When Will I Die? - Calculator

4.4 (5.5K)
46.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
DH3 Games
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for When Will I Die? - Calculator

4.37 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
9 months ago, dmacn
Some what cool
I feel like I should’ve found this app sooner. I’m not too worried about death catching up to me right now. I highly recommend this game. The game may have some ads here and there but other than that it’s still interesting.
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6 years ago, Helenmaxxeen
Kind of Interesting
Based on the answers I gave, I’d say it’s fairly accurate. I gave the same answers for myself several times and it came up with the same number each time. Out of curiosity, I also put in the information for my 89 old grandmother and my two great aunts who are 92 and 99. Based on their current health, attitudes, mental condition and overall standards of living, I’d say the predictions for my grandmother and 99 year old aunt are accurate. I believe the estimate was too high for my 92 year old aunt based on the fact that she’s quite the pessimist plus has gone from mild dementia into full blown Alzheimer’s over the past few years. But overall, I think the app might be fairly accurate!
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5 years ago, Amazing at bottle flipping
It’s fake!
This app is very fake. But the reason I gave this app 2 stars is because it doesn’t just give a random guess. It actually takes the information and gives it the best possible guess. But the reason I gave this app such a low amount of stars is because I use my name my birthdate and didn’t actually read the question I kind of just clicked the top button over and over again. It said I would died age 81. Ok. Well I used the same name and birthdate clicked the same buttons for every question and it said I was going to died at age 88!!!! Like really!!! So I tried again same name same birthdate and again the age changed to 83 this time. Please fix this problem.
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6 years ago, bree madison
I was so surprise when I saw this game so I just had to check it out when I found out when I was gonna die at age 67 I was so scared then I released that it was just a guess so I rated it 5 stars cause that was a good guess but I died when I was born lucky after that the doctors helped me so I said to myself this can be helpful some time then I did it in my little sis she said this is a lie I said maybe but it’s helpful. That’s all I’m gonna say
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6 years ago, qu33ng
Not worried this was just for fun
It isn't like some psychic app or anything it's just an app and the questions are scientifically around 2% of the actual reasons people could die young. I got 81 years old and that seems reasonable but they don't know I had a heart disease or if I will die in a Natural disaster only god does
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3 years ago, ChloeKawesomeGirl
I have mixed feelings.
I downloaded the app because of one of Laurenzside’s videos and I tried it and it said I’m gonna die at the age of 60… but I’m 9 right now… I’m gonna download it again and try it with the unhealthiest answers to see what I would get… I’m back and the answer was 38… I know it’s fake but still, stay healthy guys!
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3 months ago, Alastair Ray Grimes
It’s fun
I tend to have a little bit morbid humor so this is a fun pastime when I’m early for appointments. Especially as someone who’s probably doomed to die young anyways. Can’t wait to have “I told you so” on my grave lol
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5 years ago, JusticeKitkat
A little off target
The app gets around the age you would pass but not too accurate, like how I believe the best options would last you until 97 at least.
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6 years ago, M1 more
It will tell you the future and what day you are going to dye it also have you improve if living longer I will die at 87 it says it will ask you 10 questions and it said 87in me
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6 years ago, CHEARA CHEETAH
Wow Cool app!!!!! But I will be an animatronic thought*
If I'm 18 or 19 Im getting into a suit Just like my friend In my own pizzaria Called *Freddy Fazbears 1/2 it said i will die at age 75 thought I might live longer You might never know And I agree XDDDD Plz Ignore Dumb Haters This app knows ✌️💙🖤♥️💜❤️💕💖😉😉😉😉😉😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
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5 years ago, i have snakes and dogs
Can be true but still don’t know
At first it said I will die at 91 and did said at 85 I don’t know which one it is but I hope I live into 200
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4 years ago, rjdnsjek
I love this game and I also test it on other people but the sad part is that sometimes it says that a person is going to die quickly so I love this game
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5 years ago, martianata
Wow!! Actually Accurate!!
It showed my death was sometime this year and I died 2 days ago!! Recommend it for everyone. Alright I’m gonna come back to life now.
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2 years ago, froyo237
so accurate if guessed i would die last week and i did!
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7 years ago, Gwinney
Hard to prove it's correct from today but certainly interesting. Ask good questions and I like the way it's set up.
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5 months ago, brennie1940
Hope it is accurate
Pertinent questions that appear to be relevant.
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2 years ago, I have two prenuses
Why is my phone getting so hot
I have an iPhone 13 it shouldn’t be getting this hot. The processor should be more than enough to handle questions and a accumulative answer. It’s almost like there’s something working in the background maybe. Are you mining crypto using your users phones?
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4 years ago, jsmokoff
You decide when you die
Very general of course? We would all live longer following all the rules. But then sometimes accidents happen. Or we Er sick and die or we are murdered. So living a healthy life doesn’t always cut it.
