Wingspan: The Board Game

4.8 (7.4K)
909.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Monster Couch
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wingspan: The Board Game

4.82 out of 5
7.4K Ratings
6 months ago, Alexchino55
A mobile port made for people that love the original
I have the base card game with all the expansions and absolutely love it. Ironically, I actually played the iOS version before owning my own copies (but not before playing the original game) and I absolutely love both. I’m looking forward to the new expansions as they release. This is a near perfect version of the game that I absolutely love picking up and playing a few rounds between short breaks at work or before bed to calm down some. My only complaint with the game here is that it tracks what birds you’ve collected and used in the game which I absolutely love. But when you’ve played as much of the game as I have, it’s hard to remember what you’ve played before and what you haven’t. I wish there was a visual display on cards you haven’t played before like a little ribbon in the upper right corner or something denoting when a card is ‘new to you’. It’s a little thing but actually collecting the cards and filling out my bird list is the main reason why I’d rather just play this version if I’m home by myself instead of busting out my tabletop versions or a version on Tabletop Simulator .
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2 years ago, Badger317
Coding errors
I enjoy playing the game on my iPad. I have noticed what must be coding errors and know of no means other than this review to report them. 1. In several games when the goal for the round is simply the number of birds in a habitat, I notice that the quantity of an opponent’s birds decreases from one turn to another. I don’t understand how it’s possible for this to happen. It could if it was the number birds with egg, but not when goal is simply the number of birds. 2. When scoring a round it’s possible to see progress toward future goals for all players. However it can be misleading because one opponent often has zero birds toward a future goal but at the end of the first turn, might have way more birds than is possible to gain in one turn.
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6 months ago, Ecm1981
Good but Buggy
I love the Wingspan board game and overall this is a good app adaptation of it. However, there are certain birds/combinations that seem to be buggy and cause crashes. Most notably, I just bought the new Oceania expansion, and two games in a row I’ve been unable to complete because the game repeatedly crashes. This seems to be the case when you activate a round-end power in round 4, and then have a yellow game-end power. The game completes your round-end power, tallies the round end bonus scores, but then crashes when it’s time to play the game-end powers. I keep reopening the game and it keeps happening again. I have had similar problems with some of the European expansion cards but those seemed more random. For the price of the expansion I would expect them to work properly. It’s incredibly frustrating to play an entire game and then not be able to find out the final score in the end. I understand bugs happen and can be worked out, but I’m also disappointed I can’t find any actual app support. The app support link in the App Store takes you to the website for the wingspan app, but there’s no link to report bugs. For the price of this game the developers should have a contact option for users to report these bugs, especially when releasing new expansions.
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3 years ago, Elektra Jade
Good game!
I love this game and was psyched to hear that an iOS version was coming out. I bought it to play on my iPad but apparently I need iOS 13 to run this on my iPad and my iPad runs iOS 12.5. I downloaded it to my iPhone and have a few suggestions and criticisms. The font for the game I know is staying true to the game, but it is very faint and hard to read on an iPhone. I would suggest increase font size slightly or print it in bold. Black text would be best instead of the brown text. You can’t zoom in in this app, so the games that I played I kept having to take it screenshot, go look at the screenshot where I could zoom in on the image to find out what I needed then go back to the game. It was quite frustrating. I ended up finding the game available for the Switch and bought it. Since I can’t play this on my iPad which was my original intention, I probably won’t play the iOS version again. It was too frustrating trying to read it on my iPhone and having to take screenshots. Overall though, good implementation of the game.
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11 months ago, Gtfbcdresdezxs
Fantastic port, Awful online performance
This app is so well designed and such a great port for playing single player vs AI games. But we each bought this so our family could play online as we live in different states. The number of fatal crashes of the app when playing online has rendered it totally unplayable. It feels like it’s based on the complexity of the turns as the game progresses. Meaning we rarely have crashes in the first round, but by the time you get midway through the third round, each of us start experiencing crashes on our iPads, and the fourth round is guaranteed to have a few crashes. Looking at the other players game boards is an automatic crash, so we can’t even track how the other players are doing. Games with 3 experienced players + 2 AI players take 80-90 minutes because of all the downtime with the app crashes. We’ve stopped playing it online because it’s become unusable. Last game my dad crashed 4 times, my brother 3 and I crashed twice. 9 separate app crashes. All of us have the latest iOS and app updates. Hoping this gets fixed because it’s such a great game.
