Week Calendar - Smart Planner

4.4 (8.4K)
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Do More Mobile, LLC.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Week Calendar - Smart Planner

4.4 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
2 months ago, Tenzinc88
Rating should be MUCH higher! I give it a 4.8/5 stars
I don't understand why this app has a 3.8 stars it shoudl at least have a 4/5. I would give it a 4.8/5 stars. I have tried countless apps and physcial planners, this is by far the best option for me and my preferences. It's not the most visually modern or polished in its asthetics but who cares if the functionality and accesablity is not there. This app has so many features, so many ways to taylor the app exactly to your own preferences and comfort. I have not used a better calender app than this one. Who else gives you the ability to slide across mutliple weeks and select multiple events and edits them all in one selection. Who else lets you have so many choice of different views which can then be completely taylored. I have used WeekCal for what seems like a decade! Yes the pro switch was annoying but's not that expensive and you don't have to get it. The regular version is plenty fine! Yes sometimes it glitches but definitely not as much as other apps. I think people need to chill. If your life isn't so great maybe not use these reviews as a dumping ground. Please be mindful. Also again the free version is amazing and its FREE. How many other services in life are free. Like lets calm down a bit and just be practical. This app is amazing, nothing is perfect and I'm so thankful its free and available to help me stay organized in my life. Thanks WeekCal!
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4 years ago, Hajuasahi
Wonderful calendar with tons of options
When I first write this, I had been using this app for almost a year. Now I’ve used it for many years and still really really love it. “The mini month is SO useful to me. It's just about like the month view in google calendar on a full computer. I can see all my events in one view. There's little great features too - if you have too many things to see in the mini month line (mon-sun), you can scroll down in the line without switching views. Likewise if the event has lots of details, you can scroll the window that pops up when you tap on it. You can even edit a lot of the event without needing to go to the edit window. This calendar is worlds more useful to me than the stock calendar. Oh, and I was testing CalenMob and this one seems to have more features and runs much quicker than CalenMob. There are tons of features, many of which I don't use, and he option to use them or not. Options are lovely. The only thing I'd say could use improvement is that the notifications from weekcal are linked to the stock calendar and will take you there rather than weekcal if you tap on them. This hasn't been much of an issue for me as I just notice that I have an event reminder and then go straight to weekcal. Price when I got it was only $2 too. Thank you!”
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3 years ago, CleveNoob
Great app that’s been my go-to calendar
So, I’ve been a WeekCalendar user for a LONG time. I bought the app way back when it was $1.99 or $2.99 or something, before it went free with subscription and IAP support. While I’m a little sad to be bothered by requests to partake in such things, I can’t deny the software authors the right to try and keep a great product generating revenue, and this is a great product (and the IAP is a little less ever-present now than it once was in the latest release). While Apple has added some great new features to their own iOS calendar, WeekCalendar still has the best means of interacting with data a week at a time, and using it has been easy. It integrates very well with both the iOS calendar and Google calendar. If there is a complaint to be had it is that it leans quite heavily on Apple’s own Calendar app to provide some of the core functionality. Week Calendar builds on it but cannot fully supplant it. All part of Apple’s plan, perhaps? Update: the push to subscribe and unlock features has become more aggressive again, and I don’t need any of those functions. Were the basic free features (that I once paid for) a little less overshadowed by the pressure to buy a subscription (which many of us don’t need) I think I’d stick with it, but at this point in time Week Calendar doesn’t do enough for my basic needs to make it worth putting up with the constant proportion. So long and thanks for all the fish.
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5 years ago, LSSR22
Perfect as is
WeekCal has some features that makes it much more useful than the native iOS calendar. First and foremost: the ability to quickly and easily place an entry onto multiple calendars. That makes it *perfect* for managing multiple calendars among multiple individuals. And having the calendar based on the native app is actually a HUGE benefit (despite other reviewers complaining about it). With the calendar information residing in the native iOS function, I can share calendars with others and they don’t have to have WeekCal installed on their device to receive appointments I’ve entered. They get all the changes, updates, deletions, and adjustments I make in WeekCal right in their native iOS calendars. How great is that? Please, please, please don’t take that away. I would actually remove WeekCal if it didn’t work that way. Finally: I don’t want all of the “features” in the Pro version, so I’m not going to buy it. I’m actually happy to pay a little more for the regular version because it’s a great app and the developers deserve to make some money for what they’ve created and support. But please quit bugging me about the Pro version.
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8 months ago, lfrecklesl
Sadly moving this once great app off my home screen
I have loved using this app for several years. In spite of changes with phones and jobs, I kept this app at the top of my home screen because the month view was and still is unmatched and there was and still is no other app with the incredibly useful rolling event feature… I was even invited to be a beta tester a few times. Happy days… In recent years, instead of keeping all of these great existing features well maintained and enhanced, the business focus shifted to lots of ads just to add special calendars. They also made a really annoying change to the scrolling of the mini month view which was very buggy for a while and is still not a pleasant user experience. More recently, as a number of other reviewers are also stating, the ability to mark rolling events as complete is totally broken forcing me to look at competing apps that may be able to accomplish something similar and help me regain some productivity again. I’m not terribly confident that this will ever be fixed and I’ve finally, FINALLY found something else that will be able to have repeatable task-like events on the calendar that will still kinda roll forward. I won’t completely abandon WeekCal and I will continue to check the notes on updated releases, but the place of honor on my home screen is changing as of right now.
