WGT Golf

4.5 (104.9K)
267.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WGT Golf

4.5 out of 5
104.9K Ratings
1 year ago, RMCHAMMER
WGT VIRTUAL GOLF : amazing how realistic this site is and the courses match spot on in which course your playing. St. Andrew’s architectural design matches everything from bunkers positioning fairway and greens as if your playing the actual course. I was a avid Golfer and golf was my favorite hobby in life. I became disabled and was seriously depressed, till I was shown WGT GOLF APP. I can share with you that this is everything you’d do in real golf, from the top choices of clubs, drivers and balls. I have a Taylormade driver, Galloway clubs, Titelist balls. When hitting you need to adjust your shots according to the wind. Around the greens are so cool, you can chip, pitch, punch of hit a flop shot. Also on the greens the lines show the breaks and speed of greens and reading them is challenging, just as if you were playing the course. One last thing, I’ve played on 1800 days straight and the Xps are huge and when you join one of the hundreds of county clubs those XPs help your club win different tee & flag designs + helps your standing. Also a shout out to WGT CUSTOMER SERVICE, always welcomes your requests and any questions you have. Please let me know if you join I’d enjoy playing a H2H match with you.
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2 months ago, jamlin777
consecutive play
WGT is an excellent golf game, part one of the best ones out there. The first time was back in 2013 when I reached 500 consecutive plays reset back to one and it did it two more times after that, not understand why but by the fourth time I was playing with someone and she told me I was in the lady that was playing with basically stated every time you reach 500 is going to reset back to one. I told her, that’s the reason why. But WT, I was able to send them a message or email and they did restore it. also ran across some problems during holidays that are set back to one and they would take care of it. But for the past seven years, I have worked with Dylan and she plays at least twice a day. I was at 2611 consecutive play so I sent an email and they restored it only took 2555. so I sent him another email stating that not where I was. Could they please restore it to 2611? So after that couple of days later, it reset back to one. if it was my fault, I truly understand but I’ve been very diligent because I enjoyed this game. So if some of you have that problem, they won’t restore what you work so hard. Thanks guys. So I emailed them again and so far they haven’t responded, but the response was we were no longer reinstating your consecutive. If it was my fault, I truly understand but I’ve been very diligent because I enjoyed this game. So if some of you have that problem, they won’t restore what you work so hard. Thanks guys.
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7 years ago, PWS75
High Quality but Too Much Inconsistency
This is the most realistic golf game there is for iOS. The courses look beautiful and the head-to-head competition makes it matter more. Others have discussed the expensive balls that run out of hits quickly. Unfortunately, the free basic ball hurts your game badly. However, my biggest issue is the inconsistency in the AI. It actually seems like it chooses the winner at times. You consider the wind speed and direction, choose the best club for the shot, and determine what percentage of the power meter you want to hit with, based on the club’s maximum distance. With practice, you gradually get better at this process and you become more and more accurate. Unfortunately, there are times where the game decides that, regardless of your skills and how you play, your ball is going somewhere like a bunker, water hazard, or just way too far or short. Several times, I have had a ball go 20-30 yards beyond the club’s maximum distance while hitting at less than full power into a 15-20mph wind. This often happens when there is a bunker or water hazard behind the green and the game apparently wants me to go there. Of course, putting me in the water means the expensive ball I purchased is now lost and I have to pay more if I want to get a new one. I think the most frustrating thing about these inconsistencies is that they seem to occur when I have been winning a lot and it feels like an attempt at keeping players relatively even.
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3 years ago, Zebhead47
Great game...that often decides who win
Graphics are well done although views are inconsistent from course to course. Lots of cheats play, just like sandbaggers in real life. Lots of fake “hacks” and amateurs that run in 50 foot putts, make shoots from rough, traps, etc. to inches, etc. The biggest issue is the game appears to decide who wins. Lots of putts left right on the lip when the putt has been hit with more than enough speed. Balls that go in hazards that the actual shot hit was nowhere close to the hazard. Chip ins, hole in ones that come from players with limited skills. Lot of an opponent running in a 30 foot putt on fast greens to tie and force a playoffs. Clubs going too far or only 80% of the distance they should, taking wind into consideration. Clubs that have different distances based on course you are playing. I've pretty much loss my amusement with this game for these reasons. Same club, with same spin set...some check up and stop, next one rolls 5 feet past, next one backs up 10 feet. My favorite is the Pebble Beach the par four hole that you hit the second shot over the cliff to the hole below. The shot is downhill, but if you don’t play it like the shot is uphill, you will leave the shot well short. Nothing is right with what’s shown on that shot...you just have to learn to adjust from experience. Many Pinehurst holes play longer than shown...again you just learn vagaries of the game.
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4 years ago, chasemearound
Buggy game - pay to play
After installing and playing a few games, I found my club distance / power used was not garnering the results it should. Believing it was due to the use of beginner clubs, I began investing in currency ($50 of packs) and bought some better equipment along with a MAX club bundle for $20. I quickly realized the clubs available get better as you rank you. The game does not explain this. After contacting WGT support and they declined to reimburse the credits / remove the crappy clubs I’ve now spent $70 on, I then realized there’s no in game Manuel. No website with information or manuel — NOTHING to explain how the currency systems, clubs + apparel and other things work. They expect the gamer to figure it out I suppose and spend lots of money along the way. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and the game is buggy, slow - freezes up consistently. The camera angles are often frustrating as they are fixed and do not allow you to see the area of the course that you are playing on. Sometimes you will hit a ball and it will only go 10-25% of how far it should. Other times it may go further than you hit. All with wind and accuracy accounted for. WGT really needs to update or rather OVERHAUL this game. Their lack of support is a real issue. I’ve never played a game that only allows you to get new items with currency not coins. You cannot buy the best clubs with coins in this game! You can’t even buy balls with coins. They only want your CASH!
