Western Union Netspend Prepaid

3.1 (175)
67 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Western Union Netspend Prepaid

3.11 out of 5
175 Ratings
5 years ago, Gymini620
Direct deposit
They offer 2 days early Direct deposits if you sign up for it and it never happens! What’s up with that? Why offer something and don’t stand by it. Very disappointed
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3 years ago, 719BrownGuy
This literally happened to me two days ago on January 31, 2021. After i paid for this Western Union/NetSpend card from Safeway, I followed the instructions on the packaging to activate the card calling customer service to verify my personal information. The representative told me they wouldn’t allow me to activate this prepaid card because ofsuspicious activity! I was then told they would be sending me a refund in about 7-10 business days! Then she had the audacity to tell me she was charging me $5 service fee? Really? What service? They did no service for me they Did not do me any service! All they did was hold onto money I was trying to pay a bill with now i gotta pay late fees for theater one! Do not waste your time with This’s unethical Place of “—— artists”!
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4 years ago, rvalenzuel
I’m a 5yr customer
I have been getting DD on this card for years now, I’m they've always been good to me never paid overdraft fees when I do overdraft (never more the $10) and I get texted every transaction. I’m actually afraid to activate the all access card in fear that it will change in a negative way.
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3 years ago, SzMocha
Horrible with customer service.
Told me they opened at 8 am est, I called 20 mins after and it told me they were still closed. Called later around 10 ish, and I'm still on hold as I write this. I had a concern because the way they cash checks online is sketchy and I wanted to make sure they were telling me the right things so if it didn't work, then I'd be able to go after them for it, but they still haven't answered. Complete B.S.
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7 years ago, Alarcón Mill
First Time user
I hope everything works perfectly like it has to be. I'm using the service (Wester Union) but in Walt-marts or HEBs. Now I want to do it from work or while I'm in the house, or at the gym, or what about at the game? Perhaps I could be busy on a romantic night with my wife in a hotel and our family or some friends need money. I don't want to go away running from here to there just to find out that everything is closed. Well, Panas. Homies, compas, vatos, brothers and cuñados, that's the main reason I'm getting this #wuapp.
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3 years ago, Lamarkid109
Just a question
Question is there a way to sign up with a netspend prepaid card from dollar general or do I have to sign up and get the card later I recently went to dollar general to get a netspend card and downloaded the app but it wouldn’t let sign with my netspend prepaid card
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5 years ago, DK review 505050505
Customer service is horrible!
If you don't have an issue the app works, but if you have an issue customer service is horrible. Just trying to get them to understand your issue is most of the issue. You ask for clarification and they just repeat what they said the last time?! It's like they're trying to wear you down by pretending ignorance so you don't follow through with your complaint. Horrible..
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5 years ago, asiaangel
Can’t load money
Load money option isn’t working. Makes you call their terrible customer service line.
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3 years ago, redbomber17
Honestly. Terrible.
Waiting to finally receive my money which was loaded 5 days ago on a card and can’t activate it! Have to wait a FULL WEEK! And I pay money to use this. Honestly save the money go to a real bank. Can’t wait to close my account. Don’t believe a thing the customer service tells you. Each one of them have a different answer. I wish I could give zero stars.
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3 weeks ago, ceceperezz
Can’t get into my app
I love the app and all but today it’s not letting me in at all… what is going on? Is there a maintenance issue causing this???
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4 years ago, concernedCoStOmEr
Can’t connect to bank
Every time I try to connect to my bank I put my credentials in then it’ll send me to the re-captcha but every time I click the box it just loads and goes back to an empty box.....I’m about to stop using this😡
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9 years ago, Sheldon900
Good app
I love the app. In definitely comes in handy and the features are great also. They can add a few more or at least upgrade it cause it seems since they made it they never check back on it. At least update it.
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9 months ago, Virginia shawback
My card
I paid 25$ to get my debit card within two business day is it possible for my card to be delivered within that two working days?
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4 years ago, Jaks521
Amazing App!!! ;-))
I love this app. I’m using this app more than 3 years now,and Easy to use.I highly recommended this app indeed!!! ;-))
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3 years ago, jazzling1987
No good
Won’t let me load my mobile check i been with this bank a little over 8 years and been using the mobile app it never did this i called customer service still no help I never had this issue ever ! Hope it fixes soon :(
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3 years ago, mauldinjason
Since the last update , every time I log in , it automatically takes me to a online site that doesn’t even load up , fix this issue asap
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3 years ago, Shashi 🧚🏽‍♀️
Glitch ?
Everytime I open, login, press a button it opens up my chrome screen. But then the chrome screen is blank so I have to go back and forth. It’s getting annoying now.
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6 years ago, DeChon2x
Mobile Check Upload
Great app except the mobile check upload doesn’t work. Fix it.
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2 years ago, Trump2024!!!!!!
Wast of time and money..