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6 months ago, HottieInPHX
Let me be clear, I LOVE Wingspan and the new Oceania expansion looks wonderful! I just wish it would work. I haven’t been able to complete a game in 3 days because the app keeps crashing and takes so very long to reload, just to crash again! I don’t know why this is happening. I am on my 5th generation iPad with over 35 GB of space left and I have cleared my website cache and restarted my iPad so many times, I know that is not the problem! I really did not want to delete and reload the app because I would lose all of my previous achievements I earned, but if these bugs cannot be worked out, that is my next step. I am ‘pull your hair out’ frustrated at this point because I REALLY want to play! I always play the computer because I have no one to play in person and I love the convenience of not having to set up the board game, which I do have. I am so happy with the single player option of this game and really want to be able to do it! PLEASE HELP!!!
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6 months ago, Castielllll123
Great gameplay. 1 important thing missing
I apologize if maybe I just don’t see this feature…. But I wish their was a way to 1. Friend request people and have it easily ready to invite them to games instead of having to remember and type the name every time. 2. I wish there was a “ play again” or “ rematch” button to just go right into a new game with my group of friends that I just played with ( again , to not have to go through starting a new game and remember their names and typing them in and making sure the capital letters are the same. Etc) Edit *. Also it would be amazing if there was a way to note in game what your next turn would be. Like if you could put numbers like 1-10 in order like on a specific card or on a specific actions ( like take resourse or take eggs or take cards ) so when you play in sync mode you kind of can back in your rhythm !
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2 years ago, Mainslayer
This game just takes too long facing people online.
I keep trying to play a full game and when people are taking there sweet time I can’t take it. I just end up falling asleep. I’m trying to enjoy this game because by round 3 I know the game speeds up but not when your opponent’s take way too long to do one quick thing. I enjoyed the physical copy of the game so much more. If I could get a refund that would be nice. I won’t be playing on the phone anymore. People are just inconsiderate. I can’t take it when someone takes that long. I understand maybe a minute but come on every turn they need a long time to decide. It takes me less than 30 seconds to take my turn. I would like a refund. I’m going to stick to games like dominion where people actually play the game. It’s sad because I feel like using your whole deck in one turn in dominion was faster than someone deciding to gain food or to draw a card in wingspan. The board game gets 4.5 stars when facing the right people. This mobile game is getting a 1 star from me. I never leave bad reviews.
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3 years ago, QuirkyJDM
Now crashes constantly
I am totally hooked on this game — I play way too much. I love the board game as well but my spouse and kids don’t want to play nearly as much as I do. This app gives me the full original Wingspan experience and now my family is afraid to play me, so that is a disincentive for them too! I’m looking forward to the Europe and Oceania expansions and will happily pay for both when the time comes-assuming the current bugs are worked out. My big problem is that it’s started quitting on me. All. The. Time. I’m playing on an iPad that’s new this year and has lots of capacity. I don’t know whether it’s the game update or the iOS update but either way, it’s not an every now and then problem but a constant problem. I’ve rebooted to no avail. My current game will save but quits on me every time. I really need to have this fixed because this app is my favorite game of all time and I’m having withdrawal symptoms.
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5 months ago, JTurn70
Enjoyable until it crashes then infuriating
It was fine for the first few weeks, but now it crashes daily and I lose everything. I recently added the European bird pack (wondering if that has anything to do with it), but I will not spend the money on the Oceana as long as this is an issue. I have had it happen while playing AI. I wish unfinished games could be saved since they can take a while to play. If the game crashed and the progress was saved, it would not be so infuriating. If it keeps happening, I will quit playing and consider all the money I have spend so far as just going down the drain. It will be a shame, because this game is a nice product that I would be perfectly willing to pay for it it worked properly and was reliable. The iPad I use is one of the latest with plenty of memory and my Wi-Fi is strong and meant for many users at once.
