4.9 (31.2K)
292 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apple Arcade
Team17 USA
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WHAT THE GOLF?

4.86 out of 5
31.2K Ratings
2 years ago, crazyratmonkey
Just Amazing!!!!
I have been playing this game for years now I love it so much this game I have never played one as good as this because it is just plain funny and just amazing nothing compares to it it makes golf so fun I can’t even explain it I don’t even like golf my parents got this game for me and I’m like no I don’t want it but I am so happy they stuck with it because it is so funny and fun I’ve got 100% over and over again just restarting doing all the daily challenges I finish the game entirely over and over and over and over again it is an amazing game and I won hundred percent say anybody who sees it should play it I don’t know a single thing wrong with it the only thing I have to say is I feel like there should be theorist looking at this game like the game theorist because there is such a new lore in this and it’s so crazy I’ve never seen it before so someone should look at this game and be like there’s something wrong here just 10 out of 10 or five out of five amazing just amazing thank you for everything you’ve done for us game developers and I hope you make so many games in the future!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Vegetable Chin
Down to a Tee, just like my game irl.
I only awarded 4 stars because I was hoping to pitch myself into the flag a little more like I do out on the links. There were some really funny moments in here, but I also thought that once you established the concept of randomness, it would have just continued in that direction, it..instead now we are in a lab, and the ball is the main character..also spoiler alert.. IMO from a conceptual perspective itd have been more satisfying to remain the golfer continuing to flail just to put whatever he can manage to successfully get into the cup or hit the pin with. Then move onto the next hole. It could still be staged as p.o.v. And either throw the avatar into the scene from offstage at the swing, or keep the shots hes goin “body driver” as they are now, just more of that gag in general could have been used..and the cat sound efx should be played up a bit..and maybe some more dynamic reactions/ animations to match the absurdity of it all. Otherwise it was entertaining, the controls were simple, and it Made me Laugh. Would love to see a more realized version in the future, but what do I know anyhow? Its a fun title right now, and you ought to play a round to see for yourselves.
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4 years ago, CoreySomers
Best game on Apple Arcade
Okay so first off let me disclaim that I have an iPhone XR that never has any bug issues problems with most apps. So for those rating this app based on the fact that it occasionally has bug issues, that may be the case for them but I simply haven’t had any of those issues. Now into the review: This game is truly a delight and almost worth the entire monthly fee in paying for Apple Arcade. From funny dad-jokes to truly challenging levels, this game gives you everything you could ask for in quality. If you’re looking for a game to sit and invest a couple hours in, this game is great for you because it’s huge and will keep you entertained. Looking for a quick on-the-throne pooper game (you know you do it) without losing progress or having to invest too much time? This game answers to that need too! Levels only last sometimes as little as 15 seconds but other times as long as a few minutes (on the more difficult levels that you have to restart). All in all, I love the quality and magnitude of this game— it was built very well.
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4 years ago, Zaax
I never realize how fun “golf” could be
What The Golf? is simultaneously about golf, and also not about at all about golf. Therein a game that is unlike anything I’ve yet to play, and it’s what keeps me returning to more and more of its ridiculousness. This is a tough game to describe to people who haven’t played it. Essentially, the game takes the basic concept of golf (winding up to hit a ball into the hole), and explores just about every possible scenario using that mechanic. It’s honestly baffling how many of the “holes” are non-golf related: what if you were the ball? What if the hole was actually a soccer net? What if there were no gravity? What if everything was The Matrix? What The Golf? lovingly explores all of these possibilities in the dozens, if not hundreds, of levels that I’ve yet to fully work through. This game is downright creative, hilarious and unexpectedly challenging. It’s the perfect “pickup-and-play” that you can sink hours into. And if the a cappella theme music doesn’t hook you, your curiosity of what can/cannot be golf certainly will.
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3 years ago, GafferMan
Starts out fun - but another “perfect hand/eye coordination” game
This game start out fun, I was really excited to explore all this game had to offer, but it is YET AGAIN another game that only a certain class of people can play. Some of us don’t have perfect hand/eye coordination, but really love the exploration of a game to see what all the levels are like. This game (like many others) gets to a point where if you don’t have perfect hand control and dexterity, you are basically done with the game. You can’t proceed any further in the game because you can’t complete one level. There may be some people that like to spend hours repeating the same level hundreds of times to try and complete it, but most people will get extremely frustrated after a few tries. This is what happened to me, and that frustration, and not being able to proceed on to any more levels is what has led to the two star review. I would like to explore more of the game and see the rest of the levels, but I cannot because I am not adapt enough at touching the screen at JUST the right timing to proceed further in the game. Well, I guess I am done with this….
