Wescom Credit Union Mobile

3.2 (426)
40.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wescom Central Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wescom Credit Union Mobile

3.23 out of 5
426 Ratings
5 years ago, DivineJazz
Great....for the most part.
Its a great app. I like how I can easily keep track of my finances and the snap deposit is great. I just hate how it CONSTANTLY and RANDOMLY invalidates my login and I have to log back in and set EVERYTHING back up again. The login with your fingerprint, the express view, all the settings I set up previously I have to do it ALL over AGAIN! I have probably done this over 5 times already and if this app wasn’t so useful to keep track of everything then I probably would have deleted it a LONG time ago ( who am I kidding, I HAVE deleted it, but mostly out of frustration) Anyway great app, love it (when it doesn’t reset my settings) Would probably have given it a higher rating if it wasn’t for those log in issues.
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5 years ago, William Randolph Hearst
Avoid Snap Deposit
The app itself is fine. It does everything it needs to, and is mostly stable. The thumbprint identification is also very convenient. However, the Snap Deposit feature has continually been an issue for me. My job doesn’t offer direct deposit and there isn’t a Wescom branch that’s local to me, so I have to use Snap Deposit. This would usually be convenient, but it seems like every pay period, I’m left without access to my money without either waiting an unnecessarily long amount of time, or wasting a bank employee’s time with clearing my funds. I like Wescom, they aren’t in danger of losing me as a customer, and I’ll continue to use the app and Snap Deposit for lack of any better option. There just isn’t a justifiable reason for customers to be barred from their own funds for up to 48 hours (or longer if you make the mistake of depositing on a Friday or Saturday) when Snap Deposit exists as something that’s supposed to be convenient. This process has to be expedited or I foresee this issue becoming a problem.
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1 year ago, CaliSun456
Elementary App
I mean, it works okay. Half the time I have to go log into a computer or call CS to get what I need done. The app feels like it was made in 2007 and hasn’t really been updated since except to maybe add a Zelle button. I love Wescom but I really wish they’d spend some $$ and hire a few qualified IT developers and support to actually make the app as functional as big bank apps and websites.
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10 months ago, Angel75c
Zelle note trouble
When sending Zelle payment the notes, the “What’s this for?” field, let’s me get the paste option but no matter what I try it will not actually paste the note in. Since my landlord recently switched to Zelle payment, I have to write a rather extensive note to ensure I get credit for my rent payment. But having to type it twice each month is getting old fast. (Since I must send two payments each month.) Please make the paste function work, so I can copy my last month’s note and paste it into this month’s note for each payment and just edit the month name. Thank you.
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2 years ago, A'DRI 003
Zelle Icon Disappeared
Idk how to feel. Tonight I login to my Wescom App ready to use my Zelle feature, but no Zelle icon available. I was a little confused at first, so I went to go see if my app needed to be updated. That was a no, so I login from the web and I still don’t see the Zelle icon. I searched FAQs through the Wescom App, definitely didn’t help. I deleted the App and reinstalled it and that didn’t help. What’s going on? Where is Zelle? I’m dreading to call customer service for them to tell me crap. This is such an inconvenience!!!!! And I’m upset that I have to give such a bad rating because I’ve never had a bad experience with Wescom or the App, but this has done it for me especially with me having a situation at hand.
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3 years ago, 2excellent
Customer service
My experience today with Lluvia has been phenomenal. I appreciate the time she took with me. She had the patience of Job with me. I can sometimes become very frustrated when it comes to technology often times because the customer service representative developes an inpatient tone with me. Lluvia maintained a calm and patient tone with me which I wholeheartedly appreciate. Lluvia made me feel at ease and calm an she calmly and patiently walked me through a transaction. Great kudos to her and the person who hired Lluvia. She is a great asset to Wescom. Thank you so much! M. Ortega
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2 years ago, mikey666666666
There is no excuse for how long it is taking to sort out these issues!
Every time I try to use the app I have to re-login, re-enable express view, re-enable Face ID, and re-enable Apple Watch. EVERY. TIME. It makes no sense to even have these features under these circumstances! What’s worse is they used to work fine, but they broke them somehow. I come here, write a negative review, the developers reply and say they’re working on it. And nothing changes, and then my review disappears. If they put the effort into fixing problems that they put into disappearing negative reviews, maybe they’d have a decent app. Loyal Wescom customer since 2004, btw, and Signature Platinum member, but customer satisfaction is clearly not the priority here…
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5 years ago, CANorris
SnapDeposit is a Lifesaver
I've had solid success using the app since it came out. Occasionally someone will sign a check in a way that overlaps the numbers at the bottom, but that has never prevented a deposit going through. And deposits like this that are manually reviewed almost always go through within a couple of hours, at most. I've had no issues with the app crashing or hanging. The one time I've needed assistance from customer service, it was fast and professional.
