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User Reviews for Wings Mobile

4.76 out of 5
41.6K Ratings
6 months ago, AZinMarietta
Love the app, I do ALL my banking with the Wings app
app is great. It has a majority of the functionality that I need in the go. I’m not adverse to jumping on the browser for the features it does not offer. It would be nice if they were integrated in future releases. I’m still not understanding why a yellow gold font is used in the pop up messages and in some places in the GUI. It is Exceptionally hard to read. My vision was horrible. I had an awful time with reading the text. I have since had vision correction and now I have 20/16 and it’s still hard to make out. My husband is color blind. It all but disappears for him. I want to leave this on a high note. The app is solid. It doesn’t crash. It works when and how I need it to. With just a bit more work it will be 5 Star!
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7 years ago, Pakala-Pakala
Good, nearly great
The Wings Mobile app offers users a variety of features approaching but not equaling the credit union's web app. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, and includes the useful Money Tracker also available online. Features like mobile deposit and schedule-an-appointment are also helpful on the go. Overall the mobile app offers an above average user experience and more functionality than your average banking mobile app. However, Wings should do everything in its power to bring the mobile app up to feature parity with its web app. For example, the web app offers a more extensive profile tab with show/hide functionality for individual accounts. At present accounts that I hide in the web app still appear in my mobile app. A more integrated experience between web and mobile would go a long way toward keeping Wings a competitive alternative to the big banks.
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7 years ago, Ler Berb
So far so good!
The transition to a new financial institution has been a bit bumpy and I was a little disappointed to be leaving a fancier website to go to Wings' slightly dated-looking one. After clicking around a little on the website I realized I would still have all the features I was used to and my concerns were abated. A friend recommended the Wings mobile app and said he pretty much did all his banking there. Based on Wings Online, I did not get my hopes up but the mobile app is amazing!! I love the user interface; everything has been intuitive and easy to find. They've clearly spent most of their time and resources on developing an excellent mobile app. It was enough to make any remaining anxieties about switching over to Wings vanish. I highly recommend this app!
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8 months ago, Backofthemoon
Great app!
I use it all the time and it’s easy to maneuver in! I had a great conversation with a representative today, I wanted to order “Top Stub” checks and she never heard of them. She thought it was an “Old Timer thing”. I had her look them up and to her surprise she realized they were very convenient. But Wings doesn’t carry them! We both laughed, yes I’m a lot older than she, but after seeing them she too thought they were a great idea, for her Dad also! The whole conversation was cute & she was delightful! It’s nice to get someone who is informative and a sense of humor! I was able to show her something as well as she to me! Keep up the Great work Wings!
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3 years ago, Soprana
Horrible App, Fix it!
Limited capabilities and useless! This updated app as well as Wings’ Financial website is just awful as far as making a simple credit card payment. I used to be able to make a credit card payment easily through this app. Now, after spending nearly 2 hours of trying to navigate through the app as well as going on my laptop to make a payment, I finally found the page I needed to make an online payment. Although my last payment was made 30days ago, and there was -0- minimum payment due, I still could not make a payment towards my existing balance. I had to called Cardholder Services to make a payment by phone which, by the way, is a $5.00 fee! It used to be easy to use the app as well as their website. Not anymore. I’ve been a member of WingsFCU, previously Northwest Airlines FCU, for over 26 years, and I have never had a problem until now! I will probably delete this app since there is no point in it.
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6 years ago, Kushiit
During the weekend, they allow a lot of transactions to be taken out the account for payment and then somehow they put them back and then proceed to take them out again. Causing misfortunes and overdraft fees, along with multiple overdraft fees. How can you overdraft twice if you already had a negative balance. They use this to extract more money from one mistake. I do not agree. I tried talking to a customer service agent she was very rude. Her name was Cindy and I asked to be transferred to her supervisor and she continued stating she wasn’t going to argue with me but continued to keep me from the request I was asking for. But finally I got in touch with the voicemail to the supervisor and she or he never returned my calls. So therefore I had to pay 2 overdraft fees for one transaction. I’m not pleased and I would not refer them to anyone due to poor customer service!
