WECU Mobile

4.8 (12.6K)
108.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Whatcom Educational Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WECU Mobile

4.83 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
4 years ago, JML_24
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ after redesign!!!!
I look at my online banking daily! Some call it obsessive I call it attentive 😉. I need an app that is efficient, effective, and simple to navigate. Since the redesign of the layout and overhaul of the functionality this is among the best banking apps I’ve ever used! Every action is 1-4 clicks, screen to screen transitions are snappy, and it is aesthetically pleasing. Easy scrolling and easy to view full transaction history at a breeze (a night and day improvement from the previous version of this app) If you deleted the app along time ago because it was crap and more irritation than it was worth, then I’d encourage you to redownload! Beyond improved!
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2 years ago, UnicornMomma
Easy and convenient!
This is simply the best banking app! You can add your external accounts, the bill pay is free and easy. You can get a direct deposit form instantly. Transfer money to other members. Load an international travel notice. Capture check images for mobile check deposit. Add your cards to your apple wallet and more!!!! Love the convenience and how use friendly the app is!!! My only complaint is there are more options hidden behind the avatar photo that you wouldn’t know are there!
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4 years ago, GinaPisa
Prompt excellent service
WECU sent me texts on Xmas day to notify me my account was compromised. I discovered someone tried to make 4 Facebook ad purchases using my debit. I was able to cancel my debit online that same day and on Dec 26 WECU reimbursed my account. I was also given some excellent safety tips and one on one training on how to keep my debit purchases much safer. I love my bank and have been with them over 30 years knowing my money is in my county and in my state.
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4 years ago, marchem11
Helpful and Easy to Navigate
The WECU app has had quite a few changes in the last year but I think it has now landed on a great system. It keeps the main parts of banking on the front page and bottom tabs and still has great access to other favorite services. It’s sleek and not overwhelming in design either.
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4 years ago, 1383don
Not my fav
I really am not a fan of having all the accounts linked. For some reason my husband uses our business account (since his name is on it) to pay his bills on accident. It is a nightmare for me to figure it all out. It was better when he did not have access to that account and I could manage it without him accidentally transferring money out of the wrong account. And I am constantly locked out which is so frustrating. Giving it a 3 star is generous. I don’t usually leave bad reviews but this one deserves it. Sorry.
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2 months ago, MJ2009663
WECU app
I find this app to be very user-friendly. It has gotten better over the years to a point where I can use it. Smoothly and intuitively. I especially like the mobile deposit saving time and precious energy. I highly recommend it as a great tool in our busy lives
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4 years ago, nbct.wright
So much better than the last iteration!
The new App is really fantastic. It’s easy to use, very quick, and basically everything the last version was not! This app makes WECU much more easy to justify as a “go to” banking solution. Highly recommend!
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12 months ago, Luis Twist
Thanks WECU
You guy‘a made my whole life much easier with my Tru Blue Checking account and my savings account. Wish I could of done this a long time but everything happens for a reason. Glad I’m on board with WECU and for many years to come with you guy’s!
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4 years ago, Shortwave360
So much improvement
Cannot express how much easier this app is to use. All the information you’d need to access for services is readily available. The UI is a pleasure to interact with. Big thanks to the dev team and project managers at the credit union who pushed this out for the members!
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1 year ago, anarchista69420
Frustrating deposits…
The app is definitely handy when I want to view my balances or do a quick transfer- however, the mobile deposit is awful. I swear, every check that I try to deposit gets a 2 day hold out on it. In this recession where most folks are living paycheck to paycheck, it’s a really bad design flaw.
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4 years ago, Landshark93
Well Done!
We are very happy with the new WECU Mobile App. It’s well-designed and easy to navigate, placing all necessary information at our finger tips. Our overall WECU experience has been outstanding and this app is part of the reason why.
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3 years ago, TheMrDon2
Almost as good web access
I use this app mostly to check balances and activity. It is good but still have a preference for web access on my pc and using a mouse. This is mostly easier accessibility on web than trying to use the hunt and peck on IPhone or IPad issue.
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3 years ago, d_atw
Decent app...... poor service
I use this app for all my accounts, business & personal at WECU. I have days where I use it constantly. Apparently if you use it to much the service will lock you out for 24 hours for security purpose. Not cool when trying to do several things, especially at a critical moment. Instead of calling or trying to contact me to verify, they just lock you out instead! Not impressed
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4 years ago, Snoopyrobo
Great App!
Easy to use interface that makes all transactions a breeze! I love being able to freeze my debit card so quick without having to call. Thank you for listening to your members!
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4 years ago, Fast1alex
Very pleased with overhaul and redesign !
I am soooo excited to see a new user interface! It’s sleek and easy and even has a branch/atm locator function! This is very handing. I am definitely very happy about this update. Thanks for your work in making this happen!
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2 years ago, LilJoker98
Weeee cuuuu
Been my bank since I was 15 now I’m 23 about to be 24 I don’t see why I’d want to change really.. all around great app. Gives and shows you everything you need to know.
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4 years ago, MisterMellow001
Things are looking up
Happy to see that old app tossed in the bin. Giving five stars just for that. Overall, pleasant looking app with no issues. Well, one issue: Data is slow to load but hopefully this will be ironed out.
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4 years ago, Julie KC
Mobile Deposits during Covid
I really appreciate being able to use my smart phone from home for depositing occasional paper checks.