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1 month ago, CMH-Miami
The achievement awards are not always awarded correctly. And NOW shows “locked”
I generally love the game, but I just finished a game with 42 bonus points but was not awarded the “Bird’s Best Subject: owl-jay-bra” achievement award for getting 30 bonus points or more in one game. This time i archived the game to prove I should have gotten my award. I know it’s just a game, but to have achievement awards & then not attribute them correctly is annoying. Also, I wish there was some interface besides this “write a review” to connect with someone And new problem, Why are some achievement awards “locked” (what does that even mean?) it shows as 96% achieved (what does THAT mean?), but locked so I can’t even look at the description. New update: I “achieved” the award AGAIN! The badge flashed up congratulation me, but when I look at my achievement board, it still says I haven’t achieved the “Bird’s Best Subject: owl-jay-bra”. I think there is a big problem with this award!!!
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2 years ago, Ceci Wright
I love the board game version of this, and I just got the app yesterday. But having played several times on my phone and on my iPad I’ve found that multiple times when I’m tapping to start my turn it thinks I’m tapping that I want to gain food. And it won’t let me go back, so even though that’s not what I had planned to do on that turn I have to get food. Why is there no back button at that point and why is it so touchy that when I start my turn it thinks I’m getting food? Also there should be an easier way to give feedback within the game itself. But writing a review seemed the only way I could do it. OK now I feel like I need to add to this review. I went back and tried to be so careful when I tap to start the turn but it still kept happening. Also I can’t figure out an easy way to pause the game or get out of the app. I feel like I really wasted my money buying this app because it’s so frustrating I don’t know that I’ll play it again. How can I contact you directly to request a refund?
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4 months ago, birdfeathers
Confusing to the point you can’t play
Despite a tutorial, the game needs a help function for new players. There are too many things blocking or limiting actions, and it’s not clear what the objective of the game is and what you should try to do in each round…and have to do to end a turn. Until someone has played a few games, they don’t know what to do and what is blocking them from moving or ending the turn. Give a helper that advises or explains what to do. Either let us turn that on, or set it up automatically to give a hint if we click something we can’t do three times or sit for too long without an action. Otherwise, it’s just too complex to even play a game once all the way through by yourself, and you don’t even let you look at the bird cards if they haven’t been used in a game yet. So it’s just a junk app you can’t do anything with! It’s complex, so make a more robust helper and not just a long tutorial that still dumped you out without a clue how to play the rest of the game it stated.
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1 year ago, My real ghost is better
Not worth the money
Honestly I have never played the board game. I thought the game looked Interesting. I paid my money. Was excited to play. Watch the tutorial and was so lost. Tried to finish the game in the tutorial and was lost. Took a break. Watched the tutorial again and was lost. Played the tutorial to the end and lost. Tried to play the AI twice and lost. Sometimes I can’t click on anything. I mean no área, no bird feeder, no nothing. And turns keep going buy. It will tell me to activate the area. But they don’t activate. I wants me to take food. But none of the food I. The bird feeder is what I need and at one point there was no food. I can’t use the bird because the food is wrong. And I don’t know what happened to the worm I got. It’s no longer in the feeder. It keeps wanting me to take bird cards, then give back a bird card. I really wish I could get my money back. It keeps changing to my opponents screen. Or some other screen and I have to keep switching back. It’s a beautiful game. Don’t waste your money.
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5 months ago, ctkevb
Heartbreaking Stability Ruining a Beautiful Gaming Experience
This is the only review I’ve ever written in my life. What an absolute shame. As an avid board gamer both in person and online I can honestly say that this game is the most well designed I’ve ever played. The interface is sleek and beautiful. The soundtrack is serene and well compliments the spirit of the game. The bird sounds and facts might well function as a stand alone educational app for bird lovers. It’s both wonderful and addictive in its replayability. The game is complex but masterfully simplified in the interface as well as the above average help tags. Which is why it’s infuriating that the otherwise perfect gaming experience is fatally destroyed by the complete lack of stability of the game. It crashes easily 12+ times a sitting. As others have written, you cannot look at opponents boards without the app crashing, a vitally important part of gameplay. I finally decided to write this review because I was unable to finish a game in the 2nd to last turn after a repeating crash loop. Shame on the developers for working on the expansion of a unfinished product. Shame on them for working so hard on developing a beautiful gaming experience only to set it on fire in quality control. Shame on them for taking peoples money and providing this in return. I sincerely hope they read this and wake up and fix the problem. It’s embarrassing performance.
