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WeVideo, Inc.
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for WeVideo - Video Editor & Maker

4.56 out of 5
38K Ratings
4 years ago, unicornlover123321
Way Better Than I Expected It To Be!
WeVideo is amazing! I love how there are no ads and it is genuinely very helpful the only thing about it is that the premium packs are pricey which is a bit annoying but overall the app is amazing and very helpful! I just downloaded this app yesterday and it works like a charm and is not glitchy at all which is great! I do think that you should add more like writing fonts not just “sample” which I don’t have a problem with but it is a bit annoying that we don’t have access to at least 3 fonts (or theme whatever you call it but you get the point.) I just think that it would be more helpful but again app is great I love it and just think maybe give the people that don’t have the packs more options. But thank you to the developers who made the app because it definitely is better than the other editing apps where you literally have to pay for EVERYTHING 😂 but I really like the app maybe just consider adding some more things with editing for beginners but I LOVE the app and if I could I would give it more than five stars! ~ Chloe 🦋
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6 years ago, Star Wars Nerd 43
Better than I thought
My family, gotta love them, said something at a boy scout meeting that I could make a video for them and it would be a piece a cake. 😅😅 But they have no idea how long it takes to make a quality video using iMovie(well not amazing but decent). They wanted me to take, literally thousands of photos from the past 8 years on my phone and edit. My iPad is broken so it’s basically just my phone and laptop atm. Compared to about 15 other apps I’ve tried this is probably one of the easiest and least frustrating! Luckily I’ll have several months to complete this project so I’ll have time to play with this some more! I can’t wait! Seems a whole lot less glitchy and less payment issues! Edit: Really good! Disappointed about the only one song part! Realized though if you make your show in song parts then line it up in iMovie it works pretty easy! Also can cut that ending ad part if you don’t want to upgrade! The little symbol isn’t that bad during the show and it’s way easier than doing everything through iMovie!
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5 years ago, Alien Frog Hooman
My Review
So I have been using this app for almost a month and it is doing great. I use it for gacha life. The only problem that I don't get is the exporting. When I try to export it, it tells me to make space for storage backup or whatever. So I deleted a few photos and it exported. The next day I went to edit and I exported it again. But it said the same thing so I deleted a few apps this time. A few hours later, I edit then try to export again. It kept saying that and now I barely have any apps and only 3 videos and 1 photo AND IT KEEPS SAYING THAT! I really don't know if it has something to do with the app or my settings because it is really annoying and I don't want to delete anymore stuff since I have barely any apps and 1 photo and 3 vids
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2 years ago, ❤️bks
Do not use on IPad-Can't use iPhone HEIC format
Excellent customer service for when you have problems, which you will, if you use photos from an IPhone in HEIC format. I made an 18 min video and used the app on IPad to create it. It was easy to use and had the Ken Burns effect which I love. I had voiceovers, transitions, and text, and music. It was working great until I tried to export it. It would get 1/2 way through and then would stop and say "Failed to export. Can't decode." I thought it might not have enough storage so I upgraded twice. Still it was giving me the same message. I contacted the company and Brandon was very responsive. (That is why I added the third star. I would have only given it 2 stars.) He informed me that the app can't use the new HEIC format on iPhones, so I converted all those videos, reinputted them and tried again. Still failed. After a month of research, the tech engineers couldn't determine the problem so Brandon helped me figure out how I could redo it on the computer. I have to basically redo it, so I'm not sure if I'm up for that.
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6 years ago, Kyler Blose 1235678
Won’t even let me log in(I’ve tried eight times)!
