Wildflower Cases

4.8 (1.1K)
88 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wildflower Brands, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wildflower Cases

4.76 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
5 years ago, CS JS
Read this!
My friend was the one who had given me interest in wildflower cases. A few days ago, me and her were going on a walk (she has a IPhone 8+) as we were walking a bee flew in her hair and obviously she FREAKED out. As she was freaking out I tried to get it out of her hair and I said “just run and wave your hair around!” The bee finally came out and we started walking away. THEN, a lady came running at us with her phone in the lady’s hand she told us my friend had dropped it and she saw everything. At first we thought okay. It’s a normal drop. Everything will be okay. Then she told us it got RAN OVER BY A CAR. Now her phone did not have a screen protector on and I immediately thought her phone was ruined then she handed it to her and it had tire marks BUT ZERO SCRATCHES OR SHATTERS. it was ran over screen first so we were literally amazed. Then we realized it was THE WILDFLOWER CASE! without that case her phone would’ve been smashed! Highly recommend wildflower cases! (This made me buy some!)
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4 years ago, _payton_james502
I love this company! Wildflower cases are the only ones I buy! I will admit that they are a little bit pricy but they are definitely worth the investment. I have over 4 cases and none have broken. They do scratch up, but that is to be expected with a plastic phone case. They are the most durable phone cases I’ve had in a while! If you do buy these cases I recommend a glass screen protector in order to keep your screen looking clean. I love the brand and this app! The creators made it super easy to operate and easy to view new products. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, Madhatter0917
Ok... but needs a little bit of work
I love wildflower phone cases, but there is a few problems that need to be worked out. I recently upgraded to the iPhone XR from the 6s plus, so I was really sad to have to give up the phone cases I already had from wildflower. But I was also excited for looking to see which ones they had for my new one, but one of the issues I have found is there isn’t a lot of options and when I scroll down to the bottom it says more will be added soon but not only has that not happened but i see some past that and it won’t let me see!!! 😡 Another issue that I have found is the cases are way to over priced, I would buy a lot more phone cases from wildflower if you guys would lower the price I truly believe that lowering the prices will get you more business. Xoxo Maddie ❤️
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9 years ago, 🐯🌷!!!!!
Somewhat satisfied
I wanted to write a review on the case but I couldn't find anywhere else but here! I recently got my marble iPhone 6 case. I love it, but one complaint is the marble image, it's such low quality! The rest of the case physically though is beautiful, fits so well, and is protective. But the marble image is blurry and even my friends easily noticed it. It just makes me a bit disappointed because of how much I payed. Another complaint is the buttons, might just be something on my case but they're so hard to press! Overall I still love my case but I think I overestimated the cases, not sure if I'll buy another one, maybe the other designs aren't so blurry.
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3 years ago, hooly edwards
In love with this company
Ever since I have my iPhone 11 I have have about five cases now. Now I have the 12 There are more options to choose from. I highly recommend buying from them. There has been no trouble about shipping or anything like that. In the future I am definitely buying more cases WF.
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4 years ago, Natalie Pham
iPhone 8+ cases don’t work
Okay, so I’m gonna get a new phone soon (the iPhone 9), and since it didn’t come out yet, no one knows whether it’s gonna have the shape of an iPhone X or an iPhone 8 Plus. So I added my fav designs of the iPhone X into my cart to get ready, and they all worked. Then, I added my fav iPhone 8 Plus cases into my cart, but nothing happened for any of them! None of them went into my cart! They weren’t labeled “975 of stock” or anything, so I figured that this must be a problem with the app. Plz fix this ASAP cuz I wanna get my cases ready...
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3 years ago, forever upset
The case didn’t protect my phone.
I had an iPhone 8 for about two years with no cracks, after that I decided to purchase a Wildflower case because my friends recommended it. I dropped it and if I had the case I was using before it wouldn’t have shattered. The back was glass and it shattered all around the camera. The flashlight was broken and my camera was cracked and blurred and it shook every time I would use it. My friend also had a Wildflower case and she dropped her iPhone XR and her glass back was shattered. The case protects the front of your phone but they don’t protect the back or camera.
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8 years ago, Hvankam
I love them but hate them...
I've been a frequent buyer of wildflower cases. They are very unique and I love the look of them on my phone. But the first 3 I purchased I had to send back because the WF emblem fell off each one after a week. The most recent ones I have bought have been ok. I just don't think they are worth $37 (iPhone 6 plus). Maybe $20? Idk... I still love them but very over priced. Have to say my favorite so far was the Niki DeMartino case. Haven't had a problem & it's gorgeous.
