Windscribe VPN

4.4 (11.9K)
69.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Windscribe Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Windscribe VPN

4.44 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
4 years ago, jman98
Thanks developers for a wonderful app
First and foremost thanks to the devs for creating such a wonderfully useful app. I enjoy the different options it offers in terms of internet security. However I’d like to offer some feedback as to how it may be improved further: I’ve been experiencing lag on my Mac mini on macOS Catalina with the app installed. To be fair it was already experiencing some lag before I installed the app, but this seems to be causing even more performance issues. On my iPhone X on iOS 13.3 it has stability problems when connecting to my 5G WiFi connection at home. If there’s anything the team can do to enable the ability to switch the VPN on/off easily from the settings app, that would be greatly appreciated thanks! One last important thing, I greatly enjoy and appreciate the adblocking capabilities of the service but I would love more than anything to be able to manage the specific settings of the service from the app itself rather than have to log in to the website to change those settings. Keep up the excellent work Windscribe team! We appreciate your efforts to keep our information secured from being used maliciously. Your our cyber heroes!
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1 year ago, 74Y84415
Worst VPN out there
Does not work and has not worked since 2019. I have contacted support and have been unable to get my app to work since the owners changed. They do not give a &$@$ about customers and charged my card for an extra despite providing no service or help. DO NOT use Windscribe. They also request and default to using your precise location for themselves, and while you can toggle it off it is completely contradictory of the function of the app. Update to the response: I have contacted support and the app suddenly started to function again, only after mentioning potentially initiating a chargeback via my credit company though and not after my multiple initial requests. While obviously it may be unrelated the company nor its associates have done anything to make me feel as though my information is safe nor have they made me feel like I am getting all the service advertised/payed for. Based on the responses I received I, personally, will be cancelling and feel as though I have been cheated in some form. Previous issues with the company were able to be resolved in days, my latest issue took approximately 10 months to resolve despite frequent logins and attempts on different devices. I truly hope for your other customers that this was an isolated incident but I will never be returning and will ensure all my friends and family never use this service.
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5 years ago, no_cake
By far the best VPN service
I never thought I would voluntarily pay for a VPN service until I encountered Windscribe. Their free trial is just over-the-top generous, the service works perfectly, the Netflix server locations are super useful and most of all their security bot R.O.B.E.R.T. is something I wish I had my entire life. There are simply too many things that make me love Windscribe. The app used to be buggy (couldn’t disconnect/connect to vpn randomly) but since the last upgrade it’s perfect, you can customize an « à-la-carte » plan if you don’t need all locations, marketing emails (and I’m ashamed to say it) are just the best I’ve ever seen, their Twitter is hilarious, their online help bot is 1 - actually helpful 2 - super cute and the devs are just nice people you can talk to and will help you figure out what’s wrong instead of taking 2 weeks to send auto-generated « thank you for your feedback. We’re trying hard to improve your experience blabla... » emails like other companies. A big thank you to the devs for this service (and fixing a big issue I had by releasing an update through the beta channel as we were chatting), and to the whole team at Windscribe. I love you.
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6 months ago, TenmillionDead
Windscribe is great, app is really bad
This app just doesn't work like 60% of the time. I don't have all day to sit in a back and forth with support every time there is an issue, which is multiple times per day. The desktop version works great, so not sure why they can't make this one work. Basically, without warning, all internet will be cut to the phone. You can't turn the vpn on, you can't turn it off - you have to go into iOS settings, turn on vpn there, and only then can you turn it off in the app and restore access to the internet. Since there's no indication when you totally lose connection (the phone still indicates you're at least connected to cellular, even though nothing actually loads) I can't risk having this on and missing hours of notifications. Other times, it will fail to initialize with an ssl error. This randomly comes and goes on a day by day basis on the same networks. If these were occasional issues I could deal with it, but it just happens all the time. It's been long enough across multiple updates that I should be able to expect it to basically work, but I can't.