So my teacher told us to use this app in order to get everything we needed into one place for a project that’s due tomorrow right? So I take charge and I create my own account and give my group the login stuff they need so we can upload whatever footage we have on our iPads and have it in one spot and low and behold I CANT LOGIN!!! It keeps saying that it’s not the right information so I had my friend create an account and share the info with us and I downloaded this onto my phone and IT STILL DOES NOT WORK! This project is due tomorrow morning and I have to do my part in editing this video but I can’t get into either of the accounts!! I really wanted to like this app because it sounded really cool but so far I’m not impressed. I’ve reset my password already and created two different accounts and it still doesn’t work. Someone please explain this to me! I’m willing to listen but I’d really prefer for this whole login process to be much easier and simpler than it is currently or someone just tell me what I’m doing wrong so I can get into our shared account and do my part in the project!
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1 year ago, RaquelCorn
Horrible and laggy
School requires to use this as our editing service. BAD CHOICE. WeVideo is laggy and it’s so annoying! Want to move a clip somewhere? WeVideo moves it back. Want another clip in your video? WeVideo gets rid of it. Want to trim a clip? WeVideo makes it longer. The media system works fine, but I still really hate using WeVideo. The only upside is that it has sharing, but if any other editing service implements sharing, I will immediately switch to using that for school projects. Without the lag, it would be ok, but it is SO LAGGY! It’s not my computer, either! I have used WeVideo on multiple laptops on multiple internet connections and EVERY TIME it lags and doesn’t let me even edit! I’m lucky if I can get a clip as short as I want it and where I want it. Sometimes it just straight up stops working, and the only thing you can do is wait and try again later. If you don’t need to share your project, I recommend using another editing software. Anything else is better, because I despise WeVideo
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2 months ago, Popcorn48286
I don’t write a review for an app unless it’s really bad, and here we are. To say this app is dysfunctional is an understatement. Multiple times I have logged in to see all my hard work gone without a trace. There is no version history like there is on Google Docs, Slides, etc., so don’t even think of trying to get your progress back that way. There is also zero connection to the desktop version. I actually downloaded this app to add some things from my phone to my video, but when I opened it up and signed in, the screen was blank. You also can’t copy and paste from one video to another, so now I’m sitting here after literal hours of trying to figure out how to get my progress back after I copy pasted a video with the intention to add it to another, and then I deleted the tab. As previously mentioned, there is no history, so I now have no idea what I’m going to tell my history teacher. Don’t download this app unless you want multiple panic attacks over its idiotic behavior.
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4 months ago, iqvddy
This app is the most irritating app I’ve ever been on
Are you thinking of downloading this app? Well, don’t it’s such a waste of time, when you start a project it’s OK at first, but when you are deeper into your project, it starts to become a laggy and it loads for so long. I had a school project to use on this app, and while I was doing my narration it was laggy, and it kept losing my audios not to mention it says that they have a 10 max limit for narration, but my video was only two minutes. This is a terrible app. Do not download this app. It is horrible. I will never be using this app again and if you ever catch me using this app, it’s not me it’s a ghost this app was so horrible. I felt like I wanted to whip my brains out and put it back in do not download this app is the worst app I’ve ever been on and I will never be going on this app again in fact, it will be my last last last choice before I have to use an editing for a school project. Fix your app now.
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3 years ago, topi DA corgi
I love it so muchhhh
Hello fellow corgis ! I have some suggestions to make for this app ! I love how it is already,but I want improvements >:D Here are some suggestions: 1. I want to be able to send the vids to YT so other people can see ! But you can only do it with premium 2. Just like actual cameras, how about there's a drone view, so there would be a button saying: Drone View. And if you press it-it would make it look like it's a drone ! 3. I was wondering if we could put the pictures we take and put it on the vid,like if I press a picture it would say: Put in video. And then you can show your pictures ! 4. Able to zoom in ! When your making a video there would be a button in right hand corner saying: Zoom in. And there would be a joystick-and you can zoom in and out ! Last. Hmmm XD how about we are able to...oh boy, Make animations, I know it might be a lot, but with maybe a couple of years you will get it ! Ok, that's it for now ! Bye my fellow corgis!
