Wheel of Fortune: Show Puzzles

4.6 (187.3K)
310.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scopely, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wheel of Fortune: Show Puzzles

4.58 out of 5
187.3K Ratings
1 year ago, CounterpointSue
A Great Game!
I love this app and play almost every day. I do not spend any money to play. The screen is a bit busy and it took me a few days to get the hang of the challenges and rewards (I still don’t know what the golden letters do), but it was worth it. The ads are not overly intrusive (thank you!). I was asked to join a club and I enjoy being in a team to earn more rewards. I win a lot of games, but I also lose some, so there are some good challenges here. My only critique: I’d rather be able to have the choice when to activate the talismans. Right now, they automatically get activated when you receive them. I don’t always want to use a helping hand when I have them available; sometimes the better strategy would be to lose the turn if it’s early in the game and save that talisman until later in the round. I did end up changing my user name because when I had a clearly gendered user name I kept getting unwanted chat requests from random people, usually men. I blocked all of them, but it seems as if this happened most days until I switched to a neutral user name with no picture to give anyone any clues about my gender. The chat requests seemed to want to elicit personal information from me. Be careful about that. Other than that one easily controlled issue, this game deserves a good look if you enjoy the TV show.
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3 weeks ago, fancyface43
Ms Jackson
Very fun and competitive game to play. I played this game every day several times a day I really would like to play the game in person and maybe someday that day will come but for now I’ll continue to play it on my cell phone, computer, and TV, to sum it up any way I can get to play The Wheel of Fortune game because I’m Team Wheel of Fortune. I feel like the new Wheel of Fortune game is much better than before I enjoy the new games and I love that Pat and Vanna play in some of the matches as well. I think it would be really nice to have a celebrity wheel of Fortune game put together for the cell phone game I’ve been playing Wheel of Fortune forever I even played when the Wheel of Fortune bus came to KY but looking forward to changes to come to the game so much has changed since I first started playing this game and it’s all for the better. Let me just say this Wheel of Fortune is one of the best games that I have on my cell phone and it really helps me out when I have some downtime. I’m gonna stop because I can talk on and on about the wheel of Fortune game let me just in with since Pat has started his retirement I miss seeing him and I miss seeing Vanna as well all I can say is I don’t feel like things is gonna be the same but I’m a patient person and we’ll see what happens. Thank you Wheel of Fortune for helping me❤️
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5 years ago, littel puppie
Fun game
This is a really fun because you get to solve lots of puzzles With words and you get to compete with other players around the globe and you get money and buy ( with your fake money)tickets to the wheel of fortune game and you can solve big puzzles as you level up. The first level is easy than it gets harder and harder as you get to higher levels and it is like the show every pice of it is like the show but it doesn’t have levels I don’t think?and you earn your money by winning the puzzles/solving the sentence and then you win and get the money you won to buy things to buy your tickets to the wheel of fortune and there are not many adds in the game so you don’t really have to buy NO ADDS in my opinion but you can not if you want but you should not have to pay for something that doesn’t really happen and the name of the game is trying to solve the sentence before any body else dose so you can win your money and you can even play (if they have the game) with your family or people on the other side of the world like I said IF they have the game but I really recommend this app it dose not have any glitches so you really don’t have to delete the app but you can if you want I really recommend this for a adult or child or teenager it is really fun for any shape or size even a animal!!!
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4 years ago, JuneBugBetsy
Love it!
I love the spin until you miss feature and also the open 5 boxes at a time. And I like being able to continue playing until a new level is created. And I love the new 5 spins to get free diamonds with a 25 diamond bonus. I have been having trouble getting credit for special wheel tournaments. I will complete a challenge, “Defeat Jack 5 times,” but it will give an error message that the game is offline, or something like that, and I have to re-play the challenge again. This has happened at least 5 times in the past few days. Also, when I’m playing a tournament challenge where I have to “defeat Jack 3 times”, it won’t give me a chance to play against Jack or sometimes any of the characters. I may play 8 -10 games and none of them are against the characters. Those were earlier comments. I have some new concerns. I love playing this game but I do get frustrated sometimes. I will use my upgrades for better spins and I will only get $350, $500, $750, even though I use the upgrade to the highest level for better spins. So I basically spend 100 or more diamonds to upgrade and still don’t get enough money to earn the prizes! Very frustrating. This happens at least half the time and probably closer to 3/4 of the time.
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1 year ago, ButteryBets
Please bring back the animations and fix souvenier box credits that start from scratch!
We love it! The two recent things which we hope they fix recently is- one, when I'm out of the game for 6-12 hours, it takes away all my boxes of souvenirs and I have to start from scratch even when I've reached the last box. Hope they resolve it! Secondly, we definitely miss the animations so much. We loved ringing the bell in London, Hollywood flashes, thunderstorms, falling Sphinx head in Egypt. Gosh, we reach every level in the hope that they have animations and tap every inch on the screen lol.. but somehow we haven't come across them since the past few levels. Please bring them back. It was an excitement to get us to the next level! Please bring them back! Other than that, it's awesome! My husband and I play it every night before going off! The ads are alright and it's finally great that they have 'free life' and 'replay bonus rounds' by watching ads. We don't mind that. Grammatically, a lot of the puzzles they put under 'Things' are not things. It's action, feelings, etc. kind of a say-what moment for us which we are trying hard to cope with. Thanks for a great game though!
