The Knot Wedding Planner

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The Knot Inc.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for The Knot Wedding Planner

4.86 out of 5
168.4K Ratings
3 years ago, lynnCalways
Amazing Program
The knot provides so much useful information from having a wedding checklist to developing a website and so much more. The website provides general information that you may need, but you can eliminate it if you don’t need it and add topics that may be beneficial for you. The knot also has ways of connecting with vendors such as photographers as well as beauticians. One adjustment could be trying to update it based on smaller towns since I’m in Wyoming it didn’t have as many options which is understandable. Also the website you couldn’t create your own template yet, but hopefully that may be an option in the future. The checklist was super beneficial and based on the type of planning that you may need as an individual whether you need specific help or generalized help. I was also able to eliminate what I may not need, so those options wouldn’t appear later on in the checklist. They also had useful forms that described more on specific subjects such as an emergency wedding day kit and what to include in it. There was so much information that helped me along the way as I went, and I loved the positive feedback whenever I marked something as complete. I was also able to create a registry onto my website with a cash fund for guests to place funds for our wedding. This was super beneficial and helped to create the unique Harry Potter wedding that I wanted. Thank you 😊
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4 years ago, sl1nkyd1nk
Everything wedding, Endless content, pro tips & organization
Everything you could possibly think of for wedding preparation and through the first year of marriage. I find the information relevant, up to date, and the professional know how they share is valuable information. The articles are interesting and timely based on the stage of planning I’m in. I trust The Knot and enjoy the magazine too. I especially like the checklist reminders. The only thing I would make others aware of is that I almost immediately noticed some of the best venues and vendors are not promoted or even available on the site. I wasn’t sure where we initially wanted to get married so I was researching places from my hometown where I grew up as well as my current area, which I am not as familiar with. Immediately I started realizing some of the most charming places weren’t showing up in searches or “best of”. I can’t be sure of the reason, but I presume it is related to $$ ...some may advertise and therefore get promoted on The Knot kind of like a preferred vendors or they may have built relationships with certain venues. As long as you are aware there are multiple resources out there, your wedding plans will come together beautifully. On The Knot, It’s all in one spot. I would say overall The Knot makes the planning organized, simple and fun!
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4 years ago, Cyn.Dee
Provides great resources
I love so much about this app but I wish certain things were working properly to love it even more. I have not been using the app very long but from what I’ve been able to use so far, I think it is a great tool to plan a beautiful wedding. I love that the app provides resources, such as venues nearby with the option to search, the venues have ratings and reviews, pictures, virtual tours, some have price ranges, and all the I formation needed to book a tour. Other resources are photographers, DJs, caterers, and so much more to have the options in case you have no idea where to go to book someone near you. I also love that the app provides you with a planning timeline with deadlines. It provides deadlines for planning month to month which is so valuable to someone like me that is not a natural planner and is does not know where to start or end. You can also take a style quiz to get a feel, and begin an Inspiration board, of what you may want your wedding to look like. It may not be 100% accurate but you can adjust it accordingly. My reasoning for only giving the app 4 stars instead of 5, is that there is an inspiration board you can create but it is not working properly. It will not allow me to add inspiration pictures nor link my Pinterest. That saddens me because I would love to keep everything in one place and I love the idea of sharing that board with those helping with the planning process.
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6 years ago, .:Marines:.
Completely customizable planning at your fingertips
Planning a wedding of any size is no small feat! The Knot app has been stellar at offering comprehensive, user-friendly solutions for: additions or changes to the guest list, along with contact info and RSVP tracking; an easy-to-use budgeter where you can adjust costs and categories; a FREE customizable wedding website; an editable checklist/day-of timeline...I could go on and on! With the exception of building the wedding website, most of the app is very mobile-responsive and data can be entered right from your phone. The full range of features are available online from a larger device and the transition is seamless to the app. I also like how the vendor/affiliate listings are not constantly popping up as ads, but quick to find if you need suggestions or help. The crashes are rare but inconvenient—there was one point where the app wouldn’t open for weeks, but I just went online to continue the planning process. If you don’t have access to a larger device it may be a slight challenge to do things like embed the registries to the wedding website or export your guest list & contact info as a spreadsheet. Overall I’m loving the UX and everyone is amazed at how far ahead in the planning I am (still 4 months out) Thank you to The Knot for this great resource!!!
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5 years ago, mjfaith
The Knot is a Game Changer!
When I got engaged late last year, I was so excited but also my mind was going in different directions, “how do we start planning?”, “when do we do this?”, “do we do that?”, etc etc. my fiancé and I were really naive about the whole planning department of our new journey, so (like I always do), I turned to Google. I simply typed in “wedding planning”. There were LOADS of websites listed one after the other but there was one that caught my eye. I clicked on The Knot and the sign up was so simple, that’s the first thing I liked about it. As soon as I signed up, which took seconds, I was relieved to notice that everything that has anything to do with a wedding or just engagement, it was all right there, already organized, all our job was- to look through each section and start picking what we liked! They have a section where they automatically count your guest list for you, to do lists for each little thing that has a due date already there for you, AND you get to be in contact with hopeful venues and get to book at the same time!!!! I really don’t know where or how far along I’d be without The Knot, I started using the app on my phone and it’s become my best wedding coordinator! I really cannot rave enough about this website! It really has changed the game!
