Weekly: Budget App & Planner

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User Reviews for Weekly: Budget App & Planner

4.74 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, ashanthonyn
A Really Great Budgeting App
I’ve tried several different budgeting apps and I’ve found that they’re either (1) hands off and require the user to manually track individual expenses or (2) so automated that the whole process tends to be a bit more complicated than it needs to be. Weekly is perfect in that it automatically pulls in transactions (w/ Plaid integration) - keeping the experience relatively hands off - but doesn’t overcomplicate the whole thing. The user experience and interface is super clean and easy to follow. Keeping everything within a ‘week-window’ also makes it more manageable to track expenses and understand how much is ‘left’ to spend based on income. A great app that I would definitely recommend. Just for some feedback points to make the app even better: wish there was a bit of a higher frequency rate at which Plaid pulls in transactions (may not be a Weekly app thing, but more Plaid-related). Also wish there was a way to re-review prior week transactions to reclassify if needed. Lastly, more of a nice to have - would be kind of cool to have a daily-view next to the weekly total. Just to help further ground the user on understanding what their daily budget is to help make better sense of spend limits. Amazing app and will continue to subscribe after weekly trial!
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3 years ago, Jinx coke
Finally a Simple Weekly Budgeting App
I have tried many budgeting apps from super detailed to basic information. My main challenge has always been I don’t live on a monthly budget. I live weekly even though I do get paid once a month. At the end of the month I was usually low on cash. Also tracking my spending was difficult with all the transactions etc. I even resorted to a weekly cash envelope system. This app is super simple. It covers recurring bills and then the rest is your free to spend cash. So for example gas, most budget apps would put that as a recurring so I would put $209 for the month. But then one week I would spend $65 and then the next week I would spend $40 due to gas price fluctuations. I could never really see if I had surplus or went over until the end of the month. Here the transaction comes up and it takes it from free to spend. If your under it only takes that exact amount from free to spend. So guess what I can see the extra $5 for a latte! Hope all of this makes sense. It’s definitely worth it for me to live with a weekly allowance.
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1 year ago, Tynkrbelz86
Love the app but…
This is hands down my favorite budget app but I noticed since 2023 my bank transactions are no longer syncing 2-3x a day and only syncing after 6pm it it’s not pulling in all posted transactions for that day- some posted transaction from the same bank account will update the following day. I bank with Capital One (big bank) and One United ( smaller bank) and both institutions use to sync more frequently. One United generally posts their transactions automatically and Weekly used to pick up those items immediately. CapitalOne used to sync 2-3x a day & now I’m lucky if it syncs once a day after 6pm. I wish there was a way to set a time for auto sync daily. I certainly would chose a 9:30am sync after most banks are finished running their system updates for the morning around 9am for transactions to post. Also, I wish the funds feature was more flexible where you have the option to not set a contribution time period. As someone on an irregular income, I’d like to be able to set up a fund without this parameter so at the end of the month I can just flow money into a fund vs rolling it over to the next week versus having to go through the annoying manual process of updating/deleting transactions so that my funds amount matches my savings accounts. Or have the option of having the EOM balance auto transferred to the fund account as your contribution amount.
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1 year ago, DanielPC54
Really good but wish it had this one feature
The “safe-to-spend” approach to budgeting is really refreshing and the app itself is very easy to use. So far I’ve used it for about two months and the app has easily already paid for itself. The one feature I really wish this app supported is to be able to manually enter reoccurring expenses. At first I thought I was doing something wrong but it appears you can only enter expenses as “safe-to-spend” manually. If you use a card that supports plaid, this is much less of an issue, but if you use an Apple Card this becomes a minor-significant issue depending how religious you enjoy tracking your expenses. This isn’t a deal breaker as you can more or less assume that money is spent as it is reoccurring, but it would be nice for that extra visibility especially with the very nice U.I. that shows what bills have been paid. For now my workaround is swapping my auto-pay to the card that supports plaid but I wish I could avoid this in the future.
