Wedding Dash

4.2 (2.4K)
55.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Glu Games LLC
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
4.3 or later
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User Reviews for Wedding Dash

4.24 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
8 years ago, lgmyers
Super fun but...🤑🤑money!!
I love the game! I play it all the time but when you download the free game it is more of a free trial; you have to purchase the full version. I have noticed a lot of games do this but for this one, the free trial doesn't give you much. I think you should be able to get the full version for free. Despite this, the game is ridiculously fun. It isn't addicting but is a great way to kill time. I wish that the full version didn't cost anything because I don't really want to spend any money. Also playing the same levels over and over again gets old; but it is still fun!!!!! I highly recommend it anyways.
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10 years ago, Annarose96
Love it, but needs to be fixed!!
I love this game (obviously since I spent a fortune on it). However, I am finally at the last stage, wedding in the clouds, and every single round the game shuts down when I'm almost finished with the level. Then I replay it and all is well. Next round, same thing. And the cycle continues.... If I'm paying this much for what amounts to a game where the hardest part is seating people at tables, I really think it should actually work. No problems with any other levels- just the last one. Please fix!! Or give me my money back since I'm obviously not going to finish the game that I paid for. Speaking of which, quit advertising the new (AND HORRIBLE) Diner Dash on my game. I pay to have no ads, especially for a game in which Playfirst is trying to scam yet more money off of us. I've been playing the Diner Dash series for over a decade and have come to expect more than money grubbing from you guys. Shame on you for turning a wonderful game into a ridiculous money-making scheme! Candy Crush, anyone??
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8 years ago, A long time game player
Wedding dash, n wedding dash deluxe
I enjoy this game but when the people are being seated,they seem to block the bride n groom when the others are being seated to place there gift,you can't put a check mark there if the others are blocking that area. Also when the wedding crasher come into the game,it takes like ten or more swipe just to get them leave, some times I can't get them to leave at all, don't forget to add more level I'm doing the same ones over n over again. Thanks
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9 years ago, Lc1989
Couple wants 30s and 50s themed items but one correct item isn't actually set or even from the 30s!
In the rooftop romance quest in the game a couple asks for one item to be 1930s themed. The correct one is the Casablanca cake. But Casablanca is FAR from the 1930s! It's was set in and even released in the 1940s! Who ever did your research needs redo their research. I mean I guess you guys didn't count on someone realizing that Casablanca is actually from the 1940s when you created the game. But at least be accurate on something if your going to task us with choosing something from the 1930s.
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10 years ago, RedSoxGirl81
I Love Wedding Dash!
I am a huge fan of Wedding Dash ever since it originally came out a few years ago and I loved it immediately! But, now with this new more updated version of the original game, it's still awesome, but, so much better and the fact it keeps coming out with new locations and situations and, also, new quirky, yet at times, frustrating characters just makes the game a lot more interesting and fun and I can't help but be more excited for what new challenges it has in store. One of my favorite games ever! :)
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3 years ago, Monae26
I loveeeeed this game when I was younger and I just went on the App Store to download it again but it’s not available for my device since it’s newer :/ please please please can you just fix it so I can play it again! I’ll tell everybody about it so you get more downloads and you really don’t even have to fix anything. Just modify it so I can play it now please. Thank you so much for even developing this great of a game I appreciate it!
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4 years ago, Aquatic Polly
This is an amazing game
I love this game this was actually one of the fist games I had ever played in my life when I fist got my first electronic and I was so addicted to the game, and even now years later I still love the game I just wish that the game can update so I can play it on my iPhone 8 because is not compatible and some of yalls other games are like that to like Flo Avenue I can’t play it on my phone and I wish I could, but still wedding dash is an amazing game even from 7 years ago keep up the good work.
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8 years ago, Dancer62204
I love it but....
I love this game so much that I bought the "full" version. Or so I thought. It said "Full version " but it only gave me some of the venues. I was ticked off. I very rarely get the full version or buy any thing. So I love the app but not that. Then I hit another venue and it said "get the venues for 1$ so I played for it and it was only one. I was so mad. I really want a refund or it to be fixed. I hope that it will not be this way for you guys. So please fix this. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Purpleperson44
Upgrade the game
You need to upgrade to ios 11. It is causing so many people problems that they don’t need. The worst part is that so many people have been going on about how you need to upgrade this game and you still haven’t done it. If you don’t upgrade this soon nobody will be able to get your game at all. This needs to be fixed. It has been a problem for too long. SO UPDATE THE GAME!!!
