WidgetCal-Calendar Widget

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YunaSoft Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WidgetCal-Calendar Widget

3.84 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
2 years ago, jcchkjcgh
Great App!
Love this, only few things are it would be helpful to make it scroll up and down instead of left to right when switching months, and under the widget section in settings, it shows different shapes and patterns for the widget background, but it doesn’t work/change anything. Also, on the widget you can’t make the colors match up. There’s a bar at the bottom where it shows the month, then the days events (I have it in monthly view) have a blue strip behind it, looks great and everything but you can’t change the color of it. It only stays that blue color and when you change the overall theme, the colors don’t match which bothers me. 😂 Overall, r here’s a ton of fonts to choose from, and a ton of different colored themes, and edits for the app style. I love this app! Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Silver-money
Best Calendar Widget on the Market
This app is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a calendar app that gave me a widget where I could physically see the whole month and the events for each day. I’ve looked and tried many calendar apps but this was the only one that did what I wanted. And it’s been doing great. I haven’t had any glitches or slow-loads and trouble syncing with my iPhone calendar. I have been able to keep myself better organized now that I can see my monthly events the minute I log into my phone. The widget options are great too! I’m able to view 7 months in my Smart Stack—Past, Present, Next, and the four addition months. And it continuously updates with the new month without having to reload a calendar widget. This is the perfect app for me since my iPhone calendar doesn’t have this feature. And not to mention the way WidgetCal offers 3 days of premium usage as long as you watch a short video ad. That works better for me at the moment. I might even consider the yearly subscription. I’m very happy with this. Keep up the good work. I would love to see even more unique sticker options in the future.
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7 months ago, Eryxoxo
Love it!
I do pay yearly for this but only because it’s the only one that I’ve found that I really like and I don’t like the ads that come with the free version. I really like how I can add stickers and it’s simple to use. I love how I can see my full calendar with events on my Lock Screen without having to actually log into my phone! I am a busy mom and don’t always have time to grab my phone and wait till it recognizes my eyes to log me in! The app is color customizable which is awesome. The only thing I would say is I wish it let me change the color of my events. You can change the colors from different accounts but while using the same account you can’t actually change the color. It all stays the same. Also I wish that location addresses could open up via Google maps not just apple as I don’t like using Apple Maps! Please add this option for google maps !! But since I love everything else about it, it really doesn’t bother me much!
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1 year ago, jbarc123456789
Great app, but it can get better. I’d suggest a change on how you switch months. It would be better if the function was to scroll up and down instead of swiping left to right. If you scroll up and down it would give a more continuous view of the calendar. You can see the upcoming weeks right below the current one, even if the upcoming weeks are in the next month. The way it is now you can only see the full current month and it kind of breaks up the flow when you have to switch to the next month to see what’s coming up on your schedule. Make sense? I’m not sure I was very clear with my suggestion 😬
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1 month ago, avarna0920
Long Time User - Recently Disappointed
I have used this calendar forever and have loved it. Recommend it to family and friends. It’s got great features and connectivity with other applications. A few months ago I would have given it 5 stars, but recently the app has included full screen ads that make it difficult and frustrating to use. I don’t want to sit through a 30 second ad just to view my event or calendar. This is incredibly inconvenient when trying to quickly save an appointment or view notes or addresses for events. There was nothing wrong with the smaller ads on the bottom of the screen, but this is just ridiculous. Once the school year is over I will be looking for a new calendar app unless something changes.
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2 months ago, Sarah.987
New pop up ads when adding events
I’ve been a long time customer, and have recommended this app to multiple people. Specifically because i love the month view widget that shows upcoming events on my Home Screen. (Not sure why ical doesn’t have this feature yet) i don’t mind the banner ads but recently have been getting pop up ads when I’m trying to ad new events. This is super annoying and unprofessional looking when you’re trying to ad an appointment in front of a client. Please stick to banner ads and not pop up ads. We are using this app to help make our lives easier, not more difficult.
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3 years ago, c.tito
Everything is very good, but...