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4 years ago, Tigersfan4eva
Best budget app
By far the best budget app we have ever used. This app focuses on what it costs to live and what you have left for the week. It breaks it down so easily for you and gives you hard actual numbers. It doesn’t fill you with graphs or pie charts and tell you where you are “spending wrong”. It simply takes your income and subtracts your bills and tells you what you have left to budget with per week not a month like other apps. This app doesn’t make you feel guilty about a budget it makes you figure out how to live your life how you want once you have paid your debts. You choose your lifestyle and spend your money on what you want with what is left but you must adjust your lifestyle to do it within your allowance. It has been a great success for us. I love that it shows you that dollar amount and how easy it is to use. You simply add your transactions in and it automatically subtracts your balance or add more to your account and you add it to your balance. It makes everything virtual and completely eliminates the guessing game.
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3 months ago, JCam7777
Love this budgeting app!
It’s been really helpful to focus on sticking to a budget on a weekly basis. When my wife and I have $200 a month on shopping, that is usually spent the first week! But this has made it be a timeline that we can be successful on. Feature Suggestion. I love the simple report for Safe To Spend Categories. And today I realized I can input the spending in my recurring categories. Can you create a report showing the recurring categories too? I have items like car & house maintenance as recurring so that I budget to save for expected issues in the future. But it would be sweet to see how my spending aligns with my budget for those items. Or is there some other way you would recommend tracking costs you know will happen, but don’t know precisely when they will or how much they will cost? I don’t want to eat out or go shopping because it was “safe to spend” only to later get a crack in my windshield and have no allocated money to replace it!
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2 years ago, Late fees and rejection
Best budgeting app!
Hands down the easiest budgeting app that actually works ! I have tried mint, Dave Ramsey, and many others and this simplifies it down to what you really need> how much can I spend a WEEK ( especially for tight incomes) vs A MONTH ( more apt to loose track of financial expenditures/accountability ) . Weekly has been so much easier to use functionality wise than any other app I have tried! How much Weekly can I spend all while still saving for vacation , etc. and not have to break down every dollar to zero based income into tiny budget categories. You just put in your bills and put in what you want to save up for and BAM what’s left over is what you get to spend for the week! Let the app do the rest for ya ! Don’t go over ! And it links to your bank accounts! And it’s pretty good about syncing for every transaction so you can stay ahead! Win ! Plus you can share with Partner for more household accountability!
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7 months ago, pinkcupcake211
Best budgeting app for overspenders/OCD
I have been looking for years for an app to help me with my shopping/overspending problems due to OCD and anxiety. This app is wonderful because it lets me know exactly how much is safe to spend each week or month depending on what you want to be viewing. I like that it has, the option to view things, monthly or weekly, or you can input a custom time like biweekly or every three months. This has changed my life in the best way, and it probably sounds silly, but I’ve been struggling for so long with budgeting and this has been a godsend. There have been a couple of glitches, but the few times I have reached out to customer support, I got a response very very quickly and things were fixed. Thank you so much for beautiful app that is simple to use and actually helpful, and for having great customer service/support.
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6 months ago, Ryco199223
Great App but Could Improve
First off, I’ve been using a biweekly budgeting spreadsheet (of my own creation) for the past 4 years. Though the spreadsheet fits me needs, it’s clunky to navigate on mobile and update in real-time. Thus, I was looking for an app that could track and ideally had a widget for home screen. Enter the Weekly app. It suits my needs and is very simple, it’s more aesthetically pleasing than a spreadsheet. ***A few things that could be improved: - On the Dashboard, while viewing your weekly Safe to Spend, it would be great to be able to swipe left to see next week’s safe to spend the same way (graphically). - The interface could be improved and the visuals are very “cheap” feeling. For the PRO fee, the look and feel could be vastly improved (I’m thinking along the lines of CoPilot). - Though the app is called “Weekly”, a bi-weekly view option would be fantastic, including a bi-weekly Safe to Spend setup.
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11 months ago, Daeranilen
Clean, simple, clutter-free budgeting
I started looking for a new budgeting app when my issues with Mint became too frustrating to ignore. I wanted something that would help me keep track of my recurring expenses and monitor my cash flow, without having to anticipate and categorize every possible cost. Something that would automatically import my transactions, but wouldn't incorrectly auto-categorize them, forcing me to waste time chasing down miscategorized transactions. Something that would let me account for special expenses or limited periods of unusually high spending, like vacations, without requiring me to either wreck my monthly numbers or force-ignore every transaction. And most importantly, something that wouldn't interrupt my efforts to budget with ads or sketchy investment suggestions. Weekly is that thing. If you recogize yourself in anything I said above, give this app a try.
