Willy Wonka Slots Vegas Casino

4.6 (30.7K)
205.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Willy Wonka Slots Vegas Casino

4.63 out of 5
30.7K Ratings
2 years ago, JakeLlewellen
Great job? Nahhhh!
After a fair spell and a couple hundred levels in I now find that millions of credits do not count. I am forced to bet at least 1B+ to even get a spin. Makes it difficult to enjoy the game, not only because the machines are tighter than a virgins posse which makes banking any significant number of credits impussible but further progression of levels unrealistic and total waste of time. It is a sad statement of bait and switch and apathetic detachment of developers. One might say spending real cash to play would elicit a modicum of generosity from game/Zynga but reality has been established to the contrary. Going through your reviews I only see a completely different breakdown of one star to five star reviews. The vast proportion of the hundreds of reviews are one and two star. Have you no sense of pride in the fruits of your life’s work people? If shady is where you decide your careers be immortalized, who is to be worse off? The individual who, at your behest, wastes a few hours of their finite time on this planet being played or the obviously highly intelligent and talented group that ZYNGA developers is, whose goal in life is defraud the very individuals from whom your ill begotten gains are taken and your daily slop is served? Gracie Mille developers. Suey! Suey!
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4 years ago, WeezieRae
Game is a piece of s-it!!!!!!!! Ridiculous company & support
Have played this game since 2016, great at first, have tryingly completed over 790 levels. Recently and for several months now, I constantly have many, many unexpected occurrences of blackout/game exit. I lose tons and tons of $$'s during usual game play, bonus as well as free spin games and golden egg credits sessions. I am getting no use out of golden egg credits - I use most of my time restoring game play. I checked the amount of GB to run this app and was shocked to find it is consuming 28GB!!!!! That is so excessive! None of the other apps I have active use more than 2GB or less! Customer service suggested I empty cache files, to no avail. I have deleted all other apps I can on my iPad to help the operating system run better and quit failing on me. The only apps left on my iPad are not able to be deleted because they have no delete "x" to get rid of them and free up IOS operations/memory. Again, 28GB is just plain abuse to a long-term player. Hope someone will check this out and keep aware of my situation for other players as well.
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7 years ago, Bonnie L. Knight
Enjoyable Game...
This game is enjoyable to a point. I am some what disappointment in it though. It never pays out very often and when it does it is only enough to keep one interested in the game. Then you loose all you credits and then have to just play enough to get some of them back to play a little more. I have almost deleted this game because I am highly disappointed in it. But I always give it a chance to Change my mind. After a point the every 2 hourly credits only give you so much and nothing more. You think as a reward to faithful game players they would give their continued costumes rewards to keep them interested on a daily basis. I for one am about to delete the game and find another slot to take its place, but I will keep it just to see if there is a change in the game play. I refuse to buy anything for the game to keep playing. There should not be any real money involved in keeping us interested in playing their game. The only reason I keep this game is because it is better than some out there. There should be more chances to win the watch a video and get more credits more often and the amount should at least increased to 5 million instead of 399 million. Oh well I guess I will hang in there to see if there will be any change. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that I have never even come close to winning a golden ticket, I am beginning to think that, that is a joke.
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2 years ago, Sunglebug
This game is getting ridiculously expensive to play. The 5 stars is just so the review will be seen. I can’t bet under $2.5billion a spin and even after purchasing credit packs, they hardly last long at all. I don’t get big wins and the money goes really quickly since I can’t even bet below $2.5b. The bonuses/free credit aren’t even worth collecting, between them and the daily Wonka bars, I only get $6b coins, what good is that when I can only spin 2 times. That leaves me having to log-in several days in a row just to be able to enjoy playing. Don’t even get me started on the stupid basket feature. When you collect one, it interrupts you playing, then it takes ages to actually create an ingredient. It would be nice if they just made it where you see the item being collected and not pausing the whole game just to notify you. Then allow a “use all items” button or something so we can actually make the ingredients faster. Plus the reward is only like $200million. That’s not even worth the time it takes to make them.
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6 years ago, Pepper@ salt
Wonka slots
I love this game! It's great the colors it's so realistic! Thank you Gene Wilder, for all the laughs! R.I.P. I love this game it is addicting! I will send a Wanka bar to someone then they play. I wish I didn't run out of coins so fast could lower the amount to be able to play for the jackpots! How ever when you least expect it you hit a large amount, Will keep playing. R.I.P. I'm happy this came out before Mr. Wilder passed. I'm sure he is enjoying everyone playing!I feel like some of the slots have to high expectations. Like 4200 to even play for a jack pot please you might get to spin one time.I'm having fun playing Samoa slots. Love playing this game, seems to be a bit better thanks! I like playing it seems a bit better now. Come try it❗️Enjoying playing. Yea so you run out of money sometimes what do you expect? You gain it back get friends! Having fun! Having fun
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2 months ago, GuppyGal99
Broken App with Terrible Customer Service!
