What am I? riddles - Word game

4.5 (3.9K)
27.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
ThinkCube Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for What am I? riddles - Word game

4.47 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
4 years ago, VdoGMR
Fun, but improper English
I haven’t made it super far in the game, but so far the riddles vary from easy to fairly tricky. Ads are to be expected, but most you can skip immediately or have a 5 second count down to skip. My own major complaint is the lack of proper English in the game. It’s almost like the game maker used google translate 🤣 so some of the riddles aren’t just figuring out the answer but trying to figure out what the riddle is SUPPOSED to be to begin with. It would also be nice to be able to skip the single letter “typing” of the riddle to just view the whole question, and to have a shuffle option for the answer letters.
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7 years ago, PM Gamerz
I feel like about 2/3 of the riddles are actually good. The other third though, wow, at least use the words that are somewhat associated with the item in question instead of substituting different words that don’t fit the context. I mean, I suppose it is a good way to throw people off to use words that are never associated with the object in question, but it is also kinda cheating on the part of the riddle maker. And, of course, many of the riddles have more than one answer that fits but they are only looking for one. Example: You throw me out when you use me and take me in when you are done. What am I? The answer they are looking for is “anchor”, but anyone who has ever been on a boat knows you don’t “throw” an anchor, you “drop” it, otherwise you might damage the boat. The riddle should have been written: You drop me when you use me and take me in when you are done. Things that better fit the riddle given: lasso, fishing line, lobster traps, kite, your field of view, yoyo etc My other complaint is that the program uses hyphens to break up large words but you often think it is trying to give you a hyphenated word when really it is just one word.
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5 years ago, Peekafish
Love it but UPDATE
I am finished with all 644 riddles. I keep finishing the riddle and getting money, but what am I supposed to do with it if I can’t play a riddle. Love the game so much but since I’ve finished it, if it doesn’t get an update soon it would just take up room and I’ll have to delete it maybe to start anew though I love being able to tell people I’ve finished and shown them. All around a good addicting game with few problems but needed of an update it’s been more than 6 months... Update: it’s been like forever and I really wish y’all could try to update it. I have what’s that phrase but I really like this app more...please please please please PLEASE update your game so I can play more and keep my numbers up!
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1 year ago, 2dollabill
I use this riddle game to engage the whole family when we go out to eat. Instead of everyone staring at their phones and devices, we just stare at one device lol. But it’s a great way to get everyone talking instead of scrolling/swiping. It’s also a great educational tool for young kids, the riddles create a lot of teachable moments to impart on the kids. However, the developers need to hire a spell checker/proof reader… sometimes a word is misspelled or in the wrong tense, which can really throw off the players interpretation of the riddle.
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4 years ago, Pajeet Singh
Too easy, obnoxious ads
Spelling and grammatical errors everywhere; this isn't me being an Internet grammar nazi, this app is a product, and if you want to sell a product, you don't want the label to read like a third-grader was put in charge of editing. If you can't spell or produce proper sentence structure, the rest of the product you make is probably going to be just as low-quality. Which it absolutely is in this case: You're essentially spoon-fed answers to child-tier riddles so you can watch an ad after every single correct answer. It's like you get punished for winning. That's the exact opposite way you want to condition someone if you want them to keep your app. Into the trash. Two stars for keeping me busy long enough to get the laundry dried.
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1 year ago, john174946
Big problem with ads
The setup of this game is simple: you have a riddle of the screen, and you try to guess it. Some of the riddles are really good and interesting. But not all of them. A lot of them are uncomplicated. But the worst thing that is in this app is the ads. You spend thirty seconds doing a simple riddle, and the result? A thirty second ad. And don’t try to exit out of the app completely and restart because then the app will start crashing. The amount and especially the length of ads is unbearable for an app like this. Imagine duolingo, but for every question you answer you have a thirty second ad. The developer’s interest is clearly just money and not enjoyment.
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4 years ago, mipersonaeslamejor
Not enough money to get coins for clues
What I mean is so you have like 100 coins right and then you need a hint and it cost fifty and it not even a clue for what they give you and you only get 3 coins when you get the word solved i had to ask my sister what it was bc i could not figure one out and did not have enough coins but i like it bc it tries to trigger your mind and i need it
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2 years ago, ADG Cook!
This game
This game is a mind twister but if your at all like me you always enjoy a challenge and this game will give it to you it will also give you a grate feeling about yourself. If you do not have this game then please get it please just try it for one day please who knows maybe you will like it.
