Werdsmith: Writing App

4.7 (5.7K)
8.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Werdsmith Pty Ltd
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Werdsmith: Writing App

4.68 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Bubblehead515
Scared to update
I’ve been using this app since 2016 and use it to write every single day. I would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to everything I’ve written in that time. Since I first downloaded it, there haven’t been many changes to the layout or anything major. I’m sure the new changes are for the better but I’m just really nervous about how they may change all the ideas I’ve written so far. I love this app and rely on it so much you have no idea. I’d just like to know if there’s any major changes to how ideas are organized that I should worry about before I update the app. Thank you for your time. Truly love this app, would just hate to see it change completely after using it for so long… ^ also will there still be a passcode? That’s a very important feature for me… ^ sorry, my last review I think you responded to was from a while back… Thanks for your responses! I feel a lot better about updating now knowing that it’s nothing too major. Although I will miss the custom passcode, that’s understandable. Maybe it could make a comeback in a future update lol. Thank you for your time and patience, sorry to be a bother lol. Really love this app <3
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3 weeks ago, Mousey_sisters
Absolutely perfect, just two problems I’m hoping to figure out.
Werdsmith is absolutely amazing. I’m almost a teenager and hoping-if possible- to finish this book I’ve been working on for awhile, and publishing my own copy to have, of course with the help of my parents and a publishing agency. But I’m not sure how to connect it to real pages and being able to publish for myself, and my friends. I’ve gone over all the buttons, and I’m wondering if I’ll have to rewrite (possibly by hand) my book and connect it to another app. I’m sure I’ll figure it out though, plus ghost type is amazing! it has given me a lot of ideas that I reword and use in my book. Honestly I love everything about this app. But this one time I got hacked so I was forced to delete Werdsmith for a week. When I came back my whole other story was gone. Which had atleast a couple thousand words. I understand that once you delete the app most of your progress is gone. But the thing is I’ve deleted this app before but my stories were saved. Is it because of the hacking? Is not could this be fixed? Otherwise everything about Werdsmith is amazing, thank you and I hope this helped some people.
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2 years ago, KDaye
Great mobile word processor!
I’ve used Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other mobile word processors. This is the only app I’ve been able to stick with for more than a few days (it’s been a few months). It’s simple; which I like. If you want bells and whistles, you might have to look elsewhere. But I find that’s what makes this processor far better than the others. You simply jump into a document and start writing. There’s very little to distract yourself with. You can write and save multiple documents—they are well organized on your dashboard. It has a dark-mode, which is key for me. The idea generator (which uses AI to either create a writing prompt or auto-complete a section of your own writing) is pretty good. It definitely keeps you writing if you feel stuck; even though you will most likely end up revising the suggestion it gives you. It does what it sets out to do. I personally feel this is the best word processor for writers like me—easily distracted procrastinators, who struggle to sit down and focus. You will find it much easier to “face the blank page” while using this app.
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6 months ago, i am mad!!!! 😡
It is amazing but…
The AI is amazing and everything is so simple from everything to nothing we all make great books with this app and I feel as if we all could share our books with each other this app would be the best thing since books were invented we all need reviews on how our story is formatted and the story line what we need to work on more and we all need to share our favorite stories that we have made and everyone can relate to the story I think that would be the only thing this app needs everything else is chefs kiss and if we could make covers for our stories that would be great but not needed as much as us all sharing with each other if a famous author has a good story and wants to share to see what other writer would love that would be splendid and not even the people that do that for a job just people the public but everything else is the best thing ever and the AI looks at what you are writing and actually catches on giving me ideas if I’m stuck. And also I want to leave this review on a good note so thank you for everything you have done for us and our community this is a calming experience that nobody should miss.
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5 years ago, MLP_Lover23
Amazing, highly recommended.