Everything is great with this app. The widget is nice, i can see the events for each day (unlike the apple calendar), and overall its just very easy to use. However, one thing that gets me is whenever i change my event from one calendar to another, for example: my “main to-do calendar” to “completed”, it creates a duplicate of that event and... just kind of stays there. For example, ill have an event for “Gym” on my main calendar, and once I switch it over from my “main” calendar to “Completed”, I’ll have both “Gym” from main AND “Gym” from completed. Every few days i’d have to go into google calendars and erase the duplicates. If this issue was fixed this would be 110% everything i need and want from a calendar.
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4 years ago, PetuniaBlue
Better before update
The last update changed the widget calendar. It is now a square shape instead of more narrow tall calendar widget shape. My background color no longer works. The change back to old widget does not work either; because after I remove the iOS WidgetCal then there is no widget cal showing at all under customize to add. I watched your demo film several times to make sure I was doing right. My iPhone does not show WidgetCal under customize after I remove iOS widget. ** Finally after restarting iPhone the old widget automatically reappeared but still not quite the same. I hope it stays as I much prefer old widget. Thank you
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5 years ago, Itshanayo
Best calendar for monthly view from widget
I love this calendar because I need to look at all my things I have going on for the month and edit accordingly and see what days events fall on. I do wish the calendar app had an option for the widget to highlight the whole event and not just on events when it's all day but for every event. Coming from note 8 and being used to Samsung calendar, this calendar is very close to what I'm used to and a great way to view everything.
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9 months ago, Radiyon
The Perfect Calendar App
My favorite widget app of all time. Being able to see my schedule this way works best for my brain. It’s easy to set up, easy to customize, and the only app I’ve found that allows you to view a whole month and the events for each day. My only complaint is when new versions of iOS come out it always takes awhile for this app to be updated to be able to sync with Calendar again. For example, I’m currently running iOS17 and the widget appears but events will not sync from Calendar.
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5 months ago, Wakesurfer0007
Need help with latest iOS update
Ever since latest update iOS 17.2.1 I have “lost” all events. That is NOTHING is showing on the calendar’s various views. I still have my stickers in place and I can still CREATE events and save; but as soon as I do, they are no longer visible. I can see all events in the Apple Calendar so I know that I have not lost any data/events. I have tried changing the background from light to dark and back again; but still all events are not listed. My list of ToDos still shows and moves from day to day, but that’s all that shows. Normally I rate this app at 5+ stars. It is my favorite app and the one I rely on the most. I truly hope they fix the problem soon. ( I hate updates!!!! )
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2 months ago, Hamtrick
Started annual sub
I’ve had this calendar for years and loved it, probably 8 or so years. I paid like $10 for it back then and it was a one time thing. Noticed they added some dumb ads that you can’t click out of like the iPhone games have done. That wasn’t the agreement when I paid years ago. Now they want you to pay annually. It wouldn’t bother me as much if it had always been like that but I feel like I should be grandfathered in to the original fact I paid years ago for what was supposed to be a one time charge. As for the actual calendar it’s good and allows you to see your day well. But time for a different one.
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2 months ago, Reneebay225
Sad after update
I have always loved this app; I appreciate the customizations, ease of use and the variety of features available. Since I use it not just as a calendar but also a log for various activities throughout the day, I am constantly adding to it. After the last update though, every time I log something, I have to watch an ad. Do you know how annoying that gets when you’re quickly trying to do an action and then move on from it? Very annoying. The amount of time wasted on watching ads simply to enter an event on a calendar is ridiculous. I guess it was too good to last forever. 😞
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2 years ago, Coool but useless
Too many duplicate events!
It’s great that I can see my events that I have scheduled on each day from the Home Screen. However, I do not like that it’s pulling from more than one calendar, like my Google calendar and my iPhone calendar, etc. And there is no way to make it only pull from Google or only pull from iPhone or anything like that. I am not sure why the US holidays are popping up as doubles from two different locations, but I’m assuming it is for this reason as well, and I am unable to delete any of them, so they are cluttering up the calendar.
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4 years ago, PGat6kids
Needs a fix
I would like the option to have predictive text. So when I type in doctors appointments or sporting events (that are not weekly) the rest of the event words will pop up from the past. I can just click the words and it’s right there for me instead of typing in the whole event name. It would be helpful if it automatically changes the times for me to match previous event. For instance if my child had a football game at 6 PM on a Friday, if I type in football the whole name will pop up and automatically default to 6 PM from two years ago. With a family of 6 that’s a huge timesaver.