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2 years ago, macinspire
With all the competition, weekcal is the best, BUT
Update 4: keep getting asked to upgrade but with bugs unfixed, hard to give another $100 for unlock. I see a catch 22 because they need money to fix the bug, but some kind of communication and commitment would be reassuring/encouraging. Update 3: Please fix the add contact to an event function. Update 2: I stopped using this cal app. A few bugs that are just deal breakers. Disappointed but moving on. Built in calendar app in iOS 9.3 good enough, now. One star deducted for an OLD bug (on iPhone) not getting any attention. Press and hold on day view to create a new event and after a while (about 4 new events) the "new" doesn't show up, effectively breaking the press and hold to create a new event. I kill the app to get that function back. With all the calendar app competition, and I've checked out a bunch, I love this calendar app. When traveling, there is something really annoying and it is probably an IOS bug. When traveling to a different time zone, the times of all existing events are changed to reflect the new time zone. It really hurts if you enter an event with your flight time! I entered the location info in the event for my return flight (the city of departure), thinking IOS or weekcal would not alter the event time if I travel to that location. Not really. Luckily I haven't missed a flight.
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6 years ago, Itsmicroman
Great app, but some minor limitations
I own a mobile business with multiple appointments every day. I have been using Week Calendar for over five years and I found it significantly more useful and easier to work with them the built-in Apple calendar. I use iTunes to synchronize my phone calendars with my pc’s Outlook calendar and Week Calendar functions perfectly. The Week Calendar’s additional weekly and mini-month views are exceptionally useful for seeing an overview of scheduled appointments. Andy interface is easy to use. The search function is great for helping to find previous appointments but unfortunately, the newest version of the app continually reverts back to a 1-year search envelope after every search. It can be adjusted using the gear tool for a longer search envelope but setting the beginning date automatically moves the end date to one year later requiring the user to modify both dates each time they need a longer search. The older version of the app retained the previously used search dates after each search. I hope this option is re-incorporated into the next update. Otherwise, I highly recommend this app for anyone who needs more control of their phone calendar than the built-in iPhone calendar provides .
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5 years ago, RDub76
Need Apple Cal for full functionality?!
This app has pretty much everything that I’m looking for except this deal breaker; you have to have the native iOS calendar app installed if you want to receive event notifications. So when you get a notification, it’s from the Apple Calendar app; tapping on the notification takes you to the Apple Calendar app, not Week Calendar. If you don’t have the native iOS Calendar app installed, tapping on the notification takes you to the App Store to install the native iOS calendar app! For a paid app, with a subscription plan (a subscription plan that, by the way, removed a few features that were in the paid app and now makes those available only if you subscribe and pay monthly) not having app specific notifications, etc. is ridiculous. Week Calendar explains the reason behind using the native iOS calendar for notifications on their site, but I call b.s.! This is just lazy programming! There are myriad calendar apps that all have their own app specific notifications. I’ve tried dozens of calendar apps and all the notifications worked fine; I didn’t miss any notifications, as suggested in Week Calendar’s explanation. Their support is weak. I emailed them for support...no response. So they want to take $8 a month from me, but don’t offer support and lack some important features? I don’t think so. They should change the name of this app to Weak Calendar!
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2 years ago, HB197612
Thanks for fixing it
Issues below have been resolved and the app is both working fine and not throwing up adverts for paid features I do not want. Thank you. I would give 5 stars for the app, but have deducted 1 for the unnecessary recent headache below… I used this App extensively as it was much more useful / powerful than the native iOS calendar, but sadly it feels like the accountants have been put on a bonus scheme and placed in charge. Despite having the ‘Paid’ version, I started (end ‘21) to get frequent full screen adverts for additional features that I would never want - very annoying, and no option to click ‘Do not show me this again’. To add to the insult, the recent Jan ‘22 update has made the ‘mini month’ view, which I rely on, unusable. Upon opening the app ‘Today’s Date’ is hidden above the opening screen so you have to swipe down to get to today and, much more seriously, tapping on an entry now does nothing; so it is impossible within the mini month view to actually view or edit an entry. I was happy to pay for a good product, I don’t need annoying pop up ads or ‘upgrades’ that make it unusable. Please please fix it and put the engineers back in charge.
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2 years ago, NekoKat2501
Tired of constant nags to upgrade
Updated review. This has been my go-to calendar app for years mainly because of the week layout and customization. But I’m so tired of the screen that pops up nagging me to subscribe before I can see my calendar. It really disrupts my workflow when I’m trying to open my calendar to, you know, USE my calendar. I don’t mind the option to subscribe for extra features but I don’t need more than the basic features and it’s extraordinarily aggravating to constantly have to dismiss popups before I can answer whether I’m available tomorrow at 2pm or what time my flight lands. If I ever find another calendar app with a usable week layout this is getting deleted. Original review: I bought this app ages ago when it was a one-time purchase, but then they moved to a (expensive!) subscription model and have been removing features from the free version bit by bit. Now there's another one-time purchase in the app store so I guess they're hoping to pull the same stunt all over again. After the latest update, my existing widget which I was happily using changed to tell me I have to subscribe to use it. It's very customizable, but has a few bugs, combined with the unethical behavior I'm not going to upgrade. I'm shopping for a new calendar app.