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5 years ago, blueridercarver
Too small fonts and poor contrast
Overall, the design and functionality of the Wings mobile app is pretty good and logical to use. I am knocking off two stars though, for the poor choice in font sizes and low-contrast color combinations. There are far too many forms with huge amounts of wasted open/white space and important information like $ balances and $ amounts are shown in tiny fonts that are barely legible or not legible on a normal size smartphone screen. The tiny fonts combined with color combinations like gray on a white background or dark gray on a light gray background make this a difficult app to use. Using your app on an iPad or tablet is okay. Using your app on an iPhone is very challenging for anyone with even slightly less than perfect eyesight. You need to design your app for ease of use for all your customers.
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6 years ago, jdrewmcc
Excellent WINGS APP
Wings App works very well. Easy to use and understand for the most part. It would be helpful to have better instructions for using the Spending Tracker. I didn’t grow up using computers and Wing’s instructions for their Spending Tracker left a lot unexplained. I tried a few times and had to just give up on it. Wings’ Mobile Deposit works quickly and accurately and is super easy to use! But ... and this is the only other difficulty I’ve had with the Wings App: Wings’ mobile deposit has a low limit on it. And the low limit for each whole month, as well as for each day, is a nuisance also. We moved away from MN and have no physical credit union nearby to visit in order to deposit checks. Overall, however, Wings’ App works better than the bank apps and websites I’ve used. And it is a pleasure to use because it is made so well.
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9 months ago, Private5477
Good app for most things
I am grateful for access to such a good credit union and so convenient to my home. I’ve heard that credit unions don’t usually offer the same quality of digital services as the “big banks” so I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality of their website and app. The only reason I didn’t give a 5 star rating is the app does not allow transfers with external entities (e.g., other banks). You can only transfer money from one Wings account to another (e.g., Wings checking to Wings savings). It is a bit of a hassle to go to the website every time I need to transfer money between Wings and one of my other financial accounts. Otherwise easy to use and navigate.
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2 months ago, TJ in Minnesota
Mobile Deposit Woes
I continue to struggle with this app. I love Wings, and I want to love this app. I have never been able to get the auto capture in the Mobile Deposit function to work, and the manual capture only works about half the time. This is the main reason why an app is convenient, so as not to need to go into a brick and mortar store to cash a check. In addition, the log in screen has caused me to be locked out of my account several times because it will try to automatically log in with an old password after it’s been changed on a browser, leading to several consecutive lock outs. This app meets expectations at best. It is disappointing compared to how wonderful everything else is with Wings.
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4 years ago, Retired Airline Pilot
Wings Financial App
Overall the App is a useful and convenient tool. I particularly like the convenience and functionality of the “Mobile Deposit” option. This allows me to deposit any check anytime from anywhere with only a few easy steps using my smart phone. I also rely on the “Online Bill Payer” function to pay all of my bills. It is an easy way to pay bills and/or issue checks. It’s a free service that either makes an electronic transfer or mails a paper check to any payee I choose. I no longer have to deal with writing personal checks, stockpiling postage stamps, stuffing envelopes or accounting for delays in the mail. In a matter of minutes I can pay a handful of bills and know that the payments will be received on the day of my choosing. And again I can do this from anywhere that I have access to the internet. I’m only awarding four stars because there’s at least one major utility company which I can only pay through my PC and not with the Mobile App on my cell phone. Wings Financial is aware of this glitch and has yet to resolve the problem.
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3 years ago, jjjhhhmmm
Does the bare minimum, if that
There is no option to give feedback within the app, both regarding the app and the desktop site. The app does not allow external transfers to happen, you have to use a computer to access that feature. I ran into an issue regarding transferring >$2500 from an external account to my wings loan. Got an error message, so I was on hold for 15 mins just for the rep to tell me the daily transfer cap is $2500. The error message could have just told me that. Once an external transfer is scheduled, there is no confirmation email so one can monitor its progress. Managing finances on their app and website could be a lot easier, and if Wings added a ‘give feedback’ option they wouldn’t have me complaining
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5 years ago, Noyes517
Good but Basic.
This app is about average. When compared to other CU mobile apps (like Navy Federal), the Wings mobile app seems to lag behind. The mobile app does half of the things you can do on the full website which causes frustration when you have to close the app and sign in online. To name a few, account numbers can’t be accessed on the app, and transfers between banking institutions are not an available option on the app unlike Navy Federal’s mobile app. Other then these few issues, the app runs smoothly most of the time and gets the job done while away from home.