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Time waster
I have been playing this game for a few months and do enjoy the puzzles. There are quite a few issues, though. One it is a pay to play type with 5 tickets to play and it takes 2 1/2 hours to refill. There are a ton of ads, as well. Then, there is the regular freezing and crashing of the game mid puzzle. You will lose your progress for the bonus round prizes and the developer response is blah. My final gripe is the progression through the levels. It takes forever if you do not spend a ton of cash. I am level 192 as I refuse to spend real money on these games. You can win a decent amount of diamonds in tournaments and this would enable more game play. The catch is almost everyone who wins a tournament is level 460. In the daily tournaments each player is given a different puzzle and you use your own wheel that you have upgraded as you go. So, if you are level 460 and have upgraded your wheel to have $5000 wedges, versus a level 100 player who only has $600 wedges, you have quite the advantage. The Fast Play tournaments are more of a level playing field, but the prizes are much smaller. All in all this is entertaining, but if you are a long term player the slow progress is frustrating. There should be more opportunities for players to win diamonds in the tournaments, such as level based participation. If the tournaments organized players by how skilled they are, we might stand a chance of winning.
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4 years ago, kitten. d d
Wheel of fortune
I’m one of your older players. I love the game. I do not do Facebook nor do I buy diamonds or any other products. Since I’ve been playing you’ve critiqued the game and made many improvements. The diamonds I’ve earned I must use very wisely. If I’m towards the end of a game that’s mostly when I would use them. 250$ is way to much to require to continue a box. I want to Andress the letter streak. You will often give a puzzle with two words about 12 letters then when you miss only one it erases all the letters. I think when you earn a letter you should be able to keep it not have it erased. Now I do believe there are things you could do to make the the player average feel more accomplished and happy. Lower thes products. This is rediculous. 250 diamonds to continue a game. My favorite help is the free hint. I love being able to buy 3 hints for 150 diamonds. I would save for this. Some of your versions have absolutely to many bankrupts. Soon you just get numb to all of this lose turn and bankrupts and you think WELL ILL JUST PLAY AND FORGET ABOUT WINNING. THANK YOU. THIS IS MY REVIEW AND I MISS NOT BEING ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH MY FRIENDS LORI AND JOSIAH ALL THE OTHERS. IT ALWAYS HELPS TO FEEL LIKE SOMEONE IS LISTENING. THANKS DONNADONNA
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4 years ago, Blackavar015
Special events are a grind
I’ve been playing a few weeks and love the base game...but the special events are horrible. I thought the Lunar New Year one was fun, but the Valentine’s Day and Around the World are so boring that they detract from the whole game play. VDay took way too many collections to win special wedges, and now you’ve “made the game more fun” by making it next to impossible to win the collection items. Also, by making the collection items disappear so quickly, there are times when I have to decide between winning the special event cards and strategically guessing letters based on the amount of the current wedge (which is kind of a big part of the game???). And this is all for the CHANCE of winning something in one or two spins later, which becomes meaningless when you’re only completing a couple of special wedges. If you’re going to stick with making the special events punishing like this, can you at least not have them so frequently? I don’t understand the point of advancing to unlock upgrade cards when there’s basically a short window of a couple of hours between events where I might (maybe, possibly) be able to win them. And I have to say that this is the first app I’ve ever played where the special events go on forever and stink. I’m not sure what you’re thinking on that.
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4 years ago, happyjuliabiscuit
So ever since Covid started I have been playing this game and wheel of fortune and I like it I teach at it I meant I teach it to my kids and they enjoy it and I hope that you do too it’s a very fun way to communicate and to go on different trips quotation quotation marks so yeah it’s fun and I love it and I hope everyone else does and you should read this five stars except that the VIP and you have to log into Facebook to do a background in a backdrop which I don’t like because I mean I have a Facebook account but I don’t want to log into it because they might steal my information but I still love it and it’s good and I hope all of you like it except the VIP which cost a lot of money I’m just kidding it doesn’t my husband thinks it’s him and and ever since COVID-19 started I’ve just been one and wanting to break and to like watch wheel of fortune but my kids hate the show but I love it my husband does and we normally watch it sometimes when I get to go to sleep but like they’re normally not sleep so this is a great way to communicate to see how good you are and yeah I hope all of you guys like it and love it by out
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5 years ago, #AwesomeMe
Wheel of fortune
It is very challenging but sometimes that is kind of good it is very good and also I am very good at it since I had a lot of experience and I am only eight years old I am turning nine next week so don’t be surprised that I have won at least 18 of them and that is counting the bonus rounds and I always win the bonus rounds which to me are the hardest well I don’t want to make this too long I got to go but I just love this game wheel of fortune I get it by the five and you should too WHEEL of fortune is a great learning experience for kids my age but you should not do people five beyond her name I don’t hand job or just wreck your phone or laptop or any electronics so I was right just for some improvements put right on the game right when to download it only for five and upper because they might break your phone and that’s all you got to know about wheel fortune and just so you know is the best game of time and I had a lot of fun today playing it when I had my brakes and I don’t have many breaks so I am very very very happy for me and myself sincerely “Payton”
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5 years ago, 1jaxsgirl
Used to be great
This game used to be awesome! Unfortunately now, it’s just got so many problems that don’t seem to be getting better. Instead of me writing a normal review - below is my email to support. I’ll be ecstatic to change my rating and review if it’s treated accordingly. I downloaded this game awhile back and really enjoyed it. I spent money that I shouldn’t have on diamonds but, I liked the game. Worked really hard getting further on in levels. Then, the problems start. All of which I’ve informed through the contact button on the actual app. This may go to the same place, I don’t know. First, the game started booting me out constantly. Always after I had won. Then, I started getting purchase errors after winning the bonus rounds. This has happened at least 10 times in the last couple days. Now it’s happening just about every single time I play! How are we going to be compensated for this? Honestly, at the very least, I should be getting the boxes that I earned! Or diamonds or something!! Instead I’m being told, “We are aware of the problem. We are working on it. We don’t know when it will be fixed. We can’t decide whether we are going to give compensation or not but thank you”. I really do like this game but it needs to take care of the customers who have spent time and money to get where they are. Thank you!