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2 years ago, Casonbacca
Awesome Game
So I have completed the game and have 100% the main story mode and the other mini campaigns. It’s a great game still if you just go through the game doing the first version of each level. But the joy of this game for me is doing all the par and crown versions of the levels. Some of them are insanely difficult, and for me completing those challenges is what drew me in. But the great things is that you don’t have to do this challenges to finish the game, therefore creating a game for casual and hardcore gamers. I also liked all the different themed “worlds”. One of them is based off of different games ranging from Mario to Flappy bird. Of course they don’t directly use the material but instead create levels loosely based off of them. But my personal favorite world was the world based off of the VR hit super hot. That world and its levels had some of my favorite challenges in the game. So overall a great game, definitely give it a download.
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8 months ago, elijah 8
Hole in one of a game
This is an amazing game, levels all feel unique, the story mode is great, the episodes all have there own flare, and the special events are great. My one problem is that it doesn’t have great replability, like I said all the levels are unique, but once you play them there really is no reason to play them again. The game is also just really easy, and you can beat most of the episodes in a good hour, max. The story mode is pretty long, but again, easy. And the daily levels are all just rehashes of old levels, and never change. If you complete a daily challenge on a Sunday, the next Sunday is exactly the same. There just needs to be more, maybe have a mode unlock after you complete everything that randomly generates levels, with one fail ending your run. Sorta like a rouge-like. Besides that it amazing, 9/10
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4 years ago, Patrickf28$
Beautiful with glaring issues
This game is incredible. It’s takes a pen and rewrites the game of golf in the most silliest way possible and it’s beautiful. So many fun levels, mechanics, and a couple of times made me giggle about the silliness. However, I do have major complaints. This game for just no reason experiences several bugs, to the point where the game would just crash and your screen would turn black with the X and the restart level button in the top corners, requiring you to restart the game, and in 9/10 cases, this would result in some progress being lost. Also progress for no reason, like above, just disappears and gets lost while playing the game. For an example, when I was in the area with security cameras trying to find and blast you, there were 2 levels next to each other. I got the crown for one of them, then moved on to the level next to it. After coming out of that 2nd level getting the crown, the game just didn’t save my progress for the 1st one, so I just had to redo that entire level and the extra parts to the level to get back the crown. This gets super frustrating because this game is huge, and if some progress gets lost and you don’t know about, it’s gonna be a pain to find that specific quest to redo. I’m giving this game 4 stars. I love this game and I will continue to play it until I have 100% the entire game. But because of the major bugs and problems that have yet to be fixed, it loses that 5th star. Thanks for reading
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4 years ago, tillwhacher
Some glitches
The game is super fun don’t get me wrong , but I’m now 56% thru the game and this is my second time coming across a level that is legitimately impossible to complete? For example on level 8, the part with all the car traffic in it , on the second to last two holes (the one on top) does not even have a hole displayed anywhere on the course ? How do I complete that ? And now on level 5, the very first course on the right hand side , appears to be like a 1st person POV thing ? Well it has zero aim and you have no control in direction of the hall only the speed that it travels which again, makes it physically impossible to complete. I don’t ever write app reviews but I really like this game and this is so frustrating I’ve considered deleting the app. Also, all the reviews about the faulty data save and black out bugs is true as well but only happens when I accidentally click the screen somewhere I didn’t mean to, why? Other than that , awesome game and I highly recommend to all ages
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2 years ago, annmthegreat
Fun Game!!
My brother recommended me this game, and I was not too excited — I don’t even like golf that much. However, I was willing to give it a try, because it seemed fun. This is SO FUN. I can’t name any other mobile or arcade game that has this quality or creativity, but maybe that’s just because I don’t get games a lot. There are so many levels, references, puns, and things that actually made me laugh. The pure amount of imagination and thought put into this is incredible. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous and simple, something that just brings it all together. I would write about this lovely little game for hours, but people tend to have a short attention span when it comes to game reviews, so i’d just like to say how much I enjoyed this game and how everyone should definitely consider getting it!! Very good, devs, you’ve created this wonderful game.
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4 years ago, Dratattack101
Charmingly Absurd
As someone who finds most Golf games dreadfully boring, I am happy to share that What the Golf is NOT this. In fact, boring is the opposite of this experience. What the Golf combines charming gameplay with laughingly absurd humor to create one of my favorite games on Apple Arcade to date. It’s definitely worth checking out, and I’d say that it’s one of the biggest (and best) reasons for one to purchase Apple Arcade! A new feature I would love to see is the addition of a “Video Games” themed set of levels, similar to the new Sports Campaign. I loved playing the gaming themed levels of the Main Story, so being able to expand on that could provide hours more fun. Also, adding some sort of multiplayer functionality could prove to be fruitful, perhaps in a manner similar to “Battleblock Theater”. It could be cooperative yet also ripe with mischief. Regardless, thanks to Triband for the stellar experience 😁
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5 years ago, Jkkkkll
Would be easy 5 stars but...