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2 months ago, Sinthious
Recent update ruined a good thing
I have been using this app for several years as a free user, overall its functionality has been decent with only a few flaws. Even aside from the handling with the 15.0 update it wasn’t too hard to fix. But this new update with full screen ad’s so often you can see your schedule.. it enough to stop using the app. Yes I know I can just buy no ads but this type of usage is not what I would support. You support developers that kept it from being invasive so they could make ad revenue.
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11 months ago, Katchekdout
I specifically chose this widget because it said I could use it on Lock Screen. There is no option to add this to Lock Screen. So I thought maybe it was a premium feature only. Nope. I purchased premium and still cannot add to Lock Screen! Am I missing something? I’m really disappointed that I was mislead. I will say that all of the other features are fantastic though!
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3 years ago, Datlore001
Used for a while, but moving on
I've used this app for a few years and gladly paid for an annual subscription. Functionally, it was the only game in town for a while. I got a notification a few weeks ago that the annual subscription was increasing from $3.99 a year to $9.99 a year. While not an astronomical sum, the author hasn't updated the app in 8 months now. I just find it a little objectionable to pay even more for something that the author clearly isn't working on anymore. I'm looking for another option.
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4 years ago, BriBryCarroll
Not bad but could be better
Really love being able to have my calendar as a widget on my Home Screen. I’m able to put in all my bills so I can keep track of what needs paid when and everyone’s birthdays. I just wish we could change the month banner color from red. Being able to change the color of it would let me match it to everything else. That is why I have only given you 4 stars
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4 years ago, Saguary
Mostly great
Mostly it is great. I haven’t found anything else that will let you view a full month or even slide through months with out going into the app itself. My only wish is you could select which calendar to view. I have multiple calendars and I don’t see an option to filter out the ones you don’t want in the view. Also being able to set. A default calendar to use Setting these using the main calendar system on. The phone doesn’t change what is being used in this app.
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6 years ago, JenRN3000
Needs work on colors!!
This is the only calendar I can find with this type of monthly widget, which is exactly what I'm looking for but there are only a handful of color options and they're pretty ugly. I would like more options for background colors AND for the all day color (only in blue right now). Same with text, I want to be able to select what color I want for different events that day. How about some purple too. Needs at least 10 more color options! And the colors look like different shades of puke, not appealing at all.
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5 years ago, powww12345
Love this app but it think thereis a bug
I have always used this app and love that I can see all reminders without having to open the calendar app. I purchased the iPhone 11 and while the konthly calendar layout is still showing in the notifications. All of the reminders donot show up. I have to click on the calendar for it to open the app and show reminders. This defeats the purpose. I have uninstalled and redownloaded. The reminders show for a little while buy after a few minutes they disappear.
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1 year ago, whythegameads
Since issues
This app looks great. The widgets are perfect but my wife and I use our calendars to sync our business clients and this app has issues syncing. Honestly the only issue with this app but it’s a huge one. She puts something in the calendar and it does not show up on my end. Yes, we updated our shared google calendars and it would only show up on her end, and vise versa. If this could get fixed it would be the perfect app for us, and I’d definitely pay yearly for it. Unfortunately we have to go back to google for now.
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6 months ago, jamin686
Loved this widget but it no longer shows my calendar in iOS 17
Loved this widget but it no longer shows my calendar in iOS 17. Please address! Update: To fix this issue, go into your iPhone’s settings and change your Photo permissions to “Full Access.” Hopefully the app will ask you to change this in the future.
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2 years ago, NeutralAesthetic
Wonderful but few recommendations
I like it! You can change the font, font size, add stickers, and change calendar color! I like the widgets that show an overview of the month and week! I would recommend a daily widget as well! I recommend having the checkboxes in the widget to be empty before I complete them! Right now they are checked off and I haven’t even done them. They only show empty within the app, but not in widget. Also, provide more color options for tasks or what you call “calendar”. I want more different colors for tasks of different things like bills, baby, social media, birthdays, etc! You only provide like 7 colors Other than that GREAT APP!
