What Would You Choose? Rather

4.6 (201.1K)
60.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
DH3 Games
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for What Would You Choose? Rather

4.59 out of 5
201.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Addicting game ever!!!!!!!
Got pranked
This game here truly deserves that one star that I have given them because this game is truly number one and stands out upon all the other games out there! This game is very fun to play when you are lost and bored and it’s actually quite intriguing. Either way I’m very satisfied with what this game has made brought to me and I feel like others should at least do so also and have fun. If anybody though is questioning why my review is really positive but on a scale of 1 star out of 5 and how come I have them a 1 star is because... They are the only star that makes it count, they don’t need more stars to be good, good is just a title, it’s just something to make someone get something... pfft just get this game it’s worth your time.
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10 months ago, un-nicknameless
Wish there were sound effects
To be honest it’s probably stupid of me to wish there was some sort of sound effect, maybe I just don’t like the quiet, I dunno, but a sound once you’ve put in your answer, if you picked the average answer or the unpopular one seams like it would make it a bit more interesting. But other than my odd want for sound effects, the questions are really good. It’s a puzzler sometimes and really makes you think. It’s good for playing with friends or just if your bored (like I usually am) and they have 300+ questions for adults, which you have to pay extra for, with no adds, (which I will never use,) and a normal one for everyone free. The adds come every maybe 4 or 5 questions, which is annoying, but it’s good for car rides and stuff like that. And you can put in your own questions if you get bored of the ones they put out. So Id say it’s a good game when your bored, but I wouldn’t play it too often myself. So I’d definitely say to get it if you play would you rather often and run out of things to ask or just need something short to play. Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, Gaddis89
Love it
I love this game because it just is really fun like I can make my very own questions I don’t like to sit in the living room and play with my dad and I really like how it tells you work the most percentages like the rain will have 50% and the blue will have 40% say I just really like this game really fun I definitely recommend I like that there is an adult mode as well but I don’t think you should have to pay for it. FYI there is quite a few adds so if you could please either take them out or just limit them that would be great!!!☺️🙏
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1 year ago, pixie of the abyss
Read before getting
So it’s a good app but my concern is to many ads it’s like after every two answers of the would you rather questions you get a ad but also when ever I tried to make a would you rather question it would never work here is one I did but never went through “eat a chicken eat a cow” but it never went through I had try and get it to work like 6 times but it still had not worked and when I tried to answer a question the whole thing froze then a ad came about 5 minutes after it’s a good game other then all of the issues I have
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4 years ago, coca monkey
What the heck
Hey i love this game but come on can there at least be a variety of questions like I have had this game for what 5 no 6 weeks and I got an update that there are new questions and there is no new questions and I keep getting the same questions ever like 7 questions that same question repeats again and the adds are hard to get out of they have no way to get out of them so I have to close down the app and lose progress but I love how you tell us what your choice compares to other choices, I love the game me and my family play it all the time but please take into account what I said Stay safe and stay home Have a great day By
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5 years ago, pauloobarkoneda
Awesome game!!😁👍
This game is awesome! It’s so much to play with friends or family members! I downloaded this app when my friends and I were bored and it’s so entertaining! I love how you can submit your own suggestions. They always have new “ would you rathers” so it never gets old! I have had this app for about a year now and at first I didn’t really think that I would use it that much but I have used it a lot. It’s great to have on hand! I literally love this app so much! It’s amazing! I would highly recommend it. I think it is definitely appropriate for all ages! 10 out of 10
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5 years ago, Thekittykid
Ok I guess..
I just downloaded this app last night.. and im now playing it in the morning. But there was a lot of weird things about the game.. like when I tried to make my own question,I was done using the top part so I clicked off and it didn’t let me. Before I knew it I was in a 30 second ad. And I HATE ads. So after the ad I eventually got to write the bottom part and moved on. But when I first got in the app, I did my first question but it didn’t let me move on... it was confusing but then I clicked on the answer I had again and eventually I made it to my next question. So if the manager of the app is seeing this a move on button might be a good thing to add to the game. Thank you!🤗😜😃
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5 years ago, L.B 🤪🥳🤩
I really loved the game. I had to take off one star because I am the kind of person who has a short attention span and downloads games constantly. There was a time when I wanted to delete because I got bored. Sooo glad I didn’t though. The game is AMAZING for me and my sister. We always are in the car and it’s either this game or Go Fish or some other card game. There was barely any ads and so far zero glitches. If you love to listen to music, this is the game for you. But it does get annoying when an ad finishes and you have to go to the music app to start the music again. THE BEST WOULD YOU RATHER GAME EVER!! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!!
