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User Reviews for Wipr

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6 years ago, TheMooX
Needs a whitelist capability
Wipr appeared to do well at blocking ads, but sometimes I need to whitelist sites to get them to work properly. Wipr's official stance on this problem appears to be to provide them with the URL and they'll fix it, arguing that whitelisting will make it difficult for them to identify the problems and fix it for everyone. I understand the sentiment, but it's cumbersome to have to pull up Safari preferences to disable all three plugins... then remember to turn them back on when I'm done with the site. After all of that, I can't be bothered to submit the URLs to the sites that cause me issues. #FirstWorldProblems
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8 months ago, laurenlublue
Can't Uninstal Wipr
Unfortinately YouTube's new rules on Adblockers have necessistated me to find another adblocker with a whitelist feature. I have AdGuard now but I CANNOT unistall Wipr because Wipr Refresher is running constantly in the background and I cant get it to quit, even through activity monitor. I'd like to get this off my computer though the two extensions don't seem to clash. However, if there was a white list UI feature I wouldn't NEED to. I'm perfectly happy with it. Some ads get through but no more than any other adblocker I've tried short of what I would need to do to install a Rasberry pi hole. Maybe now that YT has cracked down on extensions this will be the thing that gives Wipr a white list. Fair warning though, I heard online that it doesn't have one because the developer is confident one will lead to user error and complaints (because obviously the average user has SO much trouble with this), so I wouldn't hold your breath.
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6 years ago, sergiy_r
Switched from uBlock Origin
I switched to this ad blocker after uBlock Origin hasn’t been updated in a while. I am pretty happy with the results especially compared to the 1Blocker version on Mac. Ads are getting blocked the same way as uBlock — as in I havent noticed anything that wasnt there before. The huge adavtanage is that this blocker uses Safari native content blocking so going back on a page causes it to refresh much less frequently than with uBlock. It still happens sometimes but on uBlock hitting the back button forced a refresh almost all the time. I think its worth the $2 price tag and support for the developer. Just FYI, to whitelist a page you have to right click the adress bar> settings for this website> and uncheck 'enable content blocker on this site.'
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6 years ago, Aviris
Best Content Blocker Yet
Works perfectly with Apple's content blocker system. People complain about no extra interface, but that is one of the best features. 1Blocker, for example, adds an extension for content blocking, and a Separate extension to add a button to whitelist sites. The thing is, that button has full access to every page you visit. Personally, I prefer using the built in system so that no ad blocking comapny has full access to all sites and http content that passes through Safari. As has been noted in several reviews, it is easy to reload a page without content blockers and/or whitelist a site. It's just built into the browser, so if you don't know how, blame Apple, not this developer.
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3 years ago, Zach727378939
If You Use Safari, Download This
I know some people like to complain about certain things not being blocked and whatnot, but I bought this years ago and have tried other content blockers for Safari and keep coming back to Wipr. I think people need to realize that Safari loads pages differently than other browsers, and I know that ad blocking in Safari isn't as "smooth" as Chrome, but I never see ads at all and could not recommned Wipr enough. It's not flashy, it just blocks ads. Simple. If you want the privacy of Safari, check Wipr out. If you're using Chrome, uBlock Orgin is the way to go. Haven't found a better ad blocker
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6 years ago, Hunter Holder
Really simple. really nice
I'd been switching between 1Blocker (now abandoned), AdGuard, and uBlock Origin for a while now, but each of them has their compromises either in blacklist coverage or performance. Wipr, though, doesn't miss a beat with blocking ads and keeps my Safari CPU usage at a sane level (definitely heed those new warning triangles on extensions saying that performance will be affected). It's seriously the whole kit and ka-bang. Plus, it's super simple. You literally just turn it on and let it do its thing. I really enjoy software that does its job, does it well, and doesn't appoint you as its manager. And this is the perfect execution of that.
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3 months ago, njd4k
Mostly works
I've gone through several adblockers in the past two years, including some that cost more than Wipr. Usually what happens is that they work well for a while, then the trackers update their methods and the adblocker doesn't. Wipr isn't like that. It doesn't block everything all of the time, but it blocks a lot, and the updates often succeed at keeping up the arms race. I do wish there was a way to report unblocked ads/add unwanted scripts manually for additional blocking.
