Wedding Countdown

4.2 (331)
87.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sevenlogics, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wedding Countdown

4.22 out of 5
331 Ratings
4 months ago, Sebron34
Great countdown
I love this, however they make it hard to find where to click to exit the ads.
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7 years ago, AmberH91
Love this app
I love that the app can countdown down to your wedding and also count up to how long since your wedding! It's worked great! My favorite is that it has it in the pulled down menu, and you don't have to click into the app to check the days, hours...etc. I do think to improve the app more would be having an option to remind you (by your own option) once a month or 3 months how long you've been married or if your counting down the days to remind you every week how many days are left til your wedding!
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4 years ago, Aja M.
Faulty & Unable to Share-Don’t waste your money
When I first downloaded the ap, it wasn’t allowing the music feature to play & I couldn’t share the slideshow I created with my fiancé or anyone else-not even to Facebook. So, I bought it for $3.99🤦‍♀️! A total waste of money! I contacted the ap support because none of the functions were working. It took them about a week to get back to me-giving me instructions I already tried. After I let them know, I’ve done all that & still was unable play music with the slides or share, I asked that they refund my money. After another week of waiting, they told me they couldn’t do that. In short, the music eventually started to play with the slide show, but when you share it as a text it only shows one picture-which ever picture it was on when you hit share😒 & no others. No music will play either! The slide show & music can not be shared to social media or any other device! It’s just a lonely little display for you & whoever is physically sitting next to you!! DO NOT BUY THIS! It’s NOT WORTH IT!
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8 years ago, SarahLOVESgabe
Love it!
This app is great. Super simple and adorable! This app lets you change the background picture and you can even add your own. The countdown is completely customizable. It allows you to count down to the second if that's what you're into but also has the option of counting down kisses or heartbeats! There are more options once you purchase but even the free version is absolutely perfect!
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7 years ago, MizTrinity
I love it
Super easy to use... you only get married once... so I bought the $2.99 upgraded version and I got to import my engagement pics into a slideshow and import our wedding song... every time I open it, I'm almost in tears. I even love the fact that you can move the countdown wherever you want.. change the fonts & colors to match your pics.. I literally love all of it. Signed - Bride to Be
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1 year ago, 4u2mekd
The app started off good. Everything I wanting for my wedding countdown. Slideshow , music, everything. However, The app states you are able to upload to Facebook- you can’t. It creates a link but when it’s time to post, it disappears. You also can’t see your countdown unless you are in the app. If you can’t see it without going into the app or can’t post to social media, what’s the point. I want my money back! This app is worthless!!! I only clicked one star because I had to.
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4 years ago, The 77th Doctor
App has gotten worse not better
Since the app became under the sunflowe umbrella (most recent updates) my slideshow pictures have a loading icon and say “optimizing image” message when changing pictures. It didn’t used to do that & I paid money for a better experience. Who the heck makes their app worse instead of better? Also my widget is cut off not displaying all information on the widget so what’s up with that? Get your act together already.
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7 years ago, The one with j and j
Love this app!
This countdown really helps you stay organized when you're planning your wedding. My favorite parts are the uploading of your own image, editing of font and color to match your theme, and you can even drag and drop the countdown to be above, below, or on your image!
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7 years ago, dvcucsc
You can change photos
I like the app as you can personalize with your own images You can also take a screen shot using their menu and it won't include ads or watermarks Fun to post or send to fiancée
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8 years ago, Paydenbrit
Great for wedding date
I use this app for the count down until I get married! It's so nice to know exactly how long until our day! It drives my fiancé crazy that I am counting down like crazy, but I absolutely love it!
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7 years ago, BuckeyeMom2five
Fun app
It's nice to come see how many days or hours we have until our big day and love being able to add pictures
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5 years ago, Vpledger
Paid for app and days don’t display in the badge anymore
I’ve been using the paid version if this app for about a year. Today is the 100 days till my wedding mark and the days to go badge stopped displaying on the app. Literally the only reason I bought this app and it stops working right when we are getting close
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6 years ago, MichaylaMallett
Worst App
Doesn’t work like it’s supposed to at all. I paid the three extra bucks for the full app and nothing is working right. Tried to reinstall and then it went back to original version and said to pay for full app again. Tried to send feedback through the app and it won’t let me. Don’t waste your time.
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12 years ago, Peipe223
Wed'n countdown
I really enjoy this app simply because it tells me how much closer marrying my best friend is. I had this app for my droid and it was great the way it let me position a nice long way banner the way it does when you click on the app on the iPhone but on my main screen as a widget. Kinda a bummer that the iPhone only lets you get the number of days count down on your app screen as opposed to the months day minutes and seconds. Over all a great app. On iPhone its not worth the 2.99 to get just the number of days count down.
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1 year ago, Luci I.
Not happy
Terrible! I paid for this app and it won’t share to my Facebook page with the song I chose and then I even had to jump through hoops to even get it to share on Facebook and it still isn’t working the way I designed it! Super disappointed ! :( LJI
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6 years ago, tam.dee
Share slide show?
So far I like the app but how can I share my lil slide show? When I share it only sends one pic with the countdown.... No music & No slideshow :( That’s the Only reason I upgraded & paid the extra for it. So, that part is disappointing.