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4 years ago, Dont know one!!!!!!!!
Adds and modes
There are a lot of adds I don’t know if it is mine or there is just a lot of adds and just saying there should be one where we can choose some because some of them you would never expect when I asked my grandmother would you rather Never eat or never sleep she said Never eat ............... But she was like sleeping is important and she was wrong I would have said the same thing I think that kids did it and not adults Also there should be a mode when family’s can do it Thanks for reading it’s very longgggg
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4 years ago, couldnt find another one
Great game, but...
This game is very iconic and addicting, however there’s just too many adds. There isn’t an add every question or two, however you generally go through the questions very quickly, so I’m getting an add every 15 seconds or so. It’s not unplayable (If so I wouldn’t be bothered to make a review), but It’s just too many adds. If I could I’d rate it about 4.5 stars actually, since there are so many perks that I feel like we don’t think about when doing reviews. For example, most of the questions are kid friendly, and there’s a good amount of questions to answer. Really good game overall though.
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6 years ago, butternugget36373
Pls read this
Y’all know when your in the front seat of a car with someone you don’t know super well and y’all chat for a bit and then it goes silent and ur like um what do I do now? And you can’t find an app that you can use without WiFi to pretend like your doing something productive. WELL GUESS WHAT? This candy poppin app will sure do the trick. On a bus and people want to talk to you but you want them to stop? Pretend like your busy and play this bitter sticken ball hoppin apple slicen sweet as grandmas pie game. I always use it to avoid people! 10/10 would recommend
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5 years ago, RayneStorm85
I love this game. We use it to pass the time on long car rides and it gives us things to talk about. But sometimes we wish there were a way we could submit a question that we come up with. So, my suggestion is to see if you could come up with a way for the players to submit questions. And you could still review the submissions and add the ones you want. I just think it would be fun to see your own question and how other people answer it. By the way, my question is: “Would you rather projectile vomit in public? Or have uncontrollable diarrhea?
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3 years ago, IOutPizzaDaHut
Read before getting
This is a very good game. I’ve had it for a while now and I love it. My opinion I think it’s one of the best games out there. You just answer questions and it will show how many percent of people think the same. It gives you ads every like 6 or 7 questions. I don’t think you need wifi for it but I may be wrong. This is a really good game I recommend getting this game but your choice. Have a good day or evening I hope I helped.
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1 year ago, Sulqa
things that are making the app abit bad
This game is really great i could recommen for people to play this game if getting bored or smth. the thing is that in this game i could see some grammar mistakes that i couldn't understand to read or that doesn't really make sense after reading it. I think that if you check them back and change it i would give it a 5 out of 5 for sure. Saying this doesn't mean i hate this game! Pls understand me. I just thought of saying this to make this game better. I hope you can fix it, thank you.
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5 years ago, kelllllyhh
Cool game but not as great
Like this game is fun in all but like not about the game it’s just some people are selfish but also wats werird is that your giving information about your self and this game is not going to make people feel like the game is not that good that’s why I gave them a four and that it’s kinda cool and it’s kinda like weird seriously 😳 you should get this game but just be careful and if it’s personal like is it says family stuff like if it says would u save u mom or self just lie and maybe the game is reading this and if it is well please do not do personal things well anyways have fun with the game
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4 years ago, cat girl 😋
Nice but a lot of adds. 😁 Yes I am a kid so before I got this game my mom checked if the game is appropriate, and it is. For little kiddos I wouldn’t recommend this game, just because it’s a little complex and if you don’t how to use it, it’s boring. 😐 But keep in mind that as I was playing this game I was exposed to questions about cigarettes, alcohol, death, and dark humor. I like these questions because it keeps the game interesting 🧐. Just keep that in mind. A little dark, and mild language, but not anything big. I would not change any thing about this game, except for less adds.