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2 years ago, 8109052x
Absolutely terrible do not get on mobile
I was trying to put together a project on mobile and you’re not able to leave your footage on top of each other at all just have to go to one straight line the transition sound terrible the audio if you record on there just cuts out randomly The audio placement just likes to pop wherever it wants not an order of where you put it and I was trying to make this one less than a minute thing I got so annoyed that by the third clip that I added I was literally damaging my voice trying to suppress screaming loudly I literally held back tears and then the tears didn’t hold back all the way so I ended up crying if you’re gonna get this app get it on computer if you don’t you must not be the type of person to get very annoyed or frustrated at all and this app is really frustrating If I could rate it 0 i would but that’s not an option. 😡🤬😤
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7 years ago, Angry and a lost customer
DO NOT GET THIS APP! This is my first time writing a review, bc I never brother with it, but MAN has this made me angry!!! The program, interface and all look simple enough for u to work with, BUT, don't be fooled by the free trial period they offer!!! I just spent 5+ hours editing a video, only to find out I actually have to BUY the full version in order to save/export it! Notice that they don't actually give any notice about this, so you end up spending hours of work to get nothing! Man I was even going to buy it, bc it is simple enough for me, but I don't want to have ANY connection with this kind of FRAUDULENT behavior! You just lost a potential customer, AND I WILL tell everyone I know not to get NEAR your company! THATS JUST FREAKING BAD COMPANY POLICIY!! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. I don't know how these reviews work, but I guess you can't swear so I'll just leave you with these emojis, and you just guess what they mean ❗️⁉️‼️🚫⛔️❕❓❔‼️🚭⛔️🚭🔞🚷🚭🚫🚳🆘😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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7 years ago, Fariyniss girl 13
I like the desktop version way better
This program is used by my schools so we can make videos about certain subjects. But this app version FREAKING STINKS. You can add any of the moving backdrops, text readings (except for the title which is their when you open a new video anyway), or shapes, or anything in the desktop version. I want to create videos of me reading out stuff, WITHOUT showing my face, but I cant because I’m required to put one of my picture into the feed. I have to use my big heavy laptop every time i want to edit a video. And also, even if I login and make a video, once I realize I need my laptop and I save the video draft, it doesn’t transfer to the laptop version. In conclusion, I love the desktop version, but the freaking iPad and iPhone version needs to be heavily modified, adjusted, and made better. The app sssssuuuuuuccccckkkks.
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1 year ago, Lilfoxiq
Must look at review for tips on your issues and tips
So, I am a kid, iMovie is the WORST, no joke, slow and hard to use, but we video is so detailed and amazing! Although, I am a FBISD student, therefore, all I need to do is put in that information, this is for the person saying they can’t get in. For the Horrible and Laggy one star, that is very VERY rare of an occurrence, I am using an iPad and it is easy, so don’t listen to don’t use on iPad person please, although if there were more common radio songs and if it was less laggy, that would be great!
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4 years ago, vypglzfkKahxta
Videos are black
It kind of hard to edit when your videos are black, the computer version works great, but I’m not loving the app. I’m trying to make a video for a school project, and I’m on a deadline. Please fix. I’ve tried restarting my tablet and everything too. I have premium paid by my school. But still my videos are black. It’s not on my camera/photo’s end... also, it is terribly hard getting sound effects on, I had to download another app (iMovie) just to edit a clip to there, save it then upload the video to WeVideo, iMovie is much better than this app in my opinion, at least for editing clips. Update: now more than half of my clips are black and my deadline is uncomfortably near... may have to switch to iMovie and remake my entire project. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, pusheenlover
Liked it at first, but I saw a problem and changed my mind.