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4 years ago, Lonoshea
Forget the Rest and Get the Best
I have had Wipr for over a year, if not longer now -- and being someone that jumped from blocker to blocker, I can hands down, unequivocally tell you, this is the best solution for Safari ad blocking. About a week ago, a particular news site found a way around Wipr and had an annoying popup appear while browsing the site. Today, I found that annoying popup gone. What changed? The developer for Wipr took charge and updated his app! Just forget the rest of the solutions and get Wipr, you won't regret this purchase!
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4 years ago, LeFrenchFab
Really needs a unblock button, and love a sync feature
OK, I'll add my two cents: this ad blocker works very well, and I use it on my iPhone in addition. It's really a good "launch an forget" type of tools. Thing is, it's annoying to have to go to the Safari menu to unblock a site. Just and added button in the tool bar (as an option) would greatly enhance the user-friendliness. And since, I use it on several devices, I would love a sync feature so that unblocked sites on one device would be unblocked on all the others. I would pay a (reasonable) subscription fee for that. Thanks.
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8 months ago, theturbovirgin
I think this app is treated unfairly
Could it be easier to whitelist? Yes - but I think it's fair to expect the tiniest bit of reading from your users. This app really cleaned up my experience on a couple ad-heavy retail and social media websites. In fact, my overall Safari memory usage seems so much lower that my whole machine is running better. I think it's great tech to use content blockers this way instead of the methods some other services use, and I'm glad it's not a recurring subscription.
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3 years ago, Ionic57
Wipr is the ONLY Adblock extension that truly works according to my tests. Not only is it easy to install and configure, but its superior Adblock functionality is likely related to them developing the product native for the new Content Blocking Extensions in Safari. All other Adblock extensions run as an external App in MacOS or iOS. Wipr's direct integration with Safari's Content Blocking Extensions is clearly a differentiator that works! At time of writing, ALL other Adblock extensions have failed my tests except for Wipr. I HIGHLY recommend this app and the team behind it.
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1 year ago, Supremo19
100% Ad/Tracker Blocking
I've tried AdGuard for Safari and 1Blocker, and I realized there were still some ads showing with both of those products. I found a website that tests around 150 types of ads/trackers, and both those products score in the low 70's. After a deep dive, I found Wipr--it's very cheap, super simple and easy to install, and best of all, it blocks 100% of ads/trackers on the test. I absolutely love it for Mac, iPhone and iPad. I have *no idea* why the app store rating isn't higher. It's great!
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5 years ago, Antonio8888888
Automatic Refresh Not Working.
It blocks most ads and it is so simple to use, which is why it is great. Yet, there are some websites that have the pop-up message that forces you to disable the ad-blocker, which means the ad-block removal list is not included in Wipr's lists by default. This is unfortunate, as you cannot manually add filter lists and these websites become unsuable without fully disabling the blocker. Moreover, the automatic refresh does not seem to be working. I occasionally open the app and it has updates ready to download, but I have the automatic update feature enabld.
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3 years ago, misterspinkles
Needs improvement, but good so far
Wipr seems to do quite well for being such a light app. However, I would love to see a toolbar button to temporarily pause Wipr's ability. As a second request, per sé, I would love to see Wipr have a pop up blocker ability as there are no good pop-up blockers out there that have as good ad-blocking capability. 4 stars for now, would love to change it to 5.
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6 years ago, J. D. Min
Wipr is awesome
Wipr has always been my go-to blocker for both iOS and MacOS. I’m also not someone who knows how to create custom filters or “rule-sets” that are needed for other blockers to be remotely useful. Once installed and activated, Wipr just works. Wipr is highly functional, reliable, elegantly designed, and created from a developer who is great at being transparent and providing information for his customers. I never thought one of my favorite premium apps for my iphone and macbook would be a content blocker, but somehow it is.
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5 years ago, smkuhn
Doesn't work! ***Update***
I worked with the developer, and my issues have been addressed! I am updating from 1 star to 5... I bought this ad blocker to get rid of anoying ads on my homepage - MSN. Although Wipr appears to be working on other websites, I continue to have ads on MSN. I have contacted the developer, but so far silence. I swithched from Ad Blocker Plus which had the same issues, but was free. I thought if I paid for an ad blocker like Wipr, it would work on all ads. So far that is not the case for me...