Hello Werdsmith team, I would like to start this off to say, how this app has encouraged my love of writing into a passion. I am very glad I downloaded this app when I had the chance. Even though, I’ve had Werdsmith for less than a year, I still adore it. I used to not even know how to properly use a comma, semi colon, nor have a A in my English class. My favorite part of the whole set up would have to be, how you distinguish ideas and projects into separate categories. Love it! It’s to die for, therefore I am that type of person. 😂 Anyways, even though I did give you guys a five-star rating, I hope you wouldn’t mind if I made a suggestion. I know a heap load of apps have this nowadays, and was wondering if you could add an (a free) nighttime theme. That would help out a lot. I normally write later in afternoon when I have the chance and it’s almost blinding to look at a full out white screen. Now, I know you have different themes, but I don’t want to spend that type of money. I simply have the free version. I hope you guys take my commentary to consideration. Thank you, have a good day and or night. -Summer Werdsmith
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6 years ago, errah138
I have now bought this app twice and they still want more money
EDIT I am going to leave what I originally wrote just so people can see why you responded but I would like to follow it up. The restore purchases thing did work. The app is now working correctly with all of my features restored. Sorry for the knee jerk reaction. I love the app and would highly recommend it. Also thank you for the speedy reply. I really do love your app and use it for everything from list making to novel writing and everything in between. I thought Wordsmith was a fantastic app. I even bought and paid for it. Originally I paid the 2.99 to own the app and all its features. Awhile later when things changed I paid 4.99 to own the app and all its features. Today when I went to use the app I discovered I have had a limit set on how many items I can save and that if I want to use all the features of the app that I have now paid for twice that I will need to pay a monthly subscription. I am very disappointed and will be looking for a new writing app
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3 months ago, Doggo_On_Vr
A great app for any aspiring author!😘
As someone who loves writing stories, this app has helped a lot with editing manuscripts and the AI is perfect and on-point. If you are struggling with defeating writer’s block, I strongly recommend this app. However, I don’t think this is the app to publish books; this is more of an app to edit and cure writer’s block. The AI is great, but I am about to say something very controversial. I think it is actually good that the app requires you to pay after using up thirty prompts, because then the AI doesn’t completely take over your entire writing style, because it is good not to bend your fictional stories to accommodate brilliant words. I am a young author who loves writing dystopian and horror stories; I am interested a lot in that genre. I really don’t have any negativity about this app. It’s resourceful, innovative, creative, helpful, fun, and positive. I love this app, and, if you are someone who loves to write but dislikes writer’s block, you will too! I one hundred percent recommend!
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3 years ago, allison sainato
I’d like to start off with saying that if you’re looking for an app to just free write your thoughts, and/or possibly make up a story this is definitely the app for you! The reason I had downloaded this app is because I wanted to publish my own personal stories on Wattpad just for myself to see. However I recently realized that the app doesn’t provide that option. I started making my way through the app store and I’m so glad and amazed to have come across this app. Even though not all fonts are free and extremely limited to you. It doesn’t really matter to be because I’ve been able to create and customize so many cool and different stories with this app! I also really enjoy the different formatting that’s included as it’s like your own personal journal! I’d really like to thank the developers for taking their time to make this. Please continue to update it and add new things to it as I already love it as is!! Xx
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5 months ago, Hidden_Wolf2446
Chapter 3, going on chapter 4!
Okay, this app is amazing! I originally had started writing in a notebook but since the first sentence I wrote, I changed my story entirely and I’m glad I did, I love my story now! Everyday, I look forward to writing my book and I’m always letting ideas spill out. I would recommend this app to people who are interested in writing stories or books for sure! One bug I’ve been experiencing is that I’ve used all my prompts even though it’s been my first time opening the app that day. This has been going on since the start of the year. It’s really annoying because I’ve just ended chapter 2 and I’m just sitting here blank minded on how to start chapter 3. In chapter 2, a small fight happened between 2 characters and at the end they all sat in silence. I’m really stuck on how to start it and I keep waiting every day until it lets me use the prompts for that day. But it never has since the start of the year, it’s just been saying “You’ve used up all your prompts” every time I’m on the app for the first time that day. I have a suggestion I thought of while writing this and it’s to let other people see your writing so far and see others writing and give feedback like what they could improve, some ideas, etc. Make sure that we can also reduce the negativity as much as possible since that would make us less motivated. But just a suggestion. :) Thank you for reading this (if you did) and have a splendid day/noon/afternoon/evening!
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4 months ago, Michelle223c
I love this app
If you want a free writing app this app is perfect. You don’t have to pay to use almost all of the apps features. You can get some extra things if you choose to support the creators but you don’t have to. You have to pay to do more than a certain amount of projects but I normally store most of my short works somewhere else and work on my big projects on the app because it is better for novel writing. It is also good for poems but it doesn’t have a short story option. I do wish they added one or are going to add one in the future. But in my opinion there are no problems with the app and it isn’t a pay to use type of app which I think is nice. If you can it is nice to support apps like this but if you can’t pay you can use it for free which I appreciate. Also it says it values privacy which I love. So in my opinion if you are looking for a free app try this and see if it fits your writing needs.
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3 years ago, Rukipear
I use it all the time now!