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5 years ago, IanTully
Badge notification stopped working
I absolutely love this app, but for some reason after the most recent update I no longer get the badge notification.
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6 years ago, andrea9482
Sharing the video
Nice app, but what’s the point of PAYING to be able to creat a slideshow, and then you can’t share the slideshow via text, email or social media? Very disappointed that I can’t share the video that I worked over an hour on. 👎🏼
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8 years ago, Blah25
Great app!
This app offers exactly what I was looking for! I love the options to change the time increments, wording, font, and color! Great app!
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1 year ago, Very upset x 100
Very Disappointed
I paid for the extras and I am unable to share the slideshow that says I can. When I try to share it, it only shares the picture in which is showing when I hit share. I want a refund because it defeats the purpose of me buying it.
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6 years ago, Heather Leigh AK
Very Disappointed
We just wanted a countdown to our big day and this app let me down. Photo slideshow wouldn’t work on FaceBook and the music would not allow me to select and play. And I actually paid for this. It is what it is but I would not suggest at all. I guess you get what you pay for. 😏
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5 years ago, Priss7809
Very disappointed in this app, I was excited that I was able to add our engagement photos and music but when I go to save the link, the countdown ticker is on the lower half of the screen and doesn’t even have the font or colors I chose!!!!!😡
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8 years ago, Onesinger
Super cute!
It's so cute and easy to use. I like that you can use your own photos too!
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6 years ago, zmKajsnMjakjs
Bad app
This app stinks, they let you put 10 pics, yer only show one, they let you put a song but when you post on social media, the song doesn’t play. I tried to do something nice for my best friends daughter and I was embarrassed!!!
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6 years ago, addybatty
Shouldn’t cost to enjoy
I hate that you have to buy things to actually enjoy the app. It’s only a count down that I’m going to use only once, so why would I put money into it?
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7 years ago, Amandax3x3x3
Love this loving app even though you have to pay. It will be worth it ❤️
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8 years ago, javajenni
Great app!
I have used it for awhile and it's always reliable.👏
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7 years ago, iiitzmalyssa
Love this app!
It's a quick customizable snapshot of my countdown to my wedding day.
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6 years ago, Tim&Kim4ever
I love this app. I would enjoy it more if I could set it to my screensaver. I don’t like clicking into the app to see my countdown clock.
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6 years ago, Scarlett2632
What’s the point??
What is the point of this app exactly if you can’t make it your screen saver? Why would we waste time and money customizing a slide show for nothing? This is such a ripoff.
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6 years ago, MinaMirelez
It kept telling me 2 years till the date but it was only 1 year away. It would not change from 2 years at all
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5 years ago, KenKenGl
Can’t put on lock screen.
I paid $2.99 and I can’t get the countdown badge on my home screen or lock screen? I really wanted to be able to do that.
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6 years ago, Emilyjean8822828
Downloaded and immediately deleted. It does a generic countdown but to put your own photo or phrase you have to pay money?? No thanks.
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5 years ago, swansons way
Not working
I was liking this app but when I try to share on social media, it’s not playing the music or doing the slide show.. very disappointed..
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7 years ago, jallie27
Nothing special
Nothing special here. Don't pay for the upgrade it makes no Difference
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7 years ago, 76luvs
Simple and easy
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6 years ago, Jennylynn022
Gives wrong numbers
The app doesn’t even show the right count down 😂😂
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7 years ago, Daddysgyrl115
Can't restore purchases
Will not allow me to message developers or restore my in-app purchases. Extremely upset.
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6 years ago, wdwch89dys
Doesn’t work
Wedding is in 85 days and it says 24. Will be deleting even though I just added it.
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6 years ago, ridululos
Haven’t been able to get it to work half the time:(
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5 years ago, Aubrisha
Where is the badge?
Just purchased for the badge and I don’t see it. Please advise or I’ll report the app as misleading.
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7 years ago, Jay Stro
Money takers
This app took my money without me authorizing it to. That is 2.99 off of my iTunes card🤬
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8 years ago, Reenie519
Perfect countdown app!
I love it
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6 years ago, Heybna
I can’t share play the music or slide show !! I want my mo eu back
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4 years ago, AKVerbeke
Why can’t I delete this app
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7 years ago, Mels48
Love this app
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7 years ago, Hensley man
Love this app!
Love it!!!
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7 years ago, Dr Cervera
Great App
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13 years ago, LuvitWEL
Love expect...
I love this app.. It's so cute and I love sending it to my fiancé and our family. I have put our engagement pictures as the backgrounds, love the personal touch! The only problem I have is that while I love posting it on facebook, it doesn't ask before it posts. So sometimes instead of hitting settings I hit the facebook button and it uploads with no way of stopping it. I wish I asked "post on facebook?" so that I don't end up adding it a bunch of times on to my wall. Otherwise though I love this!!
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12 years ago, imastomie
Great... But
So this app started out great... But downside was it always made a double post on Facebook. One post showing the actual countdown and a second one showing the countdown including the picture you choose. Then for no reason what so ever, it stopped posting the background picture all together... Finally, again for no apparent reason... It will no longer post to Facebook at all... I have sent feedback and am hoping to hear back or see a update to fix the issue... Hopefully before I get married in 96 days.
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