For YEARS, I’ve been waiting for Zynga to fix an issue where machines remain locked despite being past the level required to unlock them. They only say COMING SOON. I’ve done everything I could to possibly fix this issue if it was on my side: restart it, reinstall the app, restart my device, everything! I hadn’t played it in ages, so I risked it and deleted my account despite having such a high level and spent money on it. Did it fix it? No. I took this up to customer service. No matter how many times I explained it, they couldn’t understand what the issue was. I doubt I was even talking to a real person. No, I don’t want to sync an old account. No, I don’t want to connect to Facebook. And no, I don’t want to connect to another device account to get more credits and Golden Eggs!! Such a disappointment. The machines on this app are actually enjoyable. Besides the constant shoving of ads and worthless events in your face that take ages to exit out of, the slots were pretty fun, especially if you’re a fan of the movie. But I won’t be reinstalling it anytime soon unless they decide to actually do something about this.
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6 years ago, erinherrera76
Starting to hate myself
I discovered this game about a month ago. I’ve really gotten more and more into it as I’ve leveled up. The graphics and animations are top notch and the little audio snippets from the movie are really funny. I feel like I win at regular intervals, but I’m starting to hate myself because I’ve bought credits so many times now and for what? I’m completely fine with paying for entertainment (and this is great mindless, innocent entertainment) but I gotta say, I’d buy more regularly if once you spend $10, you get routed to a winner’s track for a few days. It’s very discouraging to watch real money go straight to zip. Would it hurt Zynga to give out more jackpots (if they even do) and Wonkavator wins when I’m actually paying? It’s not like it costs them to give me more credits, especially if I’ve established that I’ll pay. They have total control of whether I win. Just give me a week or so l to feel like I bought some happiness instead of feeling like I have to hide my Apple charges from my husband.
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5 years ago, 864jackspy
Fun but disappointing
OK I have had this game now for about three years it is fun to play but in all that time I have never won a jackpot or seen any golden tickets and I usually see the same names pop up that win the jackpot and times day will change the names up and you will see those names pop up for a while and then the names change again like I said I do like playing this game but as everyone else has mentioned jackpot and golden tickets are a joke I have read a lot of the reviews and I agree that for loyal players like myself that have been playing for about three years they should give those players some kind of reward for being with them for so long oh yeah and the monthly giveaway is a joke as well where they say you will be entered into the monthly drawing for your chance to win 45 billion in credits for as long as they been doing that I’ve never won that jackpot either but like I said I do enjoy playing I have fun up until I do use all my credits and then I wait until I can get more free credits so have fun playing but don’t expect on winning any jackpots or golden tickets ✌🏼👊🏼
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3 years ago, PeanutJD
Disappointed with Customer Service
I purchase coins quite frequently because I’ve enjoyed the game. Recently I made a purchase and the game froze up which required me to exit the game before the purchased coins were added to my account. Upon reopening the game I noticed only a portion of the coins had been added to my account. I took immediate screen shots and contacted customer service, expecting a prompt and professional response. After submitting multiple receipts to prove the legitimacy of my claim I was basically shut down by customer service. Their responses became curt and rude so much that I was left feeling like a thief when in fact, all I wanted was to be reimbursed the missing coins. Clearly reimbursing me a small amount of coins that I PAID for was too much to expect. The unfortunate thing is that they could see my purchase history and that alone made it apparent that I was being truthful in my report about the coin shortage. Not only do I feel cheated and disappointed but I feel I need to warn others before they spend their money. Won’t be paying or playing anymore.
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4 years ago, Jumpboots509
Wonka Slots
This is a very fun and creative game that has many different games, levels and new content ask the time. I enjoy playing it and it can be addictive. Out of all the times I’ve played it, it has worked and not had any major issues except 1. I have one technical glitch with the Sweet Candy Crops. I got a new iPhone and restored my data and games and the crops section makes me do the tutorial walkthrough, but gets stuck as all my plots have a #1 next to them, are empty but I can’t plant anything, it says uproot a plot, but the tutorial won’t proceed or allow these actions. It would be great to use the Sweet Candy Crops section again, but I still really enjoy the app and all the other features it has.