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6 months ago, Fund ander
Love it
I am horrible with my money. I love this app because it gives you a weekly spending limit. I get paid once a month and it’s so hard to budget out a months worth. This breaks it down for me so I don’t have to think about how to budget. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that there’s a widget available on my Home Screen that shows me what my weekly spending can be. It’s a constant reminder to me of my finances without feeling overwhelmed. I love the ability to plug in my bills and it reminds me when they are due. This app is literally the best. It is pretty accurate too with the syncing to my bank account it may be off here and there but it’s good for me to log it I my bank account to see what’s really going on and have a general idea through the app. In my first month I was able to save $300 just being more aware of my spending habits. 5/5!!
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7 months ago, t-spike
Fantastic app
Weekly is a great app for tracking my budget. It is very easy to understand, pretty flexible, and has lots of neat tricks that help me see what my money looks like. I appreciate it for how simple it is and yet how powerful it is too. Definitely the best app for me since I try to budget everything on a weekly basis. However I think it would even be good for someone trying to do things on a longer time too, it easily lets me put in bills that only come up once a quarter and it automatically calculates how much I need to save for them each week. Overall a great experience, and when I requested a new feature (splitting a purchase into multiple budgets) it was added a few months later by the developer and I got a personal email about it! So awesome. Highly recommend as a great way to track spending.
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2 years ago, emrichards_n
Changed my life :)
I’ve actually never written an app review but Weekly has changed my life and made it easy to save and track my spending. I’m a college student so it’s hard to stick to a strong budget, because let’s be honest—I love spending money on unnecessary things like shopping and eating out with my friends. I also have a lot of payments I need to make like my rent, my credit card, groceries, textbooks, etc, and Weekly makes it very easy to set aside the money I need to have in my account so that I can know exactly what I have left to spend on having fun :) What I love the most is the UI! It’s incredibly intuitive and takes about five minutes to become an expert at compared to how other budget apps can be a bit convoluted. Great choice for people like me who are living independently for the first time!
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3 years ago, poseykw16
Simple and Well Designed
After years of refusing to pay for a budgeting app, I finally gave in. I manage my finances in a variety of ways, (Personal Capital, Wave accounting, etc.). These options are great for insight but they don’t have a true budgeting ability. I’ve tried all of the other budgeting apps, but I’ve never found one that worked for my family or that I was willing to pay for, until I find Weekly. This app is super simple to use, yet much more effective at corralling my family’s spending, than trying to dig through various reports with my wife each month. Life has went from we need to spend less on X to now knowing this is how much we can spend and still be within our means. The developers of this app are also super responsive and ready to assist!
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3 years ago, RadicalGuava
Love this app
It’s a bummer that it costs money but I have to admit it’s worth it. I tried to budget for myself but found myself overspending constantly. Never thought id spend money to save money. I don’t link my bank accounts because I prefer to manually enter what I spend. It has you input what you make in a month and then input your bills. Then it gives you an amount you can spend throughout the week for gas , food , anything extra. THEN when the week starts you can roll over any remaining amount. I have peace of mind that I’ll have enough for my bills. I don’t have to think about if I can afford a bill at the end of the month when I’m thinking about buying something I don’t necessarily need. Then panic at the end of the month when things don’t add up.
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7 months ago, amanda1274891
Constantly Raving about Weekly
This app has changed my life and my spending habits. This app is simpler, more intuitive and better designed than every budgeting app I’ve ever tried. However, where this app really shines is in it’s ethos. I am obsessed with how easy it is to stay on track with my goals. Before Weekly, I was constantly checking my accounts and every purchase gave me anxiety. I love knowing what I can spend day to day without worrying about compromising my saving and investing goals. I love being able to see a summary of my accounts and spending over time. I love closing out the previous week and starting fresh for the next week. This app gives you a ton of agency over your finances and it always encourages me to make good choices. I never check my bank accounts any more, I don’t fret over a nice dinner with friends and I invest more in my future at the same time. I show this app to my friends and family like I’m being paid on commission for them to sign up. I can’t wait to see how the app improves and evolves over time. Thank you to the developers for making such an awesome and affordable app that does almost all of the heavy lifting when it comes to budgeting. 🩷
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3 years ago, Happy User 1111
Weekly has me saving so much more cash!