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4 years ago, Cozmo2112
A black hole for your money
I’ve been playing this game for several years now. I will admit that it becomes addicting, and I’ve spent way more money on this game than is reasonable. No one held a gun to my head to spend money on this game, but as many of the reviews state on here, you’ll spend real money on club and ball upgrades without even realizing how much money you’ve spent over time. Also, as many have stated, the inconsistencies make this game frustrating as hell. I’ve reached the level of “master” and have played against supposed “amateurs” that play at a much higher level than their status would indicate, and lost to them. I don’t mind losing, but when I see the amount of coins they win, it’s much higher than what I would have won. How does that work?? Also, since reaching “master” level, my payout for a win is consistently less and less. The developers of this game have certainly created a cash cow for themselves. As many have stated, lose a ball that you paid real money for, your out of luck. Better pony up another $20 to buy more balls. It’s ridiculous. I know complaining about a video game seems petty and silly, but it appears that many people in these reviews are as fed up as I am and feel more than a little foolish for having been sucked in and spending money on it. At the end of the day, the only thing to do is delete it and cut off the money train.
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4 years ago, DenDen1975
GreatGolf Game but needs work for Accuracy
WGT Golf is a great game and one of the most realistic and beautiful to play. I enjoy playing but am forced to put the game down at times because of the glaring inconsistencies in the AI. As stated by other reviewers you learn how to strike the ball correctly utilizing the correct club, ball, spin, accounting for wind direction and speed as well as green speed and break. Regardless, the AI takes over and provides it’s own shot results that makes no sense based on how you set up and executed the shot. It amazes me how unbelievably accurate someone in a Hack or Amateur status can be so deadly accurate with the most basic of clubs and balls. The ONE big thing I would like to see changed is people will quit a game for whatever reason and you have to wait sometimes up to two minutes before you find out they have forfeited the match. I believe if you forfeit a match you not only lose the match and coin (which is basically useless) but you should also lose 10 credits to your opponent also! The game allows you to select friends. I believe it should also allow you to Block players also. Some players are just “Jerks” in a virtual game.
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6 years ago, Spooby0220
The creators who run this game are crooks
Ok, so my level is currently at 101 with the status of champion, which does mean much other than I’ve logged a ton of games. Here’s the thing, everything is predetermined in this game. I’ve got some of the best clubs you can buy, balls with good to great assist aid and I’m pretty consistent at hitting ding on the swing meter. You can hit a perfect shot into a straight on headwind and end up 7 yards right or left. Other times, after an update, your irons will be 10-15 yards short, so over the course of the next couple of weeks you’ll begin to try to compensate for this (only to have them switch it back to completely screw you up). And don’t even get me started on how they change putting every other week. You have a better chance getting a fair game at the carnival. Then when you call them on it they respond with answers like “only a true golf fan would understand the nuances of the game). So after playing two years (and never getting a new course) I’ve decided to stop playing. I’m just sorry I lined their pockets for that long. One other thing, don’t even think about starting a club that’ll beat the Georgians, if it looks like you are, WGT will just give them the best of par 5’s repeatedly to ensure their victory. Don’t make suggestions (they won’t listen), just pay them and you MIGHT get a sarcastic response (if you get one at all). Way to ruin a gaming experience crooks.
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4 years ago, Ssssteven76
Great game
EDIT : I thought I sent this review many months ago but I don't guess I did because I came on here now to ask a question and it looks like this review was a draft and never posted? Anyway my immediate issue after not playing for at least 6 months, I've noticed under solo play there isn't as many courses to play / practice on. Is that correct? Why have you removed courses, there were around probably 10 courses I think, and it felt great to have choices to play different situations. So this being an almost perfect game, why remove the courses? Please reply because this isn't a good thing. Below is my previous attempted review, and I believe my issues were actually addressed even though it looks like my review didn't post, so thanks lol. Almost perfect game. I do request though that you put an option in to practice everything, not just putting green. I'd like to be able to practice wedges out of the bunkers at different angles. Sometimes I'll hit out of a bunker especially on the lip and the ball goes nowhere at all, wasting a stroke. Guess you really have to hit it hard to move it, but hard to tell without practicing.
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1 year ago, LabFixer
Inconsistent AI
I have been playing this game for a long time so you can take this review to the bank. The game’s graphics are impressive and the has realistic intentions. However, frustration will set in eventually as you improve your skills. Why, because shots you once had mastered on any given course will begin to fail you. Especially, bunkers and the turf around many of the bunkers will choke your shots without logical explanation. The game does not ever address the kind of turf or it’s depth, especially in the rough, making it very difficult to pull the right club. You are offered different shot types, like chip, pitch, lob, but never bunker shots. Bunker shots are pretty much guesswork. Recently, a punch shot was added, but with very little control possible. Bunker and water hazards will suddenly react differently, though you may have played the same hole from similar positions under similar environmental conditions dozens of times. These, “what was that?” moments will become frequent. It is obvious to me what is going on here. The developer(s) want you to upgrade equipment and balls by dropping more coin. So, if that’s okay with you, then go for it. Otherwise, expect to be more frustrated than entertained.
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7 years ago, Samiampax
Samiampax (player name)
This is a terrible app. I played for about a year when the system shut me out, wouldn't let me get back on. I never was required to enter my password, I simply touched the app and up came my player name ready to play. All of a sudden one day the game required me to sign in and when I signed in with my player name and password it said wrong password. I reset my password by putting in my email address and it just continued to say wrong password. I continued to reset my password when finally an indicator came on and said sorry something went wrong at this time try later. That indicator just continued and never let me back into the game they just continue to say "oops something went wrong". I purchased equipment which wasn't cheap. I emailed WGT regarding my problem and they never got back to me. I emailed him twice and they never responded to my email. I'm sorry to say this game is a rip off, they don't get back to you. Sadly I reached the Master level many coins all of which appear to be gone. do not play this game unless you want to be very disappointed on down the line.