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1 year ago, Wedding planned
Amazing wedding planning app
Two of my friends used The Knot for their wedding planning and recommended the site to me as I had no idea where to start with wedding planning besides finding my venue. This app and the website was so helpful with wedding planning and made the process much less stressful (although wedding planning IS definitely super stressful lol). The fact it is a free site is absolutely incredible since weddings are extremely expensive as is. The site allowed you to search for vendors in any category you needed, allowed you to keep track of your budget and how much you have spent, create a wedding vision if you had or wanted one, create a guest list and have everyone RSVP online (which I did not do but others did and they said it was easy to do), and had month to month checklists for you to accomplish which was extremely helpful. Making my wedding website and then my wedding registry was not hard using the app either. I would recommend using the knot for wedding planning for anyone who may need help during the process, especially if you aren’t hiring a wedding planner to help you during the process; which I did not as I could not afford to do so. Can’t recommend the app enough!
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6 months ago, Meykel70
Nice app but needs some more love and care
My primary issues with the app are largely with the navigation and aspect ratio & differences between portrait and landscape. On an iPad at least, regardless of the orientation, I often find it difficult to press the back button to see other venues or switch to a different tab. Rather than a dedicated button to go back, why not just swipe to go back to the other sheet? The layout is quite beautiful in portrait mode however, when switching to landscape the app zooms in way too close to the pictures and so you have to scroll or zoom out to see everything. It would be nice if there was just an elegant black border to maintain the photos correct aspect ratio. I’m also having trouble accessing my saved venues in the Home tab. I see the venues tab and it shows me the number of saved venues. However, when I go to click them it sends me to suggested venues. Additionally, it seems that the saved venues on my iPhone are somehow not showing up on my iPad, which is strange. Lastly, I really don’t understand how this got past QAQC but presumably marriage requires at least two people and the fact that there isn’t a share your wedding option with your fiancé is strange, we should not have to coordinate logging in and logging out of the app in 2024. Make a great product and you’ll make all the money you need.
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11 months ago, Dzenita.Bektic
Horrible Site & App Since they Updated Logo
I have no idea what’s happened since they decided to change their logo, but literally the entire app is worthless. My wedding is in November and I’ve come very far with vendors and building the website and registry and now I’m literally afraid to update anything because I’m afraid my work won’t be saved. I have most all vendors booked and in the app when I click the vendor management it only shows a vendor as “checked” if they’re a vendor you can search for on The Knot’s list. If it was someone I inputted, it says “get started” which wasn’t the case before and actually what’s more frustrating is that all that vendor information I inputted is still there, it just doesn’t recognize the vendor is booked. The website seems to work better with the vendor management. Also using the checklist I feel like the app and website are not reading each other. If I check something off in the app it still shows up if you go to the website on a PC. This is such a great planning tool and this is coming from someone who started on Zola and made the move to the Knot. However, maybe the app / site developers could do a better job testing and actually work out all the issues before the site decided to change their logo. Which BTW is absolutely hideous. They should go back to using the old style and color scheme. I keep hoping things get fixed with each update, but I see absolutely nothing has changed.
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4 years ago, Quizimodoz
Wedding Planned!
This was extremely helpful with keeping the guest list organized. I gave my parents (of the bride) my password so the constantly had access to my guest and vendor list. Nothing is better than the efficiency of everyone in your family being on the same page. This made sending out save the dates, invitations, and (if you kept up with the “gift section as you received them) thank you notes. The wedding website was AMAZING! I personalizes the link so it could fit on invitations and everyone loved it. It was so easy to make it elegant and personalized. My brother and his fiancé used the same app after my glowing recommendations. So did our cousins. This is seriously the way to go with wedding organization. And don’t get me started on how easy it was for everyone to find our registry because it’s simplified on this site. It was amazing. To be able to look back months later on who was able to attend the engagement party vs the wedding and to have all of the addresses and information saved has been amazing and gave us an opportunity to send out our photo booth photos from the wedding as little gifts. This was an invaluable tool and I don’t think I would have got through this stressful ordeal without it.
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5 years ago, BeeBobb
Saved my life literally
I am a very stressed person- To the point it makes me ill and I shut down often. I stress over every little thing, every minute of the day. If I forgot to stress about it in the day, it’ll come in a stress dream. When my fiancé proposed, I of course ecstatically said yes. But then came the stress- I had no idea how to start or where, but I also know being a perfectionist, I would be doing a lot of research and a lot of it myself or I’d go even crazier. I downloaded all the bridal apps I could find, but after a few months, the Knot was a clear winner. The customizable checklist is EVERYTHING. And the links in the item descriptions brought so much clarity to each point. The website is amazingly simple yet beautiful. The budget really set my mind straight in the beginning and helped me plan/save, since I was paying for everything myself. The app always works smoothly and has all the tools right in front of me whenever my mind decides there’s another thing to do. I was in the midst of a work merger, and family issues, and illnesses, so I am sure I would’ve truly lost my mind without this app. I felt like I was always one step ahead when it came to planning the wedding with this app. THANK YOU.
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3 years ago, V4LKYR1ExONE
A very well organized app
When I started planning my wedding, I had no idea what to do. This app has been instrumental in the process of planning. The Knot has thought of everything, and designed a very smart app to incorporate it all. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by planning, but the app’s checklist function helps break the process down into manageable tasks with customizable deadlines to keep you on track. The guest list function is phenomenal, allowing you to keep track of who’s who and has an rsvp tracker which is excellent, especially when used in conjunction with the website rsvp feature. The website builder does everything it needs to do, and offers a modern way to get the details out to your guests. It also has a registry feature so you can connect your various registries or even add a cash fund. Speaking of money, the app has a budget tracker which is top notch. A girl could do all this stuff and keep track with excel spreadsheets, but why go through the trouble when the Knot has this great application? All in all, I highly recommend using the app, even if you don’t plan on using every function.
