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Westlake Financial
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User Reviews for Westlake MyAccount

4.74 out of 5
118.1K Ratings
2 years ago, 0rpheuss
Horrible App and Verification
This app is absolutely horrible. I have been charged late fees simply because there is no immediate way to verify or confirm if your payment with your card or bank information went through. Multiple times have I submitted a payment and after it says “thanks for payment” or “payment is good” but yet days after the payment due date, it would then tell you that the payment was not confirmed and you now owe us more money because of this. I would recommend to stay away from this lender until they decide to not have such a horrible application in place. Also side note, they charge you an additional 5 dollars for paying with a debit card through the app. What a crappy CA based company.
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4 years ago, jazzy0920
This company is so inconvenient. They charged an extra car payment sending my account in the negative and That wasn’t just play money it was a necessity. Been dealing with customer service since Monday. They are inconsistent with their answers and I don’t trust them at all. They are suppose to refund me the extra payment. When i talk to the last Monday i told her i needed the refund back in my bank account she processed it as a check first mistake. She told me it would take 3-5 business days. Then i called back the next day spoke to someone who was supposed to fix it to get it switched to my ACH supposedly talked to the supervisor and fixed it to where it would only take 2-3 business days. Called back the following day talked to one person who told me it would take 5-7 business days and they did not process my ACH after she told me she did. Called back 10 minutes later they said it was processed and it would take another 5-7 business days. Talk to someone today now they saying it’s gonna take 7-10 business days.. I am very frustrated and they need a sense of urgency behind people’s money. I had to cancel my plans because of their inconvenience. NOT ACCEPTABLE
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5 years ago, Pammygrl5555
West lake
I have been dealing with this company for 2 years, and I have had to skip a payment or 2 just so I can make necessary car repairs, well the repairs never stopped. But always caught up on my payments. But the phone calls start the first day after due date, and continue to harass me, even though I tell them I will make the payment in a day or 2. Never gave them any reason not to believe me. My point is, there was never any reason for the Harassment. Anyway, I got to the point I can not afford the repairs and the payments anymore, so before I got behind on any payments I gave the car back, it was clean, and no problems, it also had an electrical problem, the wiring to the headlights are burnt, and to the radio, and dome lights, I can not fix that, so, I was just told that the calls will continue until I get the car paid, I am a 62 year old woman on a fixed income, I can’t afford car payments and a lot of car repairs, it’s not fair, and ever since I’ve had this car, I have had to make repairs monthly, and I told them this, but they dont care what my problems were, they did not want to hear it, even thou they ask if I’m happy with it, they did not want to hear that I am not happy, or any complaints I had. This company is heartless, do not deal with these people if you don’t have to. PLEASE!
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5 years ago, Fom Hawaii to Texas
Customer Service
The initial customer services reps were not helpful. I asked to speak with a manager, and Ms. Pena was the lady I spoke with. After a week and a half of stressors (not due to Westlake) I was in a tight position to need to move, since I lost my job. The moving company I used, did not inform me I needed a letter of authorization to ship my car. I was advised that it would take 3 days to get this letter, and I explained to Ms. Pena that I wasn’t informed and that I had a flight to be on to go back home, due to the termination, in approximately 3 hours. Ms. Pena worked some magic and I was able to ship my car and arrive to the plane just in time to buckle up for take off. Ms. Pena was more than professional and even calmed me down with how stressed and upset I was with the lack of information from another company. She went above and beyond to help me. I appreciate everything she did for me to get back home where my family can now help me get back on my feet.
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2 years ago, grumej
Not Right.
I was told that when I purchased my van if I made payments for six months on time and in full that my interest rate would be cut in half. I didn’t realize that I’d have to be the one to stay on top of them in order to make that contractual deal a reality. When I brought it up I was quickly pushed away and told that my payment was low enough. I’m now paying exponentially more than what I really should have due to this loan and the people that made me the deal at auto brokers in New York. This is extremely unfair
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4 years ago, 10576290
I wish I chose a different company!!!!!
