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12 months ago
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User Reviews for WhoSampled

4.86 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
3 years ago, tdbrusky
My favorite app…but…
I’ve used this app for a couple years and love it to death. Use it almost daily if not for sure a few times a week. Lately there has been a ton of issues regarding “network issues” and it won’t let me search anything at all, even on WiFi amd with full bars 4g. I hope it can be resolved as I use this app more than any other and absolutely love it.
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4 months ago, BlueArbitor
I’d like to say that not only do you need the $3.99 to buy the app and use it for minimal things such as a few lyrics to find a song and that’s about it. You’re almost forced to spend the extra $9.99 to allow it to use your microphone to listen, pretty much the whole purpose of downloading the FREE app called “Shazam”. I tried this app thinking it could find sampled songs but if you’re into more underground music you’ll find nothing, fan-made, unreleased, leaked, unfinished, etc… You’ll only find completely published and sometimes a song name with an “unknown artist”. The last amazing feature is how after being so dissatisfied and wanting a refund, the app refuses to let me contact any staff relating to this joke of an app. I hope whoever reads this enjoys my aggravating experience and goes to soundcloud, google, shazam, anything else.
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2 years ago, sufnum
Not worth the money
I paid for the full version because I thought it'd be better than the website. I still wouldn't recommend this app. One reviewer hit the nail on the head when they said the app looked like it was for an iPhone 4. It's incredibly slow and primitive and to be honest, is extremely lacking with sampling information. Half of the time they don't even have the answer I'm looking for. The Genius app usually has better information on samples and that isn't even the primary function of the app. I'd recommend that app over this one any day. And don't even think about paying for this.
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4 years ago, jessj1999
Use this for my radio show
I have always loved researching my favorite hip hop songs to see what they sample, and your website is my favorite tool. I loved doing it so much I made a radio show dissecting songs and playing their samples when I got to college. I called it WhoSampled. This app is so cool- the scan feature helps me find samples I didn’t even know to look for. Found so much new stuff to play on my show. Thank you WhoSampled!
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7 years ago, Respect!
I love this app so much! Very helpful finding the origins of songs that I love. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because I think this app would be complete if you incorporated mixtapes into this app as well. There are so many mixtapes that sample a lot of artists and I would love to see where the songs sampled from. If that does get incorporated then I will change my rating to a 5 Star. P.S. you could work with other apps like Spinrilla, datpiff, and MyMixtapes and they could help you get a lot of the material
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5 years ago, Yellow hat man.
Could be better
App design is looks so old. Something i would expect to see on an iPhone4. Paying for a subscription to find a song by listening to it? Shazam does that, and they do it for free. If you’re into music and want to explore more behind your favorite tracks then I guess this app is for you, IF you can tolerate the app crashing and disgusting old design. And that’s a big IF
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5 years ago, kibwesowavy
Garbage App! Developers are Deceptive
This is the first and last app I have ever paid for and I clearly made a mistake doing it. The app is exactly like their website which is FREE. I only downloaded this app to use their Track Identification tool which I was under the impression would be available for use after purchasing the app but what WhoSampled FAILED TO MENTION was that I had to pay a subscription of $10/month when Rap Genius has their tool available for free... all in all these people are greedy and their services shouldn’t be worth a dime. Only reason why I downloaded it was to find a sample I couldn’t find on Genius but of course I couldn’t do that
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6 years ago, Wu-Ten
Fits me to a T
I grew up reading liner notes on my father’s LPs and continued to do so when hip-hop came along. Reading liner notes enabled me to discover artists that I never knew anything about and never would have been privy to had they not been sampled. This app allows me to discover even more artists as I did when I was a kid reading liner notes. It’s a great idea. Thanks for making it available to the world.
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8 months ago, Blue Root
You’ll get addicted 😀
Sometimes you hear a new song that brings nostalgia from a familiar hook or melody. You have to know the source of the samples or it will bug you for hours, days, or even weeks. Look no further, WhoSampled has answers in seconds. I’ve been loving for years glad I’ll have it for years to come.
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5 years ago, stvespc
You have to pay more to subscribe to have the app “listen”
Careful... I just spent $4 to purchase and before I’ve even used it once, I must pay more to have the app “listen” to a song (something I can do for free with Shazam) to identify the sample, I have to subscribe for $10 a year on top of paying to purchase? Lame. This should have been more clear. So it’s really not $4. It’s $14. Yuck. At least give me a couple of free “listens” to see how the app works and test drive it. Without knowing if this feature works well, I’m not going to risk spending more. Plus I have a bad taste in my mouth now. I suggest you build some trust first.
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5 years ago, Vacili Vision
Who Sampled Is Love
I first came across who sampled when I took a hip hop course in college and used it on the website for assignments. Now that there is an app available on my phone I can use it on the go, it is always helpful to know the history of music to get a better understanding of the current song. Absolutely love this tool ❤️
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1 year ago, Fave game eva
Incredible App
First off, this app does exactly what it should. I never write reviews but i gotta for this one. There is literally no other platform or app like it. A must have for music lovers. Disclaimer: not every song is in their database, information is user entered similar to Wikipedia. Much love!!
