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Automated Pet Care Products Inc. dba AutoPets
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User Reviews for Whisker

4.8 out of 5
64.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Applestar tech
Corrupted App / Probably Hacked
I bought a new litter robot 3 and I successfully connected it to the whisker app. Because I was still having my cat transition to this litter robot, I kept it turned off and would turn it on only when I needed to cycle it. Since my cat seemed to be getting used to its cycling mode, I decided to keep it powered on and to use the whisker app to control it. But when I tried to do that, it was saying that my litterbox was “offline.” So I tried to reconnect it several times without success. It would always say “litter robot is connected.” But when I check the app, the litter robot is not there so I have to add the litterbox again and again and again, registering it again and again and again. Very frustrating. How can it say it was successfully connected and yet there’s no litter robot showing on my Whisker app? Furthermore, it’s supposed to cycle after connection, but it did not. It just went directly to the home button (turned blue). Is my litter box registered and showing up in another person’s app? Because it’s saying it’s connected, but to whom? It’s certainly not connected to my app. So I think the app is hacked or corrupted. I would really appreciate your help. This is the most expensive litterbox I’ve ever bought and I feel depressed right now knowing that it’s not working the way it’s supposed to and I keep thinking it’s hacked or corrupted by some kind of malicious software. MGB 😔😿
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1 year ago, CurlyGirl8162
Unit quit cycling w/ cat & App has a bug
My LR3 was working perfectly for several weeks. Then suddenly it was cycling at 5:30 AM daily -and at no other time throughout the day. I also noticed that there were no entries for ”cat detected” in the history. In addition, I do not recall turning on sleep mode for my LR3. However, somehow it was set, and I am unable to turn it off. When I swipe the bar in the app, nothing happens. Tried to turn off sleep mode manually on the unit by Pressing and holding the Cycle button (no timeframe was given, so I did so for 10 seconds). The yellow light lit up and then turned off. It did not blink, as the unit documentation indicates it would. I opened up the app again and sleep mode is still turned on. Also very disappointed in the support site, as there is no page for troubleshooting. It’s not until you go through a series of questions/answers that you eventually get to see a button that says Contact Support. The provided answers are very black and white, and don’t provide an option for “something else”. There doesn’t seem to be an 800 number to call and get any phone support. Very disappointing!
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1 year ago, kcrossettrn
Product good, app not so great
I do like my litter robot 3. It has made cleaning the litter box very simple, but these reviews are really related to the app. I am disappointed to say that it is not great. It disconnects all the time. I currently if I go into the app, it tells me I need to register my litter robot, but then recognizes that it’s registered so it will not let me re-register. Mind you I’ve had this robot for at least two years so clearly I have already been registered. I have tried to follow the troubleshooting instructions of logging out and removing the app but the app will not let me log out. It acts like it is going to and then just returns to the same screen showing that I am logged in, so I uninstalled it anyway, and when I reinstalled it, it was in the exact same place. I have tried power cycling the machine to get it to recognize it which didn’t work, and in the past has worked. Oh yeah, this is not the first time this has happened. Yesterday, when this started up again, I went through all the steps and got frustrated and walked away Since the litter robot technically works without the app. Today I got alerts that the litter robot had cycled so I went back to look at the app, and again it was saying I needed to register the litter robot. Don’t ask me how I am able to get alerts without it, recognizing that it is registered. This is not an Internet issue. This is an app issue. Come on guys don’t make any excuses and fix your bugs.
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8 months ago, CalicoFam
1 week into use of litter robot 4
I’ll start off by saying thank God there’s no assembly required. The litter robot for is amazing, it works well and the only issue I had was when I went to change the filter and realized that the scent blocker didn’t have an extra guard which seemed kind of petty to me as a nickel and dime you situation with this unit already cost 600+ dollars after tax. The app works as it supposed to except for when it is supposed to be weighing one of your cats I’ve only had it show up once since getting my litter robot and I have three cats and have added each of them to the app. If you do remove the filter and you have the bonnet lifted, make sure when you have the app that you do not hit two cycle it as it will cause the litter robot to make multiple cycles after you close the Bonnet. There really isn’t much else to say except that I wish I had two of them because I have three cats. The complaints are minute, but there are just some accessories that you feel should come with it for the price tag that you are paying by compared to all other robot litter brands. I would say you cannot go wrong with the litter robot brand units. Just as my cats stare in amazement after it does the cycle of cleaning your as well to and you will catch yourself standing there with them idolizing the fact you no longer have to scoop that box.
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3 months ago, Alita42
Lacking in simple quality of life feature
Presumably, one already purchased the litter robot because one couldn’t always keep up with daily litter box cleaning. So when I get a push notification that the drawer is full, I feel like it ought to come with MULTIPLE REMINDERS. I don’t understand why “turn on repeat full-drawer notifications “ isn’t a feature. There’s clearly the capability to have additional push notifications, so why not just repeat the same one until the drawer is reset? Drawer-full notifications come at all times of the day - I’m often asleep or out of the house or otherwise preoccupied. Also ADHD IS REAL. Push notifications don’t stick around - and with as many notifications as one gets it can be hard to keep up. You could have the repeat full-drawer notifications timing based - every three hours for the first 24, and then every hour after. Alternatively- it could continue to send you full-drawer notifications every time the cat visits the box, since clearly the app is able to be aware of that. It just seems contrary to provide such a service as the litter robot in the first place and not accommodate the people who might be likely to purchase one. Aside from this lack of feature it’s a perfectly fine app that serves it’s purpose quite well, but this feature is really diminishing my satisfaction.