I’ve gone through quite a few different writing apps, and this is by far my favorite one. Something about it makes it very easy and calming to write; it’s very no-nonsense and yet has an attractive interface, which makes it easier to buckle down and just focus on writing. Since I’ve started using the app, my productivity has skyrocketed. I’m writing much more than I have in years, and I’m having a blast. I ended up getting the subscription after seeing how much the app has benefitted me. I do think the free version should be able to have more documents/projects, though. The free version caps at a measly six documents, which is very low. Even ten would go a long way in making it a bit more useful for those who can’t afford to pay. Of course, I know you guys do need money, so maybe there’s no helping it, but I just wanted to put that out there. Still, fantastic app and I’m very happy I found it. Thank you for making this!
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6 years ago, Wu Leigh
Awesome Planner!
Im 13 years old turning 14 very soon. I aspire to be a writer/illustrator. Sometimes I have ideas and I dont know what to do with them. I either draw an original character with a bio or just make a random plot filled with holes. WeirdSmith has really helped me just jot them down and edit and publish where no one really sees. I sometimes post my stories on websites for criticism. I have yet to publish one but im pretty sure it will be succesful! WeirdSmith has really helped me just write plots and chapters for potential stories i post on websites. My original stories dont get much love but people read them. I’ve been thinking of making a fanfic for someone to notice me putting myself out there. Do some originals and some fanfics at times. I feel like writing a fanic will help boost me up. But anyway. Im going to stop ranting and just recommend this to anyone who has awesome ideas and wants to create stories and inspire people! Thank You WeirdSmith ❤️
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5 years ago, ArcanaAcid
Fantastic, mostly
This app has been great to write on overall! I like the functions and the formatting, and it has been extremely helpful and productive. The membership tiers and cost aren’t required, but are reasonable for what it is, unlike many other apps. That being said, I have one problem and one suggestion. The problem is I cannot log into my account from any other device? It never sends me any sort of email, no matter how many times I try to. I would really like to be able to write both on my laptop and mobile devices. As a suggestion, some sort of card feature or better organizational system would be nice, but it’s not required. Werdsmith beats out scrivener for me because of how welcoming and warm it is, but a few of Scrivener’s functions (like index cards) would be really helpful. Until them, I’m relegated to making physical ones again. I’d give it overall 5 stars if not for the log in issue, and would probably purchase a membership on the future. Thank you for your time!
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3 years ago, Midori Gurinuuuuuu
Overall, a good writing app.
I personally really like this app, it’s especially cool that I can put a password on the app. It can get a bit annoying at times, but it’s fine. There are two things that I think could be changed or added. Also, I apologize for any poor wording in the review. 1.) The way the bold, italics, hidden thing works. It leaves * on the sides of the word and when I copy and pastes my work the * will still be there but the bold or italic text goes back to normal. It’s a bit annoying. 2.) The app that I am copy and pasting my work to publish, has this feature where you can use an auto-voice reader, but I can only use if after publishing my work. That’s a problem with that app, but it’d be really helpful if this app had a feature like that for your projects. Personally, it makes it easier for me to find my mistakes. Although, if anyone else feels the same way you can download and text-to-speech app.
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4 years ago, karlie henry
doesn’t feel right.
don’t get me wrong, i love this app! it gives you the bare minimum of what you need to write and even additional features that weren’t asked for but secretly needed. but i feel as if they should at least give you the option to change the font to “Novel” without having to buy the ‘premium’ subscription, there was no warning in the preview that i’d be stuck with using a super smooth Wattpad-like font (which is why i don’t use Wattpad). this may sound picky but i know you seek to inspire writers, and for me i can’t exactly read or write unless i’m in a specific environment and it just hurts when i have no other choice unless i pay 5 dollars every month (Which is for someone who can’t trust subscriptions anymore and is too young to receive any sort of income to pay every month). if devs could at least give up having to buy premium for at least the novel font so when i write i feel like i’m writing a book that would be really nice 🤗
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4 years ago, Bookishkittynrd52
Awesome app, but have a suggestion
I love the app so much that I bought the membership. It’s a lot of fun to use and it makes my writing so much easier to organize, better focus, and I love how minimal it is. One of my favorite things about the app above many others is that you can use without WiFi, the choice to change the document to writing a novel formatting which looks nice when you use it-this also never crashes while I’m in the middle of writing anything!! Another feature that I’ve always enjoyed seeing is the quotes when starting a new document, or deleting one. Is there any way there could be more inspirational quotes from different authors about writing or even lines from books? The quotes tend to repeat sometimes and it would be nice to see more variety! Especially when you delete one. That would be a great addition to see in an upcoming update!
