Wheretoget - Fashion shopping

4.1 (286)
29.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.1 or later
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User Reviews for Wheretoget - Fashion shopping

4.14 out of 5
286 Ratings
7 years ago, makeupbynaomic
Pretty good
I don't really have any complaints, maybe it could be a little more organized but other than that it's a pretty good, useful app!
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5 years ago, Enshade5
I HATE apps that purposely make it difficult for you to delete your account. This app wasn’t what I thought it was so I figured no problem I’ll just delete it but I still haven’t been able to do that! It’s so wrong to make people jump through hopes to delete something you made in 2 seconds. Accounts should be just as easy to delete as they were to make. I’m still struggling on deleting my account. It says to go into settings and delete account on the desktop site but when I do it will not allow me to do it with no explanation on which the button is unclickable Update: apparently this is not an active app so you can’t delete it or get ahold of anyone to delete it. Do not download it!!!! Company doesn’t respond to you either. I have no idea why it’s allowed to continue being in the App Store when it’s clear no one is monitoring it???
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7 years ago, TeaK27
Comment should automatically be deleted after two years. Where you found a dress 4 years ago has no relation to today as stores are always changing styles and selling out. It’s a headache searching for things only to realize the comments are from years ago. I wish you didn’t have to scroll through one picture at at time. There should be a few pictures per row. You also have to be REALLY specific in the search.
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7 years ago, Irlele3245
Buy it now
So I am addicted to Pinterest and I have boards of items on there, but I can never find the things I want ! Right when I downloaded this app I found what was on my Pinterest board that I couldn't get on Pinterest in about 5 mins ! I love this app so much and totally recommend getting this!
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6 years ago, irritated_customer_1
Not An Active Application/Site
Please do not sign up for this application. There have been issues with features and you are unable to edit posts or delete your account. If you want to remove your information, it is essentially impossible. The website has clearly gone under construction and was not updated. Their only support email is active, however, no response is ever provided when attempting to edit posts or delete your account.
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6 years ago, Kaybelle5309
Messy & Frustrating
The app is very disorganized and crashes a lot. Randomly the app will just shut down if you’re on it for any duration of time. The feed never updates and will show the same few products for days. If you exit the app and try to renter it crashes and will glitch out. The app is very glitchy and not user friendly at all.
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5 years ago, NiquetheGreat
Worst app ever 4 years ago it was a really good app decided to reinstall the app because I’m looking for this skirt that I must have anyway cannot edit your post, will not let me link my account to ig, takes for ever to load and you cannot delete not change your info on your account. Had to app for 20min before I deleted it do not date your time on this useless app.
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7 years ago, Didibird
Great App
When you have no clue what pair of shoes, clothes, accessories, or what not is from this is the best place to help others & others helping you to let you know where to get it.
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7 years ago, Brandy 😍
It lets you find all the latest clothing when you can't find it anywhere else!! 👏🏾
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7 years ago, Tristenya
Love it!
Even though I haven't bought anything from them, they have everything I want!
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7 years ago, nellabella4696
Love it
you can find mostly anything on here you should definitely get this app so I rate it 5 stars
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7 years ago, Iggy J.
Anything I'm looking for can be found in no time! Like having friends all over that got your back
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2 years ago, sweetenerbunny
Horrible Customer Support!
I have been trying to upload my images to this app and have got the message that my files cannot be supported. This error just started popping up, and there’s no way for me to contact anyone for support. Please fix this!
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7 years ago, Msdallasdiva
Love this app!
I love this app! I use it to get fashion inspiration and to find new places to shop! I also love that I can follow different celebrity looks and fashion bloggers
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7 years ago, Beyond Exciting
Absolutely Love This App!
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7 years ago, h̸a̸y̸l̸z̸нαуℓzⒽⒶⓎⓁⓏhᎪᎽᏞᏃҤλ¥Ł$
Can't put down my phone. I think it's like 3 in the morning. Oops
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7 years ago, Han Kay
I love this app and for some reason the app won't open when I press on it?
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7 years ago, Arcy!
Waste of time
All the comments are more than 3 years old so the items and the websites don't exist anymore. The search button is so hard to use because sometimes your keywords don't work and it shows no results! It's so annoying
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4 years ago, cakediver
Can’t Delete
I wouldn’t recommend downloading. They have no contact info, email or any way to delete your account. The FAQ gives instructions fo go to your settings tab and click delete account but there’s nothing there.
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5 years ago, legendary chicken nugget
so I have Pinterest and I found an outfit that I really want so I got the app so I could find it but every time I allow it to access my Pinterest it logs out honest disappointed with the app especially after reading all the good reviews!!!!?!?!
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2 years ago, somenameidk
Appereantly according to the comments from two years ago, images can’t be uploaded;says “file not supported”. Please fix this issue I want to love this app. Deleting in 5,4,3…
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7 years ago, Cha VGA
I wish the photos had the year and or season the item came out. Other than that, WHERETOGET is pretty resourceful .
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7 years ago, Vitapoo
Items always out of stock
Cool app but everything literally is out of stock!!!! Seriously if items are out of stock take the post down.
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5 years ago, BecksterS73
Terrible App
OMG! Try and delete my account and it would hide the delete button at the bottom to where it doesn’t work. Really?! That desperate to keep accounts! Awful app.
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6 years ago, Gabrielleogab080502
Downloading Issue
My notifications won’t load & when posting a tip for something it doesn’t always register the first time
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5 years ago, InMyOpinion412
Very Poor Design
This app needs a lot of work, there is no way to edit or delete your posts. You cannot delete your account. Do not waste your time.