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6 years ago, Karlay42!(:
Best Wedding Planner!
I have used the Knot for about two years now in planning my wedding. With date changes, changes in wedding styles, and vendors, the Knot still made it so easy to use and changed the dates automatically for when things should be done. It was nice that even with date changes, I didn’t have to create new accounts because I have already checked some things off and dates were different (this happened with other wedding planners). The Knot is also wonderful in keeping everything together for styles, websites, registries, vision board and all the essentials of wedding planning. With the Knot, I can keep all of my guests in one spot with their email, phone number and address right there. I can also put in if I sent the invite, if I received the RSVP and the response of it, what meal they chose (if applicable), the gift they gave me, and any notes I had about them. The checklist was also so detailed and hit everything I needed, but also had the option to add items to the checklist myself if I needed them. I highly recommend the Knot, as I have tried using other wedding planning sites, but this is the only one that made it so easy with EVERYTHING in one place!
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4 years ago, Mara Bella
Like but not love
This is a great app, the wedding planner and budgeter is great I am not a big “pinner” on Pinterest but the vision board is a cute touch. I don’t feel the quizzes are very accurate and I don’t like that it forces you to pick things for the vision board. It was a tiny hassle to figure out how to manually update it. A few suggestions, maybe on the dashboard you could have like a list of things already picked out. Like a picture of the rings and a picture of the dress and the listing for the venue. For the budget page, I’m not a mathematician, maybe you could add a column in the budget screen so you can add an amount to your running total for each item so I don’t have to add it myself and re-input. Large room for error. Also, I’m looking for an all inclusive wedding and the options for the listings don’t let you select one if you have already decided on the venue. Also, the ceremony and reception will be at the same place, I wish I could see all the things I have already completed or decided put together so I feel a little more accomplished. Other than that great app! Definitely recommend!
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5 years ago, MTSerrao
How to not forget everything...
I have been using the Knot since the being of our engagement and it has been the biggest help. I am a huge list person. I have a list for everything. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t get done/bought/etc. It is so easy to use the guest list feature. You can track who you sent invites to, who are you received rsvps from and who you haven’t. All their person info can go in there too so you have there number on hand when they haven’t gotten back to you 6 days after the rsvp date. I also love the checklist. First, there are things that are automatically on there that I never even thought of. Second, it’s so customizable. Not having transportation? No problem. One swipe to delete “Finalize day of transportation”. Having a bridal party yoga bonding session? A few clicks and it’s added to the list. The checklist is broken down into months which was super helpful in not getting behind on things. And if you are still not convinced, go listen to the How I Built This podcast episode with the founders of The Knot. Their disaster wedding will be proof alone as why you should use it.
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4 years ago, Telly515
The most fun I’ve had!
This app really became my companion in wedding planning. All of the tools especially the checklist and timeline, are so helpful and easy to use. There are a lot of details I would’ve missed had it not been for the knot. The interface is intuitive and addicting. I live opening the app to see what tasks I can check off. Anytime I had technical issues they were very responsive and fixed this issue in a matter of days. As a black bride, I was disappointed with the selection of beauty vendors(that’s more of a regional problem) that was a bit discouraging. The hotel blocking website isn’t very user friendly so I ended up going directly through the hotels to find room blocks. Maybe ditch the third party app and just offer hotels in proximity to the wedding venue we can contact. It would feel more personalized and easier to access. One thing I do wish they had was a marketplace. place to buy and sell decor or other items for the wedding. Overall I’ve really enjoyed The Knot. I’m gonna be kind of sad once My wedding is over and I have no excuse to use the app.
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6 years ago, a_kamino
The best wedding planning app!
I first started with Zola but switched over to The Knot when I found out that I could look for vendors and message them directly through the app. I could also make a website/have a checklist/guest list etc. so it sounded like the more reasonable choice. I think the best part for me so far has been the fact that photographers have gotten back to me right away (day of or day after) through the app. I didn’t have to give much personal information like I would on their website and the conversation was quick and painless. After several failed attempts to get in touch with independent photographers through their website (it’s like they don’t want to photograph for us unless we are willing to pester them about it!) over the course of weeks, my fiancé and I were able to reserve a photographer within days of starting this app. It perfectly fits in with our budget too, since The Knot offers filter options on the search to help find the right price range. We will definitely be using it right up until our wedding day, and I will recommend it to any future couples!
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5 years ago, Carly2020
A Planner’s Dream
I do not know what I would have done without The Knot app & planner. I have found and booked the venue, band, dj, photographer, cake and officiant through The Knot. Reading reviews and having a one stop shop to compare prices takes away the headache of planning a wedding. My fiancé enjoys looking through the venue list and we are both very avid planners because of our profession so we enjoy crossing items off our checklist. Its so user friendly and let me tell you how easy it is to build your wedding website! I was able to add my guest list so they can rsvp and even add a honeymoon fund link. According to my checklist I am way ahead of my planning timeline...oh yes ladies this app reminds you what you should be working on before the big day. I am a year away and have already checked off many things off my list. I am a teacher so during the school year I hardly have time to do anything that does not involve teacher duties but the fact that I have been able to plan this far tells you how much help this app has been (all my teachers out there understand what Im trying to say). I highly recommend!