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12 months ago, WickedGirl33
Want to give 5 stars but rigidity of app is inexcusable
This app has improved greatly in its look over the years, but my one simple request has been completely ignored for years as well. I need to be able to choose a MINIMUM of 30 minutes delay before the Litter Robot cycles after it has been used. This is not something the LR folks should get to decide for me. I have 5 cats, 1 Litter Robot and 6 litter boxes. Their urine all sets up differently within the same litter. If I do not catch the LR after someone has used it and shut it off for 30 minutes, the pee balls often smear across the top of the LR, necessitating more cleaning for me. I purchased the R s a way to provide an unused area for the cats to go if I have not been able to scoop boxes for the day yet. So, I need to be able to set the delay for what I want to in order to make this a truly hands off solution where the cats have a clean area to go. Also, the night hours (quiet hours) length needs to be user choice as well. I need to be able to set this for 12 hours due to circumstances in the household. The 8 hour option is not working for this house due to a need to have the house absolutely quiet for 12 hours at a time (older feral cats brought in at night for their safety, an elder with dementia we do not want to disturb after 10 or 11 PM or before 10 AM, etc.). So, some additional options would be appreciated. But, my requests keep getting ignored. So, one star.
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3 years ago, Bitty Box
Bitty Box, 4 cats, 3 Weeks to train, no more Scooping!
We love our Litter Robot. It is very well thought out. We named it, Bitty Box, in honor of our youngest cat, Itty Bitty, a Calico, who was the first to use our Litter Robot. She encouraged our other three cats to use it. The last hold out, our 14 year old Yellow Tabby, had trouble adjusting. Once we took the advice of Brandon, in customer service, to get the stairs, we finally got the last hold out, to become a regular. We change the litter drawer every three days, and add one or two scoops of new litter. (Do not use heavy litter, the unit is weight sensitive) We do a complete interior cleaning once a month. We use the Auto Pets App which is easy to set up and sync with the Litter Robot. It basically tells us how full the drawer is, when it is time to change the bag, and allows us to run a complete cycle, from the app. We had a few issues, at the beginning, but customer service replaced our base quickly. We added the extended warranty, (3 years total) we and our cats love it. One very happy home! (Our son has one, our next door neighbor has two, we have one) Although expensive, worth every dollar! Robert & Dottye Wesley Chapel Fl.
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1 year ago, kenz 4
The litter robot is a must!!
I love love love the litter robot 4. I had a different type of self cleaning litter box but I have 3 cats and it just couldn’t keep up with them. The litter robot 4 has done a fantastic job though!! I don’t ever smell anything when one of them goes to the bathroom. It’s quiet and efficient. I love that you have the option for live updates about what’s going on. I also really love that it weighs your cat and tells you how much they weigh. I also love that it gives you a percentage on how full the waste bin is and how you’re doing on the amount of clean litter is waiting to be used. There’s just so much to love!! The only thing that I was confused about is on the advertisement it shows you the screen about recording the cats weight and when they go and they make it seem like you can type in your cats name and it will recognize each one when they use it. That’s not the case though. It’s no biggie at all, I still love the litter robot! I think I maybe just interpreted it wrong?? It would be a great option to have though. Still loooooove the litter robot!! I can’t thank you guys enough!! :)
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6 months ago, Ped I. Cure
I have owned products by Whisker for over 10 years now. Their newest products have an accompanying app for features, information, and even manual controls of these products. This allows the consumer peace of mind even if away. Whisker is most famous for the Litter Robot, which shattered the industry. Other companies had automated ideas for litter boxes long before Whisker even existed. Then one day, a gentleman by the name of Brad Baxter had an idea. He designed and created a device that would change the litterbox forever. Enter the Litter Robot. He started small and while slow at first, the idea caught on and word spread. Today, the company has grown exponentially. They do all their own manufacturing right here in the United States. They employ American workers, and nothing is farmed out to overseas labor. Brad Baxter takes great pride in supporting only the United States and has vowed that Whisker’s products will ALWAYS be 100% American designed, manufactured, and supported. This app — while not needed for a Whisker product to function — will greatly enhance ownership.
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1 year ago, EvansGirl24
Robot AND Software are junk
We bought not 1, but TWO litter robot 3 connect devices. Initially their warranty was 18 months. We have been through 4 bases in 2 years (3 of which I PAID FOR) due to the WELL-KNOWN pinch sensor and DFI sensor issues. That doesn’t include the set of Pinch and DFI sensors I replaced. Apparently Litter-Robot couldn’t keep the units working even 18 months so instead of fixing the issue, they reduced the warranty to 12 months. So far we haven’t had one of the robots work for even 12 months. And now the ONE they bothered to support (base less than 1 year old) is throwing CONSTANT ERRORS (over torque, drawer full). We have watched every video available about these machines and have taken care of them extremely well because that’s how we roll - but from what I can tell they are junk. I am $1580 into 2 litter boxes (ya know, $50 worth of merchandise) and to say I am frustrated and disappointed in the product and company is an understatement. They won’t stay working due to poor quality parts and design flaws (the litter dumps right on top of the DFI and pinch sensors that have constant issues).I can’t recommend anyone buy one of these or buy from a business that sells a $500-$600 litter-box and provides a ONE YEAR warranty. One would think a 5 year warranty may be reasonable for such a “high end” product. There are better options.
