WiFi Look

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2.2 (69)
75.5 MB
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Current version
志强 童
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for WiFi Look

2.25 out of 5
69 Ratings
4 years ago, Adom0908
Help to all that can’t connect
Turn on your camera, then go to your settings on your phone , open “WiFi” and it will appear there as “WiFi look “ connect to it, when you open the this awful app it will be connected , it doesn’t fix the app being horrible but at least you can use the camera.
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1 year ago, Idaho Spud
Got this WONDERFUL tool for Xmas and used it today, Jan 6, 2023, to install a new kitchen faucet. It worked perfectly right out of the package and, because of the complex configuration of our stainless dual sink and drain plumbing, I truly could not have done it without the F150 Inspection Tool and WiFi Look software! The ultimate frozen connection was not visible without the endoscope. Kudos Zhiqiang Tong! I’m retired from a 28-year career in Silicon Valley and it’s a joy when it all works perfectly right out of the box!!! THANK YOU!!! You saved me a minimum $200 plumbing fee!
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3 years ago, TheRealLuchadoro
Not connecting iOS- fixed
I was able to connect the first time but a year later I couldn’t get camera to work. My new iPhone could connect to Wi-Fi but the app said it wasn’t connected. I figured out that when you first connect to the WiFi, it asks you if would like to find and connect to devices on the network you use. I hit okay the first time but when I got a new phone and set it up again I answered “don’t allow”. The only way I found to get this message again to change your answer was to uninstall the app. Forgetting the Wi-Fi network doesn’t help. Great unit for the price.
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6 years ago, Ken Riedel
Initial Testing - Works Great
Don’t usually write reviews but the low rating of this app almost stopped me from buying the camera and using the app. It works really well. No issues connecting. No issues taking photos of objects. I can make no comments on how long it will work before breaking as most products from China don’t last very long. Hopefully this camera will be an exception.
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3 years ago, Sensible1
It’s okay. Needs better directions
The problem with connecting the camera to your phone is that there are no definitive directions. 1. Download the app “WiFi Look” app from the App Store. 2 Make sure the Wi-Fi unit is fully charged (fully charge when both red and green lights are on. 3.Once the Wi-Fi unit is fully charged plug in the camera cord to the camera port on the Wi-Fi unit and press the on off button on the Wi-Fi unit. 4. Now Go into your Wi-Fi network settings on your iPhone, you will see the “Wi-Fi look” listed, press on it and connect to it. 5.Open the “Wi-Fi look” app, and the camera should automatically be activated and ready to go. Best of luck. I know this can be frustrating.
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6 years ago, CyberPunks
Your wires are crossed
Those complaining about no picture. Plug endoscope, looking at Wi Fi icon, on left side or plug into closet port to power button (GREEN LIGHT) USB plug goes into RED LIGHT port. If you plug in wrong way you’ll get black screen. I have a iPhone. I had the same problem Black Screen because I had it backwards. This thing is way cool.
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4 months ago, C2C Rider
Works fine
When I finally realized that this is a WiFi and not Bluetooth signal, I got it connect. It works fine. Could use more refined controls. But for the price it’s great! Thanks
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2 years ago, MutantRanch
Worked until maybe summer 2021.
I don’t know if the app just needs to get a new update for iOS or if the device has issues, but it no longer works. The camera and Wi-Fi units seem to be on but will not talk to my phone any longer. The only image is a black screen with a red “U” in the top left corner of the screen. This used to work pretty well which was great for duct work and scoping furnaces. Now it is useless.
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4 years ago, Chrisc0h
Freezes and won’t change resolution
It does connect to my camera...but... Quality is bad. Will not change resolution when it says it does. Go to settings wheel in the app, and don’t even have to change anything, go back to camera feed, and it is frozen and have to close and open the app. Needs work. I want to return my product now because this is not all like what was advertised.
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2 years ago, ajp_x3
Secret hacking involved
The camera worked however the Avenue as soon as I connected to Wi-Fi changed my phone completely and I had to reset it
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3 years ago, joschmoe
Great app cotton head refills needed ..
I realize this is the place to write a review of the APP and it is great, however I can’t find any contact info to the company and I need refill cotton heads ... anyone know whom to contact.... Yes this is Jimmery at it’s finest but seriously I need new cotton heads!
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3 years ago, Clickitysplit
Too Blurry
No problem charging or connecting to the WIFI. But the picture is so blurry it’s unusable in tight dark spaces, even at 1600x1200 with the light on. Plan to return the endoscope.
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6 years ago, jubjubdadeo
Works great
Downloaded this for my new WiFi endoscope. Hooked up easily. It is a very easy app to use.