So I’m on mobile and I found this app really cool at first! But things went down, the more I added pictures the more I had to wait to add another one. Also, I need to add A LOT of pictures for one of my videos, and when I had to take a picture of something else I noticed that my data was very full so I thought “Oh, I’m done with these!” so I deleted some of them. When I went back on It said they deleted some of my frames because the photos can’t be found. Am I mean I get it but is there anyway to try and save it so when I delete a pick it doesn’t remove the frame? If I can’t I hate to do this because I really love the app but I might have to just quit and find something else to do.
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5 years ago, Meep Gurl
Great but there are some flaws
So yeah, I’ve been using WeVideo for a while on my phone, and well... it’s not all to bad, it’s just that when I want to delete a clip it’s kinda difficult to do that because there’s no delete option. Also, I’d like to say that you should also get to put in more than one fill, because that would be soooo much better! Anyways it’s a great app, pls notice this, and update the app, and yeah that’s pretty much all I have to say!
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3 months ago, M.dn.ght30
Terrible connection across devices
I made a movie on it with a computer and I couldn’t connect it to the app. My project is due the next day and it wouldn’t export even when I shortened it shorter than 5 min. It kept saying it was still 5:13 even though it was only 4 after I shortened it. So the reason I tried to open it on my phone was to screen record so I could at least turn it in. But the app account didn’t connect to my computer account with the same email and password. Then I thought maybe it made 2 accounts for 1 email so I deleted the phone one. My computer one deleted too. So now I can’t turn in my project in time. And have to remake it on another editing app that will let me export it.
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2 years ago, aquila lover#1
Disappointed ☹️
At first, Wevideo was great for mini movies and such, and I used it all the time! Then it randomly started doing really weird things like not letting me edit videos or not letting me watch vids that I had made. Now, it won’t even let me enter the app. It’s sad cause I had some real special memories on there and now because of this terrible app, they are gone. It was not just happening with me but with all my friends who had downloaded it too. It’s a big disappointment especially when there are other great video apps who actually let people I don’t know… enter the app?! I am not mad, just disappointed because this app could of been really great.
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1 year ago, revap30
Really good, makes editing easy, but has a few problems.
Wevideo makes editing and creating really easy, and is really simple to use. However, there are a few problems. One, my music starts a few seconds after the images on the screen, and there is no way to fix that. The other problem is that when I do voiceover, at the end it becomes really soft, and unless I just don’t speak for 20 seconds after I am done in the voiceover and then stop recording then, there is no way to fix it.
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4 years ago, brazzartuser
Could use a little more!
Hey, great product! I just recommend adding better and smoother transitions. Also 2 features I think that could be vital to making this editing software better is adding the ability to tilt video files and edit text better, currently there are very limiting text options, you should be able to choose colors for a border color and inner color from a color wheel. Also adding a few fonts and the ability to import/copy paste fonts would be great! An optional thing I think that could also be added are smoother animations.
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5 years ago, emma vw
Not good...
My teacher assigned a project for a reading contest called the #30secondbookchallenge and she told us to get this app so I tried to get it but it didn’t work. So I tried again. And again. And again. But every single time I tried, it wouldn’t let me in. This gets me MAD because I need to finish this by tomorrow morning! Also I did half of this project at school but a big part of the grade is talking about my book. I haven’t even started the audio yet!! I only have about 10 minutes tomorrow to finish this, so please help!! I tried to login to my account but I think it didn’t work because my progress from today didn’t show up. Soooo, I don’t know what to do anymore.
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6 years ago, SapphireTheOwl
Someone help??
Um so I was doing some animations and hoping to put in audio, but whenever I do, it won’t let me play the video anymore. I would press the button, and it’ll show the “II” icon as if it’s playing, but it would stay on the first frame. This only happens whenever I try to put audio in and I don’t know why Q^Q I’ve noticed this not only prevents me from playing the video but it also prevents me from saving it. Also where is the green screen? I purchased this app specifically to use green screen but I can’t find it lol Besides the errors, this app actually works well and makes my life a whole lot easier.