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2 years ago, Diamond Designs
Long Term Wescom Customer
First I have to say that I have been a long term customer for over 17 years. However, I am very upset that zelle is gone..I wanted to send a gift to someone for the holidays..went I went to look for zelle is was gone. Also, I receive gift from my family and friends via this method due to the pandemic.. I’m extremely upset because just about every financial institution has zelle. When I downloaded the new app I presumed it would function just as the old one and zelle was there now poof it just disappeared..so how am I suppose to receive or send money if this feature has been removed from the app..
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4 years ago, Rtwinkie
Love Wescom
I’ve been a member for many years, and over that time the different changes to the mobile app. I’ve had no problem with any aspect of the app. The only thing I would like to see would be signing on with face recognition. Newer phones access this feature and it’s fast and convenient, and there’s no chance of the infamous “ incorrect login credentials “ Hopefully this will be a feature in the near future.
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2 years ago, Clarkinthedark
Sad but true
I’ve had an account at Wescom for 10 years and the latest versions of the app, while full featured, need to be tested better. Each time the app updates, it’s like I’m using it for the first time and have to set up Face ID and express view again. Not a big deal. But I also have to reach out to the service center to get them to turn the Zelle icon back on. That requires a callback from the bill payment department, which has taken up to two days. This has happened three times in the last month where I have to wait for the bill payment department to reach out to me. Unacceptable.
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6 years ago, Userelisa
Good but could be better
Like other I tried to use the snap Deposit without success image looks fine to me and it was a preprinted check so not sure why the problem was. Love being able to bill pay and check balances/transfer money on the fly. I would LOVE the app if a few improvements were made: 1. Snap deposits worked better 2. A rule could be set to round up to a savings account (this would be great since there are investment apps that do that, but I don’t want to invest just save) 3. Being able to transfer from linked accounts. Right now I have to login in the computer or though safari to do that. I can’t even access linked accounts from the app. Otherwise love it. I am able to do all my banking even though I am 150+ miles away from the nearest branch.
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3 years ago, maico dan
Funds transfer between institutions
When you get to the final screen of funds transferThe only options at work how much money and reoccurring everything else is not there transfers between institution coming and going right there with the options for savings or checking’s not there and if you have a set up to go to a credit card the option between the credit cards are not there either at the institutions.
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3 years ago, Missmjl
Great app...however...
This is the only app that for some reason randomly erases my saved user ID, and consequently the ability to use thumbprint verification login...so every couple months or so I have to keep RE-entering it. Very annoying and many times I have to request a new user ID and password to access. (Because I have to keep changing them...it’s easy for me to lose track of the last one I used) I don’t have this issue with any other app. :(.
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1 year ago, MtnAngel3
Clunky and FaceID is useless
This app is decent at best. When you log in, you see a bunch of icons and have to make a selection to move forward vs the app understand the primary reason for log on and rendering info accordingly. This assumes you remembered your password and we’re able to log in. The FaceID feature is like a bad magic trick. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. Most commonly, it’s not — and yea, my app is up to date. I accessed a few days ago without issue, today, the FaceID option is gone
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3 years ago, Jw77771234
Could be great
The app has a serious bug. Ever 3-10th time I try to log in (utilizing fingerprint id) I get an “Invalid Credentials” notification and it locks me out of all banking until I reset my access. It’s super frustrating and started around the time of the last update. My “credentials” - my finger print did not change. I reset with the same password and information and it works for another 3-10 more times before we repeated the cycle. Oh and to make this more annoying, you can’t reset your access though the app. Please fix this bug. Sending the exact same “thank you contact us message” to everyone shows they really don’t care to fix the issues. My review is pretty clear and aside from spending 1+ hours emailing and speaking with you, how about you fix the issue detailed my me and others in these reviews.
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3 years ago, tb2356
Newest Wescom update
I have the wescom app for has long as it’s been around. This new version is terrible. The only thing I like is that you see the account balance after each transaction now. But the font is so large the words have to be shortened to fit then I don’t know what it says for certain functions. I know I can make font smaller on my iPhone but that means it will be smaller for everything not just wescom app. Maybe add a feature which allows us to control font size inside the app.