For years I have used and paid for the majority of the budget apps available. This one is my keeper! The most important difference is that it has helped me to be successful by thinking in smaller time and money chunks about my available “cash”. Other budget apps have you categorize every fixed and non-fixed expense over the period of a month, but they always leave me trying to figure out how much “cash” I should have available. A month is a long time to focus on, and I typically spent more than I needed to. With Weekly, you concentrate on smaller more manageable time and money chunks. I have begun to think of each week as a contest, which I almost always win, and I transfer my “winnings” into my savings. (Which are now growing five times more than they were prior to using Weekly). I now have my adult children using it successfully and am recommending it to friends! Weekly is well thought out and most importantly the developer is actively working to continuously improve the app so I know it will only get better. It gets five stars from me because of the success I am having using it! Keep up the great work Weekly!!
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7 months ago, RebeccaH424
Nothing like it
I have never reviewed an app until today. I have used a budgeting spreadsheet for years to allocate for myself a certain amount to spend each week. This spreadsheet took so much time to update expenses manually. I’ve tried the other apps and nothing breaks things down weekly the way I like until I found this app. This app does everything my spreadsheet did and saves me so much time not having to enter things manually as it links to accounts. Being able to review each transaction and label it into the correct category is a DREAM. Most budgeting apps assume where each expense goes and doesn’t allow you to customize.
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4 months ago, Dmm987135
Bugs were fixed!
Hi! The newest update is terribly buggy making the app unusable. Please fix the “start new week” button because right now it just spins circles and won’t move to the next screen to start the new week meaning I’m stuck without an accurate budget for this week until an update is pushed through. Also, the widget that shows the active budget looks strange since the update with much of the widget blacked out but it is functional. Update: the bug in the “start new week” button was fixed within a day or two of submitting this original review. Customer service is great! The widget showing my safe-to-spend is still looking funky with black all around the number but the safe-to-spend is still visible.
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1 month ago, ddddddrrrrrrr111992
Surprisingly good
I stumbled upon this app by accident one day. I have tested every budgeting app around and was using YNAB regularly but wanted something similar and easy to explain to my partner. I hadn’t ever heard of this app but decided to try it. It blew my mind by how good it was. It is super easy to set up. The team has thought of everything and made it easy to use. You can tell they’ve spent a LARGE amount of time thinking the right way to add every feature. The app is incredibly intuitive due to the thoughtfulness of the founders. Even more advanced things like adding tips to purchases and things, I assumed they wouldn’t work. Instead, they are a joy to use. Weekly will call out that a tip has been added and the purchase was adjusted. I had to reach out to support one time due to a bug. They responded several times in last than an hour and had my problem resolved. I have NEVER received this level of support for a product before. Highly highly recommend if you’re looking for your next budgeting app!!
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1 year ago, Jackson012
I’ve tried every budgeting app on the market over the years. Monthly budgets didn’t always work for me because I have so many expenses hit at the end of the month and so many only let you track monthly, so before I knew it I would overspend. Not an issue with weekly! The weekly budgeting has been so much better and dramatically improved my finances. I would be lost without this app. Now I save money pretty much every month. I also love that it gives me transactions to review daily including pending ones that update if I leave a tip, etc. Total game changer! Those pending ones sneak up on you in other apps!
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2 years ago, I<3Lincoln
It does help me save
I’ve tried a lot of budgeting apps because even though I am always able to pay my bills, I can’t seem to ever save money. This app is very simple to use compared to most that I’ve tried. I think the weekly spending limit is a lot easier to manage than monthly. In the first month that I’ve used this app I’ve been able to cut down on impulse purchases that I really don’t need and I was able to save $250. In the past I was lucky if I was able to save $50 a month. It helps to track everything, even small purchases. You have to be consistent with your tracking, but it does work
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4 years ago, Zzzzzzzzzz113
Because simple is better
I absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve taken control of my finances on a whole new level thanks to this. Just download it!! What are you waiting for?! I do have one feature suggestion however: I wish there was a better way to deal with changing or one off monthly payments. For example, sometimes a purchase is too big to fit within a weekly budget so I’d like to spread it over a month or so. Also, I imagine a lot of us have monthly bills that change from month to month and a way would to account for this more easily would be wonderful. That said, this app is still better than anything else I’ve used.