This game is amazing, totally off the wall golf game that’s amusing and fun. I can’t give 5 stars however, cause my game seems to have some kind of bug where at Computer/level 5, if I go to the right and go into the golf level right under what looks like an atomic/solar system model you put on your desk, the level doesn’t load. I can exit just fine, the game doesn’t freeze, but I can’t play the level and thus can’t continue the campaign. Please fix this, I’m basically stuck and don’t know what to do Update: never mind the level was just so weird I hadn’t figured it out. Turns out you have to move the phone itself lol. Great game guys! Update again: the last level is totally broken, once you get to the final stage when you have to hit a man into the flag, any mistake that requires a reset leaves you stuck and unable to move. I’ve also had the game just close out entirely on me. It’s pretty frustrating
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2 years ago, Nickname0401
This game is what every other mobile games wish to be.
When you see this game for the first time, you might think it’s another one of those bad concept stealing games. I mean I did. They are all over the App Store. But this game doesn’t only have a couple of concepts… it has a new concept in almost every playable level. To be honest I have no idea how the developers thought of so many concepts… moving on to bugs, and glitches, I find that the paddle board water boat thingy is EXTREMELY hard to control. It is very unpredictable with how it will move, like often times when I get in the boat won’t move the direction I want it to. Instead it often times moves in one specific direction not depending on where I tap, and sometimes where the boat moves is opposite to where my finger is. Perfect game though!
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4 years ago, Aaron Branham
App of the decade
Over the years, I’ve been known to download countless mobile games, so much so that my friends would all clown me for it. I’ve played many bad games, and I’ve played many good ones. This one however, just feels so different from anything I’ve ever played before. It’s so wholesome, goofy, fun, well-put-together, and SO hard to put down. The whole game is a crazy ride from start to finish, and the only complaint I would have is that I wish it would never end. The developers make it feel like you’re part of the family, and I just wish I knew them in person, because I want to be able to personally thank the genius’ behind this wonderful game. If you’re reading this review and contemplating a download, do it right now. If you’re reading this and you’re a developer, thank you for giving me the best mobile game I’ve ever played.
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5 years ago, free_spirit96
Don’t think too hard, just download already
It’s fun. I hate mini golf so it was 100% the graphics style and tag line that lured me in. It’s a ridiculously good game. There’s enough variety and challenges to keep you from getting bored with it. Sometimes it’s cute dumb fun, sometimes it references other games, sometimes it’s frustratingly hard...you get the picture. I like that there’s a lot of ways to enjoy the levels and navigation beyond just hitting the goal. Clearly the developers had fun making this. I do have a complaint about the VR/AR whatever it’s called immersive aspect. You have to turn around very awkwardly and since I always play while sitting up in bed it’s just irritating enough that I can’t appreciate what a cool concept it was to integrate that type of play. But it’s such a small portion of the game so I don’t think it deserves less stars.
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3 years ago, brattyme
This Level Is Too Hard
This Game On Touch Screen IS HORRIBLE! I Beat This Game On Nintendo Switch So I Decided To Give This One A Try! Btw This Is My First Time Writing A Review. I Like The Game, So I Kept On Going With This Game. Now That The New Snow Courses (or whatever) Are Out, I Tried It. I Liked It, But The Level Where You Have To Protect The Pizza From The Pineapples, I Lost Over 30 Times Because The Touch Screen Is So Bad! Please Make It Easier Like By Putting Less Pineapples Or Let Us Skip That Level Altogether! I Gave This 2 Stars For The Soul Purpose Of That Level. If You Do Decide To Make It Easier, I Will Come Back And Give This 5 Or 4 Stars Depending On How Easy It Is. If It Is Really Easy, I Will Give It A 4 Because That Would Be Too Easy. But If You Make It Not Too Hard But Not Too Easy, I Will Give This Five Stars. You Can Also Just Boost The Sensitivity For The Touch Screen. If You Read All Of This, I’m Sorry. I Know I Made This Review Way Too Long. Remember, This Is My First Review. Please Do This Or I’ll Most Likely Come Back With A One Star.
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3 years ago, FS4Maschine
I LOVE golf and I LOVE this game!