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5 years ago, satansniece
Update to IOS 11 Please
I used to love this game as a kid. I was too broke to pay for the full version but I truly believe that if you guys developed it again with a better design but still similar gameplay (the way we played the game matter to me), you would get a lot of revenue off of it. Please update the app. I’m currently trying to play some nostalgic games and many developers are making it difficult. 💚💚💚🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🍀🍀🍀
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4 years ago, T506
I used to play this game all the time, and I loved it sooo much!! But now it won’t work because it hasn’t been updated in 5 years! When I was reminded of it by someone, I was so excited to play, but realized it doesn’t work for this iOS version. So this is a request to please please update this game, hopefully along with Wedding Dash 4-Ever, soot can work on the IOS 11 version of Apple products.
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4 years ago, Meeeeeeee____
Good game
I LOVE this game. However, I’m upset that I paid for it in the past and am left with nothing. I wish the developer kept up with the updates because I miss this game along with hotel dash. They are really great games. With that being said, I hate what they have done with the new “dash” games. They just aren’t the same. They’re too focused on real money. I would much rather pay for an app upfront than the whole game be based on constantly putting real money into it.
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10 years ago, Schmigg666
Wedding Dash Review
I like the concept of the game it's fun to do the quiz and get the extra bonus points. The different characters make the game better as well. My only downfall is the touchscreen on my pad doesn't always recognize when I've tapped somewhere due to something blocking it like a guest request. I am not sure if this was intended but it can hold you back from completing levels
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7 years ago, Firey432
Nickel & Dimes You
I'm appalled at these developers. I played all the dash games on the computer in 2009 and throughout the years. This one was always my favorite. You paid for the game once and had unlimited access with levels that are reasonably challenging but not impossible. It required no upgrades, gems, extras or anything that would milk you of extra money. It's disgusting how greedy people have become. It's not long before the classic "pay once and play" games will be gone. I'm deleting this game. Not worth spending on.
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4 years ago, Grace.tlee
Bring it back!!!
I absolutely loved this game and would really love to be able to play it again! I’d honestly say that I don’t like your new and updated games, for example, diner dash, but just bring back the original wedding dash. I would personally pay for this game because it was one of the best games. So please, update and bring it back
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3 weeks ago, jessielovespizza
My favorite game
I absolutely love this game I was little when I played it but now I can’t play it because they need to update the game for it to work. This game is so fun to play though. I really hope that the developers can update this game so I can play it on iOS 17 bc it won’t let me download without it.
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8 years ago, Bhughes1938
Great Time Management game
This is a wonderful game if you like time management games. From the beginning of every level you must make the correct choices in order to gain points to finish your goals! Each wedding level is different. I'm playing this game for the 5th time to complete all levels with a gold star rating.
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5 years ago, mjdean615
I have a problem
I have a problem I have an iPhone XS Max and I really want this game but the developer of this app don’t have the game updated in my version of IOS. As I said I REALLY want this game back because it bring back memories of me playing this game when I was little and I would like it back. So to the developer of wedding dash can you please update it to the new version of iOS so I can play this game again I sure there a bunch of people with the new phones just like me that are doing to have this app but can’t. I would also like hotel dash and dinner dash
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9 years ago, redmask38
This game is okay. I love the PC Wedding Dash, but this version was missing something...oh yeah! Tons of levels! It doesn't have the word "Lite" in the title, so I assumed it was the full version. Well, I was wrong. They give you a handful of levels then don't let you continue. Not to mention the full version is expensive. Don't waste your time on this or the expensive version unless you go directly to the expensive version (and are willing to pay).
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9 years ago, rainbow applepie
so i had this downloaded before but ive been through too many apple phones and i didnt have room for this game and it upset me and finally after years of waiting i re downloaded it and i was excited but i cant get past any of the other levels because the devs want me to spend almost 3 bucks to upgrade to Deluxe? no sorry. im not going to spend money just to move on to the next levels. also the ads popping up was really freaking annoying. i thought you guys were better than this. really.
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9 years ago, 02Persistent
Builds up a challenge.