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2 years ago, Maddie😘😇
It’s Okay
alright so i’ve been using this app for around a year now and when i first got it, it was working and it was great. i didn’t like how you only had a little data (idk what it’s called but when you turn the vpn on it uses it) and i would just run out of it really fast and i’d have to wait a long time to get more. but i didn’t really care about that because i didn’t use it to much. when i tried to use it a couple of days ago though, it wouldn’t connect to the wifi. i think it’s because i was at school because i’ve never had a problem with it before, but i needed it at school so i could text people and stuff. i ended up just downloading a different vpn and deleting this one but i’m downloading it back because it has features that others don’t. and i gave it 3 stars because when you wanna watch something but it’s not available in your country, you can just use this app and change the country and it works. it’s pretty good but it could be better.
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4 years ago, AmirGhiasi
Why would you fix something that ain’t broken??
They added granularity to network configuration and it bugs the crap out of me. This whole “auto secure individual networks” should’ve been optional. I’m in a country where the government constantly breaks different internet protocols because they don’t want you to have access to free internet and they know they can’t just shut down the internet or the whole world will know about it. So everyday, I have to try different protocols a couple times to get a stable VPN connection. Before this update, I used to just change the protocol in the connection preferences and just reconnect. But now, there’s a preference per wifi network too and I have to change both the global protocol and per wifi. EVERY TIME. There is a auto secure switch to, supposedly, disable this per wifi network behavior, but it doesn’t work. Actually if I turn it off, I cant connect to any server at all. I tap the VPN switch and it spins around for a sec and turns off automatically. Also when auto secure is off, every time I launch the app it pops up to recommend me to keep it on and SUPER annoying!! You hear me Windscribe? Why did you guys tried to fix something that was not broken in the first place? I’m a very satisfied customer for like 4 years and this update frustrates me to the point that I don’t want to protect my privacy at all, if it’s going to cost my sanity.
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5 years ago, Darkexist
Bad attitude from dev.
I’ve been using free version of this app for a days to see if it fits my needs or. I live in a country that gov blocks VPN, most of them don’t work at all or a few of them works very slow. Surprisingly this one works well so I decided to buy the yearly plan. Before purchasing I wanted to read the reviews. In negative reviews, developer responses is so rude, he doesn’t talk professional at all, he just blaming users who gave him negative reviews, Im saying “he” because it’s just one person not a company, companies customer support or developers never talk impolite and unprofessional with their customers like saying: “if you don't like the app just delete it” or “it’s just your device see my app rating is 4.7” So yeah I’m not gonna trust about my privacy to a “man” that can’t control his attitude at all! I’m saying “man” because I don’t believe this app belongs to a company, even if it does, that’s more worse for a company to hire people like that! Many people wouldn’t care these kind of things but when I’m gonna pay near 100$ per year I would expect more professional attitude! Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native language.
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5 years ago, Kingdorothy
I have frequent issues...
I have this VPN drop numerous times in one day. Sometimes the app itself is even so troublesome that I can’t even disconnect, keeping my phone in a state of limbo while being unable to make phone calls, use internet or GPS (which has really screwed me over sometimes). I paid for a year of this and am quite disappointed. I am not sure if this is normal for VPNs. On the bright side- their new app update is much better. Edit: the developer responded saying the app would have zero impact on phone calls & GPS. I’m not saying it has a direct impact- I’m saying the fact the VPN drops and attempts and struggles to reconnect and disconnect so many times leaves my phone in a state where I can’t get any internet connection and I actually have experienced multiple situations in which I have physically seen the phone cycle through and keep my phone call “attempting to ring” as it tries to reestablish a connection to the VPN- same with GPS. I found their response to be very unprofessional sounding as well, I am going to contact their support on their website.
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2 years ago, Murdock57
WPA2 Enterprise/Wireguard Issue on iOS 15.5
Love the VPN and has worked consistently for me at work for the past two years. Recently, I noticed the VPN struggling to connect as it seems to get stuck in a loop. My device won’t ever authenticate to Wi-Fi until I actually delete the app. I tried force-closing and restarting my device but that didn’t help. I noticed in iOS VPN settings that VPN was constantly trying to connect over and over. This went away after removing Windscribe. I reinstalled Windscribe but am still having the same issue. I run my own Wireguard server and am able to connect to that just fine with the Wireguard app, but for some reason Windscribe is choking. I’m sure it’s iOS 15.5 but would appreciate y’all taking a look!