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6 years ago, blondeh8675309
Great With Cozi
I use this widget so I don’t have to pay for the month view of Cozi. I love how organized this is. Small enough to see everything on my plus size screen without scrolling, large enough to read. The only thing that would make this widget better would be to integrate weather forecasts next to the date (so it doesn’t use up valuable space).
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2 years ago, obsession79
Great clean calendar app
I bounce back and forth between Samsung and iPhone and one of my favorite things about Galaxy’s are the Samsung calendar app. Specifically the month view. This is the best replication of that. A large clear view of all your appointments on a month calendar. The widget is great too. Reminders show up there also. Check it out.
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4 years ago, Barry Hiroshi
Prefer the version before the IOS 14 update
Update 10/9: Just found out you now again have the option to have the previous WidgetCal option pre IOS 14. Thank you for listening to this review! I have to say I prefer the WidgetCal before the update. It looked better, and I enjoyed being able to easily access different months on the widget itself. This update is stuck on one month and you have to edit the widget to go to a different month, or go to that app directly. Update: I understand you can add past, current, next month all into one (No more than that), but the last update was a lot better in terms one accessing different time periods.
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4 years ago, Jessalynn Koenig
So far
Smart and easy to use, I mostly prefer to enter new reminders or any events in this calendar instead of Google Calendar, as I see more color features and widgets that are really great as it allows customization. select a filter that shows only the program to ignore blank dates, making a great 2 month list. Thank you developers
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4 years ago, Nattly99
Why did you eliminate the week view in the update? That was the brilliance of this widget! The week/daily view with its scroll ability was the most amazing and proprietary design out there and INFINITELY more useful than a teeny tiny calendar month. It still says it’s an available feature but its not—since iOS14 it’s just a month widget (which has become a common feature in many other widgets). Your weekly/daily view was UNIQUE and I can’t reset to a previous version?! Argh. I’m so mad. (Why can't we have both the old option and the new?)
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6 years ago, Deltawoman2
If you look at the Ad, they have a beautiful forest background behind their calendar. But that does not seem to be an option for me. I also liked the fact that you could put stickers on your calendar. However that does not seem to be an option for me. Maybe this app does not work for iPhone 8.....I even subscribed but nothing changed except the Ad’s disappeared..... There does not seem to be any instructions to assist me. May be a wonderful app if it worked. It does put the calendar on the lock screen....Woo Hoo.......
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2 years ago, Freyja-Ann
A Good Calendar
Recently the calendar keeps showing June when it is July. Nothing I do fixes it. Before this started it was a great calendar for many years. A bit complicated but once you figured it out all was good. I really hope this issue of it showing the wrong month resolves itself!
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4 years ago, Valdine Bagley
I like this app
After using a really outdated calendar widget for years, finally switched to this new modern one recently and it has everything I need. My only wish is for an option to hide the current date row at the bottom? I already have a different widget for it and it takes up a lot of space. Thank you and gre...
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2 years ago, Curious DY
Reduction in future months available
I have been using this app with Google calendars. All my events are present with each separate colors per calendar. The transition to iOS 16 produced one side effect that was disappointing. Previously, I was able to go three months into the future to review, but now I’m limited to one on the free version. This makes it no different than any of the other options out there.
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4 years ago, darly.andres
Love it!
I really like this app being able to see my full calendar on my Home Screen, also putting multiple calendars on one widget. Great!! One thing I really would love to do is make the calendar take up the whole screen vs just half of it. If you can add that option on there that would be amazing. I would love to have a bigger calendar view.
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3 years ago, madi8196
I really love this app!
Before now I was the type of person that could never have my calendar on my phone I had to have it in a book I can touch. I’ve tried google calendars and iOS calendar but I don’t like them at all. But this calendar you can customize and have a widget and I actually use it! I love it guys keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, TenorioRX
Update (January 28, 2018): I’m giving it 4 stars because I still love the layout/stickers and font change that can be done to this calendar. Only flaw I’m currently experiencing is that the reminders are not working!!! I have several events that I must get notifications for and I really would hate going back to the original calendar after paying the upgrade fee for this app! PLEASE SOMEONE FIX THIS!!!! September 15, 2017 review: I love love LOVE this app!!!!! It's way better than the original calendar the phone has! I just wish it was Watch accessible as well!!! How great would that be!? I Definitely recommend it to others. I'm obsessed with the fact you can change fonts, color skins and add stickers (emojis)
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4 years ago, 2HomeTowns
Can we scroll month to month in the widget again?