I love the game. It can be overwhelming with guests, but fun and challenging. The main problem is that the score and icons on the top block the guests waiting to be seated and also the pictures over the guest can block the others who are seated. It can be hard to touch the guests for Quinn to get to, again because they block each other when seated.
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9 years ago, Geisha Ghoul
Any app I purchase starts at 5 stars...
...but this one has worked it's way down to 3 pretty quickly. I really like the game itself, but I've come across 2 major (imo) problems with the actual gameplay. The first problem I took off a star for is with the icons being blocked by guests in other rows. I've seen others comment on this issue too, so II'm glad to know I'm not alone, but saddened to see it's not being addressed. The other issue is directly related to the first - no way (that I've found in 35 mins of searching) to get support for this app either in app or through the app support link here on the App Store. Hopefully these issues are addressed or I'll strongly reconsider any future purchases from the devs.
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9 years ago, CookinCatlady
Really like this game
Lots of fun when you have a little time to plat. Some of the levels are harder than others, and are completely crazy, so it takes more than one try to finish, but it's a good way to pass your time when you're waiting for something.
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10 years ago, Miss SkS
Challenging...a good thing
I love this game! Starts off easy and you'll think it's going to be a snap...sorry wrong. This becomes quiet the challenge and keeps you from boring like most dash games! Recommended to download and I suggest you look into their other won't be disappointed!
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8 years ago, Ahammerz
Expensive fun
Love the game, it's not too difficult but not too easy either. However my biggest issue with the game is that it is way too much money on so few levels! I thought I was buying the entire package while I only got three more venues. Lame. I would not make that choice again if I had realized it ahead of time. If you don't mind spending the money however, it is a very fun game.
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6 years ago, Toni911206
I love this game but it needs an update so I can still play it!
I can't play this game any more b/c it hasn't been updated in 3 years! And it won't work on iOS 11. I love this game and paid for the extra venues. It's one of the few offline games on here please update this so I can keep playing!
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6 years ago, Mini_Artist
Please Update!!
Okay I absolutely LOVE this game!! I play it on my tablet so often, so naturally I wanted it on my phone too. However, it will not let me download it because it says the app needs to be updated for iOS 11?? Please fix this issue so that I can play one of my favorite games again!! :(
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8 years ago, Pinkity_pink
Shouldn't have to spend so much $$$
The game is awesome have been playing it for years but I've also had different iPhones since the first one so when I go to restore my app purchase it would not let me get the levels I previously payed for..not cool. Not to mention you shouldn't have to pay so much to "unlock" new levels. We aren't unlocking them we are buying them.
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3 months ago, Deeds270
I miss it!!!
This was my absolute favorite game and I miss playing it so much. I don’t know who will see this if anyone will see it but I hope they bring games like this back instead of the ones we have now.
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10 years ago, Fun, but only 80 levels...
Loving wedding dash !
I'm loving this game- it is SO so interesting and so much fun! There are so many levels and they all are different! Who wouldn't buy this super amazing game? - Only jerks! Is if you are not a jerk than buy this game and you will be happy and have thing to do- planning weddings and serving dinners to the guests! BUY that PERFECt GAME!!!!!
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4 years ago, Moomoo1127
i miss this game :((( i used to play it all the time and it was my favorite game for the longest time ! i recently got a new phone and saw it after not playing for a while and saw it isn’t up to date on the recent updates. i’m so tempted to unupdate my phone just to play ... PLEASE UPDATE IT :((
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9 years ago, Mnm1101.icloud
Great! Until...
I love this game! It is so fun, until it makes you upgrade. I was on level 6 in the butterfly gardens, and it wouldn't let me go up to higher levels unless I got three stars. I tried so many times, and no matter how perfect I was, it would not give me three stars. The only way you can get three stars is to upgrade and spend three dollars. So much for a fun game.
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9 years ago, Renacapri122
This is the only game I have on my phone because I usually get bored with games but I can play this for hours and not get bored. I'm also thinking about getting diner dash and hotel dash to see if they're just as fun. I recommend this game to all girls of any age!