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2 years ago, puplover42069
Great, but sad theres no more passcode
I really enjoy this app for writing and journaling alike. The former passcode feature was especially a +1 from an app I already enjoyed because I share my iPad with another person and I’m an extremely private person when it comes to my writing. However, I took a break from writing for a while and when I returned, you can imagine my absolute horror when I opened the app and it no longer required a passcode!! I really hope you guys consider adding it back for those like me who share their device with other people. I had to backup all my writing and save it elsewhere on a less desired app because I no longer feel comfortable writing digitally on a shared device with no passcode protection. Though, I’m not very savvy with Apple technology, so maybe there is a workaround to not having this app be snooped through by others because I really want to keep using this one.
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4 years ago, Møønwatcher's cøusin
Amazing for writing!
I got Werdsmith a few weeks ago, and so far, its the best writing app I've seen! I used to just write on Notes, but I wanted an actual app because the story Im making is huge. But there is one suggestion I have. Can you guys please make a way to draw images for your stories? For the ones who dont want to draw, there can just be an option where you can draw and place the drawing wherever you want so it won't just be on the bottom of the entire story! Also, I dont know if its just for premium or not and thats why it isn't there for me, but can you guys also make a way to see other people's projects that they export on Werdsmith without sending a link? That would be nice. Other than that, amazing app, and I really suggest it to other aspiring writers! I really like the ways you can make texts bold, italic, or just for the author to see, too! -ṃıṅԀ_ȏғ_ċȏṡṃıċ
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4 years ago, Just a fellow you tuber
If you need organization, this is the app for you!
OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS APP!! I don’t know what it is, but the ‘novel’ format just makes it so easy to write. I used to use Google Docs (I still do sometimes, no shade to them) and it was always such a hassle to set up the format I wanted for a poem, screenplay, etc. I would end up taking around 10-15 minutes setting up the format to write, and by then, I would’ve been totally unmotivated to write. Not only that, but I am a person who *must* compartmentalize everything I own. This is truly a lifesaver. I am a creative writer (I’m young, it’s not my profession (but I wish it was)). It make me so much less stressed to write. Additionally, I love the clean, simple design. It’s not ‘clunky’ and you’re not bombarded with several thousand buttons and complex features like other apps. I haven’t subscribed yet, but at this rate, I will soon!
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4 years ago, MYskyrider
Love it, but...
Hey! I write as a hobby, and I love this app. Being able to organize things into projects and ideas and the formatting for things like sections, hidden text, and quotes is so unique and useful. However, I couldn’t give it five stars is because it crashes on me ALL the time. I don’t know if this is something that’s happening to just me, but I get pretty frequent crashes. Sometimes I’ll crash after a few minutes, and other times it’ll go for hours. I love this app too much for it to bother me to the point where I can’t use it, but it’s really inconvenient. Another small thing that bothers me every once in a while is when I press ‘select all’, it highlights all of the text in that document. I had one time where I accidentally deleted an entire project, so thank you developers for the history and undo functions. Thank you, Werdsmith, for an amazing app, and I hope this review is helpful!
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4 years ago, Rhea H
Love this!
Writing is a passion of mine. As Lord Byron said, “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.” A quote this app actually gave me that fits me to a capital T! I used other apps to write before but I love the features this one has. I do wish it wasn’t a monthly subscription to have the beautiful features but I love it so much I’m willing to pay it. The dark theme is my favorite. It’s easier on my eyes when I’m up at 3 am because an idea won’t leave me alone. Though, I would like to be able to touch an idea and edit it without it moving to the top of my list. I like my ideas/stories in a certain order. Possibly add a feature to organize it in a list? Or the ability to make folders and group ideas? Either way, I have other apps but I use this one the most. Definitely worth it, if you’re an avid writer or aspiring author!
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8 months ago, ilikepastels
Good app, just a personal preference
The app is good sure, the concept of the whole ghostwriting system better, and I haven’t had any bugs or issues with the app. The only reason it’s only 4 stars is because I think the ghostwriting prompts are a bit too expensive, but if you have the money spend it, it’s worth it, though you don’t really need it, and I also think the free prompt amount is a bit low, but I mainly just use the app to store and work on the stuff I’m writing, as paper gets ruined and lost easily, notes doesn’t have word count like Werdsmith, and wattpad can be unreliable to keep it saved as a draft as I’ve heard of them getting deleted and I don’t want that to happen. Overall good app, so 4 stars are deserved, but if I could give 4 and a half I definitely would, but that’s not how the feedback system works unfortunately.
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3 years ago, ☯︎︎꧂꧁☞︎☜︎☟︎☝︎︎𓇽❤︎❤︎❤︎ꨄꨄ❥ఌ❣︎
Great app. Something I’d like to point out tho.
