Whitaker Bank Mobile

1.9 (14)
39 MB
Age rating
Current version
Whitaker Bank
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Whitaker Bank Mobile

1.86 out of 5
14 Ratings
2 years ago, 38475738
Cannot log in
This app has worked good in the past but now I haven’t been able to log in for over two weeks. It keeps saying, “system error. The system was not available, please try again.” Hard to check up on things when the app does not work for its users. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
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6 months ago, Stuck now
Good bank, good app
The app has been updated and works very well. Very useful when looking at transactions, statements, and card smart. Easy to use.
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8 months ago, Ki12234
Red Flag
The only good reviews they have is from 10 yrs ago and I guarantee those aren’t even real. The app only works one MAYBE two days outta the week. The worst banking system. Whoever developed this app should be so ashamed.
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9 months ago, Hayley10484719383
App has constant issues
This app has constant issues. It’s terrible. You can’t direct mobile deposit either. It glitches
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9 months ago, Germiah Danger Hawley
good job
i like that they’re trying
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8 years ago, Ndjsjapnss
Horrible bank
Don't even download this app and cancel your bank account. They don't post stuff the day of and post it six days later like any other normal bank. If you have overdraft protection on your account you are in for it. If you don't have it you are still screwed because of the way they post transactions on your account. Instead of declining your card they let it go through even if you don't have overdraft protection. Horrible, I mean absolutely horrible bank. And they are extremely rude to you if you call about it. Extremely recommend using another bank.
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3 years ago, NeXTLoop
Worst banking app and online banking…
…I have ever experienced. The entire online banking system routinely has “technical difficulties” that prevent you from logging in, either via the app or the web. To make matters worse, when the bank has these episodes (2 or 3 times a week), the app forgets your biometric login info (Face ID or Touch ID) until you manually log in again. At this point, I would not recommend this app or this bank to anyone. Go with Central Bank, Kentucky Bank or Republic Bank over Whitaker Bank if your in KY.
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1 year ago, chad130
Make the app compatible with iPhone 14 Pro models
This app has always been great but with the new look that was recently offered with iOS 16, the app has some major flaws in cooperating with iPhone 14 Pro models. Mainly in the upper left and right corners. They don’t work well alongside the Dynamic Island.
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1 year ago, Kelnu
This app SUUUUCKS!!!
New account opened yesterday. Set it up on the app. Today trying to connect the account to things like PayPal. Every time, PayPal (and others) says the account doesn't exist. Then I go back to the app and it won't let me login without resetting the password. The layout is horrible. The functionality is rudimentary. It's like it was designed by a high school coding club or something. If the app is an indicator or the bank, I may not have an account there long.
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2 years ago, Music.Freak83
App isn’t typically reliable, but recently it’s been totally unusable, giving an error message that says, “Application Error - The system is not available, please try again”. As others have said, I get Whitaker is a small bank, but this app doesn’t work and could be better used as a project for local iOS/mobile developers in college to work on, improve, and fix. Very disappointed, WB.
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11 years ago, DeniseFyffe
Great app
Idk what people mean by not being able to log in. You just enter your user name, click logon, enter your security answer if you have one, click Submit, then enter your password. And ta da! All done. Love the app. Haven't had any trouble with it :)
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4 years ago, D Carney
App is limited
Very difficult to search transactions on the app. Mobile deposit is convenient. Can’t expect much from a small bank operation.
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3 years ago, LoganHatesWhitaker
Terrible app
I check my bank account religiously preferably 15 times a day. Every time I log in, at least once day the app crashes and won’t let me log on for hours on end. Every single day this happens and just says “we’re having technical issues please try again later” I can’t wait to switch banks
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12 months ago, CarLindyLoo
Camera issues
The camera has not worked on the Whitaker Bank app for several months. I have contacted the bank several times and tech-support is saying it is not them. It is Apple. I would love for someone to fix this issue since I have been at this bank for over 40 years
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11 years ago, rICKEYbOBY
Why even use the app?
Lame. If you still have to answer challenge question and password every time you use what good is it? I can use mobile web browser just as quick and get way more info. Should just have to verify on first use then use your 4 digit pin from then on out to log in like so many other apps out there. Come on guys! You got my hopes up.
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3 years ago, JJ-ky
The glitching and lag makes it impossible to check my bank account. Every time I try to open the app, it immediately crashes. I don’t know how I’m supposed to check my deposits and such now without driving 30 minutes to a bank…please fix this already!!!!