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3 weeks ago, mobuli
Kinda adore this game?
First off, some of my fav games on iOS are Istanbul, mystic vale, magic the gathering, smash up, stardew valley, prune, frost, magic the gathering, brawl stars, so I cover the gamut of games. I wanted something that requires some strategy without needing to sink too much time, and wingspan fit the bill. The art work is gorgeous. The learning curve is a little steeper than most of the games above, but no worse than Istanbul / smash up / mystic vale. And the game is rewarding insomuch as when you start to get it, you’ll catch the flow of whether to cede rounds for the win or run the table for points. Games take about 5 min or so, sounds great, overall well worth the price. Also If you’re an animal lover, they’ve also layered in great info on the actual birds.
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10 months ago, SillyBlob4Lyfe
I average about 7 games a day as a nursing mother. It's a nice way to pass the time. The graphics (and even the board game version) are so aesthetically pleasing. It wasn't long after that I decided to buy the European expansion and aim to reach every achievement award. Some are VERY challenging. My only regret in the app game is allowing for a little grace. Say I grabbed the wrong food from the supply and it greatly affects my next few terms. Or if I accidentally play a bird in the wrong habitat; that might ruin the entire rest of my game. In a real game, maybe your friends would be forgiving and allow you to make the change. I know in the app version of Scyth you can go back a turn (or unlimited turns) to correct minor mistakes like that. You don't get that back-track option in Wingspan. It requires a lot of focus and double checking before you decide to move forward, because there is no going back once it's done. I understand not being able to go back in a live/online game. But I feel like the creators can find a way to allow that when playing against AI alone. Anyway, that's my 4 ⭐️ review. Tl;dr So fun, visually pleasing, and rewarding as well. Just wish they could allow for back tracking.
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1 year ago, Bwhitey76
My favorite board game on the iPad but…
This has been my go to board game on the iPad for years, but now it is unplayable. It crashes constantly. I can’t even get through a turn now. It started after an update a few weeks ago. And since the most recent update it has just gotten worse. Started just being laggy then it kicked me out a few days ago. Then it started kicking me out about once per game, then twice. The game I am in now is on the last turn and I can’t finish the turn before being kicked out. I have tried to play the turn 5 times with no luck. So, unless it’s fixed it is now unplayable. 🙁 Please get the bugs out so I can get back to my favorite game!
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2 years ago, Madmatty1975
1 player works great, online not so much
This game is awesome and beautifully made. Playing against automatic or AI is really sweet. Online is kind of a mess. The matching is based on “karma” which is great in theory. You gain a point for finishing a match and lose 5 if you quit early. Unfortunately you will ALWAYS lose the 5 if your game glitches out, but frequently don’t get credit for a finish. You also get no credit if an opponent quits, even right at the end. So for example, my karma got knocked down into the low 30’s almost right away. Since I have played 50 games and only gained 2 karma. I’ve finished 5-6 against players, and all of the rest someone else quit first. If that happens, karma should be granted to those who are still in. Fix this and it’s 5 stars. Also would really love some kind of ranked play. Still well worth the money!
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2 years ago, Formosans
Wonderful app!
Fantastic visual and background music. A great game to play on my 12” iPad. I’ve spent countless hours on it. Such a modern classic! Great app as it is now, personally there are a few things that can use some improvement. 1. I often play with the automa and hard AI. Doing this is to save time, compared to playing with human players. However, the calculating speed of these AI is very slow. It can take 20-30 minutes to finish a game in a 4-5 player game. Can you shorten the calculation speed? They are computers. 2. As popular as this game is right now. I think this game should perfect itself even more utilizing its strength as an app! First of all, there should be a play log available of each finished game for players to improve their gameplay. Secondly, there should be a special experimental mode where players can choose and arrange to get the cards they want in order to test out their strategies. Along with the game log feature, I believe this mode will be heartily welcomed by all experienced players. Of course, this experimental mode should only limited to the games with AI.