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5 years ago, KoyoteeUK
Customer Support Dire/ feedback always ignored.
Short term it’s great fun, as Scopely WOF have dumbed down $ amounts to pass levels. Clubs are great, random theme games fun & individual H2H challenges good. However as you progress it falls apart. 1. Club level 35 is the maximum level. Any Club tokens won are wasted/lost. 2. The game crashes regularly. 3. Head2Head challenges run out of levels so all you play for is to stop relegation.. you get nothing for winning. 4. Themed challenges are biased. Upper levels require 3x or 4x as many games to reach the end as lower levels for exactly the same rewards. 5. Themed challenge games appear around every 5 regular games. You will need to play over 200 regular games for lower levels and over 400 for upper in a short space of time to reach the same goal. 6. An average player will never make the themes. 7. While you fly through levels as $ amounts are easy, collection of souvenirs will take ages on upper levels. 8. For the serious who reach the top level, you will be waiting ages for a new level. 9. Support is pathetic, never doing anything except quoting stock answers of “we’ll pass it on”. 10. The bottom line is they make money off beginners & ignore long term gamers who highlight issues. Newbies will fall by the wayside as the difficulty & frustrations begin. So enjoy it as it is fun, but don’t expect assistance as problems arise.
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5 years ago, Pamgam
Great Game - Technical Fixes NEEDED!
I really enjoy playing this game and leveling up within the different worlds. The club feature is okay, but of course some members don't participate. I agree with other reviews that say it takes too much time and effort to earn diamonds, yet when you want to trade them in for something, it asks for a ton of diamonds. How can you possibly have diamonds needed to make trades/get upgrades with the numbers they ask for... also, the technical difficulties are never-ending. Here are issues I have had: ending the bonus round and the "continue" button not working then I lose my won game and the money and all rewards because I have to close out (the screen just says loading forever), reaching worlds and not being able to retrieve my lifetime goal rewards (making it to Dublin and now to Chicago), and free diamonds being offered by ad watching and then when you click on it to see the ad and get the free diamonds, it says loading (again forever) and you have to close the app. This game is very fun and I enjoy it, but I am SO FRUSTRATED that each time an update happens, something is screwed up in the game - not getting credits for Dublin when it first became available and now with the newest update, users are unable to claim the Chicago passport. 😕
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6 years ago, Kokopelli_76
Fun at first but then....
When I first started playing I thought this app was going to be great. But then I realized the MANY problems with it. First, you only get five tickets and it takes half an hour to get one. Next, you can only spin and guess one letter at a time which means you can’t earn that much money and isn’t that big of a deal except for in the tournaments which go by the amount of money won. And you don’t win any money on the bonus rounds at all. My other BIG issue is that you level up really quick in the first city but it takes FOREVER to earn the 75 prizes to move to the next city and the whole time you play after you have reached level 10, the money you win goes where? Nowhere! Then I noticed that one of the achievements that would give me 20 diamonds was earning a certain amt of money and after every round that I would have earned it I noticed it would give me the achievement and take it away because I hadn’t earned all the prizes to move to lvl 11 and all the money I was earning was going nowhere! Definitely need to balance that out! And $9.99 a month for no ads and 10 ticket cap. Give me a break!! I hope they fix some of this stuff quick or I will not play anymore.
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3 years ago, BunThitNuong
Great game with free play
The graphics are really cool, there’s so much variety in the puzzles and there is a way to play for free by watching ads. The ads are usually relevant or useful so I actually don’t mind them. Maybe add an option to select advertising categories we prefer? The only negative would be that, sometimes, the puzzles do not always make sense. Some have weird adjectives or aren’t obvious phrases, so this would be difficult for those from a multicultural background. However, I LOVE the fact that, at the end of each puzzle, you can like or dislike a puzzle to provide feedback. I also don’t quite understand how all the features of the game work together (special letters, spin upgrades, tokens, collectibles, etc.) so it would help if there was a tutorial guide. For that reason, I have only been playing using the basic gameplay features. Lastly, there’s no obvious Quit Game option to leave the app. It’s quite a process to tap and hold the bottom of the app and try to get out of the app if I need to. Overall, the game is is quite fun and appealing.
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3 years ago, RTPNOW
Wheel of Fortune
What can I say, but that, I love playing Wheel of Fortune! It’s been an ideal way for me to relax, after a busy day. The variety in game choices and challenges hold my interest. The perks and points allow me to continue playing this wonderful game. I also like the new challenges that come frequently, which increase my knowledge in areas I otherwise would not have. The tech support I have experienced, further increases my desire to play this game. The support have been patient, customer focused, and above all, committed to resolving my problem. ...... which is an additional reason to give a rating of 5 stars. Keep the new games and perks coming! I really am excited about playing the new games. I love the added variety and the creative rewards from winning. You have a smart and talented team, who always deliver. Keep up the good work , as well as the improvements you make to the game! Wheel of Fortune still continues to be my favorite game to play.
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9 months ago, THE Angel Radness
With so many options to spend $, why ads?!?
Seems there’s a million options to spend money within the app, and I have no doubt that many people do. But after the first couple days of smooth play, suddenly one day I’m getting ads after every game. For me that’s a deal breaker. Just seems to me that if you’re going to ask people to spend money (ie “break open the piggy bank for $1.99!”), then it should be an ad free experience. I sure as heck won’t be paying for game features while putting up with annoying ads too. (And I don’t believe in paying for an ad free experience “VIP” status AND pay to unlock game features too.) So as much fun as I had with the game, I’m deleting my account and the app. There are plenty of other games and apps out there that are just as fun that don’t suddenly surprise you with ads two days after playing the game. And for the record, I have quite an embarrassing history of spending stupid amounts of money within apps that have never once hit me with ads, BECAUSE there’s never been a single ad to put up with. As soon as I get an ad, I quit the game. But that’s just me.