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5 years ago, Mr. Lumbergh
iPhone app drops connection
I’ve been a Windscribe user now for about two years. Their desktop and browser apps are generally excellent, current running on my MacBook and desktop as well as an entertainment and streaming server. They have the best support I’ve seen for Linux of any VPN provider, with releases for multiple distro s, package managers, and architectures, unlike most others which give you only a .deb if that and leave you on your own. The iPhone app, however, has been frustrating since the update as it drops connection. A lot. I used to be able to turn it on and it would persist across networks as I moved from WiFi to over the air throughout the day, but now it simply drops and doesn’t even indicate that it has. Every switch, even to known connections, requires a manual reconnection, each and every time. Please fix it. It’s much more frustrating now than it used to be.
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3 years ago, Jerel2u
Fantastic from top to bottom!
I have been using Windscribe for years, and it has been great. They are constantly working to improve their service. Their free tier is definitely worth trying. I highly recommend them. There are always sites that refuse to work over VPN, but that’s not Windscribe’s fault. Fortunately most sites are wising up about this, and they are changing to support VPN connected users. About speed: All VPNs will add a little slowness because your traffic must be encrypted/decrypted. That’s how a Virtual Private Network (VPN) works. But I have noticed speeds getting better and better, to the point that this is really not an issue anymore. However, if you insist on making this your only or main consideration, take some time to research all of the factors that can affect such tests. Bottom line: all services will experience slow-downs, including your primary ISP, and it is impossible for consumers to predict or know exactly when or even why. And review sites cannot do the long-term testing required to truly tell which services are “best” overall, for the long-haul. Whichever service you choose, try them at different times on different days. Windscribe is tops on my list!
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3 years ago, DIDE2020
This is the best and affordable VPN you can have. I tried quite a few of them, and while there are not too many with a low membership cost, this one has it all for only $2/month. It never let me down, there are a few countries/cities you can choose from with this subscription and you pay more if you want to unlock them all. One of the features I like most is the ability to automatically connect to VPN when your phone is connected to insecure WiFi (public WiFi), when you get home and your phone uses your residential WiFi, the VPN disables automatically. I’m happy they have a MacBook version now as well. I’ll hold on tightly to Windscribe as long as all these features are available and the subscription affordable 👍!
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3 years ago, JMK revolution
A note to people who download
I downloaded this so I can watch spongebob and Rick and moray on Netflix, it turns out Canada Dosent work with that policy in the middle of that it deleted a lot of my favorite shows from my watch history and I don’t know what some of them are called, it’s a pretty good vpn I don’t have it anymore because I know of another one. This isn’t dissing it or stating a problem it’s a good vpn I just want some people who are doing the same thing as me to know if you pick the wrong country/state your Netflix watch history could be deleted (btw the person who responds to the comments is actually kind of a menace, but the fact he Dosent care makes me question if this app is even good)
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3 years ago, Joe90jnr
Really excellent service
I have had Windscribe on my iPhone, iPad and PC (s) and it is excellent. I managed to get a lifetime subscription after trialing the free 10gb per month option, well worth the upgrade IMHO. I don’t use this all the time on my iPhone and iPad but I do use it all the time on my PC as I feel a little more venerable on it. I always use it when travelling and access unknown WiFi providers or if I need to appear to be in a different country, one button click and a few seconds latter it is fully activated. There are some features like static IP etc which I don’t use, they are always improving the service they offer (I suppose it is a competitive market). Windscribe is based in Canada, do not require credit card details etc. I have fast broadband but have used it where the speed is much slower, I see only a small difference in connection speeds, which has never affected the performance of my tasks. Very pleased at a great service, but only 4 stars as there is nothing that is perfect in this world..... yet!