I had no idea that this game would be this fun. I’ve had Apple Arcade since it was released, and I never played this game until today. I subscribed to Apple Arcade because there is only so much COD on Xbox that a person can play before it becomes boring and repetitive. I don’t even use my Xbox anymore. Imagine only paying $5 a month to play 100+ different types of games without in app purchases? I’m a happy subscriber. Out of all of these games, What The Golf just made my top 5. This game encompasses what I think Apple Arcade is all about...absolute fun. This game was very well thought out. From the humor, to the graphics, to the actual golf puzzles. There are some Apple Arcade games that are best played with a control or on the Apple TV. What The Golf plays perfectly on the iPhone. 5 stars for this game that brings me much joy and laughter. Kudos!
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4 years ago, Fred the Viking
What is the best golf game I ever played.
I don’t like golf games as I found them only slightly better than actual golf. As far as actual golf, it is in a good way to ruin a nice walk. This game is great as it surprises and plays like a mini golf game in some respects, but plays more like a puzzle game. Each level is unique a different to the point that each level like a mini game in its own right. Yet, I never feel lost or confused despite each level seems to break. Assumptions you might hold about the objective or how to win. For an example, when see the golfer actually hitting the ball, it the golfer that actually goes flying. You are usually trying to get some object to the flag or goal or a cat even. The objects include golf balls, soccer balls, houses, TVs, vases, and so on. The soccer ball you can hit in motion which really fun a neat. A super fun game. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, MorikaiLewis
Not worth it despite the fun
Paying for this game is a waste of time, don’t get Apple Arcade just for a few games like this. At first this game was extremely fun, simple and zany. Easy, but challenging enough to keep you invested. The creativity is there, every level feels different. It’s just that this game falls victim to the same thing every mobile game does, unrealistic difficulty. At a certain point this game relies purely on hand-eye coordination, while still maintaining that zany carefree appearance. It makes it completely infuriating to play if you aren’t good with hand eye coordination. I found myself getting frustrated because all I wanted to do was further explore the levels, but the levels were so niche that I wasn’t having any fun anymore. This game comes off as full of itself by the end of it. We get it, you had a good idea for a game but at the end of the day it is just as annoying as most mobile games.
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3 years ago, hdkfndifbeo
Super funny 😆
Ok so first of all, I actually love golf. And I know on the main screen it says it’s for people who HATE golf, which might be true. But this game is super hilarious and super fun. One of my favorite levels is the one where literally EVERYTHING sticks to you. By the time I was done with that level, I was pretty darn sure that I was the tallest you could get. I do have one suggestion to add to the game; I think it would be really cool if you could create your own levels. And also, I just got this game TODAY, and I have been playing this game for about a half an hour straight. All in all, if I could rate this game more exact, I would rate it 4.7, but since that is closer to 5.0, I rounded up. So it would be awesome if you could add my suggestion to the game and THANK YOU, for making this my favorite game since like, 2 years ago.
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3 years ago, cfggcfcfgfxfcfggygcfgfccfg
Super fun and creative (with minor issues)
Hi. I have played this game and loved it and actually have not crashed or had any problems. Teeny tiny ones I have, but it’s my fav game. Pls read this I am sorry if you have problems or other things. First, a love the fact that you can teleport to other places in the game. I love to teleport back to my favorite levels! The issue I hate is that you cannot START THE GAME OVER. I want to experience the “first time” again. There are no save slots, so if my sister wants to play on my iPad I can’t go on another slot. My twin is super good at this game and has beat it 5 times. I think that you should add more dogs and I love the new “A hole new world” slot. Thank you so much for creating this game that is hard and easy at the same time.😘🥰🥰😍😘🥰😍😇
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3 years ago, robloxrevew
Love it but...😳😳🤢🤢🤢
Soooo I love this game and thought it was really fun but if you’re a parent and are getting this game for a young child......maybe you should rethink this because I there are some gross stuff. At the beginning it is all chill and cool but at the end there is this level where you go through a lab and there is a decapitated body with the head on the table😰. Then when you get through the lab there is this pink path and as you’re rolling on it, it makes this slime sound and then.....A BUNCH OF EYES LOOK AT YOU AND YOU FIGURE OUT YOUR IN A BIG CREATURE🤢🤢🤢!!! My stomach is hurting just thinking about it but the worst part is you have to be in there for a while and the people that are it there are skeletons😳. So yeah, if your stomach doesn’t agree with a bunch of eyes and gross insides, don’t get it!