If you look thru comments you’ll notice this company is unresponsive to customer feedback. Red flag. Just saying if you have the opportunity to go with a different financial company I highly suggest you do so. But If you enjoy terrible customer service, irrelevant automated robot calls, ridiculous unexpected unexplained fees, and a general circus clown level of professionalism then by all means, choose Westlake. If your livelihood your car your credit your finances are something you take seriously do not leave it in the hands of these people!! They are going to charge you fees that have no explanation. Interest rates are going to be ridiculous. Customer service might as well not even exist. I’m pretty sure the customer service department is probably two guys and one girl, and whenever the phone rings they make their voices do different accents to make it seem like you’re talking to someone new. I refuse to give anything to business as terrible as this one so I’m gonna let you BORROW this one star.
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5 years ago, cant find out
Worst company
Just look at the consumer reports. They charge late fee and service fee for no reason they always return payment unpaid they say when we pay on time and they say they charge service fee of $15 when they try to take money out for payment and they can’t so my Wellsfargo bank charges westlake therefore westlake charges that amount to consumer when I spoke with highest level of Wellsfargo manage my team they said they don’t charge such things. I wish I read review about this company before getting a loan from them. I’ve paid off my car from tax returns and I wish no one ever goes through what I’ve. They also charged my other card for payment when I never authorized it to be charged I’ve only paid once and not enrolled in auto pay and they charge without permission and said they returned it and charged me twice and never got money back for first time. I’m in process of lawsuit to this company for fraud and wish many other consumers join me.
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5 years ago, Stltigga
***DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP*** This app does not work unless you coordinate with Westlake directly and have them set your password. Then what is the point of a password? When you download the app you can’t create a profile so how can you use the app? If you go through the web portal to create a profile then what is the It still doesn’t link to the app. Moreover the customer service of Westlake is so inept and uneducated about the app is can beyond frustrating getting any help. Even the web portal doesn’t let you know made a payment until one day later. The technology of Westlake seems more like a scheme to acquire additional information to sell to their affiliates or non-affiliates. They actually have a window that you can “opt-out” to not have your information shared!!! Westlake is what it is but it’s technology is complete garbage from now to stern.
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3 years ago, Alphega4
I Am Confused!
On the day my payment was due I logged into my Westlake Financial account, entered my payment info and also clicked the recurring payment button. I just checked my bank statement and the money for my car loan was never removed. When I went back to the website it says my payment is now LATE!!!!! When I clicked to pay it AGAIN I get a message warning me that I have a recurring payment set up and asks me if I’m sure I want to proceed. I am not sure what happened, but I am PI$$ED!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, SM DeKemper
It’s coo
Overall it’s an okay app. If it had more capabilities it would be great. As long as you pay your bill on time everything is cool. I did recently set up a payment plan for my car which broke my monthly up into 3 payments which is doable. So The only thing that was annoying was after the first day it was past due they called me twice like I was 30 days past due. I called them back and they said I’m fine but they have the system make the calls automatically but just don’t worry about it because my account is still okay. Other than that, it’s coo. Just pay your bill.
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3 years ago, Deceivedin2020
Reporting for fraud
Ive tried for about 5 or 6 months to contact customer support to update my account and correct my social security number They tell me something different every time as to why “they haven't received my email”, “I didn’t include my account number in the subject line” or “there is nothing they can do because i signed a contract with wrong info” because of this I am not able to connect my bank account and they charge me a processing fee. They are unhelpful and do not care! they will loop you through automated systems and then hang up on you. The horror stories i have read through other reviews of this company are ghastly. Not to mention 60% of EVERY payment goes toward interest and not principal. This is not what i thought i was getting into. I plead with you to walk!!!
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2 years ago, VannEpps
Avoid Westlake Financial at all cost.