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4 years ago, PixelRo
I know I am not the only one with these problems...see below..
Update: too many things just do not work and never get fixed. - auto connect with firewall - blocked websites —— Can mmmm wondering if a ratings farm was molotes for this app. I have been a customer for a few years. Issues that still plague me (regardless of iOS version, device, network) include the following: 1) Super slow to connect. Every time your phone goes off, you need to mess with settings and pick a new location before you have internet going again. Happened 6 times in the last hour for example. 2) Stymied by VPN Blockers ALWAYS hitting road blocks, always having to go to the app and mess with setting because vpn is blocked by a service. Wares SO much time. Examples include: - extra captchas - no access to banks, TacoBell, OfferUp, LetGo, CraigsList, White Pages, Local services, utility companies - and endless and growing list of services that will not let you connect when Windscribe is on. 3) Support Support fails to answer tickets. There is one open ticket now for maybe 3 months and nothing from support. Take support to reddit where you get yelled at by their staff for being a customer. Those are my main beefs. Service is slow (lot of dropped connections if you are streaming video or music)
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5 years ago, claysimpson_
Happy with the service 😍
I purchased Windscribe's Windflix server to watch Netflix US outside the US. However, after enjoying the unlimited data and fast servers, I decided to upgrade my account to pro version. It's totally worth using it. Especially if you are living in a country where a lot of internet services are restricted you should definitely get a VPN and Windscribe is the safest, fastest, easiest to use VPN provider out there. Even the free version is awesome and easy to use. They give you 10GB of data which is pretty generous as compare to other VPN companies. They will be giving you 2GB of data at the best which their free servers are not as fast as Windscribe's servers. You all should try Windscribe. Loved it 😍
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3 years ago, Eva Morgan :)
Great app!
For shows mainly things get taken off of Netflix in the US for no reason and it's ridiculous. With this app i can easily connect to the UK and binge rewatch The Office with no interruptions!! Its a great app and works very fast. The app also doesnt make you pay, by giving your free options and this allows me to save money, and watch amazing shows!! I recommend this app 100% and for me its the only VPN that has successfully worked for me. My phone is sometimes glitchy but this app works so good and I havent found an app that has a VPN thats better than this. 10/10, would recommend to those who need a VPN.
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2 years ago, E53turner
Poor customer support
If you dare to say anything slightly unbecoming concerning their service or about the slow response from them when you have an issue they tend to get get very defensive instead of putting the customers concerns front and center. When you ask about solutions to specific issues they want to send you off to a group discussion to find an answer and fix it yourself. It’s almost as if the support staff really don’t have a clue as to how to handle issues or help the customer in resolving them. Sending me a screenshot of their app working while implying that mine is, which I sent back a screenshot of mine showing what the issue is and that it wasn’t functioning correctly. I’m not a computer wizard but I’m not ignorant either. After seeing their response I downgraded their rating to one.
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2 years ago, riclovemoney
Decent vpn, horrible app
Been on Windscribe pro for 2 years now and it’s wonderful on the desktop. On iOS however they just can’t seem to figure their app out. Over the last two years there have been minimal updates to the iOS app and its functionality continues to worsen while they continue with less important work on things like the widgets. A quick stop into their discord will show you how long issues have been unresolved on iOS. Thankfully you can ditch their app completely and use a custom config which I suppose doesn’t fix the problem but it sure beats using this. Overall the vpn networks they provide work great for streaming or unblocking content but downloading custom configs on iOS is far from an ideal process.