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4 years ago, Tegan C
Could be great but developers are greedy
This could be great, however it’s very obvious that the developer’s greed has overtaken trying to bring any entertainment value to the game. You only start winning once you put real money into the game, but even that’s short-lived, which is why I’ve given up on that. You can literally go through billions in coins in the game without getting a feature bonus once. And there are often glitches in the game that cause what would have been a bonus to disappear, as well as an obvious timing of the machines to not pay out as often. You can see this for yourself by seeing how the reels speed up or slow down in order to bypass wilds and bonus icons. If it was truly a game of chance, I’d be fine with that but it’s so obvious that there is manipulation going on to make you have even worse luck. It’s really too bad that greed has consumed the developer’s because this could be a fun game, but it loses all fun when you’re constantly losing or having to surpass insanely difficult challenges to win even a small amount of money
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4 years ago, Klazar82
Horrible Update!
Ive been playing for 3 years and the game has gone down hill. Ive had to spend money lately just to play because the free coins they give you disappear quickly. Stupid decision on my part considering the decline of my work hours due to COVID. The update is horrible! You get less money and have to wait for long periods of time to collect. The bonus wheel in World 6 NEVER gives you the correct winning amount.. always less, the Free Spins for most of the slots are a joke and you rarely win a decent amount, they’ve up’d the Player’s Choice from 100 eggs to having to spend 400 eggs, Charlie’s Challenges are difficult to win because of unrealistic goals (win 3 billion 75 times to advance!! Really???!!) , minimum bets on ALL slots have drastically increased. Im giving it another week because Im not sure if the candy plots ive accumulated are going to be returned or if this Candy Pop crap that replaced previous layout is permanent.. if its a permanent change then ill be deleting the app.. no longer enjoyable or worth time and money.. Whoever thought of this update is an idiot smh
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5 years ago, Jaggs01
Buggy and Expensive
Zynga definitely makes sure the house wins . . .and wins . . .and wins. As soon as you get close to reaching a goal, you will find that you suddenly start losing. I literally lost over 5 billion game tokens and never had one win - not even one that was lower than my bet. The games are buggy and conveniently freeze just as you get a jackpot. Several times I have had a machine hit on a big win, only to freeze for a second and then start up again and move off the win. I put up with all of it because I enjoyed playing the games until I had spent quite a bit of money trying to complete a challenge only to have it freeze and not issue a payout to me. I submitted a ticket, but the company refused to offer any assistance. They told me I should have taken a screen shot to prove I didn’t get money. First, I didn’t know I had to, and, second, how can you take screen shot of not getting paid. They refused to help and wrote me off with a “thank you for playing.” I only wish I had seen a review like this before I downloaded the game.
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4 years ago, Whatadisappointment91
Nostalgia, not much else
It loves giving you “the biggest” bonuses but then reel off 75 straight spins without a win, or bonus where you lose the very first pick, so basically I play for 20 minutes , lose all my coins, then wait for the bonus to lose it all again, keep going back to the lower level games just to have 40 spins at minimum bets, I don’t know how anyone else is getting up there unless they are purchasing coins, I love the nostalgia of it and the actual voices from the movie but other than that, probably one of the most disappointing slots out there next to their Game of Thrones slots. My favorite part of this was getting free spins 3 times and netting a whopping 2 spins worth of coins between 30 spins. I have a load of golden eggs to unlock the special games but with minimums bets of 25,000,000, or more, I get like 4 spins. Be prepared for lots of short spurts playing this. I just wanted to have fun and unlock more bits of it but keep having to play the same old entry level slots is getting old.
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2 years ago, trainevan
Glitches and It’s hard to win anything
Extremely disappointed! This game is very fun when it’s not glitching and when you can actually win something but these slot games are tighter than the ones in the real casino I swear! I buy credits sometimes because I like to play but today I had over 1 trillion credits and it was gone in about 30 minutes playing the same game the whole time and that’s not the first time that’s happened. Not even one bonus! That’s ridiculous. I don’t mind buying credits if they’re gonna last awhile and give me play time but when that many credits is gone that quick that’s just crazy! Don’t waste your money or time on this game because you’re not gonna get much in return! I’m done wasting my time and money on this game when you can hardly ever win any credits! They’ve gotten enough of my money I’m deleting this app and I will find a different slot game to play! Take my advice and steer clear of this app!
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4 years ago, Novpie65432
Glitchy game
Game glitches constantly. Glitches like not showing what you bet or win, or when you collect daily credits won’t show in total amount. If you reset, you lose any cards you collected and winks pass points. If you bet higher then 250,000, you rarely win. So let’s say I have 5 billion coins and bet 25k, I will have nice wins, but if I have 800 billion and start betting 5 billion, you will never win and it will take all your money. You could keep repeating the 5 billion bet until your 800 billion is zero and you won’t get a good win. I liked this game, but after today, when the game kept glitching, so I had to reset and it took my two wonka slot club passes and 16 billion in the briefcase and reset to zero and my almost completed card collection, which was 60 billion reset to collected zero cards. I also spent money, but the glitches and losing stuff I paid for...you just lost me as a customer. There are slot games that don’t glitch as often as this one.