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4 years ago, Airedales4ever
WHY doesn’t Apple allow us to block Pop-Under Ads anymore?
I just bought Wipr based on a Mac website community's recommendations. It’s installed & enabled. I just tested it on a site with super annoying pop-under ads, unfortunately Wipr fizzled because 5 pop-under ads appeared under the Safari window. I am so disappointed, plus very angry with Apple for ruining what used to be safe web-browsing with Safari. I guess they deliberately set out to ruin Safari users’ experience by putting web advertising first. I recently updated my OS & Safari browser for security reasons so Apple’s dismantling of previous ad & pop-up & under blockers is a particularly bitter betrayal.
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8 months ago, nordr
GREAT App — Unfair Reviews
I've tried, and paid for, a lot of blockers. I like to tinker. Wipr was always 'too simple', I thought. I was dead wrong. It consistently wins every online adblock test site I try on my phone, so I spent the two bucks and got it for my Mac. Surprise—it also scores the highest, uses the least resources, and just works. You should literally erase any of the 3-star or less reviews from your mind, because they aren't serious people.
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8 months ago, MasterBlaster
Works great!
A true "set it and forget it" solution. Wipr is not an agressive blocker, so I rarely have issues with websites not working properly. But I do wish it blocked the overlays that popup so frequently these days. Someone below mentioned that they wished there was a way to turn off Wipr from the toolbar. There is! Customize your toolbar and drag the gear icon into it. Now, when you want to whitelist a website, click the gear and uncheck the content blocker.
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5 years ago, bmbufalo
Set it and forget it
This app is perfect if you want to clean up websites without doing any work! I just paid so it would keep working on my Mac after Apple changed the way Extensions work in Safari 13, without hesitation because I just want this to exist and continue to work! The developer's stance on privacy is very much appreciated as well! Buy it, use it, and if you ever doubt you needed it, disable the extension and surf the web and see how awful things are.
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1 year ago, Vivxdesign
Love this app
Been relying on Wipr for both iPhone and Mac for a couple of years. I've always enoyed it. I like how seamless it is in Safari. If I ever notice that ads are visible I just open the app and refresh the downloaded lists. I saw the other reviews here where people say they're having trouble... but that han't been my experience. Wipr works great for me. I've also reccommended it and installed it on family and friends machines ❤️
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6 years ago, mlinneer
Too many sites have features blocked
Wipr doesn't seem to block video ads, it just stops the player. The ad is still downloaded so the server thinks it was played. In the meantime, I'm starring at a blank video player for 30 seconds. This happened on NBCNews, CBSNews, and CNN. Safari also seemed to slow down a bit and my CPU was running hiotter. I don't believe this all Wipr's fault. Apple's Content Blocker API is lacking. A much better option is Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin on Firefox and Chrome. By using open source lists, UBO is updated constantly as sites try to work around blockers.
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2 years ago, Shobgoblin
Follow the instructions!
See a lot of complaints about Wipr not working, never had too much of a problem with it. You need to open the app and actually download the lists, then it should take you to a test page to make sure it's working. In 8 months of using it I've had to fix it once, which was easily achieved by doing a manual refresh.
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5 years ago, Sponglish
Wipr blocks Disqus and the admin tool on the intranet where I work
Wipr does a good job of blocking ads, but it’s way too enthusiastic! It blocks the Disqus commenting app and breaks the web page admin tool my company uses to edit the company website. It would be really helpful if Wipr had the option to ignore a domain. UPDATE: You can turn off content blockers for a web domain by clicking in Safari’s url address box and right clicking on Setting for This Website. Also you can get to the Settings for This Website by clicking on the Safari menu. So it works pretty well except that if I want to use Disqus I have to turn off content blockers, which displays all the ads. Be nice if Wipr was more targeted. But that’s a nitpick and I’m satisfied with the app now.
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5 years ago, Rambo8649
Great content blocker
I have been using this for the past 3-4 weeks, and it works just as good as any other content blocker if not better. And I would lean towards better. I liked it so much I bought the iOS version for my iPhone and IPad. Also, the developer keeps the app up-to-date, which shows they care, which is important to me when paying money for software.