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6 years ago, Blorp The Alien
it’s OK
To be honest, this game is not very fun. I wouldn’t recommend it but there’s nothing really wrong with it. There is not a lot of ads and it was not glitchy but still it’s just a waste of time. It would probably be fun to play with a lot of people or whatever but if you’re just by yourself and bored it’s only going to be a tiny bit less boring. In the beginning I kept on accidentally pressing the answer to the next question over and over again which got annoying. One thing I wasn’t a fan of was that you have to press your answer twice. In the end maybe you will disagree with me and think it’s fun like some people do and that’s OK but I still think it’s boring.👌🧡
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11 months ago, Leafz🍃
Fun but a tiny bit misleading.
This is game is fun to play with both your friends and family or just by yourself! The misleading part is how in the ads and the pictures on the app it shows that when you pick a option it shows the overall percentage worldwide from everyone else on what they picked but in the actual game it doesn’t show the percentages sadly which was a bit dissatisfying since I wanted to see how close or far my answers are from other people’s opinions but I guess I can’t.
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2 years ago, 134674674746847
Think of New would you rather’s
I think this game is good because it gets your mind moving when you’re on trips would you rather is it kind it kind of reminds me of the old times of would you rather you make up something and then you do it my family used to go on trips and ask would you rather I found this app on this app on my trip to New Mexico I thank you all for making this game thank you thank you.
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4 years ago, Docbuzcut
I think it’s great
I like games like would you rather but no one will play with me and when they do it’s so hard to think of questions, so this game is really nice. My only problem with the game is that I can’t change my answer when I mess up, but I mess up a lot so it’s probably just me. Also, in the other reviews they may say that they repeat the question a ton but that’s only happened to me a Couple of times, plus it can be nice to have a second chance to make my choice.
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5 years ago, LukcyLosers
Yes this “The Best” would you rather game out there! It lets you make “Would You Rathers” and see what percentage of people picked the choice you picked. It can help you make life decisions and learn more about what other people think. There aren’t ads every would you rather question. They only come maybe every 5 questions or so. It’s classic and generally you have to give your decision a lot of thought. It really helped me make decision in under 10 seconds or so. I think you SHOULD get it!
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2 months ago, I love this!💖
This is the best would you rather ever!👍🥳
All the questions are very fun! But when we submit our own questions, we can’t do it. But it’s not that bad, all the other questions are very great! But can you fix the 1 problem? I would be very proud! It’s fun and entertaining for kids, because we are kids! Would you rather is fun to play for us, Thank You for this app it’s great! Congratulations for making this app we appreciate it!🎉💕
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4 years ago, bballsoccercat13
You have to read the review to know what it’s about
Ok so this game is the best. It’s so addicting and it is interesting and really makes you think about what you care about. You get to see if you picked the same answer as the majority of people. You get to make your own questions. The only thing that I have a problem with is sometimes you get the same question. None of that matter though because the rest of the game makes up for it times 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
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4 years ago, doggy cat cat
Best game
This game is fun and I love it so much but I don’t like how there is no pictures and but words that is a no but the game is so fun and good for you and your friends and family I would love if you could download it if you did I hope that you you can have a good time and if you Didn’t what are you gonna play if you wanted to play a game like this and if you want to play the game you can always get the game and if you play it you are probably going to rate it so the Point is get it!😜😎
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3 years ago, Amoung us fan!
The best plz read
This is one of the best games I have ever played and it really makes you feel good but I don’t think you should get it if you always need to be right cause like it is fun but like I am always Pickering the red one lol it is just always the better one so like you should 100% get this game it is so fun for kids ,teens and adults too!! Also like this is so great but too many adds but the rest is SO great I am in love with it like🤯!!
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3 years ago, awsome stars
Great Game
I would rate this game 5 stars, it doesn’t use WiFi and can keep you busy for a while. I have had this game for two years now and it’s amazing I never get bored playing it and it asks some great questions. Some of the questions you might actually have to choose in real life. I just wanted to write a review to tell you guys that this game is amazing and is definitely worth your time. So without being said, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW.