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5 years ago, HisQueen8779
His Queen
I’ve never done this before, so it’s a bit overwhelming. I wished he was sitting next to me now so we could plan this together. He knows everything about me, meanwhile I was learning you....I was hit with a huge surprise and now I feel like I have to be more observant and learning you al over again will it be too tough, because I’ve already fallen in love with my soulmate. I could live my entire life without any of this, because without you, it means nothing. The past few days have been stressful to the max. I’ve wanted to give up, throw my iPad. I’ve felt angry, sick, and mainly....alone. My depression is growing. I know I came about “ US” the wrong way, but my love has always been 1000! You are the other part of me. When it’s dark, you bring upon light, when it’s raining, you are my umbrella. I have never felt so alive and complete until I met you joey and that is REAL! I love u and can not wait to start the next chapter of my life with you. A special Thank you goes out to “The Knot”!! As you can see, I have too much going on and this app is a huge blessing to me and I’m sure my soon to be husband also.
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4 years ago, Janna Mans
Love love love
I honestly love using this app! I am an EXTREMELY organized person and this app is perfect for me. It already had to do lists made and I was able to go in and edit them to fit what I needed. I will say, the lists were quite overwhelming at first but they are designed to be able to fit any bride who may be having a very extravagant wedding. I am having a moderately simple wedding so I deleted a lot of things from the list before I even started. Now it’s not so overwhelming and it’s very helpful. One thing that makes it a little more less scary is that it splits everything into months so there is more of a timeline instead of seeing everything I have to do at once. I love using the website too!! In fact, my save the date was very simple and modern with just a picture and a link to our website. The invitations will be a little more detailed but everything will direct people to our website for more information! I have a cute blog about our story and a photo timeline on our website as well. This app makes things a little less stressful and alot more fun!
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3 years ago, Non applkahd
Not Shareable
I haven’t done much more than search for venues. It’s all a bit overwhelming and I thought there’d be an option to share my list of saved vendors to my friends so they could help. This isn’t an option. Now I’m trying to change my password to something I don’t use so my friends can log into my account and this is proving impossible. I’m not a tech guru but I definitely am well enough to not be having such an issue to change my password. Additionally, the venues don’t note what the pictures are representative of. It’s just a hodgepodge of images that make it hard to understand what the overall space is. I’m having to use background clues to place where the bar is, the entrance, where the DJ sets up, etc. Dance floor is important for me personally and most don’t have pictures to represent the full size of the dance space either. This isn’t necessarily the app’s issue but it’s affecting my over all experience. And sure I could go to the website (which almost always has sparse information and just prompts you to contact them for more info) but so many venues don’t have an attached link. How do we make the bulk of the wedding planning the groom’s job? I’m having no fun planning this :P
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5 years ago, amyface84
Very organized app
The Knot has been an indispensable tool during our wedding planning. My fiancé and I have been our own wedding planners so we had a lot to take on! I love the timeline feature and guest list feature. Some things we had to do from a laptop because it wasn’t possible on the app but mostly everything is very accessible. Printing the timeline is a pain though. Something is wrong with that feature. It only prints the first page unless you do some crafty finagling! But minor flaw! I love that you can pick a charity that the Knot will contribute to in accordance with your wedding gifts. Our guests didn’t really use our honeymoon/gift area of the site for some reason but those who did said it was pretty simple. You do have to wait 2-3 weeks to get money which is kind of a bummer. Overall the organization and helpfulness of the app is outstanding. It reminds you of things to do, send helpful emails, and suggests vendors for you. I would’ve honestly been lost without it so thank you for making my wedding day possible!!
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6 years ago, HappyChefUser123456789
Convenient features but they never work
The app offers a lot of convenient features however they’re only convenient if they actually work. The app & desktop site are soooo glitchy & there’s a new part of the app/site that’s down literally every day. One a couple weeks ago, my entire guest list disappeared for a whole day on the day I planned to address my Save the Dates. Then there was the problem with the photos tab freezing every time I tried to upload our pictures. Then there was the formatting issues with the “Our Story” section where no matter how many times I went on my desktop & manually added spaces between paragraphs, it still just showed up as one big block of writing. Now it’s the registry tab not syncing my registries & putting all my gifts into one place on the site like it’s supposed to. Not to mention, it isn’t completely user friendly especially if you have older guests trying to use it (i.e. older parents, grandparents & such). There’s a lot of things that your guests can completely miss if they don’t know to actually click or scroll all the way down to the very bottom. All in all, definitely A+ for some good ideas but an almost complete fail in execution. Wish I could give a better review.
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2 years ago, laurap957
Pretty Good Overall
The Knot’s app is user-friendly and connects smoothly with the web version. In comparison with other wedding planning apps, I think it’s the best one out there. Other apps are glitchy and contains outdated vendor reccs. I like that The Knots suggests timeline events based on your wedding date, but some of the dates seem incorrect. With Covid wedding makeups still backlogged, finding certain venues/vendors can be pretty competitive and need to be booked ASAP instead of ~4 months out like the app suggests. My other suggestion would be to add a feature where you can add a note to yourself for vendors/venues you’ve favorited. Just a way to keep track of things like their price point, what they offer, etc. And my last suggestion would be a way to send The Knot feedback on outdated vendor/venue information. A lot of times price points had changed, websites were either not listed or broken links, or the company does not exist anymore and it would be nice to have a way to send in that info so it can be updated. But overall the app is incredibly helpful and it’s free!
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3 years ago, Ms Chung
I really like that there is a lot that you can do from the app. However it glitches a lot. Multiple duplicate messages, missing messages from/to vendors. When I “heart” a vendor sometimes it stays sometimes it disappears. Which is very annoying. When you make changes, it either takes awhile to update or doesn’t at all. It is however nice to have almost everything in one place. I do like the concept. I would be nice to have an option where both my fiancé and I could collaborate together from different places. We take turns doing communicating with vendors. Mostly because we have different work schedules and it does help when we aren’t together to get things done. As well as it allows both of us to ask questions that we may have. Only problem is, think it would be helpful to the vendor to know which of us is talking. Rather than trying to cater to one person who appears to have multiple personalities. Aside from the above and navigating the different areas could could be improved, I do like the app overall. The glitches though…. When you’re a tad stressed…. 😣
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3 years ago, Amh_0321
Great App But...