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5 years ago, Repent&TrustJesus-Mark1:15
A Great Wings Credit Union Banking App!!
I’ve always liked this Wings banking App.. they’ve done a really great on this App from the very beginning .. and it’s so nice to easily deposit checks into my account and more. :) // Question: Does anyone know when we will be able to redeem our points on this App (?) vs having to go instead to the wings website in a browser to do that..? I was just wondering if any of the Wings App developers know if they plan to do that someday. Appreciate all your hard work— keep up the great job!! 🎉🙏
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6 years ago, People places and things
Always find the app super helpful
Love the mobile deposit feature in particular but all the handheld access is a godsend. Getting used to the latest update still but remain happy with the app. Recent unavailability of mobile deposit had been a little inconvenient but this kind of thing happens. The app has been completely reliable for years with this being the first major glitch I’ve experienced. Wing is communicating well about the repairs and downtime.
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1 month ago, Sexy Senpai
Very basic app
I came from using Wells Fargo’s app which spoiled me. This app is very basic and works to see your balance but a lot of basic features are missing. I would like to see this app become more like Wells Fargo’s app where everything you need is there without needing to go on the website. Don’t get me wrong, this app gets the work done if you want to see your account balance; but even having the ability to transfer money between other banks is missing or at least it’s not easy to find. Hopefully more features are added in the future.
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6 years ago, Fruit ninja is amazing!!!
Almost Great
The wings app has all the functionality you need for banking, and it’s very user friendly. The only downside I’ve experienced is that the app’s software malfunctions frequently. There will be times when I am not able to login for days at a time - the app sits in “verifying login information” and doesn’t load. I’ve also experienced multiple times that it will log me in, but then won’t load any account details. Gets a bit frustrating when you need to access the information at that moment.
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6 years ago, Ericiji
Nice app, could be more intuitive though
I've been with Wings for 18 years, and I love my credit union! This app has, overall, been pretty stable and secure. All the information you could want at your fingertips. That being said, this app is fairly non-intuitive and needs to be refined. On-screen menus are located in odd places with unusual icons to open them. After using it a few times, it's not bad. But this day and age I expect better.
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4 years ago, SP_MN
Used to love it
I used to love this much as one can love a banking app. But since some fairly recent update, it’s nearly worthless. Mobile deposits are now more hassle than driving to the bank because the auto capture feature is awful. It never works. I used to be able to mobile deposit to my checking, my savings, and my wife’s checking and savings as we had our accounts linked to do so. Now I can only deposit to my checking, and I can’t even transfer to hers anymore. The app has mostly become useless, aside from being able to quickly check the balance of my accounts.
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4 years ago, eanderson8295
Mobile app used to be great, new additions create headaches for consumers
Whatever new check reading software was added to this app has totally tanked the productivity of the mobile deposit feature. I have had basically zero success depositing checks via mobile since the implementation of the new product. Super unhappy with it. Wings used to seem a lot more consumer friendly and this is just a major roadblock that totally defeats the purpose of mobile banking on my phone for me. I hope the developers fix this issue or consider a different check reading software to partner with in the future.
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6 years ago, Munir Ahmed Ali Osman
Secure, fast. Mobile deposit scan from check.
Great app and a great independent airline based foundation start that grew over 50 different locations around the US. Used to be referred by only until they changed the rules. These people are very friendly and every location is clean and well kept. Almost the best rates you can find. Also the more you spend with debit. 600 dollars overtime gives you about 10-15 maybe 20
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5 years ago, I sparkle2
Satisfied customer
I’ve been a member of Wings for many years. The service has always been satisfactory. Your customer service agents are well trained and I never feel like I’m being rushed through the call because they are trying to take the next call. They seem to be really concerned with need of the customer. Service to me is the most important part of any business. Thank you for service well done.
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5 years ago, Jpjp1222
Awesome app.
Safe and secure, I can access all my accounts with just my fingerprint. This app allows me to see my credit score, apply for loans and the latest up to the minute updates on my accounts. I’ve literally purchased something with my app open and saw the money get taken from my checking account within a few seconds. Highly recommend this app if you bank with Wings Financial.
