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User Reviews for Weebly by Square

4.68 out of 5
51.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Teh Bauss
Stuck with Them for my Whole Portfolio
Every time I start wondering If my problems are because of my site provider, I get my weebly team on the phone, and I learn something new about this powerful company. If I could rate them 4.7 I would... the only reason is there are SMALL nuances that their functionality misses at times. For instance, taking a custom order and completely structuring the look of the order page. They say your biggest enemy can be yourself, and weeblys templates and supreme product do the heavy lifting when I would have been left to overthink my design on WordPress or a similar sandbox site builder. I highly recommend this web provider for ALL small businesses... and even for the bigger companies of 100 employees plus. They’re simply too good to pass up for the price, and their app market makes up for 90% of the problems you couldn’t fix with just weebly. Highly recommend to all of my web clients.
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3 years ago, fgjnnkogcj
Worst Experience Ever
For the last 3 hours customers have been unable to purchase from my website, on a day where I make my most sales! I called customer service for assistance and all they offered was a 10% coupon and advised that they are working on fixing the problem. No one could tell me what the problem was. I spoke to a rep by the name of “Xiomara” ref:_00DE0Y7ru._5004W1e2Uim:ref, who did nothing to help. She didn’t care that because of this company, I would be losing out on money when I trusted them to house my website. Worst idea ever! I asked for the address to corporate and was hung up on. Prior to that the rep told me to wait for a email, which would let me know what’s going, but I never even received a email letting me know the site was going through technical problems in the first place! I still haven’t received any communication about any type of outage at all! I had to find out my site was down when a customer contacted me saying nothing is available on my website, even though everything is fully stocked online. This will be my last few days with Weebly, they’ve been nothing but difficult to work with! No one ever knows anything that’s going on and can ever fix a problem. I’m done!
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4 years ago, Szubinski
I made my website perfectly fine then this happens
So my grade created an organization and wanted me to create a website I said sure and so I found this app and downloaded it. Everything was fine and then they wanted me to present it to everyone in the entire grade. I said OK, but then I needed to add a very important part. So I put it in tand then it was loading. I waited for 20 minutes and nothing happened. I decided to turn my power off for 2 minutes and then turn it back on. Nothing happened. I was getting pretty nervous and needed to present it in a couple of minutes. I decided to double tap my home button and close all my applications. Still, nothing happened. I couldn't add the thing that I needed to add so I just didn't know what to do. I went on safari to see my website and it said "not found". I got so frustrated because I was going to present in 20 seconds. They canceled the presentation and we had to get rid of the entire organization. THESE PEOPLE ARE SO ANNOYING! THEY ARE PROBABLY NOT EVEN GOING TO REPLY TO ME BECAUSE THEY ONLY REPLY TO PEOPLE THAT SAY THE APP WAS GREAT. EVEN IF THEY DO THEIR GONNA SAY "OH WE WILL FIX IT" BUT NOT EVEN DO ANYTHING! IF YOU WERE THINKING ON GETTING THIS, DON'T. IT'S GOING TO WORK EXTREMELY WELL ONCE YOU GET IT AND YOU MOST LIKELY END UP BUYING STUFF IN THE APP, THEN THEY WILL LET IT NOT LOAD AND SCAM YOU!
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1 year ago, TiffanyOtaku
I have used Weebly in the past for fun little websites and such but this time I had a homework assignment to create a site on here and let me tell you… at first it was fine I created my site on the computer and started to get busy so I would work on it on my phone. Terrible mistake! When I was able to finish it in my computer the scroller disappeared and I couldn’t scroll down to add stuff! The only way was to by miracle chance add something to make the screen move down one inch so couldn’t even go down far enough to edit! When I tried to go back on the app to try to fix it on there, it just kept loading and loading for over an hour! I couldn’t even publish my website for my professor because when I tried to at least do that on my computer it just kept loading as well for eternity! Tried to see if I could publish now (a day later) and still app won’t even start up just loading and loading. Deleting right now never using again. I never leave reviews like EVER but thought I would let everyone know because it became such a problem. Not contacting support don’t care enough to but like fix that
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5 years ago, BillyMillerOnBrockRoad
Best Small Business Website Building App!