This is a fantastic app to get your wedding planning started. You can create a vision board, search for any kind of vendor possible, create a website, guest list, and a good bit more. However, i have come to find out with the app vs. the website on a computer it is a little more detailed on the computer. For example, looking at my vision board on the app it lumps all my photos together but on the website it automatically created “Reception” “Ceremony” “Flowers” and “Ideas & Favorites” categories that you can put the photos in. These categories are not visible on the app so if i ever add a photo from my phone i have to then go on the computer to put it in the right category. Also, definitely still use your normal search engine to look for venues. During my search there were quite a few that were either not listed on the app or had no photos to show but turned out to actually be nice and reputable venues after a google search. In general, definitely a great app to begin planning and stay organized but i would not make this your only source of wedding planning.
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6 years ago, Fun Zone Gurl
Great site for personal planning
I started using The Knot as a paperless way to do three things. 1. Track my progress while planning for our wedding. 2. Keep my guests informed about the wedding weekend events and details. and 3. Send my guests save the dates and invites. The Knot is great for the first two but I was very disappointed to learn that they don’t have a feature for the third. You can’t send emails to guests from the website, it takes copying and pasting into your own email or another option like paperless post which is an inconvenient addition step. Positively, The Knot offers a variety of templates for your wedding website and walks you though all the details you may not have thought about and what dates you should be finishing each step. We’ve found it really helpful so far especially with informing guests of hotel accommodations and fun things to do in the city while they’re in town. The Knot allows guests to rsvp to separate events too! Our wedding is on a Saturday and we’re having a casual bonfire on Friday night. Guests are able to rsvp for one or both. In general a helpful wedding planning tool.
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6 years ago, copper_boom
Best app for vendor suggestions!
I've tried 3 different apps so far, and although I still use all 3 for various things, this one is the one I find myself using the most. It's extremely user friendly and gives the largest selection of vendor suggestions I've seen. It's also very simple to request more info from each vendor through the app. The vendors respond quickly to my requests, and the communication thread is kept organized by vendor type and all in one spot, so I'm not losing it in my massive email inbox. My only suggestion is to make the app easier to use dually with my fiance. He works in a professional where he is away from home quite a bit, and it would be nice if we could link together and use it together. This way he can see who I'm considering, who I've spoken with and vice versa. It also would be nice when creating the budget and guest list. It would be great if our apps were linked together to be able to add suggestions together when we aren't necessarily able to sit down together and discuss it.
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6 years ago, Elizabeth Schu
Glitchy & the website and app don’t work together well
All the benefits of using The Knot have been so helpful with getting my wedding planned, but I’m so disappointed with how glitchy it is and how the website is so different from the app. If I only used one or the other I’m sure it wouldn’t be as big of a deal, but there are qualities of the website I prefer and vice versa. It also takes awhile to load every time you click on a new section in the app. One particular frustration I’m experiencing right now is that for no apparent reason my fiancé’s “Friends” category emptied itself and out all those guests back under Ungrouped. This wouldn’t be such an issue if it didn’t take ten seconds to load after clicking through each name and switching the group back. Not only that, but once it’s updated the Ungrouped category disappears from Guest List page and I can’t view those guests until I click into another section and come back. For every single guest. It’s been infinitely frustrating and since the website and app aren’t cohesive (there aren’t groups on the website, only households) I can’t do this anywhere but my phone.
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4 years ago, Lyns & J
This was so easy to use and figure out. I used this app because I was struggling with my invites and RSVP’s. There was so much more involved than I had ever imagined and with the mail not being as accurate as it use to be, I decided to look into the knot. I am so happy I did! So easy and helpful! All of my guests were able to navigate our wedding website easily. I was able to put pictures of us and stories. Our registry was also on their and there was also an option for just a cash fund! How cool! We added a cash fund for “Honeymoon” and I bet most of our guests contributed to that rather than purchasing a gift. We had our menu options on our website too because our venue requested totals before the event. The meals were so easy to add and guests could also send a note to us. It was super easy. Anytime we got an acceptance or decline we were notified, and anytime someone contributed to our registry or cash fund I was notified. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I would recommend to everyone for ANY event!
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6 years ago, Cbear61234335
A MUST HAVE! And it’s free!
For all my friends getting married: Download “the knot” app on your phone and/or use their website on your computer. It has been ESSENTIAL to all my wedding planning. Unless you’re an expert on planning weddings (which most of us aren’t!), it will list everything you could possibly need to do up until your wedding date. It suggests deadlines of what you need to complete each month, gives vendor suggestions, let’s you track your budget, and build a free website for your guests to look up information, and even rsvp on if you choose to do online, etc etc. It was even super easy to do my day-of timeline. I honestly would have been lost without this. I like having paper in my hand so I also printed the check list just to have it. So, if you have basically no idea what you’re doing or where to start, use The Knot. If someone hadn’t told me about it then I would have never known or had as “smooth” of a planning process.