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4 years ago, Jeff Vader025
Fun game, except for the challenges
Overall this is a great slot machine game. The first 5 worlds are machines themed from scenes right from the movie including iconic quotes. The 3 course bonus feature does make it quicker to receive free coins, although the once a day bonus usually ends up paying out less than my once an hour bonus. The thing that made me knock off a star was the challenges and mini games. The mini games like All A Board and Candy Pop are not worth my time because I never get back even close to the amount of credits I use to participate in them. I completely ignore all the challenges because they almost always have “Make a purchase" in the list of things to do. That makes the challenges pay to win. Show me challenges that are not pay to win and I will pay attention to those.
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5 years ago, Cjboy06
Horrible Customer service.
I absolutely loved this game. It’s fun to play and kept me coming back for more. I have made multiple purchases for coins during my time playing this game A few days ago I made a purchase and had a few billions I coins. While playing I was down to about 4 billion coins left to play when the game started to glitch, freeze up, and then crashed. When I reopened the game I had zero coins left in my bank. I have been messaging back and forth with customer service about this. They keep saying that I had no coins left because of normal game play. They absolutely will not credit me back the coins that disappeared. They do not offer a phone service to actually speak with someone. You can only message them about technical issues. I feel that this is stealing. Be warned when spending money if it randomly crashes and all your coins disappear you are not going to get any help from this company. They could care less.
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2 years ago, Naonip
What Was Once Fun is Now Frustrating
Wonka Slots (Free to Play) USED TO be fun and entertaining. But GREED has since taken a front seat and turned these fun and amazing slots into annoying and frustrating. The CONSTANT “Pop-Ups” before, during, and after play are SO annoying it takes the enjoyment of playing away. I KNOW I can BUY COINS!! I KNOW where to GO to BUY COINS! They have made this slot site unappealing. FORCING higher bets on machines in order to play with no option to bet a lesser amount. I play to relax and enjoy some free time. If I was trying to be “competitive” I’d go in the “High Roller” section to try for a FAKE AWARD & FAKE PRESTIGE of being Number One using REAL money. I’m not interested. Therefore I RARELY play anymore. I wish this site would go back to what they were BEFORE - letting their players choose HOW they wish to play and not FORCED to play THEIR WAY. I’m pretty much done with Wonka Slots
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2 years ago, grizzly bur
It’s like being a kid again
I don’t know if anybody else was like this but when I watch the show when I was a kid all I thought about was winning a golden ticket and how life could change I’m not saying that this Apple change your life but it’s pretty cool kind of brings you back to being a kid and thinking with the whole entire world is just one big playground. I’ve reviewed over probably 50 of these slot machine games at this point this takes number one the graphics are incredible. The things that I didn’t remember from the movie that popped back into my mind. Well done guys well done.
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4 years ago, Dabramey
The graphics in this game are unsurpassed. It is the most colorful and visually appealing game I have seen. However, it does not pay out jackpots. Recovering from surgery I went from 600 billion credits to 200 billion in less than a week while betting no more than 150 million per play. In the four years I have been playing this game I have spent $400 on buying credits which is nuts. I can play Double Down Casino or GSN Casino all day and have never spent a cent on them. You would think I would learn and leave Willy Wonka Slots but I enjoy the visual appeal too much to leave for good. Every time they upgrade the payouts get less and the cost to play increases at least four fold. Four years ago you could play and come out ahead. No longer. I have asked them to lower costs as I am sure others have. Unfortunately they never do.
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6 months ago, Canons1
Great Graphics, Fun to Play
I have played since it came out. One year ago I was up to 300 billion then I bet too high ,hoping for a big win. I lost it all and couldn’t get back. I just started the game back up about 4 months ago. I did purchase some coins , but kept it small , like a few dollars. I’m over 5 trillion now. Just by playing smart, not betting over 5 billion, normally at about 1 to 1.5 billion a spin. I’ve been hitting big wins. Yes , the slots can be very hard sometimes to get get a nice win and can see why people would get mad. I do play your other games, Wizard of Oz, and Game of Thrones. Both are a bit hard to win, but are enjoyable. Just like real slots, bet small, win big, then walk away. Awesome games, good work !
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5 years ago, Jon Mickens
This game blows!!!! I understand the need for developers to not let you win every spin, but when I’m going through a billion credits and can win but maybe 5 million back it’s a joke. If I wanted to waste time putting money into a machine I would just go to the real deal. These greedy developers should even the odds just a little bit in the players favor. I’ve been playing for a solid 90 days now and have yet to win a jackpot of any sorts!! Yet supposedly people are winning them left and right. Not saying when is it going to be my turn but at least play fair. I can go through $10mil betters for the better part of an hour and get nothing back. Yet the minute you run out of money you’re quick to get spammed by the game to hurry and buy buy buy more credits with your real money! SUCH A JOKE!! Glad to say this will forever be removed from my phone and I will forever ignore all Zynga games! Thanks for nothing
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6 years ago, Addiswidowedmom
Love it BUT...