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6 months ago, uconn1029
Should give game option for online games
First off, I love Wingspan. My family plays the board game all the time. However, with the new update adding Oceania expansion, they should’ve included the option when starting an online game whether to use Oceania expansion or not. Personally, I dislike the Oceania expansion; my family when we play just use the non-nectar birds and stick with the original board and no use of nectar. I hate the nectar component and the new board (you should not be able to gain two food from the Forest with no birds in it). So I passed on buying the expansion on the app. But when starting a new game online, I still have to play with the expansion that I dislike and don’t want to play with. I can’t just quit every game I get the Oceania expansion cause it’ll tank my karma quickly to nothing. Without the option to exclude the Oceania expansion, I guess I’m forced to just not play Wingspan online anymore :(
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2 years ago, CennaFam76
Great adaptation of the board game
This helped me understand the mechanics in the real life board game, a deck-builder with tons of depth. Wonderful job translating to iOS. There is a ton of complexity but the presentation mostly helps bubble up what you’re supposed to be doing next and establishes the rhythm. After a few play-thrus, when you finally get a good bird engine going and figure out which goals to hit, you can pump out resources in really nicely. That said, the NPCs and separate Automata AI’s can be ruthlessly efficient as you ramp up difficulty, making for a good challenge. My only ask would be to add a Text Size option—the thin tall font can be a challenge for older eyes, even on an iPhone Max.
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2 years ago, mushu's mom
Love the game; frustrated with a few things
The game is great. Playing experience is mostly smooth. Problems: 1. Coding errors. Several times I’ve played, I’ve been asked to choose a food based on someone else’s play. I do, but then there’s no option to continue (no arrow to press). I have to exit and lose the game. I’ve noticed a few other such things. A recent update said it fixed several such glitches. I thought I was all good, but this one just happened. 2. If I have to exit for any reason, when I try to return I have to start a new game. I lose the last one played. There is no self saving mechanism, and no save option. Makes me just want to go play Carcassonne on my phone instead of this.
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3 years ago, CollPaul
Another great way to play the game!
I have on switch, steam, and the physical board game and the iOS version is definitely a great layout. I wanted a way to play on a long car ride (didn’t have the switch with me and honestly not a fan of it on there). On iPhone, I can understand the complaint of small lettering, but not a problem for me personally. I love the achievements and little illustrations that go with them for things like Hope they get some expansions soon! One thing I think they could add is a leaderboard for the weekly online competition so you can see how your friends do. Otherwise, a great way to play Wingspan and take it with you wherever you go!
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3 years ago, Futuristic frothy
Nice game but buggy
This is a very beautiful game, and it’s very faithful to the board game with the art and I love how peaceful and pleasant the music and animation is. But, I’mRepeatedly encountering a bug or when I try to play a bird, after I select my food there was no option to continue. I keep trying to back out and restart but it won’t move forward. I took a screenshot and tried to report the issue, but apps report just takes you to a website where you can buy things or you can subscribe to the newsletter but there doesn’t seem to be any option to get technical support. Anyone know how to report issues for this game?
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6 months ago, Sorrabbird
Fantastic Board Game Adaptation … Moments of Zen
Wonderful game. Beautiful art and animations. Fantastic voice over. Zen music. Fantastic expansions. My wife and I love playing this version with our friends in different states. Look up a review of the board game of Wingspan if you are hesitant about purchasing this and know this is spectacular, true-to-form adaptation. Developer Request - Please enable us to select which end of round goals we’d like to play with for custom games or specifically let us pick the “no end round goal + 1 additional turn for future rounds” as our first goal. We house rule that now as the first round goal with the physical copy and have a ton of fun with it.