This is a great writing app compared to the others ones I’ve seen. I love how organized you can be. The stats things was also an amazing idea, it lets me know about my story. But there is something I’d like to point out. The thing is about the prompts, there a great idea but there are some changes you should make to it. First, I’m really annoyed with the fact that sometimes, the prompts don’t work and you loose the prompt even though it hasn’t written the sentence for you. It’s wasting my prompts and I hate it a lot! You should really try to fix this, it’s getting on my nerves. This might just be me but, other times, I unintentionally click on the prompts and they get used. I think that for this, you should put a pop-up saying “Do you want to use a prompt” or something similar to it. Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, atnuka
Great for writing, with a few kinks
This app is great for writing! The UI is clean and simple, and none of the tools are difficult to use. I love the themes, since I write on my phone a lot so the colour change is helpful in dim lighting. I have been experiencing issues with the app on both my iPad and my iPhone, where the app auto-quits a few seconds after I open it. The problem won’t go away until I restart my device, and only affects this app. Other than that, I haven’t encountered any major issues with the app. It would be very helpful to be able to export my work as a PDF or Word doc from the iOS apps, because my current method of exporting is just copying out the text in Preview mode on my laptop. Also, I would love to see word count by chapter, but that’s a secondary concern. Overall, a great writing app with a few issues that will pose a problem as I continue using the app.
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1 year ago, 🆂🅻🅾︎🆃🅷🆈🅱︎🅴🅰︎🆁
A few suggestions…
This app is wonderful and makes me want to write more. The quotes are inspiring and the reminders remind me to write, which gets my creative side going. However, there are little things I suggest. First of all the “Ghostwriter” tool is absolutely incredible, and I am stunned by how the app almost completely matches what I am writing about. I get writers block several times, and this helps take it away. However, I would like there to be able to have more than 30 usages. Sometimes I will accidentally press the button, which will take away one of my usages. I understand if you don’t want to do that, but I strongly suggest to have at least 45-50. I would also love for this to be available on MAC! Thanks for this wonderful app that makes me a better writer!
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2 years ago, abble likes to write
i love it except for one small thing..
so, im someone who loves writing and stuff and this app makes it so easy. i recently started using the ghostwriter ai thing that will help you finish sentences and write the next one in case your stuck which, if youre someone like me who is terrible with words, it comes in HANDY. except, the ai is so sensitive, like im trying to write something that is just cuddles and adorableness and it censors its response. now, i understand that werdsmith cant really help this but it would be helpful if they gave people advice on what could trigger the ai to censor itself. also, it uses up a prompt when it does censor itself or doesnt work. this is so annoying to me, because it doesnt give any prompt or anything yet it still uses up one. other than that, this app is really good!
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3 years ago, I write in complete secrecy.
Vastly improved!
I've always liked this app over other writing apps. It looked better, flowed better, and was most friendly to those who just wanted to write simply. However, the bugs were completely maddening, to the point where I would actually write my story on Notes in chapters, and paste it to Werdsmith to save it as one novel. I love that I can now edit in Werdsmith without it freezing up on me, as well as exit the app to do some research on the side and go right back into my story and edit without having to find my place again. I wasn't going to rate this app before, I'd been using it for a year and wanted to give the devs a chance to improve it. Now I am happily writing this five star review! Thank you for listening to us free users!
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2 years ago, KopīKayato
Quite the App for an author
The app is great it has a very nice way of letting me store my stories and ideas, it’s neat and dandy and I didn’t have any problems with loosing any progress. However, whenever the app lets me select a project it seems to exit out of the whole app when I choose to cancel the project type. I think it’s a small bug that doesn’t really bother me. The bigger problem that I have is with the ghostwriter. It’s understandable for an app to be able to have breaks for a month(even though it seems like a lot of wait to help cure writers block) but to me it seems a bit unfair that the prompts get used up even when I select the choice for another prompt. It’s simply annoying when I end up using up all the prompts because they didn’t fit the narrative of the story. Other than that the app is very easy to use and thankfully doesn’t shove ads in your face.
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6 years ago, Boowolf21
Favorite writing app!
I've had this app for about two years now and absolutely love it. Being able to put down ideas easily without having to bring out the notebook and pen is great. I think I will decide to pay the $4.99 a month because it's worth it, Microsoft word is now making you pay for your work and that is just not fair to me personally and it's cheaper for this route. Love the app and will sure keep using it for more years to come! Update: I still stand by my review and love this app so much! The only criticism I would give is the error of writing on a laptop and app, it doesn’t update as quickly as I’d like. I wish somehow it would update and save every word written as I go on laptop and app together. But other then that, it’s the best app for writing out there.