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game so dang much! It ALWAYS has some sort of “bonus” something or other going on (play this slot for extra XP points, complete XYZ to get 123 rewards, here play a slot from level 900) making the app that much more eventful and superior. BUT THE MASSIVE DOWNFALL, is that for every 15 times you play you maybe get once where you can play longer than 5-10 minutes (unless you buy tokens and while they have daily deals for tokens they seem rather pricey for the levels I’m up too) you RARELY EVER WIN big enough compared to your bets and you NEVER HAVE ENOUGH to qualify for the jackpots unless you’re paying to play... It IS WORTH IT to download and play when it lets you, but hell I’ve collected several times a day for about 4-5 days and even then I didn’t get to play all that long
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7 years ago, JenPfen
Scam artists
This game is a joke. First, they announced that they had a Cyber Monday special. So I went in and purchased $20 of coins, however, I apparently didn't click on the right "store" so it didn't give me the Cyber Monday deal. Instead it gave me 112M coins when it should have given me 276M coins. I had to make another $20 purchase to get the right amount. So now I've spent $40. Ridiculous. Then, I play the special wheel game, and at the end it says my bet was 185k, when every bet I played through 24 challenge wins was well over 1M, so that was a joke. And when you do purchase coins I swear the machines are rigged to drain your coins in minutes so you have to spend more with them. You'd think they would appreciate your business and allow you to play for a while with what you purchase. Waste of money. Never have I played an app game that requires you to spend so much. If I could give this game 0 stars I would.
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2 years ago, My destiny!
Half screen
Not really sure why your responses to everyone having issues since the new update is contact customer support. You did the same thing with my review below and you told me to give you my ID. Well you apparently don’t read because the screen only opens half way and I can’t get to anything and I’m pretty sure everyone else is having the same issue. JUST FIX IT!!!! We have all lost all of our progress. Since I updated to IOS16 Game only opens half way on the screen. I have deleted the game and reinstalled it. No luck. Lost my streak because it won’t open properly and can’t even get to the support page to send a message. This needs to be fixed and everyone having issues needs to be given a good amount of coins and their streak back. I would give 0 stars but unfortunately can’t. This was my favorite slot but not anymore. Fix!!!
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6 years ago, Zoobeefree
The best way to win....is not to play
The game itself is fun but the whole thing is rigged to separate you from your money. You buy a package of coins and suddenly you are winning and thinking ‘isn’t this fun!’ The gameplay requires you to increase your bet size to make progress. As this occurs suddenly the game turns ‘tight’ and before you know it all your chips are gone. ‘Buy More’ the game implores and if you do, you win for a while. Heck you might even get up to a few billion chips....and then the game tightens again and the cycle continues. Make no mistake-this is a suckers game. There is no beating it because to advance requires bigger and bigger bets so no matter how much you have at any given time, when the game turns tight it’s bye-bye to the chips and then you will have to ‘buy more’. The best way to win is NOT to play!! The programmers are smarter than you.
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5 years ago, Letter whiz
Beware if you need a new device....
I really liked this slots. There is variety and multiple “events” to keep interest. The graphics are great. I had purchased several candy crop plots to accommodate all my crops. All was well until I got a new phone. I had my game synced with Facebook so when it loaded on the new phone I had the same level and coin total. HOWEVER all my purchased plots were locked, the two opened from my loyalty lounge level locked, and all my crops gone. I didn’t care about the crops as you win those easily but the items I paid for or earned, that annoyed me. I contacted support who, after more than 2 months, responded that feature is device specific and despite the fact I had the receipt showing I had paid I was out of luck. So, good luck to anyone continuing to play. I hope you never need a new device!!!
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2 years ago, Soconnor18
The game is trash
Ive been playing this game for several years now. It’s become apparent that the only way you can ever “enjoy” the game is to spend a lot of money. That being said Im not someone that ever posts reviews or care for it but with this game, I’ve had enough. Im at level 300 and for you to even get a spin in on any slot you need to spend a minimum of 75k. The bonuses you get are worth nothing and they give you enough money to have at least 10 spins, after that you’re done. The game has clearly become all about money just like every other slot game and I understand the company needs to make something but at this point it’s become ridiculous. Years ago I had so much fun playing this game and could go for hours. Now it’s a drag just to get a bonus so I can enjoy it. For that reason I’m done with it and have move in to better slot games.
