Whack Your Ex - Official

3.1 (199)
17.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Empowered Strategies LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Whack Your Ex - Official

3.13 out of 5
199 Ratings
3 years ago, Matt zink
Way less gore
I used to play this game on the computer and it was a simple game as it is now. I just miss the gore and the laughs that came with it. Still made me think of my childhood though and bring back some nostalgic memories.
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4 years ago, wooden wind
Honestly lovely
I was getting a bunch of bad games as a joke then I found this, I loved it. it’s awfully short, which was kinda nice for game like that. It had great cartoonish slapstick humor, it honestly made my day to play
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5 years ago, chloe of vin and sori
Uh what?
I downloaded this game and it only showed the loading page............ fix that please
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5 years ago, Belledelanuit123
Whack away!!!
So funny! You can finally whack your ex—or any friend, for that matter—feel good about it, and get away with murder. What better to ask for!
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3 years ago, Mman177
Matt’s review
It looks like a very fun game however every time when I go into it it just shows whack your ex logo with another company behind it and just stays there with an ad on the bottom and I can’t even playin it so if someone sees this please help.
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3 years ago, ozone fan /11
When you press the fist button her starts to fart on him instead of pooping on him
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3 years ago, M7boosh
This game didn't working
I tried to download this game but its not working
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4 years ago, joseph billetts
Liked it
I liked it said from most being shortened from what they were on computer but other than that it was fine
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4 years ago, josephperreira
The game never worked
Number one the game never work because when I tried to play it would just always freeze and when I had good Internet it wouldn’t work.. so please fix the game to an iPad please because I can’t play it stupid!
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5 years ago, Floydactor
Equal opportunity whacking!
So freaking clever! This animation delights me. And, I love the equal opportunity ‘whacking’ that is possible here. Man to woman and woman to a man! Ha! Everybody can get their frustration out. :-)
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5 years ago, eksred
Great fun, love his animation style too
All the Whack games are great. Just fun, pass the time and get out a few aggressions the safe way 😊
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5 years ago, LizLosAngeles
This game is so much fun to play! And so therapeutic too! I get to get out my rage by whacking my ex while screaming, “Take this, Jerkypants!”
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10 months ago, Mara39
Whack Your Neighbour
We Want To Play Whack Your Neighbour Please, Since I Watched Jacksepticeye Video Playing Whack Your Neighbour, So Could You Please.
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5 years ago, sonicfan oh ya
Freaking dumb
No blood this is a dumb game no violence is what a shame fix the game as soon as parents see the title there not gonna let there kids play it says whack your ex so just change it to normal whack your ex or I’ll rate 1 star on all the phones in my house so CHANGE THE FREAKING GAME thank you😌
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5 years ago, Jesseperez123JH
Just awful
I was expecting you some blood and other stuff like the real one instead I get this game for like 2 year olds I wanted blood a lot of blood this is just like whack your boss cartoon land or whatever it’s called this is just awful
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3 years ago, girl who loves tik tok
It was so funny
This makes me laugh so hard
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5 years ago, Aprevew
This is terrible i wanted funny violance but instead i got this crappy 4 year old version it’s like whack you pr boss cartoon land it’s not good it’s just dumb if this is what they are making i’ll just go back to the good original version
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5 years ago, 123tjjjjj
I hate this game
I wasn’t even able to get into the game I waited 5 minutes at the loading screen and nothing was happening don’t waste your time on this awful game
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3 years ago, gotcha:kelly
Good game but my mum dont like it and the poo eww!!
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5 years ago, ibrokeurankl
Its ok
I dont like it that much because it has no gore in it but its still a good game
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5 years ago, alecyoga
It doesn’t seem to work, it might be a bug? It wont move from the main page and it wont do anything
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5 years ago, TitanGodAngel
Needs work
I liked it cause it’s at least Whack Your Ex but...one things missing,the blood and gore,everyone wants to see blood and gore,not some kid friendly stupid game,please fix this ASAP
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3 years ago, jdhfuidu
Best game ever suckas
Best game ever that’s all I got to say great job creator
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3 years ago, lol man 595928
Garbage and is a frickin waste of time
This is the worst game in history here is a reward for the worst don’t download it won’t even load bro rip offffff 😡😡😡🤬
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12 months ago, i wish we had refunds
Worst game ever
This stupid dumb game doesn’t even work it won’t let me play I hate it I hope no one ever gets this
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5 years ago, happythemann
Loved the game on the website. Glad it’s an App now. GET
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No Gore and Blood
There is no gore or blood besides the shotgun which lasts a second and that’s the last time you will see any blood
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5 years ago, Betisita
Forgot the kid version dude...
This is more like “whack your ex cartoon land”
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4 years ago, you eat all my beans?
Ads and no violence?
Why did you guys put ads in it and take away the violence from the pc version?
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1 year ago, Sister Shasha😎✌️
I tried playing it TWICE but it did not work on my iPad so I’m just waiting for the updates to come out.
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4 years ago, DragonVeB
Stuck on loading screen. Useless.
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4 years ago, AngPang1
I can’t even come in the game so on mobile I can’t even come in with the iOS so do you never download this game
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5 years ago, jimmyfallonguy
Game doesn’t even start
Game just stays on the title screen and says Whack Your Ex and below it has the website
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5 years ago, ...OoF...
Not like the old one
It used to be a bunch of gore and violence, now it’s just some kid-friendly game and that was not what I was here for!
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2 years ago, Lala big head
They ruined it by taking out the gore and stuff I used to play it all the time as a kid
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5 years ago, unicorngeneral
The online version is better
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4 years ago, diehardcat356
The old version was much better.
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4 years ago, fearfuldemon
It never loaded for me I’m 17
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4 years ago, gfhhyhh
Stays on loading screen
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5 years ago, ej gamy
Why is it kid friendly now it use to be brutal very brutal
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4 years ago, KainZeuxis
This is just a watered down port of a very funny flash game
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2 years ago, wrsay
stupid game
the game will not load no matter what i do
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4 years ago, taco cat broo catttttt
I hated it😠
This thing was really bad I just hated it
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3 years ago, thehacker1012
Deserves 0 stars
Where’s the game
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5 years ago, Goldman2907
This is like whack your boss: cartoonland. This has no blood or gore or anything. I GIVE THIS A ZERO STAR RATINGS!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Ccrn1997
To pg
I want to see blood
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4 years ago, 38&5bre
Soooo dumb
I wanted some whacky violence but instead I THIS?!!?!!!!!!!!!!?????
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5 years ago, flamz234
Worst game ever
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5 years ago, Lovedaisy76
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2 years ago, Legoguy1993
Censorship! BOOOO!!!
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