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3 years ago, Constantin Reader
Not working with Big Sur
UPDATE 2021: This extension does not work with Big Sur very well. Unitl I updated it had been quite reliable. Developer says it's Apple's fault and to bother them. Whoever is at fault, it's not blocking ads now. Too bad. Had been an excellent extension. 3 stars for past 5-star performance and the fact it still works on older OS. Smooth running and reliable. Yields clean web pages quickly. You need to launch the Wipr app from the Applications folder or Launchpad, whatever you use, then enable WIpr stuff in the extensions menu in Safari. I had negelected to launch the Wipr app thinking it was just an extension (like other blockers I had used), despite buying it in the, duh, App Store. Quick and friendly tech support got me on the right track. Two clams well spent. Five stars.
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5 years ago, AdamThe
SImple, effective but lacking some controls
It works. Its very simple, its effective but it does lack some usability for more advanced users. If you need to control which assets are blocked, this is not for you. If you want a simple, easy to configure (there is no config) ad and tracking blocker, this is the one. Perfect for 95% of users. Nice work
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2 years ago, Tee__Eye
Best adblocker I've used
I'm not sure what all the negative reviews are about. This is the best adblocker I've ever used. If you need a browser that doesn't have this installed, no problem, it's easy to have firefox installed alongside safari for the occasional sites that this app causes conflict with, or you can disable the app temporarily in the settings.
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6 years ago, DP0350
Absolute best Ad Blocker
This app is way better than the legacy ad blockers I have been using for years. More and more ads were popping up on websites I have been going to for ages. I installed Wipr and they are all completetly gone. The app also does a great job of eliminating the white space left by the ad boxes and takes minimal rescources. I can't recommend this app enough. Well worth the $2.
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6 years ago, 21stCenturyParent
functional but frustrating
I got this extension because the latest update to safari made it seem like my old blockers would not work as well, and they aren’t listed in the new extension app store (I used Ghostery and AdBlock ). I got WIPR because it seemed to have good reviews, but I now regret paying for it, as it offers no easy controls for whitelisting or temporarily allowing beacons, trackers, etc., that some websites need. For now, I’m reinstalling my old extensions and deleting WIPR. I gave it 3 stars because it does do what it claims, which is block most ads. To the developers, I guess you can keep my $payment...
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6 years ago, Ctny
Allows you to keep your privacy!
Why do I want to install other add blocking apps when they require you to allow them to see the private you have in your web browser (like passwords!) That makes no sense. This app does not request access to such info and it still does a fantastic job at blocking adds! Thank you!!!
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6 years ago, darth 007
Wipr has been my go to ad block for a long time now and has never disappointed. The lack of data permissions is a big pro and the small number of ads that get through are a small price to pay. UPDATED: Wipr updated the list of ads to block and I have not had a single issue. Truly the best adblock I've used, even better than Ublock IMO!
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12 months ago, xlumin8
Really, really good
Compared to all other ad blockers on the App Store, this is by far the lightest one in terms of battery drain and performance impact (compared using Browserbench). It used to have a tough time blocking ads from certain sites, but the addition of Wipr Extra seems to have fixed it
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6 years ago, eno - z
The legacy extension was working fine most of the time but the new app seems to be very aggressive with the content blocking to the point of breaking some websites and rendering them unbrowsable, if that's a word. This mainly occurs in cases where an ad would play in a video but Wipr is so aggressive to the point of the video not playing altogether. I'm using uBlock origin for now as it works perfectly and didn't have to pay but since this is an open source 32-bit extension that will not be working with the new OS next year unless updated so Wipr should really be working properly by then.
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1 year ago, rgb shane
It does what it says on the tin
I'm a big fan of this application. It does what it is supposed to do. Any time an ad gets through I know I just need to update Wipr and I won't see that ad again. Any time I get on to a computer without an ad blocker I wonder how people live with all of those ads.
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5 years ago, heddhunter
Simple and effective
The best thing I can say about Wipr is you don't have to think about it. Set it up once, which takes a minute, and then never think about ads ever again. It's unobtrusive. In a lot of ways this is the highest compliment you can pay to software nowadays. No buttons, no nag screens, no UI, no nothing. Just browse and relax!