I never chose this company for financing my vehicle. By far the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. The customer service is atrocious; most are extremely rude and unprofessional. My car was picked up at the height of the pandemic with a payoff balance of $130. My car had been shipped from auction site to auction site even after the balance was paid. The car was stripped down, rekeyed, and literally destroyed by weather and animals from having the windows down and trunk open to avoid the security alarm going off. No one at Westlake was able to locate my car for over a month. I’ve heard many similar horror stories about this greedy company. Please save yourself a nightmare and request a different finance company. Look up Westlake on the BBB and read for yourself.
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3 years ago, lopesr3
Loyal customer
I got duped into paying 20% on a used vehicle and this is the bank that gave me a 20% deal so I've been paying for the car for the past three years and still owe 3000 left when I called to see if they could change it in anyway or lower my payments they said to me well you were late one day on a few payments one dayThe funniest thing I've ever heard of so I can't get my payments lowered because of one day being late mind you it's auto pay and I always pay on time I've paid every payment since I got the vehicle I can't wait to be done with thisBecause after this I should be able to get a vehicle for less than 20% I'm barely paying off the vehicle every month
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5 years ago, alejandrocasatti
Smooth and efficient
This bank offered me a loan when others would not, very smooth transactions so far, i pay my car a few days ahead to avoid any delays and now i find out they have a mobile app that makes everything even smoother. You can make payments, see your transaction history and how much interest you are paying, you can also see your payoff amount towards your current vehicle. I have been with Westlake for 4 months now and i am a satisfied customer.
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4 years ago, Envii69
Okay so my bf and I miss a payment on the car they repo the car tell us we have 30 days to get it out or it will be sent to auction. So 2 days later we go pay 1200$ to get it out they tell us when the payment goes through they will tell us where our car is everyday we call to find the car they say cuz we made the payment on the weekend which was Thursday then it would take 24-48hrs well we call Friday and they say call Monday. We call Monday they give us a address in ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO where we live. Say we can get it Tuesday well Monday night we get a call saying our car is in ARIZONA AT AN AUCTION THEY SENT IT ON FRIDAY WHEN WE MADE THE PAYMENT ON THURSDAY. THEY SENT OUR CAR A DAY AFTER WE MADE THE PAYMENT AND PLAYED US THROUGH THE WEEKEND AND ARE EVEN REFUSING TO BRING IT BACK WHEN THEY HAD NO BUSINESS TAKING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.
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2 years ago, Boy Joejo
Very, Very Happy With Westlake Financial 🚗
I am very happy with Westlake as my car loan lender. I have had an awesome experience with them so far & if it was not for Westlake Financial I wouldn’t have a vehicle 🚗 they have made my dream possible. I really like how their app makes it so easy and simple to make a payment on your account & I really like that I can pay my bill at any 7/11 location using my Westlake account barcode in my apple wallet
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2 years ago, ** READ THIS NOW **
WFS Customer Service are Circus Clowns!
I requested Westlake Financial Services to update my legal new name towards my online account bill so I can attain my new Real ID compliant drivers license. Each time I call this business, an uneducated employee representative and supervisor is instructing me to do something different. I should only be required to provide my legal Court Order to suffice this requirement. I don't have multiple bills to make the name changes except for my mobile phone service and Westlake Financial Services. This request should be relatively simple but the idiots here at Westlake Financial Services complicate the entire process. I DO NOT recommend this business because they're uneducated and inflexible handling customer requests!
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3 years ago, authenik
Cannot pay better than agreed via app.
I am trying to build credit. So I am financing a car I didn’t need to, to build my credit. My apr isn’t great because my file is thin. I’m grateful to WL for extending me the loan. I’m sending a check (I had to order them for this) every month because it costs $5 to pay online & I’m already paying pretty high interest. So, I thought I would get the app & save the stamps. Nope. I can’t enter an amount (greater than my payment due) to have ach withdrawal each month. I will probably delete the app if this doesn’t change. For the record: I’m not unhappy with the company, just this app.