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4 years ago, Paola Cueto1230
Love this gane but i cant download it
I bought all the level a long time ago and this game was great but i cant redownload it because it is not compatible with ios 13. Can you please update the game so that i can download with the latest ios
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8 years ago, AkuipersVols
Childhood Fave
Honestly I love this game. I used to play it on the computer with my friend and I just had the urge to play it again. I've been playing for 2 hours and blew through almost 3 venues. This game is overly addicting, and I don't like paying money for it, but I do.
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10 years ago, Cat_Amanda
Too hard to achieve expert level bearly the goal
I feel its impossible to reach expert level... You should add more upgrades in order to make it more fun and a bit easier to reach expert level. I have bought and played other game apps from the same company and love it give it 5 stars but for this specific game i give it a 3. Can you make it into a 5?
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9 years ago, MLSpro
Nice game
Nice game. I wish it was easier to serve the customers. When all the little boxes go out it's hard to serve the people that are behind or directly in front of them because their request box or bottle is too big. It's loaf my completion time down. Other than that the game is pretty nice.
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9 months ago, artistic_foxsy
Please update the game
Hello this is my request to update this game because nostalgia reasons I played this game nonstop on my iPad would be great if you update it for a newer versions of iOS, so new generations can enjoy this awesome game too thank you
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2 years ago, shunna boo
Me and my kids love this game but we can't play cause the game needs an update and also I was like on a high level but I had to restart because y'all don't let us link to FBI or such to save our info I purchased the other levels but it keeps saying I have to repurchase please fix this thanks
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5 years ago, Maya Robinson💕
My review 💗
Hi my name maya and I would LOVEE if you update this app to the iOS because I played it ever since I came out and I live it I’m sad now that I can’t play it because it was really fun to play so I hope you see this review and update please and thank you From your Dearest Fan: Maya❤️
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5 years ago, unicorngirl235
This game is fine.. but you have to spend so much money 💰 🤑🤑🤑🤑 and I don't really like spending money on games.. when I got this game it was fun at first but then when you were done with the first round you just had to spend sooo much money. You should really lower the prices for this game. And you say it is free but it does not seen free to me.. if you don't mind spending money on stuff then you will probably like this game..
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9 years ago, Dkline43
Love the games but the. Dashing is just awful!!
I love nothing more than addictive games in the dash series. However, the constant crashing is absolutely horrendous. Why can this not be fixed?? Uninstalling and re-downloading doesn't cut it, either. It's constant and happens at some point in every game (diner, cooking, wedding, sponge bob, hotel, etc.) That sure is disappointing when you really are enjoying the actual game!!
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2 years ago, Funhorsie
Please update!!
I remember playing this game so much when I was younger and all I wanted to do was play it again but it’s not possible! Pleaseeee update it so it can get downloaded on newer iOS.
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6 years ago, pcssssss
i LOvE this game so much but i’m not able to play it because it hasn’t been updated in such a long time. i want to download it again and play all the levels again. plus i paid for the other packets in the game, so i would love to have an update
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6 years ago, im.good_
The Best!
Update: Just got an Iphone 8+ and it seems to not work for this iOS...will there be another update soon?! Absolutely LOVE. I can play this all day. I Wish they brought back the original diner dash... Wedding Dash don't change a thing !!
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8 years ago, Orangerover
Wed dash
I like this game, wish that we could earn stuff with points. I found certain rounds harder than others. I skipped to the last round and breezed through it. Now to go back and finish the rest of the rounds.
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1 year ago, dtom0711
I miss this game so much!! I had the deluxe version, as well as cooking dash, & hotel dash (which I can’t seem to find on the app store at all.) these were my favorite games I’m so sad I can’t play them anymore 😢
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8 years ago, BrookieCookiesLuv
I use to love this game until the levels began to become confusingly difficult. It shouldn't be that hard to get two stars leave that to the expert level. Also, if you get one star you still should be able to move onto the next level. Overall it's a fun game the levels just need some tending to.
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8 years ago, Jessie Cotto
Tons of fun and strategy!
Love this game. I initially played it as a PC games years ago. It's challenging and fun at the same time. I recommend this game to anyone. Watch the groom and brides comments. Hilarious! Takes skill to remember guests seats to pass to next level. Great memory game!
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4 years ago, Lala165
Hi so i love this game and have for a long time but im unable to download it now it says it needs to be update to work with my version of iphone or ios or something like that. Would really appreciate it if you could update it to work with my phone. I have an X pro max and its updated to the latest version. thanks...
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