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3 years ago, agfd🤫😉😉
Apparently, I confused my Dessktop App with this iPhone App and complained about the WebRTC Leak problem not being addressed in this app. But, this app doesn't even address that problem. It's not clear to me that it is addressed or even applicable on cell phones anyway. So, the problem is on other devices like PCs and perhaps, elsewhere, but not applicable to this app. I messed up! So, my mistake. I was wrong. This iPhone app has nothing to do with the issue. I apologize for trashing this Windscribe iPhone App. I did so out of pure ignorance. I'm no tech expert and I went too far by applying the criticism to this App. Sorry. Here's 5 Stars! PEACE
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2 years ago, j -ax
You WERE brilliant
Honestly I don’t know what’s happened with you ! Since you were bought out and the business taken over your service has become full of bugs !!!! It disconnects WiFi won’t connect ( WiFi is disconnected instantly and looking at reviews it’s iPhone that seems to be affected .) I contacted you guys numerous times and yip enough is enough now . Really disappointing app !!!!just issue after issue after issue ! Please contact me so that I can get a refund ! I paid for my 2nd year and what a waste of money !! And even the WiFi providers are saying your vpn system has proven to be full of issues and have instructed a lot of their clients who are using you to delete the app . Seriously guys . If you do read reviews whoever looks into this app seriously don’t use them .
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1 year ago, chewpaful
Worked for me
Purchased a 1 month subscription ($9) to use in a certain country known for its infamous firewall. As of May 2023, it works. It was good enough for me to browse the web, send messages, and occasionally watch videos. Connection was slow at times (pictures and videos wouldn’t load) and sometimes I had to try multiple locations before one worked. Otherwise, was pretty happy. Can’t comment on the security since I don’t know enough about VPNs, but I avoided doing anything that required entering personal information or logging in.
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5 years ago, Nahtudej
Pretty good one issue
Glitches when phone goes to sleep. Works decently fast most of the time. Specifically, will not reconnect to the VPN servers without the app being shut off after the screen turns off which happens frequently with a mobile device. Also, every time I switch to the app it asks for a review even after reviewing which is a minor annoyance until I have to switch to the app more frequently due to the first issue. I’ve used Windscribe for a couple years and have been happy overall with only minor connection challenges prior to the latest update.
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4 years ago, discerning learner
Great way to start VPN
I’m a power user and have known about the advantages of VPN for years. But I never wanted to go to the trouble of learning about how to do it. Recently I needed to. When I found out that Windscribe was free & easy to use, I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using it for a week now and I’m very pleased. I’m surprised at how easy it is and how well it works. There’s no doubt that my Internet speed decreases but then I don’t have such reliable internet where I am. As I use it I learn more and more about VPN. So I think it’s a great way for people to get started — at least it has been for me so far.
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2 years ago, reveiw master 1010
This is horrific
It was great at first then my wifi slowed down my phone was glitching a lot during it which is not normal because I have a new phone . Not to mention it keeps everything after deleting . I deleted the app and it kept everything on Netflix (saying I was still in the UK ) and my wifi(saying vpn was still their ) . And while it said I was still in UK everything that’s is on UK Netflix was grey or blacked out . After a while and many tries of reloading everything I got everything back to normal . Knowing I almost bought the yearly plan sickens me . I also noticed that the developers responses seem very very rude towards their customers. As if their are not the people keeping ur app going . I may consider re downloading if these issues are fixed !!!
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5 years ago, mchan1
Questionable app and obnoxious developers replies
Bought the app through one of the tech sites. Sometimes have issues with connectivity such as... using Best Location which is Honolulu server. It does NOT work! Must manually choose servers. Also it doesn’t work well when traveling. Was in Vancouver for the weekend and chose the Vancouver servers and NONE of them worked as in NO connections! The reliability is questionable! Same issues when returned to Seattle. Had issues with connecting to a server. Tech site refuses a refund and company support refuses a refund for its product Edit... Received several Apple emails from developers about the review. The reply emails are wisecrack remarks about refunds and low rating which dropped to 1 star from the continued emails. It’s almost harassment. Don’t offer their app through 3rd party sites. If your app don’t work well, fix it or offer a refund It’s condescending and obnoxious that any developers would do such things. Sound like a child with the smart aleck remarks. It’s Your product so support it including any sales of it that the Company decision to sell through 3rd party sites. Makes one question if any of the positive reviews are authentic or not.
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3 years ago, tbr281
Great VPN!