I have been using Weebly for a few years now for my home improvement business, and I absolutely love it! Very simple to use, and offers all the features needed to create a very professional looking website. I almost made the mistake of paying a company to build a website for my company, and it would have cost me thousands of dollars to do everything I wanted. I am so glad I didn’t pay them because I appreciate having full control of my content, and being able to make changes whenever I want or need to, and that company wanted control of all my content, and all changes would have to be made through them. If you are undecided about whether to build your own site or not, you should really consider building your own site with Weebly. You will not regret it! I don’t even truly know what I’m doing, but I am getting tons of customers for my business, so I know it works for me, and I guarantee it work for you too if you decide to build your own site. Weebly also offers plenty of helpful information on building an effective website, which has helped me along the way with attracting the customers I need to survive in the home improvement industry. Whether you own your own business, or enjoy blogging, you can’t go wrong building your site with Weebly! I say “do it”!
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5 years ago, Farley213
Very user UNfriendly
I have tried many times to edit my site with the app on my iPad. I’ve been able to only update an image here and there. But try to write a blog post? Don’t even bother. I’ll get two sentences in and then it tries to auto-save and gets stuck on loading. If I get out of it, I lose what I’ve written. If by some miracle I can get a full paragraph done, the onscreen keyboard hides the bottom half of the edit screen so now I can’t see what I’m typing! It won’t scroll up and I have to constantly put the keyboard off screen to see if it is correct. So inevitably I give up and take out the laptop. (The site has been slow there as well btw). Mine is a new site and I’m still working on it as well as trying to get followers and it’s kind of an impossible task if I can’t add to it! I chose Weebly because it let me layout the site exactly as I had imagined it and it has some great features. But if I can’t update it and keep up with it, it is of no use to me. I have already put an enormous amount of time into creating the site and I don’t want to move it to another company, so please, give up useability both on the app and the site itself.
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5 years ago, Lydia151515
I have been wanting to make a website for a charity group of mine for a long time. I have never been able to all websites and apps have failed me. I saw one of my teachers using this app to power a school website. I decided That the website seems stable. I gave it a go and I finally created my own website. The only reason I read this for star is is I had a spelling error, when I typed out the web Address. It seemed very dirty. I still do not know if there is a way to change. I am currently working on it but until then it is not and I have had visitors on my website which worries me. Hopefully they do not think bad about me since this is supposed to be a good kind a cherry pi Address. It seemed very dirty. I still do not know if there is a way to change. I am currently working on it but until then it is not and I have had visitors on my website which worries me. Hopefully they do not think bad about me since this is supposed to be a good kind a charity group.
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5 years ago, bfstkkbbdsrhkmnbbf
One thing ruined it all
At first I thought this app was great. You had the choice of a free option, and it was easy to use. But then, I chose a template for an event and I was very annoyed. It was the last one, and I went to the details section. There was a photo that was already there, of a woman and a man. In the home section, I could easily replace it and put a slide show on top. Great. But in the details section when I tried to put a gallery over the picture, and simply change it to a background photo that I wanted, it didn’t work. I kept trying to press edit but nothing came up. Now it looks stupid and my website is ruined. It was the only template that really worked. Such a shame for an app that was so good. Update I hate this app! All my hard work is now gone! I was so proud of myself and I was almost finished but of course the app had to shut down! I should have listened to the reviews! The whole app is just a glitch! They keep saying they’re sorry but never actually do anything! I was so happy when I found an website builder that was free but I knew it was too good to be true. Nobody download this good for nothing garbage!
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3 years ago, Ling Long Is Bae
Doesn’t Work
When I had to make a website for my language arts class it worked really well, and I was very happy with how mine turned out. But then, we had to make a website for my science class as well. It gave me some troubles, but I managed to be able to edit along with my peers to perfect our website. Now that my science class is over, I have to get back into my language arts website. However, when I try to get into the website section for my profile, it just shows a blank page. I assumed it was just my chromebook, but it turns out that it was the same result on my phone. Very disappointed that I might get a bad grade in my language arts class because weebly won’t work.