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6 years ago, sgtsm09
Downloaded game and started to play it and realized it was not worth the time or money that they want you to put in just so you can get things. Every free spin I got was the same reward of 500 WGT coins which you use to upgrade appeal is what I found out. I have over 500,000 and can’t buy anything with them. Playing the game was just as bad. If you don’t hit the power meter in the perfect spot every time while putting which is almost to impossible to do you will miss you putt every time. When they line you up for your shots you aren’t even behind your player you are off to the side so you can’t even read the green. Same when you are hitting you second or third shots never behind your player like in other golf games. The wind is not even realistic. Had a 7-9 mph in my face with an 10 ft uphill shot saying 102 to the flag and hit my PW(which if I hit it 100%is 115 yards) hit 3/4 power maybe little more and completely flew over the green. How is that possible with wind in face and up hill shot. The game wants you to dump 100s and 100s of dollars in it so you can get new clubs and balls and everything else. Out of all the courses you can only play a few because the others only have challenges so you can’t even play the full course. I really wouldn’t waste your time downloading or playing this game unless you want to spend that kinda of money.
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6 years ago, BVLawman
Whack a mole, but with golf!
WGT is a good app, but it leaves much to be desired. It is not real golf, and it does not approximate golf in real life. Don’t get this app if you believe that golfing is for free. The Temptations to upgrade your equipment is overwhelming, as the base level equipment is horrid. You can play this golf game, And imagine you are on the course you are playing, but don’t kid yourself – – you are playing a game, not the real course. There is an inherent defect in this game, and it is the cost of new equipment, which is always available, and always necessary to improve your game. The colleagues in your country club can be helpful, or disturbed. You will be approached for changing your equipment. You will be approached for “gifting” equipment to Opponents, and colleagues in your club. Whether you succumb or not it’s up to you. The game can be expensive, but it is fun. It is addicting, but it is fun. Lastly, you will meet players that you will envy, and you will meet opponents that are up noxious and even obscene. The bottom line? If you love golf, you Will take on the challenge of the game, and you will seek improvement over the situations provided by the game. Play and you shall be satisfied, only if you continue playing.
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3 years ago, realdieu
Typical Privacy Violations
There is a reason why Apple’s App Store is the most reviled of any Apple service. Apple ruined the music purchase process and app selection and price gouging has ruined the app selection process. Back to this garbage. You’ll see that during installation, WTG attacks the user with a series of privacy violations by requesting access to every privacy option on the device. I’m sure that it is critical that WTG monitor the owners activity across every app even when their golf app is inactive, which is nothing more than a front to obtain your personal information for future exploitation. WTG, like the others are guilty of the old, worn out model of “pay to play” and privacy exploitation. Is there any valid reason for WTG to monitor your activity OUTSIDE of this app? This is not a game but an app that mines users personal information / activity while engaging in predatory financial practices. Did I mention after refusing WTG’s access / monitoring request, I was unable to create a profile “server error.” The children at WTG fail to comprehend that they stand to make more money and improve retention if they would discontinue the unethical business practices and stick too the one-time (no strings attached) charge, i.e, $9.99. Likewise, you'd be better off downloading a gambling app and blowing your money.
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2 years ago, BNofNV
Initially the game is fun, but eventually the inconsistencies and obvious intrusions in the game get too frustrating and almost crimina to continue paying for anything (especially balls). It’s just stupid to spend money on a game that can randomly take your stuff. What do I mean by inconsistencies and intrusions? Well, too often you are calculating and executing your shots well, then suddenly the game decides randomly that one or more of your shots shouldn’t work and so, even though you calculate and execute the shot perfectly, it ends up in a major hazard, or worse in the water or out of bounds where you lose your ball. That is super frustrating when, if you are buying balls, it costs you an expensive ball. So when the game gets to decide the quality of your game and takes your paid-for-with-real-money balls randomly and sometimes pretty obviously intentionally, it loses its appeal. So don’t waste your money buying balls and clubs because while they allow your game to improve, the computer will still shank your shots and take your balls regardless of your execution or the quality of clubs and balls. Just learn how to use the free clubs and balls really well and you can still have fun and win some tournaments.
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4 years ago, Itsabetterroutetotake
Awesome entertainment and addicting but...
This is an awesome app for anyone but especially for big golf fans. The courses you’re provided to play look so realistic. The trajectories you play on your shots are very accurate. HOWEVER, often I’m without a driver and/or 3 wood in my bag. It limits you on par 5s and especially when playing head to head against someone with those clubs in their bag. There are times you’re able to rent these clubs, but it seems silly that you even have to. It appears you can purchase (yes buy) such clubs, but really who wants to pay to have virtual golf clubs for a VIDEO GAME?! Plus there doesn’t seem to be a forum or Q&A on how you earn the ability to rent. There sure are a lot of “pop ups” knowing you to purchase clubs, apparel, credits, etc. And perhaps that’s the point of little available information. They want to get you sucked in. We all want to be the best, right? Well, then you’re going to have to pay up. Having said all that, though, it’s a very entertaining game and it has a lot of great attributes.
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4 years ago, dnsjsej
Great game for anyone.