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5 years ago, Sam12531
Worst customer service in the world
I download this app, but is useless, I call customer service many times for help, but their customer service representatives are not helping at all, they don’t have a clue and don’t know o don’t want help, I’m really disappointed with Westlake Financial in general, I will make sure, this is the first and last time using Westlake Financial Services, and I will definitely recommend to my family and friends to keep away from Westlake Financial Services, worst app in the World, one star is too much, to be hones I will give them -5 for rating. 😡👎
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3 months ago, g masta givz
Failed App: Accessibility and Login Experience: Addressing Face ID and PIN Limitations
The available options for unlocking, such as Face ID and 4-digit PIN, are unfortunately not functioning as intended. Face ID fails to toggle properly, leaving me with no choice but to manually enter my lengthy password each time. Additionally, when I tap the screen to access the keyboard, an unexpected scroll wheel appears, attempting to log me in without even entering the password yet. As a result of these issues, I find myself frequently locked out of the app before I can successfully enter my password on the first attempt. These flaws severely impact the overall usability and reliability of the application.
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11 months ago, garciafuent
Amazing bank
I have always loved being able to have this bank financed with my car because it is a leave of absence, it is said that I have always been given it, absolutely I would love to be able to share it with other people so that they can understand how satisfied Customers are with this bank.
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3 years ago, J.W2314
Disappointed with this company
Due to the national pandemic (COVID 19) going on in the United States many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Being most governors in most states shut things down work has been slow. I called at the beginning of June to try to defer a payment to the end of the loan. The representative said it wasn’t an option in the system and to call in on June 17 to schedule a payment. They also charged a late fee for the payment not being made on time. I just made the June payment but will be late with July because of the same situation, which will incur another late fee. Extremely disappointed. I thought we were supposed to be in this together.
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1 year ago, brwn$uga
Used monthly
I love the fact that I can pay through the app look at my remaining balance etc but it’s a little annoying that when you make a payment it doesn’t clear in your account for 48 hours and if your account has the exact amount the payment will decline you have to have your payment plus a dollar or two for the transaction to clear when using the app.
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3 years ago, Ashley4500
Debit card AND live rep $5 FEE?!
So when I called to pay my bill since for some reason my account was not registered when I already had it registered, I was charged a 5 dollar fee since it was a live rep. I understand that. But when I go to pay on my app MYSELF in a SELF SERVICE way I AM STILL CHARGED?? How is that fair? I’m charged for doing it myself and putting in my OWN information MYSELF?? I don’t think it’s right and I honestly do believe I shouldn’t be paying ANOTHER FEE just because I’m using a SELF SERVICE option. My last finance company didn’t do this and it was only when I spoke to a live rep to pay my bill. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED.
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3 years ago, R Brenes
Worst car financing
This finance company is like Matilda’s dad of auto loans. Horrible customer service. Horrible attitudes. Long wait times. Harassing phone calls even when payment is submitted on time - it’ll show that a payment as submitted on their end - but until the bank clears the payment (which is the loan company’s fault for taking up to a week to withdrawal) they still call repeatedly each day threatening fees, interest, and repossession. God forbid you fall in hard times like most individuals during this pandemic because they DO NOT work with you. Save yourself and run, hide, or whatever helps you from working with these crooked angels of finance death.
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1 year ago, Momma Teena
Thank you so much for being there when I got sick and needed to move payment dates. It was nice that you worked with me and I greatly appreciate all of you. Have a great rest of your year. Again thank you. You don’t know how simply allowing me to switch payment dates helped stay current. Sincerely, Teena Riggenbach Rittman, Ohio
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1 year ago, madazl
Can not even log in
I’m not sure WHAT is going on because I was able to log in before with no problem but the moment I decide to pay my bill I keep getting blocked by an error saying “please check connection” when my connection IS FINE. I am literally connected to strong xfinity Wi-Fi and it will say check connection. I live in a dead zone but I stay connected to Wi-Fi. I have literally left home and drove to a better location and tried to log in and it still would not work. Please fix cuz this could cause many people to have late payments
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4 years ago, GianellaQ
App was Great at the beginning
The app isn’t working for me. I’m the past 2 months it was deleting my bank info that I saved... At the beginning I could login just fine. In the past month I can’t login.. I thought maybe I forgot the password so I clicked on forgot password and input my info correctly and it said no account found.. I said hmm ok let’s see if I need to register it again and when I put the same info it said there is a account with the same info... I contacted support via email and they said to just name my payments in the phone. I hate this I need someone from support to fix this.