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4 years ago, Terry.Birdsell
Great customer service
Called in 5/16 at 11:50am to transfer funds and get help with loading the app on my phone. During the short call, we figured both out and the guy was very professional, helpful and awesome. Have a great day!
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4 years ago, Dani***Girl
Easy to use
My only suggestion for improvement would be making it easier to switch between accounts without having to redo the easy account balance access every time
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4 years ago, thisfoxrunswscissors
Way easier to navigate and a friendly color choice. I love how easy it is to find all my account info, transfer, set up outside accounts etc. great job to the design team.
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2 years ago, ashannonb
All about mobile banking
I think your app is intuitive and innovative. Has all the features I need to complete all my banking online. Which is a must.
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4 years ago, Liamesm94
New Interface is Awesome!
The old software that the app ran on was pretty poor, BUT after this new update they overhauled the whole system. 1. The app runs much faster 2. Face ID works wonderfully (for iPhone at least) 3. Layout is much more user friendly and easy to navigate. 4. Overall they’ve improved on everything that the previous app was lacking! Very impressed with this update and It makes it much easier to do banking with this credit union!!
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3 years ago, mscutie
Love the new app!
With Face ID, it’s super fast to check my balances on the go. The new design is very user friendly, and I have all the same options as desktop.
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1 year ago, LittleEmeraldDancer
Love this bank and app
Bank is agreeable, has reasonable policies and has many services (personal banking, car and home loans ect). App is easy to use and works consistently. Very happy.
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3 months ago, Renniec1
Makes banking a breeze
I do almost everything in the app. It allows me to have my banking at my finger tips which I appreciate!
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4 years ago, breava
LOVE the update!
I depend on my financial institutions mobile apps and the last version was a pain. This new update is cleaner, easier to use and just overall more user friendly! Thanks WECU!
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6 months ago, Josiah Pickerill
Awesome banking app
Very impressed with this bank and their app. I really love their interest bearing checking account that actually pays noticeable amounts. Wecu is truly generous and gives back to their members.
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4 years ago, hmgatpo
EZ to use & Visually pleasing!
The new version of the WECU app is really easy to navigate, and has tons of resources to help budget. They also have a nice theme and layout. All around a good app to use!
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1 year ago, mmhalfmoon
Hi…I’m new to this credit union, and I am very happy as to how easy it is to navigate on this app. Thank you for making it possible for people like me (who are kind of non tech savvy)
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3 years ago, DHaygeman
Really well thought out
This is the easiestApp to use that I have run across in a long time. It reflects extremely well on this financial institution.
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1 year ago, Dwezzel2
Rest App
Love the app that can connect me to my other bank accounts born local and my international account. Support Very Helpful anytime I need assistance.
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4 years ago, Me2YouReviews
Easy Banking
This app is 10x easier to deal with and helps me more productive after the redesign. I’m a big fan. It’s easy to see what I want and move money in pinch!
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2 years ago, brian kruhlak
Check pic issue
Like the app but miss the feature where picture of check was automatic as opposed to having to do it manually.
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4 years ago, DaveBob47
Update finally delivers!
This update finally fixed mobile deposit and the buggy scrolling. Now it’s back to 5 stars. Thanks WECU!
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4 years ago, Polliwog33
Much easier to use
I like the changes that have been made. Much easier to use.
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4 years ago, Shaw Gynan
Finally, an excellent App.
I had been quite frustrated by the app, especially for making external transfers. There is now a submit button.
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4 years ago, KHonor
Better than Wells Fargo
I left Wells Fargo after many years banking with them. So far so good. Only complaint is the long 5 day hold on the checks I deposit.
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4 years ago, EdgarLillo
Update is awesome
Glad they updated the app to be more functional and streamlined. Definitely makes bank management easier.
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3 years ago, niuniusbaba
I love my WEcu and the it cares for my WE and cu’sThank you we Cue wish I could come in and see you but in a few days I’ll get there thanks very much
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4 years ago, TSPSEA
WECU App as Cool as the CU
What is splendidly easy to use app. I love the clean look and how fast I can get to the information that I need. The credit union is even more amazing! Join today, if you can.
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4 years ago, rfdey
Recent update won’t load last login screen
Great app overall, well before this most recent “hotfix”. It works perfectly no problems. Then when the new update hit, boom, nothing loads now. I’ve tried at work, home, on my cellular data, even on my friends phone. It only loads 1/5 times.
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4 years ago, Fstykty
Finally, fingerprint verification!
So happy the WECU added the fingerprint verification. Love the easy access to my account balances, ease of submitting a check and the immediate $ transfer between accounts!
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4 years ago, axl_lv
Efficient and user friendly
This update makes the app much easier to use, thank you.
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4 years ago, loweenjm
Very user friendly!
Doesn’t get much easier to use. Has all the features you could need.
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2 years ago, betsyfoxy
Somethings wrong with the way. It takes pictures of mobile deposits now.
After updating to iOS 16, I can’t seem to get the picture centered and at the correct angle to do a mobile deposit. FYI.
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6 months ago, facts 🧐☺️😉🙃
Love the new design and feedback
I love the redesign of the app and the ask for feedback to make it even better
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3 years ago, alyssa-98
Love the new app so much easier to maneuver, and less calls i have to make to the bank abut my account # Love this new update
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4 years ago, ytruely
We used app
Move money includes bill pay. It took me a while to figure that out... otherwise very useful app.
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4 years ago, Jackson012
Much improved
Would love to be able to open up additional savings/ checking accounts and find online tho. Otherwise great app a
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