I’ve been using Windscribe for a few years now and have never had any issues with it. It serves my needs very well! For one, it prevents carriers from throttling your speed, it supports Netflix and other streaming sites, and has great speeds when using torrents. I’ve honestly never thought twice about getting it. I bought the pro version from the beginning and has become such an important part of my online experience! Oh.. and not to mention that it hardly ever disconnects. I have gone weeks with it connected and have never had an issue with it.
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2 years ago, benjohnson4272
Bad experiences since install
The app has been a major pain in almost every way. Constant disconnects and configuration issues have made me need to manually go reset the app almost every time I unlock my phone across two different devices. Today it stopped working altogether. Reinstalled, can’t even log in. App UI is broken. I bought a week with IVPN, who seems to be a more favorable company overall anyway (and who I meant to switch to earlier but Windscribe auto renewed). We’ll see how that goes. To be fair, Windscribe on PC has been nearly flawless. And their track record is very good compared to most VPN companies. The product is fine. It’s just the app that has been nothing but trouble.
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5 years ago, rehjäger
Slightly snarky (but very effective) service, great app!
Although their support, as seen in responses on the review page, can be “terse” almost to the point of rudeness, it is nonetheless accurate and, at least in my case, very helpful. Their suggestion, all 4 words of it, immediately took care of the problem I had. The app works very well, the aesthetics are nice, it has lots of options, and, unlike most apps of this sort, have an amazing subscription system. To be fair, I caught it on sale at a Mac geek site, but even the retail pricing is astounding for what you get. A great buy.
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3 years ago, Zuccerberger
Weird bug
I’ve used Windscribe for a while now, and it works fantastic, so long as I can use it, I’m sticking with this VPN, if you need it, or even just want it, it’s absolutely worth it for the unlimited plan. Random bug recently happened though where it locked into IKEv2 500 and wouldn’t let me change it, I need UDP for my use and I couldn’t get it to change no matter what. Simply uninstalling and reinstalling it fixed it, but obviously it’s a bit of a hindrance. Otherwise this VPN is basically perfect for what I need.
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3 years ago, Munkeyhunk
Connection ALWAYS drops
I’ve used Windscribe since the beginning, so close to the beginning that I still have a lifetime plan. I decided to pay for the static VPN, and for a while it’s been great, but since iOS 14, Windscribe and it’s support have failed me more times than I can count. I’ve read other reviews of the connection on the iPhone dropping constantly. This happens to me just like the other reviewers say. Whenever I leave or connect to WiFi off of cellular, Windscribe drops the connection, and doesn’t even tell me. I have manually go into the app, turn it off, then turn it back on again. This is the only way to get it working. I’ve emailed support more times than I can accurately say, but they have been unhelpful to the extreme. They keep suggesting that I change the connection protocol (doesn’t work), reinstall the app (doesn’t work), and I even erased my phone to factory settings to test it, and still nothing. You would expect if you pay for a service that they would provide you with support when their product doesn’t work, but sadly that’s not the case so far with Windscribe.
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3 years ago, PepperPixie
Awesome but one thing
So I just got this app because I saw it had some really good reviews and it’s not complicated to get started with either. But the only thing that I don’t like about this is that the guy/girl or company that owns this app has an attitude and I don’t really know how much I should trust or accept the fact that he/she can’t control his/her attitude and I’m not trying to send any negativity but that is one this I want to address P.S I am a 14-year-old that downloaded this to help me out with some things and I don’t want to send any negativity like I said but it’s just the attitude I’m not impressed by. Hope you understand ❤️
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2 years ago, mrb2k1
Was working well until…
This app was working well until about a couple of months ago. At times the app will not let the phone connect to wifi. When this first happened I thought that it was the phone. I restarted and reset it only to experience the same issue. It wasn’t until I deleted the app that I was able to connect to wifi. I reinstalled the app and it worked fine for a few weeks. Then it started doing the same thing again today. Customer support will give you generic help. Disappointing since it’s obvious that other people are experiencing the same issue. Please provide an update to this once good app.
