing wrong with their software even tho it cannot even work with my computer. I am out nearly $200! Absolutely Ridiculous!
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2 years ago, Allstar Awards
This app is complete trash. It uses 3rd party unlicensed software to do the actual download, then takes 1-2 days to upload into their system to show you only a portion of what the 3rd pay software showed you 2 days earlier. The app doesn’t work if you follow the directions given and do the installation on a PC and the tech support just tells you to wait several days for the data to be uploaded. By then your “free trial” is over and you’ll have to dispute your credit card for a refund.
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2 years ago, Sam 22936
False Advertising/Scam
I set this up to try the app out “Risk Free” as is listed all over the site. After selecting the full year and adding payment, you are able to try it out. I did not like the product and felt it did not meet my needs. I requested to cancel the “Risk Free” account within hours. The company refused to refund my money since there was not a technical reason for my cancellation. They kept my $97. They would not even pro-rate the refund. Complete scam. Do not do business with this company.
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12 months ago, Ninetimez
Zero stars if I could have
Never got this to work. Very deceptive! If I wanted to have to take the phone and physically connect it to a computer to download activity I would just look at the phone. No way to be discreet with this. And when I asked for a refund because it didn’t operate as it stated it would, I was basically told too bad so dad should have done the 7 day free trial (which I didn’t see as an option btw)
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2 years ago, jennym321
App is not worth the money
I have used this app for a month. I’ve contacted Support numerous times because I don’t have access to “calls”, “deleted texts”, “searches” , “websites”. My last attempt I was told it would take over a month to access these services. I have a screenshot of the conversation. I need this information to protect my adopted daughter from birth parents. We have a restraining order in place.
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1 year ago, Yayamom3
Terrible app! Don’t waste your $$$ or time
I have only ever received data for one day or two days at the most. Then it stops working. I have to contact the company and a tech has to reinstall everything (which takes hours). Then I’ll receive data for 1-2 days. And the cycle starts all over again. I don’t have time to deal with this. It’s infuriating! This app is a piece of garbage. DON’T BUY IT!!!!!!!
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9 months ago, gdavenport
Rip off
I purchased this app. Tried 2 different nights to install. It says 24/7 live chat support, then would say no one is available to chat right now. A technician was supposed to lead you through set up on your computer screen. It was terrible experience! Asked for a license number, which I have never been given. Still haven’t got it installed. Ver frustrating!
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3 years ago, Jo£ Mama
Look, i just found this app on my phone and i never installed it. I found out my mom installed it and i’m currently really upset, this is a complete invasion of privacy, i know i’m not doing anything wrong but either way it’s so bad. Apps like these are so bad i have issues with my mother because of her trust issues, i just found out she downloaded this right now.
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2 years ago, lizzyroseblue
Do not use this company! Paid for this description for a year and was never able to use the program.I tried canceling the subscription multiple times and it was impossible. I had to call my bank. Again do not use!!!
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12 months ago, taylormarcum25
This is ridiculous
On the app on my iPhone won’t let me login at all please fix this
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2 years ago, nate0101us
This app is a scam
First the free trial is not free. Singled up for the free trial and they changed me. Tried to get money back but they said no. To top it off it doesn’t work at all. Cannot even get GPS location of the target phone more or less all the other stuff it said it can do. It’s a SCAM
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1 year ago, La Tutty
Won’t work!
As soon after I paid and registered. It doesn’t gives me ANY access on the mobile site or the website. This is not how we do business.
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3 years ago, your moms big toe <3
Cant even sign in to the app
I made an account and put my credentials in and it literally keeps telling me that its wrong . i cant even get into the app to give a proper review on if its worth your time or not .
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3 years ago, Parentswhocare
App Does not work
Same issue as the previous reviewer. I signed up and attempted to log in on app and would not log me in. Feel like an attempt to collect emails and information 🤔
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2 years ago, ndndnduurnejdjd
Over $100
No refunds available it don’t matter what’s your reason they will take your money and give u excuses to not refund even if it was accidentally or renewed don’t buy
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2 years ago, F. cheryl
Don’t use this!