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12 months ago, Alpine Meadows
Fantastic- superior to Fantastical!
It's replaced Fantastical on my phone. I bought it to test for my wife, who needed an app that could search in specific date ranges, something that Fantastical can't do. I soon realized this is the best calendar app I've seen, better than Fantastical in almost every other way (the exceptions being that it doesn't use natural language entry or show weather): I spend most time in the agenda view; it's the easiest for schedule and planning, but the mini-month view is also amazing, as you can read event titles. There's also a standard week-hour grid; fantastical has none. Also easier is duplicating events, through built-in copy and paste. Thus you hit the copy button. Go to your favorite calendar view, find the date you want, and paste (the app's own operation, on iOS. Also supported: drag and drop and other features. I emailed a question pre-purchase, and got a response within an hour, so support looks good. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, Old Rocker and Roller
Why the change and what’s up with the app now?
I have had the WeekCal APP for about 9-10 years. I purchased the full APP back then. It's great! I shared it with 4 other dives in my household. And I used Family Sharing to post events, etc.. Prior to 4 days ago, everything worked GREAT!! I noticed that colors changed on my calendar by itself? Neither of the 4 other iPhones are able to share my new inputted calendar events. (Meaning, they cannot see on their calendars what I place on mine). And, I cannot see on my phone, what they put on theirs. Also, NOW, they are being asked to purchase the PRO Update. What is going on? What was once a great app with no issues is becoming a bad thought. The above is a message I sent out over a year ago. After that message went out, somehow, things went back to normal. Thank you. But now as of Feb 13, 2021, I am finding out that only 2 out of 5 devices I shared the paid app with are functioning correctly. On three of our devices, it’s saying in order to unlock features, I have to upgrade the app. Again, I paid for the app 10-11 years ago and shared it with my families phones. Their phones stopped functioning fully at the beginning of 2021. I did not find out about this till now. They are sharing my app. I would again, like them to have all the access that I have please.
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6 years ago, Faeriegrl1
I Love This App, But...
As stated in the title, I love this app. I've been using it for maybe 5-6 years, shortly after I got my first iPhone (my phone before that was a Palm Centro, which had a GREAT calendar). Weekly Calendar has everything I need plus more, and they are always improving it. My favorite parts are being able to assign certain types of events a specific color (such as errands being purple, appointments being bright pink, etc.) as well as auto-color, in which I assign specific to a specific name or title (such as events pertaining to my daughter). I'm a visual person and need events to stand out from each other; otherwise, everything blends in together when I’m looking for something specific. I also have Week Calendar on my iPad. However, in the past week, and only on my iPhone, I have lost the ability to keep new colors that I have created as well as use auto-colors for specific events. I’ve done everything I know of, including deleting the app, but I’m just not able to create and keep colors as well as assign colors to specific events, even colors that I don’t create, colors that come with the app. It’s frustrating.
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1 year ago, J007B-Mi6
Crippled app
What a disappointment. Not unlike many recently dissatisfied users, I have used this app for many, many years. Since the last two updates, (IOS and Weekcal), the app is all but useless as now you no longer receive alerts or notifications directly from Weekcal, only from the built-in calendar app which has its own longstanding shortcomings and is probably why we all upgrade to something else in the first place. After a few back-and-forth email messages to the developers, they eventually acknowledged the issue and said, “…we will forward this as a feedback and suggestion report to the development team for their review of the feature. We can't guarantee that you'll always see exactly what you're looking for, however, but we make every effort to provide the best possible experience for our users.” Really the only thing I want is for the app to work the way it did before, I don’t want any “features” just operability. If it were not for the years of good service this review might have taken a different tone, nevertheless it looks like it’s time to upgrade to a new app because as it stands this app is near useless without its previous ability to show alerts and notifications in a native form.
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6 years ago, GKambitsch
Continues to improve. Wonderful features & Quick customer Support response
Sept 2018 This is the calendar app to use! I might add that it works flawlessly with Siri. Oct 2017 Still like it. Still my primary calendar app. May 2017 Still my go-to calendar app. See my notes below. May 2015 Recent interface changes make this app even more intuitive to use. For instance, the new search icon has eliminated the need go to the "List" view to search for an item. Previous comments are listed below: After years of use, this is still my go to calendar app. Very active and responsive development team. Great app! Continues to improve. * auto color coding & icons: all my Red Cross volunteer shifts and meetings stand out in red if I include "Red Cross" in the title. All my medical appointments stand out in pink, if I include "Dr", "Med" or "Health" in the title. My musical gigs and rehearsals are yellow with a guitar icon. * A few years ago (iOS 6) a bug prevented the app from loading. The issue resolved quickly, but I will never forget the quick attention I received! I received a response within 2 hours of reporting the problem. recommending a competing app while Apple applied the patch they had already submitted. * This is a great app for setting up complex repeating appointments (eg: every third Thursday). * Also, using its "rolling event" feature, Week Cal provides a reminder daily, bugging you until you complete a designated task.