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3 weeks ago, Hey, it's Rob D
Very well done
Everything works perfectly, all mechanics of the game function as they should. Fully cross platform play is great. I’ve even played myself on my phone and game console. My toughest opponent yet! Luckily, I won. Unfortunately, I lost. This is probably my favorite board game AND now my favorite board game turned digital because it’s so well done. The music is beautiful and relaxing. I love the narrator talking about each bird you play. My only complaint is that when I’m in an online lobby and I lock my phone or navigate away from the app, it takes me all the way back to the Home Screen rather than just reconnecting.
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3 years ago, trealor
I’m conflicted, and thus rating three stars because while the game is beautiful, the illustrations on the cards, the habitats, even the menus, I feel like the tutorial is a bit rushed for the density of gameplay. I believe that the games I’ve lost thus far (4 out of 4 played in addition to the tutorial game) were lost partly to just rng luck which happens in any good card or board game, but I think on the other side it was because I didn’t have a handle on the rules because the tutorial walked me to the door and then left. While I don’t expect a hand holding clicker by clicker experience, a more detailed description of the game might suffice for the extra two stars. I hope the developers will consider these requests but otherwise amazing attractive game!!!!
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1 year ago, College student 836782916
Wonderful game, one request
This is probably my favorite game on my phone right now, but I do have one request that I have decided to increase to two. 1) a friends system where it’s super easy to add people to a game instead of having to know their tag by heart. It’d also be a blessing to my friends, who have to type in my incredibly long tag every time. 2) Can we please have the option to remove time limits from custom games? I’ve lost so many games to peoples schedules, and it’d be nice if friends could just play at their leisure. Again, amazing game. Loving it. Thank you all!
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2 years ago, TempestCW5
Great, but needs more online options.
You can’t choose between the regular version and European expansion when playing online with random opponents. That should be addressed. There also needs to be a middle ground on time limits on turns. You either get to choose between 5-minutes and 72-hours between turns. Can there please be a 24 hour option? Maybe for people with a higher karma level? It’s so annoying to wait for a person to join a game and not even select cards and food, then waste an online slot until they time out three days later. My karma level is high enough that I shouldn’t have to worry about flakes dropping out of a game.
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2 years ago, AReviewer555
Excellent game, but some new bugs have come up
Thank you for fixing the Game Center achievement bug! However, the most recent update has some different bugs. Some or all of the European expansion bonus cards now don’t work when the Automa has it. One example is the bird bander bonus card. It doesn’t pick up the cards in the tray even though it should. Plus, there’s no option for the Automa to have 1 of the 2 specific bonus cards it uses when playing the European expansion. Another bug is when you open Wingspan in Airplane mode, you lose access to the European expansion even though it was purchased already. Hope these bugs are fixed soon.
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6 months ago, mikkaybear
Wonderful game, wish app didn’t crash so much
This game, and more specifically the game in this app, has brought me so much peace and joy for the past few years. I prefer it to the actual board game and can play for hours just against AI. The app occasionally crashes on my iPad, but not frequently enough to be frustrating. So, I was very excited to purchase the Oceania expansion this month (December 2023). Unfortunately, with it, the crashing problem has increased. It crashes on me at least once per custom game. It could very well be my iPad, but either way, I’m heartbroken. I still highly recommend the app, just be wary if you have an older device!
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8 months ago, tlcastle1
Great game, but plenty of bugs for your birds to eat.
I’ve been playing constantly with my father for over a year and we both get way more enjoyment than we paid for (thank you for the non-subscription based value proposition!!!! MUCH appreciated). With that said, there are always bugs we’re dealing with that we’ve just learned to shrug off as part of the experience… notifications not coming through that it’s our turn so the game then times out. Birds we’ve played not getting logged. Innacurate text in rounds remaining screen. Not getting the correct bonus card points. Etc. seems to be a new batch every update. 🤷‍♂️
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3 years ago, Rousinator
Great purchase
This app is amazing! I’ve gotten 3 friends to buy it, and I always have a game going with them. I initially got into wingspan over a year ago after buying the physical board game, and I’ve been generally impressed with how well the developers made it into a mobile game (despite the occasional bug here and there). I do have one suggestion, however: I am a huge fan of bonus cards, and it seems like there are a few from the base game that are missing in the app. These include cartographer, photographer, historian, and anatomist. Adding these to the app would make it all the more enjoyable!