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6 years ago, dikbsrugkfhdyjjojvghg
Seriously though...
This app if great and all but most of the riddles you have to search up because the riddle has absolutely nothing to do with the answer. And sometimes some of the riddles don't even make since like someone with who's first language was English gave someone who's first language was not English a packet and was like "write sentences so people have to think about the answer" and then they didn't even go over and check to see if anything made sense. Still a good app tho🤔😡🙃
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4 years ago, Summer 856383
Great Game
I love this game so much it has amazing riddles. They give your brain a work out. This would be a game for you if you like to be challenged. I would have gave this game 5 stars except for the riddles that are really hard the hints aren’t all that well. I am not insulting the game but if you could make the hints not as expensive that would help too. Again, such a GREAT game.
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6 years ago, Wolflobster
Few Problems
I used to have this game a few years ago and really enjoyed some of the riddles. Some of the few problems I encountered are grammatical errors and you can’t listen to music while playing the game. Also, while playing the game an ad popped up that had no x Mark. I later discovered I had to press the corner to leave. Overall this is an ok game, but it has I few problems gnat need to be dealt with.
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3 years ago, corkkcc4
3 people in my family are hooked on this app so I decided to give it a try well now we got 4 people in the same house in the same family hooked on the same app give it a try I’m glad I did definitely recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, The Two Of Us!!
Two person fun!!
My daughter and I enjoy playing this game together,We try to see which one of us can figure out the answer first,The hard ones We figure out the answer together,We have lots of fun playing this game..
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3 years ago, screw you doordasg
Good riddles for the most part
Like the title says I think the riddles are pretty good. There’s some clever ones and some boring ones but the reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because there are a lot of easily correctable syntactical errors in the riddles. They’re still decipherable but it can be annoying.
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1 year ago, Autumnlupis
Not bad but needs improvements
The game has been closing itself when i either start it or i go into pick up where i left off. The ad watch option to earn free jewels also stopped working for me.
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3 years ago, Smizzy59
Love it makes you think
I have my whole family playing and we played on or vacation it was our road trip game good way to make u think out side the box and get everyone interacting with each other
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6 years ago, MelissaNaasko
Surprisingly Addictive
I am often surprised by how much time passes while I’m playing. Sometimes I’ll see one of my kids with my phone and it turns out they are playing this game. Each constantly compares their progress to siblings.
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2 years ago, Noafanofads
Obnoxious ads
I understand that ad revenue is required for monetizing the app, but when there is an ad after each puzzle it is ridiculous. The obnoxious ads too, multiple pop ups to the ad store linked in anywhere you touch the screen and no clear way to close out the ad once it is finished. Don’t waste your time!
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9 months ago, Sharpie2501
Love, but recently glitchy and crashing
Love the riddles and 3 “life lines” available for more difficult to solve riddles. However, in the past week it has been crashing or freezing regularly.
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1 year ago, Bleektor
It's great but be careful pressing an unwanted button
Needs an serious update including a "Are you sure you want to use 100 gems to get rid of three letters?" and so forth. If you accidentally press the button it will take off your gems. Very annoying and an easy fix.
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4 years ago, quina the gray warrior
Trouble with other ads blocking game play
Love this game but it becomes frustrating when the ads keeping popping up & at times won’t allow continued game play due to another game’s ads wanting you to download their game. Deleted this game once before due to that problem. May have to delete again.
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7 years ago, yarnlover10
What am I
I love the game it’s so cool I like that you have to try to guess what the riddle is sometimes it can be a little frustrating but I get over it thank you creating this app ! Here’s a riddle for you what wobbles in like jelly in the sky ? A jellycopter Scincerly ilana Robinson
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2 years ago, Sunny77417
A great app, but with some bad parts
This is a great app! My family enjoys playing this game. But the game is not that great. A hint or any tool in this game should be able to be confirmed. You can sometimes click a tool by accident but you can't cancel it.
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2 years ago, Benwulf136
Recently When playing this game it been having a lot of crashes. Each time I open the app it automatically Crashes. I really enjoy the riddles. Please Fix
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3 years ago, brothers sisters
Trouble with this game
On my new iPad I can’t buy any gems nor acquire gems from watching a movie. However, on my old cracked iPad I can get as much as I want. I really enjoy this game and love playing it, but how do I remedy this problem.
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4 years ago, Packrat33056
Great game.
I love this game. It's so challenging because it makes you use your brain. The only problem I have is that the game is so addicting that I can hardly put it down.