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4 years ago, jjehdbfji
Probably not true but
My sister will die before me and I’m older than her 😭 It said she will die when she is 79 and I’ll die when I’m 82😕
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4 years ago, alicia oop oop cat on meh
Great fun and spooky
I like it slot I heard of it from a YouTuber named larenzside and it does what it promised and if u try a different test. At the end you will get different answers
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2 years ago, DeliciousWolf
Good questions, terrible ads
The Good: You are are asked a series of ten simple multiple choice questions. You can repeat the test with new questions. The Bad: The results don't seem realistic. I took the test twice with different questions and both times was told I'd live to 97. The Ugly: To see your results you have to endure a lengthy gaming ad which cannot be bypassed, making this app almost unusable. Verdict: I deleted this app. Don't bother.
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4 years ago, tinker_bomb
Super good at it
I think it got me just right I got 101 years old I-I I think with my healthy life it’s super good
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5 years ago, 457358
Ima die at age 69 lol
Ok I’m 9 years now so I’m not too scared but the thing is I don’t know to trust this app guess I’m gonna have to find out in the future :D
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3 years ago, JaimiHajzus
When will I die
I just wanna know when I will die (81 years old)
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4 years ago, jack love 1053
Fun but sort lived
It’s a pretty Game but you can get bored of it very quick obviously it’s fake but fun to see but dies very quick no pun intended
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9 months ago, MrX9499
My last result was 77 I kinda hope this isn’t accurate I kinda don’t wanna know how it feels to be much older than 50 little lone 77
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4 years ago, hameosnsjsjs
So bad
It is the worst game ever I say ever it is so fake I will not die when it tells me don’t download this app the worst app ever
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3 years ago, Tlyndub
This app is the best and it said that I will die at age 77 and I’m 6 years old right now 😆
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5 years ago, bigdog1199
Not accurate
I put in everything all about me I’m 19 years old now and it gave me 69 years of age limit (how long I live for) But when I typed in the same thing again to make sure it was accurate it gave me 67 years of age limit this app is not so accurate
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3 months ago, Guy Banned
Too Many Ads
I want to caculculate my age that when will I die and ads happen when quiz ends or Quiz Starts
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2 years ago, Caffeinedevil
It’s what I expected from this kind of APP
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3 years ago, Kibble24
Great idea. Good thing I already know when I’m going to die.
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3 years ago, jwsujjdjs
Age I die at
I’m 14 and it said the age I die at is 66 years which is not bad in my opinion
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4 years ago, LeaneyUnicorn
Strange, but cool!
So this game is pretty cool, I wrote down the age to see if I really WILL die at that age, I got 72... I played around with it and it’s really cool.
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5 years ago, Gilli R.!
It doesn’t give you a result
So I was trying to get an answer or like a calculation but it never gave me one. The screen stayed pitch black and it gives you sooo many ads. This app is a waste of time. If I could give this a 0 star rating I would. PLEASE DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS STUPID APP! Please and Thank you.
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2 years ago, G-Scrap
I don’t know how this app is 30mb but I don’t care… lol it’s hilarious. 😂
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6 years ago, am yelden
Thank you
I can’t believe this app actually exist but I love it
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2 years ago, ajgivesreviews
I hate giving bad reviews but…
If you do more than one test it will tell you a different age.
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4 years ago, Tom F Z
The results aren’t very realistic, but at least it actually judges you based on your answers.
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5 years ago, Hardkaurz
Okay so like...
I download this app instead of the other count down from the movie because I was way too scared and it sounded to real. So basically...it said I would die at the age of 75. HOW CAN I BELIEVE THAT???
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6 years ago, Hananbsm
Kinda creepy app
This app is kinda creepy like this app is talking about death this app can’t predict when u die only god can now I will give this app 2 stars just because it’s dumb and creepy and wierd
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5 years ago, unkown 122
The birthdate
It won’t work cause on the pic it’s more and on the real app it’s 4 and it won’t work cause off the picture shows more of the bd and when I would enter it wouldet do the same as the picture on the app
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1 year ago, AlphaBob Useless Program
Ruined with advertising pop ups
Too many ad pop ups - I’ll play with it right now and then delete.
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5 years ago, car driver 248
When I typed my name and stuff I’ll die at 74 random dude 94 and he’s obese smokes a lot drinks a lot dose not exercise but this app is fun 4 stars
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6 years ago, fatima the unicorn
False advertising
I’m very mad with this add first of all I wasted all my space and it wouldn’t let me right me birthday finally when I got in I tried with the same answers several times. There were different answers. DO NOT GET THIS APP!
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6 years ago, rivug567
It’s ok
I like it I don’t like when adds are there but after all I like it
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5 years ago, illsami
I actually died!
Good app totally reliable! Have fun!
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6 years ago, gmrkckgkwk
It’s a little scary honestly I did not like it and fact that in 13 is kinda scary cause it said i will die at 32 so you know then I realized it’s a guess but still if this is not a joke I am sewing.I’m not even going to rate this.
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6 years ago, GhostOf2019
Fun but at the last question an ad pops up and after it the game gets stuck😡
Show more
4 years ago, gffjjedvb
What kind of sick game is this people don’t want to know when they die that’s scaryAre people trying to scare us to death they’re trying to kill us what kind of sick game is this
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