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6 years ago, bekah915
Good concept if it worked
When you’re getting married, you constantly hear about the knot. While I love it for advice and all their info, as a planning app...USE A DIFFERENT APP/SITE FOR YOUR WEDDING PAGE AND SAVE YOURSELF COUNTLESS HOURS OF TIME, STRESS, AND FRUSTRATION. As a bride, you can get very stressed. This app/site adds tremendously to that stress. Something is always not working. I am constantly having to add things back on or re-delete things. Things will disappear and then reappear later very often. If you delete something, it will look like it is gone and then come back. I had to add on my registries over and over. Guests are constantly calling and asking about where we’re registered or why they can’t find their name on the guest list! I had to make an entire other spreadsheet with everything I needed in case something was deleted or put back on that shouldn’t be. Huge hassle. I say go with a different site for your wedding page. If they fix the numerous “glitches”, this would be a wonderful app/site. I am sure all sites/apps have a few glitches but I have never used one that have this many. For reference, I also made a WeddingWire site and that has had no issues.
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6 years ago, Patience2012
Wish it was customizable
I don’t know if the problem is that I am using the phone app rather than the full website or if there is some sort of paid upgrade that would resolve these issues, or maybe this app just isn’t ideal for those on a modest budget. For one thing, we know our wedding colors, but on the app, it seems that we can only identify a general color scheme. Second, we have almost all our vendors selected, but I couldn’t enter them in the app unless they popped up in the search options. (We are planning a small wedding, so some of our vendors are friends or small local businesses that don’t appear in the search options.) Finally, the vision/inspiration boards seem difficult and not very helpful. I was just hoping to keep all my vendors’ contact info in one place and maybe put together some inspiration pictures of my choosing based on my colors. Perhaps the problem is just user error; maybe these features exist and I just haven’t figured out how to use them. That still seems like a problem to me, though. I think I’m going to delete this one in the meantime.
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6 years ago, scmf0826
Great app but feels like it’s in its beginning stages
Gives you a guide of what the basics of your wedding should be (dj, planner, make up artist, etc) but it doesn’t have a search button on the main home screen. If you message someone you can only check from the home screen if you have a notification, then the conversation disappears from the home screen. If you want to resend something or view recent conversations you have to go into the certain section (ie; if you wanna look up your florist conversation you have to go into the florist section, find the profile of the florist and then you can click view conversation). You also can’t view all conversations with everyone you have had with every vendor like Instagram or Facebook. Also if a certain vendor hasn’t had a review in the app it’s like the vendor doesn’t exist. They should have a questionnaire in the beginning to get into more detail (destination wedding? Mountain wedding? Barn wedding? How big how small the wedding is? Budget?) I think if they got into detail the search wouldn’t be so hard for the user. I am having a small wedding and everything they suggested had 150+ people, buffet style, etc.
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3 years ago, BadgettCrazy
Great tool to help stay organized, has a couple limitations, though
I used this app for my daughter’s wedding! While it was mostly adaptable for our specific needs, it did not have very many suggested vendors for our local area! Most were big cities miles and miles away with a huge price tag! The app had just a few glitches (some parts of the check list were difficult to edit and when we tried to manually add the event location on the webpage, it would not save it) Also, we tried to go old school at the wedding with a Polaroid photo guest book as we’d seen that done before but the rain put a damper on that idea as guests were having to wait in the rain for that. It got pushed aside so we didn’t get a guest book. That being said, it would be nice to have the capability of allowing guests to be able to upload photos to a digital guestbook on the couple’s webpage, either on the wedding day or afterwards. There’s other apps for that but it would be more convenient to have it all here! (And I did try using “The Guest” app but no one seemed interested in figuring it out and the free version was limited) There is the capability to “send a note to the couple” under the RSVP on The Knot but no way to upload a photo as far as I can tell. I did add a guest book title to the webpage but only a manager can upload a photo and edit. Others can only view it. Overall it’s great to help stay organized and gives helpful time line suggestions and tips!
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6 years ago, MjOctober
Online website/phone app & rsvp
Great website for wedding planning! Downloaded the app & it’s also great! 2 Big things i didn’t and continue to dislike is — i entered manually all my 300+ guests name & contact information on the website through my laptop which was no issue! I then started to use the app on my iPhone & noticed that there was either no address nor the couples name/plus one, for some reason i was able to see the names & address on my lap top but not my phone app, which made it double the work having to re enter all 300+ guest on top of addresses. The app is super slow, but also any changes/edits made on the wedding website don’t update on the phone app! The app is super slow. Otherwise everything else is good. Though, it should have an option & different section for those guest who were invited to dinner (example: accepts / can’t make it to dinner) and those who were not invited to dinner (ex - Accepts / declines will be there for the party) since not all 300 of my guess were invited for dinner that’s what made it hard.
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4 years ago, pamelia1234
Decent app but not as user friendly as many think
At first I loved this app and the desktop website (easier to type quickly). After some use I found it to not be as user friendly as I first thought. There were several times where I was going in circles trying to find a specific part of my wedding details which became most aggravating. I’d recommend better, more intuitive navigation tools. One other MAJOR complaint... my wedding needed to be postponed due to Covid and website updates are not sending to guests who had already rsvp’d. Further, you can only send an email blast to those who have provided an email address, which is only about 5 guests who do that nowadays. Almost every other guest left their cell number for updates but there is no way to send a text blast. Very frustrated because in addition to the other inconveniences of rescheduling a wedding, now I need to find a way to communicate quick updates to my guests which most likely will be individually. Not happy about this at all. Considering changing altogether to Zola.
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6 years ago, Pippa:)
Great! Very organized!