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2 years ago, nicoled316
App update =“drawer full” after every use
I wrote a review a week or so ago about the latest app update causing my robot to show as full… turns out this is affecting DOZENS of customers. I initially was told my customer service that this was “impossible”, the app could not have any impact on the robot. THEN I was told that it “needed to adjust to the algorithm and to be patient”. So 2 days later it finally was working as it should. THEN 3-4 days after that, it’s doing the same exact thing again. I have cleaned the sensors , the bag is not in the way, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, removed and re-connected the unit to the app, tried to manually recalibrate it according to the video on whiskers site , and I was sent new DFI sensors -but why change them when it “fixed” itself last time once litter robot acknowledged there was some new algorithm sent out. . . Bc honestly if I spend the time changing those sensors and it works for 1 day or god forbid , it doesn’t work at all, I am going to lose my mind. Stop telling me it is my unit!! , if that’s the case, you suddenly have HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of units that need new sensors , out of the blue. This is ludicrous! LOOK AT YOUR REVIEWS SINCE THE LAST APP UPDATE !! 99% are all about the freaking DFI!! Stop denying the feedback provided to you and fix this !
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2 years ago, Early Trekker
Model 4 Lost sale
I am a previous model 3 user that had to return it due to my senior pride’s dislikes. Usage was hit or miss. The basics of the design are solid and I was sold on its potential. My older cats have now passed and I was ready for another litter-robot. However, the app and electronics to support it are now integrated into the model 4 AND the app REQUIRES an account to use. Such then clearly “phones home” with usage data. Ok so you want to know my cats BM patterns, fine. But somehow I doubt it stops there. Sales nags? Not really a question or a doubt. The inability to use the app without internet connectivity makes the upgrade a downgrade in my book. Weight data and usage data and last but not least litter tray full are GREAT. But its my data and you wouldn’t pay my price nor is ANY sales nag worth my trouble. I’ll likely look for a used model 3. Update: Whisker actually replied to this review. But alas confirmed that the app must phone home to function , negating the desirable advanced functions of the model 4. However, they state that as of now only ONE MESSAGE (non marketing) is pushed. Their privacy policy appears average in complexity (would require an attorney to explain) so what the future could hold is unknown. Sorry Whisker, bought the used model 3 on eBay. No point paying new full retail for features I’ll never use.
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2 years ago, Taefighter
Really nice app with amazing potential
I have been using this app for about a week, and I am very impressed! The getting started process is extremely simple, commands are extremely responsive (such as starting a cleaning cycle), and configuration is good in general. There are still a few bugs and plenty of room for improvement. For example, when setting the sleep schedule for a LR4, there were a couple of times when my schedule didn’t save. Additionally, the app didn’t let me start a weekend sleep schedule with any time ending in A.M. (I get the idea of sleeping in, but I’d prefer the LR4 not cycle overnight while I’m trying to embolden my scaredy-cats). That said, I would really love to see is a simple way (either in the app or on the website) to report bugs and make suggestions. I looked for a way to report the issues I found, but it looks like the only options were emailing support or writing a review here. There is a better way to do this, and I truly believe it would help improve the user experience tremendously!
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2 days ago, missy is so pissy
Great purchase
It’s been a year since I purchased the litter robot. I wanted to use it for a while before I wrote an honest review. If you have a couple of cats and work out of the home this is a game changer. It is nice to know that my cats are stepping into a clean box each time they have to go. It’s nice not to have scoop daily. Certain cat litters will make the changing of the litter last longer. I’m not here to promote cat litter so just experiment. I am definitely pro litter robot. That’s said it is not completely order or work free. You do have to take it a part once a month and wash it. Sometimes the litter will clump and stick to the inside of the litter bowl and you have to scrape it off. I check it every day to make sure it’s functioning. If the power goes out you may have to reset it But even with these minor inconveniences it is still a game changer and will give you the freedom of not having to scoop daily. My cats made the transition from a regular litter box to the robot with no problem. I say it’s definitely worth it.
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3 years ago, mtbl07
Serious issues
Update: Although this issue occured for 3 long, stressful, exhausting weeks, it does seem to have been fixed. And I’m thankful for that. It’s one less major thing I have to worry about. Upgrading from 2 stars to 5. The app is great when it works, devastating when it doesn’t. Most of us purchase the Connect version because we need it, for the same reason we have security cameras. It brings peace of mind when we are away from home. I have been having serious issues with the app as of late. Ever since the update, now it frequently goes offline. Doing a hard reset usually works, but to have to do this several times a day is exhausting. Also, I am not at home currently and just tried to pull up the app to see the status of my robot, and it is prompting me to “add robot” and go through the whole set-up process! I’ve had this for 7 months, and never encountered such ridiculous and time-consuming issues until recently.
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6 months ago, tatie123
Monthly history not working
Overall, the app is great and so is the litter box. The main problem I’ve been having recently is that the monthly history will not load. The loading spin wheel goes around and around for quite a while and then it eventually disappears- once it disappears, the graph is empty and if I scroll down, there is a message that reads “a problem occurred”. I didn’t used to have this problem but I’ve been unable to see the monthly history for quite some time now and it’s pretty disappointing. The weekly history works fine. Also, it would be great if there were a way that we could easily see how many times per day each cat is going to the bathroom instead of just overall bathroom uses between all cats. Another thing that would be cool would be if somehow (idk how this would be possible but it would be really cool if it was) we could track if the cat is having a bowel movement or just urinating when they go to the bathroom. I like being on top of this kind of stuff as it helps to monitor for a UTI or other health problems. Hopefully the monthly history gets fixed soon! Thanks!
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3 years ago, appleforlife12
This app is not an upgrade
I just bought my lb connect 2 months ago. I read reviews saying it was worth the $50 to have it be able to connect to phone. It took me over an hour to connect the app to my phone. It worked great after sending me notifications etc but the last 2 weeks in the litter app not this app it kept saying the draw was full and threatened to not auto cycle until the drawer was empty. I even took the advice of other reviews and downloaded the app on my iPad. It didn’t work. I emptied it and reset it. It didn’t work. I was told by the lb app that I had to switch over to this app. It’s still saying the draw is full after I deleted and downloaded both apps again. This is very frustration that a $600 device can glitch this much and the app is no improvement. Why charge $50 extra if the machine and app won’t sync? The machine it self the last couple of days at least once a day the cycle is interrupted and it does send me a notification for that but still I don’t want to have to worry that when I’m not home the box will not finish a cycle thus resulting in my cat not being able to use the app. I wanted to love the box and the connect app option but I can not in good faith recommend this to anyone not strangers or my friends.