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3 years ago, Calif SLP
**WARNING: Updating the app means that previously used features now require a Pro subscription. You will no longer be able to swipe between months.** I updated my app and now I must subscribe to get the functionality back that I had before. I purchased this app years ago (it was not a free download). Very frustrating that users are not warned of this before updating. In mini month view, I have a pop up prompting me to subscribe. I cannot swipe to other months or use the drop down. This has been my calendar for 10 years and now I’m held hostage because I was not warned before I updated. An app should never become less functional when you update it! Update: I have contacted Week Calendar through the app. They asked questions and requested screenshots and video. I have also submitted the information they requested showing that the app was purchased 10 years ago prior to Family Share when my husband and I shared an iTunes account. For some reason, this is the update that triggered the subscription prompt (we’ve been using Family Share for awhile). My husband has the app in his phone, but doesn’t use it ever; however it is working fine. Week Calendar has not responded since I sent the info a week ago.
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3 years ago, :-)!
Very disappointing customer service.
I’ve had this app for years and have enjoyed it but for almost a year now, when I use list mode and try to scroll forward or backward a day or two, the app hyper-scrolls uncontrollably- sometimes back a year or two! Then you either have to manually scroll back and hope you don’t overshoot or find a a way to manually enter the actual date. Sounds trivial but beyond annoying rendering this thing useless. I have contacted customer support at least a half dozen times and was told everything from “it’ll be fixed on the next update”, “you have an old version, update to the new one”, or “switch modes to monthly instead of list and it should help.” Are you kidding me? My version has been updated several times. The app is not useful to me in month mode. And this bug was never fixed or addressed AT ALL during ANY of the updates. Great lack of customer service here. Will have to go thru the trouble of trying to transfer all of my info to a different app that actually works with customer service who actually address the problem, after all these years. Such a shame.
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4 years ago, M Chen2
Do not buy! Greedy unethical developers
10/1 UPDATE: the developers restored the pro functionality I had already paid for with a new update within a couple of days of all the one star reviews. I stand by the one star rating though. This is the second time the developers have pulled this stunt in two years. Original review: Over six years ago, I paid for the pro version because this was THE BEST calendar in the App Store at the time. It was a one time payment. As other reviews have pointed out with the most recent upgrade, I can’t click on an event to see the details, swipe to a different month, basically I can’t do anything without getting a pop up screen that says I need to pay for the pro version (again) AND now it’s an annual subscription. There’s another version of the app in the App Store that appears to be a one time payment but it’s $30 - the most expensive calendar app in the store! (This app is great when you have the basic features, but it’s not worth that much.) Either way, this developer isn’t respecting previous pro purchases and just wants more money out of longtime users! No longer recommend any app from them and looking at alternative calendar apps.
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5 years ago, maliVuk
Excellent app which does what one expects
This is the only calendar app I use for both work and personal scheduling. My primary view is the Month view which gives the days agenda and allows immediate access to other days of the month. The repeating function covers every situation I have encountered and the rolling repeat is great for tasks which may not be addressed on the desired day, but can't be forgotten. I make extensive use of the note section of each event for meeting agendas or for pertinent technical data I want to have at hand. Attaching files to events can also serve a similar purpose. If asked, I would be hard pressed to come up with a new feature request. I have been using this app on both iPhone & iPad for years. It syncs well with the Apple calendar app which syncs with my employer supplied MobileIron app, so all of my calendar activities are available in WeekCal.
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1 year ago, 0000LB
Great but Annoying
I got Week Calendar years ago when it was new. I love that it's tied to the built-in calendar and provides some better visuals, like more flexible time control for alerts, and of course the week view on my iPhone. The problems are all related to the methods the developer uses to announce the "enhanced" version and make more money. When launching this app to view my calendar on my iPhone, it frequently tries to get me to buy the "Pro" version. I've looked at all the features and it generates ZERO interest for me. But that darn ad keeps popping up several times a week. The BIG problem happened when that upgrade offer showed up as an alert on my Apple Watch when it woke me up at 4:50am!! RUDE!!! There are a number of apps I've bought for a one-time fee of a few bucks, which I would gladly "tip" the developer another few bucks now and then to keep them in business. Week Calendar was one of thse until they turned into an ad-packed-annoying-alert app.
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5 years ago, Lbpppp
New update no good
This was my favorite and only calendar from day 1 of having an iPhone (maybe 10 years ago?). I am a obsessive-compulsive planner and with two kids and all the school events, extracurriculars, and a full-time job I have to be. I tried so many different apps for to do lists and calendars and I always enjoyed the look and feel of this one. BUT I feel like the latest updates have ruined a good thing. First of all, I can no longer view my work calendar events on this (my work uses google calendar), and when I create an event on my phone through this app it no longer syncs to the google calendar I use on my work computer. Also I can’t figure out how to view events more than a few months ago. One of my calendars is completely blank (maybe because they stopped syncing??). I had to download google calendar on my phone to get everything to sync in one place again and as much as I dislike the layout of the google calendar app I have no choice because I would definitely prefer this one. I am very sad about this.
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6 years ago, FD Medic 10
They ruined a great thing!!