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6 years ago, MrSteveee
Great potential, but major bugs
8/3/18 UPDATE The developer contacted me and we went back and forth several times about the bugs in the site. Unfortunately, they have yet to be resolved, and in fact I discovered a new bug that freezes the app when posting a blog. As such, I am reducing my rating one star. I really want this app to work. I hope they fix it. ————— This is one application I really wish worked better and then it does. The drag-and-drop editing process or the iPad app is far superior to any desktop interface for web design. If it worked well it would be the most futuristic website design tool around. That being said, there are major bugs in this application. The biggest of these bags is that it randomly will re-order page content willy-nilly without any rhyme or reason. This is extraordinarily frustrating and usually requires a trip to a desktop browser in order to correct the problem. The other issue seems to be with the blog which frequently tells me that there is a page mismatch that requires a trip to a desktop browser to correct, which results in a loss of all content on the iPad. Between these two issues, it is difficult to trust this application to do what I need to do. Furthermore, since the major bugs *always* require a trip to the desktop browser, it really means that there’s no point to this application since sooner or later (usually sooner) you’re going to have to use your desktop computer anyway.
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1 year ago, Oh Ace
Absolutely terrible customer service
I used to be really happy with Weebly. They were very helpful and the app was very easy to navigate. But since the merger with Square everything has changed. The app malfunctions a lot. When I call customer service for help with the app and other matters concerning my website I get no useful help at all. They attribute every problem to customer error. I’ve paid for their service for nearly six years through autopay through iTunes. Now suddenly they deny that I’ve been paying them since 2017 even though my website has been fully functioning the entire time. I even sent them receipts from my bank, Apple, and screenshots from their own app. Yet they still deny that I’m not a paying subscriber. The issue only occurred after their merger but they fail to see the coincidence. I’ve spoken to several customer service agents and none of them addressed the issue with any sense or fairness. Weebly is nothing like it was before the merger with Square and their customer service is atrocious.
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4 years ago, TravShopPolGirl
Very Nice App But I Have A Frustrating Problem...
Weebly is the best website-making app/website I have ever used! WordPress and Blogger were tough to figure out, so I switched to this, and so far it’s been great! I think there are reasonable prices. I created a website but it hasn’t been published yet. Sometimes, I edit it on my computer and sometimes on my iPad. Weebly has lots of helpful tools and everything you’d need for a first (but not perfect, of course) website! However, ever since I edited my website on my computer one time, whenever I try to edit my website and I click Edit Website on my iPad it just says, “Saving 2 changes,” and the little circle thing (I forgot what to call it) just rolls round and round and my website NEVER loads! This has never happened before! What is WRONG? Now I can’t even edit my website! Frustrating!
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1 year ago, MSmammaFighter
App doesn’t work
The partnered or whatever with Square. Now I have to log in to my weebly on the square website. Then once logged in on square it says (edit easily using app). However, the app doesn’t work! My login info doesn’t work with weebly but only with square. If you click change password for weebly the link they send to reset password takes you back to Square. So then you are just changing the square password again. It’s a ring around the rosie game of login failure! Are you Weebly or Square? App needs to be fixed. If I want to edit my weebly, I have to use my computer. The app is just a Logo pic on my phone. Even back when it used to login with weebly and not square, the app often crashed. Not sure what the issue is, but I feel a lot of time was spent on my website for nothing because I get no traffic, and it seems to have errors with the system. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, Wolf's Den
I used to enjoy Weebly..
When I started my first business I used a computer and never had ay issues, now my business is mobile and I often only have my iPhone. I cannot count the number of times I have installed and reinstalled the app on my phone. It only loads 1 out of ever 100 times I try to open the app. Doesn’t matter if I am on WiFi, or using my data. And the website is not mobile friendly so I cannot use the website on my phone. It only allows me is we part o a page I can’t zoom in or out or scroll. I get notifications but cannot open the app to see what it is. I can only see my orders when through my copy of the emails that are sent. Which means I also cannot print the invoices and stick them in the packages through my airdrop printer unless I print my copy of the email. If I didn’t have so much invested I would find someplace else that is more mobile friendly. I probably still will, but I need to have the time to make the transition.
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6 years ago, Sommer2
Great app for quick site editing!
Over two years ago, I volunteered to create and maintain a site for a small nonprofit carving club. I studied other online website editors and felt Weebly would be the best for the club’s needs. I very much appreciate Weebly offering a free site for such organizations. If Weebly didn’t provide free sites, this club would not have a website. It was easy to quickly create the site, and now maintaining it takes very little time. The app makes it easy to make updates at a moment’s notice. When I had a problem with editing the site, Weebly Help responded quickly with an answer. This impressed me, and I feel Weebly cares about both paying site webmasters and those who create free sites. Thank you so much Weebly!