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2 months ago, Unamused Dad
Bank is terrible
I have different pay days, and I asked if I could have the auto enrolled payments come out on a certain day, which is like 5 days prior to the date that it tries to force me to have. They said no, and if I want that date, I have to refinance the truck. Also, I have to change my password every single time I try to log in because even though I change it every month to the same previous password, it tells me I’m wrong… just do yourself a favor, get a real bank that really cares… I know I know… I live in fairy land
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3 years ago, Brex101
They don’t care about people during the conrovirus
Hello. My car broke down around the same time my state issued a stay at home order. So I couldn’t work to fix it. They told me I would have to pay around 6 dollars a day in interest fees to hold on to it (not sure on the exact amount) I told them I have hemochromatosis. I could easily die from this virus. In my opinion they want me to get a job and die to pay them or become a slave and pay all that interest. Westlake should not be in business anymore and please do not get their assistance in buying a car. Find a company who cares about people.
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1 year ago, kayjaymy6
the app is ok
Yo be honest i really appreciate WestLake for workin wit me on my payments. i am the only provider for my family at the moment so things are not so easy for me. Good thing is i get my payments paid even if i have to use my ten day extension each month at least i’m getting it done. my repossessing fee will get paid wen i have the extra money to do so i jus ask tht yu guys continue to b understanding and kno tht i will pay everything thts owed.. thank yu
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3 years ago, semjase1
I don’t understand why I need to pay a fee when I was told it was free
My experience overall very unsatisfactory very poor customer service every month show different amounts to pay I spoke to a lot of people but it seems they don’t have a clue worse financial
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7 years ago, Gumirov
Is this a beta release?
Super buggy. Hard to find what you're looking for inside the app - must jump through hoops to - for instance see a monthly statement, and then the cherry on top is that once the statement is "downloaded" you cannot go back to previous screen or anything, you're just stuck on the statement and only choice is to exit app and reopen. BUT every time you exit app and reopen you just input your login info, since there's no option to save even the account login name. Layout off app is something from pre-y2k era.
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1 year ago, Steve Cici
Blowing us up over 3 days
You guys are so pushy when it comes to payments . I actually made a payment on the 12th but I had a customer come in to my work after I put in all my info and hit confirm and I hung up. Your system didn’t take the payment. It’s annoying to be blown up when you have tried to the right thing. I definitely wasn’t going to pay twice so naturally I wait a couple of days to see if the payment went through. You guys have blown my wife up so much that it’s getting bad.
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2 weeks ago, Ody 11
Horrendous app
Simply can’t make a payment with my card of the app, then I call the automated payment and the card isn’t accepted there either. Then finally I have to go to customer service for 30 minutes and speak to someone I can barely understand because they’re using a walk-in talkie in some country on the other side of the planet and FINALLY the payment goes through using the EXACT same card I tried using the first 2 times. Fix your app! Fix your automated system! Hire Americans!
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5 years ago, furrylavendersweatshirt
Rip off
So there’s a 2$ per day interest? And for some reason the payment is separated into principle and interest payment (was never aware of that prior to signing) so the majority of the money goes to interest however it’s way over priced for “$2” a day because the interest comes out to the majority of the payment so in essence I’m not actually paying for my car but for the company and their loan. Anyone know of how I can sue this company because my principle balance is appearing as if I’ve only paid 1 months worth and it’s been 3 months ! I will never sign for a loan again.