I loved this app... until the last update. Now I am stuck on the current calendar and every time I try to do ANYTHING, a stupid upgrade screen pops up with no way to decline the offer. I have three jobs, a wife and child each with their own calendars to track, and lots of other appointments to juggle. This was the best calendar app to manage all of that. No longer... Now the greedy app developers are holding us hostage by forcing us to either upgrade to a paid subscription or delete the app and find and a new calendar. This WAS my favorite app and have relied upon on it for the last 10 years. I USED to tell everyone, I came in contact with about this app lauding it as the best calendar app out there. That was until they force us to pay for it! I received an email from the support team and they had me update the app. I did an the subscription pop-up went away and I regained what I had before! Thanks!!
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5 years ago, Solopreneur Consultant
Best Calendar Ap!!!
Having used MANY calendars over the years, I’ve found that the weekly view works best, at least for me. I searched for a digital weekly view calendar for some time and could not find one. I missed the weekly format so much, I actually went back to a paper calendar! Then I found this ap, and it’s fanTAStic! Not only does it show me one week at a glance, it allows for a TON of customization! I love being able to make the current day wider than the others, the time marker that extends across the screen, the customizable colors, and the way the Ap integrates all my calendars, yet still allows me to block any individual calendar I like. And this Ap is intuitive! Want to move an appointment to another day? Just tap & drag it to the day & time you need it. It’s that easy! This is one of the most useful digital tools I use, and I use a LOT of them.
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5 years ago, RustVel
I was upset about pro
I don’t know why after so many years of having bought this app I thought I was entitled to more updates. This has to be the best calendar app I’ve ever seen. I always come back to it. No matter what new-fangled calendar app comes out year after year after year. I’ve had it with my current app and so I’m coming back to this one. God the things I went through just to avoid another subscription! I’ve bought like 2-3 calendar apps recently so I could pay once and be done with it. Not going through that has to be worth the $15 dollars a year lol. If you asked me to invent a calendar app and come up with as many features as possible to add with no limits, I couldn’t come up with everything that’s in this one! Thanks for updating with the UI for us lowly peasant users who don’t have pro yet. I’m glad to be back, will soon subscribe.
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6 years ago, PenManDoug
The best iPhone calendar app I have found!
UPDATE: I still feel that Week Cal is the best calendar app for my iPhone 6+. But… I am frustrated by the appearance of the new day and week views. I have found a work around which, while a bit cumbersome, has worked. If I open it, go to the week view, and then double tap in week view, I get the good old day view that I prefer. I have used Week Cal for years, and have found it to consistently be the very best out there. I have tried many iPhone calendar apps, including Tempo, Fantastical 2, Pocket Informant… And Week Cal is BY FAR the best (and one of the least expensive) that I have found. It is beautiful and easy to look at, the information you want is easily found, entering new events is an extremely simple process and the developers are constantly releasing useful updates. This is an excellent app, well worth the price.
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6 years ago, Ryusui
Great Calendar App
This app truly is everything the iPhone calendar should have been. It's extremely simple to use, has every feature I could possibly imagine needing in my calendar, and the support is phenomenal. Copy and paste, drag and drop, and CUSTOM alert times! Was that really such a hard thing to have in the calendar app? Apparently so for Apple, but not for Week Cal. And when I emailed the developer to request a feature, I was emailed back in less than 10 minutes with a response! Not only did they get back to me quickly, but they kindly showed me that the feature I requested was already there, and how to use it! I've downloaded some great apps, but this is by far the best. And the fact that you get what has to be the best support around just closes the deal. Get this app. It will be the best $2 you've ever spent.
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4 years ago, 123fwwtzy
Don’t bother, No longer works without paying
I have been using this app for years and have loved it, until now. I paid for the app back when it was first created, I paid two dollars for it. Now that they have upgraded to a subscription, it no longer works with my phone and every time I try to scroll to the next month I get a pop-up wanting me to pay $20 a year. I emailed their customer service telling m them I’ve already paid for it, and I’m not going to pay for a subscription since they increase their prices, I already paid for the full features. Their response was that it should work just fine, I just shouldn’t be able to access the newer features that they have created. Either way, it doesn’t work and I cannot scroll off of the month without the pop-up saying I have to pay for the pro. And I can’t bypass the pop up to view the next month, it just goes back to the current, so I am stuck on this month only. Very disappointed, and now I’m having to switch apps and will pay for another one out of principle.
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6 years ago, 317537MO
Overall good, but a couple annoying problems
These comments relate to my usage on my iPhone, which is my primary device to use for calendar purposes. 1. I use the monthly view. Anytime a month has some days that fall into a 5th week, the first week of the month is hidden under the top banner (with the name of the month). You have to pull the page down or tap on the first week to get it to appear. When you do this, the page “hops” up or down to bring your selection into view. When you’re viewing the first week, the name of the month then is no longer visible, so if you are swiping between months, you have no idea what month you are looking at. The page “hops” are visually frustrating. 2. Calendar entries will spontaneously adjust the time from All Day to 24 hours, so that an entry assigned for All Day and Rolling will now show up as having a 24-hour assigned time, i.e. it will show up as a Friday and Saturday event, even though it was assigned as an All Day event only. 3. Sometimes an event that has been assigned as Rolling will not roll over to the next day and will remain on its original date. This flaw requires that I constantly refer back to previous days to see if any event has failed to roll forward. This app has many wonderful features, especially the Rolling feature, so a few tweaks would be great!