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12 months ago, ndjdjdbs
Terrible experience so far
I just had to spend almost $900 to get the litterbox 4 because the 3 was terrible from day one. I had countless calls to the company to explain how it wasn’t working and they kept giving excuses and walking me through how to make it work… none of which actually worked. If my husband and I were gone from the house for more than 2 hours it ended up in the cats peeing or pooping on our furniture bc the robot was “stuck” in a position where they had no way to go to the bathroom… It turned into us having to leave an extra nasty plain old litter box, sitting right beside it, which defeats the whole purpose of us ever paying so much money for the litter box 3. I am praying that I did not make a stupid decision by getting the upgraded version because if it’s the same as the litter box 3, then I will be writing terrible reviews all over the place. The weeks that it worked were great, but the months that it did not were terrible and not worth the money. Customer service was terrible… and they kept telling me if would work when it wouldn’t. They told me that there was basically nothing they could do because it was past the three month from the time I bought it.
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9 months ago, Jackdoyle687
Specific Cat Detection Necessary
With the weighing feature and the profile creation of each feline in one’s household - the litter robot should be able to tell the user which cat might’ve used the litter robot. I understand that it might get it wrong here and there say if you have 2 cats near/around the same weight…but it’d be a nice addition to the product no doubt! I hope that can be a future feature considering all the puzzle pieces are present; software updates, app updates, the weighing feature, the cat profile creation, and clearly an excellent design, engineering and marketing team. The puzzle just needs to be put together now! I’m no salesman, but I guarantee if Whisker were to make that a feature, they’d sell many more litter robots than already sold!👀 Other than this one gripe, this truly is a revolutionary product that I’d recommend any cat owner to get - especially if you have multiple! Life changing….seriously!
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2 years ago, BeltwayKate
UPDATED ITS WORKING —Gauge disappeared, just a stupid blank screen
No value, it shows the shop and home icons, no tray gauge. Cannot log out. Asked company for help, they suggested cleaning the litter robot. Really??? Well I did still NO APP FEATURES and still cannot logout…. It just keeps repeating “logging out”…very disappointing 9 April 2022 update. Tried again with whiskers support. Delete app. Did it. Turnoff phone did it. Reinstall app. No go. Delete the app from ICLOUD. Impossible. Call Apple to have them delete the app. Impossible. Still same problems app shows and I am logged in and whiskers can see the robot and gets messages, but I cannot see the gauge, cannot log out and cannot delete the robot from the app. Not an Apple friendly product. Nice customer service, useless app. Waste of money for the connect. April 21 Update: The app mysteriously started working this week. Now I am happy, no longer having to constantly go check if the robot is working. When the app works I can work. Cats are happy!
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4 months ago, PamandDarron
Makes my life so much easier!
I love my cats and I love my Litter Robot almost as much! My back and pelvic area were severely damaged in a car wreck 24 years ago. Until I got my first LR a few years ago my love for my cats cost me dearly! I tried other litter solutions, one whose price was DOUBLE the price of my LR4! But nothing I tried came close to doing the job with minimal maintenance like this amazing LitterRobot! I have 3 cats and 2 litter robots. I would have rated them 5 stars but finding the power connection on my new LR4 was like tryingv to find Waldo! And then once found, it was difficult to figure out how to plug it in the port and tge user guide was no hwlp at all. Trying to find answers online, I stumbled into many posts from last year about the same issue. This company is very proactive when it comes to the quality of their product. I supposev I expected them to have already fixed this design flaw by now. But once you have it going, you won’t want to live without one ever!♥️
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2 years ago, TrixieHazlenut Mom
Transitioned two cats from traditional enclosed litter box to Litter Robot IV. One girl took to it immediately, one girl was a little hesitant. I had to completely remove the old litter box before they both used the Litter Robot IV consistently. I think they find the cylindrical surface somewhat foreign to be digging around in. Overall it has been very successful but my girls still bring litter out of it and it GOES EVERYWHERE! However, it’s a small price to pay considering there is NO ODOR and NO SCOOPING. I do put the Litter Robot IV in sleep mode from 10 pm to 6 am and that seems to have made them both more inclined to use it. Although the Litter Robot IV is super quiet, I think they like knowing it won’t cycle during those hours. I am VERY HAPPY with this purchase and highly recommend it. The phone App is easy and informative and I’ve even monitored my girls’ activity from out of state. I even know one of them needs to lose a little weight!
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1 year ago, BirdieRose1506
Constant disappointment
The buttons on my brand new litter robot #4 only work occasionally. It’s a crying shame that this overpriced machine doesn’t work right. I prefer my old litter robot. *Sometimes* it allows me to reset the waste drawer on the app (because the button on the panel doesn’t work), but sometimes the “reset gauge” option on the app is there-sometimes it’s not! Not sure why. But it won’t cycle until I reset the gauge. If I can’t reset the gauge, the waste gets built up because it won’t cycle. They should, at the very least, make the app have all the options to control the machine instead of using the faulty buttons. Why can’t I consistently reset the gauge on the app? Why is it only an option sometimes?! I regret spending $800 on this new litter robot. The older model I have (version 3) is the best. The buttons ALWAYS work, the app isn’t really necessary. I regret buying the new one! I am always standing in front of it with the stupid app open trying to get it to work right and I’m always so annoyed with it. Avoid it and buy the third version robot. Save your money and your patience.