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4 years ago, GreyGoose3000
I’ve had this app for a couple years now actually, and I actually quite enjoy it except for one major flaw. As part of my editing process, I like to highlight text, and have Siri read it to me...having the words spoken out loud helps me tremendously in finding errors or re-thinking the structure of my sentences. BUT...press one wrong button...and everything is deleted; and I can’t get it back. This has happened to me several times in the drafting process, and just as I feel I’m getting a lot of great information typed down, I touch a wrong button...and all of my hard work and creative ideas are just...gone. It would be great to have a “back” feature or something, so if someone makes a mistake, or decide to change direction in their story OR, something gets erased by accident, they can retrieve all their work instead of having to start over again from the beginning.
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4 years ago, BabyCakes25
Great App for beginners - Download and Use!!!!
I’ve always had ideas for stories and books but didn’t have a real platform before Werdsmith. I tried other apps like Scrivener and Scrivo Pro and hated them. They seemed to have more options but in the end they weren’t as user friendly as Werdsmith. I haven’t had any sync issues and sending links to friends is easy. I like that I can view how many times my story has been read. You can also set a “goal” to keep yourself motived along with word count. I use my iPad for all of my writing AND there is a tool bar at the bottom that prompts me to add a new chapters. You can also use their suggested format but you don’t have to. All in all I’m in LOVE with this app and upgraded to the paid version. I did so after I hit my maximum on the free version. The only complaint is the ability to “edit”. I know I’ve had some errors with spacing, verb tense, run on sentences, wording, and punctuation. I’ve had to copy and paste into other software but it gets annoying when you try to “replace” the entire “chapter” back into Werdsmith. The format gets cockeyed and you’ve got to go back and redo spacing between paragraphs.
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7 years ago, #Tamier#
No Folders
I like the ability to choose what you are writing from the options menu hope they add song writing at some point. That said the big drawback of this app is it’s user interface with projects on one side and ideas on the other it gets cluttered fast. You would have to work on one project at a time with this app so if you’re looking for an app to write and store all your projects this likely isn’t going to be the one for you. Despite its great formatting options it lacks a comprehensive foldering system and it’s the downfall of this app. If you’re working on 5 different novels and have to go through and open all the chapter 3 files just so you could find the one you’re working on it gets very inconvenient very fast! Also deleting things from the projects side of the app can be tricky and take several tries to get the delete button to show.
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3 months ago, fyijvdtuj*67=$*
Good but…
This app is very useful. You can do it wireless! It is easy to learn, and fun! It also keeps track of your word count and more! It helps you with misspelled words and even grammar mistakes! One cool feature is it gives you sentences that could fit into your book perfectly! It has a place for ideas and books, but one bad thing. It’s annoying because a lot of stuff you have to pay for! First, you only get so much AI sentences until you can’t use them without paying money. Also if you want to turn it on novel mode, you must pay. You must pay for other cool features too! I get that they need this to get more money, but it is annoying. This is a great app, definitely recommend for other authors, but I thought they knew better than this.
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1 year ago, claudiaqsanders
preferred writing app
Forget word, google docs, or whatever other writing processor. I prefer this app to anything. It’s the love of my life and I don’t care what anyone says. The fact that I can go between the mobile version on my iPhone to the app on my MacBook is life changing. It’s simple and easy to use, free of clutter, and doesn’t annoy me with frequent prompts asking if I want to pay more. I love the fact that I can share what I’m working on with betas, alphas, or editors with just a simple link. I would love a feature that makes it easier to import to prowritingaid or google docs, or even a feature that allows for comments/suggestions for editing purposes BUT the app as is is amazing still.
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2 years ago, Bond rankling
Why is the cursor stuck at the bottom!
I was really enjoying this app as I was browsing around it and starting to do some writing, until my neck got cramped from looking at the bottom of the screen, where the cursor remains. I don’t understand why a simple feature isn’t standard on writing apps. It’s an issue with Word, which is why I’m hunting for something else. I didn’t much like Ulysses, but this app is nice. It just needs a typewriter mode, or whatever it’s called. The cursor needs to be at the top 1/3 of the screen, or make an option for adjustment. No one wants to look down. It’s terrible ergonomics, especially when you’re using an iPad, because if you’re on a couch or something, you’re already looking down, which puts stress on the neck. Please add in this feature, and you’ll have a long time subscriber.