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4 years ago, azboarder23
Amazing VPN
I came across Windscribe when looking for free VPNs. I tried their free version first which includes 15 gigabytes and was impressed. After the first gigabyte I looked at the cost and found out they have a great pay as you go plan. I only pay $3.00 per month for access to the USA servers and Norway as those are the only two I need. I added the unlimited for a dollar which includes their Robert browser extension and have truly enjoyed being able to watch programs from both countries while I travel. Highly recommend them.
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5 years ago, AriaLHM
Slow updating of app.
The VPN has good speed and privacy. I would like to see the app support Open VPN, instead of IKEv2, for greater security. Also, a landscape mode would be appreciated. Update: Please don't lie to your users. I'm sure you know that IKEv2 was on Snowden's list as potentially compromised by the US government. Please at least provide Open VPN support within the app, as an option. Update 2: An update without the security boost equals another docked star. Update 3: Who's implementation of IKEv2 are you using? And how long do your PFS keys last for? None of this still addresses Snowden's claim that a number of backdoors and side channel key leaking mechanisms may have been implemented into the protocol. Update 4: The VPN now turns off when the iOS device goes into sleep mode. You're going backwards with your updates. Please fix this. This still has yet to be fixed, for multiple updates. Update 5: Your newest update automatically logged users out of the accounts. People were left without VPN protection. Another poor update! Update 6: You FINALLY added OpenVPN connections. Update 7: HBO has blocked you. Please fix this ASAP!
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6 months ago, Edude 42
Service is great, app is sub-par
I have been with Windscribe for a few years now, and have absolutely no complaints. I highly recommend it due to its performance and price! However, as of writing, the iOS app doesn't reach expectations. It looks and feels nice, and runs well once started, however that's only once the app has started! Upon opening the app, it usually takes around five or more seconds to reach an interactive state. This can be annoying when traveling or not staying connected at all times, since the time taken to wait adds up.
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5 years ago, EaglePi
Like none other - Very fast
I used to use Windscribe on my old phone, but when I got a new one, I totally forgot about it. Other VPNs just don't get up to Windscribe's quality, and when I remembered it, I instantly downloaded it. It connects within seconds and is probably better than some public wifi. Of course, if you don't use a plan, it's limited to 10 GB, but it lasts for a long time (as long as you don't keep it on all the time) and is definitely worth it. Would (and already have) recommend it.
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2 years ago, TheHellThisIs
Work with Tunnel Bear
I’ve been a user of Tunnel bear vpn for years but things started to change and their service has so much bugs in it like not getting your verification email or not connecting to your selected location… with windscribe and tunnel bear coming together I guess we’ll have so far the best vpn ever made… which will have a year plan of 0.99 per year, half of the world will be using the vpn it’s a bet… y’all should also work on this app windscribe 🥰
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4 years ago, ufryiti
Fantastic app, respect for dev
I use the app exclusively for Netflix, it works, so I don’t have a reason to complain, in fact a reason to thank. The bad reviews usually relate to websites that don’t support and slow connection speed, but that isn’t really a problem because you can turn it off at any time. Shoutout to the developer for being honest with reviews, and actually giving advice, not just saying “we will take it into consideration like everyone else. Overall, it’s a must download.
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11 months ago, Thepersonwholikeshootinggames
Great app and everything
I’ve been using this for months for my shows on Netflix that I can’t even get in the U.S. But like I’ve seen all the reviews and it’s either direct or helpful comments from the company. The data limit is good, and it’s enough for a person who don’t really like paying for online subscriptions or anything. Keep up the updates incase this app stops working because it’s been a lifesaver for me.
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5 years ago, David.May
Best VPN with Prompt Response
I love this VPN. I have been looking around for so many. This one is easy. You tap the ON button and you’re protected. My only issue is slow website loading. For example, I’m watching a video and it takes long to buffer while on the VPN. I even reloaded and waited for a good 5 min before reloading again. So, I turn off the VPN and reload and everything is fine. Odd. Anyway, I had an issue and they’re great responders. Give them a shot. If you don’t like it, at least rate them fairly, like I did. It’s an exceptional VPN. Above average, hence 4 *
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5 years ago, lesbian player
good software and service
I already loved windscribe for desktop, the service meets all my needs and has an affordable yearly plan. The old app design was functional and did what it needed to but not much else, so when they released the new version that added, well, pretty much everything I was hoping they'd add, while still feeling very simple and usable, I was chuffed! Good show, Windscribe! I don't always get to say how much a mandatory app update improved my experience of the app.