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7 years ago, Pignbil
Completely disappointing!
This game is very disappointing (if you’re a fan of the tv show, anyway). It’s clear whoever designed this game is NOT a fan, and is not familiar with its basic rules that make it so much fun to watch. The worst part is that you only get to guess one consonant and one vowel per turn - whether you guess right or not doesn’t matter. If you can’t solve, your only option is to pass! Second, the money you win has no consequence in the game. You have to get diamonds to spend on things, and those are not given as prizes for solving the puzzles. As far as I can tell, you can’t use the money you win for ANYTHING! There are no toss ups, and you don’t spin a wheel in the bonus round, the amount you win is predetermined! Everything else in the game has nothing to do with how the game is played on tv. It is a confusing mess of jammed together graphics representing tournaments and other things that are nearly impossible to figure out, from bizarre “letter box” prizes from Vanna - Huh? - to souvenirs that move you through different cities. Lots of ads and a store make you feel like this is more of an attempt at a money grab than to create a fun game. The last version was SOOO much better and really took you into the game and made you feel like you were an actual contestant.
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7 years ago, CTRplayer
No fun unless you spend, spend, spend
This game used to be a lot of fun. I paid to get rid of ads back when I first started playing, but that was the most I was willing to spend. After quite some time of playing, I eventually moved on to other games. When I came back, they had set up this subscription service and made it more difficult to be competitive without paying for that service, which I would not do. But, I could still enjoy it. The latest major change has made it nearly impossible to gain large enough amounts of the in-game currency, diamonds, to continue playing without significant frustrations. Basically, they've taken a game that was fun, with a steep price for getting rid of ads, but doable, to one where you just about have to both spend money on a monthly subscription and purchase diamonds aside from that, in order to be competitive. My attempts to work with customer service on a couple of recent issues were never dealt with satisfactorily, and they continue to insist that the changes which keep players from being able to earn diamonds as easily in the game are somehow positive changes for the players. No way. So unless you're willing to spend a small fortune to play this game, which I am not, then don't waste your time.
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4 years ago, AshleySlaysAndPlays🤟🏻
Love this game
This game never gets boring. It is the perfect amount of challenging and really fun! You level up and advance, and get gems and coins and cool power ups. What more could you ask for in a game? It’s not glitchy at all, and there are mild ads. Although you have to be good at spelling, and some are too hard for me (9), it’s a really fun game ESPECIALLY if you want a challenge. People are very nice, rounds are very quick & easy, and there are so many puzzles to solve! I still haven’t solved them all and I probably never will 😂. I know no boundaries in this game. The sky’s the limit! It is sooo fun. Please continue to update this game. You will never lose my business. By the way, if you’re wondering about ads again, since I haven’t really talked about them, they are perfectly child-appropriate and not long! They are super fun ads and you can exit out of them if you don’t want to watch them (unless they’re for a reward). I can’t express my love for this game! ~pAnDa
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5 years ago, Arazzu
Wheel of Advertisement
This game should be called wheel of advertisement. Not only does the game require you to pay real money to play more than 20 minutes at a time since that’s how long it takes to get thru the 5 tickets you receive. The game also has an ungodly amount of advertisement. I guess having micro transactions isn’t enough. Ads run after every game you play so about every 3-4 minutes it takes to finish the game. But wait for it there’s more! If you play head to head games which is games against another player solving the same puzzle, those games have to wait until the other player has a chance to play the puzzle. But once that is done it doesn’t automatically give you the results, instead you press a button to reveal score once score is revealed guess what you get? That’s right more ads. After each score reveal you get a nice advertisement. So if you have to reveal 10 scores from previously played games that’s 10 ads you have to watch in a period of under 10min. Spent more time watching ads than playing the game. Oh yeah and the game is not really like the TV game you can only spin once and ask for 1 consonant and 1 vowel before you either have to solve or pass no spinning again.
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7 years ago, Tam1763
Fun, but....
I do enjoy this game and play it a lot but I have two pet peeves: it often uses very short puzzles with lots of vowels for the regular puzzles and longer puzzles with lots of consonants for the bonus rounds. An even bigger pet peeve concerns the special event tournaments: again the use of short puzzles which don't allow for many letter guesses or earning many game dollars especially since the other "players" are bots but you are competing against real people for the tournament prizes (I have no idea if they are solving the same puzzles, but judging by their score amounts, I don't see how they could be). One final pet peeve with the tournaments: the bonus round prizes are not game dollars, but letters which are put together to form words and "buy" special features (like 3 days of no "bankrupt"). The most common letters are the vowels (I have more than 200 "U"s currently). You usually have to use 25-50 game gems to buy a round in a tournament and then they award you a vowel for winning a bonus round-BOGUS!! It seems a fitting prize for a purchased tournament bonus round would be a rare letter.
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6 years ago, Mesalikasudoku
It took forever to find a game that I enjoy playing that isnt loaded with ads every time I change screens...only this is better. I just downloaded this game yesterday and have been binge playing ever since...and in all that time I have seen only 1 ad...and it lasted 5 seconds...and I have spent absolutely no money to remove ads or anything. I am so thankful for a game that allows me to play it instead of hitting that little “x” in the corner of an ad all the time. Best of all...the game is a blast...not confusing with a hundred different areas to go to to level up or figure out how the game is played...very easy to understand and even when you are waiting for tickets to refill you seem to be able to play countless games of head to head once you have reached that level of play (doesnt take long...I reached it after a couple hours of wins). I highly recommend this app for anyone who likes Wheel of Fortune or related word games.