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3 years ago, freckledmilk
The best budget app out there…
This app is doing a lot of heavy lifting in getting my life back on track after the crazy days of lockdown! Now that I’ve been going out more often and spending more, I needed a budget app that’s simple enough that it doesn’t give me a headache but allows me to customize and track my income/spendings, and this fit the bill perfectly. I get a weekly paycheck so it helps a lot to visualize my budget on a weekly basis. That said, I would really really appreciate if the developers could add a widget and/or Apple Watch complication! It’s the only thing missing from this app, and would be so simple to design - just a reminder of my weekly free-to-spend on the homescreen.
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4 years ago, omar95
Unreliable app
App don’t accurately display actual allowances. This the 5th week and it says I’m have -800 allowance. Doesn’t consider due dates of bills and if you pay all your bills one week with money from previous week it don’t recognize I have another check coming that Friday. Now I don’t trust this app. Shows inaccurate info for most of the week till your pay actually is deposited which is a big problem!! Doesn’t accommodate human error. Not worth a monthly fee. Now I’m looking for another app similar who do it right for free or one time payment! My reply to your response: Im not subtracting my bills from the safe-to-spend. It’s added as income. If it’s not how it work why does it calculate negative when my expenses are clearly less than my income! The app is unreliable and it is upsetting cause it would be useful since this my first time being paid weekly! It’s a tease and I don’t appreciate it!!!
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2 years ago, Justin Carboneau
Game changer
My wife and I used Mint for over 8 years, but we always struggled to have money left at the end of the month. Some months we would spend our entire budget within 2 weeks. With Weekly, it’s so much easier to stay on track each week. We’ve been using it for several weeks now, and what’s amazing is that we seem to have money left over each weekend to go out to eat, or do some fun family activities. The app is really well done and intuitive, and it’s great that I can share an account with my wife, so we can work together to stay on budget.
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2 years ago, KaTaNeBen
Best Customer Service Around
I don’t think I’ve ever written an app review before but I love Weekly so much I felt compelled to. The most intuitive and simplest budgeting tool I’ve ever used. Only budgeting app I’ve been able to stick with and effectively use for over a year. Also the best customer service and support I’ve ever experienced. Over time I’ve had maybe three issues come up that I needed assistance with. Always a rapid response. Often responded to by one of the cofounders/chief technical officer. They are very, very receptive to suggestions for improvements and often follow up by making them.
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5 years ago, edjmorg
Finally found the one
I have used many different budgeting apps over the years including YNAB, Mint, Personal Capital and spreadsheets. They all had their pros and cons but I believe I have finally found the one that actually has a positive impact on my spending habits. Weekly finally makes it easy to roll up all your credit cards and other accounts into a simple safe to spend number per week and getting a notification for each transaction is incredible and makes me much more mindful of my spending. I have cancelled my YNAB subscription and have moved over to Weekly. Yes it does not have the power of YNAB but for my needs it is perfect.
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3 months ago, andrewcayer
First time budgeting has worked for me
I don’t know why I haven’t come across the weekly budgeting method before. It’s so simple and so obvious yet it’s never been a part of any budgeting guide or app I’ve tried. This app is simple, easy to use, and effective. I’ve made budgets before, it’s sticking to it that’s always been the issue. It’s so easy to overspend when the goalpost of your monthly budget is so far away for so long. 7 days is perfect for someone like me (maybe it’s the ADHD). If I were to add anything it might be to have an option to see what I can spend daily?
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5 years ago, Midnaiyte
Fantastic, just what I've been looking for!
I was thrilled when I found Weekly, I was like “Yes, finally someone who gets it!” I have tried mint, which was fine, but for some reason I never stuck to it. In my experience with monthly budget, I end up not checking my budget as much as I should and then I miss things, and that sometimes can be a horrible thing. Weekly keeps my husband and I in check with our finances, and we don’t have to worry as much. My whole life I have never been a numbers person so it appeals to me to not have to stress whether I calculated or input things right, it’s already there!
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3 months ago, MZed505
The best budgeting app
I’ve used several budgeting apps over time (Mint, YNAB, EveryDollar), and this is the one I prefer over them all. Weekly budgeting is the most intuitive and flexible, and this app does a great job of tracking budgets and funds with weekly instead of monthly budgets. It has really improved the way I manage my money and made it so easy to stick to my budget. It does not track investments and net worth, but that can be easily done in many other free apps. This app is excellent at what it does, and their support folks are very responsive and helpful.