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5 years ago, fourwindsbar
This will app will replace Informant 5 when
I was a long time user of WeekCal until Informant 5 was released. At the time, I5 had reminders support when WeekCal did not. Now that WeekCal has added reminders, I would switch back in a heartbeat when: - I don’t have to have the native calendar notification on just to get event notifications. Yes, I know the developers address this on their support page stating that they can’t get around Apple’s constraints, and the Calendar notifications HAVE to be on. But that’s nonsense. Informant 5, Awesome Cal, and other apps do not require both notifications to be turned on. I don’t want two apps notifying me of the same event. - In mini month view, when in dark mode, PLEASE make the day number font white. Honestly, if there was one single reason for not switching back, it’s this one. And please don’t say it’s an Apple constraint. Other apps do this flawlessly. Thanks for reading.
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5 years ago, Jaymiko
This is THE App
I've continuously used Week Cal since its early days. It remains my most valuable iPhone asset. In fact, it is what makes my iPhone valuable to me. I now have 15 years (having converted data from my old Palm Pilot) of meetings, appointments, milestones, restaurants, family events, travel throughout the world, all in this calendar/diary, which I often have reason to reference (with the amazing search capabilities). All is sync'd with my office Outlook so I always have the information at my work desk as well. The features are full, rich, deep, and easy to use. And somehow the designers find a way to keep improving this already perfect program. This may be the best designed and programmed app (from both a utilitarian and a cosmetic beauty point of view) in the entire App Store. I'm thankful for it at least 50 times a day!
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5 years ago, China>Rider
Great app
This calendar makes life much easier and far exceeds the native apple calendar. I link it to my google calendars so all changes made on the phone show up on any other device I sign into google on and vice versa. Two of my favorite features are rolling events and agenda view. Rolling events eliminate the need for a separate "to do" app with the added bonus that your "to dos" show up on the calendar (hint: make them all day events and they will be on top of the day) and keep showing up until you mark them as completed. They can be made to repeat as well. For example, if you need to to a certain task on the 5th of each month, the task will show up on the 5th and subsequent days til you mark it completed. It will do that each month. Slick! Many other features too numerous to mention.
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7 years ago, Clsriickn
I really like this app however the one thing that bugs me is when making an appointment it too quick to close. If your not careful it closes without putting your time for the appointment or before you can put your notes in. The other thing that I dislike about this app is whatever I enter In my calandra automatically goes on every devise I own that has an calandra and when the reminder goes off all my go off all at once witch is very annoying to have my desk top computer, iPad, & my iPhone. Recently every update seems to make it harder to use. Now the app thinks it know who I'm scheduling an appointment with and is purity persistent that's who I should be scheduling regardless if it's right or not. Makes it very frustrating and now I can’t even see what appointment I have without open the app before it use to just show up on my lock phone. It just keeps getting worse with every update
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2 years ago, Ssydthesquid
Makes scheduling easy!
I’ve never been the type to schedule anything because of my ADD and I suffered because of it in college. I always did things late or I would completely forget I even had plans/deadlines. This is the first app that makes it so easy to schedule because it lays out your whole week right in front of you (if you prefer that layout) so I don’t only see what I have going on today, but the entire week. Not only that, they let you pick different colors for your events and they even let you save them as a reference in case you use them again. Talk about efficiency and convenience! This is the most reliable and consistent I’ve been in my entire life. I will use this app for as long as they let me.
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4 years ago, lgalvin
Need IPAD version Please!
I’ve been paying for the Pro version and I DO like it, for the most part. It’s a little clunky with multiple Calendars that get integrated with the same name “Home”, “Home 1”, several “Work” calendars... I’m not sure if I did that, or if when integrating multiple calendars it default names them the same way. Regardless, On my phone, I really like it and find it very useful that it integrates with Siri reminders and other features. I got an IPad that I am trying to use a lot more for work now, and was so disappointed to see there wasn’t an Ipad versionion. I would have given it at least a 4 star rating, if this were the case. I tried using the phone version that you can “expand” (but that makes it so huge it’s unsable). Plus if I’m using my Ipad in landscape mode since it has a case with a keyboard, that makes it *really* unsable, as it’s scaled for portrait mode in IPhone. PLEASE make update for Ipads!
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1 year ago, Montage555
Got to find another app!
Have been using WeekCal for YEARS. Many bugs during that time, but support was always good. Now all my automation— loads of templates plus auto colors & auto icons— are GONE. Just gone. This is hot on the heels of a super annoying bug that’s been ongoing for months where if you make a change in a repeating event and save it as a standalone event it still saves the changes in all of your future events. I know Week Cal is aware of this bug because I emailed them about it and they said “we are working on it” and that was it. Like many others, I paid for this app, some very small reasonable amount of money, ages ago… maybe a decade? Its features, versatility, and responsive support kept me a loyal customer all this time in spite of the numerous issues. But now the support appears to be gone or extremely flabby. And the bugs are just out of control. Sad sad sad that now I have to find a new Calendar app. Boo WeekCal. Boo.