This does not work and when you try to get a refund they will not give you one! So if you can’t get it to work on a device your out $140
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3 years ago, unhaloy
Do not purchase
I have been unable to cancel this subscription for 2 months !
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11 months ago, Bbooy26
Payed and won’t let log in
I payed and won’t let me in
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1 year ago, Jfneidbhga
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1 year ago, barobbins
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4 years ago, rmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Helps me sleep at night knowing my kids are ok!
I was initially hesitant to think about monitoring my kids’ phones. But after learning about a close friend whose kid was unknowingly talking to predators online, I changed my tune. I didn’t ever want to be in the position of finding something that could scar them for life when it was too late. I use WebWatcher to spot check my kids’ digital activity and mostly if something feels off. They know I can check anytime and in the end they agree they’d be happier to have me in the know than wish I was there to help in any potentially dangerous online situations. Kids aren’t taught how to navigate the dangers that lurk on the web. I feel like it’s my job as a parent to do what I can to be aware of these situations the best I can. Ty for offering this service!!
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6 years ago, Fictrtjiseygcjuub
Invasion of privacy
Idk what your using this app for, if you’re using it for a perfectly innocent reason or what but this app is just a huge invasion of privacy. Let me tell you that no child will trust you if you use this on their phone without telling them and let me tell you that it is very easy for the child to find it after you install it on their phones! (And when they find it they most likely won’t tell you they have!) They’ll just get better at hiding things if you use this on them. Please don’t do this to your child. Personally I’m a straight A student, never got detention, never got sent to the principles office, never snuck out, never failed a class, always on time, etc. I am literally a perfect student and child and this is being used on me. PLEASE PARENTS LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAY THAT IT IS A HUGE INVASION OF PRIVACY ESPECIALLY IF YOU DONT TELL THE KID!!! THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER OPTION BESIDES BETRAYING YOUR CHILD AND THEIR TRUST. DONT do this to your kid. Please.
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6 years ago, j-dogg4
For this app to work, everything has to be PERFECT, meaning you need to know you child’s iCloud password, he/she cannot EVER change their password, their phone needs to be on the same wifi as yours, their phone needs to be backed up to iCloud every day, AND they cannot delete message that you want to see. To have all of these thing in-sync is nearly impossible. The only times the app has worked for me is when I have gone in to my child’s phone and manually backed it up on the same wifi I was currently on, then sent an additional data request. If I have to sneak to my child’s phone to manually back it up, I might as well just look through it instead. Don’t waste your money. And don’t even bother with the seven day free-trial. Because the trial purposely blurs our messages and contacts, leering you in to pay for the service, as I did. Now I’m out $80 for a worthless app.
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6 years ago, vespaboynyc
I would not trust this developer with my kids iCloud credentials
To be able to monitor an account, you will have to submit the person’s login and password to iCloud. There is no authentification through Apple of any kind which makes you wonder how this information is stored and protected. What compelled me to write this review is what happened to my information after I asked to delete my account through their live chat. Instead of simply deleting my account, the customer rep changed a few letters from my email address to make it impossible for me to log back in. But since I was still logged into the app, I was able to see the letters that had been changed and successfully log back into the app. Which means that they did not delete my data even though I asked them to do it. If they don’t remove the main account information you can be sure they will not delete your kids credentials when asked to do it. By the way, the only way to remove a device is through the online chat. The handling of personal information from this app seems very sketchy and I would recommend anyone to change their kids password after they stopped using the app as you never know where this information will end up if they get hacked.
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4 years ago, Justnt1777777
This is not a true monitoring app. I believe they are reselling a back up service for I amazing. They do not let you know prior to payment that you have to download I amazing after you download this app. At that point you have to schedule an entire back up on the device that you want to monitor. The entire process is extremely complex. In addition, after you pay for this service you are also required to pay for a subscription or to purchase the eye amazing platform. Within one hour of seeing this I requested a refund and was denied because they said that it can only be refunded before making a payment which makes absolutely no sense. They also say they can only be refunded if it does not perform as advertised which it did not. It was not a lot of money but the principal. They seem very desperate. Please do not go near this app with a 10 foot pole.