Every update takes away the ability to scroll from one month to another in the widget. Can we please get this function back and can it please stay!? Why would I need a whole widget face of a previous month and not be able to scroll to the current month??
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1 month ago, Slv03c
Love App but new ads are awful
I have had this app for a couple years and absolutely love it. I recommend it to everyone, but recently they started commercial-like ads before you can see the calendar and the ads are long and you can’t close them. When I am at a doctors office or on the phone making an appt I can’t wait for the ad to close so I can put the event in my calendar so if this is not fixed I will be uninstalling very soon the app.
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4 years ago, Rlawldbsx
Still prefer the older version
I don’t understand why the month name is now at the bottom of the calendar?? I know I’m just not used to it but it just looks wrong. Also I seriously do NOT like how I can’t swipe through previous and future months on the widget anymore. You can still use the old version of the widget but you can’t move it between the new widgets, it just stays put at the bottom. At this point I would much rather use the old version than the new useless version.
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2 weeks ago, hdowbdidnei
New pop up ads are way too long
I’ve used this calendar for years because I love how it actually shows your events on the widget (since the Apple one just shows a dot to say there’s something scheduled). However, the new pop up ads are ridiculously long. I’ve never been bothered by the banner ads in the app but it’s several minutes of nonsense now every time I open it to add an event. I’m deleting the app and finding a new calendar widget.
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4 years ago, Rosae Albrecht
I like that!
I love this app! I like that almost everything is just automatically added. And I love the fact that with just one finger tap, I can pull up google maps and get directions. Right from the calendar! Would recommend this application. A lot of obvious thought and effort have been put into it.
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4 years ago, Carynn Dutton
Very easy
I like that you can use this feature on devices, when I upgraded I was afraid of losing my purchase but it was easily restored. Love the many features of this app, the utilities are functional and simple to use. Color coding makes it easy to find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently ...
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7 years ago, FireRabbit87
Please fix 2 small issues:)
I wish that when I clicked on my calendar on a specific day on my home screen that it would open that day but it opens and switches back to today's date. This only done this after the update:( please fix! And why so many pop up adds now when I'm trying to just type a reminder:( other wise I love this app!
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4 years ago, Nariko Pride
Just use it
I've had the free version for a few days and got the upgrade almost instantly - it's a great calendar app! I like it a lot better than the Google calendar app I used but it still syncs perfectly with the Google calendar so I can add events on my screen and it shows up in no time. Pretty ...
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2 months ago, Babsnsns smam s
It was great.....
It was great until adds made it impossible for me to use it efficiently. I've been using this app for about a year and never had ads and then all of a sudden about a week ago, they started appearing. They cover the whole screen when you open the app making it very difficult when you're trying to add something to your calendar real quick. Switching to another calendar app 👎🏼
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4 years ago, Orlee Mcelroy
A very good calendar app with design and functionality going hand in hand. Upgrade to premium without hesitation. Developer recommendations: brings the option to swipe sideways on the events section in the Calendar view to switch dates. It will be helpful for users who choose "Show events for a day" (...
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7 years ago, ParinTrakulhoon
Improvement Suggestion
Could you combine the full features of month and day views? When "show more", we see the Month view. When "show less", we see Day view with a day's full details. Currently, we only see the top section of day view but not the full details.
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2 months ago, Louise0810
I have been using the app for a few years and really loved it until the recent update with the ads! I can’t use my calendar to do a quick add on of an event unless I finish seeing the ads, and that is really annoying! I know this is a free app, so I don’t mind seeing ads on the bottom of the calendar but every time when I try to see my calendar really quickly, I can’t do that unless I finish the ads.
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4 months ago, LadyEuphoria
Allow Full Access in Settings
This app stopped working until I read a comment that said to “allow full access” in settings. Once you do this, the calendar should repopulate with all of your appointments.
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