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1 year ago, eldamien1981
Great App Thats Not Built for Me
Werdsmith is a fantastic writing app with tons of robust features...if you can get around the subscription fee. The main thing I want to use the app for - Novel Mode - has a timer if you don't pay monthly. I certainly understand a company needing to make money, but I feel like I would get much more value out of a one-time purchase option (like Scrivener offers) and having the AI features, for example, be the paid subscription feature. The app itself is fantastic and I highly recommend it for anyone comfortable with that business model - it will definitely enhance your writing and encourage you to write more. For me though, subscription fatigue is setting in, so to paraphrase the great philosopher: "it's a no from me, dawg".
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5 years ago, Camomazing1212
Impressed BUT Two Things
I really love writing with this app. It makes things so much easier organization-wise. I also love the different settings/fonts/etc in the app to organize further. HOWEVER I’m somewhat disappointed with two things. One (which is more of a minor issue) is that when I try to bolden or italicize a word little stars appear on each side of the word and you cannot delete them. (**) The second thing is that I was only able to have 9 different projects before I have to start paying $50 a year or $5 per month (which is even more expensive than to pay the year amount.) Other than those two things, the app’s worked really well for my writing. One more thing, I’d really love to have a night setting if that would ever be possible. :)
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3 years ago, Aqua2.0
Ok so even if your not a serious writer and want to write fan fictions, Ghost stories, etc. etc. I HIGHLY recommend this app. 1 it’s free. There is a plus version that gives you more options, but I use the free version and it works wonderfully! Plus if you have friends that want to see all the stories that you make like fan fics or ghost stories, if you put them on a portfolio (which Werdsmith graciously provides) just give them the website that they give you and they can see your works! You of course get to choose what you put on the portfolio. Yes I’m aware this sounds like an add but I just really like it! If your looking for a good writing app I recommend this one.
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2 years ago, ItsJustHoney
Really frustrating
I really like using this app I found it recently and decided to give it a try I started off 30 ghost write prompts the same day I downloaded the app I didn’t write anything I just downloaded and looked around when I came back 2-3 days later it said all the prompts where gone before I even wrote anything so then I actually started writing so I tried to get the free trial and some additional Prompts however 2-3 days after I logged back on and all 160 of my ghostwriter prompts where gone and I never even got to use any of them and I tried sending an email but never got a response from anyone so I just give up at this point I like the app overall but it makes you pay to use every feature and the price for a subscription is extremely high and they offer the free trial but most likely you’ll still lose your prompts and never get to use anything like what happened to me.
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2 years ago, abbieve
10/10 would write steddie fics with this again
This is the best writing app I’ve tried, and I’ve probably tried a dozen easily. As of now I’ve only used the free version but plan to subscribe to the paid soon because I want more space but even the free version is great! I love that it doesn’t just have a word counter but also a word goal, it definitely keeps me motivated. The whole thing is easy to use, but still has enough helpful features. I can’t say there’s anything missing. Full disclaimer, I only use this to write fanfiction so maybe I have a different opinion than people who are writing original novels, but I still recommend giving this app a try!
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2 years ago, Tasuku Tsukimori
Great app!
I’ve been a user since 2012 and I love it! It’s simple and easy to use and I love that I can edit across all my devices. I also love the portfolio feature; I can share my work with my editor or my friends without having to send them an entire document. One thing that does bother me though, is that the app no longer works on Apple Watch. I can’t even download it. It’s very disappointing! I used to use speech to text to get down rough ideas with my watch, and now I can’t do that anymore. Can we get an update restoring Apple Watch functionality? Please? Despite the Apple Watch troubles, this is my favorite app to write with and I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Dhat_boy
Love the app has a really annoying bug though.
When I’m writing on the app and the page gets really long I get this bug. Once I open the project or idea page I want to work on there is a button that lets me scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, but when I click the button it only send me about 3/4s of the way to the bottom, than I have to scroll the rest of the way. It isn’t to terrible it but does get annoying though when I have to switch between my ideas page and project page multiple times and I have to scroll down because the button only takes me halfway or 3/4 of the way down. Hopefully this bug is fixed in a future update.
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2 years ago, howmanyboos
Pretty solid, but could do with a little feature adjustments.
I enjoy using this app, and have been using it to draft stories with the addition of the help of the ghostwriter feature. I like how it’s concise in design to keep distractions to a minimum. However, the one thing I dislike the most about the app is sometimes the ghostwriter feature won’t give you a prompt, but will still use one of your allotted prompts for the month. If it’s not going to give a prompt, it shouldn’t be punishing the user for an error on its part. Otherwise, pretty solid app - I especially like that I can export my drafts and such to my co-writers for editing feedback.
