What's the Difference? Spot It

4.6 (22.5K)
103.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Candywriter, LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for What's the Difference? Spot It

4.63 out of 5
22.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Blackcatyoga
Love it!
Best find the differences game I’ve found on here. The picture layout changes with how you want to hold your phone which is nice. When you first play there are a lot of little hint selection options but after you go get through a few levels it stops. The ads are not a big deal compared to a lot of other free games. I’ve never paid for any lifelines or anything because I like the challenge of finding it myself. I think I’ve only noticed two glitches - errors in the pics - one on the Las Vegas one with the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign... there’s a difference in the power lines but the game doesn’t recognize it when you click it. And I can’t even remember the other one but there’s really no errors which is nice! I honestly have played this game over and over after I beat the levels lol... I love it. So I hope new levels/pictures come out soon!
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4 years ago, KristaKlock
Fun and engages your brain!
I was training for a half marathon a distracted driver hit me, I enjoy playing this game because it cognitively engages your brain in finding the differences in the pictures. For me this has been helpful, my husband also likes to play the game because he finds it fun to try to find the differences in the pictures. The game really makes you focus on the different traits in each picture. Highly recommended. My only complaint would be that initially you could watch a 30 second video and earn a lifeline by watching the video, it seems that now as we are farther along in the game that is no longer an option. The only way to get the lifelines is to purchase them or occasionally you can send a postcard to a friend to earn 2 lifelines. I still wish you had the option, even if it was only once a day where you could watch a video and earn a free lifeline. That to me would make the game better. If that is a possibility and somehow I am making a mistake, please respond to me and let me know. Thank you.
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5 years ago, MZAC1
My 5 year old is obsessed w/ this game.
It’s hard today to find games for children they like that don’t have any violence. I started playing this game myself and was intrigued with how they made such a wonderful display of places to visit incorporates with finding differences between two pictures. Once my five-year-old son started seeing me play this game he became obsessed and insisted on playing with me all the time. Now he simply won’t go to bed at night unless we can go from one country to the next!! I hope you continue to expand this app perhaps make it more educational by adding points of tourist interest with many more places around the world as I simply cannot find other app that I love playing as much as this one. Five stars. Keep up the great work!!!
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6 years ago, Jbamb
Fun way to kill time
I really enjoyed the game, and the ads don’t bother me as much. Only bugs I had was when it asks if I want to watch a video for lifelines, show no video, but then tell me I didn’t watch the full ad so I didn’t get the award. I’ve played through it a few times now and hope there will be more levels added soon.
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7 years ago, Nyo-Nyo
Game Freezes 😞
The game is fun, and I don't even mind the ads. However, whenever I opt for a save by watching an ad, the game freezes after watching it. The freeze time section blinks, but when I try to touch the screen to click on the "difference", it won't let me. I then have no choice but to pause the game, click through all the selections, click resume and let the game Time Out! And thennnnn I have to start all over from the beginning of the round and repeat through all of them even though I earned my saves by watching the ads and spotted all the correct "differences". Please fix because I really like the game!
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6 years ago, Chris10983
So as I’m on level 49 I got stuck on one of the photos, there was absolutely no difference in the picS so for curiosity I took a screen shot of the pic and then proceeded to purchase the “hint and freeze” (mind you I have already purchased once more before) after I pushed the hint button I realized that the pic had changed to one with a difference cause I went back to the screen shot and it was not the same. So I guess some of these pics don’t even have 5 differences and you just keep looking for them until you finally give up and are forced to make a purchase to actually see what the difference is.. LAME and after you make a purchase once it doesn’t even give you the option to send to two friends or watch an add for free hints.
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6 years ago, chelle4d
Many Complaints
1. Like everyone else, the ads are extremely annoying, as well as asking to rate your App. 2. You don’t give any time for us to see a spot revealed. No idea what it is. 3. Some differences are so slight that they don’t look different at all!! It’s ridiculous. You have to do a reveal for those, and like I said before, you don’t even give enough time to really see what it is. 4. There aren’t enough puzzles. I’ve already been around the map twice, and it’s just a repeat of the same photos. There should be other categories added with App updates, instead of just tourism photos. I will be deleting this game now, and moving on to another one with more photos.