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6 years ago, TillerJ
Great! But would love some more fearures
This app is pretty great! Easy to edit your site and do most stuff you can do from a computer; however, there are some things that you cant do on the app that you can do on the computer. I have to rely on the app for my site. I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and will be updating my blog every time i get service. So, I will only be using the app for editing as i wont have access to a computer. So far i’ve noticed you can’t connect a hyperlink to the same places that you can via a computer which is kind of frustrating. Also, i’ve noticed a few bugs where i will add or edit something via the app, but it will look different when i log on with a computer. Great app, needs to be fully functional like the computer counter-part though.
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2 years ago, JTS4
Good Service for Website, everything else…not so much
What the app does is wonderful. I am very happy with the site and how it looks, buuuuuuuuut Using the site, connecting it to Square, completing the bare minimum set up for account AND site was miserable and difficult. I was not able to access any of the information I needed to do tasks, and customer service information was hard to find, except for a phone number, and who has time for phone customer service? Once you figure It out… its ok, but most of what I needed required me to go back and forth between the Weebly app, Square App and then when the apps didn’t give me access to settings and account information, I would have to use Safari browser for some functions and Chrome for others. They advertise as basic, straight forward and approachable, but only if you pay their “experts”
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2 years ago, JB Vip
I like square but why did you trash Weebly?
The Weebly app worked just fine. For years I've used Weebly because of their mobility. Since you've taken over you have trashed the app. As a small business owner, we use Square for merchant services but now that you've taken over a company that was otherwise doing websites only, according to what their customers preferred for them to do only, you have come in apparently putting profits greater than people. Get it right. Not all website owners with Weebly sold merchandise on their sites. We just want a website. That's mobile, and works... on a mobile platform...because that's the life we live now.
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5 years ago, hillhunt
Good, but a bit clunky.
When I first made my site, the app worked beautifully. There were moments that I got a bit frustrated, but they were so few. Since recent updates, the app won’t load on my ipad, so I’ve been using my phone. Some parts of the phone app work, but it looks like other areas are continuously loading. I went to edits my site and it simply says 7 changes saved at the top. There’s a blank screen and then the bottom says done. I wait and it never loads, so I click done and it just takes me back to the app’s main screen. I know this app can be very helpful and I’ve enjoyed using it. I’m hoping that bugs like this can be worked out in the next few updates. For now I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it to see if that improves the situation. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Wblikesthisapp
It shouldn’t be this painful
I started to design my Square website on my laptop and it was able to bring all my items over from Etsy (yay!), but it only brought one image for each item and the images were all blurry (boo!). Trying to add clean images on the desktop version was an awful experience, so I decided to try using the Weebly app on my iPhone. It’s only a tiny bit easier, but it takes a million steps for each item and it keeps crashing on me. It would be super helpful if there was a simple way to add large batches of photos to my account (like I can with the Etsy Seller app) and THEN edit each item. There may be a way to do this, but it’s not readily apparent and this is taking many hours longer than it should. I’m surprised that a product from Square is this clunky.
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2 years ago, DownHomeEvents
It has potential…
This app has the potential to make my life so much easier. But alas, it falls short. The number of times I’ve edited items from the app, and they not save, is ridiculous. I’ll get a notification that says updates were unsuccessful (or something to that nature). I keep trying to push them through, but they never work once I get that notification. I make sure my app is updated. I log out, log back in. Shut my phone off. Nothing seems to make this app happy for me. I can usually edit one item before I get the notification. Then need to restart. But when I usually have several to do, it’s very inconvenient. And most times I give up. I also wish there was a way to batch edit some things- like item weight for all variants, etc. - like you can on the website. Also, weebly- online retail is huge, please make your websites be able to have lots of photos without making the website super slow. I have lost sales from people saying that my website loads slowly. The only thing I’ve ever heard from a CS representative is that I have a lot of photos. I sell clothing- of course I have lots of photos! Like I said, this could be great. If they would fix those couple problems.