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6 years ago, jaaynizzy
Glitchy and advertisement overload, but fun
Been hooked on this game for over a week. Def think it’s good to pass time and I like how much it makes me think. I did experience some glitches. For one, a few days for a period of time I wasn’t allowed to start a game. Every time I tried, it would bring me to the next screen where the wheel turns as it selects an opponent, the wheel would spin, and then the screen would close and bring me back to the apps “home screen.” Never started me on a new game. Also, experienced a similar thing with a freeze and then screen switch, but after winning a bonus round. It was right before the part where the screen would award you your winnings/progress...and the screen spazzed out and set me to the home screen, nothing reflected the win I just had. It was like the game never happened. As for the ads, not bad for...ads. Who likes them, period? The part that really annoys is the ad placed in the header of the screen when you’re not currently in a game. It’s really, really annoying.
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3 years ago, Boxers are 1
Wheel Fortune
Wheel Fortune use to be a lot of fun. They do add some fun features or games within the games, such as Millionaire Mile, tournaments and other fun games and as you move up in levels you can earn different prizes. However, as you progress they take away your ability to earn free bankruptcies or lose a turns or 30 mins of free vowels and letters. And you conveniently land on a bankruptcy when your Cash O Meter is full. They also, took away your ability to win/earn Lucky Coin Flip. They have changed it to earning only diamonds on the extra games, that is great but it was nice when you could earn other things too. When you do land on a prize letter on the wheel, you very rarely get a letter that would spell a word you need in Vanna’s Show Case to receive such things as free bankruptcies, lose a turn, coin flips etc. I feel this is so you buy these things. It’s very frustrating when you work very hard to get to that highest level and then they take things away. I use to rate this game a 5 but now I rate it at a 2. I hope things change so I will be able to rate this game a 5 again.
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3 years ago, TNBlondie67
This used to be a great app and I have rated it a 5 in the past and recommended it to a lot of people. However, recently (over the last several months) the developers have taken away many of the rewards we would receive when playing. Example: Two 30 minute free Vowel Blasts that you could win daily and most recently the Cash-O-Meter that you could win with each game. They have now replaced the Cash-O-Meter with a Star Chest that takes seven games to get the reward. They have also taken away the potential to win extremely rare letters. It seems to me that even though the app is called Wheel of Fortune Free, the developers have become extra greedy and are wanting players to purchase diamonds to spend at the Bazaar in the Millionaire Mile. Today, there is a “glitch” in the system and we are not even being rewarded for the games and prizes that we are supposed to be receiving. If the developers will focus on what the players want instead of money, they will find that the players that are financially able will voluntarily purchase more diamonds than being “forced” to spend money to really succeed at this game.
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7 years ago, 😠🤦‍♀️
Age range???
Maybe I'm the only one who cares, I don't know. But I have 2 kids and my oldest LOVES challenging games. She is only 10. There is NO AGE RATING on this game. I grew up watching this show. For heavens sakes people, can't we keep it clean?? I walk in to tell her it's bedtime and her "time" ran out. The word SEX SYMBOL flashed up!! That's the word she was supposed to be figuring out!! I don't give a crap if it's crashing, if you only get 5 tickets, or it takes a decade to load. I can't watch her every second of her life and whoever made this bloody game should be more aware that kids are on here and let parents know what age appropriate they made the game. Oh, and I'm totally impressed how it's tacked on the very bottom of the description how much we get sucked into paying if we don't cancel the game. Only after how exciting it is, and how little we pay for this or that! No, I was not the responsible party to accept this game but man, people just keep getting more greedy and sneaky as time goes on. So if I could rate this game it would be ZERO. FOR HOW DISAPPOINTING THIS GAME TURNED OUT TO BE. No true info on it, an apparently most people just can't have fun unless some form of inappropriate words,actions or pictures are involved.
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4 years ago, lawandgrace1
Most entertaining game ever!
I play this game everyday and every time my tickets are refilled the second they are I come and play this game. It is the best game I have ever played that had to do with guessing boards in a very long time, this game has really put a turn on weekends! Because where” of fortune doesn’t come on on Saturday or Sunday so I like to play it every day, even when it comes on! Because it comes on at 7:00 PM, so I like to play it more in Ge daytime. I think you guys should make a jeopardy app sometime! Because jeopardy comes on at 7:30, right when Wheel ends, so I felt like they would be a nice fit in! Or when it’s 7:00, whoever is playing this app when Wheel comes on, it does the same thing at the same time on the game then on the show, and you could make jeopardy an option to play a round of for 1 ticket in the Events section. Just some fun ideas before I get back into the game. :)
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4 years ago, JanetKoch
Current game changes
Over the years I have been playing this game at least 85% of the changes you have made have had a negative effect on my enjoyment of the game, but taking the Leaderboard away is the worse thing you have done so far. It now takes no skill to reach the top of the current weekend leaderboard. $$$ amounts in the game now mean nothing. The extremely long events where you collect a specific number of items is tedious and boring especially since the rewards are pathetic. Also hate and ignore the almost daily tournament event. I do not like word rush or 4 to fortune and having the tourney event does NOT entice me to play them. In addition to all this, you continue to punish your most loyal players while rewarding newbies. I am a long time VIP player, play daily and use to frequently be in the top 10 on the old leaderboard, yet when you changed the leaderboard to the current version you dumped me into the Silver 1 category (despite being #10 on the leaderboard at the time of the change. Other club mates of mine who do not play as much as me, are not VIP and we're lower on the leaderboard got placed in Diamond 1 category. I feel very unappreciated.
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4 years ago, CoolJoolz
Loved it before but...