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3 years ago, Book Walker
Very good
Makes you look closely at things. One suggestion to the developers: instead of immediately going to the next photos after spotting all the differences, let the user decide when to move on. I took a reveal for my last difference because I could not find it and immediately after circling the location of the last difference, the app went to the next photo. I never had time to see what I had missed. I felt I wasted a reveal and I didn’t learn anything (what and why I missed the difference).
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4 years ago, Jane1906
Love it, BUT.....
Great pics, good "differences" between photos. However, if you need a hint on the final find, it shows it so fast you can't see what it was. I am starting to think this is intentional to make you buy more hints----just make the last difference on certain pages either non-existent or almost invisible, the you will buy hints and can go on. It's a shame for something that calls itself a free app. However, if it DIDN'T do that, I think this would be the best of all of the ones I've tried.
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5 years ago, Princess_Erika
Would be great, EXCEPT...
VERY cute game but the huge problem for me is when you get down to about a quarter of the time left the stupid reveals start shaking nonstop for you to touch it, how AWFULLY distracting indeed! It takes your attention AWAY from looking for the differences when this stupid reveal thing keeps shaking at you. Then to make matters worse, when you do your damndest to ignore THAT and concentrate, this giant fingers comes out and starts pointing at the reveal for the remainder of the time! Developers pleaseeee get rid of these things.. it’s annoying and overly distracting. Not saying to get rid of the reveals.. but get rid of the shaking and the finger pointing please
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7 years ago, TN GOT FAN
Would Be Fun But They Are GREEDY
You have to pay to remove annoying ads at the bottom of the screen (like we’re actually, intentionally EVER going to click on one of these ads). And, when you go through the so-called instructions, the settings are set with “music” and British voice comments, which you have to change back in settings. You can’t enlarge to help you see better. So, I would enjoy a subscription to Highlight magazine much more. Remember how much fun it was when you were a kid? The programmers probably don’t know what that was even or they would have done a better job of this app.
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6 years ago, Lib Happy!
They should pay me to play this!
I play games to come relax. On this game I felt like I was being harassed constantly to buy either items or lifelines and extra turns etc. Furthermore it has lights that flash on the screen in the middle of the pics, which are btw too small, taking up way too small a percentage of the screen, totally distracting. Use your space better. If I could design a better one of these. This one needs help. Oh and it hangs up and puts you back at the start when you’re sitting there clicking on the right spot.... just freezes, I guess. Great concept, lacking in execution. Sadly ends up being irritating.
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7 years ago, amburrjade
This is ridiculous
I've never reviewed any app before but this game is impossible. I got stuck on the first level of Italy (the picture of pizza) and I could not find all five clues no matter how many times I played it. I finally used a clue reveal for the last clue (which does reveal the final missing difference, is but only for a second, so I didn't even realize what I missed after using the clue. I got the next level, and didn't solve it in the time allotted, and it took me back to the beginning level of Italy (the stupid pizza I got stuck on). It's such an intense penalty and I'm only on level 20 or so.
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6 years ago, sukiedc
A fun game but i would like one change for my bad eye days
I would love to be able to reset the time or have no time to beat for the days when my eye is bad. Since i can cope w frustration in games i can enjoy the game despite that, but i could imagine it being a form of useful training for compensating for vision loss if the user felt that a time for normal eyes was not automatic. So, one change might add an application to the app.
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4 years ago, tyedyed70
What’s Difference
It’s the best! It’s not that easy to find the difference between the two pictures! & I’m a baby boomer and l like real pictures not cartoons’ Oh sure I loved them when I was a little girl! But I play this game to keep my mind/brain sharp and I hope that have more of “real pictures “ ones! Thanks Always, Tyedyed72 💖⚡️😊🎶😎🧚‍♀️☮️🤞😉☘️🐾🙏
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6 years ago, ProudestMom
Problem with the “reveals”
I like playing, but I constantly have problems with the “2 free reveals” option. They used to work, but pretty far into the game, they stopped. Now when I click to receive them nothing happens, and the game freezes. I deleted and reinstalled the game, which made me have to start all over again from the beginning, and the same thing happened again. Needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Shawnrat01
Awesome for passing time
I’ve been playing WTD for a long time. I’ve completed before, but it’s still difficult at times. My only complaint is I changed phones and I no longer have my lifelines since the app didn’t carry over. That’s money lost!