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5 years ago, jmvzm97
Love this! More levels please!
My kids and I have been playing this for years while waiting at restaurants. Sometimes even have waitstaff join in the fun! Please get more levels... We maxed out!
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5 years ago, natalie lykins
Good game
It’s a good time killer and puts your brain to work. Absolutely recommend this game if you want to put your brain to the test! Try with friends,family, and by yourself! Definitely recommend it!!!💙❤️
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2 years ago, Opalcat999
Enjoy, but..
Enjoy the riddles very much. Some are challenging foe me which is wonderful. Would like see 1) Scramble the letters option and a 2) Return the letters if answer not correct or misspelled. Thanks
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3 years ago, L00E00S
Fun game
I like figuring out the answer it’s great brain exercise! The ad after you solve each and every puzzle seems a bit much. Otherwise good game.
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10 months ago, Wiggles9521
Has anyone else noticed a typo here and there…what kind of riddle game has typos… and crashes and kicks me off…the ads are in fact right after each riddle…I tried to use a hint and then saw how many gems it cost and decided against it only to realize you can’t back out of using a hint…
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4 years ago, Figures72
Ups and downs.
Omg. This app. There is so many spelling errors it’s hard and annoying to read. It has some basic and some more complex riddles. Once you get them it’s like oh but there are a couple that make as much sense as a blanket talking to you. This is an ok app but If it cost money I definitely would not get it.
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6 months ago, Yerwdbsk
I enjoy the simplicity of the game!
The game is fairly easy. I like to ask my kids the riddles. It makes them think and everything is clean.
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3 years ago, aunt Kathy 😘
What am I game
Great mind (thinking ) game without many ads. Can also google questions if you get stuck and don’t have enough gems for hints
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1 year ago, M E spells ME
Who loves waiting? I sure don’t and luckily there are games like this to help pass time…Highly recommend this app!
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9 months ago, EnvisionThis
Forces Thinking outside the box
Love the amazing challenge to see more about everything in life from words, animals, places, vegetables, you name it…
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3 years ago, BabyGirl04070912
Fun but force closes to much
It’s a fun game when it actually works. When I try opening it this time around at force closes as soon as I press the play button. I have an installed it and reinstalled it twice and it still messing up. Just be careful if you download the game.
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3 years ago, Radioactive woman
Keeps auto closing on me
It’s a really fun game even with the improper English but it keeps shutting down on me. I can’t play it anymore.
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5 years ago, Aging Wisely
Good game
The game is fun and makes you think outside the box. I think you should earn more than ten cents though when you guess the answer considering how much it costs to buy a hint or clue.
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3 years ago, BurntOrange03
The best riddle app ever!
It has so many riddles I’ve never heard before it’s really nice and refreshing! It really causes you to think about what the answer could be.
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6 years ago, Bree Bing
Okay game but ads make it annoying
I used to play this game years ago but the ads overtime are annoying. After every riddle, an add pops up and they’re on the bottom of the screen, too. Some of the riddles make no sense and some do. Fair game, overall.
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1 year ago, FrostingLover
Ads. After. Each. Game. Omg
Nice little riddle game absolutely defiled by 60 second advertisements after each solve. Usually takes under 15 seconds to solve a riddle. If the devs weren’t so greedy I’d be inclined to give up some $$$ for ad free play. However this up front chicanery makes me wish misfortune upon everyone associated with this garbage.
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2 years ago, Pinkbutch
Riddle game very fun!
Love this game, some riddles keep me puzzled for hours, others are easy. Fun to use with family. Grammar could use some clean up.
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6 years ago, Mikayla U
Why so many ads?
I really like riddle games, but this game has an ad after every question I get correct, and it’s mostly the same two every time. In one of those ads, the x pops up in a different place every time
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3 years ago, erinmarin
This game is very good for challenging your brain.
I love this game, I use it for brain exercise because it really make you think.
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3 years ago, mj3498
I love this game and have played it before. I downloaded it and it closes itself repeatedly. It won’t stay open for longer than 5 seconds.
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1 year ago, BernieErnst
Good Riddles
I really enjoy the game. I’m all about people making money for their work but an ad after every riddles seems a bit excessive
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1 year ago, BadazzBarbee
Too many ads
Like the game but too many ads
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2 years ago, BrazenFlux
Fun way to learn new riddles
I don’t buy many games, but this one has been worth every penny.
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3 years ago, Rosie Long
Definitely a fun game! Not too many pop ups or offers to get you to buy stuff. Just straight to the point
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