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4 years ago, unsterblich616
The First App You Should Install on Any Apple Device
When I first switched to Mac, I wanted to use Safari, but was super bummed that uBlock Origin, my mainstay ad blocker on Windows, wasn't supported. Then I found Wipr. This ad blocker is so good, I'm mad it's not on Windows. Whenever I get a new Apple device, this is the first thing I make sure to download. That's just how good it really is.
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3 years ago, Remo Williams W25
Results were major and instantaneous
Recommended...it works...immediate improvement. Completely eliminated pop-up ads on the websites I've visited after downloading Wipr on an M1 MacBook. Simple to activate in Safari extensions. Offers option to enable automatic refresh. Well done to the App's developers.
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5 years ago, Cricket06
Easy to install.. and is excellent for the DailyMail websit and all their pop up, book end and flashing adds.. this removes them ALL! I'm so impressed but this - and it also helps save my battery life from not having to be forced to see all the pop up videos and bombarding ads.. well worth the price!
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6 years ago, solezuroleman
After I installed it (just now), it said that Wipr Pt 1 does not have permission to read or transmit content from any webpages. Why would I get that response? It’s hard to rate an app that I’ve just installed and has inspired a question. I’ll give it a 3 for now and a 5 if someone explains why I got that message. By the way, the new operating system kicked out my adblocker and adblocker plus so that’s why I was looking for something else.
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4 years ago, Widomakr
Best investment for a clean web experience!
I've tried numerous ad blockers and Wipr is the only one that comes close to the OG uBlock Origin. It does an amazing job and blocklists are constantly updated. Additionally, I find that it blocks pop-ups and pop-unders for many websites that others don't seem to. Happy to support this developer.
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4 months ago, deanblackketter
Fantastic ad blocker, great price, terrific support
This app works perfectly. I've tried a bunch of paid and free blockers and nothing beats this for just blocking ads. It's what I put on every of my Apple devices and those of my friends and family.
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6 years ago, Hebeg.b.
So far so good
I wish there were context menus that allowed users to selectively block individual ads, and I wish the whitelisting process was clearer (you have to use the “Settings for this Website” menu option in the Safari menu). Other than that, seems very good.
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3 months ago, JAG0075FL
No longer blocking pop up ads
Wipr has always been my go to because it isn't resource heavy and doesn't slow things down. However, it is no longer block those annoying pop up ads at the bottom of the screen.
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12 months ago, Bobnitro77
It was good
When I first purchased Wipr, it worked! And did not read or alter your web pages. Now i have adds popping up with the refreshed done. I have the safari blocking and pop ups blocked enable and still I get all kinds of adds. It lost its luster. It is just like the rest of them. "This extension can read and alter webpages you visit and see your browsing history on ALL websites. This INCLUSED SENSITIVE INFORMATION from webpages, INCLUSING PASSWORDS, PHONE NUMBERS, and CREDIT CARDS."
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3 years ago, penkapp
No nonsense adblocker
Understanding that this is not a content/element blocker is important. It does its job well...enable background refresh, enable all lists in Safari, Cmd-Q, done! Also, the FAQs on the website are worth reading and hilarious. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, The Great TK
Works, but limited
uBlock this isn't. While it is very useful and does a good job at blocking ads and trackers, it lacks a number of the more useful advanced features, such as the ability to block certain sections of a webpage or use custom filters. If you are familiar with uBlock, give adguard a try instead.
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1 month ago, Kostel!
Great app
Great app. For anyone saying it needs a whitelist, just use the one built in to Safari. Right click the URL of the site you're on, go to settings, disable adblock for this site.
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6 years ago, c-coop
Automatic Refresh doesn't work here or on iOS
The Automatic Refresh feature is either misleadingly named or completely broken. It has never once refreshed without me doing so manually. Wipr doesn't catch everything, but it does catch a lot. It's a great product, and would get 5 stars if the automatic part was actually automatic.
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5 years ago, JeSmit3
Switched after Safari Update
I am so glad, the update to Safari happened, and I had to find a new adblocker. Wipr is so lightweight that you don't even know that it is there. It just works flawlessly with Safari. Great job!
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