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10 months ago, RealMcCoy1211
Broken Update
The latest online update is completely broken. Cards that have been drafted by other players are still available in the deck. Then, when you try to play that card, it crashes. Has happened in almost every single game our group has played. It looks the developers messed up some coding that is not linking cards drafted with those remaining in the deck. You can’t even get out of it sometimes because the played card may have a “no going back” choice, e.g. drawing bonus cards. So the only choice is to start a new game.
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3 years ago, TastyBourbon
Pretty solid. Needs better notifications for multiplayer.
I enjoy the physical version of Wingspan, and this is a pretty solid mobile implementation. A bit hard to play on the phone, but the iPad version is better. One major gripe: this desperately needs notification badges. My friends and I play a few asynchronous multiplayer games, and with Wingspan you never really know when it’s your turn, so we often have to remind each other. We also play Star Realms, which does badges/notifications quite well, so I’ve basically just started using the star realms badges as a reminder to check Wingspan, which is not great.
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2 years ago, sdlefdee
Common Buzzard bug inquiry; Thank you!
Hello! I don’t know if this is the best way to report this potential bug, but for the Common Buzzard, I thought I can play this bird without playing it over another bird if I have a mouse food. Currently when I try to play the Common Buzzard, it is requiring that I play the bird on top of another bird. Can some logic be applied to allow me to play the Common Buzzard NOT on top of another bird and pay with a mouse food resource item? I hope that made sense. Thank you so much for all your work implementing all the rules for this awesome game!!! 🙏🏼 Have a great day!
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3 years ago, digitalbias
I have never played the cardboard game but when I saw that it was available on iOS I was excited to play it. The game does not disappoint and the tutorial was a great introduction to the game. The additional trivia about birds is a great addition and got me interested in birding in general. I’ve never been interested in birding, but after this game I’ve started looking at birds differently and picked up eBird as well. Warning: Playing this game will get you more interested in birds in general and specific birds in your area. I cannot wait to see expansions come to the game in the future.
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3 months ago, RivermanCA63
Would give 5 stars, but their update broke things that used to work
The Oct 2023 update to change online game play has caused this app to go backwards in functionality. I get that they may need to change how the backend works, or who controls it. But they took away the timer that shows how much time is left for a player to make their turn. Also, I constantly get an pop up that says "some thing went wrong" and need to back out of the game to play a turn. Also, I reduced the number of stars recently (Feb 2024) because every time the backed server is updated, I lose all my online games. This is very frustrating! Nothing kills fun quicker than having a great game with friends, only to see it vanish before the end. :( April 2024 update deleted all my games again.
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1 year ago, ouigigi
Beautiful game, tons of issues
I’ve been playing this game for over a year now, but starting in November 2022 it started crashing multiple times per game and it has gotten worse over time. Reading other reviews, I’ve concluded that this is an iOS issue on iPads, which is what I’m using to play on. There seem to be different kinds of crashes, those linked to playing a specific card and those that happen at transitions (between turns). I’m getting frustrated and have not been able to figure out how to contact the developers. I’m really sad, because I love the game, but the issues are making it not worth it. It shouldn’t be this hard.
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2 months ago, Michelle Branch Rocks!
Good game, decent app
Wingspan is a great game. Highly recommend it. The app is decent, but there’s a few minor things that I would like to see fixed. First, it needs a friends list. It’s cumbersome to have to remember your friends usernames every time you want to start and online game with them. Second, every time you exit the app while playing online, it asks you to check your internet, waits for it to re-connect to the Game Center, and then you have to go through the menu to select your game again. It’s only about 10 seconds, but doing this for every turn is an annoyance.
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2 years ago, rfgfdc
Great game but flaky programming and poor tech support
Wingspan itself is a great strategy game, but this version has many functionality problems. Sometimes the number of turns remaining does not display properly and even increases between turns. Sometimes the game abruptly ends even though the final round hasn’t yet happened. It often crashes at the final score screen right when you click on the button to save or discard the match. These errors were not present in earlier versions of the game, but have become persistent annoying bugs that seem to be getting worse. Since the game developer has no tech support or contact method, leaving this text in the review is way to get their attention.
