Wheelhouse CU

3.6 (24)
80.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wheelhouse Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Wheelhouse CU

3.58 out of 5
24 Ratings
10 years ago, Jen Weston
So excited my bank finally has an app. I felt like I was living in the Stone Age before hopefully they will add mobile deposits soon and I will be able to take a picture of a check to deposit it. The app is easy to use and streamlined.
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4 years ago, Insta need
Constant errors
App worked fine for years but recently I’ve been unable to transfer between accounts on the app, as there’s always an error. I have to exit the app and redo transfers/payments every single time. Now, with whatever update just happened, the app won’t even let me see the login page. “Something went wrong while attempting to send the last request. Please try again.” But when you hit Retry the same message just pops up forever. Can someone please fix the app?
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6 years ago, 30Oct18
Not ready for release.
Bill pay is not fully functional, it won’t show scheduled or past payments. Phone branch can’t help and neither can their bill pay specialists. The app itself won’t let me log off, it keeps telling me that the operation failed and shows a retry/log off screen that also fails to do anything. This failure causes the retry/log off screen to keep reappearing. I eventually get a notification that I was logged off due to inactivity. The old site worked, the new site doesn’t.
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6 years ago, Mphayvanh
So Many Features!
I like this new Wheelhouse app! They’re doing a lot of new things and this is one of them. I can deposit my check, pay my buddies, set up my spending and budgets, pay bills and see all my accounts with Muni and even my accounts at Chase!
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5 years ago, lady gaga 56
Check deposits
Site won’t accept mobile deposits. I’ve tried and tried with many different types of checks. This is disappointing-Chase and Wells Fargo easily accept the mobile deposits. Other than that the app is good.
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6 years ago, MG2of4
Bill Pay fixed!!!
You fixed my bill pay! Thank you for the great service.
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2 years ago, Mitzi Paul-Hill
Enhanced functionality
This app has all I need and more to conduct banking 24/7
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6 years ago, WHEELhouseGirl
Love, Intuitive, Fun to Use
I love this new mobile banking app. The new features are easy to use —- thanks for the update, Wheelhouse!
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10 months ago, CV Guy!
Full Featured App
The Wheelhouse Digital Banking App is fully featured and easy to use!
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6 years ago, Sd8587
Check deposit isn’t working!
App shuts off every time I touch the check deposit option!
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7 years ago, Bob2439
Metropolitan Mobile App
San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union mobile app is a concise and simple to use app which allows you to do some very basic banking tasks. Unfortunately, unlike some of its local Credit Union competition, it does not let you do digital deposits. Instead I must drive to a branch or service center branch for that very basic task. Hopefully a newer version will add this feature. Update: April 2, 2017 - SDMCU has added new notifications features where users may set transaction thresholds. However, the notifications are delayed for some reason which is unexplained. Some arriving as much as 24 hours later. You also have an option to add a new widget to your device's "dashboard" screen. Sadly, digital deposits are still not allowed.
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9 years ago, Kingorez
Love it!
Great app. Seems safe to me. Ive been usin it since it came out. Quick access to moving funds when you need 'em. Lately I've been gettin some 'unable to access' notifications, hopefully that for upgrades. Ferreals!
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10 years ago, Mappsbux
Great, easy use app!
I really like how the details are easy to see with my phone. Simply tap the task and the current balance is right there!
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11 years ago, mikeyP9
Are you freaking kidding me
NO MOBILE DEPOSIT!!! Really??? Who has time run downtown, fight parking, park three blocks away, get the to the bank, stand in a line ten deep, just to deposit a check into your checking account???? I get this app, and there is no mobile deposit, while other credit unions I do business with do offer that. Again, are you freakin kidding me?????
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10 years ago, Forcematrix
Sdmcu iPad app
I love the appt. it is very easy to use, and makes your home banking a breeze.
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7 years ago, ronikkin07
This is a great banking app. It is to the point and easy to navigate. Not to mention they are a great banking company anyways!
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11 years ago, Christina Gonzalez
I've been waiting for a banking app, love it! So easy and simple to use.
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7 years ago, Cbenton05
Easy to use...LOVE
Wonderful app. Very user friendly
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5 years ago, Adam.Snake
Please help?
It’s a decent tool but as of 10/22/19 it’s still down for me
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10 years ago, Titoisaweosme
Yaaay finally!! I've been looking forward to it!!! :)
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7 years ago, Sayonara 24
Best app ever!
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1 year ago, Monnaie1920
This new version is lousy. I was able to access my account before just by using phone code now I have to keep entering everything all of the times. My user name, my password, which I don’t always remember, I am 72 that’s too much to do. I tried several times to change my password it keeps locking me out and saying try latter. If aI do get it they make me wait for a code to be sent to me. You are making to hard for older members to access their account on this app. I want the older version back. Maybe I need to transfer to another credit union after 30 years to get satisfaction. This app barely rates a one.
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10 years ago, SiscoKid54
Excellent app.....
Excellent app......!
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