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3 years ago, EricaTag
App is slow and crashes constantly
While having a mobile weebly app is very convenient, trying to get this app to do ANYTHING is like pulling teeth. Click a button.... wait 15 seconds for it to load, realize the app didn’t register that you pressed the button, press again.... wait another 15 seconds. Finally the button is pressed, but now you must wait ANOTHER 15 seconds for the actual function to load.... and half the time the app crashes before you can even complete the task. The app routinely crashes every 5 minutes or so. But if you stump it with something too difficult, like clicking something without waiting 10 seconds in between functions, the app may crash just to spite you. I honestly expected more from a company like Square with so many resources at their disposal but this app is incredibly frustrating.
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5 years ago, JustFigment
Love the browser version, but this app is useless
Even when the app "worked" for me, it had a very poor interface. It would often be difficult to target what I was trying to edit and it would untarget items even midway through typing so i would have to stop to readjust everything again. Loading things in took AGES, and it was often that things editted on here would become very wonky when looking at the actual site both on mobile and on the desktop! Now I can't even use the app at all as my devices are older and it no longer supports any features or functions without an update that I can't get! Very frustrating- if you want to provide mobile editting then at least TRY to change the function some so that its compatible with mobile and not just a wonky, resized version of the same way desktop version works. It doesn't convert so easily, and a site maker should KNOW that since its their job to.
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6 years ago, Animal Girl 🐱
I used to love this app but....
I’m a middle schooler and I used Weebly to make a website for my girls robotics team project. The app was MUCH easier to navigate than the website which was amazing and helpful. Unfortunately, the main reason I am writing this review is that recently (perhaps in early February) Weebly released an update that remade the general view of the app. It caused the app to be exceedingly difficult to navigate in my opinion and honestly I was very confused when I first opened the app after the update. It appears less professional and it is hard to access stats. The home screen used to have the stats easily listed as well as easy access to edit the website. I would really like if Weebly went back to the old format which was also simply more elegant and pretty.
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4 years ago, xvHoneeBadgervx
Weebly, sometimes there’s things you don’t have to change. For instance, I don’t give two 💩’s about the privacy notice EVERY time i open the app. I choose to close it once stop making it pop up, I’ve already read it, it makes the app look sloppy. Secondly, why are you changing the algorithm making my website have 0 views when it literally just had 500+ 3 mins ago, it’s stuck on 0 views and who knows if I’m even getting orders because the algorithm y’all added TODAY is broken! Third, there’s an old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is where companies go wrong, stop trying to fix things that aren’t needed to be fixed and fix the other issues that need attention. Until then, you’re getting 3 stars only, i was debating on making it 2 but there isn’t a half star option for me to be lenient.
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4 years ago, Honeycomb Heroes
Weebly mobile app
At first I was not happy with the initial changes Square made overall. We lost money because shipping fees were deleted and we had to send several orders for free. But after years of using square it is handy to be able to fulfill orders with my phone. I think it’s despicable that we must pay for an upgrade to see analysis. I think our sales should cover all costs associated with square. It’s small business like us that kept you guys going. How much can an app cost? I think you make poor business decisions and we are still on the fence. We’ve been loyal but it’s gotten us nothing in return. We’ll see. Overall the app works well but is very limited due to the greed of wanting us to upgrade. You’re lucky we are even making sales in times like this.
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2 years ago, DJ Polarized
Good App, some problems
I’ve been using Weebly for years now as my website builder… I’ve recently added a blog and have been trying to update my blog via the mobile app, but for some reason it keeps failing and the “new blog entry” isn’t straight forward on the app like the desktop version. In the app you don’t go to edit the website like you would on the desktop version, but rather you click how many blog posts you’ve made on the site’s overview tab. I’d like to see this fixed as it has thrown me for a loop until today. If you have it one way on the desktop, why change it on the mobile to be obscured and hidden? Other than that, 5/5 for the Weebly app, which is why I rate it 4/5 overall.
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5 years ago, Themouseandhog
Enjoying app but wish you could edit colored square text
Seems once you get used to the app you can move fairly unhindered to do whatever work you need to do. They should ask dumb guys like me how to set it up and a kindergartner could do It. Lol. The only thing right now that I’m not happy about is not being able to edit when you are working with a colored field. It’s a great feature to help break up text fields so theirs some depth to the page but you can’t change the text in there on the phone app. Otherwise I’ve been with the company since around 2008? So I’m enjoying the continuous updates and upgrades that keep it current and mod.