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3 years ago, Autocomptn
I never review any games
I genuinely don’t enjoy these types of games. I don’t enjoy games that make you do the same thing over and over and over again. But this game has genuinely made me very impressed. I think I understand what’s going to happen and then the game surprises me with either a mechanic I didn’t even realize it was possible, the creativity, or the capabilities involved with making a level that honestly has nothing to do with golf lol. At the very beginning of the game, the story has a person that asks “golf is boring. How can we fix that?” That was genuinely very impressive to me that they knew that they needed to do something to make the game enjoyable and they succeeded at that. Top quality sitting on the toilet game!!!!!!!👍👍👍
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4 years ago, Spittingangels
Excellent and subversive game
After playing and beating this game, I re-downloaded it just to write a review and I hardly ever write reviews. That’s how good this game is. In tone, it reminds me of World of Goo, in that there is a greater story surrounding the gameplay. And that story is what sucked me in. It’s best to go in without spoilers. There are a great variety of puzzles and it turns the game of “golf” on its head. There were two or three levels that were maddening to beat and took me forever, mostly due to luck rather than skill but other than those relatively few exceptions, I really enjoyed all the levels. While I could’ve docked one star from my rating because of those particular levels, they really only count for a fraction of a star. So maybe 4.5 stars but I don’t have that option. I hope the developers find a way to extend the story and add more levels so I can revisit. Yes, there are daily challenges but I’m not big on leaderboards and playing the same levels over and over. I also really enjoyed the release notes. Can I put that in a review? Well, I just did. Release notes are really an undervalued part of any good game or app and, frankly, most just fall short of my expectations. So kudos!
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4 years ago, es_42
Very Fun
First I just want to say the game is very fun and challenging. I love how challenging it can get. The game felt very original at first. Loved the art and the weirdness to it but then it started to become kinda unoriginal later in the game. All the concepts taken from Mario, donkey Kong, super hot, flappy bird... etc. it’s a super fun game I cannot deny that at all but after a while it’s like why not just go play those games. I’m definitely going to keep playing and I definitely recommend!!! I wouldn’t give it 5 stars because I feel like I will get bored of it quick but hey it’s part of arcade so why not try!!! They released it on the switch I am not sure if it’s any different but I would not pay 15 dollars for this game if it’s the same thing. I’ll have to check it out, but overall it’s an awesome game! Very different and fun! Can’t wait to see what else gets released.
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3 years ago, ChaoticWaffl
Deserving of five stars, BUT an infuriating glitch
This is a freaking amazing game and I love it. I’ve completed it once before, and I recently started replaying it. It’s just as great as I remembered, except for a bug or glitch or whatever it is on the first person levels where you have to shoot bottles and rubber ducks on the arcade game and such, one of the controls are reversed. When I tilt the phone down and try to aim for the targets, the camera tilts up, and vice versa. This is unavoidable, and I have tried to do many things to get it to stop, none of them successful. This is infuriating and makes the timed levels nearly impossible, and I would really appreciate it if you could fix it, as it would make the levels much much more enjoyable.
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6 months ago, tee reg
What the game? Plz respond
Dear game developers. Honestly, this is a perfect game for me. I love it because it’s just like silly and funny! If you read my review on the game, what is the car? You probably know me Tripp I am your biggest fan! I have a couple suggestions for the game even though it’s already perfect, 1 LORE: it be really cool if you could add in some lore! 2: new levels be able to add a couple new little levels like for example a level where you pop, popcorn and try to get it into the microwave! Well, I just wanted to say that I really like this game and I hope that updates keep coming and that this game gets even better because I read it a 100 out of five! Have a GOLFtastic day! Your number 1 fan, tripp. ;)
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4 years ago, mr simon
The most fun I’ve had on a mobile game.
I’m blown away by how clever and fun and challenging this game is in a way that is endless but also isn’t impossible. It gives you dozens of ways to advance to levels and it is constantly changing the rules with each hole. There are levels that take on other games too. Like Simon and guitar hero to name a few. There are hidden severest and mysteries and each chapter has a title and each title is clever. I even love the music and it’s the only game I play with the sound on. I play lots of fun golf games and this is by far the best one I’ve come across. In times of quartile this has been a super fun distraction. Love this game. Love it! If this was an Xbox game it would be one of my Favorites. Great job and many thanks to the team that made this!!!
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4 years ago, largeplatypusman
Golf At it’s Best
This game can be a great fun, and it’s easy enough for a beginner to get to the end. But if you’re going for 100%, some of the levels can be stupid hard. The gyro controls are garbage, and a threat to mental health, but that’s what makes them fun in their own way. The main campaign provides a good challenge, and the absurdity of it all makes it a must have if you have Apple Arcade. Of corse, this game came out in 2019 for the PC, but it doesn’t feel dated at all. I do feel like the main campaign is a little short, but there are many other modes. For every problem, there is a balanced and fair solution. For example, the shooting levels are a pain at best, but most of them are optional. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone who can get it.