Let’s point out a few things first. 1.) The game is free to play, but like most games, there are in-game purchases that can be made, if you like. Clubs, balls, etc can be purchased with REAL money, and make the game much more fun. No, you do not HAVE to buy this stuff, you can use free equipment and balls as much as you like. 2.) The game is very realistic, but like all games, there are things that could change/improve. If you want a perfect game, develop one yourself. 3.) WGT customer cafe is awesome. Let’s say you were playing a game and your phone died and you had to forfeit the match. There’s a good change WGT will credit you the coins you lost if you email them. The courses are amazing, equipment options are awesome and the tournaments they have are fun. My best advice. Start out with the free clubs and balls. Play in the low coin room games and learn as much as possible. A few months in, buy yourself a sleeve of decent balls and a good 3 wood (that you can use as a driver until you buy one). Good wedges in my opinion are the most important clubs in your bag. Have fun
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10 months ago, Nicky D1814510
Decent game if you have money to burn
The concept, graphics, and people are super great. You must spend money to be competitive. Once you start to work your way up levels it starts to get frustrating. They will match you against people that are 50 levels higher than you. Basically rendering you unable to win. The game freezes a lot. It also will glitch and there’s no way to see the hole because the avatar blocks your path. The shots are inconsistent like 15-20% of the time. The wind will blow your ball across the course. The next time you face the same exact wind condition; it has very little affect on your shot. To me The uphill putts can look like downhill, and the downhill putts can look uphill. That could just be my personal perception. They sensor the chat for random stuff I can’t figure out why. Great game; just bring your wallet. I think real golf is cheaper. Oh and when you buy golf balls; they wear out and it seems very coincidental how they get “lost”. You will time a shot great and the ball Goes in the drink. You are limited to how many hits you have per ball that you bought.
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2 years ago, HumanGuy27
Great game, but expensive in-app purchases
Like the title reads, this is a really fun mobile app golf simulation. And with several real courses to choose from, it offers a nice variety. I can only imagine how much effort has gone into getting the course and environments correct. The head-to-head mini-matches are a lot of fun, too, and the developers did well to allow those to be a full round or just one hole. That said, while I fully support the developers need to make a profit from the game, the in-app purchases are very expensive if you choose to go that route. Yes, the user can play the full range of gameplay offered without spending more money, but at a distinct disadvantage. While apparel upgrades, which improve certain performance stats, are earned through competition, better gear really can make a difference in this game. Without the very rare great deals (IMO), the user could need to spend hundreds of dollars over time to get the most enjoyment from the game. And while I have chosen to spend a few bucks on it, I’d rather save those dollars for real golf equipment.
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2 years ago, yammahoppy
Been a few months, deleated ! Just too frustrating just a money pit, nothing more! Have to agree, it’s rigged, win 1 lose 2 or three, keep paying. Good graphics, great feel, but it’s all about separating you from your money, you may have 50 or 80 rating playing a 20 but if it’s his turn to win no matter how well yo hit you ball or putt it will find water, or become a “lost” ball or trickle off the green, or end up an inch in the rough with no chance of hitting the green. Happens over and over, you will be disappointed or frustrated thinking you know your getting the hang of it, but no. It’s been a few months now, and I’m finally done, when “coins” are out so will I be... you cannot win, only lose slowly, now matter how good you think you are, it is designed to take your money. Period! Like being able to “chat” love to play, but I make plenty of mistakes myself, don’t need a game making them for me to in sure a high loss record. I can manage that myself. So another 20 bucks, another dump in the sewer, designed to keep the money going from your pocket to theirs, great graphics, great feel, just need to get the designers out of the way, but it’s all about taking your money, make NO MISTAKE about that. You will lose far more then you win!!!
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4 years ago, Broop1975
Wow there are a bunch of whiners out there!!
So after reading several “negative” reviews, I felt compelled to say something. First, and foremost... The WGT support staff, is second to NONE!! I have had a couple minor issues, that when I emailed the support staff, were answered typically within 24 hours. Every time, no questions asked, they made it right. Also, as for the complainers about “wind”, “having to buy clubs to compete”, “weird camera angles”... pull up your big boy/girl pants and think about real life. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! Like “real life”, you need to practice... ALOT! Also, do you think the “pros” use starter clubs?! If you want to do well, PLAY ALL THE TIME, AND GET GOOD CLUBS AND BALLS!! I have been playing this game for a little over 3 months, and I’m hooked! Yes, I have spent a substantial amount of money... but, I also like to win. There are no “participation trophies” here... If that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. If you want the most realistic golf game,(outside of real game, and yes I am a golfer),than this is it!! So stop whining, and start practicing, earning/buying better clubs!
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6 years ago, Mcgreer135797531
Some Issues Though
1. I get so frustrated in head to head play when the person who shoots second - especially in a tiebreaker - has a huge advantage after watching the first players ball. I play golf clash and myself and everyone I talk to hate tie breakers. Leave it as a tie. You can both shoot a birdie but you can still be handed a loss if you hit first in the tie breaker - not fun. Should have larger rewards for birdie, not beating random player of skill you have no control over. 2. I am disincentivized to be promoted to the next level because the tees are moved back and I can’t reach the green in 2 on a 512 yard par 4. I get it, pay for better clubs, but still no incentive to move up. 3. The shot meter is uncreative. I should be able to slice and hook by accident, or draw and fade on purpose. This can be done by closing stance and club face. Low or high shots by ball position. Everything is so impressively realistic. Why not go all out. 4. When I was awarded club rental, all the players I played against suddenly had upgraded clubs as well. What is the point?
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5 years ago, theGuitarwoman
Developer Doesn’t Play Golf
WGT is a decent game because there are lot’s of courses to choose from and you can compete head to head or play by yourself. There are 3 minimum aspects that detract from the experience. 1) the club you use is chosen for you and although you can change it, the info provided i.e. yardage, elevation, wind is not reliable. So there develops a mistrust that is not beneficial. 2) When playing a match w a low handicap master your ball goes anywhere but where you aim it. Shots that you make all the time suddenly go bunker, water, or lost. Obviously this is due to coding which alters the chances of you performing well against a player who has a higher rating. 3) For creative players who know how to get all kinds of shot characteristics out of each club, you will be supremely disappointed. For instance if you prefer to use a putting stroke with a 7iron from the 2nd cut to cozy up or hole your putt, forget about it. Subtlety is not possible with the wedges and even drawing and fading from the tee is not real but manufactured. Any golfer knows that a draw is created by slightly closing the face to the path and just the opposite for a fade. It’s apparent that the developers don’t play actual golf. Too bad. This is my second review: WGT CHEATS!