There have been changes over the 2 or so years since I’ve played and I have spent some $$ to play because I enjoy it. However, in the past 6 months or so, they have adopted a model of quality control/testing using their PAYING customers as their test base. For example, they advertised an update for their new World League. I downloaded it, nothing was different. My club friends were enjoying the new stuff. I contacted support and they indicated it was in testing and to be patient. It was 2 MONTHS before it showed up for me. Now there is a new update that advertises something called Tournament Boost. I downloaded it... nothing different. However there are things happening in play that indicate buggy situations and, even if features are being rolled out in a limited fashion for “testing”, the bugs are affecting all of us! It is bad business to use PAYING customers for testing/QC without them knowing they are doing so. Those customers are usually called beta testers and know full-well they are beta testers and are doing so willingly. This is bad business and bad software practice.
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5 years ago, Eastcoast.Aviation
Liked it at first, time to delete
I was looking for a great wheel of fortune game to play, I found this, I thought, eh I’ll try it out. I actually really liked it at first. But then the problems starting toppling. I realized I can only play with 5 tickets? Really? And it takes over an hour for a refill. Why can’t I just play until I feel like I’m done? Another thing, this was after i passed San Francisco, I started noticing anytime an ad appeared and I actually wanna try it it freezes and I can’t see what I’ve won! You can’t play this game on the go if you’re in a car because it doesn’t allow you to play over airplane mode or 1x or 3G areas. Then I’m realizing I can’t use that money I get in the game for ANYTHING! I can’t buy diamonds, buy gifts, nothing. It’s only there to beat the levels. And even the game itself is terrible. Why can’t players just play until they get a letter wrong like the real game? You win no extra money in the bonus round either. I’m sorry but I’m deleting this waste of space and will go back to my better wheel of fortune game I have. Complete garbage. I try to use the wheel club and it doesn’t even show me how to use it!
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5 years ago, the kid that wries
This game is good BUT If you want wheel of Fortune, be prepared to get mad( or somewhat mad) When you get the question right, and you do the bonus round and you keep winning the games and get to the bonus rounds then you win gift boxes and you get a gift. Here's the problem with that: if you do that a lot then you keep getting boxes BUT😡😡when you get let's say 3 boxes and the next time you win a game and go to the bonus round you don't win the bonus round and guess what happens YOU HAVE TO START ALL THE WAY OVER AND TRY TO WIN AND GET TO THE BONUS ROUND TO GET THOSE BOXES AGAIN. That's the only thing that gets on my nerves. Overall the app is good. I'm not saying that this is a bad app I'm just saying that it's a app that requires a lot of thinking. Now I'm not a genius ( because I'm only 11) but if you dont want to be annoyed by that then don't get it. The other problem is that in order to change your profile picture you have to have Facebook and younger kids like me want to play wheel of Fortune to and some younger kids don't have Facebook like me.
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7 years ago, Valgal129
LOVE this game!!!
If you're a fan of the TV show, then you'll love this game! There's a lot of different ways to play (World Tour, Tournaments, Head-To-Head) and they have fun themed tournaments around holidays. Scopoly does a fantastic job of responding to feedback. I completed a survey asking for a wider range of puzzle categories and saw a change the NEXT day! The only complaint I have at the moment is that they recently changed the prize for completing a souvenir package. As you go higher in the categories, your cash prize amount for advancing to the next level becomes increasingly difficult. Once you get to Level 200+, it requires over $700,000 to advance to the next round. This takes a loooooong time, and you aren't able to earn diamonds as quickly. Once you complete your second set of souvenirs, I'd suggest bringing back the diamond prize. I'm not a big fan of frames as prizes/incentives.
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8 months ago, u dont need to know a nickname
Fun game
I have been playing the game for about a year and it is fun to play but their are a few problems that needs to be fixed. One: you only have five tickets to play the game than have to wait hours before getting the five tickets backs. It shouldn’t take that long of a wait. Two: it take forever to collect all the prizes it takes to level up. The amount of prizes goes up on every level making it longer and harder to collect them. It should be the same amount on all the levels instead of keep going up. Three: you do not win any money in the bonus round. You should be able to win money or prizes in the bonus round like on the show. Four: you have tried to make the game seem like the show but when you buy vowels it starts out at $500 and keeps going up $500 every time. You pay up to $2500 for a vowel. Since you want this game to be like the show than you need to fix it to where you win money or prizes in the bonus round and fix it so where you only pay $250 for every vowel
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4 years ago, Jmilil1989
Too hard
When playing the match have better experience to win the game i cant win the game because i have poor comprehension due to my head injury (its not a ADD(attention deficit disorder)) so make the easier. Before the game starts ask the person do you want to play easy, normal or hard. On easy surprise prizes might be hard to find but on hard it might easier to win surprise prizes. Maybe or maybe not to get easy or hard surprise prizes. Give more time to type/ask a letter or solve the puzzle. Also do it on free play and head to head games. Tell players join the club anytime on any level. Hear is an idea for head to head matches: If the person wants to win gem/diamonds the have to watch a ad 30 second and pay $.99 to play the match. On head to head round there should be a surprise puzzle round. When the person wins the round they will get approx. 500 diamonds/gems people might like to play head to head matches many times.
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7 years ago, simommie
What???? Alaska Reward is no longer 450 diamonds??
This is very frustrating. It’s bad enough that it takes FOREVER to get through Alaska, but at least you got some diamonds along the way. Now, though, it’s changed to letter pack. And not like a rare letter pack, but 3 letters that are common - and can be purchased for a mere 100 diamonds if you want. Please bring the diamond reward back; a 3-letter pack as a reward is just insulting! It’s one thing to have the occasional 30 second ad in between games but now to have a continual banner across the top at all times?? So distracting, annoying and is enough for me to delete the app. Should offer a one time fee to play game without Ads at all. Update - November 17, what happened to my Alaskan resident frame? I loved it so much with the little polar bear, but now it’s just a plain ring? I’ve added a star because the VIP free trial was awesome, and less bugs have been noticed. But still buggy sometimes - (example, where is my Alaskan resident frame??) The subscription needs to be 1.99 a month or less, current asking price is ridiculous.