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4 years ago, Luis Meneses
Best Money I’ve ever spent
This is actually my first review of an app and believe me , I have tons in my phone (uou probably do too) but no app has been so useful for my hobbies than this one. The fact that I can trace the origins of a song and the many versions and covers of it are produced its just priceless! Awesome Idea! Very happy with it :)
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7 months ago, A_Legit_Cookie
“tap to listen” feature absolutely useless
i wrote a review before, but wanted to give the app a second chance. i wish i didn’t. so i went ahead and paid for the stupid “tap to listen” feature and quickly found out that it only detects songs that are already in the whosampled database. if someone hasn’t already reported a specific song’s samples on the website, then therefore the app can’t tell you what samples are in it. so my question is, why pay $9 for this feature when you could just shazam the song for FREE and then look up the song on the whosampled website. useless feature and i wish i could get my $9 back. just save yourself the time and phone storage, stick to the whosampled website. their site is wonderful but this app is useless.
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5 years ago, yoli j
Need To Give Clarification Of Usage
I purchased this app, to find out the origin of sample in said song. Not who sampled from the song. For example, if I’m researching whether or not an artist used a sample in their song. i.e. HER in Focus, was there a sample used in this song? I was under the impression, based your description, that this app helps you locate samples in songs you love —- not who sampled from or covered songs you love.
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6 years ago, BooyaBirdy
This app is a tool.
For myself, being a former DJ on a sabbatical making a life, I find this app repeatedly gives me a lesson into the creativity of producers today. I find myself enjoying the new sound created and the original piece. It’s like getting your two birds with one stone, every time. Thank you WhoSampled.
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3 years ago, Musicologist PHD
iPad support
The app is brilliant. Would love to have an iPad version. Currently using the iPhone version on iPad and it works but not as pretty. Any plans to port, Devs? Update: still waiting on the IPad Version guys. Please do one 🥺 Also, one feature I find indispensable on the site is the Album feature, where you can click on an album and see all the songs that have been sampled from that album. But you can’t use this on mobile sadly. It would be great if you guys can add that in. Thank you as always!
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12 months ago, Royal Tool
Useful & Enlightening
You’ll find yourself going down rabbit holes of discovery when using this app. Your appreciation will naturally expand to other genres after chasing the root elements of whatever infectious track you’ve recently heard.
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1 year ago, 323310818
Greatest $ i ever spent
I bought it years ago. I noticed hardly nothing from the country rappers (upchurch, calhoun, etc) Not sure if they arent updating the app. But what they do have is like an encyclopedia of music history. Just amazing.
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4 years ago, MusicTopHat
Read This First!!!
Buying this app doesn’t let you analyze music with it. They ask you to subscribe for $10 yearly to get the feature. I know we all expected that because we paid for the app we were paying so we could advance “Shazam” songs. All it let’s you do is look up songs already in their data base which you could have done with Wikipedia for free. It’s both a ripoff and a waste of time.
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2 years ago, troop53no
Worked fine for many many years. Recently it freezes when you open it. Cant get past the main screen, and sometimes it doesn’t even load that. You can wait for 5+ minutes and get nothing, or sometimes it’ll just crash back to your phone’s home screen instead.
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1 year ago, FlxntTxwnBrxwn
Great App. Worth purchasing!
This is the best app for finding the sources of samples in your favorite music. I only have the 5$ version, but I will bet the subscription service they provide is 5 stars as well.
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6 years ago, Eightbitsmith
Jump feature?
Is there no way to jump to the part in the song that the sample appears at like on the website? It’s brutal having to manually go to the part of the track that the sample is at, especially on a smaller device.
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1 year ago, Kingjing631134567
Awesome, fun, and educational!
I have been using the web version for quite a while and finally decided to pull the trigger and support by getting the app. Keep it up!
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5 years ago, Music Sooths the Soul
Amazing App!
What an incredible app. Much less time will be spent now digging through music, hoping one day you’ll make the connection of the songs that share the same beat/ other similarities. Simply awesome.
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3 years ago, afbpena
For me, this is one of the best ideas ever. It is because of this webisiteand now app that I was able to discover other music genres outside of what I regularly listen to
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6 years ago, Grommok
Must have app.
If you love music and want to know where a sample originated the this app is for you. You will be surprised and fascinated by the breath of source materials that artists have pulled samples from. Stop now and download this app now.
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5 years ago, Dawaylin
First you get us to pay $3.99 just to download the app only to discover you have pay another $9.99 to get it to work! Just be upfront and not use b.s. tactics to get money. Remember people used to pay $50 for apps they needed! Let us decide if we want to pay for what we want instead of forcing it insidiously.
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2 years ago, Bretheran
I used this app in the past when it was free I was under the impression that buying the app I would have the same service of highlighting a song and getting the info that I was looking for, but to my surprise after buying the app they want me to join a service that I’m not going to join, if it is possible can I get my money back the app is of no use to me, DW
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3 years ago, DJRCarlos
Do Not Buy This App!