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2 years ago, Unsatisfied 12
Realistic graphics and fun to play except
I like the game, it is fun and challenging but, seems somewhat unrealistic when compared to the real world. Ok so I don’t play golf in the real world, I have interacted with real world objects (and yes even golf balls.) It seems that if there is a bunker in the area near where the ball is about to land, the ball is going in the bunker. As far as the green goes, are greens on golf courses shaped like the top of a volcano? It seems like no matter what the ball is not going in the hole until you are about to bogie then in it goes. If you do hit a good shot toward the hole, expect the ball to stop about 3 yards out and when putting the ball will almost always stop just short of dropping in the hole, (really?) give me a break. Now if you are in practice mode that is a different story. Now all of the sudden your shots lie better and the ball acts more naturally. Bottom line, app developers want to make money and I am guessing if I were to pay to upgrade things such as clubs or a better set of golf balls all of the sudden my shots would land the way they would in the real world.
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2 years ago, SchoolMarm1*
Take it with a grain of…sand
I have been playing this game several years. I enjoy it! I do not spend a dime on any of the equipment, apparel, etc. I use the WGT issued balls, clubs, etc. I do not read the wind, green speeds, anything. But I have logged a lot of games through the years and have gotten better just by practicing my own use of the angle and power meter. I do OK…I’m not great but not awful either…just so so. I have reached the Tour Pro level only by playing a bazillion games. Every Monday, I get promoted one week, and demoted the next…like clockwork. It never fails. EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Therefore, I believe my wins and losses are controlled by the game, not by me, especially since I don’t buy the WGT “stuff”. But I keep playing because it’s fun for me. I enjoy chatting with opponents less the smarmy people who try to use the game as a meat market and whom get really disgusting at times. That usually stops when I tell them I’m a 71 year old grandma, which I am. I don’t think the rewards are fairly given on the spinner or on the accumulated points till I get powered up to a new level. That takes WAAAAAAAY too long for any payoff even with the XP booster.
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2 years ago, Golfclash1776-2017
Good but needs work
I love this game, tons of fun. However, like some other reviewers have mentioned it is basically “pay to win” as distance to the green gets long fast for the clubs available without dumping cash into the game. There are also a few bugs in multiplayer where the scorecard shows weird values for the score on the last hole and always says the match is tied even if there is a 3 shot difference. There also seems to be some issues with the distance your ball actually travels compared with the information you are given to determine that distance. For example being in the rough at 30-40% lie using a 65 yard club sometimes goes 50 yards but also sometimes goes 70 yards from the same spot on the same hole. I get over it by accepting that it’s similar to how my real golf game goes but just be warned. Overall it’s fun to play, and the playing with friends option works great and is fun. I’m hoping they will create an option to have a foursome with friends (or at least an option for 2, 3, or 4 players in the same match).
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3 years ago, AdamsuxatGolf
Absolutely love this mobile app game.
My wife got me Phigolf for my birthday. My family and I love that thing too. Phigolf recommends downloading two apps. The Phigolf app is mandatory to use the device, but WGT is recommended, not required. However, you can’t play the Phigolf app courses and challenges without the swing stick. Still no big problem, because you get to enjoy your virtual golf with WGT, with or without the swing stick or other swing sensors you might own. WGT reminds me of Tiger Woods Golf that was offered on game systems back in 2005. Nice PlayStation or Xbox like graphics and functionality. Several options of play modes, courses, challenges, and the ability to customize the game in so many ways makes this app attractive to players of all ages. The bonus of playing real courses from around the world that look amazingly accurate to the real thing, that really sells this app. A wide selection of clubs and clothing options lets you set up your player style, bag, and customize your avatar to your liking.
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3 years ago, EyeHI
One of the better golf simulations
A fun game that you can learn from and do well on, even without having to spend a lot of money. Upgraded equipment and balls will perform better, but I’ve done well just with standard balls. No they aren’t ideal but they do allow you to play without having to worry about running out of your “preferred” ball. A good number of course options, although some can only be played in the competitive mode. There are some maths involved in this game as well involving factors like wind speed and direction, elevation differences, ball spin, green speeds, hazards, course location, etc., that once you’ve figured out how to compensate for will make it easier to lower you score. You can even get items of apparel to “dress up” as you wish. This isn’t a fault-free game; there will be the hacks and sandbaggers you can find in almost every game, but it also has much to offer. I don’t play it all the time, but I find myself coming back to it and I really haven’t lost anything, except perhaps a bit of the finesse I previously had.
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2 years ago, EmersonBig13
Good game, too many ads
I’ve been playing this game for about six months; it is by far the best golf game out there. I have not seen thr glitches like some people have complained of, but you do have to sit through a lot of ads. Before every round, and to get free credits. I don’t mind watching ads for credits, I refuse to pay real money buy anything in the game at this point. If you’re patient enough you can accumulate enough credits to upgrade your clubs and buy balls. I would like it better if you could just buy the game and skip all the ads between rounds. Supposedly if you buy any amount of credits they take the ads away. Early on I tried $10 and didn’t get my credits. A few weeks ago I tried again this time for $3; no credits. The first time I went to customer service and after some back and forth they did give me the credits, but I still get ads. When I tried again a couple weeks ago customer service referred my to the Apple store and they refunded my money. Be wary of real money in this game.
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6 years ago, MustardStainMcGraw
Just about reached my limit
I have been playing this game for a few years now and I, sucker that I am, have been expecting eventually to be rewarded for my loyalty and for the money I have dumped into the game in the form of club or ball discounts, shot aids, something. I estimate that I have spent a little over $100 for various items that are essential for being able to compete at a higher level. Nothing. And worst of all, the game is rigged. I thought all this time (approx 3 years) that it was me but as I just updated the game and now can’t even open it, it gave me some time to read other users comments. Guess what, everyone says the same thing. WAY too expensive, AI is inconsistent at best and I suspect outright programmed to screw over the player as much as possible and now I’m stuck in an endless loop between the game telling me to update and the playstore telling me it’s already updated. This is beyond ridiculous and extremely disappointing since it could hands down be the best mobile golf game ever. Sadly, the developers are too greedy to see past the end of their own noses and recognize they are only hurting themselves because at the end of the day, they aren’t even close to as valuable as they think they are. On to the next golf game.