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3 years ago, Ronshrine Ex
OK, for the most part
Apps still need improvement It looked a bit out dated for the most part. Just wish they would add a option where I can see my schedule Payments That way I won't have to call customer service to figure out If I set up my schedule payment properly.
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11 months ago, Cyreeta
The Westlake App
This app is A1. They make it very easy for you to set up payments and also easy for you to set up direct deposit. It’s not hard to use at all. I’ve had experiences with other apps where it was complicated to make a payment. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, zucukai
Not all bad
This app gives you a confirmation number even if the payment isn’t processed so without knowing it if something wasn’t right it doesn’t notify you before receiving a fee. Some months I can’t even make my payment via this app because it is not working properly. The only reason I continue to use it because it saves me money and avoids having to speak with an automated teller or call center rep.
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2 years ago, JP817
$5.00 service fee
Not happy about the $5 service fee to use debit card. I don’t want to set up auto payments because I dno when I want to make payment, when my check will clear, etc. I like the app a lot. Just the $5 fee to use debit card I’m not a fan of
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2 years ago, brandon_ya1990
Need to fix card payment issues
Keep having issues constantly when trying to pay with my card. Even adding it doesn’t fix the issue.
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1 year ago, Godisgood*
I really like this app!
It gives me all the information I need and I’m able to make my payments with ease. The couple of times I’ve called customer service they were very helpful. I have had absolutely no problems!
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3 years ago, Fweqo126
Absolute worst company to ever do business with‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
This company is a complete disaster. The app that is provided with the company malfunctions and shuts down after every use. Every time I open the app I have to reset my password. And good luck getting customer service on the phone. Everything down to the warranty company they persuaded me to get with my vehicle was terrible. Secure one is the name. Secure one really doesn’t cover anything your car literally have to have an engine block my function and that is only ifIf the store wants to cover it
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4 years ago, kawizx10r
Personal relations review
WestLake Financial is absolutely incredible their prompt courteous and they care about the people they loaned money to I am extremely fortunate I fell under those few that got loaned money I’m building my credit paying off a beautiful car and making all my payments on time thank you WestLake you guys rock
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9 months ago, souldier187
Great app
It’s very convenient for someone who don’t have the time to call to make payments. I strongly recommend this app to anyone who has better things to do. It’s quick and easy to use help you stay on track what you owe
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4 years ago, Romero296
Westlake auto app
This app is great, it so much easier than having to call over the phone to give them a card every time and I love how you can keep track of your payments and see the remainder of your car payment. Over all haven’t had any issues.
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2 years ago, BlazzenFire
Nodean Scott
This company is the worst I have ever had to work with regarding a car loan. I have tried to get out of my contract due to car mechanical issues and they denied it.I have been riding around with dealer expired tags since November 4, 2021 and tried to get them to have the dealer send information in order to register my vehicle and have been given the run around. My car still isn’t registers for the state where I readied. The worst company ever. Do not get a loan with them. Run for your life!!!!!
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4 years ago, CLPrud
App Works Great
I help my sister ensuring she pays her bill timely. I use the App and pay the bill myself. She gives me money each payday. No issues with app. You can see all transaction histories. Make sure you always pay a few days before the due date. That’s with any bill.
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9 months ago, kenya131313
I’m over the fees
I honestly think they have too many fees. I appreciate the fact they gave me a chance when the other companies turned me down. I just wish that everything I do wouldn’t have a fee. Like to pay over the phone is a fee. To add a new card is a fee. To use the card instead of automatic withdrawal from your bank is a fee. If you pay early it’s a fee.
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1 year ago, Bryant Morris
This app used to work flawlessly…
This app is now a waste of space on my phone! Had this app for two years after buying a car financed through westlake. Bought a second car recently again financed through westlake, I logged in 1 day after I bought my second car and now the app doesn’t even work, can’t log in at all and now I have to use the website for everything. Deleting this app today.
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