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5 years ago, ILando1
One satisfied business owner
As someone with a site that is constantly being updated and improved, I don’t always have a computer handy...but I usually have my iPad with me 24/7. Since learning to update and publish my site from the iPad, I have become so much more efficient with making sure things are updated in real time (or at least a heck of a lot quicker than “I’ll do it when I get to my computer.” It’s 2019, if you’re going to have a site, have the common sense to use this app to manage and maintain your site to provide your customers a great experience
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6 years ago, Macauto
Blog editing and update problem
Hello Weebly, My hour of work editing my blog post went down the drain just now. When I finished editing the blog (text element), and clicked "update post," an error message came up saying that something was out of sync with your server and asked me to edit again. When I returned to the blog editor, the changes I made were all gone, and the content of the text element reverted back to where it was an hour ago. This kind of problem (where the blog content on the server is not updated as it is on the editor causing problems) has been occurring ever since I began using your service (both on iPad and PC) almost three years ago in 2015. This issue is confined in the blog editor only. The rest of function is working properly, I believe.
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2 years ago, OnlyDoniaUKnow
Frustrating to use
Downloaded the app so I can do website edits on my ipad when I’m traveling. I feel like it’s not very user friendly. I can’t adjust image sizes like on web. Can’t duplicate pages. Some features from web are missing like “link to” will only let me select pages within my site but making email links or others are not possible. While editing a page, often I’ll swipe to scroll up or down and the whole thing will close. Like, very often this happens! Sometimes it will freeze and I have to close the app and start again. Lots of missteps or not working features really slow down my productivity and so takes me a lot longer than it should to do anything. Disappointed.
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1 year ago, syringeboy
This app is a TRIAL of patience.
Weebly itself is 5 stars. HOWEVER: I have been trying to just put a simple gallery on my website, showcasing my commissions. What would normally be about a 15 minute endeavor on desktop is a 3 hour hop scotch of the app closing its editor if you move too fast, too slow, copy too may items, upload too many images (ie. 2! Just 2 is too much) The drag and drop refuses to cooperate half the time, and when it does, it will just freeze an item in place without really letting you know until you try to move it again, and the preview will be completely different from whats in the editor. If i had a computer again I would use the desktop version as its flawless, but I only have an iPad, and safari cannot handle the web editor, so I must use the app to at least try to make my site. 1 star.
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3 years ago, 21 dreams
Website builder not working correctly
Trying to do a login to my original website it’s taking me to a brand new page to make a brand new website not happy about that also there’s no customer service phone number that I can see that I can call also it won’t let me upload when I feel like uploading my own photos in my phone not to select all a bunch of photos for Webley to have placed on building the website and adding photos to the website like it was used to be and I’m tired of deleting and re-doing it and deleting and redoing the whole server of the website And starting all over again you guys need to fix some bugs that you have her in trouble because my iPhone 11 he was doing just fine the beginning when I was making my website I can only view in the search bar at my website I can’t edit and add to my website fix it
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1 week ago, Giftedhandschic
I have been trying for a month to log into my site and have been met with the same issue every time and I have been getting the run around from square and Weebly support team. Nobody has helped me and I’m beyond frustrated with this situation. I have been trying endlessly to get into my site and I’m now looking for another platform to use because of this. Every time I log into Weebly I’m met with incorrect password and I can’t tell you how many times I have reset it. Also, when I finally get in I’m met with 2 websites, one I didn’t even create. Then when I try to switch sites to go to my correct site, the entire app closes forcing me to repeat the same action steps and again the app closes, never allowing me to actually get into my site. Uggggggghhh frustrated isn’t even the word for how angry I am at this point!
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11 months ago, jennab30
Deleting my information
I like how you can choose your plan & not really have to pay if you aren’t there yet with your business or whatever you are using it for. The only that frustrates me is that when I go to save it after working a page , it will just disappear after a couple minutes. I have tried exiting it then going back in to see if that will make it stay but it keeps doing it over & over. It gets annoying after the 7th time.. I don’t know what else to do to make it save other than hitting done when I’m finished typing then exiting out of editor mode & close out the app all together. It’s just too many steps to try to get it from getting deleted again.. please help !
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5 years ago, calla19
Would be great if it worked!