First they charge you $3.99 , and I thought ok this is an original idea plus it has some cool features. So sure let’s do it, but after I purchase it to activate those ‘cool’ features you have to pay $9.99 a month for it! Feature* = being able to ‘Shazam’ a song and have the app tell its name and where the songs samples originally came from.
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5 years ago, T.bob
No sound!!??
Love the website, love the database, and the app is pretty great for looking up songs and getting the info. For some reason, audio isn't working in the app. The videos play back and appear to work, but I'm hearing no sound with them on my iPhone6 -- which is kinda the whole point of the app. Bummer.
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2 years ago, ChayChard
Paid for the app but can’t use the service
Bought the app to help figure out a sample, but it costs $9.99/month to use that function? It would be clearer if they just charged more for the app and included the functionality, or make the app free to download and charge more for the subscription to use it rather than wasting $3.99 to find out their isa $9.99 sub fee.
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2 years ago, Crippzie
Imagine having to pay $3.99 to purchase offbrand shazam and then being expected to pay a $10 subscription fee just to let you use the app. You literally cannot use the app if you don’t pay for the subscription. Imo this isn’t worth considering that they make you pay for simply wanting to find the song you wanted.
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3 years ago, Satisfied Chase Custmer
Slightly disappointed
This app has huge potential and I hope it becomes a really amazing thing, but right now it is kinda rough around the edges and feels underdeveloped. Still glad I have it, but could definitely be improved upon and I look forward to when that happens
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2 years ago, Capcom52
Love it but it could be a lot better.
I wish it worked more like the website. Instead our using my Apple Music and stopping my music to play a sample through Apple Music. The app just feels a little lackluster compared to the site.
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4 years ago, WBarraza
Wish it was optimized for iPads
The app just like the website is great but I wish on the iPad I could get a full screen rather than the phone version. Also would be great to have the app be able to turn horizontal. Oh well hopefully on a future update it’ll happen
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2 months ago, Shawnli
Love it! But…
Needs more music added to the database. I understand it’s a probably one or a few people working on the app. Appreciate this gem regardless.
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4 years ago, PsychoKen
Best app
My favorite app.. word up. From the new music back to the old tracks I’ve learned alot.. Or I’ll even just go straight to a favorite Old Soul song and see who sampled it & find new Hip Hop joints that I now love 💪
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6 years ago, LOSample
Fantastic app!!
I have been wanting an easier way to determine song/sample origins for a long time and this app is exactly that. Well worth the $3.99. A great addition to my music collection.
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1 year ago, MonteG1911
Best App of its kind
Love the app. It’s grown over the years and has incorporated more music which is great!!! Have used it for over 7 years now.
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4 years ago, 7Atoms
Samples is where the strength is!
Just downloaded this app while hearing music mixed in tracks that sounded familiar like Real school music! It’s the best in the market. Go head get the download and start having fun!
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6 years ago, bedsores
Ripoff: Beware
I just bought this app for $4 — now I can’t even use it without paying an additional $10. Almost $15 total?! The first time I tried using the app it just crashed and I have a new phone! All I wanted to do was see who sampled a couple of songs. They should inform buyers that the $4 price of the app will literally only let you download it but not let you actually use it.
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3 years ago, Human Agency
Dream tool for producers/DJs
I wish I had this years ago. A critical tool for hip hoppers of all kinds. It’s pretty impressive how comprehensive the listings are. Underground, old school, current. It’s dope.
Show more
2 years ago, Kewon C.
I love the concept
The listening feature can be quite inconsistent, and that’s annoying. But I do love the app when it functions. Also I couldn’t even see the text input while writing this, so, there’s that,
Show more
2 months ago, NotHappyCamper619
Charge you 3.99 to charge you 10 bucks a month
The main reason I got it in the first place was to use it like Shazam. Come to find you have to pay a separate monthly fee to use that. Waste of money. Just use the website.
Show more
1 year ago, nopenicknames65
You gotta pay more $$ to get what you want
It’s like $15 to get the app to work like Shazam does. I’m now looking for a refund. I’m just trying to figure out a cover song. Update Thank you the long copy and paste explanation. But it still didn’t work like advertised. So if you want to keep my money you can keep the one star.
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1 year ago, Sneakerhead80
Wont play
Lately when i press play it won’t play at all… like it won’t do anything
Show more
6 years ago, Shamnon i.
Great App
I have been using this app for 5 years now... it’s useful for me because I love music and I believe it’s good to know where a songs originated from.
Show more
4 years ago, viv_savage
Best Music App
I have found so many cool older bands to listen to after checking out WhoSampled. Like Bob Dylan said, “The good borrow... the great steal.” Find out who they’re stealing from w this app
Show more
3 years ago, Earle Holder
I want a refund
I downloaded this app and looked around and immediately deleted it within 5 minutes from my phone. A few days later I received a receipt in the mail for a purchase. I never wanted this app. What kind of game are these guys playing. This is stealing and should be illegal.
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