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5 years ago, AshNicole06
Needs an update
Does anybody even still work this app??? It’s in need of a serious update! Has BEEN in need, for quite some time!
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5 years ago, Sexywen50
I can’t get into my account
I’m trying to reset my account n password it won’t send to my email either ???? Help!!!
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5 years ago, Rachael_S
Do NOT download this app!!
There is no customer support and you can’t delete your account or pictures!
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6 years ago, Birdcageprincess
photos are not working
for some reason whenever i try to access photos. the photos will only show one to three photos and the rest of the photos will not load. i hope they fix this in the next update
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5 years ago, SDRVA
Dead app?
I get a white screen with nothing after the cover page.
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7 years ago, Nabsting.com
Dumb app
Wouldn't let you post url to product. Seem like place for Nike Addias ads.
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3 years ago, Meg Good
Please update the app I can’t upload anything.
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4 years ago, princesskaykay123
can’t sign in with facebook or can’t make an account because it says my email is not a real email
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7 years ago, Tiffany Murillo
Great app
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9 years ago, 👌👍👏🎈
It's good but...
I really do like this app but, trying to do the tags when you're posting something is really difficult and annoying in my opinion. When you want to delete one letter, it's goes back and deletes two. I feel like you should add the option to use recent tags and to use spell check. Other than that I think this app is great. If you could fix this, it would definitely be a five star app! 😊
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7 years ago, kayamsden
Great App!!
Love it😍
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7 years ago, Bridgeybridg
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7 years ago, Heythereimdeath
I love it!!!!!
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7 years ago, ",.",.",.,,...,"""
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7 years ago, Omg.im.the.qeen
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8 years ago, VeryKinkyCurlsss
At first site it's a great idea but...
When I downloaded this app I didn't know what to expect . For an hour I tried it out and loved it . Then I start noticing some people were posting links to their website and more than likely they were Asian sellers because the pictures they had on their website had no reviews, no original picture of the product and were clearly photoshopped. I felt like hey this should be a problem and come to be very annoying so I should figure out how to report it. I saw the flag next to the comment and the saw option to report but what do you know? It doesn't work. None of the options work. I also feel like I should have the option to delete a persons comment off of MY post or to delete my post. I've come to two conclusions that either this app is run by the people that are spamming and it's the easiest way to scam naive people really excited to see that what they've been looking for has been found or that it's run by someone that clearly doesn't care someone downloads this app. I've had this app for a day and I'm already kind of done with it unless these issues get fixed. I know there's an option to email the HELP section but I honestly don't feel like doing that every time. A simple delete option would be helpful or the buttons that are put on the flag section should work.
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10 years ago, cgp124
No Complaints!
I LOVE this app! In my opinion, it is so much better than Wanelo! Don't get me wrong, Wanelo is one of the best apps for style ideas, but I like 'WhereToGet' more! It seems as if the community on WTG is more helpful and it is a smaller app, but everyone helps and it's wonderful! I've posted several items on there I've seen & loved, and have gotten multiple replies with people who know where it's from! I have absolutely no complaints about this app whatsoever! It's pretty self explanatory as to what to do, and it's easy to follow people, like and 'want' items you like individually, and post any things you've seen that you like and don't know 'Where To Get'! I recommend this app to all of my friends and no one I know has ever been let down by it! Great job!
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10 years ago, Fashion Ready
Online Shopping
I usually go back to school shopping in portland, because where I live doesn't have very many options. But I decided to do online shopping this year, and I have been so happy with Wheretogetit because it gives cute clothing options and has secrets that are fun to uncover for others...for fashion lovers and people looking to be more fashionable, this is a fantastic app.
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9 years ago, THE GOLD WOLF
This app gives you so many options and always find the most reasonable prices which is very important for me. You can find items that your favorite stars wear like for me it's Ariana Grande and it's amazing because I have some of the same items as her. I definitely recommend this app because I can not keep my eyes off it. That is how amazing and great it is. Smiley faces all around. YAY!!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, @sweetsarahmusic
So not only can you find out where you can but items from photos but you can earn points while doing it it's the best and the customer service was amazinggg! I forgot my email and password and they were to help me as much as they could, totally the best I love this app! And it doesn't crash on me like ever
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9 years ago, cammraee
I like but..
This app keeps closing on me and crashing. It was doing fine and all of a sudden when I opened it, I saw my name and my profile pic but everything else wasn't mine, and when I went to "my account" to see what's wrong, there was another girls profile picture? I feel like I'm hacked or the app just isn't going right. Then I deleted the app and re downloaded it and tried to sign in but now the app won't even allow me to sign in.. My phone is fine. It's the app! I wish it can stop doing this already.
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8 years ago, Fuzzy onions123
I absolutely love this!! This is my newest app addiction! I actually think I need to go to the doctor for is addiction..help me, lol.😂 I love it! But I'm sad because the app asked if I liked it and I accidentally clicked no.😫 I'm so, so sorry and I meant to hit yes. Thank you for making the best app ever! {and for getting me a something new and awesome to do!}
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9 years ago, Iron_patriot
Love it💖
I love this app!!!! I love it because you can see top trending everything, you can like and favorite and even save tabs to go back and buy it! This is honestly amazing, and I love it and I can just tell, me and my friends will definitely max out ours and our parents credit cards😂
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10 years ago, RaRa310
It's great if someone can really help you figure out where to find something, so we'll see. However the email notification may force to delete the app. If we can control how we're notified then leave it at that. An email every thirty seconds or more would mean an outrageous amount of emails to constantly delete and I've only uploaded one photo so far. Do away with the constant email notifications. Ill check the app on my own.
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