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6 years ago, alvint
low resolution only (640x480)
it works, but the camera will not do the advertised 2 megapixels (1600x1200), and instead only works at 640x480. trying to set the resolution in the app has no effect. using iphone x.
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5 years ago, Patricia Rass
The worst app
I spent 4 hours trying to get this app to work and even went to the Apple store to see if they could help me. What a waste of time and money. They don’t even put a phone or email to contact anyone. Wished I would have never bought it!!Patricia
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5 years ago, Onelovedcake
App did not work. Error changing resolution.
Otoscope would not connect to app. The only button in the app that would work is resolution however you could not to change the resolution it also read an error “Tips: Set Fail”
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3 years ago, Thecaseygirl
$40 camera, app doesn’t connect at all
Can’t use the camera purchased because the app doesn’t connect to it, even though my phone is connected. What a waste of time and money.
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6 years ago, jkm2009
Doesn’t work
Worked the first time I connected to an iPhone 7. Shut it off and never worked again (same connections, etc). Definitely a software issue, not hardware. Please update.
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4 years ago, spomeniks
Works as advertised
The app is a little clunky, but it does exactly what it claims to do
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5 years ago, Noles1981
Unable to connect
Same issue others reported. Will not connect to WiFi. Setting won’t move off of resolution
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5 years ago, HappyGodschild
Doesn’t work!
Does not work. Would not connect to device and buttons didn’t work. Highly disappointed!
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6 years ago, brien73
Very disappointing
When connected to the app, the camera shuts off after about ten seconds.
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5 years ago, Ezeplumber
So sad 😞 I was looking forward
Ok so the only thing that works is resolution option otherwise it’s a blank screen with a read N on top left corner..
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6 years ago, cd07748
Does Not Work
I’ve tried this with iPhone 5c, 6s and 8 and it does not work. The WiFi box connects but there is no picture. Changing resolution makes no difference.
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6 years ago, non c'e
Apparently not fixed yet
Same blank screen on iPhone 8 as others have noted. It does work with various Mac programs as advertised.
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6 years ago, Phin_wake_Pa
Complete ripoff!
This doesn’t work. Apple needs to remove this from their store. Any product related to this app, is junk!
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12 months ago, Diaper Devil
Will not connect to phone
No customer support.
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1 year ago, Nonickname crazy trackers
Waste of time and money
Won’t connect to app on iphone 11. Total waste.
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5 years ago, AppleCheckTeam
Does not work
No WiFi connection to camera
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6 years ago, Brian3x5
This is a piece of crap. I got the item to take 1 picture. Then nothing. Total waste of my money and time.
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5 years ago, wax removal
Doesn’t work.
Can’t set resolution and get no picture. Not sure what to do.
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3 years ago, MinionRV
Doesn’t work with iPhone 8S, iOS 14.3. Does work connected to PC. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, aceturk95
what up
worked somewhat first time, couldn’t get it to work again. definitely would not recommend.
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6 years ago, MCFR920
Don’t buy this
This app and the hardware with it (NADAMOO WiFi Endoscope) are junk. Don’t waste your time.
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6 years ago, Ernan
not working
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5 years ago, Ljenz61
Stay away! This app is awful!
I am supposed to download the Wifi Look app to use my new portable otoscope/ear cleaner. Downloaded the app, and then...nothing. Black page with a few useless icons on bottom. When you press the Settings icon, it allows you to set the resolution. When you hit the "ok" button, the screen flashes "Tipp Failed". No explanation of how to fix it, no way to access the controls so that I can use the otoscope I bought which supposedly uses this useless app. I will definitely share my experience on Amazon Prime, to let people know NOT to buy the product that requires use of this app!
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6 years ago, nph3
Much better than its App Store rating suggests
Like one of the other reviewers said, this app is better than the 2/5 rating it currently has. A lot of the negative reviewers seem to be blaming the app for the limitations of whatever camera and/or iOS devices they’re using. To be fair, it’s not always obvious that this app is used by a lot of different devices from different companies. The instructions that come with different cameras, drones, etc often tell you to download this app and kind of give the impression that it’s THAT device’s software. The app can only show you what your camera gives it though, on the screen of whatever you install it on. It’s not the app’s fault if the camera turns out to be junk or if your iOS device isn’t an iPad Pro (I use it on a 6s and on a 10.5” pro, it adjusts the resolution options accordingly). So far I’ve used it with two different $30ish endoscopic cams I bought on amazon to help fish wires through walls, figure out what was clogging a drainpipe and peak into the cylinders of my car’s engine. Sometimes one camera or the other hasn’t been up to the task but again, not the app’s fault. It’s been flawless so far!
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