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5 years ago, yolo274863846
Don’t get this app
It’s an okay website, but the app is unnecessary and it didn’t even show my projects when I logged on, even though it showed them on the website. As for the website, it’s okay, but I don’t like how it downsizes the quality when you actually want to view the video, even though the actual clips are of higher quality. Another thing: why can only one person work on the project at a time? I’m not sure if this is a “feature” that you have to pay for (I’m running the school version), but I do know that whoever designed that definitely never worked on a group project at school. Developers: PLEASE fix these issues!
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6 years ago, I hate the Credits Running
Alright so I have had this app for awhile(over a year?) and experienced this before. Now, I thought it was just maybe a bug but now that it happened a second time, my patience has worn thin. I can’t get into the app. Even if I try it will show the loading screen and about 10 seconds later it crashes. I’ve tried to fix it, checked for new updates, nothing. I was scrolling through these reviews and saw nothing about this. I just got my new phone so it can’t be that, I wanted to get a response to see if anything there is to fix this! PLEASE RESPOND!!!!
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4 years ago, Little eans
Very good but-
There’s a slight possibility that could change witch is the songs. There isn’t any good songs and there not even real. For the change I would want to have a good start for songs like Disney songs or popular songs like the Beatles. See what I mean? I also HATE that you have to get premium just for like idk most of the songs?! It’s very disappointing that I can’t use barley any of the songs and I have make some of my own sound effects. But out of all I love the game and it makes me feel good when I’m bored 😄
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3 years ago, sarah24jules04
I thought it was going to be like the other websites/apps.
I used WeVideo for a video project for school and it worked very nicely. There was a watermark on the video but honestly as long as I was able to do it, I was okay with it. Anyways, just wanted to say that the premium packages are very worth it. I was able to present it with no difficulties. Thank you WeVideo for making my experience a little more tolerable.
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6 months ago, Liambdjdjd
Some problems
Hey! I just wanted to file out a complaint of this app because of many technical difficulties. When I do a voice over then listen to it, it doesn’t do the whole voice over. It just does a millisecond of the voice over then cuts off. Then, as I try to look over my video the thing just pauses on it own many times and won’t let me resume. Also sometimes it kicks me out of the app. Also when I try to play it, it only plays a very tiny bit of it then pauses. I try to resume it but it doesn’t work. I hope there is something you guys can do to fix this problem. Thank you!
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4 years ago, nickname classified
It’s okay
Not the best video editor in the world. I would say don’t get it on a mobile devices because it’s confusing on there. I think this is meant to be a computer app instead of mobile app. The green screen is the only thing that makes it different from iMovie (iMovie’s free) and the green screen doesn’t work that good, or at least not “Hollywood style” as they clam. I think I wasted $4.
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2 years ago, ******}^^}^}**{*{*}*}^#^^}^{
this is overall good but crashes a lot and doesn’t save your progress!!
i only rated it highly because then it would show up….. Every time i use this to edit something it always crashes. Also, when i finish a video and refresh the app, the videos go gray and i can never see the videos i made. And when I try to save and export the video to my camera roll, it does load. please fix this.
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1 week ago, MeanaRice
this app is good, i've been using it for a while now, but something has been apparent. it won’t let me do voiceovers anymore, and when it does, it cuts the sound off after a couple seconds. also, whenever i click the option to add music, IT SIGNS ME OUT!! Also, it’s very pricey, and it has very few options that don't cost you anything. and before you say that i need to update it, there hasn't been an update at all! not even just a standard update! i don't recommend.
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4 years ago, HappyPerso
Dude! Why do you keep letting me download and download?!
Ok so other than that, pretty good. You get to make a movie and things. But what else? You download something from WeVideo. Then you have to keep waiting and waiting!! And then you cancel. Then it happens again! You see that loading bar again and again and you still click cancel. So other than that, pretty good. But still, pls help!
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6 years ago, harrypotterlover💪🏻
Great app but...