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5 years ago, hananah121
Great game but sometimes glitches
I have fun with this game, and it’s really challenging. The only real problem is that I have had trouble with one of the levels not allowing me to click on one of the differences. It was an obvious difference and I kept clicking it and getting an x until my time ran out. Other than the one issue the game has been great.
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4 years ago, ChristianKustomz
Glitches and freezes
Whelp like many other apps and games this one almost made the cut for fun if not for the absolute annoying fact after watching a video as a “save me” it freezes up and locks the game up. So all of your hard for to get as far as you have is all for nothing because it’s freezes. Thanks for nothing. I’ve deleted the app and won’t be back. Also the graphics are weak, gameplay is less to be desired and it’s scenery is really just simple and childs play. Not impressed at all.
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5 years ago, coolsprogamesplaywithme
Looking for the cool amazing things to find on this game. Can
You teach me how to make these kind of games on the App Store there really good to do when don’t have internet connection or you don’t have any games to play or do when your bored just play this
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5 years ago, Leaves04
Really Fun and a Great Way to Sharpen Your Eyes!!
I love this game!! It’s really sharpened my eyesight and me and my cousin play it ALL the time!! We get so happy when we move to the next level. Another great thing about this game is that you can play it alone or with other people. This is really a must have game!!
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3 years ago, castanail
For your eyes only
I like that when you make a mistake and it takes you back the scenes change so that you can’t remember the difference from the previous one
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5 years ago, Awesomelegend1111
My opinion of the game
It is a great game if you are looking for something to do every once in awhile in your free time. It isn’t really a game you would come home from school or work really wanting to play, but when you play it, you still have fun. So, all things considered, I recommend getting this game.
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6 years ago, Lpops23
I like it
I am enjoying the game. It is helping me improve my visual perception. My only complaint is that the reveals are so fast that I can't see what I missed. I appreciate having them, though. Just slow them down a bit, please.
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6 years ago, MomVenter
Ads ads ads..buy buy buy
Hope you like watching lots and LOTS of ads and being solicited to buy meaningless things like tokens and rescue. Constant advertising keeps you from getting into any streaks...distracting. Daughter and I would pay more but long ads are aggravating
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6 years ago, Gogoogoobear14
What's the difference review
It is awesome 😁! I will play it whenever I can! I like how hard it gets and how it isn't really easy and even though It's hard finding stuff in time it's still fun! Very fun!
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6 years ago, Super speed fidget spinner
Best game yet
This game is very challenging. It can help grade schools spot the difference to show what is the right and the wrong, so when they grow up they won't be saying this is how this supposed to look. Now here is a problem the timer makes me anxious and then I rush and get one wrong then the timer speeds up.
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5 months ago, Math14
I especially like the relaxed mode. Some are easy, some are pretty challenging. I know the hint icon, but what is the other one for? My only complaint is that when you need the last hint you don’t have time to see what you missed.
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5 years ago, LootLama127
It is challenging!!!!!!!!
And I love it! It is a good game to get your brains thinking. But I just wish it gave you more time on the harder levels. *Hint* maybe add multiplayer to make it more of a family game not just 1 player. (If you know what I mean) But not to be rude but make it more well............ MORE?
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6 years ago, Kathleen McDonnell Dolinak
Great way to kill time
I enjoy this game because it keeping me entertained. If you are waiting for an appointment and they are running behind. Or your waiting for a friend and he or she is running behind. It just helps to kill time while waiting or just some brain stimulation
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6 years ago, Fresh034
The game is fun but when you constantly put an ad on the bottom of the screen while trying to play, you can’t see the entire picture and see all the differences... it’s a poor method. Do a full screen ad then allow people to play. Otherwise the game is impossible
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6 years ago, maastaylor
Pretty fun, good challenge
I love find the difference puzzles, and this one is good because the images are bright and clear. I wish they could be a little bigger for my iPad and maybe have a little more time, but that is the challenge!