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7 years ago, Eddie WannaBee
A Keeper
Works so well on my iPhone, I decided the iPad version will certainly come in very handy. The fact alone that allows to transfer all efforts to an email account, is a great option for most emails are durable and reliable. I started with a 10,000 word challenge, and kind of appreciated the fact that it keeps tabs on any accomplishment toward the announced goal. Will not complain about being a free app, because it’s not in my nature to bite the hand that feeds me, on the contrary: I am ever so thankful. For those who love the written word, and hold some degree of aspirations to one day be able to publish some kind of creative writing, this app definitely encourages and assists that kind of behavior. For that alone, 5 Stars,
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6 years ago, p.bates
Love this
I’ve had the app for about a week and a half now, and I love it. When you first download it, notifications pop up about a premium with different settings and themes, but you don’t need them to use the app. It’s easy to use and is very helpful. I definitely recommend it! I’ve written a lot more since I downloaded this app. You can set a reminder on it as well to remind yourself to write. It’s set up well organized and it’s very easy to access documents, it saves automatically, there are two sections (ideas and projects) and is an overall clean app. I really enjoy using this and you should totally download it if you want a simple, easy to use writing app!
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1 year ago, Crystal girl539
Literally the best writing app I’ve ever tried
Okay, okay, okay. So, I’ve tried writing before. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, the usual. But I literally could not enjoy them to their fullest, and I always felt demotivated after a chapter or two of a single book. So when I left on a vacation and couldn’t use Google Docs (which I used the most at the time for random stuff), I downloaded this app, Werdsmith. Absolutely no regrets. This app has so many features, you can separate your projects from your ideas, you get AI generated prompts (literal lifesavers 😩), and you have an ID and Writing Ritual. So yeah, 5 out of 5 stars, and 10 out of 10 stars. Amazing app!!
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7 years ago, •Ethan•
I Like The App, But...
Okay, Let me start off my saying, I do like the app! I do! It is great as a whole and really useful! I like how you can add a word-goal and it gives a little ‘notification thingy’ when you have hit that goal! But— My only real issue I have ever had with this app was that it deleted my writing. Okay, So, I closed the app about three hours ago so I could go do something else for a bit. I had quite a bit done and I was happy with it! Just moments ago, I decided to go back and write. When upon entering the app, everything seemed fine. When entering my writing, I saw a *blank page*. My 5,000 (ish) words written earlier that day were all gone. And that’s really discouraging. Have all that effort put to waste. I’m not sure but I don’t think it’s an issue on my phone. I have read other reviews and saw that others were having this issue as well. To be honest, I would think this is the main issue that needs to be taken care of— Because, Whats a writing app without being able to write? (And keep your writing)(Thats actually why I’m giving it 3 stars. 5,000 words down the drain. ;-; ) I have only had this issue once, but, other than that, I enjoy the app.
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7 months ago, Sam-I-Am?
Incredible App
I have been using Werdsmith for about a year and it is honestly the best free writing app I’ve come across. The Ai writing prompts get me through writers block. You only get 30 prompts for a certain time frame but if you write almost every day premium is the way to go. I don’t have premium but I can definitely see the benefits of it if you write different types of literature. Premium unlocks a few different templates for writing different types of things, one example being a poem. This is definitely worth at least trying and getting a feel for the app because I can promise you it won’t be a disappointment!
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1 year ago, Holy_Ninja183
Best Writing Tool I’ve Ever Used, but I have some suggestions
I started getting back into writing this year, so I went for the easiest and quickest writing medium at the time: Apple Notes. Not saying there’s anything wrong with it,but it didn’t give me half as much use as this has. Not only is the customization that comes along with it, you get Ghostwriter, which has basically stopped my writers block. Now,I do think some things would be cool: 1: If you ever decided to do i major update,I would think a good place to start is a way for you to view others material. Like a switch that makes your thing public or private. People could use a menu to scroll through stories and screenplays and read what they like. 2: Smaller Update Wise, I think a way to undo deleted files. Like let’s say I accidentally deleted the book I’ve been writing, something would pop up and as me if I want to undo it. Or you could add a menu to view recently deleted stuff and undo it. Amazing App,Changed how I write, 10/10.
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5 years ago, Pangga12
This app is super-helpful. And it doesn't need wifi to write, like Google Drive and other apps, and saves automatically. I can access my stories and write anywhere, anytime. It's a great app, with helpful word goal settings. I enjoy fanfiction, and unlike Google Drive, it automatically corrects mistakes and tells me about the errors. It's so much easier to write coherent stories without the typos that sometimes slip through. I love it. Update (2019): Paid 99 cents as a broke teen to get rid of the space limit and I’m still using it as a young adult. Love the app. When I finally get my life together, I’ll probably purchase a subscription. App is still 12/10 for me. :)
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