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3 years ago, Completely original nickname 249673
Amazing but a couple issues
This game is the perfect balance of clever, absurd, and challenging. Except for a couple control issues (spoilers ahead)… 1. The “Save your crab friends” level is physically impossible to complete within the time limit using a controller because of the extra time it takes to charge up a stroke, but trivially easy on a touchscreen device where you can swipe quickly. Especially unfair for people playing on Apple TV. 2. The timed “shoot the bottles” level is, if not quite impossible, at least requires an inhuman skill level with a controller (again, unfair for Apple TV players)… and the up/down accelerometer axis was inverted on my iPhone 11 which made it extremely disorienting to play (well, maybe that’s intentional since the bottles are empty, right?)
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5 years ago, Bacara1138
Great game, one bug that prevents 100%
I have 99% the game and it is very original and fun. Some levels are hilarious and the nods to pop culture are well thought. Some levels are frustratingly hard, but some challenge is good. The only criticism is the difficulty can spike without warning. It is impossible to know if your going to laugh at a silly level or cry in frustration at a great challenge (I’m looking at you par levels). The one real issue with the game is there is a trophy case in the music room that cannot be interacted with. I have completed it all, but when I try to bump the case to get my trophy I just pass though it. So for now 99% is the best you can do. Look forward to opening my 100% secret room when this is fixed.
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4 years ago, SHMUP lover
Save Data Bug Kills the Game
To make one thing clear, the actual game is fantastic and should deserve 5 stars. Unfortunately, I lost all of my save data about 25% through the game due to a bug and am horribly disappointed. Keeping save data intact should be a #1 priority for any game. If a player cannot actually make it through the game, nothing else really matters. As for what triggered the bug: I started the game offline (on the iPod touch, so don’t always have internet). Throughout the day I got ~25% into the game. A couple days later I am now connected to the internet, and I start up the game, it goes to the main menu and everything if fine so far. I click continue on the campaign, and the screen goes black. Text comes up that says something like “connecting game center to iCloud”. After a few seconds it goes away, and opens up the the first level.... I try to close the game and reopen, but it just keeps starting the first level. I play through to the point where I can access the menu and sure enough all my progress is gone, back at 1%. I really loved this game and wish this wouldn’t have happened, but I am not the type that enjoys replaying content I have already seen. This is very upsetting to me and I hope the bug gets looked into soon so other players do not suffer the same fate. Maybe one day I will try it again. For now, the wound is too fresh :’(
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3 years ago, Little Bonsai
Controls hold back a great game on any other platform
This game could be 5 stars but phone controls are imprecise and hold it back versus Switch and other, similar consoles which really highlights a dealbreaker for just about any game on here. An extra achievement (crown) level of Super Putt in is a good example of this, in which you must shoot multiple targets. However unlike other versions of this great game, the limits of the viewing angle on the phone make the task imprecise an frustrating. The iPhone has games but they generally lack the depth and variety of play style you’d see in a polished title from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. This is best experienced on one of those platforms. I wanted a time-waster to play on th go but since this is really the only compelling title in Apple Arcade I’ll cancel once I get bored or beat this, whichever comes first.
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5 years ago, Weters
An incredible game full of gamer nostalgia
If this game is indicative of the quality to come on Apple Arcade, then we are all in for a treat. Simply put, this is easily my favorite game I’ve ever played on an iOS device (I played on my iPad) and it’s up there for my favorite games of all time. There were a few frustrating levels, but for the most part I had a grin on my face the entire time I was playing. There were many instances where I thought to myself “how much time did the developer spend implementing this brand new mechanic for this one level?” I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone else, but if you have played video games in the past, there’s a good chance you’ll see a mechanic from one of your beloved games show up in here.
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5 months ago, sjwunfje
Don’t Usually Review But…
This game was one of the most fun experiences i’ve had with a game in a long time. Mobile games get a lot of flack, however this game was built extremely well, it moves smoothly, and it is extremely entertaining. I would only say I have minimal complaints, such as you should be able to go through the tubes that bring you back to the computer any time. However , other than that, this game is truly a delight to play and I completed it 100% without regretting it one bit. The difficulty curve of levels as you go through the different areas are very well made, and the game is very funny. Probably the best iPhone game on the market!!
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11 months ago, KatAtomik
Super fun
Lots of options and funny, albeit sensitive gameplay. I overthought a lot of the epidodes(I didn’t know if I could move forward without clearing everything or not) but I guess there are some episodes where that is the whole point t of the game& others that don’t matter. If you don’t like one(like I could not, for the life of me, ring a giant donut around the pile- it was always centered correctly, but using my phone there was NO sweet spot between too far& not far enough. And it’s not like you can use the previous tails to build up on and then access it- they vanish after 1game. So I X’d out, and chose one if the other bazillion options! For a free game, this is amazing!