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5 years ago, GnomePixie
My Idea of a Perfect App
The Wescom App takes the guess work out of making everyday transactions. I have been a member for a loooong time and I have tried several banking apps, but by far this is one of the best ones. The Express View is perfect for when I want to take a quick glance as opposed to other apps. Great job on the consistent upgrades! =)
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4 years ago, BHLane
Long time member. Overall, good app
Been with Wescom since before they were Wescom. They’ve changed a little to keep up with the world of banking, but still a solid institution, better than the big banks. The app? Why are the icons at the bottom of the screen so hard to see? Why haven’t you done anything about them? Are they that useless? If so, should they just be removed?
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4 years ago, Miliwatt
Great app for deposits
I love Snap Deposit. Sometimes it’s tricky especially when the check was folded. Make sure you get a confirmation number. Sometimes it looks like it made the deposit but doesn’t show a confirmation number and no deposit was made. It’s a good idea to hold onto the check until you’re sure it made it into your account.
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2 years ago, savahhgwe
It’ll be the best if the zelle app or icon keeps disappearing then it appears whenever it wants how can or how can the zelle feature stay stable without being able for a day then no more icon then it appears again by itself I tried selling today to my sister cause her tire pop and my zelle icon on my app is gone so now I can’t zelle can I get help
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1 year ago, UCLAqtpie
Good Until it Isn’t…
When the app is working, it is really good and allows for (pretty much) full functionality and engagement across all of your accounts and provided services; HOWEVER, it freezes and crashes far too - in the past two weeks I’ve had to delete the app and reload it several times, which is definitely not a time-saving feature 😐
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3 years ago, PK2492
I’ve recently purchased an iPad. Using Wescom app on my iPhone was fine, no real problems. I naively expected the same level of experience on my iPad. Problems with not being able to log in bcs there is no field to type in and have to completely shut down to reset; if I’m using the iPad in portrait angle on a different app, close that, shift to different angle and open Wescom it doesn’t rotate (remains in old position). There’s more inadequacies, but that enough for now.
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3 years ago, Wavey_18
Feature Unavailable
It has been several months since I have been able to successfully use Snap Deposit. Last month I signed my check and added “for mobile deposit only” - only to not be able to use the feature. I deposited the check the following day via ATM, only to receive a call from the branch questioning why I deposited the check traditionally. If the feature doesn’t work REMOVE IT!
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1 year ago, beastyboy62
Issue resolved
Thankfully with the help of Wescom my Zelle issue was resolved seems it was my phone only issue I see is not being able to pay my credit card on the app not sure why
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5 years ago, daria1975
Snap deposit
After your latest update with the fingerprint issues. The snap deposit it not working properly. No matter how I take the picture of my check it gives me errors especially processing the back of the check. This is the whole reason I signed up with this credit union was for this feature since you have limited atms and branches closed when I’m off work. Please fix this issue. I have tried from different phones and gave me same errors.
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1 year ago, Racon2R
Ok app but inconsistent
For the most part I can do what I need to but it seems like whenever there’s an update the snap deposit breaks and I have to take like 10 pics for a single check before it gets it right. Fortunately I don’t get many checks. Another thing that stopped working is face recognition.
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3 years ago, Bailyrae
The new update it horrible
I’ve been with Wescom for years and I use to love the app until this new update. The old app I would’ve gave 4 stars but this update brought it down to 1. It keeps crashing. Every time I try to access the app the prompt to login in take so long or never appears so I’ll have to turn my phone off and on. How inconvenient, Especially when you really need it for a transaction or information at the moment. Please revert back to the old app.
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4 years ago, Mercy M.
I like the app
I really do like the app by the snap deposit is constantly not working. And I’m not always near a location to deposit it, my employer also doesn’t do direct deposit. And now they are saying when I deposit a misused check I have to wait six months to even ask for a review. Yehhh this is the kinda stuff people move banks for.
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2 years ago, Angelbladz
Decent App but Zelle Icon Missing
After uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times, the Zelle icon that is supposed to be on the app’s homepage is not showing. I would like to use Zelle, which is advertised to work with this app. However, I can’t figure out how to get this icon to show up on my main page like it is supposed to. I saw also that some other users are having the same issue.
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2 years ago, Anslaw22
Updated App Does Not Have Zelle
The app is quite simple to use but when I updated the app, I no longer have access to Zelle. When I downloaded Zelle, it would direct me back to the Wescom App, which does not have Zelle. I am very frustrated and disappointed with the update since so can no longer have access to Zelle.
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2 years ago, No.1frank
Not happy.
I have had problems just opening the app to log in. I have not been about to use zelle when I want to. I cannot snap deposit my checks… I open the app and it just says goodnight. Even during the day…. Cannot put in log in infor. Uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it. Same problem. Your app was working before. Why mess with it. Can go to website. But can’t snap deposit or zelle there. Sooooo wassup?
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2 years ago, Maximiv_81
It’s ok.