This app has amazing affects and makes me feel so happy!! This has happened a second time and I wanted the developers to know about this. This has made me very mad because literally all of my memories are in this app. This app crashes after like a year. I looked up on google for how to solve a crashing app and I downloaded the app again signed in to my account and it was fine again. Then after a few months it crashed again. Please fix this glitch!! Btw: thank you for reading this. Means the world 🌎 to me!!
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6 years ago, AKCman35
I like this, but there are some missing features. Why can’t I copy some of the slides? I have to put the same identity every time I place it in the video and don’t have a repeating feature. Please add a duplicate button. Second, there are some transitions needed. I would like it to fade into the next slide without it turning darker before the next slide, or to white it out before the next slide. Finally, it’d be nice to have an ending text space like the title allows, to say something before stopping the video. Otherwise this app is nice.
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3 years ago, hey gurl whats up
I’ve always wanted to edit my videos and when I do, they ask for my password and it’s also confusing. WEVIDEO don’t need no password, not even email! It’s also free! 100% free! And no need to do confusing apps anymore! Download WEVIDEO and add music to your vids! You can also turn pictures, to videos! I am honestly gonna use this app every week to edit my vids, not any other apps except WEVIDEO! :)
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6 years ago, cris925
Great but weird tech issue
I like how simple the app is to use but I seem to have s problem with my iPhone XS and the rotate feature on the editing screen, and can’t find a solution. When I rotate the video so that is no longer upside down. It remains horizontal until I hit play and then it auto-adjusts to the left side of the screen and self-rotates 90 degrees so that I have to look at it sideways. It basically does another 90-degree rotation when I hit play. Very odd, and aside from that weirdness (that may exist only for me!) it’s a great app. I love it.
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7 months ago, •𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙜𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙩—!
Great! Just a question..
Hi WeVideo! I use your app for my school’s broadcast news crew and it works great! I love the variety of text animations and preset backgrounds you have. I have one question- if there anyway to sync you’re projects from your laptop to your mobile device (on the same account)? Because I noticed when I log in on my iPad none of my projects are there. Please get back to me asap and thanks for reading.
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4 years ago, SubToLaterTaterOnYT
Good, but one major problem
It’s nice, especially for green screens and voiceovers. However, adding text is a pain because you can only add it to an individual clip and not the product. My biggest problem though is the amount of storage it takes to load. My entire camera roll takes up 3GB, but for a 6 minute video to download it requires 2GB. This is insane to me, because this amount of GB equals around a 25 minute video or 5 small apps. This needs to be fixed because I can’t edit on this anymore. Thanks.
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4 years ago, JillandJames
Easy to use on pc!
Easier to use than iMovie! Super practical for quick editing and sharing of school music concerts, and personal family videos. The app version works but definitely better on a pc! The first time I used it to make a slideshow of veterans for our school Veterans Day Ceremony, and figured it out in about an hour! All the photos were already in a folder, just needed a title slide, same transitions, and set it to a live song. It works slick! Bye iMovie!
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4 years ago, Death Baron (the original)
I heard great things about this app, so I decided to check it out. My experience with iMovie wasn’t the best, so I got this. And here was my first thought upon checking the app out: “REALLY? I was hoping this app would be cool, not the trash it is!” Yeah! I don’t get how anything works in this app. I mean: • You can’t do a picture in picture • There is no way you can remove the first part that is the title • There’s this annoying ad at the end of the video • You have to pay money to do basic things I know I’ll probably figure out how everything works, but I was hoping you could make YOUR video and not just Wevideo’s. That’s what it feels like. There are so many things that basically turn what could be an AWESOME video into something that should be thrown away. I mean really, Wevideo! The only reason I put 2 stars is because what I’ve seen and heard, and because there is no -3 star option.
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3 years ago, boricualexis
WeVideo allows me the tools necessary to create personal digital stories is a user friendly way. Love the templates, music options etc. Only drawback I found that application shuts off on me without some of the edits if the file of the video is too large. This may be an application issue or it may be my phone. Not sure. But overall, it’s a great product. Especially for novice or entry-level editors.