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4 years ago, joey19-96
Ugh so good but just terrible
I love the slots and challenges on this slot game but it seems almost impossible to stay on a good winning streak. I spent almost 200$ in one freaking day and after spending money it will let you get some big billion coin wins, but then you will win 1 out of 10 till until you lose your coins. I hope the developers read this as well as customers I love this game but It seems to me that the Algorithm is set up to bait you in to spend money then let you win a bunch and then take it all away so that you will want to spend more money. There is no reason for me to have spent 200$ in one day and to be completely out of coins and waiting for the free coins to come in now. I would have given 5 stars if it didn’t seem like I just got ripped off so until I fill like this is changed I only give it 2...
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5 years ago, Todd M. Sharp
Keep ur credit card away from here
It’s fun until you buy coins, that’s when the algorithms kick in. It will boost your bank way up there and then no matter how you play what level or game it will take you to Zero. When you’re set on the win path the algorithm is plain to spot, constant Wonkavaitor wins, always stepping up and at a constant and pretty predictable pace you can almost calculate the spins. Now when it switches you can bet as much or as little you want and you can spin 1000 times before you get free spins and if you get one you will not see anything like you did win you are on the up win. I wasn’t going to pay to find out but I have a feeling it’s all about increasing how much you pay on a constant pace and keeping this up and up. Bottom line if you have an addictive personality play at your on risk and keep your credit card put up. It a really fun game but be careful.
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4 years ago, Jensational1
Half day and I'm done!
I've been playing literally half a day! Just downloaded this game this morning and I'm ready to delete! Love the concept, hate no payouts! If I wanted to spend all my money, I'd go to an actual casino. At least my odds of getting something back would be worth it! But this is ridiculous. It's basically all high roller! And it might pay out once every 15 to 20 spins! If that?! It's a shame, the makers are so money hungry! On to the next! Thought I’d try and see if they game is any better! Haven't played in probably 2 years! Took me 5 minutes at least just to finally spin. The ads are insane. I don’t want to log into a game and be bombarded by “buy this”, “buy that”! I just want to spin for God sake! And when I was finally able to spin, I lost it all! 900,000,000 in about 2 minutes! Just not worth it! Concept is great, but this game just takes up space on my phone! Buh-bye!
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3 years ago, Ken_M_821
No longer fun
This game used to be fun, but now when you launch it, you have to click through no less than 15 pop-ups just to start playing the game. I don’t really care about spinning a wheel, about leagues, about card packs, or any other such nonsense. I’m just here to play the slots game. They have taken this thing above what it should be, now it’s just a big mess of irritation. I am done playing zynga games, they are just money grabs and they have lost touch with their players. Only way to make this game remotely fine is to turn off the Internet before you watch it to prevent all the garbage from launching. They have taken a great character license and completely ruined it. They did the same thing with Wizard of Oz slots. I have now deleted both. I hope they go bankrupt. I will never give Zynga my business again. Complete trash.
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4 years ago, Brass_Chuckles
Why would you do this?
This was so much up until recent! I loved this game and would have quite a bit of fun with this game. I would use this ga,e to take my mind of the everyday crap going on. I love Willy Wonka and I loved how the game was set up. It’s one of few games I was silly to spend a little money on, but now I may as well delete it. Since this virus thing has been going on they magically changed their game set up. Everything cost more, you get less coins and there is zero payout on the machines. I even tried play big money on the first few machines because you can win a little. I spent a crap ton of coins on a machine and won NOTHING!! So you’re saying that 300 mil and I couldn’t even win a thousand coins? I think they taking advantage of a sad situation and little things like this is are what keeps some of us partially sane for a moment. Thanks for being money hungry soul suckers!!
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4 years ago, Sexy_Texy
Tighter slots than Vegas
While I enjoy a great slot game, this game will have you constantly questioning your luck. It’s all a scam to get your real money, and trust... I thought spending a few real dollars for some imaginary fun might help loosen the slots up.... but it does not. There are far too many ‘extra’ games and ‘challenges’. It makes this game incredibly busy. I’m ashamed that I’ve dropped so much real cash. It’s fake money zynga... loosen up your slots. I’d rather lose my real money in a real casino. At least then I have the chances to win real instead of constantly losing real money for fake wins. The tipping Point came when I had free spins. Out of 10 free spins... not one cent... this happened twice.... those are terrible odds... keep your slots gentleman, I’ll not be returning.
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5 years ago, bleibowitz1982
I have been enjoying this game and the Wizard if Oz one for quite some time. I like that each day has different challenges and that the player can try new machines. I dislike that events aren’t communicated in advance. For example, the Valentines Day event has been enjoyable, but I chose to go all in to try to win the 500 billion credits. The first two days asked that you make any purchase in order to stay in the game. I made the $1.99 purchases. The third day asked for you to buy the $9.99 package in order to be eligible to win! If there is going to be $ asked of the patron in order to “win” that needs to be stated up front.