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4 years ago, LYanonymous
i love this but here’s a request
I very much like the phone cases but I have a request of making a playboy phone case that is completely black and the playboy symbol is bright pink, you can search what i’m looking for on snapchat, just search up “playboy”
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4 years ago, Mariahlitty
I really love this app and it’s phone card but my issue is the lack of iPhone 6, 7, and 8 plus phone cases. Since it’s nearing Christmas time I asked for the Salem Mitchell card. And obviously a case as beautiful as that would be sold out. Like I said I see what it’s sold out in all the of the cases. My issue is the fact that they’ve restocked the x and 11 phone cases but not the 6, 7, 8 plus phone cases it’s really annoying.
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7 years ago, I.M.A
It's not dependable
The app doesn't recognize any coupon codes that you use from the Wildflower company. It's always seem to be buggy. Until this gets some serious updates, it's really not worth using. I saw something that literally said that if you bought a Wildflower case before 12:25pm, you can get it for $15 and free shipping. When I tried to use it, nothing happened and when I tried to find it, doesn't exist. Better off just buying them off the website w/o this app.
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8 years ago, Sum Fizz
iPhone 5c cases
Wild flower is amazing their cases are beautiful and nice. But I have a iPhone 5c and their are only 3 iPhone 5c cases that aren't sold out right now and 1/3 are gorgeous. Can you please make new cases for the phone 5c. When I see the iPhone 5s or maybe the iPhone 6 their are so many cases. And yet their are only 14 cases and 3 that aren't sold out for the iPhone 5c. Pease make new cases. But other than that the cases are beautiful! Thank you
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5 years ago, aun15drea_🤪
if you’re considering the app read this first
i have a wildflower case myself (8 plus) and it’s in good shape. but the image is a little blurry 🤨. i have dropped my phone many times and i don’t have a screen protector so the case has helped a little. but it’s soooo not worth all the money! the cases are a little overpriced and over hyped in my opinion. maybe 15-20 would be reasonable especially if the image isn’t gonna be that clear. it’s not even that protective like an otter box or something. i know a lot of people get it for the “aesthetic” and the people who sell them are really nice but it’s just too much money. if you’re looking for a super nice quality case keep looking buddy 🙃
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3 weeks ago, brayden poo poo pants
For all I know, Wildflower cases are very good quality, and they come in cute designs. I have an iPhone 11 pro and I noticed that they never put in new cases for most of the sizes. I would love to buy but they only refresh cases for iPhone 13+ This isn’t a way to make people buy new iPhones, its just simply a way to lose customers.
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1 year ago, okoupji
love hate relationship
I love these cases they are so cute and come with a lot of options. The one problem i have is for the price they should be able to protect my phone, i dropped it out of my hand and the entire back shattered. I was kind of disappointed that my $4 case protected my phone better then my $35+ wild flower case.
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3 years ago, my1z
The app feels like a maze
I love the cases but the app is so hard to navigate and has been mostly the same since it came out. it’s kind of hard to find cases for a specific phone and you can’t choose a different phone when looking at a certain case. idk just a bit annoying but nonetheless great cases <3
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8 years ago, PDavis1
Phone case popped out my screen
I had the turquoise wildflower case for the iPhone 6 and I just got back from the Verizon store with my brand new iPhone 6 Plus because the Verizon lady told me that the reason my screen was messing up was because the lip of the case hangs onto the aluminum of the phone and makes it pull away from the screen and so I had to buy a brand new phone. Thank god the iPhone 6 Plus was on a crazy ridiculous sale or I would be in a world of hurt w/o a phone rn.
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3 years ago, 12874837
wildflower cases are the best cases ever they have so many different choices and the protection is AMAZING!!!! my phone flew out of my hand on my e-bike and landed flat on the screen…NOT ONE CRACK! Wildflower has the best cases and all of my friends have them! I LOVE WILDFLOWER
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2 years ago, mls3109
Not much of a variety for other phones
there aren’t a lot of cases for the phone i have (iphone se 2) and i really wanted to get a case from wildflower so that really upset me and some of the designs on the other phone cases were really cute but i can’t get them bc they don’t match my phone size i hope they can make more cases for other phones.
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6 years ago, aimeejc1997
Amazing app
Before the app wasn’t the best. Now it’s so much faster looking at the products and the website on iPhone or computer so much better really love the new update 💗
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6 years ago, grico122
Don’t love it
Ok I love the designs they have and i purchased 2 cases one checker and one plaid but I ordered it 4 days after Christmas and it said it will come in 5-7 days it has been soooooo much more than that due date everyday I look out the window to see if the mail brought it but it never comes this is getting on my nerves so I would not recommend this to anyone else but this is just my opinion
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4 years ago, Gabby.NT
Worth the money
I just recently got my cases and I really like them. The shipping does take a long time, but you have to be patient because of the corona.