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7 years ago, jlv49437
Review of WOF app
I love the WOF app but lately I am becoming more and more frustrated with it. One of the bothersome issues is that the game often locks up when I use a view ad button to give me an additional hint, game, etc. All I can do is restart the app and then I lose dollars or bonus boxes. Also, I seem to only be getting vowels when I win a prize square. An example is that I need multiple Cs to advance my dollar wedges and I have only received one C in the last month and I play the app daily. Another problem is that my team has advanced to the top level and now there is not much in the way of advantages for us especially when A third of our team no longer is active and our team leader does not respond to many of the teams requests to him to do something about it. Plus the new addition of the ads running along the top is a distraction and takes away from the integrity of this app. All so very discouraging as I use to love, love, love this app! Not giving up yet, but I’m getting close...
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2 years ago, Journeyman2015
Nice adaptation, but…
There’s reason Merv Griffin’s big money take on hangman has been around in some form for almost 50 years…the basic concept isn’t hard to grasp, and it’s a decent combination of luck and skill. But Scopely doesn’t do the show much justice. Only one main game round per play? I actually got bored with that. It doesn’t really help that some of the Wheel value wedges aren’t true to the show the moment you advance past New York on the world tour. I appreciate that the puzzles are provided by the actual show’s puzzle writers, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that I felt the games were TOO fast. If you want to play Wheel, that is basically what you’ll do so it’s far from a complete disaster…but for serious players, you’ll be better served by buying a video game version on a console or even showing a lack of scruples and playing it on an emulator. There are too many bells and whistles here for true Wheel fans to want to play this for long.
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3 weeks ago, Angelheart💜💜💜
Angelheart loves Wheel of Fortune
I love this game! Once and awhile tho, it does cheat. And I was robbed of diamonds before that not even support gave back to me. But other then that. I love it!! 😉👍 I am a tough player to beat!!!! This is my second review from the first one above, it still cheats. I’ll get puzzles right it will say it’s wrong and give it to someone else. 🤬 but other then that, I love this game!!’ I’m even tougher to beat now! This is my third review from the first one it shows. It still cheats, sometimes it gives me bankrupt every time I play. But not the other players. When I play one on one it tends to give me low money so it’s harder to beat my opponents. It’s still cheating in a way. It’s like it chooses who it wants to win. Please make this game more fair. I am still a very hard player to beat!!! This is my fourth review. And my view of the game has not changed and I honestly think y’all don’t care it cheats. It favors people and dishes out bad luck to others .
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3 years ago, Vanvalk
Rigged so you never win
I loved this game. I have played over 2000 spins easily. I am now convinced the game is rigged so you can never win a special event. Not once have I ever won more than 100 diamonds. I’m even an occasional purchaser so you would think the algorithm would reward a regular player once in a blue moon. I also have done the Tapjoy purchase and it is a crap shoot. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I recently did a big Mack Weldon purchase, and 1) it never even showed I did it and 2) when I contacted customer support with receipts attached, they told me I had to go to the reward section to file a complaint. You know the reward that never showed on the dashboard. Infuriating. Why wouldn’t you just give your player the diamonds and be done with it? It’s bad customer service. It costs you NOTHING to fix a problem like this. I’m going to take my money to an app that rewards my loyalty as this one is only out to make a buck, could care less if you are a loyal, diamond buying, ad watching fool.
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5 years ago, Seenu
One of the Best Wheel of Fortune (🍀) Game Applications I’ve ever Uploaded in my Physical (🧱) Life.
I’ve uploaded this Wheel of Fortune (🔮) two (2) times and believe it or not, whenever it’s my turn and return to spin the wheel. I never get and receive even one (1) bankrupt (🏦-⬇️) on the wheel. Which really surprises (😳’s), joys (🥰’s), and happiness’ (🥰’s) in the world. And because of that, my overall opinionated female guts and opinionated male guts about this Wheel of Fortune (🔮) Game Application is that I think (🤔💭) and rethink (re-🤔💭) that this Wheel of Fortune (🔮) Game Application has one (1) of the best approaches in the world. Especially one (1) of the best approaches in the world for automatically mistaken weaklings. Overall Number of Stars (⭐️’s) from 0 Stars (⭐️’s) to 5 Stars (⭐️’s): 5 Stars (⭐️’s) out of 5 Stars (⭐️’s) (“Approach-ably Great (👍🏾) for Automatically Mistaken Weaklings in my own Opinionated Female Guts and in my own Opinionated Male Guts”)
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5 years ago, TrixiePinky
Good Game But...
It’s challenging enough but the opportunity to get obtain more diamonds without buying is not sufficient. Most people don’t want to buy things within a game to keep playing. I really love this game but I shouldn’t have to be constantly penalized for not having enough diamonds simply because I may not get a puzzle solved which may be 4 out of 5 times. It seems that I can get to the “big box” for the big prize before I’m pushed all the way back to the beginning. There should be a better way to get more diamonds faster or continue to give us the opportunity to watch videos so that we can continue playing and not lose progress. My other suggestion is provide either a monthly fee or a lifetime fee to play the game without ads including diamonds (a lot of them) as well as other perks. But if I keep losing, I’ll just move on to another game that gives me extra incentives like Family Feud. At least I can get more coins (adequate amount) by watching videos.
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6 years ago, makemedance20
Major design flaw
I started to love this game at first. I went through my first round of tickets and then like 20 minutes later for the notification that my tickets were full. So I swiped to open the app because I was curious as to how that happened. When the app opened, it immediately threw me into a round. It was until after the round did I notice that it used my diamonds without my consent to refill my tickets. I contacted support and they said it was a valid purchase. I insisted it was not. But they insisted otherwise. So I made note never to do that again. Then on another occasion I played through my tickets, exited the app, and then re-entered by using the app icon because I remembered I forgot to gift someone. Once again I was immediately thrown into a round. I forfeited the round and immediately contacted support. They once again said it was a valid purchase. Now how is that possible if I never chose to refill my tickets? Heck, I did not even want to play at the time. Thank goodness I never purchased any diamonds. Otherwise they would have been stealing my money. I am deleting the app.