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2 years ago, SalmonKing52
This game is VERY addictive…up to a point. That point is when you reach levels in the middle-upper 70’s where the game pairs you with others that aren’t even close to your level (I’m level 72 but I get paired with players over level 100). Another drawback is the winds…you can’t play the winds like you might on a real course. *EXAMPLE* The game says you have a 15 mph crosswind and you allow for that by aiming off to the side. But you hit the ball with the sweet spot of the club and suddenly the wind has no effect on the ball flight. What should have been a birdie or at least a par is now a bogey (or worse). It makes no sense! I don’t put any of my own money into the game so I don’t expect the developers to address any of the issues I or others like me raise because there’s no incentive for them to do so…but it would be nice if they did. I might even put my own money into the game if they do. However…even with the issues mentioned the game is wildly popular (and rightly so), somewhat realistic, addictive, and downright fun!
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6 years ago, SoonerDan
Too inconsistent
This is by far the best golf game available. There is one huge problem though. It’s a inconsistent as hell. I deleted the game as a level 84 Tour Master. That’s a bit of time and money spent on one game. I didn’t gripe too much about having to pay for better clubs or balls. What finally did it for me was going from 900,000 plus coins to under 2500. I was constantly paired with players 8-10 strokes better than me and 8-10 levels ahead of me. Not like I was opting to play out of my league either, I was playing games set up for my level. I’d get used to playing the wind or uphill downhill and something would change in the game and my clubs would either fall short, or go too far past, left or right of the hole. It’s a shame because it could be a great game if they’d stop manipulating and changing it. Interesting thing happened. I complained months back about this same problem. Suddenly I’m hitting shots like I used to and was paired with lesser opponents regularly. But, something changed again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice........keep your game. Keep in mind what I’ve written here and download at your own risk.
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3 years ago, tech needed
Game was great tech issues now
I loved this game for years had a little trouble here and there but overall great game until lately it freezes up kicks you out or don’t credit wins. Some times it freezes up you can talk to the other players but game won’t move. Most the time games take a lot longer then they should because of loading issues. When you report it they give you back coins that doesn’t make up for two days you have invested in a tournament just to get kick out of and no answers what happened just some robo comments like sorry here’s your coins can’t help you with the tournament try taking screenshot next time to help us understand. News flash when it’s frozen trying to load it won’t screen shot. Do your job and improve the game fix the issues. Our time is just as important as yours make your mistakes right don’t just reset it like it didn’t happen over and over again.
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4 years ago, Nipplestar
Great game but many flaws
I’ve started to love this game very much because of its realism and ability to level up and feel like I’m working for something. However, it is nearly impossible to get high-end clubs, clothes, or balls because nearly everything takes WGT credits which can basically only be obtained by purchasing them for an outrageous price or watch garbage ads for 2 coins a pop. Although this is very annoying, this isn’t even the worst part...The matchmaking in this game is absolutely horrendous and many times the game decides it wants to take my shot wherever it wants. I find myself playing against players who have brand new titleist or taylormade clubs with ProV1s at level 99 meanwhile I’ve been playing for a week and am not even level 30. Very. Annoying. Also, the game often chooses where my ball goes for me despite how well I line my shot up, play the wind, time my shot perfectly, and use the correct club. It will go far too short or it will push my ball off the back of the green with full backspin. Great potential just needs many bug and balancing fixes.
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6 years ago, Olsandra
Realistic, Challenging, Fun, and FUNCTIONAL!
The connection to players across the globe is seamless, which is incredibly rare and has always been very rare with mobile games. This is even more impressive when taking into account the fact that this game’s graphics and consistency are rock solid. It stays true to small details that golfers know and look for when playing real rounds such as how soft a ball is going to land upon a green or reading a put if you are on the same putting line as your opponent. The attention to detail is quite good. I do have one complaint though, sorry! The lines upon the putting surface on this game are misleading and inconsistent. Putting is too difficult, and I would regard putting in real life worlds easier than putting on this game. It is quite difficult to read the greens effectively. I have encountered some who have got the hang of it, though. I’ve played this game for over a year and my ability to correctly read putts has hardly improved.
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6 years ago, wgtisjustok
Was good at first...
So first off let me say this game is enjoyable until you start to get good and then it’s all about buying stuff and spending money. When you first start out the game play is fun and does a decent job of simulation. Once you level up enough and start to become “competitive” that’s when it becomes obvious that you will get any further until you spend some money on clubs, balls, gear, whatever in order to continue to level up and be able to compete. I will go as far as to say that the game purposely is programmed to frustrate the player until they pay up to upgrade balls and clubs. My buddy also noticed it as well so it’s not just me. I did buy some clubs and balls but didn’t overspend and even though it helped initially, my experience was that this was temporary and of course the start of a vicious cycle to get me to continue to buy clubs and balls or be stuck at the level I was at. So in short enjoy the game and maybe even indulge for a little while but don’t get too sucked in or you are paying for your level and not really earning it if you hear me.
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5 years ago, 360sweater
Best App ever
Of the hundreds apps I have ever used, this is my first review. This game is the most teal and the most well thought out game I’ve ever scene. You don’t have to buy the add-one to enjoy the game, but the ability to buy clubs or rent them to try them out is crazy good. The craziest part of this game is that since I’ve. Even playing, about 4 months, my index has dropped almost 4 points. I’m from a 25 to a 21. I understand golf strategy better than I ever had. I started playing fairly recently and have a much deeper understanding of the game. Also, there are are a few confusing things and I was being charge for something I did not want. The customer service helped me through the issue and credited me within a day or 3. I’ll be honest. I’ve spent close to $200. And I am looking at new irons. There are aspects of the game I have not even tried. I’m probably 6 months away from joining clubs and playing tournaments. So they game is very rich and complex.