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4 years ago, fyverbysea
Game has become unwinnable.
Lvl 1013 and I can honestly say that the game is not even close to random. Free spins are now paying out amounts UNDER initial bets. “Random” pick bonus games ALWAYS choose the smallest amounts. Pick a side event? Always on the losing side. Bonus wheel? It’s a joke, I spend the entire event consistently betting over 100 million and get an end of event “average” bet spin with 10-20 million. In the last couple of weeks it has gotten considerably worse. I have spent hundreds of billions of coins and won absolutely nothing. No exaggeration, it’s get daily coins and lose them in 10 minutes. Buy coins and lose them within 20 minutes. Run far away from this cash grab. **Update** I am now convinced that the people running this game have direct control of odds and payouts. Since writing this review I haven’t won anything. No joke, I have not won anything in days. I downloaded and played the same slots on another device with another account and won like normal. It really is unbelievable. **Update 2** Went back thinking it would be back to normal. Wrong. Now they are changing my bets when I get bonuses. Example: betting 250M for 20-30 spins before I get a bonus, bet is then changed to 100M for bonus. This was on factory floors. Pathetic.
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5 years ago, hurry fix
Let me start off by saying I do love playing this game, the graphics are pretty and bright. However, the minimum bets are ridiculously high and even though I’m already over level 255 the only way to get free tokens is for me to garden. Even then they make the limit only 30 million which seems like a lot I know but.... that’s not enough to play any decent bet to actually win. I’ve spent close to 100$ buying tokens in this game and I will not purchase anymore. With the purchased tokens it was still very hard to actually win anything or advance. Also in order to “win” any sort of price most the games want you to bet a minimum of 100 million tokens!!!! That’s ridiculous especially when someone at a high level like mine can’t even get more then 30 million tokens free every couple of hours! That’s just ridiculous!!!
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1 year ago, ITS SCARY DELETED!
Used to love this game! Not anymore.
I used to love this game! But apparently the people that make real money off of it are super greedy because now I have to have 1.5 billion coins to spin one time in the High roller world and it started out at 100 million. And I NEVER win anything anymore. And when it finally hits, the payout is almost always far less than my original bet. It’s impossible to play for more than 10 minutes before running out of coins and even if you buy coins, you still lose and run out in minutes. It was fun a long time ago and I played all the time, and only bought coins here and there, but I didn’t mind buying them back then, but now i won’t buy coins because I will just lose them in 5 minutes and it just frustrates me so much that I want to delete the app!
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4 years ago, osucwby99
Do not spend money on this game
This game cheats and they know and acknowledge it. In several different rooms this has happened where I will be betting high but when I get the bonus or free spins it lowers my bet drastically. For instance I was betting 400 million per spin, it took me about 15 minutes to get free spins and when I did it dropped my bet down to 25 million, 16 times less than my original bet. It did this twice to me in the same room. When I contacted support they sent an email saying they are aware of the issue and “gave me” 50 million for the inconvenience. This want even enough to cover a single bet little line what I lost out on. Then again two days later in a different room I was betting 1.5 billion and when I got free spins it dropped my bet down to 250 million. DO NOT SPEND MONEY AS YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING IN RETURN. This game is only designed to cheat you.
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3 years ago, AlanGks
Sad, Very sad!
I throughly enjoyed playing this slot games since I signed up, in May 2016, but the enjoyment has ended. According to customer service, with this latest updates to the program, my minimum bet is now $500,000,000. One can not win enough credits to keep playing, without purchasing additional credits. I have never purchased any credits, nor am I going to spend my money on a slot game. I will go to a real casino where I have the possibility of leaving with some real monies. I will be deleting my Wonka Slot account. There are other free slot games available. And if they rig the game to a minimum bet that is unattainable, I will delete that slot game as well. Be forewarned. Don’t be stupid enough to spend any monies on a supposedly free on line slot game. If you do, you need to attend Gamblers Anonymous.
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5 years ago, Naked Call
Be very careful making purchases
I made several purchase and the credits never showed up but they definitely had no problem billing my card. Virtually impossible to contact anyone about this. I basically have given up and come to terms with Zynga effectively stealing my money. I also am not happy that the emails they with links for free coins now start going to Facebook. I do not use Facebook, I do not want to use Facebook, and I don’t want to like the games Facebook page and since I obviously can’t log onto Facebook I no longer can get the free coins from the email. The direction the games updates have been going in are making me feel like they are more focused on my money than creating a fun player/user experience which is the reason I have always played the game and ultimately spent money within the game.