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5 years ago, britishbugger
The game has had some recent changes and not all are that great. When I renewed my vip status I received my 300 diamond and then suddenly they weren’t there. And no I didn’t use them the system just put me back to where I was. Also recently the game suddenly starts glitching. You’ll be playing and suddenly the game is black screen ( just the game, and it happens on all devices) it’s not a device issue. So then you close out and reopen and it’s fine except you can’t go back to where you were cuz it now says it’s complete and you lost. As these issues are becoming more frequent I wonder how long I’ll keep playing. I’ve always been a wheel fan and love playing it to challenge my brain. Hopefully the “coming soon” updates will arrive and bring some fixes w/ it. If not I may continue playing (though not as often) but I definitely won’t continue to pay for vip benefits that aren’t always there.
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6 years ago, mes619
Fun game!
I am enjoying Wheel of Fortune! The puzzles are interesting, some very easy but others have stumped us. My son and I each have the app, and we especially like the feature that allows us to create puzzles and send them to each other via text messages. We also compete to see who can make the most progress in a short window of time. My complaint is that I had advanced cities and accumulated progress before logging in to Facebook, only to lose all of it when I first logged in. I had also paid for ad-free play prior to logging in, and then lost ad-free play as well. I paid for it again because my twelve year old is into the word puzzles and I’m glad to have an app that we can play together. I just think it’s ridiculous to lose progress and ad-free play just by logging in through Facebook. So, overall, it’s a fun game, very much like the tv gameshow itself but I’d give it more stars if it hadn’t sent me back to zero progress just for logging in through fb.
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7 years ago, KrazySad836
Diamond changes ruined the game
I used to play this game every day and loved it! The thing that kept me coming back to this game every day was the fact that I could play over and over and earn diamonds each time I collected enough souvenirs in a city to earn the diamonds listed. Then I’d use those diamonds to purchase letter cards to try and get the right combo to upgrade wheel wedges in vannas showcase or to purchase things that would help me win games to gain souvenirs to gain diamonds. In short, there was a good balance of challenges that kept me excited to play. Once this game changed to virtually no way to earn any significant amount of diamonds, it threw the whole balance off. Now I have nothing motivating me to solve puzzles because there are no diamond rewards to fuel completing the upgrade challenges in vanna’s showcase. I now rarely play. If you’d bring back diamonds as a reward for completing all the souvenirs in a city....even if it was just in one or two different cities, I would play again. But without that, my motivation is completely gone. What a shame to ruin such a great game.
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2 years ago, Nnnnnoo9
Love it or hate it
I love word games and this is one of the best. There are, however, many things about the game that are frustrating and keeps me from playing as much as I use to. The first one is the prize boxes. I use to win all of them and get the bonus at the end, but now they’ve made that nearly impossible. I just came very close today to reaching it just now, but they gave me an especially difficult bonus round. I really feel like the game is rigged at times. They also have a lot of technical difficulties; I don’t know how many times this week that I’ve reached the bonus round then the game freezes. I wish this were more like the tv version when you get to keep playing if you guess the correct letter. It would also be nice to play against real people instead of computers in the regular rounds. Also, there are WAY TOO MANY ADDS! The ones that make you sit through all of them after you play a game are particularly annoying. They would have to make serious changes before I give them 5 stars!
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3 years ago, super stayer
Wheel of Fortune Review
I give this game a five out of five star because I really like how we can play the game and have fun. I like the setup of the game. I also like how we already start with 300 diamonds. That way if we want to we can buy 6 hints for 300 diamonds. The game also gives you money that you can use to level yourself up and I really like that. The game would be perfect if there were absolutely no ads, whenever you ran out of tickets there would instantly be a refill, and the money that you earn from playing a game you get to keep even if you don’t win that round. I think you should also win more prizes for the bonus round. I think this because sometimes the bonus round can be very hard to solve and if you don’t get it correct you lose all of your money.
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3 years ago, Bender11715
Nothing good is free...
If I were to make a game. I would have the free version be just a taste of what the real game is. Or, you can only climb so high before you have to make a choice of whether you want to keep going by buying the rest of the game. I'm sick and tired of reading complaints by those of you who want everything for free. What do you aspire to be, "Champion of the Free World". Hmmmm? Haven't you ever heard the phrase "Nothing good is free", and it shouldn't be either. For the most part this game is right on track with what it should be. But, I have my own issues with this game however, leveling up is way too easy, and getting souvenirs is way too hard. You blast right through the city you're in, and stand at the next city gate forever. Why? I like how developers have made it so you can get a gift by watching an ad. Brilliant! I’ll watch an ad every chance I get if I can get a gift for it. Good work guys.
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2 years ago, Maggie Sunday
My Review
Wheel of Fortune is a very fun game! I love all the incentives you get, like free diamonds, upgrades, vowel blasts, and helping hands, there’s a surprise around the corner at almost all times. The world champion tour is fun because it gives good prizes like vowel blasts and helping hands. My criticisms would be that I would like to be able to choose when to use a helping hand card. I also don’t like how they try to entice you to spend money to get incentives like on mistletoe mania. Vanna’s jewelry shop is kind of silly because the prices are way too expensive. I also think there is no way you can make any progress, unless you have a block for bankruptcy and lose a turn wedges because they will get you almost every puzzle, which seems unfair. Even though I have these criticisms, I still think it’s a very fun game and I appreciate the makers of this game!!
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