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3 years ago, St@r-L0rd
For people who hate golf, and those who love golf
I have a three month trial for Apple Arcade and the summary of the game caught my eye immediately. I'm not a golfer. I can understand why people like golf, but I don't have the talent or the patience for golf. As a mobile gamer and a console gamer, I have yet to find a golf game I can enjoy (with the exception of Wii Sports). That changed once I downloaded "What the Golf". What's great about this game is the fact that it takes the basic concept of golf and throws the rest out the window. There are no worries about the number of strokes on each hole. If it takes you 15 strokes to get to the pin, that's perfectly fine. It does have a challenge mode with a par but that's completely optional. On top of the stress free factor, this is a game that embraces slapstick comedy. You see a golfer ready to drive the ball and when you swing, the ball doesn't fly, the golfer does. I am glad that I found this game and if for some reason I don't continue my subscription to Apple Arcade, I will definitely buy this game. Thank you for making a game that is both fun and apolitical.
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2 years ago, NiceChicken1136
So hear me out
So when you play this [VERY SHORT] game, you’ll enjoy it, until you beat the game. After you beat the game you can play daily levels. If you play all the daily levels, you can do extra games. Once you beat extra games, there is not going to be anything added on for a while. This game is a game that’s playable but only for a little while. If you get new content, that will be short too, so you’ll just be waiting for a long time after waiting for a long time. This is a great game all-in-all, I recommend you download it. Hello! You’ve read the whole review haven’t you? Well, now that you’re down here, I’d like to say a few things. Now remember this, these things are not at all related to “What The Golf?!” you’ve been warned. Scroll down if you want to continue. Hey you, you wanted to continue? Alright. So, I just want to say, take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. You are a great person. I hope you have a wonderful day, that was the end of the review, I’m proud of you for making it this far. We’ve been together for a long time, but, goodbye.
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4 years ago, Ethan Renner
Intriguing and Suprising game
I 100%ed the game, this was one of the few games where the additional challenges for each level actually felt new and exciting, rather than just rehashing the exact same level with slightly more difficult constraints. That being said, the Go for Par challenges generally were the least exciting, and certain game modes that were introduced (like the car section and super putt section) tended to get tedious towards the end. These problems might only be due to the overall extreme creativity and uniqueness that went into many of the other challenges or levels. The first chapter of this game alone and it’s surprises to a new player would be worth an Apple Arcade subscription price alone.
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3 years ago, snakeboy1200
Hardest game ever
So like there’s this dude in sporty spots and your need to do up down left right I’m at the crown and it just goes to fast I was so close then 8000 ups downs lefts rights the rest are easy all the other ones crowns are easy peasy just that crown is hard some other ones are hard to just that ones so hard I would wish you could make them easier please or just make it more fun please I love how funny it is just to hard also I hear that there are bugs but I have no bugs one last thing on its snowtime the last level on it has a bug a spin it then it stops then the pineapple rolls and I start over I think this a bug or it’s because my phone dirty I’m playing on a phone no bugs that is the only bug I think
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3 years ago, Wizened Guide from Green Cave
Go Home Golf, You're Drunk
I agree with everyone that this is a great casual game, and a competent port to mobile devices as well, with one caveat... The first-person courses in the game, especially Zone 01, use AR instead of the mouse, and it is AWFUL to control. It was not a problem in Zone 05, since it started with your view on the ground, could be played in both portrait and landscape mode, and only had one axis of motion to deal with. The portrait-mode shooting gallery courses have an inverted y-axis and are overly sensitive to z-axis rotation; I have to set my phone on a flat surface to have a line of sight that is anything but crooked. If the analytics are truly listening, I think there needs to be some calibration settings. The teleported shortcuts can also crash the game depending on the zone you are in, so be careful in there.
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2 years ago, Sanjiroku
Still 5 stars
Originally downloaded this when it first popped up on the arcade and finished the campaign. Haven’t played this game in so long and there’s so much more content and it’s still funny and laughable. The physics are incredible and the gameplay is fun and cartoony so you’ll never get tired of playing golf. Gameplay switches from landscape to portrait so you’ll have your pick of fun levels to play anyway you’d like to try. It’s super fun and grabs attention well and honestly I can get distracted for a while just playing the game since I have to start over. I’m not mad, if anything I’m excited to replay it all because it’s still awesome! Keep up the awesome games my dudes!