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4 years ago, zariapr
The best game in the universe I love you
This game is amazing it tells me what I want to do in the future now I know what I wanna do you should download this game and give it five stars and write a reviewBut now some of the questions tell me what’s right like if I want my hair to be gone or if I don’t I don’t want to hear and I choose want my hair to be gone because I want to hear I don’t want to have my hearing to be gone so choose the right things on this game so your life can be perfect
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5 years ago, AAA4L
My Review
This game is fun for a family to play when they are board or when they are doing family game night or when they are on a road trip it would be a fun experience for adults and kids to get to know each other‘s opinions about a topic and it would be a family bonding for everybody in the family and every time they meet again they will want to play it again ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🤩🤩🤩❤️🤩🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😘🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
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5 months ago, Piglover00
SOOOOO many ads! 😫
I just downloaded the game yesterday but I’m already addicted! It’s so much fun and the questions are great. My only problem with the game are the constant adds. It’s like; you answer 3 questions... BAM!!! Another ad. I have tried a lot of other would you rather games, and this is the best by far. Only problem: ads. Please try to reduce the ads, it would make the game a lot better and fun! Thanks! 😃
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5 years ago, Ice.EaglezYT
This is fun
This game is really fun cause it's like taking a Fake quiz and you can see if you are like a lot other people or if your like a less amount of people and it takes your mind off of things and some things and some of then you don't want to do and what I do I think of real life and think of what answer would be better. And hope like this game as well and if you don't then you don't then just move on and find another game.
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4 years ago, kittycutiegirl
I love this game. It repeated some questions, though. I like that you can make your own questions. Played an inappropriate ad. The slot machine 777 ad went on, which has a scratch thing on a girl, who is wearing an EXTREMELY revealing bikini. I wish I could put a review on slot machine 777 because the ad is terrible. And the ad, on the side, says 18+. I thought slot machine 777 was a casino game or something! Also, I’m a 9 year old kid TRYING to play this awesome game and then this really inappropriate ad shows up. Totally ruins the game, but i still recommend the game.
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2 years ago, Vlop7
I LOVE THIS APPPPPPPP😒👟😂🔴😭👍🥹🤣💀💀💀👨‍✈️👍😭👟🪨😊😅
Yesterday was a storm ridden night I was bored in bed trying to sleep twisting and running around my room tryin g to sleep I just couldn’t so I open my phone and look around for things and I stumbled and trip and fall then get back up and see this AMAZING🤨❤️📖❄️👨❤️🤣😃❤️😙 app download it and saw what would changed my life for the worst and ever since that day (two minutes ago) I have had the best days of my life. Fin
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2 years ago, Sergey in Chicago
This game made me realize that I was a homosexual and I cheated on my husband!
I never realized this but I didn’t know what polyamorous meant until a question in the questions asked me would you rather be poly or cheat on your s/o and obviously I chose cheat because I thought that me and waitress at cozymels weren’t having friendly banter but my vag and her vag were actually scissoring and we didn’t know or at least I didn’t know
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5 years ago, moao,kv
Love this game
Really good game like the red and blue like the ROBLOX one think they copied the colors though. Game is probably going to be good for long rides just got it. Could be better too many ads. I feel like this is the one jelly is doing but I am not sure. I really want the one jelly has I am not sure if this is it. I love this game even though I just got it❤️🧡💛💚💙💜. It is good for when my grandma wants to go see some elderly she is very very sweet. Other than that it is a super good game💙💙💙💙
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4 years ago, unicornvolleyball
One suggestion
I have just one suggestion. I think you should make it to where we can see what people put for the ones that we made ourselves because I made one hoping I would stumble upon it but I haven’t and I want to see which one the majority of people put :) I think that you should have a option after making yours if you want to pin it so you can go to it whenever you want to see what people put. Other wise this is a great game, I would have given it four stars but I didn’t think anyone would see it that way :) Thank you!
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3 years ago, REKJR70
Great Game To Play When Bored
I was deleting some games bc I got bored of them and I was looking through the AppStore for more that will keep me busy so I searched would you rather and this popped up so I downloaded it without thinking twice and I have been playing for a while now and long enough to say that I love this game! This is one of the best games that will keep you busy and the opposite of bored! ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Ealasia
Pretty cool
I love the fact that you can play with friends and play by yourself it is also cool that it shows you the score and there are a few ads and there are no glitches so I gave them the 4star because it was so fun to play and I had no problems and it was just amazing I think you should get this app also I think you guys who created the game should make more games and I am going to play them and remember it’s not about having the money it’s about having the fun
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2 years ago, # WR15
Add the ability to answer questions with friends
This app is amazing. I cannot tell a lie this app is awesome but the only problem with is that if you want to have the exact same questions then you would have to have it on the pc but I have this app on my phone. So please make it so that you could socialize with people who aren’t in your exact location. Other then that this app is the best would you rather in the world.
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2 years ago, mermaid 2.O.