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3 years ago, iavrysd
Take your money, give no service.
They will sure take your apple purchase, then if your account isn’t updated properly to reflect pro membership. They demand you get a refund from apple, and that they can’t do anything. I paid for the service and instead of just giving me my pro membership, I am just told to request an impossible refund from apple. This company started out awesome when I started using it in September. Now I recommend you stay away. If you have issues, they will take days to respond. They will downplay your issue. The support staff hardly read my email, and gave close ended answers. Terrible customer service.
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2 years ago, uhhhh idk what name
It works (real review if looking for one)
If you’re just trying to find a free vpn to use for a while this definitely works you’re limited to where you want to switch it to but other than that it’s great was able to switch my location to Miami Florida and watch shows that I wasn’t able to watch here (California) great app and works. Keep in mind that you’re limited to 2GB though (tested/used)
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3 years ago, Cisco7nine
Customer service non existent
So someone went in hijacked and changed my email account with out my knowing. I received a email letting me know to contact them (Windscribe) and when I do they tell me they can only help me if I had my old receipt and I purchased my subscription back in 2017 mind you. So unfortunately I don’t have my receipt so basically customer service says they can’t help me at all. I would not recommend this service no matter what a deal it may seem. Go for a more reputable company such as NordVPN as I am going to do. Windscribe has lost my business and I will let friends and family know about their crappy customer service.
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3 years ago, samlns
Nigeria Government
We want to thank God for the grace of life. The government has made living here unbearable. They’ve started taking down social media access in the country. Twitter down, google next etc. this is an SOS message to the world. Nigerians are dying. The end sars protest didn’t stop. The killings didn’t stop. Our phones are being tracked Figured this is a platform that won’t be able to be tracked or they won’t consider!! This is an SOS!!!
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4 years ago, ebrahimmunsif_
Best VPN Ever
I have been looking for a free vpn to use Netflix on as my country’s Netflix catalogue is quite weak and small. I have tried a number of free vpns and 90% of them don’t work on Netflix only some did (they were free trials)When I found out about this from an online article I was skeptical but I gave it a try and IT WORKED. (now I can finally watch the office) I also recommended this app to my friends. So I just want to say thank you for having a good free version
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3 years ago, CATONR
Horrible Product
I have experience in reviewing vpn products. This app is completely obsolete and not only does that block your computer even when it is turned off, but it also greatly reduces the speed and performance of your machine as well as other extensions and applications, the same problem for both the Google Chrome extension and for the phone, does not work for applications like Netflix because you are immediately blocked If it had a score below zero would give it to you. lousy customer service and technical service no matter that I have the paid version for 3 years that was the only way to evaluate it correctly. Terrible 👎
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5 years ago, Sklutch
A necessity while traveling
If you bounce among multiple public WiFi points, you NEED a vpn tunnel. I’m a cheapskate, so I use public WiFi whenever possible, and this app gives me that extra bit of armor against the malicious actors online. I haven’t needed to get the premium version b/c I don’t do streaming or big file transfers, just email and light browsing. It’s just a side benefit that a vpn tunnel bypasses the content restriction on some of the WiFi providers that are overly sensitive, really!
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2 years ago, NesPeeNesPeeNes
ZERO support. App doesn’t work most of the time
Reached out to their “support” There actually is no support & no one gets back to you or even attempts to resolve issues. They want you to chat with a complete useless bot that is no help at all. I have paid for the app & even sent screenshots of my receipts & I get ZERO response as to why it still runs as a free account. Had multiple login issues. Also the app gets stuck in an endless loop of connecting & reconnecting which doesn’t work & essentially bricks your device. This is absurd. Fix the app & acknowledge payments . I will change my review when these issues are fixed.
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