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5 years ago, Gillespie
The app works
Everything on this app works. They brought everything over that you could do on the computer to the app. I haven't found one problem with it since the update. I can login quick, transfer money, mobile deposit, even skip a pay with no problems. This is why I use a credit union not a bank. Banks can't even get their apps right and Wings does.
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5 years ago, 4everViNyL
Love This Bank, Love the App!
Awesome bank app. Easy to navigate and offers many features, my favorite being mobile deposit. It’s fast and incredibly convenient. The mobile deposit feature has been down maybe once or twice since I started using the app years ago but Wings always works to fix problems as quickly as possible. Credit Unions are awesome but Wings is super awesome.
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4 years ago, Mally Jo
Bill Pay Mobile
Unreal your bill pay will not work from a iPhone. Was told I need to do this on the computer. Seriously not ok. It’s a known issue that apparently has no immediate attention too. It’s been two plus months. My other banks I can use bill pay non issue. Get with your vendor partner and figure it out. And not only bill pay issues on this AP this bank don’t offer Zelle
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6 years ago, vssssssssssss
Mobile deposit dilemma
The app is good but recent changes have prohibited me from using mobile deposit. The website indicates it may be in error or an account has been deemed ineligible for this service. It is confusing how an account in good standing could be deemed ineligible to use mobile deposit. A drastic policy change should be communicated, apparently they don’t want my money.
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10 months ago, Broncos Elway
Multiple issues with logging in
I have had issues with logging in where my account gets locked and I need to call customer service to get it unlocked. This happens when I use the correct password and also if I only place the wrong password once. Most websites allow you more than one chance to get your password correct AND allows you to have an email sent to set up a new password if you forgot the one you currently have. Wings Financial doesn’t have that option.
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5 years ago, emnstef
Pretty good, could use additional features
The mobile app works well, but there are 2 features that would be helpful. First is, when doing a funds transfer, give a place to add a comment, like on the regular website. Second would be to keep pending transactions separate from posted transactions on the wings credit card section. It gets very confusing and messy looking when they are all mixed together.
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6 years ago, RPS Collab
Frequently updated
Frankly when it comes to mobile banking the best way is through an app. It didn’t start out perfect and but they’ve come a LONG WAY and demonstrated their commitment to getting it there. Frequently updated any time errors are reported and It meets all my needs and the mobile deposit for vender checks is a huge time saver as a small business owner.
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6 years ago, Stoma108
My experience has been excellent with the app. It works even when I cannot connect through my computer. I have used it to transfer funds, pay bills, check accounts’ status and communicate with Wings. I have not done photo deposits of checks. I especially appreciate the fingerprint identification. This, I think, provides a high degree of security.
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3 years ago, BrentR85
App Broken For Weeks
I have been a member with Wings for 15 years, but all aspects of the customer experience, including the app, have been on the decline in recent years. The credit card access portion of the app has been broken for weeks, and when I attempt to call Wings to notify them, I am never able to reach a representative due to extremely long hold times. There is no chat feature, and the last time I attempted to message a representative via the app, a response was never received. Very disappointed in both the app and credit union.
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3 years ago, Raymond N.B.
Wonderful CU
I became a member mid February, and since, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with a variety of branch staff. They approved me for my first credit card within 2 weeks of opening my account and they even were able to approve me for a pretty substantial car loan. I definitely recommend Wings Credit Union over any other financial institution.
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4 years ago, Lapnblnc
Color scheme
The yellow is not legible and is used in important places. Pretty, but not legible. I thought that fact would be recognized so I didn’t post a review since that in the years since that update. But it seems that it’s not going to change. I cannot access my credit card information with wings in this app. The log in screen glitches and turns white so you can’t log in bc there are no fields to tap. You can tap blindly but it’s like the whole screen disappeared.
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4 years ago, RaceH2O
Need to be able to manage billpay
Overall, great app. But I can’t seem to manage billpay scheduling from mobile. Seems I have to do on website. Mobile app should now be first class software, meaning it can do everything for daily activity (and really, all activity) that can be done on the website.
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6 years ago, ndflyer
Awesome Banking App
This app is great to use. The amount of stuff that can be done from it is great. Then menus are nicely laid out easy to access. Only complaint is I wish the money tracker and budget were more mobile friendly. It pulls the same version from the full website, making it slow and cumbersome to use. Otherwise the rest of the app is great!