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1 month ago, g monkey
Great version of the board game - allows for faster play.
I love the original and playing the board version with family, and this allows for rapid single player play - it’s awesome. Usually can knock out a game against the AI within 20-30 minutes, and each game is different. Great way to practice. One bug - if playing offline, the expansion packs do not register, so you are back to the original versions without access to what you paid for. Seems like you need to be connected to the internet.
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2 years ago, Sweet Spot
Great game but flawed
I love Wingspan and own both PC and mobile. Unfortunately the inability to view cards adequately when your hand gets full, makes some matches unplayable. Additionally there are a number of power trigger bugs (e.g., discard and egg to draw cards) that force you to leave a game and reconnect. This ruins the online automa challenge. You can buy the game on PC for a fraction of the cost of this app with a google search for discounts, and that’s what I recommend any reader of this review do until the game is adequately playable in all forms. I will happily update my rating and review if just the hand viewing issue is addressed.
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1 year ago, emsimmons75
Mostly love
I really love Wingspan, you might even say I’m obsessed. I think the iOS version does a great job overall and even automates some things that are a pain or difficult to control in the actual board game (like “between a turn” points). I play the iOS version a lot and love it except that it glitches every once in a while in the Beta hard opponent mode. It’ll put a random card on the screen that won’t go away, or sometimes the opponent won’t actually play and just gathers food. Overall though, it’s a beautiful app, faithful to the actual game, and fun to play.
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10 months ago, Jasoia
Favorite iOS Game.
I can't express how much I love this game! From the stunning graphics to the addictive gameplay, it's an absolute gem in the App Store. The attention to detail is incredible, and the controls are so intuitive that anyone can pick it up and play. I've spent countless hours immersed in this world, and I'm still discovering new things to enjoy. The developers clearly put a lot of love and effort into crafting this masterpiece, and it truly shows. It's not just a game; it's an experience. Thank you for creating such a fantastic iOS game!
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2 years ago, SakuraSamurai
Great game — needs a another couple tweaks
I love this game. That is why I gave it a five star review. There are two things that I found, that might be tweaked. One, when I try to end the game with zero eggs on birds, the game crashes and when I open it back up it does not register that I ended the game with zero eggs for the achievement. Two, I could not find any way to contact you the developer in the app. It would be a good way to have people submit bugs to you, if they can do it through the app instead of through the App Store.
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2 years ago, Ospreye
Fantastic game, but recent bugs
This is a contender for my favorite board game of all time, and the digital adaptation has been fantastic — until now. The game (with European expansion) began developing a series of bugs just yesterday (for instance, my # of remaining actions decreases although I haven’t taken a turn, and the app force closes at the end of every game now). I haven’t seen this many bugs since I was a beta tester for the European expansion. Unfortunately, it is unplayable with the actions bug as it is, and I am very disappointed as my sons and I probably play this 10-15x per week. I am eager for the glitches to be resolved and will restore a 5-star rating once they are.
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2 years ago, NewFigRain
Fun game, but disappointing stability
I have played this game 4 times single player, and it has crashed every time near in the 3rd or 4th round. Good thing it saves the game, but I will echo the other reviewers sentiments in poor coding. By comparison, a similarly priced digital board game adaptation on iOS, Root, which is also a complex game, has only ever crashed once in a year of gameplay. Also, having to buy Wingspan in every platform is a greedy pricing model. The counter example is Catan, which is a buy once, play any platform sort of deal.
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1 year ago, nobreakingpoint
Fantastic game, but iOS version has game-breaking issues.
I own this game on PC, Switch, and now iOS. However, the iOS version occasionally runs into hilariously awful problems. Namely, the current version will sometimes not allow you to utilize egg exchange for supply food (e.g. Chihuahuan Raven). You LITERALLY have to skip the ability to allow the game to progress, and clicking the “next” button doesn’t allow you to initiate the exchange. I’ve also noticed AI birds losing/gaining bird counts in EOR goals, and occasionally the game will crash when trying to load an existing game. An otherwise amazing game held back ONLY by its bugs on this iOS port version.
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