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10 months ago, DecemberKid
Budgeting That Works
I’ve tried all sorts of budgeting apps: Mint, YNAB, PocketGuard, Emma, and more. I liked some better than others, but I was never fully comfortable with any. They weren’t as user friendly as I wanted, were loaded down with too much superfluous stuff, or they were too expensive. I stumbled across Weekly in an app search and was intrigued by the demo video. I decided to give it a try. WOW! This app’s approach is so streamlined and efficient, I no longer feel like budgeting is something I’m incapable of! The developers clearly understand that more isn’t always better and obviously put a lot of thought into creating this app. Its wonderfully designed, easy to use, and I love the strategy of operating on a weekly basis and only focusing on one number throughout that week. Finally a budgeting app that makes me feel confident about budgeting! My only regret is that I didn’t find Weekly sooner!
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12 months ago, Pisaclogos
Fantastic Budgeting App
I’m not sure I have ever reviewed an app before but this one deserves it. I have far too much trouble with other apps because they break things down into too many steps and I end up not keeping up. This app shoots me a notification when I have transactions to review and about once a day I quickly put them into their categories. This process take’s probably less than 30 seconds. Incredibly easy to use and well worth the subscription fee. Again, I don’t ever review apps but this one has 100% changed my financials in just the last month alone!
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1 year ago, jerrylanejohns
Easy and Effective
Weekly helps ensure that I have enough money in my bank account for recurring bills. This feature alone makes this a great product. Instead of tracking a lot of detail, I’ve opted to track “recurring” and “non-recurring” only. I’ve tried other products, but they are simply too detailed and cumbersome for my purposes. I plan to use Weekly’s “fund” feature to set aside $$ for specific allocations. There was an issue recently and it was fixed within 2 hours. Great product, great support.
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5 months ago, Weekly… best budget app?
Loving it 2 weeks in
2 weeks in to using weekly and loving it so far. We used to transfer money every paycheck (biweekly pay) to a separate account to make sure we had money to pay the mortgage but now I don’t feel like we have to as we have a better idea of where our money is going My one annoyance so far is that in process transactions are then saying “deleted” once the process and are showing up again under need to categorize which can be really confusing. It there is a way to fix this it would be even better!!
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10 months ago, Punkzip
Just what I needed. Makes budget so much easier.
I’m happy to finally be able to find an app that actually works for both me and my wife without being complicated. The weekly system eliminates all the guesswork of unplanned expenditures. Either you have the money or you don’t. Easy peasy! I only have two wishes… one would be that the iPad app could view in landscape direction. The other would be to see a projected account balance or line graph on the upcoming items chart. Great app! I’m loving it.
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2 years ago, _hboo
The best of zero-dollar budgeting without the hassle
I’ve never written an app review before, but feel motivated here. I have tried a lot of apps for budgeting, and this one is really just such a great mix of the best features of the ones I’ve tried. It’s got the benefit of the zero-dollar budget approaches by telling you exactly how much you are free to spend, but has none of the brittleness I found with those systems where missing a day of categorizing transactions results in total budget implosion. It’s simple but deceptively powerful, while still being easy to follow. I also really like the feature that you get to allocate money you save in a week towards specific purposes at the end of each week. Feature request: add ability for memos/tags on transactions, or a category “to split”! And Finicity so I can import from non US banks! Otherwise keep up the great work!
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4 months ago, Salgal78
I have struggled for so long with staying within budget and not overspending which would lead to paying bills late. This app takes away all the stress of figuring it out. All I did was enter every bill & paycheck I get in a month and it sorts it all out for you. I know exactly how much I have available to spend each week and have not paid a bill late once this month. Absolutely love it and highly recommend purchasing the subscription. Worth it!