I preferred using WeddingWire to search for venders just because of the layout. That’s just a personal preference, however The Knot has everything else just about perfect. I used the guest list to figure out who to invite, and the wedding website for my fiancé and I made it SO easy for the guests to RSVP. It for real takes less than 30 seconds to RSVP and we can immediately see who accepted or declined. It’s so helpful! The links to the registry are great also. I’ve been recommending this to my engaged friends ever since. Honestly, I even think the app works better than the website sometimes too. (Maybe it’s operator error, but on my app I can see who has declined/accepted the RSVP in its own section, but the website, I have to scroll through the entire list of names to see what they’ve decided, you can’t click on “declined” and see who all said no. It doesn’t separate it. But the app is really user friendly so I’m a fan. No complaints!)
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12 months ago, TwilightDoves
Somewhat Helpful
When the Knot is not crashing on me, it’s a decent app. As far as organizing goes, it’s been helpful in getting our wedding plans together in one place. My gripes? For one, I thought their RSVP system world aid in organizing who could make it to our rehearsal and who could not. So I set up for 12 recipients to receive an RSVP text. Little did I know, the Knot is only interested in giving you RSVP for your actual wedding date. If you are not seeing that up first, their system can’t help you. I tried sending out the RSVPs for the rehearsal which is 2 days before my wedding. Their system automatically overrode the official wedding date on the website with the rehearsal date. So I just changed all the dates back to the correct wedding date a date everyone to “attending” myself. The last thing I need is for this free service to tell my guests that our destination wedding is two days before it’s actual date. No thanks. Oh and 4/5 times that I open the app, it crashes after my first selection.
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4 years ago, Anonymous player twenty
A COVID-19 brides Dream
The Knot was so helpful when it can to planning to begin with, since I am a disorganized mess. But it was particularly helpful once COVID-19 hit and we had to change our plans from 150 guests to 22. I never was the girl to dream about my wedding details, dress, or where it was going to be. So having to do that all TWICE was a nightmare. The knot has timelines for details you don’t necessarily think about, great articles to help you figure out what your doing so that you don’t offend anybody, and reliable resources for finding vendors. I especially like that The Knot doesn’t send me spam emails either! The apps always worked well and didn’t have glitches. It’s also extremely user friendly! The best part is that you can use what you want from it, there is not “requirement” to complete one thing before being able to use another resource or feature. I wish I had a life version of this app not just a wedding version!
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2 years ago, tiffgrump
Helpful, but can be better
The Knot is a GREAT planning tool! So many vendors and great offers. I love how it’s so all-in-one with vision, contacts, vendor searches, budget, etc etc! My critiques are more to do with the functionality of the app itself. Some pages/items load very slowly or not at all. Some links you tap and it just shows you a 404 message. I wish I had access to blogs/articles/tips on the app instead of going into the site on my browser. Regarding the website builder, I feel like the user should get feedback messages on why a function is disabled or a change doesn’t occur. For example, I didn’t want my wedding date repeated 3 times on my website preview, so i tried removing the date from the website options, but I figured out when I did that, I removed it from my whole wedding profile! No “Are you sure? This will remove your date from your entire Knot profile” or anything. In the same vein, I wish the website builder was a bit more customizable as far as the blocks of info. Certain items just cannot be turned off, and it’s a little confusing what counts as an “Event” and why there HAS to be at least 1 event listed. I can’t delete them either. A description would be helpful to know what info fits best where! I’d also like to customize my registry so the cash funds appear first. I named our registry link “Registry & Funds” so hopefully at least people are aware they’re there! Anyway, great tool, but definitely could be smoother!!
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3 years ago, SallyAnn (@salasaurx3)
Great Planning Tool
I have loved using the knot so far on my mobile device because it is truly such a breeze. It felt impossible to research vendors before having the knot to assist in making it possible, and being able to access reviews and portfolios as well. The areas for improvement would for sure be on the laptop/desktop usability as well as the iPad experience. On an iPad, you can’t see the vendors reviews or even company names when browsing different categories without clicking on the photo in the master list first. I I have a 2020 iPad Pro, so there is no lack of software or screen size causing this issue. It makes finding high rated vendors slightly more difficult or even staying away from lower rated ones. I also wish they explained their inexpensive/moderate/high etc pricing guide with more ranges. Other than a few technical components, this app truly is great and I’ve loved the countdown tracker, being able to reach out to vendors, and read reviews from real brides and grooms!
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5 years ago, Mcdonaldeg1
Honestly the best app out there for Wedding planning
After trying Wedding Wire/Zola/etc I settled on the knot, it is SO incredibly user friendly, instantly uploads edits to the website, tying in the registries is seamless, the tools and advice/tips are extremely accessible and beneficial. It even helped me find some vendors for my wedding and the messaging app is awesome! The other sites are good too but the knot has everything you could want in one place. The only thing I haven’t liked is the limitations on editing the budget from the app (can’t edit the projected cost just the actual cost) and also when I accidentally mark something complete on the checklist I can’t find it to “uncheck” it.. or the ability to add my own item on the checklist. But I just use the notes section and these are not huge issues.. Thank you for helping me keep my self together, especially since I have an 8 month engagement and need all the help I can get! 💕 5 stars
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3 years ago, DocSauer
Best wedding planning App
This app has been wonderful to work with! I’ve mainly only used it for guests lists and managing RSVP’s but that alone makes the whole app worth it in my opinion! The only thing I had difficulty with was not being able to change the RSVP deadline. My wedding is May 22 and the app wouldn’t let me set the deadline to any earlier than May 1st. The one other thing was you can’t choose to send rsvp reminders via text to a few people and via email to another group, you have to choose either one or the other OR you can choose both (I think). If you use the website to do this it will show you who responded to your text reminder whereas the app doesn’t do that but that makes total sense. There is always more function ability though a web browser verses an app. All together SUPER great experience. I highly recommend the knot and their app to anyone!