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1 year ago, J Soon
Major issue with recurring events
I love using this app. It’s been my go-to for years BUT in Jan 2023 they did an update which caused the recurring weekly events to duplicate itself when edited. It took a few months but I was able to figure out what errors were being created and provided as much information as possible to the support team. It’s been 5 months and the recurring weekly events will replicate itself to future events even if you only choose to make change to that SPECIFIC event when edited. I’ve resorted to using a paper scheduling book as clients have been upset with double bookings. I’m hoping they will be able to fix it by the next update. I am writing this so that other users won’t get a shock when they think they have an appointment but it’s actually from a month ago. I have to recommend looking for another calendar until they fix this (unless you don’t use weekly recurring events in which case this will work fine for you).
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2 years ago, dbhiebert
Awesome app taken away!!
This app was good when I first purchased it several versions ago, but it has has evolved into one amazing tool! For the first time, I now have something which outdoes the DateBk4 I used to use on my Palm T3. It is easily worth more than the price. I can't believe how they managed to fit a the new Mini-month view into the display available—it's like they somehow managed to make the screen bigger (and I only have a 3GS without the Retina Display on the iPhone 4). The author(s) are to be congratulated on such a quality product that outdoes the Apple Calendar app. The only thing I wish it could do is show today's date on the icon like the Apple Calendar app (although Apple's probably uses undocumented/proprietary features to do so).
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6 years ago, skrutherford
Love iOS Cal, but love this even more!!!
As an extreme iOS Cal user, I loved most of iCal, but it had a few things that was making it a little bit frustrating to use at times. Finally I decided to go see if there was anything else out there and stumbled on the reviews for this one. It has turned out to be exactly what I needed with the features that I needed. I can see my events way more easily and the views are much more flexible with zoom capabilities. I also like the fact that it has the ability to put more than 2 alerts on an event and that the alert lengths are editable. Finally, the best part is that it all still syncs up with iOS iCal in case I ever have to use it on my Mac or anywhere else that this app isn’t available. It’s seamless and wonderful.
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5 years ago, gabbadabba
Again? Do not buy this app!
I paid for this app but it seems like I am being shaken down repeatedly to upgrade to the Pro version. First, I no longer had access to ad free Month View which is primarily what I use. Then after complaining, got that fixed. Til it happened again. Complained again, got fixed again. Support responded, but why am I having to put my precious time into contacting them? This is some weird Munchhausen's by Proxy nonsense!!! Now out of the blue, all of my custom colors that I painstakingly created and rely heavily on disappeared. So now I can't create new events with these colors without re-creating them one by one. Support is zero help. They send irrelevant and unhelpful links until the most recent one saying they are "investigating" and will let me know. No timeline. Meanwhile, my calendar is a mess and is not efficient at all (why I bought the app). Waiting. Not patiently. I do not recommend this calendar. Sad because I was a total fan and used to recommend this to everyone.
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6 years ago, Bhenry1017
Well ....
I depend on this calendar immensely. The problem is one I’ve tried to correct as has employees at my carrier’s store.... but to no avail. The prob regards the setting alerts. If I use the “first” and “second alert” functions, they revert. Always. So I can’t use the second alert function at all. Now, when I go se the first alert, and submit, say, “15 min before,” it remains as a 15-minute alert but automatically gives me a second alert “2 days before” (even though I haven’t asked for a 2nd alert at all. At this point, I can click onto that “2 day second alert” and change it to “none,” and it remains as is. SO 1) I cannot select first and second alerts without them reverting - ever - and 2) in selecting a 1st alert only, it always defaults to a “second alert” of 2 days before. (Needless to say- if my first alert is set at 15 min before and my second is set for 2 days before, that’s impossible, and I receive no alert at all).
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5 years ago, phoeg1
Tired of surprise subscription upgrades...Goodbye
Wonderful. Yet another developer gives a big upgrade but, oh by the way, disables features I’ve long used. This is a great app, but I don’t need those features bad enough to pay for the “Pro” version. This is the third app this has happened with, and I’m up to $60/year if I choose to have the full featured versions (I don’t.) I don’t need to spend over $50 a year top be able to put colors and icons on my entries. I understand developers wish to make money. No problem. And I don’t mind paying for an occasional significant upgrade. I have a weather radar app I use a lot and I don’t mind $1.99/year for one extra feature, but they have not (yet) disabled previous big features (that I already paid for) and said I now have to cough up a larger amount every year for the “exciting new features.” It’s obvious that this is the way developers are going, but as it’s their right to use that model, it’s my right to go elsewhere. I shall.
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5 years ago, ImWithHim
Loyal Fan for Many Years
I started using WeekCal many years ago when I got my first iPhone and the pre-loaded iCal lacked features I wanted. I was a devoted user of paper planners/calendars, so it would take a lot of convincing to get me to switch to digital; iCal was unconvincing. However, I saw the benefit of accessing a schedule on my phone because I no longer carried my planner everywhere. Enter WeekCal, which I found through an App Store search. It was rich in features and highly customizable, and has continued its development ever since - not merely updating to the latest version of iOS as some older apps have done. It took a few years, but I eventually gave up the paper calendar altogether, which is saying a lot since I’d been using one for about 35 years!