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2 weeks ago, Hiwaoh
Glitchy app
Horrible! I use this for both the litter robot and feeder robot. For the feeder robot portion, it’s very difficult to modify feed schedules. If I attempt to modify times, it will have the loading icon but after a minute or so my change won’t stick and it’ll revert back to the original time. I have to do this multiple times over 15 minutes to get it to stick. Sometimes I have to delete the meal entirely and create it from scratch because my changes just won’t stick. What really pisses me off is when I attempt to skip a meal or toggle off a meal. Instead of skipping or toggling off, the feeder will dispense a meal so I have to scramble to pick the meal up and put it away leaving my kitties confused!!! I also have the PetSafe app for a different cheaper, automatic feeder and I have ZERO issues skipping a meal or toggling off and it NEVER dispenses an unintentional meal! Complete trash! I have no issues with the feeder robot itself. But you would think if you purchase a pricey feeder, they could at least have a functional app without all these glitches. Next time I’ll just purchase two of the cheaper PetSafe feeders. Save myself the headache and money!
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11 months ago, pmgrimaldi
Best Thing out there
I have of the #4 because I have 3 cats, 2 - 1 year 4 months and one 9 months. Plus when I have I do not have to have someone come in everyday to clean the litter box. people are amazed when they walk in my house and it doesn’t smell like I have a litter box. This machine is wonderful. Your cats are never walking on used litter tracking it back around and getting it on their feet. This is great for health reasons not only for your cat, but for yourself with them, jumping on your furniture and cabinets or your bed. I love the idea that there is an app that tells me how much litter is still in the drum and when the bins underneath of fall and need to be changed at all, so where is your cats and she go in so you can also know that every cat has been going to the bathroom on a regular basis. I have two of the number for best investment I’ve ever made. Not only for myself for my kittens health.
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2 weeks ago, DoorMuncher
The Real Deal!
As a older person I can confirm that not having to scoop through 2lbs of urine and fecal matter while bending over and sucking that dust in my mouth and nose THIS machine makes that aspect almost entirely nonexistent! We are on the fastest cycle and with 3 cats we are pushing this machine past its limits. However it with good lumping litter some tends to stick onto the rubber or gray shroud and I’m back sticking my face inside and digging in litter again. It is a wonderful product but 3-4 hundred with all the bells and whistles is more in line of the cost benefit ratio as well as not having so many moving parts that can render the machine to be equal to a teenager who is on their way out on a Friday night and asked to clean the litter! For some reason they seem to rush through and litter on the floor as well as cat’s flinging the litter out of the machine.. cleaning up is still a headache.. the mat itself needs to be 3 ft wide and 4 ft long.. since the cats like to leap out of the machine and magically litter everywhere is still a problem. Some tweaks and making the product more affordable there will be more customers worldwide who would invest into the Idea that they never have to scoop again very appealing!! Drop your profit margin and put a Litter Robot in every home! My lending the concept to still put a product in US homes by reducing the profit margin and increasing their market share to over 75% will net not only new customers but repeat ones!
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2 years ago, BaronSamedhi
If you can afford it, it’s great!
I held off purchasing the Litter Robot exclusively due to cost. Even having co-workers singing it’s praises I still held off buying one. A good friend of mine who’s also not one to make purchases like this told me his wife finally got him to buy one and he has zero regrets. He wished he had bought one sooner. That was enough for me to take the plunge. I have four cats and I used to have 3 litter boxes spread throughout the house. All 4 use the Litter Robot now and I have to say I’m 100% satisfied. It’s much more efficient with litter usage and even with 4 cats, I find I only have to empty the bin about once every 3 days or so. I love that I can easily check the app on my phone and tablet to see if I need to empty the waste bin or add litter. I also like the weight readouts so I can tell which of my cats are using it. In addition, I’ve used the remote controls a few times to initiate cleanings and although a bit of a party trick, it’s still kind of cool.
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12 months ago, geniekent
My litter robot 4
Yes It is very expensive. It took me months before I decided to purchase. It is a game game changer. At first they were just using it but not plugged in for about a week. They were super curious. One was brave enough to get insides. I have 5 cats. After that the show begins. I plugged it in. Got it working. At the same time I kept one usual litter box on the side for a week just Incase. Third week we were just using the litter robot alone. Sadly One of my cat just having trouble of going in. I think it’s because there’s movements and lights. He’s about 2 yrs old. He would be walking back and forth. Making noise and lay in front of the litter robot. Wanting to go do his thing but scared. He would hold it for like about an hour then next thing you know he was inside already doing his business. Then I said loudly “ SUCCESS “ Love it. My cats love it too.
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3 years ago, ldyhwk1
I have several cats and we decided to make our life a bit easier by getting a robot. In many was it has done that and in others it has been a bit of a headache. Not having to scoop dirty liter is a big plus. Being able to just pull a drawer out, lift a bag out has been even greater. That is the second plus. Unfortunately there have been some down sides. I call them the glitches. The robot notifying us the drawer is full or not notifying us when it is full. Also, we have found it will just up and decide not to empty for no reason. Not a pretty thing to happen. We have reported this many times to customer service with no solution. I do have friends that have robots some are over the moon others have the glitches also. Not as bad as ours but similar. The real downside is we can’t leave the cats for more than a day in case something goes wrong. Or we have to set up other litter pans to cover it. I think we may have gotten a lemon and have no recourse to fix it.