I bought this western union prepaid master card in store and put $50 on it and now I can’t activate my card to get my money back which really pisses me off I would give this app 0/10 wast of my time and money……..
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2 years ago, angelchurch
This app is horrible every time I go to load money it says to call costumer service and doesn’t work. It’s so slow, the fees are ridiculous and the customer service is horrible
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6 years ago, Billyr90
Update fails to load page
The new update fails to load the “send money” page, the app is useless now
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6 months ago, WU02928
Registration doesn’t work…
You won’t even be able to register.. you will never be able to get a card)) the developers forgot about the app…
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4 years ago, Jaylin harper
Mobile check load doesn’t work.
If your getting this app to cash a check by your mobile phone this isn’t the app for you,if continuously crashes, Download Ingo money or current.
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4 years ago, nometerhg
Terrible service
Took the money I added in the card after asking for my social security number and locked me out my account . Very disappointed.
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7 years ago, Srivera145
Can’t use mobile check load
It would be nice to be able to use this feature..
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1 year ago, RSG7646
Worst online banking app
Worst banking app on the internet focused solely on draining as money their customers as possible via outrageous fees for simple everyday transactions. Don’t waste your time or money it’s not worth it.
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7 years ago, Gi slants
Load money issue again
It’s not letting me load money again
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7 years ago, Eveyone has my nicknames
Mobile check load
Why dosent the app let you load checks anymore just keeps saying “sorry this check cannot be accepted” worked at first
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4 years ago, Wilbram41
I can’t not see my transactions
Im have a problem login to my account in the app
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1 year ago, Karate Zarate
Fake app
Don’t download this app is fake they tried to steal money when you sing up they ask you for crdit card and CCV number
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6 years ago, Sday11
Not able to load money?!
Every time I click load money, it just says loading but NEVER loads?! Very aggravating
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3 years ago, buggawooga
Not satisfied at all
This cards trash. I’ve had nothing but a hard time since I got it. It won’t even let me cash a check. Smh
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6 years ago, cookies kids
Never able to load transactions. That was the only reason I got the app
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6 years ago, Dr. Bertrand
It does not work as the iPhone app. After 3 attempts to log in it still does not work.
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2 years ago, von&:&
Charges you 1.50 for any transaction you make
SCAM !! Do not recommend
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4 years ago, twynhancho
Face recognition
Face recognition is not working please fix ASAP
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4 years ago, Jordee2011
Load money
Load money option ain’t working... FIX THIS PLEASE
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3 years ago, 20303039293039
It won’t allow me to file a dispute
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4 years ago, duck andy
Show more
9 years ago, Ali Onger
Great app
Very useful
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9 years ago, Alain Stephon Marbury Agenor
I love everything about this app but what would be incredible would be if it were on apple pay. Let's make that happen!!!
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8 years ago, Cole May
Terrible App!
Doesn't recognize your password. I changed it once to the same thing, which takes 20 minutes. A week later same issue. The second time it locked me out of my account! I called to cancel my card and they charged me $5! Terrible app, terrible company policies. Won't be using net spend again ever.
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8 years ago, VinnyDCSantos
Mobile Check Load doesn't work
-Mobile check load doesn't work -3 different customer service couldn't assist with issue.
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9 years ago, Coco***234
To Bad
I can't find my country, why is so hard for you people to include Puerto Rico in your list? Helloooo we are part of the United States, so please do it, and I will consider rating this app a Five *, if not, to bad.
Show more
9 years ago, Paparouskatoi
i love This app so much thank u to mikey carbone
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7 years ago, thewilldeal90
Show more
4 years ago, صالح البطي
لا يعمل على ابل ستور
لا يعمل على ابل ستور
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6 years ago, suleman2332
التطبيق مايشتغل ابدآ
حملت البرنامج على الايباد وبعد ما نصبتة اريد اسوي تسجيل دخول او اسوي حساب جديد ما يفتح ولا يسوي شي بس يبقى يحمل ويحمل التطبيق مضيعة للوقت اتمنى اتشوفون المشكلة وين واتصلحوها
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4 years ago, Omar Zakaria
برنامج خرا.................
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5 years ago, 𝔏𝔢𝔵𝔦
DO NOT USE THIS PREPAID CARD SERVICE!!! They take more than half the money I deposit every other week on fees that are supposed to be waved because I subscribed to the monthly plan, which takes out 2$ more than advertised and I still get fees taken out after every single transaction. Customer service is terrible. I had an unknown charge come off of my card for almost 20$ and reported it for a dispute and 2 months later still have no update and was given no provisional Income. It takes 20$ to load a check in a decent time frame if you don’t want to wait 10 days for the money to become available. If I could give this service and app 0 stars I would. Truly horrible in every single way, they’re making money off of unsuspecting users and false advertising. Do yourself a favor and use Chime or CARD.com both 10000000x better than this trash can of a service
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