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3 months ago, dyl.007
Pay to win/play and it’s absolutely sad
This game i’ve had for years now and i’ll admit i’m on and off with the game but that’s only because i’ll think to myself, man i wanna play a good golf game that’s realistic with a bunch of nice courses. And don’t get me wrong this is the game for just that, but it’s annoying, aggravating, and absolutely horrible that you have to pay with actual cash to get good equipment, and even then you will still struggle because the game is out for you! like the currency they give you in the game after every round or award GETS YOU BARELY ANYTHING HELPFUL. it’s so frustrating having to deal with this and just makes the game absolutely bad. just horrible. straight up scam. can have any fun these days cuz all these games try and do is charge you 20$ for equipment which is basically advertised and like i said STILL STRUGGLE because ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT has to be a bought (which would end up being around 80$) if you want a chance at playing good. it’s just absolutely sad and all i hope is that they make the game affordable for people like me and genuinely everyone because golf is already a scam as it is. and i just want a dam game to play.
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5 years ago, JonKra99
Very disappointing
The developers of this game do not care about you or your experience playing the game. The amount of money they expect you to hand over is beyond ridiculous. To anyone who says “that’s just what golf is like” shame on you. We are in the midst of a gaming era where even playing fields are key to the success of a positive gaming community. Look at the way fornite and pub G have done it and those are just two mainstream examples. I have spent zero money on this game because the second you open the app it just screams “pay to play”. Apparently it also doesn’t matter how much you spend, the game will continue to rig you and take money out of your wallet. If you want to play golf games this should be one of your last options unless you make high 6 figures and can just throw money on gaming. Get an xbox one or PC and just play Golf Club 2019. One time purchase, PGA licensing, fully customizable, and you can play almost any course you can think of. One of the best communities and team of developers that actually care about their users. Don’t waste your time giving your money and attention to these clowns who are setting the golf gaming community back many steps from what it could be.
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3 years ago, JayMelz88
Solid but the same for 10 years... make some changes
This game is a very solid realistic golf game . Definitely the best mobile golf game for sure. This is ... it’s been this way for 10years!!! My goodness.... change some things people. The only thing that gets revamped is equipment and tournament promotions or little challenges. There’s no career mode which is stupid. No commentary, no fans or sounds of applause. No new courses ( I know Torrypines is in the works ) . Also.... now with so many sports games being compatible with controller support, there should be the option to play WGT with a controller connected to the phone. I play NBA, Madden, racing, and Call of Duty on a controller connected to my iPhone. Why can’t WGT allow that as well??? Get with the time WGT. Don’t be like the actual sport of Golf, and stay stagnant. Improve the game by making it more easier to play not using the phone display and by adding commentary, fans, and a season or career mode. So that there’s an actual schedule of events to be played. Don’t refer to yourself as realistic but you don’t have a realistic approach to the game .
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2 years ago, JJphad
Suggestion for a great app
This is easily one of the best gaming apps period, and by far the best golf app. One suggestion that is absolutely necessary, in the all-in Monaco room there needs to be a 10 stroke deficit that automatically leads to a forfeit. This will prevent people from stalling out the game when they know they’re about to lose all of their coins - - this is a well-known problem particularly in the Monaco room where there is the largest discrepancy between level of players. There is already a 10 shot maximum per hole but that is not enough for this room, there have been times where players have used all 45 seconds per shot (10 shots!)for all nine holes and taken hours to finish a match. A 10 shot deficit forfeit is a fair number because that high of a deficit is almost certainly insurmountable, and quite frankly, only happens when someone is purposely tanking the game. Please consider this suggestion!
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6 years ago, The Tool Man Tim Allen
The customer service team will respond to you. However, are they willing to fix an issue with an account missing credits...NO. And after leveling up, or letting them know about the issue. The game goes from allowing you to simply watch enough ads as the review above me stated, where it would be easy to obtain 500+ in a day. Then able to buy the clubs you wanted. However, as time goes on, the game only allows you to gain maybe 10 credits per day for free. They will even mail you a bogus email regarding that it all has to do with”time zones”. Which is a crock. The game itself is not bad if you play with great internet speed as it states is needed. However, they have an ENORMOUS issue with correcting customers real issues. Plus, the main problem is that is no longer allows you to watch ads to continue to build your character after reaching say “Level-Pro, 45+ above”. If they fixed this, I’d give the game a 4 or 5. Because of that issue alone, the game is a 1! Simply & plain, get people who will help your customers. Don’t lie to them, & continue for everyone to run ads no matter what. After all, that is how your company makes he majority of its profit.
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2 months ago, rwh0707
much too Greedy - overshadows decent graphics, physics
Disappointing: enjoyable to play but game’s greediness spoils the experience. Designed to make you spend a lot (repeatedly) - misses target audience. There is no way to accumulate in-game what’s necessary for better equipment, experience (you can’t earn through commercials, play, etc: only ca$h): built to be unfair, exploitive, costly. As others said, inconsistency more than frustrating: adds difficulty, true - but its point is to make you lose equipment, money. Ludicrously expensive: real golf clubs and balls and rounds of golf could cost less than game. That’s absurd: WGT wears its Greed on its sleeve. Play what you can for free, maybe spend a very few dollars to see what better equipment could be like, or vapor-trail balls (just expect them to, for no reason, go in the water or out of bounds or be lost when game decides you’ve had enough fun) - but don’t waste good money paying for bad treatment and disrespect. Imagine if they built a game that made profit because people wanted to spend a fair amount of money due to its quality - instead of building a game resented because of its money-grubbing nature.