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6 years ago, A Lorca nna
Find the difference
Fun to play. Kind of a challenge and makes you really look at everything. Can't wait for my grandkids to try their hand.
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6 years ago, Kapre18
Inappropriate Ads
I actually agreed to watch a ad for credits. it started with a woman walking in on her boyfriend in bed with another woman. The question that I had to answer was (paraphrased) “should she smash everything up or join them?” Oh please. I admit to some curiosity about what would have happened if I selected the latter option but not enough to actually try it. So much for handing this off to the kids to play.
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6 years ago, Emily1276
Lots of ads
I like the game overall but there’s way too many ads you have to watch. Plus when you use a reveal on the last item, it goes to the next picture so fast you can't see the difference between the pictures.
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6 years ago, Zpploldf
Jenna h
I loved this game it’s awesome And it’s a smart way for a Game and it’s let the kids smart not like the other Games I like this game actually it’s not a Game I’m going to name it a super smart app I really want to thank the one who made this supper smart app 😍❤️👍🌸
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4 years ago, Kritical Kitty
Lots of little details to find
Great challenge trying to find all the differences quickly and it’s harder on phone with small screen pool
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6 years ago, MadHatter51
Quit Asking Me To Rate Your App
Very regularly this app asks you to rate their app, which is annoying enough. The app totally ignores your rating unless you give it 5 stars. Really? By the way, it did not used to that. Only after the last upgrade did it start doing that. That update will be the last as I will be deleting it after this review, and all others from the same company.
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3 years ago, RoseGirl9999
Need to update
When was the last time this thing was updated two years ago wow. Games are out of date
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6 years ago, Leftypj
Bug STILL Occurring
It’s been several months and bug still occurs. Enjoying the game, but when using the “watch an ad” to save the game, afterwards the game is frozen! The only thing you can hit that unfreezes it is “pause,” but then when you unpause it, the game ends. Please fix!
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10 months ago, Kim-KK
Needs New Pictures
I really love this game. I do wish, however, they’d add different images to do. They’ve had the same ones now as long as I’ve been playing the game and they’re even duplicated from level to level.
Show more
6 years ago, ndhszhx
The 2 things I DONT like about this game
This is a fun game but the only thing I don’t like is that I don’t have any thing like a free reaval and freeze time but everything else is fine
Show more
5 years ago, Draysk
So glad they allow you to reveal an answer without purchasing them. This game is a lot of fun to play. It’s better then backgammon live. That game is a rip off!!
Show more
7 years ago, Treat53
Timer off
I have some older games that I really like by you, but please could you fix them so we can play causally without the timer. I don’t play much because of that thank you
Show more
3 years ago, Ittiam
No rewards for solving the picture.
I just started playing this game. I’m on level 11 and I haven’t been rewarded for solving puzzles. I don’t have any reveals and the only way to get them is to pay for them. I noticed the other comments talking about ads. I don’t have any ads to watch. Plus there’s no policy on privacy. I’m leaving this game.
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6 years ago, Scrabbler!!!!!....
I would have given this game a better rating IF they gave you a chance to see what you missed when you do a reveal. After you do the reveal they don’t let you see what you missed making me wonder if I really did miss anything.
Show more
5 years ago, Mummaw144
Addictive and fun!
This is a great game for exercising your brain muscle. I would like to see updates that routinely add images to the “relaxed” mode. While the timed mode is fun, having to start over repeatedly gets a little frustrating.
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4 years ago, aiden2245
I can’t get past the Kilimanjaro puzzle. There is a big mistake on that one. The upper left post and the missing word You are so close together you can’t select one without the other. Please fix this!
Show more
6 years ago, Princessdee88
Not working
I like the game but it's been real glitchy lately. When I click save me I watch the ad then it freezes and I can't click on anything. When I click on yes two free reveals it doesn't start the ad it just starts the game. Please fix!
Show more
6 years ago, lkp33
Needs updated pictures
I’ve made it through three times but without any new updates gets boring doing the same pictures over and over again
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