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2 years ago, pipcudi
App is great, some sensor issues with the litter box
I’ve enjoyed using the app. I never knew how much excitement I’d get out of seeing my cats use the litter box, but the whisker app is now one of the frequently checked apps on my phone. I’m like the big brother of the bathroom now. The only issue I’ve noticed in the past couple weeks is that sometimes the litter robot falsely senses a cat during a cleaning cycle. Causing the cleaning cycle to freeze. If I’m at home then I’ll check on the litter robot and reset the cleaning cycle so it can finish. But if I’m not at home, I’m afraid my cat is stuck in the litter robot and I don’t want to reset it. I think resetting the robot fixes any sensor issues. That’s the main issue I’ve noticed so far. Also, it seems the cats track quite a bit of litter on the floor so I bought a bigger litter mat to collect it. Overall things are working well and I’m enjoying not having to worry about the litter box filling up.
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2 years ago, KJLuLo
Constant notifications
Update to my review: it’s been several months and despite the issue with frequent notifications about the robot being full allegedly being resolved, it is still happening. It’s unbelievably frustrating. *** I had virtually no issues with my litter robot until about two weeks ago. There was no software update or anything but since then, I’ve been getting notifications randomly about every hour about the robot if it’s full. In the middle of the night too! Up until this point, I would only get the notification if the cat went into the box and then the app reminded me it was full and would not be able to cycle. Now it is constant and not related to if the cat has used the box or not. It’s driving me crazy! I also get the notifications on my Apple Watch, meaning I’ve literally been woken up in the middle of the night from it vibrating due to one of these random notifications when both cats have been in bed sleeping next to me for hours. Please fix this bug, it is unbelievably annoying.
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1 year ago, fuvkhew
There is a glitch with the light controls
The app pretends to give you the choice to turn the lights off or low but on the app you can hit the buttons, but the way it’s laid out you have to hit submit, but you can’t go down to submit and then it freezes so you can’t use the app at all until the litter box is used again and then you can get back into the rest of the app. If you swipe out, but then try to come back into the app fresh, even if you turn the phone off and on, it’s the same page frozen of the the lights and you can only get back into iuse the app when the litter box is used. Then it will notify properly. It is a huge problem. I’ve tried this repeatedly with the same result. I’ve use the tiniest type font to see if using a bigger font caused the problem but it’s the same with the tiniest type font. I have an updated phone. Also for multiple cat households, it would be cool if there was a way to name the cat based on weight-once you know a cat reported as 8.5 lbs-create an option to give that a name 8.5= Tom . Then when Jerry weighing in at 9.2 goes in edit that to Jerry. Etc. Then an option. to collate into a table under cat name So we know Tom pooped 3 times today and Jerry only two. Hope that makes sense. Also do cat recorded weights fluctuate based on the weight of the litter, or the amount in the box at the time? If/ when switching liters should we reset or recalibrate the weight? If so how?
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2 months ago, Jraehuaker
App improvements
The app is... fine. Biggest complaints: 1. Notifications. I feel like they just have not done user testing on what notifications are important. Notifications for "almost full" are too frequent, I get notifications for faults that self correct. What I don't get notifications for are what is surely the most important use case: a cat was detected but the litter robot will not run due to a fault or a full tray. I should be able to get a notification for this every single time it happens. It's like they decided to alert to some sort of issue that prevents the box from running once, then just never communicate the box isn't running again. The only way to kind of keep an eye on this is to have an alert for every clean cycle, which I don't want. Even then, it would rely on me to be like "hm, haven't seen a clean cycle alert in awhile, should check that out." Our box is in the basement, when it works, it's great, we barely have to think about it. But twice now we haven't received sufficient alerting when it's NOT running, and went down to the basement to a complete mess. 2. Smart scale history. One week isn't enough time to keep a clear eye on my cat's weight. Ideally, I'd like to see at least a month of weight history so I can get a clear trend. My cat is diabetic, the scale is really useful for monitoring her health, but one week isn't enough time to get a clear picture.
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3 years ago, TheInsuranceLady
One of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever been given!
I’ve had cats all of my life. I am not kidding but I’ve had probably 40 cats in my entire life and I don’t know what I was waiting for. I thought that I had to put in expensive cat litter and that it would just run the bills up but in the meantime I developed a ganglion cyst in my right wrist that won’t go away now and it hurts to shovel cat clumps so this is wonderful because there’s no more pain, there’s no more shoveling and the best part as I can use any litter I want! Bravo to the developers and the marketers, thank you so much. Please don’t raise the price because I feel this is the max limit for most of us as it is a treat for us cat lovers and our spouses, lol! If I had only asked my husband 9 years earlier to shovel cat clumps I would’ve gotten this much sooner😘
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4 years ago, Airiezhou
Too raw of a release, needs a lot of polish
First time buyer of the Litter robot. This review is mainly on the registration process. 1. BLE Connection : Bluetooth connect does not work on mine. Keep showing error. The series number shown on the bluetooth connection settings and series number on my LR mismatch. Could be a problem only on re-conditioned unit? 2. Wifi connection: The instruction is slightly confusing after you connect to the LR wi-fi manually. You see a second time Wi-fi selection, which you’re suppose to select your own Wi-fi. Why can’t the app auto opens up the wi-fi selection and ask you to select LR ? then open up selection again and ask to select house Wi-fi? I was confused as I was trying to find LR wi-fi on the list. 3. The registered LR did not show on the main page immediately after “registration Success”. It took so long that I tried 3+ times to redo the process and started furiously writing this review. Then I reopen the app to look for bug report, one unit finally shows up on the main page, with the wrong name. (probably pick the name I used in the last few tries). Or because of #4 issue, I didn’t even remember how many names I have used. 4. “Back” button returns you all the way to the start. It’s just a lazy implementation I feel like. I don't want to scan and type name again just because some error happens in one step. Bottom line, Registration somewhat works. But the user experience is very bad.