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6 years ago, Peyecgirl
Frustrating issues
I couldn’t log on to the app although I saved my password to remember me. I couldn’t log on the website on the computer because it locked me out. It locked my daughter’s Apple ID EVERY time I requested data. She had to change her Apple ID password almost daily because the program made her device think someone is trying to log into the account (which it IS). It’s VERY aggravating. The tech support fixes one issue without resolving other issues. After I upgraded to the paid subscription ($129/year), I was unable to view my daughter’s data and the app said I was still under the trial version. Too many issues! I requested a refund—still haven’t received it.
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7 years ago, Laureline111
Great app to monitor your kids safety
This is a terrific and very solid app to know what my kids do with their devices and make sure they are safe and protected. It is easy to install and won't affect the phone and its functionality but it gives me peace of mind since I am able to make sure that my children don't do anything that may risk their safety. I really love the monitoring features that also help me to be connected to them. I highly recommend this app if you're a worried parent concerned for the well being of their children!
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6 years ago, 🤬DP
I downloaded the trial for Apple. Worked great so I decided to pay for the 1 year subscription. After we paid the app stopped working and even though we contacting help support we were never able to use the app the way it was advertised. I contacted them for a prorated refund and was refused. We were NEVER able to use the app as advertised after we purchased it for $129!! Poor customer service too. Edit: In response to your “solution” of contacting support to get the app working properly, they were never able to fix the issue. Your customer service was made aware of that fact. I stand by my original review of your app is a fraud.
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6 years ago, ichris8794
Nosy Norman’s
None of you people who call yourself parents have any right to stick your nose into your child’s privacy. You not only cause trust issues between the relationship of your child and yourself but you also will never have that sense of “hmm, I don’t need to snoop I trust him or her enough to not snoop”. You people are diseased and I hope your child finds out to change their iCloud password before you go out of hand and stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Once you stick your nose in, you’ll never take it out. P.S If your child is between the ages of 9-15, he or she shouldn’t have a cell phone in the first place.
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6 years ago, ShayBae2215
Don’t buy into this!
This app sounds great but it doesn’t function as it says. Constantly attempting to monitor my child with no luck. Asking to back up get phone every day, change her apple password, day there is no data to be observed, etc. I requested a refund and was denied after a lot of trouble shooting with their staff. Terrible app, they will steal you money and won’t help afterwards. I spent a lot of money on this app and am so unhappy to say the least. At least give us our money back when your app doesn’t work!!!!
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7 years ago, ripCL
Excellent App!
The internet can have a lot of dangerous material that is not suitable for viewing by children. So it’s really important to monitor their web activity. The app has many useful features. It’s quite discrete and it’s results can be viewed remotely which is extremely convenient. Overall, highly recommended app for anyone looking to add some parental security features to their child’s devices.
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7 years ago, gweninsulien
Best app for tracking children's location
In my opinion, all parents should have this app and this way is supposed to be good for tracking the children. On using this one, the parents may know their kids’ location. Also, they can remind kids to go back home through it. Trust me, this app will never make you disappointed.
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7 years ago, CasperWYOG
Helpful to track kids' location
The app is the coolest tracker ever! If parents want to know where their children are right now, it’s helpful for those. I had some intriguing experience with it. When my whole family go to supermarket, wander in the park or go to the theater, you also turn on this app to make sure that our kids will not be lost.
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7 years ago, Unranse
This app is so awesome
Great products! I`m using this one for my children. Wherever they go, their locations will be shown on this app, that’s so awesome. Actually, keeping track of their every move gives me a peace of mind. I would recommend this product to every parent if you plan on having a subscription, you could benefit from it!
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6 years ago, Bad! dont buy
Don’t waste your money
I’d give it zero stars, but you’re required to at least select one. This causes iCloud sync issues, which renders the software useless. Without iCloud backup you can’t get the data, but with every use, it causes iCloud not to recognize password so you have to reset it each and every time in order to then do a backup. What’s the point? And, even after requesting a refund, even a partial one, they flat out refuse to consider it. Worst customer service ever. Don’t waste your time or money.