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3 years ago, GoThinkAbout
Good for quick and decent videos
Really quick to throw something together on the go with a professional look. Very quick editing which can use your content from your WeVideo storage. Green screen functionality needs work. Only single layer video/image editing, but has multiple layers of text. GIFs don’t allow the video to encode properly, causing a failure. Would love to see dual layer image/video and inclusion of GIF library from GIPHY or something.
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5 years ago, Alex 819
Absolute poopie garbage
I used this for a project for school and I couldn’t get it to save, first it said “saving your video keep the app open”, which I did. I must’ve done this about ten times then it kept saying “we apologize we couldn’t save your video due to an error click here to find out more” so I did after a while, and I got a thing saying “make sure the app is open while saving” OH GEE HOW HELPFUL!!!!!! The only good thing I can say is it has a good microphone I also had other problems with the app but most of them were due to my own ignorance.
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4 years ago, 😝😛🤪
I just got this today...
I love this app super fun and I needed a good video app to make little videos to send to my grandparents. So I found this and I love it. But I have 2 suggestions, #1 make all the themes not premium, #2 if people want to make a video but don’t know what to make maybe have a video suggestion page, where u can watch videos too for inspiration. Thxs for reading
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6 years ago, idcann
All of the features promised in the description and pictures all require you to PAY a ridiculous amount for for subscriptions and the only descent one is still $3.99 a year the rest are upwards of $15 A MONTH this app is nothing but a cheep cash grab and if I could give it a zero stars while still warning people about this form of absolute clickbait trash I would and in the end if you want to edit movies get iMovie or after light instead of wasting time and money on this terrible app that only really allows you to change the speed of the video and add text!!😡🤬🤬🤬😡🤬❗️❗️❗️📵📵📵
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6 months ago, KRI3MG
This app is not really good. I struggled with it a lot when editing my videos. I wish it had a check all option instead of a check one option. It really delayed the process of me editing my videos when it came down to doing the size and speed. And once I edited one part of my video I couldn’t start when I left off it kept starting form the beginning of the video. Editing videos are already tedious and this app did not make it any easier
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6 years ago, hsvsvwdhbd
I need help
it’s not like the computer, I can’t trim in the middle of a video like it allows u too on the computer. and no sound effects included. this app is the one i always use. just not on mobile, please please fix this and grap the features from the computer before u make the app. It’s only letting me cut from end to middle and it’s frustrating.
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2 years ago, Wghktesvho😀👍🏻👍🏻😄
I love this app but after a recent update I am unable to view past videos that were saved on my account. However I’m still able to view them on my lap top. So I’m confused why I could view them before on my phone through the app but now I can not. Any help ?
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4 years ago, Sunshine_256
Horrible... just horrible
This app is horrible, as it says in the title, while working on this app on my computer to put together a school project it was all fine until nothing would load; the server got glitchy, it wouldn’t save any of my progress (so I lost hours and hours of hard work), and I couldn’t finalize it. After this occurred I tried accessing the app on another laptop, however it proved fruitless, it had the same FRICKEN problems. Tried WeVideo on my phone and I COULDN’T access it at all. Altogether, this app is BS. Take my advice and don’t waste your time, use another app PLEASE.
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4 years ago, oaososk
Good but needs faster time for watermark
The app is very good with the themes and all that’s but also it can be a little better if you added text and the saving the video is pretty annoying because it takes so long to save it all I want is to make the saving video faster cause it makes it better also text and more
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3 years ago, video maker and lover
Great app but…
This app is amazing I can do so many things with this but it will not let you save anything! Half of the stuff you have to pay for by upgrading it and if you do not want to upgrade it than you have to delete a bunch of text or music. Overall I do think and recommend this app for editing videos.
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