WESTconsin Credit Union

4.8 (4.6K)
59.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
WESTconsin Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WESTconsin Credit Union

4.79 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Lindsey p.....
Works great!
I have been using this ap for several years - it works great! Love being able to see my balances real-time and being able to transfer funds, make loan payments, and mobile deposits. Mobile deposit feature is very handy. They continue to enhance the ap.
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5 years ago, niltiaclavud
App is user friendly;however, it takes for ever for payment to be sent to companies. I have used online banking for other banks and the payments are removed and sent directly which makes it easier to track spending. Through westconsin, the payment is in pending payments for a little while and then goes through the process of being mailed. During the process of the bank mailing out paper checks, it is no longer in the pending payments and the money has not been removed from the account and makes it very difficult to track which makes it necessary to keep a paper budget as well to track spending. If payments were electronically sent to companies, I would give the app and bank a higher rating.
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4 years ago, Um, seriously?
Newest update is horrible! Lacks visual organization
This newest update as of late April, 2020 is a major down grade with the account transactions user interface! I have used this app since it’s launch and have always thought it was high quality. The newest changes made to the account transactions user interface completely lack organization. Previously, transactions were clearly organized by date and “pending” with light green bars separating groups by date. This update is continuous scroll of ALL transactions, differentiating them by the use of bold or italic fonts. It use to be easy to glance at and see my money move. This is very aesthetically displeasing and requires more time to see and understand which transactions have processed and when. Please bring back some visual organization to the account transactions user interface!!! Please.
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3 years ago, small town nember
Unexplained changes
Features on my debit card are being blocked and unblocked not by me and with out my consent the bank is aware and has done nothing to stop it have been informed only a bank representative and my self may access my acct yet block features are being changed while I’m logged out of the account or the app, have been given no explanation of why this has and continues to happen and have been told nothing that can or will be done tried deleting the app and problem still occurs thru website hopefully this info gets to the right person some how and the problem can be resolved as of right now the problem has been going on for almost five days and I have screen shot numerous times to show card services of what is being done
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5 years ago, JACTI
Why the change
Why did you make it impossible to link two separate accounts. My wife and I have separate accounts and we do not have any shared accounts. We used to have our checking accounts linked so transfers could be made when needed. You changed it and we have been forced to adapt. We have thought about leaving but for now we’re staying. We feel customer service has been sacrificed to make your jobs easier and while it works in the short run it is a bad strategy.
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8 months ago, rip orange man😢
Unable to use in app Zelle
There is a major issue with your in app zelle feature, for some reason Zelle’s app won’t let you set up an account through them telling you that the banking app has it built in. Well whenever I go to use the feature to either set it up, send money or receive money I get sent to an error page, I have tried this on Wi-Fi, on cellular data, regardless of connection strength or status the app refuses to let me use zelle. The only thing I can say I enjoy about the app is being able to monitor my balance.
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11 months ago, DadMW
Ok; could be better
It’s a useful application. There are improvements that would make it on par with other financial institutions’ apps. For example, the checking balance screen should show projected balances that incorporate all scheduled payments and transfers. Additionally, bill pay should allow you to begin typing a payee name and existing payees should begin to appear rather than having to scroll through the list of all existing payees. Overall, it’s ok, but it could be better.
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6 years ago, gfsfyubvfy
I love how convenient this app is. However, frequently I am unable to view my account because it is “unavailable” and to try back later. Sometimes this goes on for hours. Also drives me nuts that I cannot access my WESTconsin credit card or pay it through this app when it’s a WESTconsin app for my bank and I have the credit card through the bank. Makes zero sense to me. If those two things were fixed this app would get five stars then
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3 years ago, Motherteresa8
User friendly app
Computer and app function does not come naturally for me but this app makes sense to me! Having the mobile ability to pay bills, transfer money and check accounts has made my life better.
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1 year ago, zsccfrrssd
The best
I have other bank apps that I use and obviously this one is the best. WCU has always been my bank for years. Don’t have any complaints about anything they do. Always there for me and my needs. Keep up the great work people!! Bob Darwin
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7 years ago, Monobby4
Easy to use
Love the simplicity of the WESTconsin CU app! Makes mobile banking very simple and straight forward. I also love the new feature of getting mobile alerts when certain changes have been made to an account (ex. large deposit/withdrawal).
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4 years ago, dizzy_izzy___
Super Easy to Use
this is the first real mobile banking app i’ve used and it’s great! everything is easy to navigate and it’s super convenient to use for paying bills, making transfers, and checking balances. i’ve had no problems so far!
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7 years ago, SltrHouse
This app does everything I need it to. I can make deposits, check my accounts, transfer to accounts. The widgets are neat as well, being able to just swipe left to see my accounts is perfect.
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2 years ago, tamalz
2 checking accounts
I have 2 different checking accounts that I transfer money between regularly. Is there a way to show both on my app and allow me to transfer between both accounts like I can with my checking and savings? If not can you add it?
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2 years ago, Menomonie wi
Scheduled payment column
On the bill pay page Scheduled payment column I would like to be able to be able to uncheck scheduled payment dates so I can tell exactly where My balance is going to be on paydays without needing to use the calculator
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2 years ago, Lgr2014
Mobile bill pay
Mobile bill pay is easy and convenient
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3 years ago, Hhhjgjbhh
Always personable
I always enjoy when I get to go to the bank. Everyone is so personable and knows me by name. I enjoy that they welcome me as I walk in. It’s a nice home town bank feel!!