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2 years ago, Iloverice_102
Love the cases. the case are super cute and durable which I love coming from someone who drops their phone a lot.♥️
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4 years ago, Maddie_loves123
Doesn’t have my iPhone size
I have the iPhone 5s and they don’t have my iPhone size i have a 4 inch iPhone and they don’t have my size phone very annoyed 😑 I really like the cases but no iPhone 5s please put iPhone 5s cases back online. Please 😔
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5 years ago, senator meatloaf
10/10 would recommend
can honestly say I’m really pleased with what I got. and the packaging is beautiful. Just too expensive and needs more of a variety
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7 years ago, Skira3405
First Iphone Case
Hey y’all, so literally took my case a week to come in the mail which is great and all but um a little glitch has occurred!! my checkered case image is SLANTED TO THE POINT WHERE IT LOOKS LIKE I SPENT 10 BUCKS ON IT. i could have made it at home and made it look 10x better. i usually wouldn’t be so mad but the fact that i paid 40 bucks for it i’m a little angry. if i could give it a 0 i would.
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4 years ago, Cute Little Gummy Bear
i have an xr and it disappoints me that there are barely any for my phone, and if they do have some they are NEVER on sale when every single other phone can get one for 50% off? kinda annoying🤷‍♀️
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5 years ago, Story Brooke
I was in the app and I found a gorgeous case ! But when I went to add it to my cart and it said size and I clicked it and nothing happened? So I went to the other size phone cases and all of them said there size. I was really confused
Show more
3 years ago, ...unknownperson...
No apple pay
On the pictures which look recent it shows there’s apple pay but for me it doesn't show up.
Show more
2 years ago, lvvies
Cute cases
Super cute cases, I’ve dropped my phone so many times and it hasn’t cracked. Reason for the 4 star is bc I wish they had more options for XS Max cases :((
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8 months ago, maciellelorenzo
Love wildflower cases!!
I love wildflower cases . Been gifting them to some friends lately and they love your cases too ! Thank you ☺️☺️🩷
Show more
3 years ago, cdsfhjn
Just a thought
I really did wish they would let you make recommendations for new designs...other then that love it!
Show more
3 years ago, giselle08931
They are so cute I got a strawberry one is great quality it came In a very fancy box I love it I recommend it ❤️
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4 years ago, harrypotterxedsheeran
love wildflower!!
i now have purchased 2 wildflower cases. they are very protective and beautifully designed cases. with my first order, there was an error on their behalf, and their customer service was so understanding and helpfulness was very appreciated!! i love wildflower and would recommend it to anyone buying a phone case :)
Show more
6 years ago, Maleya G
love wildflower!
i have bought many cases from wildflower and can say that i am extremely satisfied with this company! they’re very good at notifying you about your order and it’s location and the cars cases are so protective and last a long time and are just the cutest cases i’ve ever owned <3
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6 years ago, Danica Donofrio
How do I remove an item from my cart?
Show more
1 year ago, Lyly2764!
love this app!
i've been a wildflower girl for forever but i absolutely love the app! you can get anything you want with the press of a button and the discount codes are to die for! get this app 💓🍊🪷🧜🏼‍♀️ 🎀🎠
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5 years ago, needs houses for lease
Great case BUT....
Love the app itself and the phone case but most of the background options are ugly.
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5 years ago, omqbianca
i’ve now ordered a special collab case twice and the first time the package got lost so okay they offered me a replacement and now i’m using the neon camouflage case..recently i ordered the same case because it just came back in stock and now there was a stock issue on their website. please fix your system because it’s really stressful how a case that i didn’t order arrived in less than 2 weeks but the case i really want gets lost
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9 months ago, Joe mama pt3
So cute and easy to use
Show more
7 years ago, Minecraft Pe is well
Not working
Whenever I open the app (I tried different devices) it says “Could not verify OAuth request due to the following error:”
Show more
4 years ago, LISA LANDREY
Very expensive
There cases are like 35$ so if your ready to pay 35$ than go ahead and download it but the condition is good
Show more
6 years ago, marijaanabbas
Really good!
this is really good but could you guys add more iPhone xr cases?
Show more
4 years ago, sxlht
Too much wait time
Every time i ordered a phone case it took about 3 weeks when on the app it says it will take 3-5 days
Show more
6 months ago, towidpa
favorite phone cases
i love the quality and creativity of these cases! customer for life <3
Show more
4 years ago, jacky c rojas
cases amazing, app isn't
i have an iphone 7plus and the app just doesn't function properly. nothing is in my cart (according to the app) and i get emails about things in my cart. nothing loads in the cart or the your orders. please fix!
Show more
6 years ago, Bekahhh.__
Good customer service, bad everything else
The app crashed way too much and BOTH of the packages I ordered were lost.
Show more
8 months ago, tristen derrick
love this company 💞💗💘
changed my life n style
Show more
6 years ago, Brooklyninok
This is too expensive!!
The cases r pretty, but they r too expensive! I can not find a 4s case at all!! Plz improve or I’ll right a bad report.
Show more
4 years ago, anaayaya
Wildflower should be canceled
They are trying to take advantage of small businesses, and they steal people’s work.
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