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2 years ago, jen987654367
App is useless
This app worked ok for a couple months then I kept getting ‘error’. Called bank, they said log in to website to check balance etc. Long process tho, answering security questions again & again. Aggravating
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11 years ago, Ricky Campbell
Use this everyday!
Greatest banking app I have ever had the pleasure of using. Highly recommended to any Whitaker Bank customer.
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6 years ago, Rachel RB
I can’t even log in because it asks me a security question that I NEVER SET UP. How am I supposed to get the answer to a security question right if the bank doesn’t even have that information on file????? I would give it zero stars if I could considering I can’t even get into my account...
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11 years ago, Wes Mason
Great App
Love this app! So much easier than having to go to the website on my phone.
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11 years ago, Bdtspike
Nice App
I would give it a 5 star if I could deposit with it. My personal bank does that and it is very handy. This is my business bank. Everything else works great.
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8 years ago, Ky mountain
Too Slow
This was good app when I first got it but now it can take couple days to catch up with withdrawals and deposits.
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1 year ago, ievdhdididi
App needs fixes
App will not work half the time been having issues for a while now. Considering switching to a bank with more reliable online banking
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1 year ago, Linds26
Please fix the camera!
The mobile deposit camera does not rotate or function Properly! Otherwise great app.
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12 years ago, Mt sterling
Not working
App will not let me log on. I,m sure it would a great app if I could use it.
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3 years ago, Ironladyflying
No longer works
It just pops up and closes right back down. I have reloaded it. It still does not open. My phone is up to date and I am disappointed the app no longer works.
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11 months ago, daniellagraves
Constantly crashing
Always have trouble with this app. Half of the time it doesn’t work. Won’t load, won’t use Face ID. Constantly crashes. I’m over it lol
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2 years ago, newby0713
Stability? Good luck!
Can’t log into the app half the time to check balance and check my ledger half the time. The UI is marginal at best. Going to be taking my money out of Whitaker as soon as I can.
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10 months ago, Badboy2002
Fantastic App
This is a great app and a fantastic bank to deal with! Whitaker Bank is GREAT!
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11 years ago, adamburgdolf
Use safari instead
You can create a bookmark on your homepage for whitaker from safari that will take u immediately to the site, which is 50x better
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8 years ago, Charlie1221783
Whitaker bank's online services (this app included) are abysmal. If you're the type of person who pretty much does all your banking online, don't bother with this app.
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12 years ago, Lillitoad
Won't work
I would love to be able to put my password in, it would get 5 stars then!
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2 years ago, Ploody
Cannot log in 60% of the time, technical issues. Unacceptable for anyone. Would imagine any money stored is not safe.
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2 years ago, shetchy
Not dependable
Not dependable ate all more often it’s down and won’t let us in In this day and age it totally unacceptable
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12 years ago, H560
So glad this is available.
I Love it. Fabulous!
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Litterally does not work
doesn’t let me log in and says error
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11 years ago, denise115
I can't use it.
I can't even sign in. There's no place to put my password and it says invalid ID or password. Not okay.
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11 years ago, Notatall9
When transferring funds,app crashes 100%
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12 years ago, 143657342
I wish I could use this.
Invalid I'd or password, everytime.
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2 years ago, lorenlang
Recent update made it less secure
The latest update made it impossible to paste the password into the field. This used to work fine. I use a password manager with very long random passwords which are extremely difficult and time consuming to type in on a phone. So, if I want to use the app, I'm going to have to change my password to something that can be remembered and easily entered - which means it will be easier to hack. I'd love to see it go back to the way it was. If not, I'll have to only use the desktop site. Sadly, the ratings don't really matter much for this app since they're not trying to sell it and it's the only option for a mobile experience for Whitaker customers. UPDATE: 03/23/2022 - I don't know what changed but I now can't even log into the app at all. I've had Touch ID and Face ID set up, both of which have been working fine until 3 or 4 weeks ago. Then they both stopped working and the app disabled them because they failed. Now I can't even login with my password. The same password that has been working forever and which still works on the website. And there's no way to contact them for support. The App Support link just goes to the main bank site which has no mention app.
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12 years ago, Rick2224
Great app.
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2 years ago, glg_99
App stopped working 2-16-22
App stop working after last I phone update.
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