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2 years ago, Rookie913
Do Not Spend Your Money
Yes. The game is super fun at first, but once you buy credits, the games do not win as often. Then, they change things all around and aspects that seem like bonuses only drain all of your credits. For example, they just added a super charger. If you click on it, apparently you can’t bet less than 4,000,000,000 points. I had no idea until I complained that you have to physically click it off in order to play at a level that will make your coins last for more enjoyment. I feel totally scammed and they don’t care that they tricked me. Don’t get scammed and tricked like I did. VERY GREEDY developers and the games DON’T PAY !!! There isn’t a cash out, so why wouldn’t the developers give more jackpots to the people that actually play to pay. I feel like such a sucker.
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4 years ago, Carlos N Rodriguez
Money pit!
I have had this game for about two weeks, and although the graphics and gameplay are amazing, I feel that every time I get a decent amount of “money” (credits), they make your minimum bet higher for the jackpots and bonus wheels, so you never really have a surplus and get to enjoy the game! Once you get down to like 300M, good luck trying to recuperate enough to get a bonus wheel, or jackpot. And it’s very hard to do the daily challenges. When I first started, I was getting free spins and bonuses left and right, but I see now that that was a gimmick to get you hooked and then drain you of real cash! And once you pay once, they know they’ve got you, and there’s no reason they should ever let you win again. At least in a real casino there’s a chance of winning something , instead of throwing my money away!
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6 years ago, Puzzle luvr
Glitches lately...
I’ve always loved this game and the quality of the slots. However, lately there have been some quality issues that really need fixed!! For one, they offer challenges that are impossible to achieve... like ‘hit a bonus game on golden hatchery slot machine’ but a bonus game does not exist for this particular slot. That’s been happening A LOT. Also, the game now pops up a prompt constantly wanting you to connect to your FB account. When you close it, the screen then turns upside down and you have to turn you iPad upside down to trick it into going back normal. Please fix these bugs as I am a longtime user and occasionally purchase so I want to continue using a quality game.
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6 years ago, Nicki6166
Fun game, but...
Cool graphics and for the few minutes I’ve been able to play, it’s been fun so far. In the beginning, it was easier to win coins, but I’m in a losing slump as Level 10 and ran out of coins. Zynga games are the only slots I enjoy, but it seems they always frustrate you to the point of purchasing coins. I absolutely REFUSE to spend my hard earned money on a FREE game. The daily free coins are gone in minutes. When I “win big,” those coins are gone just as fast as the daily free coins. I’m starting to give up hope that I’ll ever get to the point where I can play for more than 5 minutes a day. If it keeps up, I’ll just delete my Zynga apps and find a more constructive way to spend my time.
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6 years ago, Jinx1971
Completely unplayable garbage
So want to give this app 5 stars because I love it. Have to give it 1 star because of the cheating, throttling lack of playability this and all Zynga apps present on a daily basic. Started today with 4 billion coins that it took me months to collect. Tried to get a trophy for Charlie’s Challenges. They let me get through 4 out of 5 only to take EVERY SINGLE credit I had without letting me get the trophy. WHY? WHY? WHY? You guys will never get a penny of my money until you can present a fair game. Not sure why this company chooses to reward the players that link all their accounts and show loyalty to Zynga with theft of most of my credits across all their games????? Now it will take me months of collecting coins to even be able to play again. Zynga - give me any reason why I should continue to play your games???
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3 years ago, ZDT1978
Not fun anymore
I been playing this game for a while now, at first it was awesome, loved it, but this is worst than Vegas trying to win, there are some games where it takes the entire bank before even paying out something, i have a lot of money into buying coins because I’m always running out, just not really enjoying, this is is supposed to be fun and entertaining. Also the basket bonus game, garbage! Disruptive!!!! I just wish they can do something about their algorithms because eventually the machines need to pay out. Today will be the last time I buy coins, in less than 15 it took all my coins with very little payouts…will prob look into something different, it was fun while it lasted.
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3 years ago, ou8121181
What a disappointment
I do enjoy this game. That being said, if you are going to make purchases, make sure you get what you pay for. They give out billions of free credits everyday, but are not willing to help you out if there is a problem with a purchase that isn’t correct. They will tell you to send screenshots of the issue. Contact you through email, tell you they are working on it and you will never have any resolution. I have had this happen several times. I will continue to play, but will no longer make any purchases through this app. It’s not worth my time or effort to try and resolve the issues I’ve had.
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3 years ago, Cbymom
Used to be fun
The game was fun for a while but as you move up in levels it is virtually impossible to play without investing a lot of real money. Even after playing when you finally earn bonus games they Pay very little or don’t function correctly. I have spun over 100 times without getting free spins or a bonus game which is not fun. just now I finally earned 12 free spins on the sideways game which they were promoting. I actually got the sideways icon three times but it only paid out once, and the game didn’t recognize the other two. .If I’m going to continue to spend $100 I’d rather do it at a casino where I have a chance of getting something back or at least having fun
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