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2 years ago, Frankie4Fingers
App switch
I have a v3 and was frustrated that I couldn’t retrieve my forgotten password until I investigated on my own and found out that there is a new app completely. I am an app developer and it wouldn’t take much for you to put up a banner on the old app that said it was outdated or to put out an update that switched it to the new version. I spent way too much of my time trying to make this work. Edit: weird because neither my wife nor I saw any of the messaging. Maybe your UX team could have spent a bit more time making it more visual or obvious? Thanks for the response though. What would have been better is if the app updated to the new version instead of becoming a different app. Also maybe the old app could have brought up a message that a new app was needed instead of acting like it still works but then the API just are broken. Also, I got a new phone recently and it still downloaded the old app from the App Store. Normally, apps that are pulled show a message saying they are gone. That is also weird.
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2 years ago, Disappointed Cat Dad
Pretty disappointed
When it works, it is great, but I find I’m dealing with more issues than solutions with my litter robot and the app. Many times I’m not getting notifications when the drawer is full or there is a malfunction. I notice a lot I’ll get a notification of it cycling, but no notification that it is full for some reason. Because of that, the cats use it until the litter is one big glob because it won’t cycle since it is full and I don’t think to look at the litter (that’s the point of having upgraded to the LR that sends notifications) The cats then go do their business around the house because there is no more litter. It gets quite annoying dealing with this regularly. At times I find myself wondering if I should just go back to a normal litter box with a routine of scooping it daily to avoid this problem. Like I said, when it works, it’s great. But majority of the time it is unfortunately a headache.
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6 months ago, Lobie+Ting
No regrets after 1 full year!!
I purchased the whisker litter box because we were scooping two litter boxes 2-3 x a day with our two cats. I was very hesitant because it really was an investment for us. I can proudly say it was the best thing we have done for our babies and also for ourselves. I only wish we would have done it much sooner! The elderly rag doll cat we had got acclimated to it quickly. The second cat was in it before the end of the day. No accidents ever! This year we brought in a new kitten to our home, again no problems just set the timer before it dumps the clumps so the kitten didn’t get scared. I will never do without one of these litter boxes and as a person going into their Golden Years it will allow me to have my babies around me and not have the burden of clean up !!!!
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1 month ago, Jacq1219
5 Month Review
I love the Litter Robot 4. Setting it up was a breeze along with connecting to the internet. My only complaint has to do with my spotty internet service as far as the app goes. My cat, Pumpkin, loves to watch it get rid of her business so much that she keeps sticking her head in, which stops the emptying process. It has saved me on both litter and chronic pain when emptying the Litter Robot, which I only have to do once a week. The app lets me know when to empty her business and when to add additional litter. Great! The app also lets me know Pumpkin’s approximate weight, which she always weighs more when we go to the vet. I still have yet to contact customer service to find out how to clean the sensors. Bottom line…it was a pricey purchase, but I’m happy with it so far!
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2 years ago, Sr3al
Setup was a Hassle and the app seems Basic!
First of all I hate when IOT devices cannot connect to a hidden network. (Fairly common practice though to be fair) Uncommonly crappy issue: Wi-Fi network passwords apparently cannot contain the @ symbol and other documented special charters. Fortunately I could spin up a WI-FI network just for the litter robot. This was extra annoying. (Suggestion: The App checks for unsupported charters and tells you your password is unsupported, or you know making the system work with any Wi-Fi password.) Other improvement and suggestions Customizable Sleep Timer - what if I wanted to sleep more than 8 hours in a day of what if I sleep in 2 hour increments throughout the day? Customizable Cycle Delay - what if I want to do something other than 3, 7 or 15 mins? Local API for offline interfacing - Home automation platforms are the future and why the need to send data through the internet when something can be done locally. Check for firmware updates button - I’d like to think My litter robot will get updates. I’m sure your app has some way of auto updating, but you should really include a check for updates option so people can make sure their litter robot is up to date. The app works just fine now that I’ve got it setup and none of the things I’ve mentioned are deal breakers. I hope these suggestions can be used in a positivity way and I look forward to seeing the litter robot app / eco system grow.
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3 weeks ago, Morelli1720
Love my Robo4
The Whisker Litter Robot 4 and the app seem to work very well together. Although, I have encountered a few errors, but I’m just getting to know how it works and figuring it out. I have only had my new litter robo for one week, but I’m loving it so far! I love how the app notifies me of all the aspects with the Whisker Litter Robot. I have a very curious Cat so it gets interrupted all the time. Bray could be sleeping in the living room and he will hear it start even though it’s so quiet but you know cats they have super hearing. I have two cats and my boy Bray just loves the litter robo! I swear he just goes to the bathroom so he can watch it clean. I get a lot of notices a day because of him. It certainly has cleared up a lot of my time, not having to scoop any longer. and I definitely love the Whisker app.
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3 years ago, quinny2314
Cannot connect. Spent hours on several days
Reviews have already been written on this topic. The gist of it. I can not connect with either of wifi/bluetooth connections. Also, same as other users, I do not feel like scanning the barcode, going thru the entire setup for each attempt. Gets very old several hours in. Total waste of my time. I tried everything the help email suggested. No luck. Believe me I was really hopeful for the luck I needed.. Maybe, when I have several hours of free time, possibly I'll attempt to fix it. i know, call me crazy, trying to the same thing over and over while getting the same results. For great descriptions and break down of these issues, I def suggest, reading some of the other bluetooth/wifi customers who have same annoying problems. I'm personally tapped out and over it.. I'm more than a little frustrated trying to set this thing up, that quite literally I have no more energy to give this product. I am going to return it, possibly I may attempt to buy a cheaper version. If there is one, idk, without all of the amazing wifi/bluetooth 'Luxuries' of this product. Good luck Please allow me to be clear and transparent, I have issue, ONLY, with this app, customer service relating to this app. I have had the robot, about 2 weeks and I really really love the product.. hence, i will look for a cheaper version if it exists. Omitting anything relating to the app.. Thanks
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11 months ago, sentofu
Very convenient!