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6 months ago, The real Artman23
Beautiful game but to inconsistent
I’ve been playing for only a month or two and for the most part it’s a great game what ruins it is the inconsistency of how far your ball goes. I just bought some decent balls for the first time and lost them all on two holes. Before this I’ve lost one ball the whole time I’ve been playing. I don’t know why the game plays flawlessly then out of the blue it becomes frustrating to play. It takes the fun out of it but maybe that’s the point. I was getting ready to spend some money on this game to upgrade my clubs. I was taking the game to seriously so maybe that’s how they remind you that it’s just a game. This could be a ten star game if it was consistent but it’s not even close. When you hit your ball father than your club can hit with the wind blowing right at you at 15 mph it’s just not right and how can you play a good game if you have to second guess on what your balls going to do. I wouldn’t spend money on this game just because it’s to inconsistent It’s still fun though
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6 years ago, Gtmc1
Best Golf game by far
Awesome game! Love the tournaments, head-to-head matches, chatting, etc., etc. Very realistic...right down to me cursing and screaming at a bad bounce or lipped out putt - just like real golf! Just teasing...great fun! If you love golf, you've got to try this game! However...HOWEVER...it is very expensive to play at the highest level...balls and equipment upgrades, for instance. Also, there are to many inconsistencies in play...shots not turning out as you know they should...the very experienced players know exactly what I mean. Worst still, WGT/Topgolf seems loathe to fix these problems...instead, opting to give players gimmicks...like apparel, game cheats, cooler looking fonts, etc. This would be the absolute perfect golf game if WGT would: fix playability inconsistencies, eliminate cheat gimmicks (gotta pay for them), make the game overall less expensive (balls!), give us new courses to play, make “golfers” the priority. Still, can’t seem to stop playing...good luck to new players.
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6 years ago, Brahma17
Could use more support
First golf game I've tried. It plays well, but I wish the in-game information (how far a pitch will go, whether one is above or below the cup, curvature of the green, etc.) was more consistent and accurate. I've never been on a green where one can overshoot a downhill putt and still have a downhill putt to make, and it's troublesome how a 16 yard pitch doesn't go even 10"! And now that 'coins' are at risk, the game gives 8.6' gimmes to the newer players who take them, and win games they probably wouldn't if they had to putt out. VERY disappointing. Have told designers, who promised head-to-head games would be of comparable levels (Oct'16), but not yet (Sep'17), or nor now (Feb '18). Most recently almost 400 credits disappeared from my account. I was watching the ads, trying to build up my account to buy new club(s), and all but 12 credits were removed. Again, I reported the problem to the designers, and there was no response or correction of the error.
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3 years ago, whatever711
Gimmie rule
Change the gimmie rule so it can only be used within 2 ft. of cup and only when you’re putting for bogey. And eliminate it from all tournaments ! then maybe a higher rating is in line. On these Show down tournaments, why can’t you eliminate the gimmie rule ?!?! You do it on the high stakes games, further more, each three hole series cost 100 credits each, how are we to compete when amateur and hacks are taking 3+ feet of gimmies !?!? also players who can’t judge a close putt with a fast slope will also take a gimmie for a birdie sometimes even an eagle, I enjoy this game but something has to be done with this rule even in real golf this is not part of the game and if it is on a gentleman’s agreement you add a stroke to the person’s score !!! I’ve been telling you about this rule for over theee years now and let the record show, I’ve spent a lot of money on this game, something has to be done !!!
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3 years ago, RollTheDab10
Good Game but money grabber and needs internet connection
This game is one of the best games I have ever experienced due to the amazing graphics this game has. The negative is that this game requires an internet connection to play and if you want the better racquets for putting or going further distance you have to pay for it, instead of waiting for the bad racquets you have to wait to get. I have played this game a lot and I have lost a lot of matches due to the racquets I have been getting, I wish I could be doing a lot better if I would of spent the money but I don’t want to and prices are way to high for racquets and balls. I do enjoy the practice though it is a great way to practice hitting the balls at a short distance and long distance and through targets with other people, before playing against holes that require a mixture of different racquets and balls that have different abilities in getting closer range to the ball every time you hit.
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1 year ago, beer-smasher
Shot math is wildly inaccurate
I enjoy the game most of the time- but when your playing in a showdown or online the shot math is nowhere close to playing a round of 18 on the courses for tournaments or free play. For example, the first round of the showdown I was -4 through three holes and the math was spot on for shots/putts and life was great. Next three holes- hit a 4i (205yd club) at a slightly uphill green into the wind 6-8mph at 95-97% to get a bit of a roll to land w/in 10ft… my ball sails past the pin into the rough before landing at 218yds… how can I hit a club almost 1 club longer INTO THE WIND UPHILL!!! Took a bogey on that hole and the one after for the same type of shot math on a chip from the fairway that chunked onto the green as if I hit it out of the second cut rough with the same power as the fairway IS SUPPOSED TO BE!!! I don’t know why I keep using coins I win from tournaments or watching adds (I refuse to pay for credits for a game that half works) to play in the showdown to miss the cut after playing what I’ve practiced as good shot math, only to have the game do something completely different.
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2 years ago, Elevator MD
Make the game actually use friendly
I do not mind ads and tutorials. However, I would like to have the opportunity to make my own choices. In this game , the golf gloves clad hand is pointing at something for you to click on, you cannot choose anything else. So far I’ve been forced to play several games that I did not want to play, and forced to use coins to upgrade a shirt that I cared nothing about. As if I need a tutorial to read ‘click here to change shirts’. I’m sure there are people out there that like this option, but I’m also sure that most do not. After several one on one match games, hoping that after ‘this game’ I will be able to choose, I’m still not able to select ‘settings’ to turn off that horribly annoying music. Again, some people might like the music, I would like the freedom to choose, not do what the game is forcing me to do. After a few hours and several forced games, I am no still forced to follow the hand in the game and the choices the game wants me to click on. Therefore, I I’m deleting the game and hoping this will force the developer to change.
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