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6 months ago, Captain dumba**
Just try it
I got this game on a whim when I first got Apple Arcade. I usually play games like Tetris, golf rivals, fishdom, or the escape rooms. I honestly thought it was just gonna be another golf game. I was wrong. I love the absurdity in it and the challenge to it. I’ve laughed hard at my phone and also almost threw it out of anger. This is one of the best games in the App Store. I don’t rush to fully complete phone games by any means however this one I had done in two weeks. It had me wanting to sit down and take time to play. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a game that fun but doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power to do. It will make you think but won’t frustrate you.
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12 months ago, bfjamdgkcjmsnsdnsskd
This game has so many wacky and silly experiences while still having that hint of challenge to it. I personally love the idea of a “golfing lab” to fit all of those experiences because anything else would not make that much sense. It’s just an simple golf game while also making the experience feel more enjoyable from making challenges, different modes and different environments. My personal favorite part obit this golf games are the episodes. “Sporty sports,” “Snowtime,” A Hole new world,” and “Among Golf, are all amazing in their own different ways, and they all have an theme too. After 100% completing the entire game on steam and mobile, I can say that this is the best golf game ever.
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4 years ago, B0ssjack
This was one of the best experiences ever
This game is a silly work of art I love it! It perfectly puts a twist on golf! This game had me suprized around every corner! I loved this game so much I 100% it! Some of the extra levels or challenges were stupidly difficult but every game needs some challenge! The ending of the game was a bit weird but then I thought about it and it made sense this whole game is weird it’s perfect! If you guys made a sequel I would pay well over 100 dollars to play it! The references to other games was a bit obvious but it’s okay just this is a masterpiece some people will think this is trash but I think this is trash made of the finest gold in existence!! 12/10
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4 years ago, rjh19820813rjh
Hole in One for Mobile Gaming
This game deserved a moment to review it. Wow. This is a hole in one as far as mobile gaming goes. As long as iOS has existed, I believed adventure puzzles are the ideal game. You name it - I’ve played it. The Room. Hitman & Lara Croft Go. Deus Ex Go. Plants vs Zombies. Angry Birds. Super Stickman Golf. Slayaway Camp. Cosmic Express. So many great games. This one might be the best of them all. You have to play it to believe it. It’s challenging, but not too hard. It’s funny, like laugh out loud funny to this 38 year old engineer. It’s clever, cute, engaging - everything great about a game. After I beat every level and unlock every secret, I’ll go back and play it all over again. Bravo Triband. This is what mobile puzzle games are all about. Well done.
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3 years ago, DNDPLYS_YT
Love this game!
This is easily one of the most fun games I’ve ever played! I have gone through the entire campaign at least thrice, and it never gets old. I especially love the daily challenge concept, I am not the best at it but I will average top 50. I completed both of the extensions (Snow Day, and Sporty Sports) and I am religiously waiting for the third. I have one complaint with it however, recently, the game reset all of my progress. I have never deleted the app, and I don’t mind playing through the campaign again, I just wanted to let the devs know so they can prevent this happening in the future. Overall 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks for the amazing game!
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5 years ago, daisyhalfwit
Great game! Small sound issue
Wow, I love how completely bonkers this game is! Each level completely blows up (sometimes literally) the rules the level set before. The only reason why I’m downgrading the rating to a 4 is that there’s an issue for me with sound. I’ve never been a huge fan of game music or sound effects, so I always mute them and listen to music or a podcast while I play. This game won’t let me play a podcast in the background. Any time I open it up, any music or podcast app, including Apple apps, pause. I get it if this is a choice from the developers. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but this is a game that can be played on mobile. Most people are playing this casually while waiting in line, commuting, just relaxing, etc.
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4 years ago, Davy Vomderhaar
Amazing game
I hardly enjoy any games on the appstore anymore they all seem the same to me and there’s no originality anymore but this game is different for sure. It’s nothing spectacularly innovative but it’s definitely a change from the usual bland games that everybody seems to make. The jokes and references in this game are what really get me and it’s not very difficult either but it keeps you engaged with each level since they are all unique and different every single time. I really had no hopes with this game because so many others are always a letdown but this game is a breath of fresh air. I would definitely recommend checking this game out if you enjoy fun, funny, and unique games.
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1 year ago, Sussyvodka
This is the best game on mobile EVER it is so fun and so unique it combines laugh ability, being relatable, and still introducing new concepts and unique ideas! For example when you come to computer 03 usually you would choose what area to go to first but in computer 03 you have to do one but when completing it you destroy some junk and the computer without even completing both areas, but then you still have to do jungle to remove the junk! Also in jungle there are levels that you can’t play until you rush to the end and become a saw allowing you to cut down leaves and trees and play the level! IT IS UNIQUE
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