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6 years ago, AlexandriaWalton25
Tricky Tricky (Monthly Subscriptions)
Hello, people I deleted this app, after I was able to download data but not the see any details of that data, then while I was trying to purchase they tried to charge me $129 dollars when I thought it would be $10 monthly LUCKILY my bank declined it twice! It’s either you pay $56 for 3 months use or $129 annualLy UPFRONT, no monthly fee. I deleted my account. Also if you read the terms and click agree, you’re agreeing to not being refunded lol. PLEASE JUST DON’T unless its worth it for you. The content is real.
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6 years ago, JDub the Original
WARNING this is not parental control app...SHAME
If I could give this negative stars I would. This should not be considered a parental control app. Nowhere when signing up does this say it comes from iCloud back up and only iCloud backup once a day. If your kids stuff isn’t backed up it doesn’t come over....and it isn’t real time tracking. Misleading and terrible customer service. They refuse to refund my money this company is highway robbery and should be put out of business. DO NOT waste your time or money with this company.
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6 years ago, Joselo87
It does not work
I tried it link the other iPhone with my iPhone called them several times the do answer and try to help but in my case It didn’t work I can see the monitor phone in my iPhone and detects it but no activity at all for over 2 weeks. It supposed to Work with iCloud but if monitor phone never back up you will never see anything and you can not see live activity ever. I was gonna do the paid version but since I can’t see anything I will be removing this app a waste of time
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6 years ago, S.M.a.R.T.L.
Don’t waste your money!!
I purchased a year of this monitoring service for my daughter’s iPhone. I was on the chat with technical support since day 1! It never could see her location even though I could see her location on Find my Friends. Messages were not uploaded without a constant verification from her phone. Each time I contacted technical support I got a different answer. I requested a refund and they told me I only had 3 days to request a refund so I’m SOL for the $100 for a service that I can’t even use.
Show more
6 years ago, andsoudas
Beware before you buy!
Beware before you buy!! Nickels and dimes you and it doesn’t work. I requested data and got none. After requesting it again I won’t let me for another 24 hours. I can get hourly updates to my email but that is more money. I requested a refund after checking it and it still doesn’t work. They won’t give refunds. They eventually offered a $90 refund but wanted me to stay on with monthly payments. So basically making it look like a refund when it’s not.
Show more
7 years ago, Sweetmoneyfast1
This app is very easy to use and different from other apps. You can view the web of your children without them even knowing this can help out what a lot of things plus to make sure they aren't viewing anything they shouldn't be.
Show more
6 years ago, BrentenByers
Does not do what it advertises
Clicked to pay for 1 month trial service it charged my card for 3 months. Did not have accurate or up to date information for target phone. For example GPS said phone was at home when we obviously knew it was not. Never showed any phone calls or web activity when we knew there was. We called the phone may times and it never showed our incoming calls. Service could not be easily cancelled.
Show more
7 years ago, lauren cee
Great app
My son is starting to use the internet and he’s 9. This is a great too for me so I can see what he’s doing. At least I know I’ll be able to see what he’s looking at and he can’t sneak behind my back looking at things he shouldn’t have been looking at in the first place.
Show more
6 years ago, Damian03-3
Stay away
For the app to be able to work they want you to drop 2 step verification and even after that every time you request data Apple will lock your account so you have to reset your password, very frustrating. Good luck getting your money back if you not satisfied with their service. I would definitely not get this app and service if I knew what I know now. Save yourself a lot of pain and avoid this product at all cost!!!
Show more
6 years ago, Diamondgolemdude
The advertising indicates it works for iOS. However, after installing the software and paying for the service I received an email letting me know that iOS functionally wouldn’t work. The software locked up the iCloud accounts and a fix wouldn’t be available for several months even though we would still be charged. So, we’ve charged, the service doesn’t work, and my kids’ iCloud accounts have been locked.
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