This site is very user friendly and has a lot of layout options but lately I have had so many problems I can’t really update my website at all. It’s frustrating for a small business owner. It only works on the desk top and there it is very slow. I’ve downloaded the app twice but it will not bring up my website (using the same email/password as desk top), it brings up some ancient blog I started and never used. Also on the desk top I’ve tried to change the layout multiple times but it just freezes. If the app worked it would be great and I could update frequently and easily. Another small but annoying problem is they have icon buttons for social media but still don’t have one for Instagram! When I get time I will look to try another site.
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1 year ago, samanthagaudino111
Great.. when it works
I love utilizing Weebly for building a website. As an iPhone owner, it’s far easier to use the app than the safari version, but there are some downsides. First, there are a few tweaks here and there that still need to be done via the safari version. Second, if you try to do more than a handful of edits the app will lag and get stuck in “loading” for no reason. When this happens, your edits are saved but you can’t do anything until you delete the app and re-download. For that reason, I’d say this app is best to make simple edits or changes to an already existing Weebly website. If you’re looking to build one, I’d save some time and energy by looking for a desktop computer to use.
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4 years ago, Sabreenizzle
Lags way too often
I absolutely love Weebly and I’ve been using it for years! BUT the app always lags!!!!!! It drives me insane! Sometimes it won’t and I’ll actually be able to write a blog in one sitting. But most of the time it’s constantly “Saving 30 changes”.... and it doesn’t end up saving them anyway. I’ll have to logout and log back in. And it’s not my internet or service, it’s full bars and perfectly loading everything else. It crashes often too whenever I add stuff on a page. It’s sooooo annoying and it causes me not to have things get done!! Or I give up because it just doesn’t load! This has been happening for years. I’m considering going to Wordpress or something but I’d hate to do that Bc I learned weebly like the back of my hand. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!! It drives me off the wall.
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5 years ago, RaeRaeLoGaThompPa
Rarely ever allows me to post without crashing
I really love the layout of my blog site, but I literally cannot post a blog with all my edits and pictures without something crashing or not saving correctly. I’ve even had posts saved and posted showing everything and then days later half of my blog post be missing. It is the most frustrating thing when I’m trying to be intentional and get my blogs out in a timely fashion to my readers. If the crashes keep happening, I may have to look to switching to a different host because it’s getting ridiculous. It’s unfortunate because I really enjoy the ease navigation through this app, but the continuous crashes and glitches or simply the app refusing to save my edits is to the point where I felt the need to leave this review. Please fix it.
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3 years ago, janab2301
Picture Mix Up
I post hundreds of pictures on my websites weekly. I use this app to upload photos taken from my phone. After I have published photos to one website, I’ll look at my other website and see that the photos I posted to one uploaded in crazy places on the other. To my clients I can only imagine I appear to be an idiot. I have been accused of being a scammer because the photos on my website do not make sense. I did a google search about this issue, and other people have the same complaint. I was told to change the name of each photo so that no image has the same name. I’m making & uploading these images from my phone. Do you have any idea how inconvenient that is? I make hundreds of pictures each week. And I’m supposed to rename them all? No thanks. Fix this mess.
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6 years ago, angryfreshman2222856294926
why do we have to pay???
I’m a freshman in highschool, and over the summer i decided i wanted to start a blog. I teacher recommended me this website, so i downloaded the app. Writing a blog and frequently updating the blog on this app is SO easy. I love the app. But i went to upload my website to the internet and it said i have to pay. what?? I’m trying to create a blog here, a blog that I’m not gonna make money off of. I was told this website was free. It makes me want to go to a diffrent website, so i don’t have to pay. I think you guys need to fix this. Your going to lose a lot of business by making people pay a yearly cost for having a website. If your going to charge, make it a one time cost. This feature is horrible.
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2 years ago, Degagelemming
This app doesn’t work but Weebly is great for Web Design
The actual Weebly service is amazing and offers great customization for making your own website. The premium plan prices are also very affordable. However, for me at least I am unable to use the app on my phone. The app for whatever reason when I make edits to the site won’t actually save them but just says Saving with a spinning circle and when I click on certain things in the app it crashes. I have an IPhone XR and have a lot of storage and no other apps on my phone do this. This is very disappointing because I have to use a computer to make my website which defeats the purpose of having this app.
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5 years ago, Hello, I am V.