5 stars
This game is so fun I play it everyday. If I had to down side it I would have to say that some of the questions are almost impossible to answer I will sit on my couch and just site there thinking about it. I mean I guess that’s the fun of the game so I guess there is no down side. I really recommend playing it with friends, family, etc. thank you for reading this.
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3 years ago, mallie loves horses
The ads
This game is the best game in the whole wide world this is the best ever but the only thing I do not like about is the ads in every body else’s review they were about the adds to and I am another person that does not like the ads so if you do not like ads you do not want this game the rate I gave it was a four star rating that one last was because of the ads and that is just something I wanted to say about this game the game is very fun.
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1 year ago, jjjubilee
Needs more!
I love this game it’s super fun and easy to play and I love playing it with friends but a lot of the time I get the same questions over and over and it’s pretty boring I think this game needs some updates I think you should be able to make your own round and make all the questions I also think you should be able to have multiple different levels for free because I’ve been playing this game for a year and hard has never been unlocked and it gets boring because I’m answering the same questions
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4 years ago, karlen kitty
Good but I kinda don’t like it
The game is great! it shows would you rather question and that’s the point. But the reason why I did not give the app five stars is because sometimes I don’t know what the would you rather question is! I think y’all should put a question of your age so they can understand at the beginning of the download and to be safe you should do like a 7-10 like those. I am so sorry I complained I just needed you guys to know please make your app like that!
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5 years ago, i dont complain to much
Ummm this game gets...
Honestly this game is a little boring because on my screen blue is MOSTLY the side that wins and I think the questions are better that are on the red side and they are I asked all my 7 siblings and they agree too me and there’s a glitch that happens too me and I same question where on both side and it happened THREE TIMES and it obviously won on THE BLUE SIDE and it gets annoying too me because me and my sisters and brothers play together so it gets super annoying pls fix it and this is my first day getting it I’m NOT trying too complain a lot
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2 years ago, annie%meese
Great but…
This game is great but I think it only has to click on them, I get the game is just would you rather but I say that it should do all kinds of questions like picture would you rathers and others. I think this is a good game to play because you get better practice deciding on things this is also a game that is very hard to do which is why sometimes it might take you a while to answer. Thank bye
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2 years ago, ReaPeR_TrAck3rs
Very Entertaining
I downloaded this game after seeing some other people play it over the years and thought I’d give it a try. Not only is it fun, it is exciting to see how you relate with others playing this game. It’s fun to see if your answer is the most popular or most unpopular. Definitely recommend if you want to be surprised at sometimes!
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5 years ago, Gigiboo999
Five Star👍🏻
This is a totally awesome game if you have nothing to do on your phone or iPad you should totally try this game cause it’s not just entertaining but also calming because there’s no harsh sounds like loud sounds. I totally recommend this game you should really try it and I just give it a five star because it’s really entertaining and fun because you never know what’s gonna be the right answer or wrong answer!🤓
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2 years ago, izzy moonzz
Great if your bored, and with friends
You can play this game anytime! I appreciate the questions plus, you can make your own questions! The only thing that isn’t as bad are the ads. The ads cans be annoying plus, you can at least remove them but still. Anyways, I’m glad the “Adult version “ is kinda completely off limits depending. Bye 🥹
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2 years ago, GalaxyMaeMango
Review (7/10)
I just downloaded this app and I am not getting off of it. It challenges you with hard choices that you will have to ask someone else to help you decide. It shows the percentage of each choice which is sort of fun so you can see if you get the higher or lower one. It is a little bring cause there isn't any goal so that brings down my rate. But if you come along this app, its a yes.
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6 years ago, Ebert 2.0
A New Perspective
I enjoy the simple execution of this game. Its distinct method of color differentiation is surprisingly effective. Remember also, this game is played for multiple ages; it does engage plenty and that includes myself. The one major nitpick I would have is that it does get rather irritating attempting to play this keeping my screen horizontal as supposed to vertical. For those that use the phone this is merely a necessity, for iPad and laptop users many will be frustrated by this feature.
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4 years ago, nicknameaok
Very good
It’s a great app but I think it needs more different questions. I feel like every two seconds I am asked the same question over and over and over! Other then that the game is really good. If you rate this app a one star then you are crazy! If there is more questions I would rate this five stars. Why I really like this is because you can a quick round of would you rather on the go. It does keep me entertained when I go on the road.
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