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3 years ago, Heyli17mov
One Recommendation please
I LOVE this app. But I do have one thing that this could do to better help me budget. So I would like to be able have more than one budget because I have 2 cards and 2 different spending limits on those cards. But if I combine them both into my income on the one budget then I can’t tell how much I’ve spent on each card. Please give us the capability to set up another budget. Just like the app is now, but as if I had the app downloaded twice. I’d appreciate it so much :D
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3 weeks ago, Ash.Lee.003
Literal life-changing budgeting app
Not to be dramatic, but this app has been life-changing for my financial health. I’m slightly obsessed with budgeting so I’ve tried many apps and different systems. Nothing has helped bring me as much peace and financial cushion as the Weekly app. I love its minimalist aesthetic (widget of my dreams!), user friendliness, and the behavioral-psych approach that comes with a weekly budgeting system; there’s so much freedom and accountability in having a fresh start every week. I’m so thankful to the creators of this app. 🩵
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2 years ago, fromeo2458
I am OCD about budgeting. Despite this, we were not saving money the way we should have been. I tried number of top budgeting apps and systems... Mint, YNAB, EveryDollar… Weekly is unique and SO much better. Weekly is clean, efficient, and easy to use. It helps me focus on what’s important with just the right amount of detail. So happy this came along and despite being new it has already been a game changer for me and my wife. This will be very popular in the near future.
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2 years ago, adhdaf
Simple but overpriced
It’s a nice calculator but that’s about it. I like having the safe to spend number but theres not much other functionality. If ur just looking for a simple weekly calculator this is for u. Anything more then you’ll want to look elsewhere. My biggest complaint is that it’s really overpriced for what it does. This should b a pay once and done type price. Like one time payment of $5. I would not pay more than that for this app. At absolute most maaaaybe pay $0.99 per month if u insist on a sub but that’s a stretch and I personally wouldn’t pay that much.
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4 years ago, M...5
Beautiful but costly
I’m so conflicted on this app. It is beautiful, simple, and honestly perfect for what I wanted - an easy way to track my weekly spending so I could reach my savings goals. But the price just seems REALLY high for such a simplistic app. I wouldn’t mind a few dollars a month, but $8/month is more than some TV subscriptions that are literally producing new shows/etc. For a budget app it’s a little hard to justify this really high cost for what it’s offering.
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1 year ago, livgoos
Life changing app
Honestly I can’t think of an app that has helped me more than this. For folks who need to stick to a budget this is the only app that works. I’ve tried them all. Weekly reduces stress and gives one a feeling of control over one’s finances. No more guesswork to figure out if you can afford something It’s simple to use and the customer service is top notch. Thank you for creating this app!!!
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10 months ago, mizdukek
Overall I really like the app….I just wish
Overall I really like the app…I just wish there were some better/any instructions on how to use this app ie. I got a refund. It was a one time thing and I have no idea where to put it? Is it income? Do I ignore it? Is it safe to spend? Just a few helpful hints would be great. Also, being able to get an estimate of the next week. I would love to see that.
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12 months ago, wallysbigworld
Excellent for those who hate recording everything!
Unlike most apps that require you to tediously record every entry, Weekly’s setup and operation is a breeze. Set your income, set your expenses. Set what you want to save for and it will tell you what you can spend each week. Hands down the easiest to use while providing everything you need to track and monitor your spending and saving.
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2 months ago, TheFourBatemans
Game Changer
I LOVE this app. It’s made managing our household finances so much easier, not to mention how easy tax time will be next year when I am able to categorize every purchase daily. It’s not cheap, but it really is worth the price. We use credit cards for everything to earn skymiles, this app is amazing to budget and track that spending and pay off that card every week.
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2 years ago, Antje Smith
Actionable, simple, real-time information
Finally an approach that works! Weekly factors in all my regulars spending, and let’s me know how much I can spend on the things that are variable- like groceries, gas, eating out, etc. it been so empowering to know how we are doing in real time, not just at the end of a month. Makes it so much more actionable! Thank you for creating this app, and for the great customer service.
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3 years ago, Traci_Rose
Loving so far!
It’s only been two weeks but I’m loving this app so far. This is what I was looking for! I was nervous at first to connect my bank account, but after researching PLAID I felt more comfortable. I was DEFINITELY overspending (by a lot) before using Weekly. Paying the monthly cost for the app is well worth it. I am definitely recommending to my friends. Make sure you check out the FAQs for guidance! They are very helpful.
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4 years ago, JoMomPerez
Could be great but...
As far as budgeting apps go, this one is one of the better ones... but it still misses the mark. Right now, it’s telling me that my safe to spend is -9 (meaning I’m going to overdraft.). When in reality, I have $1300 of spendable cash this week. Over the next two weeks (until the next payday) I have 800 of that scheduled out...so... that’s still $500 safe to spend. I have no idea how this app is coming up with these calculations. I really wanted a dedicated budgeting app but my virtual wallet account with Pnc bank continues to be the best budgeting software around
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