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5 years ago, KitaB2020
It’s my favorite in terms of planning my wedding. It’s great to check things off your list, manage vendors and guest list, and the website is pretty. I wish when my guest go to put their name in, the site will pull up any name similar and a partial address because a lot of people weren’t able to find their name or people have the same last name (there are even people with the same first and last, go figure) and they’re marking the wrong rsvp. Other than that I’ve had a pretty great experience. The app is very easy to use and I tried several different app and ultimately stuck with this. Also, adding registries was pretty simple. It may take a few days for them to upload to the site but eventually it’ll show up. Now for discussions I do use a different app as I’ve found it easier (WeddingWire) who is owned by the knot so it works out. I suggest trying each app and seeing what works best of for you and your needs.
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6 years ago, SmartyMartyMom
Organized wedding planning at its finest!
When I became engaged, I immediately purchased the book for wedding planning by the knot. That was a very useful tool in getting started. In there, was the recommendation to use the app. I thought ok, useful to have it on the phone, I’ll check in with it as a backup and the book will be the main tool to use. I was wrong. The app makes it all easy to stay organized and helps with just every facet you can think of; and its for on the go; very easy to use on the phone. The reminders were my favorites and I loved checking them off as I progressed through the planning. For the most part, I used the app more than the book and t was great to have both. I felt in control of the planning and not stressedor worried because we worked on everything in a timely fashion, as recommended by you all!!! Thank you so much for the valued expert organizational tools! It was a beautiful wedding.
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4 years ago, Gertold56789
Really like this app
I really like this app it’s very thorough on everything for people planning for a wedding. But it does show a lot of more expensive places to hold a wedding and these places do pay to be on these sites. If you are looking for to be on a smaller budget like I am. I chose to do some offsite looking and using Facebook groups and marketplace and local advice to help me find some great deals for the date I was needing such as the venue and DJ as well reception. Which I totally found off of a wedding expo I visited and ended up being perfect. Because in my city the average venue was 5k-10k and it was just was out of my budget and my fiancé I was not wanting to just spend that on a venue. So do your research do use your resources outside of the knot as well. The knot is great. But just realize it does not show everything out there. I was personally burned by 2 vendors on here through the knot. So be careful sometimes the ads they advertise have some hidden fees you won’t even know until signing papers.
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5 years ago, angmor09
RSVP could use some work
I love using this site but I’ve had a ton of people have a difficult time RSVPing on the site. They find it to be confusing. You have to write your names in then click yes or no and then click on the check mark. A lot of the guests do not know that they need to click the check mark after clinking yes or no and I am getting a lot of requests to do it for them. The reason I built the wedding webpage was so that I didn’t have to worry about doing anything but now I have had to add 15 names so far and only 5 people have figured out that they have to click the check mark after RSVPing. I have 120 guests who haven’t replied yet and I’m guessing they are having the same issues so I’m going to have to personally reach out to everyone to gather the RSVP. I suggest for the site to make it very basic saying “place your names here and respond yes or no” and that is all they need to do instead of clicking yes or no and then having to click the check mark.
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6 years ago, Angry-you had a good thing
Fine if you’re starting from zero
Only took me a couple of days to get really fed up with the app. There’s very little customizing when you get going so if you’re anywhere between ‘I know exactly what I have to do, I just want a reminder/checklist/countdown’ and ‘I have no idea what a bouquet is’ then you’ll either be underserved or annoyed with how many things you don’t need at all they are still throwing at you. For instance, I have my venue booked, checked that off my list, and the app still kept peppering me with nearby venue recommendations. I needed to handle rentals on my own and there was very little help on that front. Advice to developers: do some light screening on the front end BY CATEGORY. Ask if the user is starting from scratch or if they’ve already decided on something. Ask if all events are in the same place or if a venue is needed for different events. Once you get answers to a few ‘what type of wedding are you having’ and ‘is it in the city or the country or somewhere in between’ questions, HAVE YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS AND CHECKLIST ADAPT ACCORDINGLY!!
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6 years ago, ...,,..
This is a wonderful app.
So far I am loving this app. I however am not that typical white wedding, fairytale, roses and girly - girly girl. I am one who wants off the beaten path with possible (more than possibly) a red and black, black and gray, or just completely black dress. I want my wedding to be memorable with all the things that a traditional wedding just does not possess. Skulls and most things gothic, that’s what (well honestly-we) want. This site has opened my eyes to costs involved and the when, how and the great possibility of how much I am going to spend. So if I am wanting to spend more than what my budget is allowed I know that I am going to have to spend less on something else. This app would have gotten 5+ stars if I could have just really put in my wedding style but was only able to click on one out of many options of the choosing my wedding style questionnaire. I still say thank you for this wonderful app though. I just have to search other sites for with our wedding planning.
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4 years ago, T10172020
Honest review
The app is good. However, it needs to be updated to meet better technological standing. For instance, when uploading a guest list via the spread sheet method, it should not allow duplicates to come up. It should promp the system to tell us certain guests are already on the list. Also, the app and on computer version of the editing portion does not coincide whatsoever. You would try to edit something you did on the computer and it will be okay but the moment you try to edit it on the phone, you may end up losing it and it would mess up the order. For instance, when you put your guest list and you have more than one event, and the person is invited to one and not the other, on the phone it deletes the whole guest info which you have to go back to put in on the computer. The app is old school it needs to be on social media detailing. I honestly like this site for the timeline organization and the free website, and the fact that it allows you to input two events. Still needs upgrade though.
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