The app is ok, does what it’s supposed to do. The most annoying thing for me is that every time they roll out an update it erases your credentials. So if you happen to rely on Face ID or fingerprint, and don’t remember your password, you’ll have to reset it in order to log in.
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1 year ago, ydl22
Always something wrong
I always have a hard time logging in. It continues not to save my password or the face identification. There’s always issues with the snap direct deposit. And now I’ve had to delete the app and reinstall itBecause it’s giving some encrypted login error. So frustrating all I wanna do with is access my account.
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5 years ago, 5502 2190 85
Too many bugs
You’d think a credit union or bank would improve their online app but no. I’ve been experiencing problems with the app for weeks (making deposits, error messages, timeouts in the middle of a deposit, deposits not going through or showing up more than once). Awful. My complaints to the credit union don’t help either.
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2 years ago, Malakandrea
Zelle pay
I’d typically rate this app 5 stars, but the Zelle Pay option hasn’t been working and I really needed it last week to pay some sub contractors. Huge inconvenience. I now update to the latest version which specifically stated there was a fix for Zelle. They fixed it alright, the Zelle tab/link has disappeared. Hopefully this is a temporary thing.
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3 years ago, ThatGirlDelis
Don’t bother with the chat feature
I’ve complained to wescom about the inability to use the chat feature for months and no one has still done anything to fix it. I have to instead grab my computer and go online to chat with a representative or call. Every time I check still the same problem - failed to connect to server.
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4 years ago, Spoty@a
Update not right
Ever since you updated the app it will no longer keep my Face ID settings or user ID settings. Please fix this. Why have the feature if you aren’t going to make it useable. Update has been fixed. Much better!
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3 years ago, Jamor2020
Love the app...
I noticed that I don’t have the zelle icon. Tried the links that pop up on the FAQ and even deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail. iPhone is up to date but still not showing up. Shows up on my wife’s phone fine except mine.
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4 years ago, sva027
Snap deposit needs improvement
The snap deposit feature is worse now. Please fix ASAP!!! It’s ridiculous how long it can take to accept a photo and how it can’t be angled correctly when you take a picture of the back image.
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3 years ago, Patriete1
I was told by a Wescom customer service rep to delete or uninstall and then reinstall Wescom app because I was having an issue with the ‘Pay By Zelle’ link, which had no content at all. Once I uninstalled the Wescom app, it no longer appears on my apps default page. I have to go to App Store to open Wescom’s app. Why doesn’t it appear on my apps default page?
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2 years ago, hirvkkn
I’m having issues with getting into my Zelle and actually receiving it into my account any help??
I’m having issues with getting into my Zelle and actually receiving it into my account any help??
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2 years ago, SirSandles
Can Wescom do anything right?
Site is down often. App sometimes doesn’t give an option to login, other times I’m logged in then go to another app to check something finance related then back to Wescom and it’s logged me out with no option to log back in. If you do a lot of electronic banking and investing it’s the worst. Going to have to switch banks because Wescom is extremely unreliable
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5 years ago, Avaya Man
Long Time Wescom Client
I just love this app. It is so easy to use and does everything I need. I especially like depositing checks using this app. Once you have it, there’s no going back. This app sets the bar HIGH.
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2 years ago, bargain shopping granny
I’ve been using this app for years. It froze one day but appears it was my phone. I moved out of state and refused to leave Wescom so this app has been a lifesaver. Great job!!
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5 years ago, Gordon girl
Long time Member
I have been a long time member of Wescom and I moved to a location that has no branch in the near vicinity. I do all my banking via the Wescom apps because they are so handy and easy to use.
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1 year ago, mimirsyew16
Unable to set up notifications on iPhone
Hello I’ve never had issues before but recently I had to reset my iPhone as new and redownload apps and now this app doesn’t show in my notifications in settings so I can pick which notifications I would like.
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3 years ago, Crazy cool app
Works great on my new iPhone 11
I use it to make deposits, check balances, transfer between funds, in and out of Wescom.
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3 years ago, SHRBSZ
The new version update is terrible, visually disappointing
The new release is so disappointing it looks like the developer wasn’t even trying. Nothing stands out, there is no dimension to it, no visual appeal. The tiles also don’t adjust to fit the screen size which seems like laziness on the developers part. I really hope they utilize their change control and roll back their changes.
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2 years ago, Hp0420
Fix Zelle!
I switched to a new iPhone a few days ago and my zelle icon is gone. I’m reading now it’s been happening for months to people. Come on guys, you’re a big company. You can’t figure this out? I’m going to try calling customer service to see if they can fix it. :( At least I’m still getting my payments thru Zelle! Just can’t send any.
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