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6 years ago, Campalaboud
Needs lots of improvements
I like that you have the mobile app but it’s so limited. One setback is that we can’t see as far as 1 week which is aggravating. I think the online system also needs improving. It’s limited and doesn’t list everything as other banks do. A good example of a great online banking site is Wells Fargo. I love Wings and I used to bank with Wells but it’s frustrating me how limited I am when it comes to online banking. Needs a lot of improvement and benchmarking against other good online banks would be a suggestion;)
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3 months ago, Krmpls
So many errors
This app works most of the time.. but the times when it doesn’t, it is incredibly frustrating. I feel like the technology it uses is outdated. The errors I get sometimes when logging in are random and illogical. Like today when trying to log in with faceID like I do every time, I get the error ‘INVALID USERPASS’ like… what? It’s just so frustrating to not have access to the info about your money 30% of the time.
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6 years ago, Jetman330
Not impressive considering the others
I have access to several other banks mobile applications. Wings does not have the same quality of these others. Now the deposit function has been down for several days. Surprising a credit union with the assets wings has, can fail on this tool. Keep trying please.
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6 years ago, Dfrazer82
User friendly
This app is pretty awesome! You can access almost all details of your accounts through the mobile app. Only reason I didn't give the 5th star is because it’s lacking two small items. 1. Full account number 2. To make a payment is through the transfer option....not my fave.
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2 years ago, L A Anderson
Can’t make credit card payments
I haven’t been able to make payments to my credit card for at least 3 months. I get a Server Error in ‘/Mobile Application’ each time. It’s been frustrating since this basically the only thing I use the app for.
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3 years ago, Spott7
Your app is not accessible. Using yellow font on a white background is ridiculous. Even people with good vision have trouble reading it, while people with a deficiency (like me) have a lot of difficulty. High contrasting fonts should be used to comply with ADA requirements. While changing font color will really help those who can’t see well, it will benefit everyone.
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6 years ago, Hehnkdchjb
Great app
I switched to wings from a big bank six months ago and haven't looked back! The app is great! I like being able to transfer funds easily between accounts. I also like the option of freezing my debit card temporarily from the app (I've done this recently when I thought I lost my debit card but wasn't sure).
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4 years ago, get swollen
I had a couple of issues with my account getting locked. It was resolved with due perseverance from the team at the central location in mpls. The only thing I would like to request is that there could only be more locations available. My family and I are moving to Florida and the only available location in Orlando, which is a couple of hours from where we are moving too. That's my only complaint. Thank you
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2 years ago, RyeGuy0324
My Wings’ Financial Review
I absolutely love the platform My Wings’ Financial Credit Union offers. I’ve never had much luck when it comes to being accepted for a loan but with various options, I’m allowed to manage my accounts as I feel necessary in order to stay active in my community. Thank you Wings Financial Credit Union!
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5 years ago, pj.maracle
Excellent! (Previously: Almost perfect)
I initially rated this app 3-stars due to some bugs. Those have been fixed, and now I have everything I need for banking on-the-go! This would be a 5-star review if I could get this app to load my recent transactions on my debit card. I’ve updated, deleted and re-downloaded the app with no luck.
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3 years ago, Souchwid
Need more visibility for regular actions
Bill pay, mobile deposits and other common web-based actions (particularly mobile in nature), need greater presence. The dashboard selections are not broad enough. I don’t need constant information about my credit score. I do want a shortcut to depositing and bill pay.
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4 years ago, range girl- 69
Wings Rocks!
I can not say one bad thing about any experience we have had with Wings. The app is easy to use - LOVE the convenience and that my money is available immediately- the team at Wings is diligent- keeping on track of fraud and are always pleasant and helpful- we have been with them for 9-10 years and we love Wings!!
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1 year ago, MJ5498
Wings App Review
A system upgrade needs to be made so when I make a mobile deposit all of my accounts show up to deposit into. Right now only checking appears and then I have to transfer to the appropriate account. When I make a mobile deposit it only pulls up checking so I then have to transfer it from checking to the appropriate account
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4 years ago, Hothugo
The only thing is Zelle. The ability to transfer money in seconds from one bank to another like I do with WellsFargo and CHASE. I had to go withdraw cash from an ATM from my wings account and deposited in my Chase then Used Zelle to transfer the money in seconds to My Wellsfargo account so that I could pay my mortgage
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