Found font scaling bug on ipad app
Hi Weebly team, Love your service, but the mobile app has a bug in the website editor. I could not find a way to submit a bug report inside the app (the Support page just takes you on a loop to a bunch of knowledge base articles..), so writing this here instead. Anyway, in the app, if I try to change the font on any text body, scaling down works, but if I try to scale up, the font grows huge and I can no longer scale it back down. After a couple clicks, the whole UI gets filled by the giant text. Interestingly thought, if I click Preview, the font gets rendered correctly; I just can't find a way to fix it in the editor.
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4 months ago, sesman
Horrible for Mobile
I’ve been kicked out of the app ten times in the last ten minutes. I have no choice but to use this app for school to edit my portfolio website, and it’s really finicky. If I click “edit” on any text box it will kick me off every time. If I try to move things it will randomly kill the app. If i scroll too fast it will kick me to the homepage. If i scroll anywhere after editing any feature it kicks me out of the editing page. Photo/Text/Title ordering does not stay in order when published either, and moving them doesn’t work a lot of the time. I just clicked “copy” on a text box and it kicked me out. And again, it kicked me off after I logged back on when I clicked on “delete” to delete the text box. Over and over. This needs to be fixed.
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4 years ago, PlatypusAssasin
It took some getting used to
Initially I gave this app a one ⭐️ but tried again and was able to figure out how to use the different tools. I still think a tutorial of some kind would be helpful. I had to figure out how to delete my first try and start over again. Fortunately, my second attempt was more successful. I’ll probably upgrade once I get everything worked out. Adding pages and subpages took a while to figure out, for example. Adding a blog entry as well. I wasn’t able to do that until after the site had been published.
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4 months ago, HaleyCAIN
Great app — I have a few concerns
Well, I feel like the app was extremely handy and helpful while creating my website. Unfortunately I still feel like it needs some work. When I try to add more than one thing at once the app will crash. It does save what I put, so I don’t have to redo it, but every time I don’t wait for it to completely finish uploading before I start doing something else it will crash. I hope this will change in the future and if it does I’ll update this review! Even though there it can be annoying, if I work super slow I can prevent it from crashing and since my photos need to be on my website it made it very convenient!
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6 years ago, Bethanyd6
No undo feature
Works pretty well as a whole, but there’s no undo feature which would really come in handy when you’re working with a tiny screen and buttons and the wrong things can easily be hit. I tried to delete one picture from my gallery page and it deleted the whole gallery of 40+ pictures with no way to get it back without re-uploading everything. Accidentally selected a photo for my background which I wanted to leave plain, and there was no way to delete it. Had to download a plain white background and upload that. I’m working without a computer for a couple months while it gets repaired and this app is a far cry from a desktop interface.
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2 years ago, thatchancebirdie
“Your sites could not be loaded”
App and iPhone 10 are completely up to date. I’ve restarted my phone a few times in the past month. Absolutely nothing is working. It’s frustrating when I have an idea and I’m away from home because the app won’t let me sign in at all. Just says “your sites could not be loaded.” I tap “retry”. Same thing all over again… and again… and again… until I just give up. I like weebly. But the app? I’m fed up. I used to prefer using the app when working on the website - even at home. Now I can’t even use the app. It’s actually a great app - if and when you can use it. I’ve seen I’m not the only one having this issue. If it was fixed, I’d definitely rate the app much higher.
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11 months ago, Grocery geek 3
Really loving Weebly so far.
So far Weebly has really been the perfect fit for us to get started with an online shop. The app has surprisingly more capability than we first thought. Just wish Square Online would either fully merge or stop pushing the issue on Weebly customers. (FWIW we needed instant download of digital product capability and Square Online does NOT have this capability. Weebly does. Square claims to allow you to sell digital products, but when you actually go to create the item, there is no place to upload the pdf/audio/video file.) Weebly has been great and it’s really easy to use.
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1 year ago, Smurfyfuntime
Very Slow and Tempermental
I’ve been working with the app on my phone and tablet with the same results: everything loads very slowly if at all and on the off-chance I can make any additions or changes, they never save. I’d added a few things through the website on my laptop prior to trying the app but hoped to be able to use the apps when I’m not near my computer. It has great potential but is currently very frustrating to use. The app could be 5 stars if it actually worked, but the performance is 0.2, so I split the difference and went with 3 stars for this review and that seems generous given its poor performance so far.
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