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4 years ago, lickdarson
Mobile deposit feature does not always work as intended (the camera has a hard time picking up the back of my checks. The app itself doesn’t always want to open. I’m not sure if Westconsin is doing maintenance on the app at the time, but there have been several instances where it would not allow access to view my accounts.
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4 years ago, Section 132
Location Hours
Great app far superior to other apps I have for other larger financial institutions. The only thing lacking is under the locations it would be nice if the included the Drive Up hours.
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7 years ago, SOJO12
Easy to use. Rarely has issues. Appreciate the mobile check deposit.
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6 years ago, Blarie B
Super Easy to use
All your banking needs right on your phone!
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5 years ago, pennywags
Mobile Banking
Love to have fast access to my bank account & at my fingertips!
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6 years ago, Me505
It just become better. This current version is spot-on right down to the fingerprint password. Love it!
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3 years ago, budget 123
The mobile app
I like this absinthe listening city and I think in allows me to do the things required from my phone
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1 year ago, 1 mad app user
Mobile app
Excellent app, very user friendly!
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6 years ago, allison lablanc
I would give this app a 5 because it’s great! I just wish I was allowed more than 6 transfers a month. Overall amazing app!
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2 years ago, Mysourcessay
iPhone 12
I had a iPhone SE and recently got a 12 with multiple cameras and now I can’t get mobile deposit to work. The app doesn’t seem to know which camera to use and won’t focus please fix this issue or tell me what I am doing wrong
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6 years ago, The King is coming!
Great app!
I enjoy the convenience of this app and the simplicity! Easy to navigate through it.
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2 months ago, Bread9987
Very slow approval
I tried signing in with my card, said it would take 1-2 business days and it’s been an entire week! Like come on, be more specific or just do what you said! This is so ridiculous
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7 years ago, Kbehre
Easy to use
Runs in real time to ensure accuracy of my balances.
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7 years ago, Hudson Gal
Great App...But
I love this app, but wish I could access all my Accounts, example, my personal, our joint, etc
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5 years ago, SteevoEightyFive
Very good app
This app is well designed and easy to use. Very well done!
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7 years ago, Schultzenegger
Love love!
I love WESTconsin bank and I love the app. It is very easy to use. And I am far from tech savvy.
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3 years ago, richteresa
one of life’s vidals
i cant even imagine banking without this ap. easy to use, clear, and safe.
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4 years ago, Noahiskwl21
Error Beware
Love this bank and it’s employees but this app is garbage and about 50% of the time will crash or have an error on their website and on the app pretty disappointed with their IT department on this one
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4 years ago, wbillslone
Holding funds
It’s a great bank they just are holding my funds for too long and it’s unnecessary.
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4 years ago, Makenzii Angelica
Latest iOS update
Recent UI change to iOS app, eliminated account names in the Quick Balance view in the widget. I don’t know which account is which
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4 years ago, LANygaard
New Update
I don’t know if the new update is permanent or not, but it’s horrible. Not a fan of how the days are all lumped together and the things pending are not separated either. Much harder to read.
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3 years ago, alana evgen13
this app
this app is so helpful thank you so much
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5 years ago, snowborder216
This app is absolute trash. It crashes constantly and only logs in successfully when it wants to. Horrible app. Fix the bugs.
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4 years ago, big let-down
Constant “application error” makes this an unreliable app. People need instant access to their accounts. Please invest in solving this going dilemma.
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6 years ago, DD1954
The best
Really a good banking Ap.
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10 years ago, FranckTheTanck
This app is extremely helpful. I do all of my banking online because I live in a different country while serving in the Air Force. This app is a quick way to access my accounts while traveling, I can move my money around without getting on a computer. I also wouldn't be able to deposit any checks without this app.
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4 years ago, Kat Degre
Most of the time can't get it to come up.
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9 years ago, RebootsDaMachina
Love most bank apps!
Even though I live close to a branch office, I can rarely get there before they close. You see I commute to Minnesota from an hour deep into Wisconsin. My Saturday's are for sleeping in. By the time I am out doing local errands it's very close to their quitting time. I love the deposit check using the camera in my iPhone!! Checking balances, doing transfers and other standard banking items is a breeze. My only item for improvement? A notifier for the in branch coin counter!! Choose your branch, and be notified if the coin counter is operating or not. I hate when I do wake up early to get my coins counted and deposited and find that machine is broken and service won't be in until Monday! Angry!! But this app is great and looks good too.
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9 years ago, SteampunkChipmonk
VERY Helpful
I used to hate having to check my account balances - now it is a breeze. My only suggestion is the ability to write private notes for account transactions or be able to create categories for the transactions. Otherwise, this app is quite nice to use - I'd miss it.
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11 years ago, JasonF
Awesome app now with deposit capabilities!
This has been a very cool app with lots of function. Now that they have mobile deposit it has completely surpassed its coolness factor. Will never look back at any other bank from here!
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9 years ago, Wcu love
Love wcu!
Love this app. The only thing I wish they would add is a calculator so I don't have to try and remember the numbers, close the app, open my phone calculator punch it in (hopefully correctly) and do my calculations. I don't always have a pen and paper handy (like in the bus or at the store). It would make things much more convenient. Otherwise it's awesome!
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10 years ago, buetow
Best bank, great app, free check deposits
I don't even live in the area anymore but I still use wcu because of their great staff and wonderful banking experience. The app was the last missing piece and it's great. Free check deposits from home!
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8 years ago, Man_of_Gondor
Good app
It's an excellent app for managing balances and for quick checks of you balance before making purchases. I would like to see a function added to pay your Westconsin credit card bill through the app.
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