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6 years ago, TTeaGuzzler
My favourite calendar!
I have used this calendar for over a year now, and have also tried several others. This is the best of the bunch I've tried. I really like the look and feel of it, and the ease of adding FB and Google calendars to it. The repeat event feature is also quite good - it is very easy to set up repeating events on odd schedules. My problem is with events on FB that you have declined - these events stay on your calendar, and there is no way to remove them. You end up with events you don't want cluttering up your calendar with no way to distinguish which you are going to without viewing the entry. If that were fixed, I's find this app pretty much perfect. Updated: No longer have the FB event problem! Thanks!
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5 years ago, Robsconi
Was the best...
I use my calendar everyday, especially for work related appointments, reminders, and personal use, etc. When I first began using Week Cal, it was the best calendar app I've used. Very intuitive and customizable. UPDATE: I recently updated the app. The main reason I loved this app was it would search my ENTIRE calendar for past events (unlike the native calendar on my iPhone which only goes back or forward 12 months). After the update it only goes back approximately 6 months. I used to be able to hit a settings button and change how far back or forward to search for events. It now appears the settings button has been disabled as I can’t click on it. Has this feature been moved to only the “Pro” version? If that’s the case, I’ll use a different app. To do an update and not tell us we’ll be losing certain features is not cool. Please advise as I would love to give a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, RPj1956
Works very well for me and my business
Frankly it would be nearly impossible for me to run my business if it were not for this application. I am a certified professional fitness trainer and I have anywhere from 25 to 30 clients who may have a schedule that changes weekly. You can imagine the chaos that may take place as one client needs to change that day another client needs to change the hour and I have to consider how that impacts other people. There is no way I would be able to do this without Week Calendar! So today I have to say that it works extremely well for me and I wouldn't be able to run my business without it! Thank you for a great job!
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6 years ago, made up my mind
Functional but nothing to write home about.
I’ve actually been using this app for a couple of years now, it’s easier to continue using it then it is to download a different calendar and update my appointments onto the new one. My biggest complaint about this calendar is when I merge appointments from another app, it doesn’t allow me to set more than two alarms. Sometimes I like to set one for the day before, another one a couple of hours before the appointment and one for when I actually need to leave the house. Additionally, the two alarms it has won’t let me update it to the time I want them to be, it’ll show that I’ve change the time for the alarm After I hit save, but when I go back in to make sure the appointment is there it has defaulted back to its own time.
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12 months ago, AtlasShrugged1776
WeekCal harasses you with popups and random screen ads
Just yesterday, I got ad popups/dropdowns from WeekCal while in my browser or other programs. WeekCal isn’t even set for Background processing, so it’s completely off. The ads were titled: “Introducing the new WeekCal,” “40% Off Summer Sale,” and “Last Chance - 40% Off.” These are happening, in addition to full screen ads entering the program. All for a program I paid to be ad-free. I have used WeekCal for some years, now. In the past several years, the owners have put these ad notifications that show while in other programs and stop screens that you have to clear to see the first view of your calendar. I use notifications for alerts I’ve programmed—not to leave them on so WeekCal’s newer owners can give me ads. Weekcal’s owners seem to think app purchasers deserve harassment, even when their program isn’t running. Oh, and 1972 is knocking and it wants its stupid looking icon back.
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2 years ago, Fixthisasap
Poor Mac iOS integration and terrible desktop app
This is an OK program and when it works it does it OK but the only one that is reliable is the one on my phone as all of my appointments from email get easily put into the WeekCal program. However the sync is terrible And no one can figure out why my new iPhone will not sync with my new iMac by directionally. If I put something into iCal it goes into my WeekCal no problem but not in reverse and I’m always paranoid about not having the most up-to-date appointments And ultimately there is no security with this program that you might miss appointments.I’m constantly having to manually put into iCal my WeekCal appointments so I don’t have them. All I wanted to do was sync normally Most importantly tech-support is completely useless and they basically respond with one sentence and refer you to after six year old help files which are completely out of date and not appropriate
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4 years ago, LightHearted43
Great Calendar
I have been using this calendar for years now. I started using it while I was in school and now use it for my work appointments It was really good to begin with and over time, they have made some really nice improvements, making the app even better. It is easy to use, easy to change appointment times, and I love that I can use colors to differentiate my appointments. I have recommended this calendar to many friends. If I would add anything, it would be for this app to be able to designate blocks of times for work. My schedule is different each day and I set appointments within blocks of time. So, this feature would be very beneficial for me, and maybe others. Thanks for such a great app!
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2 years ago, Sewlost
I used to love it
I purchased it several years ago. I liked the format and simplicity with a way to add color and icons. At the time I thought it was the best. Lately I get a lot of strange things happening. Some times it will not go forward a month, it comes up blank or jumps back several months. Sometimes I have greyed out littering saying different labels birthday, st Patrick’s day for no reason. You can’t access or delete. I’ve reported but I don’t get a response. I still like the format better than the calendar that comes free with Apple. Maybe if you buy the new pro maybe it would not happen but I paid for it once that should be good enough.
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