I really liked our Litter-Robot 4. Just need some modifications. I made some adjustment on the opening because there was a lot of sand that will always scattered on the floor whenever a cat goes out. But I solved it. And one of my concern really is that the waste bin or the sensor from it was not that accurate. It’ll say that it was 50% but I just got it replaced this morning. Or it’ll display that the waste is 100% full even though there’s still a lot of space. Whenever I see that its full, I don't replace it right away. I wait for 2 days and manual cycle it every 5 hours which I would always forgot. Sometimes I’ll manual cycle it whenever I remember. I wished they can update the app or the sensor from the waste bin. It’ll be so much better if they did.
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7 months ago, 40lb to go
Worth it!
I knew this litter robot was probably a good idea when it was hard to find them on Facebook second hand. So completely against my M.O I paid the $600 plus insurance for my little robot. It is the best investment I have ever made. I only have one cat, she took to it immediately with no problems. I love the app so it tells me when it needs to be changed out. That’s especially fun when u are away and friends are looking after the cat, totally blows there mind that you are halfway around the world but know when the box is full 😂 you can use just any plastic bags inside the tray which saves some money. You will also use less litter … so that’s a savings over time too. Overall love it and don’t know what I would do without it now!
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4 years ago, Meganofindy
Worst IOT app I’ve ever used
I am an app designer and have dozens of connected connected products in our house. Most apps are at least functional, but this newest “auto pets” app is horrible and doesn’t work. I got almost 40 notifications of litter box errors in 5 minutes. My cat has been nowhere near the box in at least a few hours, so I’m not sure what would trigger this. These issues never occurred with the old litter robot app, so there are clearly some compatibility issues. I am angry that I paid so much for a litter box that has now become more of a nuisance than helpful. Update: After speaking with customer service and troubleshooting all the hardware, litter, and components of the physical product, the issues were still present in the app. Customer service told me to revert to the old app and I haven’t had any issues since doing that. Hoping they’ll continue supporting the old app for awhile because the new one is just not ready (fwiw, I am on most recent version of iOS on iPhone 12 pro max).
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3 years ago, ParkerBatterson
pretty good, wanting more
my setup was a liiiiitle buggy. when initially connecting, the app didn’t show my preferred wifi network and since i was too lazy to retrieve wifi passswords for visible networks, i decided to try and connect via the litter robots wifi network. it was never worked so i found the password and just connected over my home wifi network without any trouble. it’s been working great ever since, i just wish i could tune the settings more to my liking. for example, i wish i could program the box to cycle every OTHER time or like every three times (rather than every time) it senses my cat because sometimes she’ll just hop in there and sniff around and won’t even go. the preset 8-hour sleep time is fine but again, wish i had more control and could save a little more electricity
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2 years ago, rikkitikki4
Stinky Spacecraft FTW!
I had a litter robot years ago, 2005ish and loved it. Then we moved and no longer had room for it. I sold it. Years went by, kitties got old and passed and we were almost a decade without a cat (torture, right?). I hit my limit and demanded we get another cat last year. We quickly went from manual scoop litter box, to a rake style automatic one (I’d rather scoop manually!), and finally broke down and bought a refurbished connect. I loved the old model, but man, what an upgrade!! This thing is awesome! I can literally load it with fresh litter and then forget about it until a notification tells me it’s full, or there’s a fault/interruption (I have a cat that likes to ride it when it’s cycling… 🙄) Wonderful product for the lazy cat mom, thanks!! 😊
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7 months ago, Aurora_Cosmos
Needs Work
The app quality is not consistent with the cost of the LR. It frequently kicks users out, only one user can register the robot, no ability to add additional users to view the robot status. The robot frequently becomes disconnected and is not easy to reconnect. Frequently the app controls do not control the robot even when standing right next to it. The app does not tell you when it becomes disconnected, you will keep getting notifications like it’s working as normal only to see the light blinking on the robot itself. The robot sent “cycle complete” notifications in normal intervals when it became disconnected for more than a day. We really it wasn’t connected after seeing the light blinking. The app in its current form is not useful and the notifications are annoying. The ability to only be notified when the robot does NOT cycle for more than X hours would be helpful.
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4 months ago, Roi144
Very Intriguing
Ever since I got my cats to use the litter robot, I can’t stop looking at the app. For some reason I love seeing that they’ve used it on the history log. One thing I wish the app had was a reset button. The litter robot has a reset button on the device but the Whisker app does not. My cats are still skeptical of the litter robot so they tend to look inside without using it. This makes the litter robot go through a cycle everytime they look inside, and I feel that this is just adding to the skepticism. Otherwise, great app, highly recommend. Edit: One more recommendation I have is a log of how many times the drawer has been emptied. This would make it easier to see how often to empty the drawer.
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6 months ago, Ed $$$$$
Won’t work and can’t opt out of marketing cookies
I was rather surprised to find that I could not create my own password for this app. Instead it linked to my phone and would only allow me an automated strong password, which I would obviously forget if I lost my phone. Secondly, I could not use it because there were so many cookies that were not necessary, and the directions to opt out of these cookies were credibly difficult to follow. I’m not a stupid person, I even have a masters degree, but I was not going to spend three hours, reading all the directions and following up once so many different places to be able to stop the cookies, there were directions for how to stop cookies in different places that the cookies might be secretly hiding. There was no simple button to select to say “only keep necessary cookies”. I’m extremely disappointed since this is my third Litter-Robot, and I’d successfully use the previous app. What a bummer.
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